Music Year 2022

Of course, it's too early for a year-end list. But as the proto-fascist organization of my youth insisted, one should always be prepared. For records in hand, * identifies an advance copy, ** something borrowed or streamed. Some albums released in previous years are included here, noted by a "-NN" (e.g., -21 for 2021) -- these are mostly imports or self-releases, often hard to figure out official dates, but they were either December 2020 releases or unknown (to me, at least) before the current year.

I keep adding to the 2021 until the end of calendar 2022, especially where the record was known to exist in 2021 and I'm just getting around to it.

New Records

  1. Fred Hersch: Breath by Breath (Palmetto)


Records in hand, but which haven't yet been graded (sorted by artist, or release date if future). Those marked ** are downloads in hand.

  • Nathan Borton: Each Step (OA2) [01-21]
  • Scott Burns/John Wojciechowski/Geof Bradfield: Tenor Time (Afar Music) [01-21]
  • Stephen Martin: High Plains (OA2) [01-21]
  • Oz Noy/Ugonna Okegwo/Ray Marchica: Riverside (Outside In Music) [01-22]
  • Matt Olson: Open Spaces (OA2) [01-21]
  • Doug Scarborough: The Color of Angels (Origin) [01-21]
  • Ben Thomas Tango Project: Eternal Aporia (Origin) [01-21]
  • Piet Verbist: Secret Exit to Another Dimension (Origin) [01-21]
  • Andrew Cyrille/William Parker/Enrico Rava: 2 Blues for Cecil (TUM) [01-22]
  • The OGJB Quartet: Ode to O (TUM) [01-22]
  • Emile Parisien: Louise (ACT) [01-28]
  • Mathis Picard: Live at the Museum (Outside In Music) [01-28]
  • The Smudges: Song and Call (Cryptogramophone) [02-18]
  • Amos Gillespie: Unstructured Time (self-released) [02-22]
  • Andrew Boudreau: Neon (Fresh Sound New Talent) [02-28]
  • Julieta Eugenio: Jump (Greenleaf Music) [03-04]
  • Carol Liebowitz/Adam Lane/Andrew Drury: Blue Shift (Line Art) [03-04]
  • Eugenie Jones: Players (Open Mic) [03-11]
  • Black Lives: From Generation to Generation (Jammin' Colors, 2CD) [03-25]

Also Noted:

Records in hand, graded B+ or below, in alphabetical order within grade slots:

  • Chris Castino & Chicken Wire Empire: Fresh Pickles (self-released)
  • John Hébert: Sounds of Love (Sunnyside) **
  • Tony Malaby's Sabino: The Cave of Winds (Pyroclastic)

  • John Escreet/Pera Krstajic/Anthony Fung: Cresta (self-released) **
  • Dave Stryker: As We Are (Strikezone)
  • Samuel Mösching: Ethereal Kinks (Bronzeville Music)

Limited sampling: Records I played parts of, but not enough to grade: -- means no interest, - not bad but not a prospect, + some chance, ++ likely prospect.


Reissues/Compilations/Vault Music:

In previous years I tried to separate reissues from compilations, including newly released vault items in the latter. This made sense when I was reviewing a lot of Recycled Goods material, but led to other problems with year-end lists, so as of 2013 anything containing any previously released material is collected here, and anything that is wholly previously unreleased is treated as new, above.



Records in hand, sorted by artist, or release date if future. Those marked ** are downloads in hand.

Also Noted: