Grade List: Herb Geller

  1. Herb Geller: Herb Geller Plays (1954-1955 [1955], Emarcy) A-
  2. Herb Geller: That Geller Feller (1957 [2003], Fresh Sound) A-
  3. Herb Geller: Birdland Stomp (1990, Fresh Sound) A-
  4. Herb Geller: The Herb Geller Quartet (1993, VSOP) B+
  5. Herb Geller: Plays the Al Cohn Songbook (1994, Hep)
  6. Herb Geller: I'll Be Back (1996, Hep)
  7. Herb Geller: Playing Jazz: The Musical Autobiography of Herb Geller (1995 [1997], Fresh Sound) B+(***)
  8. Herb Geller: Hollywood Portraits (1999, Hep)
  9. Herb Geller: To Benny and Johnny: With Love From Herb Geller (2001, Hep)
  10. Herb Geller [Rein de Graaf]: Delightful Duets Volume 2 (2002 [2005], Blue Jack Jazz) B+(**)
  11. Herb Geller [Roberto Magris]: An Evening With Herb Geller and the Roberto Magris Trio: Live in Europe 2009 (2009 [2014], JMood) B+(***)

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