Penguin Guide to Jazz Diffs: 6th vs. 7th Editions

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (7th Edition).

Artist Title 6th Ed. 7th Ed.
Joakim Milder Monolithic [Apart]   ***(*)
Ron Miles Laughing Barrel [Sterling Circle]   ****
Mulgrew Miller Milestones [RCA Camden] ***  
  The Sequel [Max Jazz]   ***
Dave Milligan Late Show [Caber]   ***
Charles Mingus Complete 1945-1949 West Coast Recordings [Jazz Factory]   ***
  The Jazz Experiments of Charles Mingus [Bethlehem] **(*)  
  East Coasting [Bethlehem] ***(*)  
  Trilogy: The Complete Bethlehem Jazz Collection [Rhino] ***  
  Live in Amsterdam: Volume 1 [Aroc] ***  
  Live in Amsterdam: Volume 2 [Aroc] ***  
  Live in Stuttgart 1964 [Unique Jazz] ***  
  Charles Mingus in Paris, 1970 [DIW] ***  
Mingus Dynasty Reincarnation [Soul Note] ***(*)  
  Mingus's Sounds of Love [Soul Note] ***  
  Big Band Charlie Mingus: Live at the Théâtre Boulogne-Billancourt, Volume 1 [Soul Note] ***(*)  
  Big Band Charlie Mingus: Live at the Théâtre Boulogne-Billancourt, Volume 2 [Soul Note] ****  
The Minstrels of Annie Street Original Tuxedo Rag [Stomp Off] ***  
Bob Mintzer Departure [DMP] ***  
  Only in New York [DMP] ***  
Giovanni Mirabassi Architectures [Sketch]   ***
  Avanti! [Sketch]   ***
  Dal Vivo! [Sketch]   ***
  (((air))) [Sketch]   ***(*)
Miss Lulu White's Red Hot Creole Jazzband My Sweet Lovin' Man [Stomp Off]   ***
Billy Mitchell This Is Billy Mitchell [Verve]   ***
Red Mitchell Red 'N' Me [Dreyfus] ***  
  Red Mitchell-Warne Marsh Big Two: Volume 1 [Storyville]   ***
  Red Mitchell-Warne Marsh Big Two: Volume 2 [Storyville]   ***(*)
  Mitchell's Talking [Capri]   ***
  Live at Salishan [Capri]   ***
Robert Mitchell Voyager [Dune]   ***
Roscoe Mitchell After Fallen Leaves [Silkheart] ***  
  Songs in the Wind [Victo] **(*)  
  Pilgrimage [Lovely Music] ***  
  Solo 3 [Mutable]   ***
Hank Mobley No Room for Squares [Blue Note]   ***(*)
  The Flip [Blue Note]   ***
  Thinking of Home [Blue Note]   ***
Modern Jazz Duo Off the Beaten Track [Tall Poppies]   **(*)
Modern Jazz Quartet Beginnings [Savoy Jazz]   ***
  Third Stream Music [Wounded Bird]   ***
  In a Crowd [Knit Classics] ***  
  Jazz Dialogue [Wounded Bird]   ***
  Plastic Dreams [Collectables]   ***
  The Complete Prestige and Pablo Recordings [Prestige]   ****
  The Best of the Modern Jazz Quartet [Pablo] ***(*) ***
Paul Moer The Contemporary Jazz Classics of the Paul Moer Trio [Del-Fi]   ***
  Plays the Music of Elmo Hope [Fresh Sound]   ***
Charnett Moffett Planet Home [Evidence] ***  
  Still Life [Evidence] ***(*)  
Cody Moffett Evidence [Telarc] ***(*)  
Anders Mogenson Taking Off [Storyville] ***  
  Taking Off Again [Storyville] **(*)  
Louis Moholo Bush Fire [Ogun]   ***
  Tern [Atavistic]   ***
  Mpumi [Ogun]   ***
Nils Petter Molvaer Khmer [ECM]   ****
  Solid Ether [ECM]   ***
  NP3 [ECM]   **(*)
Jane Monheit Never Never Land [N-Coded]   ***
  Come Dream With Me [N-Coded]   ***
  In the Sun [N-Coded]   ***
