2009 Year End List Mentions

These are records that show up in various year-end lists. Anthologies and reissues have been (mostly) weeded out, moved here. Those in blue are ones I have in more/less final form. Those in green I have as stripped down promos or don't have but have managed to hear somehow. The numbers in {} are the number of mentions. Once I've gotten far enough I'll start sorting by mentions. Finally I have some notes. Not every mention is noted, but some of the more significant ones are. To decode them, see the legend at the bottom.

Note: This was basically closed as of Jan. 12, 2009, when I posted this wrap up. Since then I've added personal grades, but haven't touched the totals.

Prime Candidates

Minimum 10 mentions.

  1. Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix [Glassnote] {224}: MC(82):40, MG:12, AM, AV:1, AZ:3, CL, DA:4, DS:1, EW:A-, EX:4, FB:6, FL:2, MG:1, NM, NR:4, OM:9, OS, P:8, PF:8, PM:5, Q:10, RH:2, RS:3, RT, SO:3, SP:3, SS:9, TM, U:10, UR:10; RC:*, TH:*
  2. Animal Collective: Merriweather Post Pavilion [Domino] {212}: MC(89):1, MG:1, AB:1, AM, AV:3, AZ:7, BT, CL:1, DA:1, DS:7, EX:1, F, FL:1, G:5, MG:2, MJ:1, NM:5, NR:1, OM:2, OS:1, P:2, PF:1, PM:1, Q:4, RA:6, RH:3, RS:14, RT, SL:1, SO:4, SP:1, SS:2, TM:1, U:1, UR:2, W; RC:*, TH:*
  3. Grizzly Bear: Veckatimest [Warp] {191}: MC(85):8, MG:2, AB:7, AM, AV:2, AZ:14, CL:4, DA:3, DS:6, EX:3, FL:3, MG:4, MJ, NM:6, NR:2, OM, OS:4, P, PF:6, PM:2, RH:8, RS:21, RT:6, SL:10, SO:1, SP:4, SS:3, TM, U:8, UR:1; RC:C+, TH:B-
  4. Dirty Projectors: Bitte Orca [Domino] {158}: MC(85):11, MG:8, AB:2, AV:5, AZ:39, DA, DS, EW:A-, EX:5, F, G:4, MA:5, MG:3, MJ, NM, NR:6, OM:1, OS:5, P, PF:2, PM:4, RH, RS:6, RT, SL:6, SO:6, SP:31, SS:1, TM:2, U:3, UR:5, W; TH:C+
  5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: It's Blitz [Interscope/DGC/Dress Up] {149}: MC(82):47, MG:15, AM, AV, AZ:2, BL:****, BN:2, BT:5, CL:3, DA:10, DB, DS:3, EX, FB:2, FL:5, G:10, MG:7, MJ:10, NM:3, NR, OS, P, PF, PM, Q:3, RH, RS:20, RT, SL:2, SO:2, SP:2, U:9; RC:A-, CM:3, MM, TH:A-
  6. The XX: XX [XL] {143}: MC(84):20, MG:4, AB, AZ:78, BT, DS, EX:7, F:1, G:1, MA, MG, MJ, NM:2, NR, OM:6, OS, PF:3, PM, RH:1, RS:9, RT:1, SL, TM, U:6, W; RC:A, MT:4, TH:***
  7. Neko Case: Middle Cyclone [Anti-] {113}: MC(79), MG:27, AM, AV:6, AZ:1, BL, BN:1, BT, DA:2, MG:10, MJ, ND:3, NM, NR, P:9, PF, PM:6, RS:7, SL, SO, SP:15, SS:8; RC:**, TH:B
  8. St Vincent: Actor [4AD] {100}: MC(81), MG:44, AM, AV, AZ:40, BL:****, BT, DA:8, DS:2, EW:A, EX, NR, OS:7, PF, PM, RS, SL:5, SO:7, SP:23, SS:6, TM; TH:**
