How Did We Get Here?
A History of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

The Bay Area group, A Jewish Voice for Peace, organized a series of eight lectures on the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict starting in Oct. 2001. They've recorded those lectures on videotape, which are available inexpensively from their website. Laura Tillem thought it would be a good idea to present those lectures here in Wichita, KS, and this is being done under the sponsorship of the Peace and Social Justice Center and the Global Learning Center. I am preparing a set of lecture notes to go along with these presentations: the notes include maps (not so easy to see on the videotape), names, dates, glossary, suggested readings, etc.

Here are the first few:

  1. Arab Palestine Before 1948 (Beshara Doumani)
  2. Zionism in Theory and Practice (Joel Beinin)
  3. The Palestinian Refugees of 1948 (Joel Beinin and George Bisharat)
  4. The 1967 War (Joel Beinin)
  5. The 1982 Invasion of Lebanon (Ahmad Dallal)
  6. The Occupation (George Bisharat)
  7. From Oslo to the Second Intifada (George Bisharat and Joel Beinin)
  8. US Policy Towards Israel and Palestine (Stephen Zunes)