Penguin Guide to Jazz Diffs: 6th vs. 7th Editions

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (7th Edition).

Artist Title 6th Ed. 7th Ed.
Sammy Rimington Live in Switzerland [Sam]   ***
  Live at Meilen Jazzclub [Jazztime]   ***
Sam Rivers Fuchsia Swing Song [Blue Note]   ***
  Crystals [Impulse/Universal]   **
  Configuration [Nato] ***(*)  
  Eight Day Journal [Nato] ****  
  Winter Garden [Nato] ****  
  Fluid Motion [Isospin Labs]   ***
Max Roach Plays Charlie Parker [Verve] ***(*)  
  Max [GRP] ***  
  M'Boom [Columbia] ***(*)  
  Swish [New Artists] ***  
Gino Robair Singular Pleasures [Rastascan] ***  
  Buddy Systems [Meniscus] ***(*)  
George Robert Featuring Mr Clark Terry [TCB] ***  
  Youngbloods [Mons] **(*)  
  Tribute [Jazz Focus] ***  
  Voyage [TCB] **(*)  
  Inspiration [TCB] ***(*)  
Hank Roberts Birds of Prey [Winter & Winter]   **(*)
Tom Roberts In the Lion's Den [Stomp Off]   ***(*)
Herb Robertson Transparency [Winter & Winter]   ***(*)
  Shades of Bud Powell [Winter & Winter]   ****
  X-Cerpts: Live at Willisau [Winter & Winter]   ***
  Certified [Winter & Winter]   ***(*)
Donald Robinson Straight Lines Skewed [CIMP]   ***
Justin Robinson The Challenge [Arabesque]   ***
Reginald R Robinson The Strongman [Delmark] ***  
  Sounds in Silhouette [Delmark] ***  
Scott Robinson Thinking Big [Arbors] ***  
  Melody From the Sky [Arbors] ***  
Spike Robinson In Town [Hep] ***  
  The Odd Couple [Capri] ***  
  Jusa Bit O'Blues [Capri] ***  
  Jusa Bit O'Blues Vol. 2 [Capri] ***  
  A Real Corker [Capri] ***  
  Reminiscin' [Capri] ***  
  Tenor Madness [Essential Jazz] ***  
Andrew Robson On [ABC Jazz]   ***(*)
Joe Roccisano Nonet [Double-Time] ***  
Bob Rockwell After Hours [Go Jazz] ***  
  No Rush [Steeplechase] **(*)  
  On the Natch [Steeplechase] ***  
  The Bob Rockwell Trio [Steeplechase] ***  
  Reconstruction [Steeplechase] ***  
  Light Blue [Steeplechase] ***(*)  
  Ballads and Cocktails [Olufsen] ***  
  Born to Be Blue [Steeplechase] ***  
Mart Rodger Makin' Whoopee [Bowstone]   ***(*)
  T'Aint Nobody's Bizness If We Do [Bowstone]   ***
  Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz [Jazzology]   ***
  Manchester Delighted [Bowstone]   ***
  Moments Like This [Bowstone]   ***
Claudio Roditi Gemini Man [Milestone] **(*)  
  Slow Fire [Milestone] ***  
  Three for One [Nagel Heyer]   ***
Red Rodney 1957 [Prevue] ***  
  Bluebird [Camden] ***(*)  
  No Turn on Red [Denon] ***  
  Then and Now [Chesky] ***  
Adam Rogers Art of the Invisible [Criss Cross]   ***
  Allegory [Criss Cross]   ***(*)
Paul Rogers Heron Moon [Rare Music] ***  
  Listen [Emanem]   ****
Shorty Rogers The Sweetheart of Sigmund Freud [Giant Steps]   ****
  Bossa Nova/Jazz Waltz [Collectables]   ***
  Yesterday Today and Forever [Concord] ***  
Bryce Rohde Turn Right at New South Wales [Music in the Vines]   ***
Adrian Rollini Bouncin' in Rhythm [Topaz] ***  
Dennis Rollins Badbone [Rae]   ***
  Make Your Move [Sound]   ***
Furio Romano Danze Delle Streghe [Splasc(h)] ***  
  Inside Out [Splasc(h)] ***(*)  
Dom Um Romao Hotmosphere [OJC] ***  
  Saudades [Waterlily Acoustics] ***  
  Lake of Perseverance [Irma] **  
Wallace Roney The Wallace Roney Quintet [Warner Bros] ****  
Noah Rosen Trips Jobs and Journeys [Cadence]   ***(*)
Bernt Rosengren Bombastica! [Dragon]   ***