  9. Girls: Album [True Panther/Matador] {96}: MC(79), MG:6, AM, AZ:6, BT, DS, EX, F, G, NM, NR, OM:10, OS, PF:10, PM:9, RH, RS:15, RT, SO:5, SP:5, TM; RC:A-, CM, TH:A-
  10. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart [Slumberland] {95}: MC(76), AV, AZ:4, BL, DS, EX:6, MA:2, MG:6, NM, NR:5, OM, PF, PM, RS, RT:5, SO, SS:5; RC:A-, CM, TH:***
  11. Passion Pit: Manners [Frenchkiss] {94}: MC(76), MG:24, AM, AZ:13, CL, EX, FL:8, MG, NM, P, PF, PM, RS, SS:10; TH:*
  12. Fever Ray: Fever Ray [Mute] {93}: MC(81):50, MG:9, AM, BL, CL:10, DA, DS:9, FB:9, G:2, MG, MJ, NM:9, OM:7, OS, PF; 9, PM, RA:2, RH, RT:4, SL, TM, U; TH:*
  13. The Antlers: Hospice [Frenchkiss] {90}: MC(86):7, MG:23, AB, AV, FL:9, MG, OM, OS, P, PF, PM, RH, SP, TM; TH:**
  14. The Flaming Lips: Embryonic [Warner] {90}: MC(79), MG:35, BT:3, CL, DA:5, DS, EX:8, G, NR:7, OS:2, P, PF:4, PM, SP:28, TM:6, U; RC:A-, TH:**
  15. Wilco: Wilco (The Album) [Nonesuch] {86}: MC(76), MG:18, AM, AZ:8, BT, DA, EX, MJ, ND:6, NR, P, PM, RS:16, SP:39, U:7; RC:A-, CM, MT:9, TH:**
  16. Japandroids: Post-Nothing [Polyvinyl] {85}: MC(83):25, MG:37, AM, AV, EX:2, G, MA, NM, NR:3, PF, PM, RS, RT, SL:7, SO:8, SP:16; CM, TH:*
  17. Raekwon: Only Built for Cuban Linx . . . Pt. 2 [Ice H2O] {82}: MC(88):2, MG:17, AM, AV, DS, MG, MJ, NR, OM, PF:5, PM:7, RH, RS:25, SL:8, SP:21, TM:5; RC:***, CM, TH:***
  18. Bat for Lashes: Two Suns [Astralwerks] {81}: MC(76), CL, DS, EX:9, F:8, MG:9, MJ, NM, PF:7, PM, RS:19, SL:4, SP:6, UR:3; RC:C, TH:B-
  19. Mos Def: The Ecstatic [Downtown] {76}: MC(81), MG:16, AM, BT, DA, DS, MG, MJ, PF, PM, RH:4, RS:17, RT, SL, SP:7, TM; RC:A, CM:2, TH:A-
  20. Camera Obscura: My Maudlin Career [4AD] {72}: MC(80), MG:22, AB, AM, AZ:10, DA, MG:5, NM, NR, OS, P, PM, RT, SL:9, SO:9, SP, TM, UR:4; TH:*
  21. The Decemberists: Hazards of Love [Capitol] {72}: MC(74), AB, DA, DB, MG, P:7, PM, RS, RT, SO, SS:4; TH:*
  22. The Avett Brothers: I and Love and You [Columbia] {67}: MC(77), AZ:5, BN:9, BT:8, ND:2, P:1, PM:3, RS, SP:33; RC:A-, CM, TH:B
  23. Florence and the Machine: Lungs [Island] {67}: MC(79), AV, AZ:87, CL, EW:A-, G:6, MG, MJ:7, NM, PM, Q:2, RS, RT, SO, SP:8, U; TH:B
  24. Metric: Fantasies [Metric International] {67}: MC(77), AM, AZ:11, BL, BT, DS, MG, RS, SP; RC:***, SO; CM, TH:A-
  25. Atlas Sound: Logos [Kranky] {66}: MC(82):42, MG:42, AB:9, DA:6, DS, F, NM, OS, PF, RH:5, RS, RT, TM:8, UR:7; TH:*
  26. Mastodon: Crack the Skye [Warner Bros] {64}: MC(82):38, MG:3, AZ:21, BL:****, DA, FB:3, MG, MJ, P, PM:8, RH:7, RS:12, SP:17, SS:7; TH:B
  27. Andrew Bird: Noble Beast [Fat Possum] {63}: MC(79), MG:38, AM, AV:10, PM, RS, RT, SP; TH:*
