2008 Year End List Mentions

These are records that show up in various year-end lists. Anthologies and reissues have been (mostly) weeded out, moved here. Those in blue are ones I have in more/less final form. Those in green I have as stripped down promos or don't have but have managed to hear somehow. The numbers in {} are the number of mentions. Once I've gotten far enough I'll start sorting by mentions. Finally I have some notes. Not every mention is noted, but some of the more significant ones are. To decode them, see the legend at the bottom.

Prime Candidates

Minimum 10 mentions.

  1. TV on the Radio: Dear Science [Interscope] {41}: AM, AV:1, AZ, BL:3, DA:3, DS, FL:4, MC:4, MJ, NM:2, NR;5, P, PF:6, PM:3, Q:7, RS:1, SG:2, SL:4, SP:1, TM:3, U:3, CM:1, RC:A(4)
  2. Portishead: Third [Mercury/Island] {37}: AM, AV:10, AZ, DA:2, DS:6, F:4, MC, MJ, NM, PF:2, NR:2, PM:1, Q, RA:8, RS, SL:1, SP:3, SG:7, TM:2, U:1, UR:4, W, MM:6, TH:B-
  3. Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend [XL] {37}: AM, AV:7, AZ, BL:9, DA:8, DS, F, NM:4, NR:9, P:3, PF:7, PM, Q:4, RS:10, SG:4, SP, U:5, UR:2, W, CM; BE:11, RC:A-, MM:44, TH:***
  4. Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes [Sub Pop] {35}: AM, AV, AZ:3, BL, DA:1, DS, FL:2, MC:8, MJ:1, NM, NR:1, P:6, PF:1, PM:2, Q:2, RS, SG:1, SP:5, TM:4, U:2, UR:1, TH:B-
  5. Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago [Jagjaguwar] {34}: AM, AV:5, AZ, BL, DS:10, FL:6, MC:7, MJ:4, NM, NR:3, P:4, PM, Q, RS, SG:3, SP, U:4
  6. Lil Wayne: Tha Carter III [Cash Money/Universal] {34}: AM, AV:11, AZ, BL:1, DA:6, NR, P, PF, PM:8, Q, RS:3, SG, SL:5, SP:2, CM, RC:A-(2), MM:7, TH:***
  7. Santogold: Santogold [Downtown] {31}: AM, AZ:2, BL, DS, NM:7, P, PF, PM, Q, RS:6, SG, SL:9, SP:6, CM, RC:A-, TH:***
  8. MGMT: Oracular Spectacular [Red Ink/Columbia] {25}: AM, AZ:10, DS, F:7, FL:1, MJ, NM:1, NR, P, PM, Q, RS, SP:10, U
  9. Girl Talk: Feed the Animals [Illegal Art] {24}: AM, AV, BL:2, NR, P:7, PF, PM, RS, SG:9, CM:7, MM:24, RC:A(12) [na]
  10. The Hold Steady: Stay Positive [Vagrant] {24}: AV:6, BL, DA:5, MC, MJ:6, NR:8, P, PF, PM, Q, RS, SG:8, U, CM, RC:B+, MM:20, TH:A-
  11. No Age: Nouns [Sub Pop] {24}: AM, BL, DA:4, DS, F:2, NR, P, PF:3, PM, RS, SG, SP, TM, RC:A-, TH:A-
  12. Erykah Badu: New Amerykah, Pt. 1: 4th World War [Universal Motown] {22}: AM, AV:8, AZ:7, MJ, PF, PM:4, RS, SL:8, SP:12, MM:3, TH:***
  13. Nick Cave: Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! [Anti-] {22}: AZ, BL, DS:4, MC:9, MJ:5, NM, NR, P, PF, PM, Q:10, RS, SP, TM, U:8, W
  14. Beck: Modern Guilt [Interscope] {21}: AM, AZ:24, BL, MJ, NM, PM, RS:8, Q, SG, SP, U, TH:**
  15. Coldplay: Viva La Vida [Capitol] {21}: AM, AZ:30, BL:22, NM:31, PM, Q:3, RS:7, SG, SP:9, TH:***
  16. Hercules and Love Affair: Hercules and Love Affair [Mute] {20}: AM, AV, BL, F, MC, NM, NR, PF:9, PM, Q, RA:4, SG, SL:3, SP, W, MM:5
  17. Randy Newman: Harps and Angels [Nonesuch] {20}: AM, AZ, BL:8, MC, MJ, NR, Q, RS, U, CM:2, RC:A(6), TH:**
  18. Sigur Rós: Með Suð I Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust [XL] {19}: AM, AV, AZ, DS, MJ, NR, P:2, PM, Q, RS, SG, U
  19. Deerhunter: Microcastle [Kranky] {17}: AM, BL, DA:7, DS:5, F:9, NM, NR:6, P:10, PF:5, PM:7, SG:5, SP:8, TM:1
  20. M83: Saturdays=Youth [Mute] {17}: AM, AZ, DS:1, F, FL:8, MJ, NR:4, P, PF:8, PM, SG, SL, UR:7
  21. The Raconteurs: Consolers of the Lonely [Warner Bros.] {17}: AM, AZ, BL, PM, Q:9, RS, SG, SP, U, TH:B
  22. REM: Accelerate [Warner Bros] {17}: AM, AZ, P, PM, Q, RS, SP, U, TH:***
  23. The Roots: Rising Down [Def Jam] {17}: AM, BL, PM, RS, SP, CM:6, RC:A(9), TH:A
  24. Al Green: Lay It Down [Blue Note] {17}: AM, AZ:4, BL, PM, RS, SP, RC:A-, TH:***
  25. Hot Chip: Made in the Dark [Astralwerks] {17}: AM, AZ, BL:5:****, NM:30, P, PF, Q, RS, SG, SP:8, U, JG:3, TH:***
  26. Los Campesinos!: Hold on Now, Youngster . . . [Arts & Crafts] {16}: AM, AV:4, BL, DS, MC, PF, PM:10, SG, SP, CM, JG:7, RC:A(14), TH:***
  27. Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours [Modular] {15}: AM, DS:3, FL:9, PF:4, PM:6, NR, SG, SP, TM:7
  28. Frightened Rabbit: The Midnight Organ Flight [Fat Cat] {15}: AV, AZ, DS:2, NM, PF, PM, SG, SP
  29. My Morning Jacket: Evil Urges [ATO] {15}: AM, AZ, BL, P, PM, Q, RS:4, SG, SP, U, TH:*
  30. Black Keys: Attack and Release [Nonesuch] {14}: AM, AZ, BL, MJ, NM, RS, SG, SP, TH:B-
  31. Drive-By Truckers: Brighter Than Creation's Dark [New West] {14}: AM, AV, MC, MJ, PM, RS, U, CM, RC:A(3), MM:26, TH:A-
  32. Duffy: Rockferry [Island/Mercury] {14}: AM, AZ, MJ, Q:6, RS, SP, TH:***
  33. Fucked Up: The Chemistry of Common Life [Matador] {14}: AV:2, BL, DS, MC, MJ, NM, NR, PF, PM, SP:4, CM, MM:9
  34. Gnarls Barkley: The Odd Couple [Atlantic] {14}: AZ, BL, PM, RS, SG, SP, U, TH:**
  35. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks: Real Emotional Trash [Matador] {14}: AM, BL, DA:10, PM, RS, U, RC:***, TH:***
  36. Raphael Saadiq: The Way I See It [Columbia] {14}: AM, BL, RS, CM:8, RC:A(13), MM:4, TH:A-
  37. The Bug: London Zoo [Ninja Tune] {13}: AM, AZ, F, MC:2, MJ:9, NR, PF, PM:5, W:1, MM:40, TH:*
  38. Hayes Carll: Trouble in Mind [Lost Highway] {13}: AM, AZ:9, BL, CM, RC:A-(8), TH:A-
  39. Death Cab for Cutie: Narrow Stairs [Atlantic/WEA] {13}: AM, AV:9, AZ:6, BL, P, RS, SG, SP, TH:*
  40. Elbow: The Seldom Seen Kid [Geffen] {13}: AZ, DS, MJ, NM, NR, PM:9, Q:8, SP, U, UR:8
  41. Flying Lotus: Los Angeles [Warp] {13}: AM, AV, AZ, F:10, MJ, PF, PM, RA:3, SP, MM:8
  42. Jamey Johnson: That Lonesome Song [Mercury Nashville] {13}: AZ, RS
  43. Kings of Leon: Only by the Night [RCA] {13}: AM, AZ:1, BL, NM:9, Q:1, RS, SG, SP, U:9
  44. Lykke Li: Youth Novels [Atlantic] {13}: AZ, BL, DS, NM, P, PF,PM, Q, RS, SG, SP, TH:B
  45. Metallica: Death Magnetic [Warner Bros] {13}: AM, AZ, BL:4, MJ, Q, RS:9, SP, U
  46. Conor Oberst: Conor Oberst [Merge] {13}: BL, Q, RS, SG, CM:11, RC:A(5), TH:A-
  47. Beach House: Devotion [Carpark] {12}: AM, AV, NR, PF, RS, SG, SP, TM:6
  48. Blitzen Trapper: Furr [Sub Pop] {12}: AM, BL, PM, RS, SG, CM, MM:21
  49. Okkervil River: The Stand Ins [Jagjaguwar] {12}: BL, DA:9, DS, P:5, NR, PM, SG, SP:19, TH:*
  50. She & Him: Volume One [Merge] {12}: AM, AZ, FL:7, P:1, RS, SG, SP, UR:6
  51. Shearwater: Rook [Matador] {12}: AM, AZ, BL, DS, MC, NR:7, PF, PM, SP, U
  52. The Walkmen: You & Me [Gigantic] {12}: AM, AV:3, AZ, P, PF, PM, SG, TM
  53. David Byrne/Brian Eno: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today [Todo Mundo] {11}: AM, AZ, BL, NR, PF, RS, U
  54. Jenny Lewis: Acid Tongue [Warner Bros] {11}: AM, AZ, BL, Q, SG, U, TH:A-
  55. Magnetic Fields: Distortion [Nonesuch] {11}: AZ, NR, RS, TM, CM, RC:A(10), TH:**
  56. Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis: Two Men With the Blues [Blue Note] {11}: AM, AZ, BL, PM, MM:38, TH:***
  57. Of Montreal: Skeletal Lamping [Polyvinyl] {11}: BL:7, DS, NR, P, RS, SG:6, MM:46