T.S. Monk Higher Ground [Thelonious]   ***(*)
Thelonious Monk Criss Cross [Proper]   ***
  Round Midnight [Definitive]   ***
  Monkism [Laserlight]   **(*)
  Immortal Concerts: At the Five Spot Café, New York, August 1958 [Giants of Jazz]   **(*)
  Criss Cross [Columbia]   ***
  At Newport 1963 and 1965 [Columbia]   ***(*)
  Live at the Village Gate [Prevue]   ***
  Solo Monk [Columia Legacy]   ***
  Monk [Columbia]   ***
  Monk in Paris: Live at the Olympia [Thelonious]   ****
  Olympia, 6 Mars 1965, Part 1 [Trema]   ***
  Olympia, 6 Mars 1965, Part 2 [Trema]   ***
  Olympia, 7 Mars 1965 [Trema]   ***(*)
  Paris at Midnight [Varese]   ***
  Underground [Columbia]   ****
  The Essential Thelonious Monk [Columbia]   ***
  The London Collection: Volume 1 [Black Lion] ***(*)  
  The London Collection: Volume 2 [Black Lion] ***  
  The London Collection: Volume 3 [Black Lion] ***  
  The Complete London Collection [Black Lion] ***(*)  
J.R. Monterose Jaywalkin' [Fresh Sound]   ***
Buddy Montgomery Here Again [Sharp Nine]   ***
  A Love Affair in Paris [Spacetime]   ***
Wes Montgomery Complete Recordings With Lionel Hampton [Definitive]   *(*)
  Complete Live at Jorgies [Definitive]   ***
  The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery [Definitive]   ***(*)
  Complete Live in Paris, 1965 [Definitive]   ****
  Quintessential Wes [Fuel 2000]   ***(*)
  Smokin' at the Half Note [Verve]   ***(*)
  Willow Weep for Me [Verve]   ***
  A Day in the Life [A&M]   **(*)
  Road Song [A&M]   **
Tete Montoliu A Spanish Treasure [Concord] ***  
Jack Montrose The Horn's Full [RCA Victor] ***  
James Moody James Moody 1949-1950 [Classics]   ***
  Moody's Blues [Prestige]   ***
  James Moody 1950-1951 [Classics]   ***
  The Teachers [Sanctuary]   ***
  Heritage Hum/The Teachers [Collectables]   ***
  Feelin' It Together [Savoy]   ***
  Timeless Aura [Universe]   ***
  Homage [Savoy Jazz]   ***(*)
Jemeel Moondoc We Don't [Eremite]   ***
  All-Stars Live in Paris [Cadence]   ***
  Live at the Vision Festival [Ayler]   ***
Brew Moore Svinget 14 [Black Lion] ***(*)  
Glen Moore Nude Bass Ascending [Intuition] ***  
Dave Moorwood's Rascals of Rhythm Boiled Owl and Other Delicacies [PEK Sound] **(*)  
Jason Moran Modernistic [Blue Note]   ***(*)
  Presents the Bandwagon [Blue Note]   ****
Frank Morgan Love, Lost & Found [Telarc] ***  
  Bop! [Telarc] ***  
Lanny Morgan Pacific Standard [Contemporary] ***  
Lee Morgan The Birth of Hard Bop [Savoy Jazz]   ***
  Expoobident [Vee Jay]   ***
  Lee-Way [Blue Note]   ***
  The Rumproller [Blue Note]   ***
  Sonic Boom [Blue Note]   ***
Joe Morris You Be Me [Soul Note]   ***
  No Vertigo [Leo] ***  
  Age of Everything [Riti]   ***
Lawrence Butch Morris Dust to Dust [New World/Countercurrents] ***  
  Testament: A Conduction Collection [New World/Countercurrents] ***(*)  
  Sonny Morris and Friends in Germany [Upbeat]   **
Wilber Morris Wilber Force [DIW] ***  
  Drum String Thing [CIMP] **(*)  
Dick Morrissey It's Morrissey, Man [Redial] ***(*)  