  28. Fuck Buttons: Tarot Sport [ATP] {59}: MC(81):30, MG:14, CL:2, DA, DS:5, MJ:8, NM:8, PF, PM, RA, RH, RT:8, TM, U, W; TH:A-
  29. The Horrors: Primary Colours [XL] {58}: MC(82):48, MG:19, AZ:20, CL:7, DS, F, MG, MJ:4, NM:1, NR, RS, RT:3, U; TH:**
  30. Jay-Z: The Blueprint 3 [Roc Nation] {55}: MC(65), AM, AV, AZ:9, MG, NM, RS:4, U; RC:A-, TH:**
  31. Sonic Youth: The Eternal [Matador] {55}: MC(79), MG:20, AM, BT:9, MJ, NM, NR, RS:10, SO, SP, U; RC:A-, CM, MM, MT:5, TH:A-
  32. Them Crooked Vultures: Them Crooked Vultures [DGC/Interscope] {53}: MC(76), AM, BT, FB:12, RH, RS, SO, SP:29
  33. Micachu & the Shapes: Jewellery [Rough Trade] {52}: MC(75), MG:34, AB, AM, BL:****, DS, F:10, G:8, NM, PF, PM, RS, RT, SO, SP; RC:**; TH:*
  34. Wild Beasts: Two Dancers [Domino] {51}: MC(83):23, MG:10, CL:6, DS:8, G:3, MJ, NM:4, NR:10, OS:3, PF, RT, U:5; RC:X, TH:*
  35. Bill Callahan: Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle [Drag City] {49}: MC(82):41, MG:7, AM, AV, CL, MA, PF, PM, RT, SL, SP, U
  36. Sunset Rubdown: Dragonslayer [Jagjaguwar] {46}: MC(81), AB, AV:4, DA, DS, MG, NR, OS:9, PM, RS, SP, TM
  37. Lily Allen: It's Not Me, It's You [Capitol] {44}: MC(71), AM, AZ:42, BL:****, NM, Q:8, SP:19; RC:A, CM, MT:1, TH:A+
  38. Arctic Monkeys: Humbug [Domino] {44}: MC(75), MG:33, AM, CL, DA, DS, MG, MJ, NM, Q:6, RS, SO, U; RC:B, TH:B-
  39. The Dead Weather: Horehound [Third Man/Warner Bros] {44}: MC(75), AM, CL, PM, RS, SO:10, SP:10, U; RC:A-, TH:A-
  40. Dinosaur Jr: Farm [Jagjaguwar] {44}: MC(76), MG:26, AM, DA:9, EX, NR, PF, PM, RS, SO, SP, U; CM; TH:B-
  41. Antony and the Johnsons: The Crying Light [Secretly Canadian] {43}: MC(80), MG:11, AM, AV, AZ:35, BT, EW:A-, MJ, OS, PF, SP:18, TM; RC:X
  42. Monsters of Folk: Monsters of Folk [Shangri-La] {43}: MC(80), BT, CL, DA, ND, P, RS:24, SP, UR:6; RC:*, TH:**
  43. Future of the Left: Travels with Myself and Another [4AD] {42}: MC(79), AM, AV, CL, DS, EX, G, MG, NM, NR, SP; RC:*, TH:*
  44. Regina Spektor: Far [Sire] {42}: MC(74), BT:10, RS, SP; RC:A-, TH:**
  45. Yo La Tengo: Popular Songs [Matador] {42}: MC(79), MG:30, AM, AZ:57, OM, PF, PM, RT, U; RC:**, TH:***
  46. Dan Deacon: Bromst [Carpark] {40}: MC(77), MG:31, AM, BL, PF, PM, SP, TM; MM, TH:**
  47. Sunn O))): Monoliths & Dimensions [Southern Lord] {39}: MC(86):4, MG:5, AB, DA, DS, MJ, NR, PF, PM, SP, TM:3, U, W:5
  48. La Roux: La Roux [Cherry Tree] {38}: MC(76), AM, AZ:28, G:9, MG, NM, SP; RC:*, TH:*
  49. U2: No Line on the Horizon [Interscope] {38}: MC(72), AZ:31, BL:*****, DB, MG, Q:9, RS:1, SP:32; TH:B
