Terminal Zone

This is a proposal for a new website. The subject matter is more/less popular music. The website will function as a news source, a critical journal, and a reference database. The intended users of this website are what we might call "music omnivores": people with highly catholic tastes who are willing to go to some lengths to broaden their musical horizons and to acquaint themselves with previously exotic musics. Such people are literate and deliberative (they are willing to take a chance on an album based on a review); they are open-minded; they are genuinely inquisitive. Although the purpose of the website is not explicitly political, we may assume certain standards of political decency, and will not apologize for them.

The main thrusts of the website will be practical and educational. The practical thrust will be to provide reliable, effective means to recommend good records to our users. The educational thrust will be to provide useful background information for evaluating and understanding those records. In effect, what this means is that we will be constructing multi-layered, multi-faceted record guides.

Technical Issues

See the preliminary database schema.