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Topics of 02/2005
Looking Up at Bulldozers and Gun Towers
Issam Nassar Lecture in Emily Jacir Series
Hillary Clinton Bombs on the Campaign Trail
Boeing Sells Out Wichita
Gary Giddins' Best of 2004 List
Max Boot: The Savage Wars of Peace
Movie: Million Dollar Baby
Max Boot's Wonderful World of Presumptive Warfare
Recycled Goods #17
The War a Century After the Philippine Rebellion
Bush to North Korea: Let's See You Eat Nukes
Penslar on Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism
Capital Flows and Trade Balances
Post-Pazz & Jop Notes
A License to Report?
More Kvetching on Jacir
Movie: House of Flying Daggers
Straight Facts and Social Security Fantasies
Movie: Vera Drake
Bush's Road to Bankruptcy
Ignorance Is Bliss
Notes on Categories
Health Savings Accounts: A Cure for the Common Bankruptcy