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Topics of 01/2006
Birthday Note
Why We Fight?
Jazz Prospecting (CG #8, Part 5)
Elections in the News and Other Sordid Tales
What Happens When Bold Idea Go Bad?
All the News That's Fit to Distort
A Couple of Movies
Jazz Prospecting (CG #8, Part 4)
Fantasists in Injun Country
Taking Pot Shots at Pakistan
Jazz Prospecting (CG #8, Part 3)
Outgrowing My Religion
A Batch of Holiday Movies
Checks and Balances
Costs of the War on Terror
Recycled Goods 2005 Roundup
Jazz Prospecting (CG #8, Part 2)
Brownback Mountain
LeVine on Israel After Sharon
LeVine's Resolutions
Waiting for Sharon to Die
2005: The Year What Was
Open Sore