Grade List: Bryan Murray

  1. Bryan Murray: What You Don't Forget (2007, Jazz Excursion) B+(***)
  2. Bryan and the Haggards: Pretend It's the End of the World (2010, Hot Cup) B+(***)
  3. Bryan and the Haggards: Still Alive and Kickin' Down the Walls (2011, Hot Cup) B+(***)
  4. Bryan and the Haggards: Merles Just Want to Have Fun (2012 [2013], Northern Spy) A-
  5. Baltbom: !Baltbom! (2015, self-released) B+(*)
  6. Balto Exclamationpoint/Plaidworthy: If the Big Hurt (2015, self-released) B+(***)
  7. Balto!: Balto! (2016, self-released) B+(**)
  8. Baltsticks!!: Play You, Play Me (2016, self-released) B+(*)
  9. Balto!: Two Cans of Soup (2017, self-released) B-
  10. Balto!: Taco Cat Poops (2018, self-released) B+(**)

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