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Topics of 07/2006
Jazz Prospecting (CG #11, Part 1)
Murder at Qana
Suskind Again
Overstated Case
Some Reading
Now It All Comes Clear
The Fallacies Behind the Misdeeds
Israel's Choke Hold
Jazz Prospecting (CG #10, Part 12, aka the End)
Pity the Nation
Sifting Facts From Propaganda
Cooling-Off Period
Love for Israel
Israel's Border Trap
Great Powers and Safe Havens for Terrorists
Jazz Prospecting (CG #10, Part 11)
Bush, the Saudis, and Israel
Buddies to the End
War in Gaza
Israel's Real and Imagined Wars
Gray on Globalization
Rope-a-Dope Diplomacy
Jazz Prospecting (CG #10, Part 10)
Reading Billmon
The Un-American Century
Recycled Goods #33: July 2006
Turn Left in Mexico
Oil on the Brain
Jazz Prospecting (CG #10, Part 9)
The True Costs of Drunken Teenage Journalism
Looking Back, Looking Forward