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Jazz Prospecting (CG #14, Part 7)
Tom Segev: 1967
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Accumulation of Ashes
Legacy of Ashes
Leave Iraq Now
Jazz Prospecting (CG #14, Part 6)
Day Off
Decay and Disaster
Rory Stewart: The Places In Between
Tony Judt: Postwar
Degreasing Kansas
Recycled Goods #45: July 2007
Jazz Prospecting (CG #14, Part 5)
Nicholas von Hoffman: Hoax
Frank Rich: The Greatest Story Ever Sold
Morris Berman: Dark Ages America
Al Gore: The Assault on Reason
Bill Bradley: The New American Story
Tzipi Livni's High Horse
Jazz Prospecting (CG #14, Part 4)
Larry Beinhart: Fog Facts
Eric Foner: Who Owns History?
Gordon S Wood: The American Revolution
Neal Gabler: Life: The Movie
Nikki Keddie: Modern Iran
Scott Ritter: Target Iraq
Sic Semper Tyrannis
Washed Out
Database Twiddling
Jazz Prospecting (CG #14, Part 3)
Panang Curry Duck
The Poverty of Empire