Jelly Roll Morton The Alternative Takes Vol. 1 (1923-1929) [Neatwork]   ***
  The Alternative Takes Vol. 2 (1929-1940) [Neatwork]   ***
Danny Moss At University College Oxford [MacJazz]   ***
  At Bob Barnard's Jazz Party 1999 [Nif Nuf]   ***
  Returns to Bob Barnard's Jazz Party 2000 [Nif Nuf]   ***
  At Bob Barnard's Jazz Party 2001 [Nif Nuf]   ***
Paul Motian On Broadway: Volume 2 [Winter & Winter]   ***(*)
  Holiday With Strings [Winter & Winter]   ***(*)
  :rarum - Selected Recordings [ECM]   ***
Bheki Mseleku Celebration [World Circuit] ***  
Idris Muhammad Black Rhythm Revolution [BGP]   **(*)
  Legends of Acid Jazz [Prestige]   ***
  Power of Soul [CTI]   ***
  House of the Rising Sun [CTI]   **(*)
  Kabsha [Evidence]   ***
  Right Now [Cannonball]   ***(*)
Mujician The Journey [Cuneiform] ***  
  The Bristol Concert [What JAzz] ****  
  Birdman [Cuneiform] ***(*)  
  Colours Fulfilled [Cuneiform] ****  
Jim Mullen Somewhere in the Hills [Hep]   ***(*)
Gerry Mulligan Young Mulligan [Proper]   ***
  Nights at the Turntable, 1951-1952 [Jasmine]   **(*)
  The Original Gerry Mulligan Tentet & Quartet [GNP Crescendo]   ***
  Live at Paris Olympia 1960 [Laserlight]   ***
  Live in Zurich, 1960 [TCB]   ***
  Concert in the Rain [Jazz Band]   ***
  Live at the Village Vanguard [Verve]   ***(*)
  Jazz Casual: Gerry Mulligan and Art Pepper [Koch]   **
  Summit - Reunion Cumbre [Orchard]   ***
  Blues for Gerry: The Lionel Hampton Sessions [Universe]   ***
  La Menace [DRG]   **(*)
  Soft Lights and Sweet Music [Concord] ***  
  Midas Touch: Live in Berlin [Concord]   ***
  The Art of Gerry Mulligan: The Final Recordings [Telarc]   ***
Mick Mulligan Ravers [Lake]   ***
  Live [Lake]   **(*)
Tisziji Munoz Divine Radiance [Dreyfus]   ***
Mark Murphy Another Vision [September] ***  
  Lucky to Be Me [High Note]   ***(*)
  Memories of You [High Note]   ***(*)
Paul Murphy Red Snapper: Paul Murphy at CBS [Cadence]   **(*)
  Enarre [Cadence]   ***(*)
David Murray Flowers for Albert [India Navigation] ****  
  Live at the Lower Manhattan Ocean Club [India Navigation] ***  
  The London Concert [Cadillac]   ***(*)
  Recording NYC 1986 [DIW] ***  
  In Our Style [DIW] ***  
  Lucky Four [Tutu] ***  
  Deep River [DIW] ***(*)  
  Lovers [DIW] ****  
  Tenors [DIW] ***(*)  
  Ballads [DIW] ****  
  Spirituals [DIW] ***(*)  
  Special Quartet [DIW] ****  
  Remembrances [DIW] ****  
  Shakill's Warrior [DIW] ***(*)  
  Shakill's II [DIW] ***(*)  
  David Murray Big Band [DIW] ***  
  David Murray/James Newton Quintet [DIW] ****  
  Death of a Sideman [DIW] ***  
  Fast Life [DIW] ****  
  Ballads for Bass Clarinet [DIW] ****  
  Real Deal [DIW] ****  
  South of the Border [DIW] ***(*)  
  Picasso [DIW] ***  
  For Aunt Louise [DIW] ***  
  Love and Sorrow [DIW] ***  
  The Long Goodbye [DIW] ***(*)  
  Créole Project [Enja] ***  
  Yonn-De [Justin Time]   ***
  Now Is Another Time [Justin Time]   ****
Sunny Murray Sunny Murray Quintet [ESP Disk]   ***