Ted Rosenthal Images of Monk [Jazz Alliance] ***  
  At Maybeck Recital Hall Vol. 38 [Concord] ***  
Kurt Rosenwinkel Heartcore [Verve]   **(*)
Michele Rosewoman The Source [Soul Note] ****  
  Quintessence [Enja] ***(*)  
  Occasion to Rise [Evidence] ***(*)  
  Guardians of the Light [Enja] ***(*)  
Renee Rosnes And the Danish Radio Big Band [Blue Note]   ***
Billy Ross The Sound [Milestone] **(*)  
Florian Ross Seasons and Places [Naxos Jazz] ***(*)  
  Suite for Soprano Sax and String Orchestra [Naxos Jazz] ***  
Charlie Rouse Mood in Scarlet [Dawn]   ***
  Bossa Nova Bacchanal [Blue Note]   ***
  Moment's Notice [Storyville] ****  
  Social Call [Uptown]   ***
Keith Rowe Harsh [Grob]   ***
  The World Turned Upside Down [Erstwhile]   ***
  Grain [Zarek]   ***
  Weather Sky [Erstwhile]   ***
  Rabbit Run [Erstwhile]   ***
  Flypaper [Staubgold]   ***
  Thumb [Grob]   ***
  Duos for Doris [Erstwhile]   ****
Jimmy Rowles Piano Playhouse [VSOP]   ***(*)
  Weather in a Jazz Vane [VSOP]   ***
  Our Dellight [VSOP]   ***(*)
  Shade and Light [Black & Blue]   ***
  Ellington by Rowles [Cymbol]   ***(*)
Roswell Rudd Flexible Flyer [Black Lion] ****  
  Broad Strokes [Knitting Factory] **(*)  
Hilton Ruiz Piano Man [Steeplecahse] ***(*)  
  New York Hilton [Steeplechase] ***  
  Manhattan Mambo [Telarc] ***(*)  
  Heroes [Telarc] ***(*)  
  Live at Birdland [Candid] ***  
  Island Eyes [RMM Tropijazz] ***  
  Rhythm in the House [RMM Tropijazz] **  
Gösta Rundqvist Until We Have Faces [Sittel] ***  
Jimmy Rushing Five Feet of Soul [Roulette]   ***
Hal Russell Elixir [Atavistic]   ***
Pee Wee Russell Jazz Original [Commodore] ***(*)  
  We're in the Money [Black Lion] ***(*)  
  With Alex Welsh and His Band [Lake]   ***
  Ask Me Now! [Impulse]   ***
Ray Russell Dragon Hill [Columbia] ***  
  Rites and Rituals [Columbia] ***  
Charles Rutherford Jazz Pacific Orchestra Reunion [Sea Breeze] ***  
  Groovin' Hard [Sea Breeze] ***  
  Note Walker [Sea Breeze] ***  
  Collage [Sea Breeze] ***(*)  
Paul Rutherford Chicago 2002 [Emanem]   ***(*)
Terje Rypdal Lux Aeterna [ECM]   ****
Harvie S Eye Contact [Ondine Music]   ***
Marc Sabatella Second Course [Cadence]   ***
  The Spanish Inquisition [Golden Horn]   ***
  Falling Grace [Outside Shore]   ***
Stefano Sabatini Wonderland [Splasc(h)] **(*)  
  Waiting [Splasc(h)]   ***
Helmut Joe Sachse European House [FMP] ***(*)  
Ed Saindon Swing on the Sunnyside [A] ***  
Salty Dogs Jazz Band Long, Deep and Wide [GHB] ***  
  Joy, Joy, Joy [Stomp Off] ***  
Dino Saluzzi Rios [Intuition]   ***
  Responsorium [ECM]   ***(*)
Perico Sambeat Jindungo [Fresh Sound]   ***
  Perico [Lola Chrysalis]   ***(*)
  Friendship [ACT]   ***
David Sanborn Timeagain [Verve]   ***
Angelica Sanchez Mirror Me [Omnitone]   ***
Tommy Sancton New Orleans Reunion [GHB] ***(*)  
Pharoah Sanders Pharoah [India Navigation] ***  
  Live [Evidence]   ***
  Africa [Timeless]   ***
  Message From Home [Verve] **(*)  
  Save Our Children [Verve] **(*)  
  With a Heartbeat [Evolver]   **
Randy Sandke I Hear Music [Concord] ***  
  Get Happy [Concord] ***(*)  
  The Chase [Concord] ***(*)  
  Calling All Cats [Concord] ***(*)  
  Inside Out [Nagel Heyer]   ***(*)
Arturo Sandoval Best of Arturo Sandoval [Milan/WEA]   **
Nisse Sandström Home cooking [Phontastic] ***  