  58. Ashton Shepherd: Sounds So Good [MCA Nashville] {11}: AM, AZ:27, BL:****, TH:C+
  59. Sugarland: Love on the Inside [Mercury Nashville] {11}: AM, AZ, BL, TH:B
  60. Lucinda Williams: Little Honey [Lost Highway] {11}: AZ, BL, P:9, PM, RS, SP, U, CM
  61. Lee Ann Womack: Call Me Crazy [MCA Nashville] {11}: AM, AZ, P, PM
  62. Black Kids: Partie Traumatic [Almost Gold/Columbia] {10}: AM, BL, NM, Q, RS, SP:, RC:A-, TH:***
  63. Crystal Castles: Crystal Castles [Last Gang] {10}: AM, AZ, DS, NM, PF, PM, SG, SP
  64. Toumani Diabaté: The Mandé Variations [Nonesuch] {10}: U, W; BE:5, TH:**
  65. Kathleen Edwards: Asking for Flowers [Zoë] {10}: AM, AZ, P, PM, RS, TH:*
  66. Alejandro Escovedo: Real Animal [Back Porch/Manhattan] {10}: AM, MC, PM, RS, SP, TH:***
  67. Jamie Lidell: Jim [Warp] {10}: AZ, NR, P, PM, SP, TH:**
  68. Rudresh Mahanthappa: Kinsmen [Pi] {10}: AM, PM, TH:A-
  69. Mountain Goats: Heretic Pride [4AD] {10}: SP, PM, RC:B+, JG:5, TH:A-
  70. Nas: Untitled [Def Jam] {10}: AM, PM, RS, CM, RC:A-
  71. Ne-Yo: Year of the Gentleman [Def Jam] {10}: AM, AZ, RS, MM:1
  72. Nine Inch Nails: The Slip [Nin.com] {10}: AM, AZ, BL, DS, RS, SP
  73. Ponytail: Ice Cream Spiritual! [We Are Free] {10}: AM, BL, F, PF, SP, TM, RC:A-, TH:B
  74. Q-Tip: The Renaissance [Universal Motown] {10}: AM, MC, PM, CM
  75. Robyn: Robyn [Konichiwa/Cherry Tree/Interscope] {10}: AM, BL:6, MC:10, RS, SL:2, SP, TH:B
  76. Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift [Big Machine] {10}: AM, AZ, BL, RS, CM:4

The Rest of the List

  1. Damon Aaron: Highlands [Ubiquity] {2}: AM
  2. Rabih Abou-Khalil: Em Portugues [Enja] {2}: PM, TH:**
  3. Absentee: Victory Shorts
  4. The Academy Is . . .: Fast Times at Barrington High {2}: RS:46
  5. AC/DC: Black Ice {5}: MJ, Q, RS
  6. The Acorn: Glory Hope Mountain [Paper Bag]
  7. Ryan Adams & the Cardinals: Cardinology [Lost Highway] {5}: AM, RS, SG
  8. Trace Adkins: X [Capitol Nashville] {4}: AM
  9. Absentee: Victory Shorts [Memphis Industries] {2}: AM, JG:10
  10. Justin Adams: Soul Science [World Village] {6}: PM; BE:8, RC:***, TH:**
  11. Barry Adamson: Back to the Cat [Central Control]: AM
  12. Adele: 19 [Sony] {7}: AZ:5, Q
  13. The Advisory Circle: Other Channels [Ghost Box] {2}: PM, W:6
  14. AGF: Words Are Missing
  15. Priscilla Ahn: A Good Day: AM
  16. Clay Aiken: On My Way Home [RCA]: AZ
  17. Air France: No Way Down [Something in Construction]: PF
  18. Dave Aju: Open Wide [Circus Company] {2}: AJ, MM:22
  19. Akrobatik: Absolute Value [Fat Beats] {2}: AM, TH:*
  20. Akwid: La Novela [Headliners/Univision]
  21. Alex*Cuba: Agua del Pozo [Caracol/EMI]
  22. Alias: Resurgam [Anticon]: AM
  23. Sian Alice Group: 59.59: SP
  24. Alkaline Trio: Agony & Irony [V2] {2}: RS
  25. All Girl Summer Fun Band: Looking into It [Agsfb] {2}: AM
  26. Ellen Allien: Sool: SP
  27. Ellen Allien: Boogybytes Vol. 04 [Bpitch Control]: MM:36
  28. Ben Allison: Little Things Run the World [Palmetto] {4}: CM, TH:A-
  29. Karrin Allyson: Imagina: Songs of Brasil [Concord]: TH:B-
  30. Alphabeat: This Is Alphabeat [Copenhagen] {2}: AM
  31. Maryanne Amacher: Sound Characters 2: W
  32. Amadou & Mariam: Welcome to Mali [Because Music] {3}: MC:1, MJ
  33. Amandititita: Amandititita [Sony BMG]
  34. American Music Club: The Golden Age [Merge] {3}: AM, AV:17, SP
  35. AMM/John Butcher: Trinity [Matchless]
  36. Amplive: Rainydayz
  37. Arild Andersen: Live at Belleville [ECM]: TH:U
  38. Keith Anderson: C'Mon! [Columbia Nashville] {2}
  39. Mayra Andrade: Navega [Nacional]
  40. Angles: Every Woman Is a Tree [Clean Feed]: TH:U
  41. Animal Collective: Water Curses: SP
  42. Lotte Anker/Sylvie Courvoisier/Ikue Mori: Alien Huddle [Intakt]
  43. Lotte Anker/Craig Taborn/Gerald Cleaver: Live At The Loft [Ilk]
  44. Antietam: Opus Mixtum: SP
  45. The Apple Juice Kid: Miles Remixed [Okayplayer.com/Illroots.com]
  46. Apples in Stereo: Electronic Projects for Musicians: SP
  47. Architects: Vice: SP
  48. Ricardo Arjona: 5to Piso [Warner Music Latina]
  49. Arkells: Jackson Square
  50. Ascend: Ample Fire Within: AM
  51. Robert Ashley: Concrete: W
  52. Kissey Asplund: Plethora: AM
  53. Roy Assaf & Eddy Khaimovich Quartet: Andarta [Origin]: TH:*
  54. Aterciopelados: Rio [Nacional] {4}: AM, AZ
  55. Atlas Sound: Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel [Kranky] {8}: DS, NR, PF, SP, TM
  56. Atmosphere: When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold [Rhymesayers] {5}: AM, AZ, PM, RC:B+, TH:***
  57. Atomic: Retrograde [Jazzland] {3}: CM
  58. Atomic/School Days: Distil [Okka, 2CD] {2}
  59. Au: Verbs
  60. Augustana: Can't Love, Can't Hurt [Epic] {3}: AZ:100
  61. Austrian Death Machine: Total Brutal: AM
  62. Autechre: Quaristice [Warp] {4}: AM, NR, W
  63. Autistic Daughters: Uneasy Flowers [Kranky]: AM
  64. Eric Avery: Help Wanted
  65. The Avett Brothers: The Gleam II [Ramseur]
  66. Awesome Color: Electric Aborigines [Ecstatic Peace]: AM
  67. Kevin Ayers: The Unfairground [Gigantic -07]: SP, TH:*
  68. Azymuth: Butterfly: AM
  69. Bun B: II Trill
  70. Babasónicos: Mucho: AM
  71. Baby Dee: Safe Inside the Day [Drag City]: AM
  72. Babylon Circus: Dances of Resistance [Mr Bongo]
  73. Joan Baez: Day After Tomorrow [Razor & Tie] {3}: AM, AZ, PM
  74. Bajofondo Tango Club: Mar Dulce [Decca] {2}: AZ
  75. Baker-Hunt-Sandstrom-Williams: Extraordinary Popular Delusions [Okka Disk]
  76. Abby Baker: Fix Voices [Second Nature]
  77. Aidan Baker/Tim Hecker: Fantasma Parastasie [Alien 8]
  78. Nat Baldwin: Most Valuable Player
  79. Jon Balke: Book of Velocities [ECM]: TH:B
  80. Ballboy: I Worked on the Ships [Pony Proof]: PM
  81. Balmorhea: Rivers Arms [Western Vinyl]: AZ
  82. Cyro Baptista: Banquet of the Spirits [Tzadik]: AM, TH:B-
  83. Bar Kokhba: Lucifer [Tzadik]
  84. Patricia Barber: The Cole Porter Mix [Blue Note] {4}: AZ:90, TH:A-
  85. Barenaked Ladies: Snack Time [Desperation]: AZ
  86. Natahs Barrett: Trade Winds [Aurora]
  87. Nik Bärtsch's Ronin: Holon [ECM] {2}: TH:A-
  88. The Baseball Project: Volume One: Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails [Yep Roc] {4}: AM, BL, TH:***
  89. The Baskervilles: Twilight [Secret Crush]
  90. Jeff Bates: Jeff Bates
  91. Michael Bates: Clockwise [Greenleaf] {2}: TH:***
  92. Bauer 4: Family Affairs [Jazzwerkstatt]
  93. Conny Bauer/Gianluigi Trovesi/Dietrich Diesner/Tony Oxley: Live at Jazzwerkstatt Pirtz [Jazzwerkstatt]
  94. Bauhaus: Go Away White: SP
  95. Jamie Baum Septet: Solace [Sunnyside] {3}: TH:*
  96. Be Your Own Pet: Get Awkward {5}: BL, RS, TH:B
  97. Beans: Thorns [Adored and Exploited]: SP
  98. Beaujolais: Love at Thirty [Parasol]: PM
  99. Jeff Beck: Performing This Week . . . Live at Ronnie Scott's [Eagle Rock Entertainment]
  100. Walter Becker: Circus Money [5 Over 12] {2}: AM
  101. Natasha Bedingfield: Pocketful of Sunshine [Epic]: AZ
  102. Bob Belden: Miles From India [Times Square/4Q] {3}: AZ, TH:**
  103. Bell X1: Flock [Yep Roc] {2}: SP