  Sunshine & an Even Break (Never Give a Sucker) [Fuel 2000]   ***
Michael Musillami Those Times [Playscape]   ***
Melton Mustafa Boiling Point [Contemporary]   ***
  St. Louis Blues [Contemporary]   ***(*)
Wolfgang Muthspiel Daily Mirror [Material]   ***
  Daily Mirror Reflected [Material]   **
  Echos of Techno [Material]   ***
  Real Book Stories [Quinton]   ***(*)
  Continental Call [Quinton]   **
Simon Nabatov Tough Customer [Enja] ****  
  Swing Kings [ACT]   ***
  Starting a Story [ACT]   ***
  Chat Room [Leo]   ***(*)
Alberto Nacci Isola Lontana [Splasc(h)]   **
  Colours [Splasc(h)]   **(*)
  Passing [Splasc(h)]   ***
Zbigniew Namyslowski Zbigniew Namyslowski Quartet [Power Bros] ***  
  Winobranie [Power Bros] ****  
  Kujaviak Goes Funky [Power Bros] ***(*)  
  The Last Concert [Polonia] ***(*)  
Derek Nash Setting New Standards [Jazzizit]   ***
Lewis Nash Rhythm Is My Business [Evidence] ***  
Ted Nash Rhyme & Reason [Arabesque]   ***
  Sidewalk Meeting [Arabesque]   ***(*)
  Still Evolved [Palmetto]   ***
Fats Navarro His Best Recordings: 1946-1949 [Best of Jazz]   ***
  Fats Navarro, 1947-1949 [Classics]   ***(*)
NDR Big Band Bravissimo [ACT] ***  
Don Neely's Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Ain't That a Grand and Glorious Feeling [Stomp Off] ***  
  Don't Bring Lulu [Stomp Off] ***  
  Roll Up the Carpet [Circle] ***  
  A Sunny Disposish [Circle] ***  
  Jump Start [Circle] ***  
Steve Nelson Communications [Criss Cross]   ***
  Live Sessions: Volume 1 [Red]   ***
  Live Sessions: Volume 2 [Red]   ***
  New Beginnings [TCB]   ***
Bjarne Nerem How Long Has This Been GOing On [Gemini] ***  
  Everything Happens to Me [Gemini] ***  
Phineas Newborn Jr Solo Piano [Collectables]   **(*)
New Departures Quartet New Departures Quartet [Hot House]   ***
New Jazz Composers Octet First Steps Into Reality [Fresh Sound]   ***
  Walkin' the Line [Fresh Sound]   ***
The New Jazz Wizards The music of louis Armstrong - Hot Five & Sevens, Vol. 2 [Stomp Off]   ***
  Remember Johnny Dodds Vol. 1 [Stomp Off]   ***(*)
David 'Fathead' Newman Fathead [Atlantic]   ***
  Song for the New Man [High Note]   **(*)
Joe Newman Byers' Guide [Fresh Sound]   ***
  I Feel Like a New Man [Black Lion] ***(*)  
  The Midgets [RCA] ***  
  The Hot Trumpets of Joe Newman and Henry Red Allen [Prestige]   ***
  At the Atlantic [Phontastic] ***  
  I Love My Woman [Black & Blue]   ***
  Hangin' Out [Concord] ***(*)  
New Orchestra Workshop WOWWOW [Spool]   ***(*)
New Orleans Classic Jazz Orchestra Blowin' Off Steam [Stomp Off] ****  
New Orleans Jazz Wizards Jambalaya [504] **(*)  
New Orleans Rhythm Kings New Orleans Rhythm Kings 1922-1925 The Complete Set [Retrieval]   ****
Tommy Newsome The Feeling of Jazz [Arbors]   ***
  Friendly Fire [Arbors]   **
David Newton Eyewitness [Linn]   ***
  Victims of Circumstance [Linn]   **(*)
  Return Journey [Linn]   ***(*)
  In Good Company [Candid]   ***(*)
  Twelfth of the Twelfth: A Jazz Portrait of Frank Sinatra [Candid]   ****