  50. Doom: Born Like This [Lex] {37}: MC(77), AZ:45, PF, PM, SP, TM; RC:A-, TH:***
  51. Kid Cudi: Man on the Moon: The End of Day [Universal Motown] {36}: MC(69), AM, EW:A-, MG; TH:***
  52. Baroness: Blue Record [Relapse] {35}: MC(88):3, AM, BT, FB:4, PF, PM, TM; TH:*
  53. Converge: Axe to Fall [Epitaph] {35}: MC(85):13, AV:8, DA, PM
  54. Neon Indian: Psychic Chasms [Lefse] {35}: AM, DS, MG, OS, PF, RH
  55. Health: Get Color [Lovepump United] {34}: MC(79), MG:36, AM, CL:5, DS, NM, PM, SP, TM; TH:**
  56. Miranda Lambert: Revolution [Sony] {34}: MC(85):12, EW:A, NS:1, PM:10, RH:6, RS, SL, SP; RC:A-, TL, CM, TH:A-
  57. Manic Street Preachers: Journal for Plague Lovers [Columbia] {34}: MC(85):10, AM, DS:4, G, MJ, NM, OS, Q:5, U; TH:*
  58. Muse: The Resistance [Warner Bros] {34}: MC(72), AZ:89, BN:6, DS, Q:7, SP
  59. Dark Was the Night [4AD] {33}: MC(74), AZ:23, P, SP; RC:A-, TH:*
  60. Fanfarlo: Reservoir [Canvasback/Atlantic] {32}: MC(69), AZ:90, MG, RS, RT
  61. Franz Ferdinand: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand [Epic] {32}: MC(70), AM, BL:****, NM, RS:22, SP; RC:*, MM
  62. Major Lazer: Guns Don't Kill People . . . Lazers Do [Downtown] {32}: MC(77), AM, AZ:54, F, PF, RH:10, RS, RT, SP; RC:***, MM, TH:**
  63. Maxwell: BLACKsummers' Night [Columbia] {32}: MC(85):14, AM, BN:3, PM, RH:9, RS, SP; RC:*, TH:*
  64. M Ward: Hold Time [Merge] {31}: MC(79), MG:13, AM, AZ:53, BL, DA, RS, SP; RC:***, TH:**
  65. The Big Pink: A Brief History of Love [4AD] {30}: MC(72), AZ:62, NM:7, RS, RT, SP:25; TH:*
  66. Julian Casablancas: Phrazes for the Young [RCA] {30}: MC(72), AM, NM, OS, SP:30; TH:B-
  67. Cymbals Eat Guitars: Why There Are Mountains [Sister's Den] {30}: MC(79), OS, PF, RT; RC:**, TH:*
  68. Pearl Jam: Backspacer [Monkeywrench] {30}: MC(80), AM, PM, RS:11, SP
  69. K'naan: Troubadour [A&M/Octone] {29}: MC(74), AZ:8, BN:7, PM; RC:A-, CM, TH:A
  70. The Low Anthem: Oh My God Charlie Darwin [Nonesuch] {29}: MC(80), MG:25, AM, MA:1, MJ, P:4, RT:2, U; TH:***
  71. The Mountain Goats: The Life of the World to Come [4AD] {29}: MC(76), BT, NR:9, PF, PM, RT, SP:26; TH:***
  72. The-Dream: Love vs Money [Def Jam] {29}: MC(83):32, AM, BL, RH; RS:8; CM; RC:**, TH:*
  73. Bibio: Ambivalence Avenue [Warp] {28}: MC(77), AM, CL, DA:7, PF, PM
  74. Bob Dylan: Together Through Life [Columbia] {28}: MC(76), MG:46, AM, AZ:36, BL:*****, MJ:6, RS:18, U:4; RC:B+, TH:A-
  75. Mew: No More Stories Are Told Today I'm Sorry . . . [Columbia/Evil Office] {28}: MC(79), AM, DS, SP, UR:8
  76. Noah and the Whale: The First Days of Spring [Cherry Tree] {28}: MC(71), AZ:74, CL:8, G:7, NM