  For Lester and Billie [Phontastic] ***  
Marit Sandvik Even Then (Mother Song) [Taurus]   ***
San Francisco Starlight Orchestra Sunny Side Up [Stomp Off]   ***
Kent Sangster Adventures [Jazz Focus] ***(*)  
Mongo Santamaria Mongo 70/Mongo at Montreux [Collectables]   ***
  Montreux Heat [Pablo]   ***
  Soy Yo [Concord] ***  
  Soca Me Nice [Concord] **(*)  
  Ole Ola [Concord] **(*)  
  Live at Jazz Alley [Concord] ***  
  Afro Blue: The Picante Collection [Concord] ***  
  The Best of the Fania Years [Empire Music] ***  
Saheb Sarbib Seasons [Soul Note] ***  
  It Couldn't Happen Without You [Soul Note] ***  
Gray Sargent Shades of Gray [Concord] ***  
Bernardo Sassetti Nocturno [Clean Feed]   ****
Satchmo Legacy Band Salute to Pops: Volume 1 [Soul Note] ***  
  Salute to Pops: Volume 2 [Soul Note] ***(*)  
Martin Schack Headin' Home [Storyville]   ***
Ken Schaphorst Indigenous Technology [Accurate]   ***
Niko Schauble On the Other Hand [Naxos Jazz] ***  
Mario Schiano Supposing That . . . [Splasc(h)]   ***
Lalo Schifrin Piano, Strings and Bossa Nova [Verve]   ***
  Jazz Meets the Symphony [Atlantic] ***  
  More Jazz Meets the Symphony [East West/Atlantic] ***  
Alexander von Schlippenbach The Living Music [Atavistic]   ***
  Boomriding [Psi]   ***(*)
Larry Schneider So Easy [Label Bleu] ***  
Maria Schneider Allegresse [Enja]   ***
Loren Schoenberg Out of This World [TCB] ***  
Manfred Schoof European Echoes [Atavistic]   ***
Ed Schuller Snake Dancing [Tutu] ***(*)  
  Art of the Duo [Tutu] ***  
Bob Schulz Oh! Play That Thing! [Jazzology]   ***
Irène Schweizer Ulrichsberg [Intakt]   ****
Louis Sclavis Chine [IDA] ***(*)  
  Chamber Music [IDA] ***(*)  
  Chine/Chamber Music [Label Bleu]   ***(*)
  Deux Qui Veillent la Nuit [Label Bleu]   ***
  Napoli's Walls [ECM]   ***(*)
John Scofield Live [Enja] ***  
  Rogh House [Enja] ***  
  Shinola [Enja] ***(*)  
  Out Like a Light [Enja] ***(*)  
  Up All Night [Verve]   ***
  Oh! [Blue Note]   ***(*)
Hazel Scott Hazel Scott 1939-1945 [Classics]   ***
Jimmy Scott Moonglow [Milestone]   ***
Ronnie Scott The Night Is Scott and You're So Swingable [Redial] ***(*)  
Stephen Scott Vision Quest [Enja] ***(*)  
Tony Scott Sung Heroes [Sunnyside] ***(*)  
  Tony Scott [Verve]   ***
Amanda Sedgwick Volt [Caprice] ***  
Gene Sedric Gene Sedric 1938-1947 [Classics]   ***
Janet Seidel Winter Moon [La Brava]   **(*)
  Doodlin' [La Brava]   **(*)
  The Art of Lounge [La Brava]   ***
  The Way You Wear Your Hat [La Brava]   ***(*)
  Love Letters [La Brava]   ***
  Don't Smoke in Bed [La Brava]   ***(*)
Trygve Seim The Source and Different Cikadas [ECM]   ***(*)
Joey Sellars Something for Nothing [Nine Winds] ***  
  Pastels, Ashes [Nine Winds] ****  
Esmond Selwyn Follow That [Slam]   ***
Archie Semple Night People [Lake]   ***
Eddie Severn Moments in Time [Caber]   ***
Sextet of Orchestra USA Mack the Knife [Koch]   ***
Bud Shank Cool Fool [Fresh Sound]   ***
  Live at the Haig [Candid]   ***
  Sunshine Express [Concord] ***  
  Crystal Comments [Concord] ***  
  A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing [Koch International] ***  
  Tales of the Pilot: The Music of David Peck [Capri] ***  
  Drifting Timelessly [Capri] **(*)  
  The Doctor Is In! [Concord] ***  
  Lopin' [Hep]   ***
  Silver Storm [RAW]   ****