  DNA [Candid]   ***(*)
  Meets Brian Lemon to Play Hoagy [Zephyr]   ***
  Pacific Heights [Bright New Day]   ***
  Bootleg Eric [ASC]   ***(*)
James Newton Echo Canyon [Celestial Harmonies]   ***
  In Venice [Celestial Harmonies] ***  
New Winds Digging It Harder From Afar [Victo] ***  
  Potion [Victo] ****  
New York Art Quartet New York Art Quartet [ESP Disk] ***  
The New York Hard Bop Quintet The Clincher [TCB]   ***
  Rokermotion [TCB]   ***
  Whisper Away [TCB]   **(*)
  A Mere Bag of Shells [TCB]   ***
New York Jazz Collective I Don't KnowThis World Without Don Cherry [Naxos Jazz] ***(*)  
New York Voices New York Voices [GRP]   ***
  Sing! Sing! Sing! [Concord]   ***
Albert Nicholas Albert Nicholas With Alan Elsdon's Band Vol. Two [Jazzology]   ***
Herbie Nichols Love, Gloom, Cash, Love [Rhino]   ***
The Herbie Nichols Project Love Is Proximity [Soul Note]   **
Keith Nichols Rhythm of the Day [PEK Sound]   ***
  Kansas City Breakdown [Stomp Off]   ***(*)
Red Nichols Red Nichosl 1927-1928 [Classics]   ***
  Red Nichols 1928-1929 [Classics]   ***
  Red Nichols 1929 [Classics]   ***
  His Best Recordings 1927-1931 [Best of Jazz] ***(*)  
  Original 1929 Recordings [Tax] ***  
  Radio Transcriptions 1929-1930 [IAJRC] **(*)  
Michelle Nicolle The Crying Game [ABC Jazz] ***  
Maggie Nicols Nicols'n'Nu [Leo]   ***
  Transitions [Emanem]   ***(*)
Lennie Niehaus Live at Capozzoli's [Woofy]   ***
Christina Nielsen Heartflower [Dragon] ***  
Lucas Niggli Spawn of Speed [Intakt]   **(*)
  Rough Ride [Intakt]   ***
  Big Ball [Intakt]   ***
Paal Nilssen-Love Sticks and Stones [SOFA]   ***
  I Love It When You Snore [Smalltown Supersound]   ****
Vincent Nilsson Jazz Trombone Spirituals [Storyville]   ***(*)
Liam Noble Close Your Eyes [FMR]   ***
  In the Meantime [Basho] ***  
Steve Noble Flathead Reunion [Ping Pong]   **
Mike Nock Ondas [ECM] **  
  Not We But One [Naxos Jazz] ***(*)  
  Ozboppin' [Naxos Jazz] ***  
  The Waiting Game [Naxos Jazz] ***  
Jimmie Noone The Alternative Takes 1923-1941 [Neatwork]   ***
Peter Nordahl Crazy She Calls Me [Sittel] ***  
Charlie Norman Charles Norman 1943-1947 [Ancha] **(*)  
  Papa Piano [Phontastic] ***  
  Charlie Norman and His Aces Featuring John Hogman [Phontastic] ***(*)  
Alex Norris A New Beginning [Fresh Sound]   ***(*)
Kevin Norton Intuitive Structures [Cadence]   ***
  The Dream Catcher [CIMP]   ***
Red Norvo Vibes A La Red [Progressive]   ***
  The Second Time Around [Progressive]   ***
NRG Ensemble Calling All Mothers [Quinnah] ***(*)  
  This Is My House [Delmark] ***  
Hod O'Brien Have Piano . . . Will Swing [Fresh Sound]   ***
  Fine and Dandy [Fresh Sound]   ***
Larry Ochs The Secret Magritte [Black Saint]   ***
  The Neon Truth [Black Saint]   **(*)
Bill O'Connell Jazz Alive [Sea Breeze] **(*)  
  Unfinished Business [Sea Breeze] ***  
  That Toddlin' Town [Blue Birdland] ***  
Mark O'Connor Mirage [Rhombus]   ***
Anita O'Day And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine [Past Perfect]   ***
