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Topics of 10/2007
The Disaster File
Poor Students
Jazz Consumer Guide Surplus
Jazz Prospecting (CG #15, Part 5)
Weekend Roundup
Legal Briefs
Birthday Dinner
Jazz Consumer Guide #14
Jazz Prospecting (CG #15, Part 4)
Weekend Roundup
The Conscience of an Economist
Chain of Deceit
Cynthia Stokes Brown: Big History
Reality Doesn't Go Away
Jazz Prospecting (CG #15, Part 3)
Weekend Roundup
Claude S Fischer/Michael Hout: Century of Difference
Avner Offer: The Challenge of Affluence
Crime and Punishment
Recycled Goods #48: October 2007
No Jazz Prospecting
Weekend Roundup
Friedman Again
Flat and Stupid
Jazz Prospecting (CG #15, Part 2)