  On the Trail [RAW]   ***
Snny Sharrock Ask the Ages [Axiom] ****  
Charlie Shavers The Complete Charlie Shavers With Maxine Sullivan [Avenue Jazz] ***  
  Live [Black & Blue] ***  
Artie Shaw Artie Shaw 1945 [Classics]   ****
  Artie Shaw 1945-1946 [Classics]   ***(*)
  1945 Spotlight Bands Broadcasts [Jazz Unlimited]   ***
Lee Shaw A Place for Jazz [Cadence]   ***
Woody Shaw Blackstone Legacy [Contemporary]   ***
  The Moontrane [32 Jazz] ****  
  Solid [Camden] ****  
  Live: Volume 2 [High Note]   ***
  Live: Volume 3 [High Note]   ***
  Lotus Flower [Enja] ***  
  Time Is Right [Red] ***  
George Shearing Quintets at Newport [Pablo]   ***(*)
  Blues Alley Jazz [Concord] **(*)  
  First Edition [Concord] ***  
  Live at the Café Carlyle [Concord] **  
  More Grand Piano [Concord] **(*)  
  Dexterity [Concord] **(*)  
  The Spirit of '76 [Concord] ***  
  George Shearing in Dixieland [Concord] **(*)  
Jack Sheldon Hollywood Heroes [Concord] **(*)  
  On My Own [Concord] **(*)  
  Jack Sheldon Sings [Butterfly] ***  
Brad Shepik The Loan [Songlines]   ***
  Short Trip [Knitting Factory]   ***(*)
Archie Shepp Live in San Francisco [Impulse] ****  
  Soul Song [Enja] ***  
  Swing Low [Elephant] ***  
  Hungarian Bebop [Budapest Music]   ***
Andy Sheppard Moving Image [Verve] ***(*)  
  Music for a New Crossing [Provocateur] ***  
  Nocturnal Tourist [Provocateur]   ***
  P.S. [Provocateur]   ***
Bobby Shew Salsa Caliente [MAMA]   ***
  Play the Music of Reed Kotler [Torii]   ***
Mark Shim Turbulent Flow [Blue Note] ***(*)  
Matthew Shipp Sonic Explorations [Cadence]   ***(*)
  The Multiplication Table [Hatology]   ***
  Strata [Hatology]   ***
  Gravitational Systems [Hatology]   ***
  Songs [Splasc(h)]   ***
  Equilibrium [Thirsty Ear]   ***
Wayne Shorter Alegria [Verve]   ***(*)
Wally Shoup Fusillades and Lamentations [Leo]   ***
  Live at Tonic [Leo]   **(*)
David Sills Journey Together [Naxos] ***  
Alan Silva Skillfullness [ESP/Get Back]   ***
  Take Some Risks [In Situ] ***  
Judi Silvano Dancing Voices [Orchard]   ***
  Songs I Wrote, or Wish I Did [JSL]   ***
  Riding a Zephyr [Soul Note]   ***
Horace Silver Paris Blues [Pablo]   ***(*)
  The Hardbop Grandpop [Impulse] ***  
  A Prescription for the Blues [Impulse] ***  
Sonny Simmons Music From the Spheres [Abraxa/ESP]   ***
  The Cosmosomatics [Boxholder]   ***
  The Cosmosamatics II [Boxholder]   ***(*)
  Live in Paris [Arhoolie]   ***(*)
Edward Simon Beauty Within [Audioquest]   ***
  The Process [Criss Cross]   ***
Ralph Simon As [Postcards] ***  
  Music for the Millenium [Postcards] ***  
Zoot Sims East of the Apple [Jasmine]   ***
  Tonite's Music Today [Black Lion] ***  
  Morning Fun [Black Lion] ***(*)  
  Ameicans Swinging in Paris [EMI France]   ***(*)
  Down Home [Bethlehem] ***  
  In a Mellow Tone [JLR] ***  
Hal Singer Blue Stompin' [OJC]   ***
Alex Sipiagin Images [TCB]   ***
  Steppin' Zone [Criss Cross]   ***(*)
  Hindsight [Criss Cross]   ***(*)
  Mirrors [Criss Cross]   ***
Blaise Siwula Tandem Rivers [Cadence]   ***
The Six Winds Man Met Muts [Bvhaast] ***  
  Anger Dance [Bvhaast] ***  
  Manestraal [Bvhaast] ***(*)  
Lars Sjøsten In Confidence [Dragon] ***  
Greg Skaff Blues and Other News [Double Time]   ***
  Blues for Mr T [Khaeon]   ***(*)