  104. Eric Benet: Love & Life [Friday/Reprise/Warner Bros]
  105. Marco Benevento: Invisible Baby [Hyena]: AM, TH:B
  106. Benga: Diary of an Afro Warrior [Tempa] {5}: AM, MM:19
  107. Bryan Beninghove: Organ Trio [CDBaby] {2}: TH:***
  108. David Berger Octet: I Had the Craziest Dream [Such Sweet Thunder] {2}: TH:**
  109. Steven Bernstein: Diaspora Suite [Tzadik] {5}: AM, PM, TH:A-
  110. Steven Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra: We Are MTO [Mowo] {2}: TH:A
  111. Gene Bertoncini: Concerti [Ambient]: TH:C+
  112. Faruq Z Bey & Northwoods Improvisers: Journey Into the Valley [Entropy]
  113. Beyoncé: I Am . . . Sasha Fierce
  114. The B-52s: Funplex [Astralwerks] {4}: AZ, SP, RC:A-, TH:A-
  115. Debashish Bhattacharya: Calcutta Chronicles: Indian Slide Guitar [Riverboat] {2}: AZ, PM
  116. Biomusique: The 10,000 Steps [Kosmic Music]: AZ
  117. Elvin Bishop: The Blues Rolls On [Alligator]
  118. Bison BC: Quiet Earth [Metal Blade]
  119. Bizzy Bone: A Song for You: AM
  120. Raoul Bjorkenheim/William Parker/Hamid Drake: DMG @ The Stone Vol 2: December 26 2006 [DMG/ARC] {2}: TH:A-
  121. Ketil Bjørnstad/Terje Rypdal: Life in Leipzig [ECM]: AM, TH:*
  122. The Black Angels: Directions to See a Ghost [Light in the Attic]: BL
  123. The Black Crowes: Warpaint [Silver Arrow] {6}: AM, AZ, RS
  124. The Black Ghosts: The Black Ghosts [IAMSOUND]: AM
  125. Black Milk: Tronic Fat Beats Rap [AM, PM, CM] {4}
  126. Black Mountain: In the Future [Jagjaguwar] {8}: AM, AV, BL, PM, SP, U
  127. Black Time: Double Negative: AM
  128. James Blackshaw: Litany of Echoes {3}: AM, U
  129. Brian Blade & the Fellowship Band: Season of Changes [Verve] {7}: AM, TH:**
  130. Ron Blake: Shayari [Mack Avenue]: TH:**
  131. Bleeding Through: Declaration [Trustkill]
  132. Carla Bley: The Lost Chords Find Paolo Fresu [Watt -07] {2}: TH:**
  133. Carla Bley & Her Remarkable Big Band: Appearing Nightly [Watt/ECM] {6}: AM, TH:***
  134. Paul Bley: About Time [Justin Time]: TH:*
  135. Blitzen Trapper: Wild Mountain Nation [Sub Pop -07] {2}: BL, RC:A-, TH:B
  136. Bloc Party: Intimacy {3}: DS, NM, SG
  137. Blondfire: My Someday
  138. Blood on the Wall: Liferz [The Social Registry]: MM:41
  139. Blood Red Shoes: Box of Secrets {2}: DS, NM:46
  140. Jane Ira Bloom: Mental Weather [Outline] {4}: TH:**
  141. Blue Scholars: Butter&Gun$: SP
  142. Blue Sky Black Death: Late Night Cinema [Babygrande]
  143. Boduf Songs: How Shadows Chase the Balance [Kranky]: AM
  144. Bombay Dub Orchestra: 3 Cities [Six Degrees]
  145. Haley Bonar: Big Star
  146. Bonnie Prince Billy: Lie Down in the Light [Drag City] {6}: AZ, P, PF
  147. Booty Luv: Boogie 2Nite [Hed Kandi America]
  148. Born Ruffians: Red, Yellow & Blue [Warp]: SG
  149. Boris: Smile [Southern Lord] {3}: SP
  150. Boston Spaceships: Brown Submarine [Guided by Voices]
  151. The Botticellis: Old Home Movies [Antenna Farm]: AM
  152. Bottomless Pit: Hammer of the Gods {2}: SP, CM
  153. Bowerbirds: Hymns for a Dark Horse [Dead Oceans]
  154. Don Braden: Gentle Storm [High Note]: AM
  155. Billy Bragg: Mr. Love & Justice [Anti-] {3}: AM, PM, SP
  156. Bonnie Bramlett: Beautiful [Rockin' Camel]: PM
  157. Brandy: Human
  158. Anthony Braxton: Beyond Quantum [Tzadik] {8}: AM, CM, TH:A-
  159. Anthony Braxton: Nine Compositions (DVD) 2003 [Rastascan]
  160. Anthony Braxton: Solo Live at Gasthof Heidelberg Loppem 2005: Compositions 307, 308, 309 [Locusloppem, 4CD]
  161. Anthony Braxton & the AIM Toronto Orchestra: Creative Orchestra (Guelph) 2007 [Line/Spool]
  162. Anthony Braxton: Quartet (Moscow) 2008 [Leo] {2}
  163. Anthony Braxton 12+1tet: (Victoriaville) 2007 [Victo] {2}
  164. Anthony Braxton: Trio (Victoriaville) 2007 [Victo]
  165. Anthony Braxton/Genevieve Foccroulle: Piano Music 1968-2000 [Leo, 9CD]
  166. Anthony Braxton/Joe Morris: Four Improvisations Duo 2007 [Clean Feed, 4CD] {2}
  167. Brazilian Girls: New York City [Verve Forecast] {4}: AZ:61, BL, TH:***
  168. The Breeders: Mountain Battles [AM, RS, SP] {6}
  169. Bridge and Tunnel: East/West [No Idea]
  170. The Bridges: Limits of the Sky [Verve]: P:36
  171. Brightback Morning Light: Motion to Rejoin [Matador]: BL
  172. Sarah Brightman: Symphony [Manhattan]: AZ
  173. Thomas Brinkmann: When Horses Die [Max Ernst] {3}: AM, F:8
  174. British Sea Power: Do You Like Rock Music? [Rough Trade] {8}: AM, AZ, BL, DS, MJ, NM, Q, SP
  175. Peter Broderick: Home: MJ
  176. Broken Arm Trio: Broken Arm Trio [Skipstone]: TH:U
  177. The Broken West: Now or Heaven
  178. The Bronx: III [Witchita]: CM
  179. Elliott Brood: Mountain Meadows [Six Shooter]
  180. Bobby Broom: The Way I Play [Origin]: TH:*
  181. Rob Brown: Crown Trunk Root Funk [AUM Fidelity] {3}: CM, TH:A-
  182. Jackson Browne: Solo Acoustic Volume 2 [Inside] {2}: AZ,RS:****
  183. Jackson Browne: Time the Conqueror [Inside] {3}: AZ, RS
  184. The Brubeck Brothers: Classified
  185. Brutal Knights: Living By Yourself [Deranged]
  186. Gavin Bryars & Philip Jeck & Alter Ego: The Sinking of the Titanic: MJ
  187. Lindsey Buckingham: Gift of Screws [Reprise] {4}: AM, PM, Q
  188. Buena Vista Social Club: At Carnegie Hall [Nonesuch] {6}: AM, PM, RC:B+, TH:U
  189. Bun-B: II Thrill: SP
  190. Concha Buika: Niña de Fuego [WEA International] {3}: AZ, PM
  191. Bulbs: Light Ships [Freedom to Spend]
  192. T Bone Burnett: Tooth of Crime [Nonesuch] {3}: AM, TH:**
  193. Burning Spear: Jah Is Real: AM
  194. The Busy Signals: The Busy Signals: SP
  195. John Butcher: Resonant Spaces: W:4
  196. John Butcher/Torsten Muller/Dylan van der Schyff: Way Out Northwest [Drip Audio] {2}: TH:**
  197. By Any Means: Live at the Crescendo [Ayler]: CM, TH:*
  198. Byetone: Death of a Typographer [Raster-Norton]
  199. Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet: Asphalt Flowers Forking Paths [Hatology] {3}
  200. Cabas: Amores Difíciles [EMI Latin]
  201. Cadence Weapon: Afterparty Babies [Anti]: AM
  202. Sera Cahoone: Only as the Day Is Long [Sub Pop]: AM
  203. Kira Lynn Cain: The Ideal Hunter [Evangeline] {2}: AM
  204. Caïna: Temporary Antennae [Profound Lore]: PM
  205. Uri Caine Ensemble: The Othello Syndrome [Winter & Winter] {2}: PM
  206. Cajun Dance Party: The Colourful Life [XL]
  207. Calexico: Carried to Dust [Touch and Go/Quarterstick] {6}: AM, AZ, BL, PM
  208. California Guitar Trio: Echoes [Inner Knot]: AZ, TH:C+
  209. Calle 13: Los de Atras Vienen Commigo [Sony International] {4}: AM, AZ
  210. Camille: Music Hole [Charisma/EMI]: PM
  211. Glen Campbell: Meet Glen Campbell [Capitol/EMI] {3}: AM, TH:C
  212. Roy Campbell: Akhenaten Suite [AUM Fidelity] {4}: CM, TH:A-
  213. Cancer Bats: Hail Destroyer [Distort Entertainment] {2}
  214. Broken Social Scene Presents Brendan Canning: Something for All of Us . . . [Arts & Crafts]: AM
  215. Vinicius Cantuaria: Cymbals [Koch] {2}: AZ:73
  216. The Capstan Shafts: Fixation Protocols [Rainbow Quartz] {3}: PM