  Anita O'Day, 1945-1950 [Classics]   ***
  Incomparable! [Verve]   ***
  Anita O'Day's Finest Hour [Verve]   ****
  I Get a Kick Out of You [Evidence] ***(*)  
  Live in Concert, Tokyo 1976 [Emily] ***  
  Mello'Day [GNP Crescendo] ***  
  In a Mellow Tone [DRG] ***  
  At Vine Street: Live [DRG] ***(*)  
Arturo O'Farrill Bloodlines [Milestone]   ***
Chico O'Farrill Pure Emotion [Milestone]   ***
Dave O'Higgins Fast Foot Shuffle [Candid]   ***
  Big Shake Up [Candid/Big City]   ***
Joe 'King' Oliver King Oliver 1926-1931 [Topaz] ***  
  The Alternative Takes [Neatwork]   ***
Sy Oliver Sy Oliver 1945-1949 [Classics]   **
One for All Too Soon to Tell [Sharp Nine]   **(*)
  Optimism [Sharp Nine]   ***
  Wide Horizons [Criss Cross]   **(*)
Junko Onishi Fragile [Blue Note] ***  
Orange Then Blue Hold the Elevator [GM] ***(*)  
Oregon Oregon in Concert [Universe]   ***
  Together [Universe]   ***
  Violin [Universe]   ***
  Jade Muse - The Best of Oregon [Universe]   ***(*)
  In Performance [Wounded Bird]   ***
  Beyond Words [Chesky]   ***
  Oregon in Moscow [Intuition]   ***
  Live at Yoshi's [Intuition]   **
Original Dixieland Jazz Band In London 1919-1920 [Retrieval]   ***(*)
Original Indiana Five The Original Indiana Five Vol. 1 [Jazz Oracle]   ***
  The Original Indiana Five Vol. 2 [Jazz Oracle]   ***
  The Original Indiana Five Vol. 3 [Jazz Oracle]   ***
Original Memphis Five Original Memphis Five Collection Vol. 1 [Collectors Classics] ***  
Carl Fredrik Orrje 102 Greet St., NYC [Arietta] ***  
Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen Pictures [Steeplechase]   ***
  Live at Montmartre: Volume 1 [Steeplechase] ****  
  Live at Montmartre: Volume 2 [Steeplechase] ***(*)  
  The Bassic Trio [Steeplechase]   ****
  The Eternal Traveller [OJC]   **(*)
  Catalonian Fire [Steeplechase]   ***
Anthony Ortega Earth Dance [Fresh Sound]   ***
  New Dance [Hatology]   ***
Kid Ory New Orleans Legends [Vogue] ***  
  Creole Classics [Naxos]   ***
  Portrait of the Greatest Sideman Ever [Upbeat]   ***
  Kid Ory, 1945-1950 [Classics]   ***
Greg Osby Greg Osby and Sound Theatre [Winter & Winter]   **(*)
  Mindgames [Winter & Winter]   **(*)
  Season of Renewal [Winter & Winter]   **(*)
  Inner Circle [Blue Note]   ***(*)
  St Louis Shoes [Blue Note]   ***(*)
Oscura Luminosa In Full Armour [Unit] ***  
Oslo 13 Off-Balance [Odin] ****  
  Nonsentration [ECM] ***  
  Oslo 13 Live [Curling Legs] ***  
Other Dimensions in Music Other Dimensions in Music [Silkheart] **(*)  
  Now! [Aum Fidelity] ***  
  Time Is of the Essence Is Beyond Time [Aum Fidelity] ***(*)  
Roberto Ottaviano Sotto Il Sole Giaguro [Solstice] ***  
  Live in Israel [Soul Note]   ***
Harold Ousley Grit-Grittin' Feeling [Delmark]   ***
Vardan Ovsepian Abandoned Wheel [Fresh Sound]   ***
  Sketch Book [Fresh Sound]   ***
Tony Oxley The Tony Oxley/Alan Davie Duo [a/l/l]   ***(*)
  Floating Phantoms [a/l/l]   **(*)

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