Alan Skidmore Tribute to 'Trane [Miles Music] ***(*)  
  East to West [Miles Music] ***  
  Ubizo [Provocateur]   ***
Carol Sloane Heart's Desire [Concord] ***  
  When I Look in Your Eyes [Concord] ***  
  The Songs Carmen Sang [Concord] ***  
Bill Smith Folk Jazz [OJC]   ***(*)
Ian Smith Tryst [Red Toucan]   ***(*)
  Daybreak [Emanem]   ****
Jimmy Smith Rockin' the Boat [Blue Note]   ***
  Live at Salle Pleyel 1965 [RTE] ***  
Johnny 'Hammond' Smith Good 'Nuff [Prestige]   **(*)
  Open House [Milestone]   ***
Johnny Smith Moonlight in Vermont [Roulette]   ***(*)
  The Sound of the Johnny Smith Guitar [Blue Note]   ***
Joshua Douglas Smith Major Incident [Steeplechase]   ***
Marvin 'Smitty' Smith Keeper of the Drums [Concord] ***  
  The Road Less Travelled [Concord] ***  
Mike Smith Unit 7 a Triute to Cannonball Adderley [Delmark] **(*)  
  On a Cool Night [Delmark] ***  
  The Traveler [Delmark] ***  
  Sinatra Songbook [Delmark] ***  
Roger Smith Spanish Guitar [Emanem]   ****
Stuff Smith Onyx Club Spree [Topaz] ***(*)  
  Cat on a Hot Fiddle [Verve]   ***
Tommy Smith Alone at Last [Spartacus]   **(*)
  The Christmas Concert [Spartacus]   ***
  Bezique [Spartacus]   ****
Wadada Leo Smith Light Upon Light [Tzadik]   ***
  The Year of the Elephant [Pi]   ***
  Luminous Arts [Tzadik]   ***
  Organic Resonance [Pi]   ***
Willie 'The Lion' Smith Pork and Beans [Black Lion] ***  
Paul Smoker Brass Reality [Nine Winds]   ***
  Duocity [Cadence]   ***
Jim Snidero Time Out: Live [Red] ***(*)  
  While Your Here [Red] ***(*)  
  Strings [Milestone]   ***(*)
Valaida Snow Valaida Snow: 1933-1936 [Classics]   ***
  Valaida Snow: 1937-1940 [Classics]   ***
Elmer Snowden Harlem Banjo [OJC]   ***
Martial Solal En Solo [RCA Victor] *** ***(*)
  Triptyque [Adda] ***(*)  
  Solal-Lockwood [JMS] ***  
  Improvisie Pour France Musique [JMS] ****  
  Triangle [JMS] ****  
  NY - 1 Live at the Village Vanguard [Blue Note]   ***(*)
Mark Soskin Five Lands (Cinqueterra) [TCB] ***  
  17 (Seventeen) [TCB] ***  
Eddie South The Dark Angel of the Fiddle [Soundies]   ***
Muggsy Spanier The Complete V-Disc Sessions [Jazz Unlimited]   ***
  In New Orleans 1938-1955 [American Music]   ***(*)
James Spaulding The Smile of the Snake [High Note]   ***
  Escapade [High Note]   ***
Martin Speake Exploring Standards [33 Jazz]   ***
  My Ideal [Basho]   ***
Glenn Spearman Let It Go [Red Toucan]   ***
Chris Speed Astereotypical [Winter & Winter]   ***
Alister Spence Flux [Rufus]   ***
Loz Speyer Two Kinds of Blue [33 Jazz] ***  
Sphere Four in One [Elektra]   ***(*)
  Flight Path [Elektra]   ***
Spirit Level New Year [Future Music] ***  
  On the Level [33 Records] ****  
  Great Spirit: Best of Spirit Level [33 Jazz] ***(*)  
Spontaneous Music Ensemble A New Distance [Acta] ****  
Brett Sroka Hearsay [Fresh Sound]   ***
Jess Stacy Tribute to Benny Goodman [Koch]   ***
Terrell Stafford New Beginnings [Max Jazz]   ***(*)
Jim Staley Northern Dancer [Einstein] ***(*)  
  Blind Pursuits [Einstein] ***(*)  
Tomasz Stanko :rarum: Selected Recordings [ECM]   ****
Colin Steele Twilight Dreams [Caber]   ***(*)
  The Journey Home [Caber]   ****
Hugh Steinmetz NU! [Steeplechase]   ***
Bobo Stenson Very Early [Dragon]   ***
  War Orphans [ECM]   ****
Leni Stern Ten Songs [Lipstick] **  

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