  217. The Caretaker: Persistent Repetition Of Phrases: W:10
  218. Mariah Carey: E=MC2 [Island] {3}: AZ, BL:27
  219. Mlle Caro/Franck Garcia: Plain Disappears: SP
  220. Danny Caron: How Sweet It Is [dannycaron.com]
  221. Carolina Liar: Coming to Terms [Atlantic]: BL
  222. Carlene Carter: Stronger [Yep Roc] {2}: AM, PM, TH:B
  223. Mary Chapin Carpenter: Come Darkness, Come Light: Twelve Songs of Christmas [Zoe/Rounder]
  224. Christina Carter: Masque Femine: W
  225. James Carter: Present Tense [Emarcy] {9}: AM, TH:***
  226. Carter's Chord: Carter's Chord [Show Dog Nashville]
  227. Eva Cassidy: Somewhere [Blix Street]
  228. Cat Power: Jukebox [Matador] {3}: AZ, RS, TH:B-
  229. Francisco Mora Catlett: Outerzone: AM
  230. Daniele Cavallanti/Tiziano Tononi: Rings of Fire [Long Song]
  231. Don Cavalli: Cryland: MJ
  232. Celtic Thunder: Celtic Thunder [MISC]: AZ
  233. Celtic Thunder: Act Two [Celtic Thunder]: AZ
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  244. Vic Chesnutt & Elf Power: Dark Developments
  245. Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire: Thatcher's Children: AM
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  260. Avishai Cohen Trio: Gently Disturbed [Razdaz/Sunnyside]: PM
  261. Holly Cole: Holly Cole
  262. Colour Revolt: Plunder, Beg and Curse [Fat Possum]: P:35
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  268. Chick Corea/Gary Burton: The New Crystal Silence [Concord] {2}
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  270. The Cosmosamatics: Free Within the Law [Not Two]
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  272. Vincent Courtois: As Soon As Possible
  273. Neil Cowley Trio: Loud . . . Louder . . . Stop: MJ
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  313. The Death Set: Worldwide [Counter]
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  413. Errors: It's Not Something bit It Is Like Whatever [Rock Action]: PM
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  494. Tobias Gebb & Trio West: An Upper West Side Story [Yummy House]: TH:U
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  506. The Gin Club: Junk [Plus One]
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  528. John Gregorious: Heaven & Earth [Spotted Peccary]: AZ
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  531. Larkin Grimm: Parplar
  532. Josh Groban: Awake Live [Warner Bros]: AZ
  533. Group Inerane: Guitars From Agadez (Music Of Niger) [Subliminal Frequencies] {2}: W
  534. Grouper: Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill [Type]: PF
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  562. Joel Harrison: The Wheel [Innova]: TH:*
  563. Harvey Milk: Life . . . The Best Game in Town [Hydra Head] {5}: AM, MC, PM, W
  564. Hate Eternal: Fury and Flames [Metal Blade]
  565. Lalah Hathaway: Self Portrait [Stax] {3}: AM
  566. Hatchback: Colors of the Sun: AM
  567. Juliana Hatfield: How to Walk Away [Ye Olde] {3}: AM
  568. Hauschka: Ferndorf: DS
  569. Head of Wantastiquet: Mortagne
  570. Headlights: Some Racing, Some Stopping [Polyvinyl]: AM
  571. Jeff Healey: Mess of Blues [Ruf]: AZ:50
  572. Heartbreak: Lies: NM:50
  573. Brandon Heath: What If We [Reunion]
  574. The Heavenly States: Delayer [The Rebel Group]: BL
  575. The Heavy: Great Vengeance and Furious Fire [Counter] {2}: BL, JG:6
  576. Mark Helias' Open Loose: Strange Unison [Radio Legs]
  577. The Helio Sequence: Keep Your Eyes Ahead [Sub Pop] {6}: AV:29, AZ:40
  578. Arve Henriksen: Cartography [ECM]: TH:U
  579. Jimmy Herring: Lifeboat [Abstract Logix]
  580. Heybale: The Last Country Record [Shuffle5]
  581. Hey Willpower: PDA: SP:****
  582. John Hiatt: Same Old Man [New West] {3}: AM, TH:**
  583. The High Kings: The High Kings [Manhattan]: AZ
  584. High Places: 03/07 - 09/07 [Thrill Jockey] {3}: AM, F, PF
  585. High Places: High Places [Thrill Jockey]: AM
  586. Robyn Hitchcock: Luminous Groove [Yep Roc]: AM
  587. Darwin Hobbs: Free [Liaison/Tyscot]
  588. Ari Hoenig: Bert's Playground [Dreyfus] {2}
  589. Malcolm Holcombe: Gamblin' House [Echo Mountain]
  590. Dave Holland Sextet: Pass It On [Dare2/Emarcy] {2}: TH:*
  591. Jolie Holland: The Living and the Dead [Anti-] {3}: AM, BL
  592. Dave Hollister: Witness Protection: AM
  593. Honeyhoney: First Rodeo [Ironworks/Universal Republic]: AM
  594. Ezekiel Honig: Surfaces of a Broken March Band [Anticipate]: RA
  595. Robert Hood: Fabric 39 [Fabric] {2}: AM
  596. The Horse Flies: Until the Ocean: AM
  597. The Hospitals: Hairdryer Peace: W:3
  598. Hot Lava: Lavaology [Bar None]
  599. Julianne Hough: Julianne Hough [Mercury Nashville]: AZ
  600. Rebecca Lynn Howard: No Rules [Saguaro Road] {2}: AM, TH:C+
  601. Terrence Howard: Shine Through It [Columbia]: BL
  602. Howlin Rain: Magnificent Fiend [Birdman] {2}: AM, U
  603. Jennifer Hudson: Jennifer Hudson [Arista] {2}: AZ
  604. Benji Hughes: A Love Extreme [New West] {2}: BL
  605. Julia Hülsmann Trio: The End of a Summer [ECM]: TH:U
  606. Human Highway: Moody Motorcycle [Suicide Squeeze]
  607. James Hunter: The Hard Way [Hear Music] {3}: AZ, MJ, RS
  608. Hush Arbors: Hush Arbors [Ecstatic Peace] {2}: F
  609. I Was a Cub Scout: I Want You to Know That There Is Always Hope: DS
  610. Susie Ibarra: Drum Sketches
  611. Abdullah Ibrahim: Senzo [Schott Music/Gallo]
  612. Ice Cube: Raw Footage: RS
  613. Ida: Lovers Prayers [Polyvinyl]
  614. Ideal Bread: The Ideal Bread [KMBjazz] {2}
  615. Ryoji Ikeda: Test Pattern: W
  616. I'm From Barcelona: Who Killed Harry Houdini? [Mute]: P:30
  617. Raphael Imbert Project: Bach/Coltrane [Harmonia Mundi]
  618. Incognito: Tales From the Beach [Heads Up]: PM
  619. Indian Jewelry: Free Gold! [We Are Free]: AM
  620. The Infamous Stringdusters: The Infamous Stringdusters [Sugar Hill]: PM
  621. Infernal: Electric Cabaret [Border Breakers]
  622. Infronaut: Prehistoricisms [Century Media]
  623. I-Nine: Heavy Weighs the King [Ten Star/K]
  624. Invincible: Shapeshifters [Emergence]: PM
  625. Islands: Arm's Way [Anti] {4}: DS, SG, SP
  626. It's a Musical: Music Makes Me Sick [Morr Music]: AM
  627. Vijay Iyer: Tragicomic [Sunnyside] {7}: TH:A
  628. Alan Jackson: Good Time [Arista] {7}: AM, AZ, TH:A-
  629. Janet Jackson: Discipline [Island] {2}: AM, RS
  630. Joe Jackson: Rain [Rykodisc] {2}: AM, PM
  631. Jaguar Love: Jaguar Love: RC:A-(19)
  632. Jaguar Love: Take Me to the Sea [Matador]: AM
  633. Jake One: White Van Music [Rhymesayers]: AZ
  634. Emmanuel Jal: WARchild [Sonic360] {2}: BE:7
  635. Khan Jamal Percussion and String Quartet: Cool [Porter]
  636. James: Hey Ma [Decca] {2}
  637. Elmore James Jr: Daddy Gave Me the Blues
  638. Jose James: The Dreamer [Brownswood]: AZ
  639. Markus James: Snakeskin Violin [Firenze]
  640. Jandek: Glasgow Sunday 2005: W
  641. Jarboe: Mahakali: AM
  642. Jeremy Jay: A Place Where We Could Go [K]: AM
  643. Jaymay: Autumn Fallin': SP:****
  644. Jazz Liberatorz: Clin d'Oeil [Kif]: PM
