How Did We Get Here?
A History of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

5. The 1982 Invasion of Lebanon

This is the fifth of a series of eight lectures, sponsored by A Jewish Voice for Peace. This lecture was videotaped on Nov. 18, 2002. The lecturer is Ahmad Dalal.

About Ahmad Dallal

At the time of the lecture, Ahmad Dallal was Associate Professor, of Middle Eastern History at Stanford (2000-2003). Since Sept. 2003 he is Associate Professor of Islamic Studies, Georgetown University. He also taught at Smith College (1991-1994) and Yale University (1994-1997).

He studied at American University of Beirut (B.E. Mechanical Engineering) and Columbia University (M.A. and Ph.D., Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures).

His books include:



Historical Figures:

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