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Topics of 09/2007
Weekend Roundup
Chris Hedges: American Fascists
David Halberstam: The Coldest Winter
In the Library
Michael Perelman: Steal This Idea
Escape From Reality
Jazz Prospecting (CG #15, Part 1)
Weekend Roundup
David Satter: Darkness at Dawn
Tom Bissell: Chasing the Sea
Andrew Meier: Black Earth
SCO Bankrupt
Jazz Prospecting (CG #14, Part 14)
Will the Democrats Stand Up for Democracy?
Weekend Roundup
September Rollouts
Recycled Goods #47: September 2007
Jazz Prospecting (CG #14, Part 13)
Weekend Roundup
How I'm Feeling Now
John W Dower: War Without Mercy
Jazz Prospecting (CG #14, Part 12)
Rovian Ways
Weekend Roundup