  645. Jazzanova: Of All the Things Verve [AM] {3}
  646. J*Davey: The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of the Lost {2}: AM
  647. Philip Jeck: Sand: W:2
  648. Jem: Down to Earth [ATO]
  649. Jesus H Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse: Happier Than You [Jesus Christ Rocks] {3}: CM, RC:A-, TH:A-
  650. Jewel: Perfectly Clear [Valory Music]: AZ
  651. J-Live: Then What Happened? [BBE]: PM
  652. Joan as Policewoman: To Survive [Cheap Lullaby] {6}: AM, AZ, Q, SP, U
  653. Joan of Arc: Boo! Human [Polyvinyl]: AM
  654. Joey & Rory: The Life of a Song {2}
  655. Jóhann Jóhannsson: Fordlandia [4AD]: AM
  656. Scarlet Johansson: Anywhere I Lay My Head [Atco] {2}: AZ:91, NM:23
  657. John Brown's Body: Amplify: AM
  658. Angela Johnson: A Woman's Touch [Purpose]: PM
  659. Jack Johnson: Sleep Through the Static [Brushfire] {2}: AZ, Q
  660. Ross Johnson: Make It Stop! The Most of Ross Johnson [Goner]
  661. Johnson & Jonson: Johnson & Jonson [Tres]: MM:50
  662. Jonas Brothers: A Little Bit Longer [Hollywood] {7}: AM, AZ, BL:****, RS:40:****, TH:*
  663. Lee Jones: Electronic Freak [Aus Music]: RA:6
  664. Jovanotti: Safari [Decca International]: AZ:97
  665. Jucifer: L'Autrichienne [Relapse]
  666. Junior Boys: Body Language, Vol. 6 [Get Physical]: AM
  667. Junk Box: Sunny Then Cloudy [Libra] {2}: TH:**
  668. Justice: A Cross the Universe: AM
  669. Kaiser Chiefs: Off with Their Heads [B-Unique/Universal Motown] {4}: AM, Q, RS
  670. Kalabrese: RA Podcast 89 [Resident Advisor]: MM:33
  671. Kayhan Kalhor and Brooklyn Rider: Silent City [World Village/Harmonia Mundi]
  672. Karmina: Backwards Into Beauty [CBS]
  673. Kasai Allstars: In the 7th Moon, the Chief Turning Into a Swimming Fish and Ate the Head of His Enemy by Magic [Crammed Discs] {8}: BL, MC, MJ, W; BE:1, TH:***
  674. Mitch Kashmar: Live at Labatt [Delta Groove]
  675. Kassin+2: Futurismo: SP:****
  676. Keane: Perfect Symmetry: Q
  677. Toby Keith: That Don't Make Me a Bad Guy [Show Dog Nashville] {2}: AM
  678. Kellarissa: Flamingo [Mint]: AM
  679. Kelley Polar: I Need You to Hold on While the Sky Is Falling [Environ] {5}: AM, F, TH:*
  680. Grace Kelly/Lee Konitz: Gracefullee [Pazz]: TH:***
  681. Kerli: Love Is Dead [Island]: AM
  682. Hal Ketchum: Father Time: AM
  683. Ruslan Khain: For Medicinal Purposes Only! [Smalls]: TH:***
  684. Steve Khan: The Suitcase [Tone Center]
  685. Khold: Hundre Ar Gammal: AM
  686. Carla Kihlstedt: Ravish and Other Tales for the Stage [Twelve Cups]
  687. King Khan & the Shrines: The Supreme Genius of King Khan & the Shrines [Vice] {2}: AM
  688. Kidz in the Hall: The In Crowd [Duck Down Music] {2}: AZ, SP
  689. The Killers: Day and Age {3}: Q
  690. The Kills: Midnight Boom [Domino] {9}: AM, AZ, DS:9, NM, RS; RC:A-, TH:A-
  691. Frank Kimbrough: Air [Palmetto]: TH:B
  692. BB King: One Kind Favor [Geffen] {6}: AM, AZ, MC, RS
  693. Kaki King: Dreaming of Revenge [Velour]: NR
  694. Kinky: Barracuda [Kin-Kon/Nettwerk]
  695. Kleenex Girl Wonder: Yes Boss [Do Not Sell]
  696. Kleerup: Kleerup: SL:6
  697. Guillermo Klein: Filtros [Sunnyside] {3}: TH:**
  698. Klez-Edge: Ancestors, Mindreles, Nagila Monsters [Tzadik]
  699. K'Naan: The Dusty Foot Philosopher [Interdependent Media] {5}: AZ:57, CM, RC:A, TH:A
  700. Chris Knight: Heart of Stone [Drifter's Church] {2}: PM
  701. Solange Knowles: Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams [Music World/Geffen] {6}: AM, AZ, MM:10
  702. The Knux: Remind Me in Three Days {6}: RS, CM
  703. Justus Köhncke: Safe and Sound [Kompakt]
  704. Lee Konitz and Minsarah: Deep Lee [Enja] {3}: TH:**
  705. Koushik: Out My Window [Stones Throw]: AM
  706. Krallice: Krallice [Profound Lore]: PM
  707. Lenny Kravitz: It Is Time for a Love Revolution [Virgin]: AZ
  708. Toubab Krewe: Toubab Krewe Live at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC [Upstream]
  709. Kronos Quartet: Terry Riley: The Cusp of Magic [Nonesuch]: AM
  710. Chistina Kubisch: Five Electrical Walks [Important]
  711. Femi Kuti: Day by Day [Mercer Street/Downtown] {2}: AM
  712. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80: Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 [Disorient] {4}: BL; BE:3, MM:30, TH:A-
  713. La India Canela: Merengue Tipico From the Dominican Republic [Smithsonian Folkways] {2}: AM
  714. Labelle: Back to Now [Verve] {4}: PM
  715. Lady Antebellum: Lady Antebellum [Capitol Nashville] {5}: AZ
  716. Ladyhawk: Shots: SP
  717. Ladyhawke: Ladyhawke [Modular] {3}: NM:16
  718. Ladytron: Velocifero [Nettwerk] {4}: AM, BL:****
  719. Lake: Oh, the Places We'll Go [K]: AM
  720. LAL: Deportation [Public Transit]
  721. Ralph Lalama Quartet: Energy Fields [Mighty Quinn] {2}: TH:**
  722. Lambchop: Oh (Ohio) [Merge] {2}: BL, U
  723. Dawn Landes: Fireproof: SP
  724. Sonny Landreth: From the Reach [Landfall]: AZ
  725. Adam Lane/Lou Grassi/Mark Whitcage: Drunk Butterfly [Clean Feed] {2}: CM, TH:A-
  726. KD Lang: Watershed [Nonesuch] {3}: AZ, RS
  727. Langhome Slim: Langhome Slim [Kemado]: P:14
  728. Kenny Larkin: Keys, Strings, Tambourines [Planet-E] {2}: PM, RA
  729. The Last Shadow Puppets: The Age of the Understatement [Domino] {9}: AM, MJ:2, NM, NR, Q, SP
  730. Late of the Pier: Echoclistel Lambietroy [Astralwerks, EP] {2}: NM:18, BL, TH:B-
  731. Late of the Pier: Fantasy Black Channel [Parlophone] {3}: DS, F:5
  732. Eric Lau: New Territories: AM
  733. Lau Lau: Nukkuu [Locust]
  734. Cyndi Lauper: Bring Ya to the Brink [Epic] {3}: AZ:60, BL
  735. Lawgiverz: Data Treat EP [Addic Tech]: PM
  736. Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip: Angles [Sunday Best] {3}: RC:A-, TH:U
  737. Le Vent du Nord: Dans les Airs [Borealis]: PM
  738. Joelle Leandre/Barre Phillips: A l'improviste [Kadima]
  739. Joëlle Léandre & Akosh S: Kor
  740. Peggy Lee Band: New Code [Drip Audio]: TH:U
  741. John Legend: Evolver
  742. Steve Lehman: On Meaning [Pi -07] {3}: PM, TH:***
  743. Leila: Blood Looms and Blooms [Warp] {4}: AM, PM, SP
  744. Lenka: Lenka: AM
  745. Ted Leo: Rapid Response [Touch & Go]
  746. Dominique Leone: Dominique Leone: SP:****
  747. Les Amazones de Guinee: Wamato [Sterns Africa] {5}: BL, CM, RC:A(7), TH:A-
  748. Jackie Leven: Lovers at the Gun Club [Cooking Vinyl]
  749. Pop Levi: Never Never Love [Counter]
  750. Jeffrey Lewis: 12 Crass Songs {4}: RS, CM, TH:A-
  751. Leona Lewis: Spirit [J] {2}: AZ
  752. Lykke Li: Little Bit EP: SP
  753. Ottmar Liebert: The Scent of Light [Spiritual Subwave]: AZ
  754. Lukas Ligeti: Afrikan Machinery [Tzadik] {2}: W
  755. Lights Out Asia: Eyes Like Brontide [N5md]: AZ
  756. Lightspeed Champion: Falling Off the Lavender Bridge: NM:21
  757. Lil' Ed & the Blues Imperials: Full Tilt [Alligator] {2}: AM, AZ
  758. Lil Mama: Voice of the Young People [Jive] {2}: SP:****
  759. Lil Wayne: Dedication 2 [none -06]: BL:****
  760. Lil Wayne: Da Drought 3 [none -07]: BL:****(*)
