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Topics of 06/2010
Jazz Consumer Guide (23): Mocking Traditions, or Joining Them
Salvage Operations
Jazz Prospecting (CG #24, Part 3)
The Cult of Professional Excellence
Book Watch
Tax and Spend, Please
Exit McChrystal
Jazz Prospecting (CG #24, Part 2)
Cutting Corners
Fractal Apartheid
To Bryant or Not to Bryant
Dismal Science Flacks
Sorry, Israel Again
No Jazz Consumer Guide
Jazz Prospecting (CG #24, Part 1)
Jazz Consumer Guide (23): Surplus
Rhapsody Streamnotes (June 2010)
Recycled Goods (74): May 2010
Homestyle Fried Chicken
No Jazz Prospecting
Rorschach Test
Spin Cycle
Free Gaza
Blunder and Bail