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Topics of 10/2006
Out of the Closet
Jazz Prospecting (CG #11, Part 13)
Crooks in Suits
F5 Record Report (#13: October 26, 2006)
Bush's Useful Idiots
Where the Right Went Wrong
Birthday Dinner
Course Correction
Jazz Prospecting (CG #11, Part 12)
The Paradoxes of Occupation
F5 Record Report (#12: October 19, 2006)
The Recipe for Disaster
Critical Theorists
Jazz Prospecting (CG #11, Part 11)
Working Techniques
Selective Hearing
Munching on Fumes
Why Can't We All Be Hawks?
Searching for a Reason
F5 Record Report (#11: October 12, 2006)
Talking North Korea Blues
Forgetting Nothing: Kolko on Korea
North Korea Tickles the Dragon
Jazz Prospecting (CG #11, Part 10)
Walking the Plank
F5 Record Report (#10: October 5, 2006)
Chavez and Citgo
Bloggin' Blues
Recycled Goods #36: October 2006
Jazz Prospecting (CG #11, Part 9)