  761. Lil Wayne: Carter 3 Sessions [The Drought Is Over 2] [none -07]: BL:****
  762. The Lines: Flood Bank [Acute]: AM
  763. Lindstrøm: Where You Go I Go Too [Smalltown Supersound] {6}: AM, NR, PF, RA:7
  764. Little Big Town: A Place to Land [Capitol]: AZ
  765. Little Jackie: The Stoop [S-Curve] {3}: AM, AZ
  766. Little Joy: Little Joy [Rough Trade]: AM
  767. The Little Ones: Morning Tide [Chop Shop/Atlantic]: BL
  768. Liverpool Five: Best of the Liverpool Five: AM
  769. Lloyd: Lessons in Love [The Inc/Universal]
  770. Charles Lloyd: Rabo de Nube [ECM] {9}: AM, TH:**
  771. Local H: 12 Angry Months [Shout! Factory]: BL:****
  772. Loco Dice: 7 Dunham Place [Desolat]: RA:10
  773. Locos Por Juana: La Verdad [Universal Music Latino]
  774. Lodger: Life Is Sweet [Slumberland]: AM
  775. The Long Blondes: Couples [Rough Trade]: BL
  776. Lords: Fuck All Y'All Motherfuckers [Blackmarket Activities/Metal Blade]
  777. Lorna: Writing Down Things to Say [Words on Music]: PM
  778. Los Campesinos!: We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed [Arts & Crafts] {2}: AM, NM
  779. Los Lonely Boys: Forgiven
  780. Los Pikadientes de Caborca: Vamonos Pa'l Rio [Sony International] {2}: AZ:72
  781. Lionel Loueke: Karibu [Blue Note] {3}: TH:*
  782. Gary Louris: Vagabonds {2}: AM, RS
  783. Joe Lovano: Symphonica [Blue Note] {3}: TH:**
  784. Demi Lovato: Don't Forget: AM
  785. Love as Laughter: Holy: RS
  786. Love Is All: A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night [What's Your Rupture] {3}: AM, CM, RC:A-
  787. Love Psychedelico: This Is Love Psychedelico: SP
  788. Loved Ones: Build and Burn [Fat Wreck Chords] {2}
  789. Patty Loveless: Sleepless Nights [Saguaro Road] {3}
  790. Lowfish: Frozen & Broken [Noise Factory]
  791. Lowlands: The Last Call
  792. Sylvain Luc/Trio Sud: Young and Fine [Dreyfus]
  793. The Lucksmiths: First Frost [Matinée] {2}: AM, PM
  794. Luciano: Fabric 41: AM
  795. Ludacris: Theater of the Mind [Disturbing Tha Peace/Def Jam]: AM
  796. Robyn Ludwick: Too Much Desire: AM
  797. Luomo: Convivial [Huume] {3}: AM, W
  798. Lupe Fiasco: The Cool [Atlantic -07] {2}: AV:14, TH:A-
  799. Shelby Lynne: Just a Little Lovin' [Lost Highway] {9}: AM, AZ, BL:****, RS, RC:***, TH:*
  800. Lyrics Born: Everywhere at Once [Anti-] {3}: TH:**
  801. Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs of Joy & Peace [Sony Classical]
  802. Amy MacDonald: This Is the Life [Decca] {2}: BL, TH:*
  803. Doug MacLeod: The Utrecht Sessions
  804. Made Out of Babies: The Ruiner [The End] {2}: AM, PM
  805. Madlib: WLIB AM: King of the Wigflip [K7]: AM
  806. Madonna: Hard Candy [Warner Bros] {7}: AZ, RS:****, TH:**
  807. The Mae Shi: Hlllyh [Team Shi]: PF
  808. Joe Magnarelli: Persistence [Reservoir]
  809. Taj Mahal: Maestro [Heads Up] {2}: AZ, RC:A-
  810. Rudresh Mahanthappa: Apti [Innova] {2}: RS, TH:A-
  811. Giovanni Maier Techicolor: A Turtle Soup [Long Song, 2CD]
  812. Maiysha: This Much Is True [Eusonia] {2}: PM
  813. Major Stars: Mirror/Messenger: SP:****
  814. Makroquarktet: Each Part a Whole: Live at the Stone NYC [Ruby Flower]
  815. Tony Malaby: Tamarindo [Clean Feed -07] {3}: TH:**
  816. Tony Malaby Cello Trio: Warblepeck [Songlines]: TH:*
  817. Pete Malinverni: Invisible Cities [Reservoir]
  818. Man Man: Rabbit Habits [Anti-] {3}: AM, BL, SG
  819. Aimee Mann: @#%&! Smilers [Superego] {7}: AM, BL, MJ, PM, RS, SP
  820. The Mannish Boys: Lowdown Feelin' [Delta Groove]
  821. Marah: Angels of Destruction [Yep Roc] {2}: AM
  822. Margot & the Nuclear So-And-So's: Animal! [Epic]
  823. Ida Maria: Fortress Round My Heart [Waterfall/RCA] {3}: NM:48, P:13
  824. Mariachi Los Camperos: Musica Ranchera: Amor, Dolor y Lagrimas: AM
  825. Phil Markowitz: Catalysis [Sunnyside]: TH:*
  826. Laura Marling: Alas I Cannot Swim [Astralwerks] {7}: AZ:22, NM;14, P:47
  827. The Mars Volta: The Bedlam in Goliath [Universal] {4}: AM, BL, RS
  828. Ellis Marsalis Quartet: An Open Letter to Thelonious [ELM] {2}: TH:B
  829. John Marshall Quintet: Live at "Le Pirate" [Organic Music]
  830. Martha's Trouble: EP [Aisling]
  831. Mates of State: Re-Arrange Us [Barsuk] {5}: AV, P, SP
  832. Stephan Mathieu: Radioland: W
  833. Matmos: The Supreme Balloon [Matador] {2}: AM, SP
  834. Kathy Mattea: Coal [Captain Potato] {5}: AM, PM
  835. The Bennie Maupin Quartet: Early Reflections [Cryptogramophone] {3}: AM, TH:B
  836. Max Tundra: Parallax Error Beheads You [Domino]: PF
  837. Maybe It's Reno: Maybe It's Reno [TeenBeat]
  838. Maybe Monday: Unsquare [Intakt]
  839. John Mayer: Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles [Sony] {2}: RS
  840. Peter Mayer: Still in One Peace [Little Flock]
  841. Marilyn Mazur/Jan Garbarek: Elixir [ECM] {2}: TH:***
  842. Donny McCaslin: Recommended Tools [TH:A-] {4}
  843. Cass McCombs: Dropping the Writ: NM:35
  844. Sandra McCracken: Red Balloon [Towhee]: P:49
  845. McFly: Radio:ACTIVE [Super]
  846. Kate McGarry: If Less is More . . . Nothing is Everything [Palmetto] {2}: TH:C
  847. Stephanie McKay: Tell It Like It Is [Muthas of Invention]
  848. John McLaughlin: Floating Point [Abstract Logix] {2}: TH:**
  849. Jon McLaughlin: OK Now [Island]
  850. James McMurtry: Just Us Kids [Lightning Rod] {6}: AM, PM, JG:9, RC:A-, TH:A-
  851. Joe McPhee/John Heward: Voices - 10 Improvisations [Mode]
  852. Walter Meego: Voyage: SP
  853. Medusa: En Raga Sul [Hawthorne Street/Monotonstudio]
  854. Megasoid: Tank Thong [Weaponshouse]
  855. Brad Mehldau: Live [Nonesuch] {2}: TH:***
  856. John Mellencamp: Life Death Love and Freedom [Hear Music] {7}: AZ, Q, RS:5
  857. Colin Meloy: Colin Meloy Sings Live!: SP:****
  858. Melvins: Nude With Boots: SP
  859. Men Without Pants: Naturally: SP
  860. Menahan Street Band: Make the Road by Walking [Dunham] {2}: MM:31
  861. Vince Mendoza: Blauklang [ACT] {2}: TH:B-
  862. Manuel Mengis Gruppe 6: The Pond [Hatology]
  863. Menya: The Ol' Reach-Around [Menya] {2}: RC:A-(18), TH:***
  864. Mercury Rev: Snowflake Midnight [Yep Roc] {5}: AM, AZ, MJ, NR, U
  865. Tift Merritt: Another Country [Fantasy] {4}: AM, AZ
  866. Meshuggah: Obzen [Nuclear Blast America] {3}: AM, PM
  867. Szilard Mezei Ensemble: Nad/Reed [Red Toucan]
  868. Pat Metheny: Day Trip [Nonesuch] {8}: RS, TH:**
  869. Metro Area: Fabric 43 [Fabric] {2}: AM, MM:32
  870. Metronomy: Nights Out {3}: DS, NM:6
  871. MIA: How Many Votes Fix Mix EP [Interscope]: MM:27
  872. Micky & the Motorcars: Naive
  873. The Microscopic Septet: Lobster Leaps In [Cuneiform] {2}: TH:A-
  874. Malcolm Middleton: Sleight of Hand
  875. The Mighty Underdogs: Droppin' Science Fiction [Definitive Jux] {3}: AM, AZ:43
  876. Miko: Parade [Plop]: AM
  877. Miko: Mika 666 [PPM]
  878. Jason Miles: To Grover, With Love [Koch]: AM, TH:U
  879. Bart Millard: Hymned Again [INO]
  880. Tim Miller: Tim Miler Trio 2
  881. The Million Dollar Orchestra: Better Days [BBE]: AM
  882. Mindless Self Indulgence: If
