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Topics of 11/2007
The Putz of Peace
Jazz Prospecting (CG #15, Part 9)
Weekend Roundup
Ira Katznelson: When Affirmative Action Was White
Juan Cole: Napoleon's Egypt
Jazz Prospecting (CG #15, Part 8)
Weekend Roundup
Funeral Day
Paul Krugman: The Conscience of a Liberal
Jazz Prospecting (CG #15, Part 7)
Recycled Goods #49: November 2007
Weekly Roundup
Welcome to the Nightmare
Iraq and the Lessons of Vietnam
Website Maintenance
Sandy Tolan: The Lemon Tree
Jazz Prospecting (CG #15, Part 6)
Weekend Roundup
Studs Terkel: "The Good War"
Paul Kriwaczek: Yiddish Civilisation
Karen Armstrong: A Short History of Myth