  883. Minilogue: Animals [Cocoon]: RA
  884. Kylie Minogue: X [Astralwerks] {3}: RS
  885. Bob Mintzer Big Band: Swing Out [MCG Jazz]
  886. Misery Signals: Controller [Ferret]
  887. Lisa Miskovsky: Last Year's Songs [Universal]
  888. Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble: Black Unstoppable [Delmark -07] {2}: TH:B-
  889. Robert Mitchell 3io: The Greater Good
  890. Moby: Last Night [Mute] {6}: AZ, RS:****, RC:***, TH:**
  891. Aidan John Moffat: I Can Hear Your Heart {2}: RS
  892. Mogwai: The Hawk Is Howling [Matador] {4}: AM, DS, NM, NR
  893. Louis Moholo-Moholo: Sibanye (We Are One): Duets With Marilyn Crispell [Intakt] {2}
  894. The Mole: As High as the Sky [Wagon Repair] {2}: RA:5
  895. Juana Molina: Un Dia [Domino] {5}: AM, AZ, PM, TM
  896. Motif: Apo Calypso [Jazzland]
  897. Pete Molinari: A Virtual Landslide [Damaged Goods] {3}: AM, MJ
  898. Janelle Monáe: Metropolis: The Chase Suite [Special Edition] [Bad Boy] {4}: AM, PM
  899. Monster Bobby: Gaps: SP:****
  900. Hannah Montana: The Best of Both Worlds Concert [Disney]: AZ
  901. John Michael Montgomery: Time Flies {2}: AM
  902. James Moody/Hank Jones: Our Delight [IPO] {3}: TH:**
  903. Daniel Martin Moore: Stray Age [Sub Pop]
  904. Michael Moore: Holocene [Ramboy]: TH:*
  905. Michael Moore/Fred Hersch: This We Know [Palmetto]
  906. Allison Moorer: Mockingbird [New Line]: AZ
  907. Morcheeba: Dive Deep [Ultra]: AM, TH:B
  908. Morgan Heritage: Mission in Progress: AM
  909. Alanis Morissette: Flavors of Entanglement [Warner Bros] {3}: AZ, RS
  910. Morley: Seen: AM
  911. Joshua Morrison: Home: AZ:51
  912. Van Morrison: Keep It Simple [Lost Highway] {4}: AZ, RS, TH:***
  913. Morley: Seen [Wrasse]: AM
  914. Mostly Other People Do the Killing: This Is Our Moosic [Hot Cup] {8}: PM, CM:3, TH:A-
  915. Motley Crue: Saints of Los Angeles [Eleven Seven Music]: AZ
  916. Bob Mould: District Line [Anti] {4}: AM, RS, SP:****
  917. Alex Moulton: Exodus [Expansion Team]: MM:47
  918. Mr Gnome: Deliver This Creature: SP
  919. Jason Mraz: We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things [Atlantic] {5}: AZ:56
  920. Mudcrutch: Mudcrutch [Reprise/WEA] {6}: AM, AZ, RS
  921. The Muggs: On With the Show: AM
  922. Münchener Kammerorchestrer: Haydn, Yun: Farewell - Symphonies Nos. 39 and 45/Chamber Symphony I [ECM]
  923. Mugison: Mugiboogie [Ipecac]: P:25
  924. Murcof: The Versailles Sessions: W
  925. Elliott Murphy: Notes From the Underground [Last Call]: PM
  926. James Murphy/Pat Mahoney: Fabriclive.36 [Fabric -07]
  927. Anne Murray: Duets: Friends & Legends [Manhattan]: AZ
  928. David Murray/Mal Waldron: Silence [Justin Time] {5}: AZ, TH:A-
  929. Murs: Murs for President [Warner Bros]
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  1289. Tipsy: Buzzz [Ipecac]: AM
  1290. Titus Andronicus: The Airing of Grievances [Troubleman Unlimited] {2}: NR, PF
  1291. T-99: Vagabonds [Nugene]
  1292. Mia Doi Todd: Gea: SP
  1293. Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders: Holdin Onto Trouble's Hand [Rankoutsider]
  1294. Shugo Tokumaru: Exit [Almost Gold] {2}: MC:6, PM
  1295. Rolo Tomassi: Hysterics: DS
  1296. The Tonic Rays: The Tonic Rays [thetonicrays.com]
  1297. Torche: Meanderthal [Hydra Head] {3}: AM, PM
  1298. Emiliana Torrini: Me and Armini [Rough Trade] {2}: BL
  1299. Tokio Hotel: Scream: RS
  1300. Tokyo Police Club: Elephant Shell [Saddle Creek] {4}: AM, RC:A-, MM:45, TH:A-
  1301. Torche: Meanderthal [Hydra Head] {2}: P:34, SP:****
  1302. Toumast: Ishumar [Real World] {3}: RC:A-, TH:A-
  1303. Toxic Holocaust: An Overdose of Death [Relapse]
  1304. Randy Travis: Around the Bend [Warner Bros] {5}: PM
  1305. Tricky: Knowle West Boy [Domino] {7}: AM, BL, W, TH:***
  1306. Trio X: 10 Years of Trio X Live [CIMP, 7CD] {2}
  1307. Vassilis Tsabropoulos: Melos [ECM]
  1308. Tussle: Cream Cuts [Smalltown Supersound]: AM
  1309. Twilight Sad: Here, It Never Snowed. Afterwards It Did [Fat Cat]: AM
  1310. Two Cow Garage: Speaking in Cursive
  1311. 2562: Aerial [Tectonic]: F
  1312. Dan Tyminski: Wheels [Rounder] {3}: PM
  1313. McCoy Tyner: Guitars [McCoy Tyner Music/Half Note] {3}
  1314. Týr: Land: AM
  1315. The Uglysuit: The Uglysuit [Quarterstick] {3}: AM
  1316. Jakob Ullmann: Voice, Books And FIRE 3: W
  1317. Usher: Here I Stand [LaFace] {2}: BL:26
  1318. Vajra: Live: W
  1319. Bebo Valdes/Javier Colina: Live at the Village Vanguard [Calle 54/Norte] {3}: AM, TH:***
  1320. Vandermark 5: Beat Reader [Atavistic] {4}: CM, TH:A-
  1321. Chad VanGaalen: Soft Airplane [Sub Pop] {2}: SG
  1322. Vanguard Jazz Orchestra: Monday Night Live at the Village Vanguard
  1323. Fred Van Hove: Journey [Psi]
  1324. Monica Vasconcelos: Hih: AM
  1325. Phil Vassar: Prayer of a Common Man [Universal] {2}
  1326. Nick Vayenas: Synesthesia [World Culture Music]: AM, TH:B
  1327. Julieta Venegas: MTV Unplugged [Sony International] {3}: AM, AZ
  1328. The Verve: Forth [On Your Own] {4}: BL, NM, Q
  1329. The Very Best: Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit are the Very Best [Radioclit] {2}: PF
  1330. Vetiver: Thing of the Past {2}: AM
  1331. Mack Vickery: Live at the Alabama Women's Prison: AM
  1332. Abe Vigoda: Skeleton: MJ
  1333. Ricardo Villalobos: Fabric 36: SP
  1334. Ricardo Villalobos: Vasco [Perlon]: RA
  1335. Rhonda Vincent: Good Thing Going [Rounder] {2}: PM
  1336. The Virgins: The Virgins {2}: RS:****, SP
  1337. Vivian Girls: Vivian Girls [In The Red] {7}: AM, AZ, BL, PF
  1338. Volbeat: Guitar, Gangsters & Cadillac Blood [Target Distribution]
  1339. Andy Votel: Brazilika: AM
  1340. Waco Brothers: Waco Express Live & Kickin' at Schuba's Tavern [Bloodshot]
  1341. Rob Wagner: Trio [Valid]
  1342. Loudon Wainwright III: Recovery [Yep Roc] {2}: RS, TH:A-
  1343. Martha Wainwright: I Know You're Married, but I've Got Feelings Too [Zoe/Rounder] {5}: BL, PM, RS, SP, TH:B-
  1344. Wale: The Mixtape About Nothing {6}: BL, PF, PM
  1345. Butch Walker: Sycamore Meadows [Original Signal] {2}: AM
  1346. Joe Louis Walker: Witness to the Blues
  1347. The War on Drugs: Wagonwheel Blues [Secretly Canadian] {2}
  1348. Leon Ware: Moon Ride [Stax] {2}: AM, TH:*
  1349. Was (Not Was): Boo! [Rykodisc] {2}: AM, TH:*
  1350. Marcin Wasilewski: January [ECM] {3}: TH:***
  1351. Sadao Watanabe: Basie's at Night [Koch]: AZ
  1352. Watermelon Slim & the Workers: No Paid Holidays {2}: AM
  1353. Geraint Watkins: In a Bad Mood [Gold Top]
  1354. Bobby Wayne: Soul Station [Bone Dog]
  1355. Jimmy Wayne: Do You Believe Me Now [Valory Music Co]
  1356. We the People: Too Much Noise [Sundazed] {2}: AM
  1357. A Weather: Cove [Team Love]: PM
  1358. The Wedding Present: El Rey [Suretone/Geffen] {2}: SP
  1359. The Week That Was: The Week That Was [Memphis Industries] {2}: AM, MJ:8, U
  1360. The Weepies: Hideaway
  1361. Weezer: Weezer (Red Album) [Geffen] {6}: AM, AZ, SP
  1362. Paul Weller: 22 Dreams [Yep Roc] {5}: AM, MJ:3, Q, U:10, TH:B
  1363. Kanye West: 808s & Heartbreak [Roc-A-Fella] {5}: NR, PF, SG
  1364. Paul Westerberg: 49:00 [Dry Wood Music]
  1365. Wetnurse: Invisible City [Seventh Rule]: PM
  1366. The Whigs: Mission Control [ATO] {4}: SP, JG:2
  1367. The Whipshaws: 60 Watt Avenue
  1368. Harry Whitaker: One Who Sees All Things [Smalls] {2}: TH:U
  1369. Jim White: Transnormal Skiperoo: SP
  1370. TH White: The Private Spotlight: SP
  1371. White Denim: Workout Holiday {3}: U
  1372. Whitesnake: Good to Be Bad [Steamhammer/SPV]: AZ
  1373. Why?: Alopecia [Anticon] {7}: DS:7, PM, SG, SL:10, SP, TM
  1374. Havard Wiik: The Arcades Project [Jazzland]
  1375. Wild Beasts: Limbo, Panto [Domino] {3}: DS, PM, U
  1376. Wilderness: (k)no(w)here [Jagjaguwar]: AM
  1377. Corey Wilkes: Drop It [Delmark] {2}: TH:***
  1378. Jessica Williams: Deep Monk [Red and Blue]
  1379. White Williams: Smoke: DS
  1380. Larry Willis: The Offering [HighNote]: AM, TH:B
  1381. Spike Wilner: 3 to Go: AM
  1382. Brian Wilson: That Lucky Old Sun [Capitol/EMI] {3}: RS, U
  1383. Cassandra Wilson: Loverly [Blue Note] {8}: AZ, PM, TH:A-
  1384. Tony Wilson 6tet: Pearls Before Swine [Drip Audio -07]: TH:B
  1385. Windy & Carl: Songs for the Broken Hearted [Kranky]: NR
  1386. Norma Winstone: Distances [ECM] {2}: TH:**
  1387. Steve Winwood: Nine Lives [Sony]: AZ
  1388. Wire: Object 47 [Pink Flag] {4}: BL, NR, SP [na]
  1389. Wisin y Yandel: Los Extraterrestres: Otra Dimension [Machete Music]: AZ
  1390. Witch: Paralyzed: AM
  1391. Wolf Parade: Kissing the Beehive [Sub Pop] {9}: AM, AV, BL, RS, SG, SP [na]
  1392. The Wombats: The Wombats Proudly Present . . . a Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation: SP
  1393. Women: Women [Jagjaguwar] {2}: TM
  1394. Chris Wood: Trespasser [Ruf]
  1395. Woodbox Gang: Drunk as Dragons [Alternative Tentacles]
  1396. Woodhands: Heart Attack [Paper Bag]: BL
  1397. Woven Hand: Ten Stones [Sounds Familyre] {2}: AZ, PM
  1398. Raphael Wressnig/Alex Schultz: Don't Be Afraid to Groove [Koch]
  1399. Lizz Wright: The Orchard [Verve Forecast] {4}: AZ, PM
  1400. The Wrights: The Wrights/In the Summertime [ACR/Tour]
  1401. The Wrong Object: Stories From the Shed [MoonJune]
  1402. Wussy: Left for Dead [Shake It [-07]] {3}: CM, JG:1
  1403. Steve Wynn: Crossing Dragon Bridge [Blue Rose] {5}: AM, PM, TH:**
  1404. Xiu Xiu: Women as Lovers [Kill Rock Stars] {2}: AM, SP
  1405. Eri Yamamoto: Duologue [AUM Fidelity] {2}: PM, TH:**
  1406. Eri Yamamoto: Redwoods [AUM Fidelity] {2}: TH:**
  1407. Trisha Yearwood: Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love
  1408. Yeasayer: All Hour Cymbals: MJ
  1409. Yelle: Pop Up [Source/Caroline]
  1410. Yellow Swans: Deterioration
  1411. Yip-Yip: Two Kings of the Same Kingdom [Saf]: AM
  1412. Yo! Majesty: Futuristically Speaking . . . Never Be Afraid [Domino]: BL
  1413. Yoav: Charmed & Strange [Verve Forecast]: AZ:75
  1414. James Yorkston: When the Haar Rolls In [Domino] {4}: AM, U
  1415. Jacob Young: Sideways [ECM]: AM, TH:*
  1416. Will Young: Let It Go [19/RCA]
  1417. Young Jeezy: The Recession [Def Jam] {5}: AM, BL
  1418. Young Knives: Superabundance [Rykodisc/Transgressive] {2}: BL, SP
  1419. Your Vegas: A Town and Two Cities [Universal]: AZ:76
  1420. Youthmovies: Good Nature [Drowned in Sound]: PM
  1421. Yuganaut: This Musicship [ESP-Disk]: TH:U
  1422. Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu: Gurrumul [Skinnyfish Music]
  1423. Dan Zanes: Nueva York [Festival Five]
  1424. Zazen Boys: Zazen Boys 4 [Matsuri Studio]: TM
  1425. Miguel Zenón: Awake [Marsalis Music] {2}
  1426. Eliot Zigmund: Breeze [Steeplechase]
  1427. Pete Zimmer Quartet: Chillin' Live @ Jazz Factory [Tippin']
  1428. Zombie Zombie: A Land for Renegades
  1429. Zomby: Where Were U in 92? [Werk Discs] {2}: F:3, MM:15
  1430. John Zorn: The Dreamers [Tzadik] {4}: AM, TH:**
  1431. John Zorn: FilmWorks XXII: The Last Supper [Tzadik]
  1432. John Zorn: The Crucible [Tzadik]

Lists Consulted

All mentions are counted; for minor lists that's all. Symbols in brackets are noted, usually with a rank order; for RC and TH a grade. Metacritic comes first; its score (when known) in parens. Grades are last. Other rankings in between.

  • All Music Guide [AM]: monthly Editor's Choice lists {1-11}; blog favorites: americana, blues, country, electronic, garage rock, hip-hop/rap, jazz, jazz reissues, latin, metal, pop, r&b, reggae, rock
  • Amazon.com [AZ]: Editor's picks 10/100, plus genre mentions
  • AV Club (Onion) [AV]: 10/30
  • Blender [BL]: 10/33, some ratings from ***(*)
  • Delusions of Adequacy [DA]: 10
  • Drowned in Sound [DS]: 10/50
  • Fact [F]: 10/20
  • Filter [FL]: 10/10
  • Metacritic [MC]: 10/30
  • Mojo [MJ]: 10/50
  • NME [NM]: 10/50
  • No Ripcord [NR]: 10/50
  • Paste [P]: 10/50
  • Pitchfork [PF]: 10/50
  • PopMatters [PM]: 10/60; also: British, electronic, hip-hop, indie pop, jazz, metal, reissues, singer-songwriter, women over 40, world music
  • Q [Q]: 10/50
  • Resident Advisor [RA]: 10/20
  • Rolling Stone [RS:10/50], some ratings from ***(*)
  • Slant [SL]: 10
  • Spin [SP]: 10/40]; some ratings from ***(*)
  • Stereogum [SG]: 10/50
  • Tiny Mixed Tapes [TM]: 10/25
  • Uncut [U]: 10/50
  • Under the Radar [UR]: 10
  • The Wire [W]: 10/50

Finally, some individual critics lists, and for Christgau and myself grades.

  • Robert Christgau: Consumer Guide [RC], counted ≥ *, (1-20) from Slate
  • Banning Eyre: [BE:10]: best African music (NPR)
  • Jason Gross: [JG:1-10] plus rest
  • Tom Hull: A-list [TH]: all grades noted, counted ≥ **
  • Michaelangelo Matos [MM:1-50]
  • Chris Monsen: [CM:10]: best of year list

And some other miscellaneous critics lists were simply counted: Afropop Worldwide, All About Jazz (C Michael Bailey, John Kelman, David Orthmann), Beware the Sax Solo, Billboard (Chuck Eddy, Wayne Robbins, Ken Tucker, Mikael Wood; 48 other critics, except for a few, with votes allocated 1:1-5, 2:6-10, 3:11-15), Biomusicosophy, CMT (Alison Bonaguro, Chet Flippo, Edward Morris, Craig Shelburne), Country Music Central, Distractions, Downtown Music Gallery (Bruce Gallanter), Dusted (Otis Hart, Derek Taylor), Ear Candy (Travis Hay), Entertainment Weekly (Leah Greenblatt, Chris Willman), Exclaim!, The Factual Opinion, Fishpork, The Flashlight, Free Jazz, Sasha Frere-Jones, Fuzzy Lion, Indie Music Filter, Jazz & Blues Music Reviews (incl HM), Jazz Beyond Jazz (Howard Mandel), Jazz.com (Ted Gioia), Jazz Journalists Association (David Adler, Nancy Barrell, James Hale, Geoffrey Himes, Lyn Horton, Largehearted Boy, Bill Milkowski), Meaningful Distraction, Nashville Cream (country), New York Post, New York Times (Jon Caramanica, Nate Chinen, Jon Pareles, Ben Ratliff), Bob Putignano, Hank Shteamer, W Royal Stokes), NPR (Nick Francis), A Pretty Good Guy, The Pulse, Rough Trade, Salacious Sound, Slate (Fred Kaplan, Jody Rosen), UGO, The Think Tank, Vibe Source, Wires and Waves.