  77. Brad Paisley: American Saturday Night [Arista Nashville] {28}: MC(86):5, AM, AZ, EW:A-, NS:2, PM, RH, RS, SP; RC:A, CM:7, TL, MT:3, TH:*
  78. Silversun Pickups: Swoon [Dangerbird] {28}: MC(64), AZ:38, BL, RS, SP
  79. Yacht: See Mystery Lights [DFA] {28}: MC(70), CL, EW:A-, OS, PM, RS, SP; TH:***
  80. Kurt Vile: Childish Prodigy [Matador] {27}: MC(70), AM, PM, TM:10, U
  81. Jarvis Cocker: Further Complications [Rough Trade] {26}: MC(74), AM, DA, PM, RS, RT, SP:27; RC:**, TH:**
  82. The Very Best: Warm Heart of Africa [Green Owl] {26}: MC(77), FB:5, PF, PM, RH, RS, RT, SP; CM, TH:**
  83. Art Brut: Art Brut vs Satan [Downtown] {25}: MC(75), AM, AV, RS, SP; RC:A-, CM, MM, TH:A-
  84. Cass McCombs: Catacombs [Domino] {25}: MC(76), AZ:37, FL:7, OS, PF, SP; TH:**
  85. Dâm-Funk: Toeachizown [Stones Throw] {25}: FB:11, OM:3, W; MM, TH:**
  86. POS: Never Better [Rhymesayers Entertainment] {25}: MC(75), AV:7, SP; RC:***, TH:**
  87. Real Estate: Real Estate [Woodsist] {25}: MC(76), AM, OM, PF, PM, SL, TM
  88. Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown [Reprise] {24}: MC(70), AM, PM, RH, RS:5; RC:C
  89. Handsome Furs: Face Control [Sub Pop] {24}: MC(68), AB, BL:****, BT, EX:10, SP
  90. Ida Maria: Fortress Round My Heart [Mercury] {24}: MC(74), AZ:88, BL, RS, SP:12; RC:***, TH:***
  91. Röyksopp: Junior [Astralwerks] {24}: MC(74), AZ, BL:****, OS, PF, SP; TH:**
  92. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros: Up From Below [Vagrant] {18}: MC(70), MG
  93. Miike Snow: Miike Snow [Downtown] {24}: MC(72), FL:4, RS, SP:35; TH:*
  94. Brother Ali: Us [Rhymesayers Entertainment] {23}: MC(83):26, AV:9, BT, MG, PM; RC:*, TH:**
  95. Justin Townes Earle: Midnight at the Movies [Bloodshot] {23}: MC(82):46, AZ, BT, ND:7, NS:8, RS; RC:S
  96. JJ: JJ n° 2 [Sincerely Yours, EP] {23}: AB, OS, PF, PM; TH:*
  97. Elvis Perkins: Elvis Perkins in Dearland [XL] {23}: MC(74), AZ:55, BL, FL:6, MG, P:3, RS, SP; TH:B
  98. The Thermals: Now We Can See [Kill Rock Stars] {23}: MC(79), AV, BL, EX, MA:7, NR:8, SP; RC:X
  99. Memory Tapes: Seek Magic [Acephale] {22}: AB, DS, PF, RT
  100. Mumford and Sons: Sigh No More {22}: G, NM, RT
  101. Jay Reatard: Watch Me Fall [Matador] {22}: MC(76), MG:28, AM, EW:A-, MA, PM, SP:13; TH:**
  102. The Rural Alberta Advantage: Hometowns [Saddle Creek] {22}: MC(72), SP; TH:**
  103. Tinariwen: Imidiwan: Companions [World Village] {22}: MC(84):17, MG:32, BT, EW:A, FR:7, MJ:5, PM, RS, U; TH:A-
  104. Wavves: Wavvves [Fat Possum] {22}: MC(68), OS, SP; RC:X
  105. Rosanne Cash: The List [Manhattan] {21}: MC(83):33, AZ, BN:4, ND, NS:3, RS, SP; TH:A-
  106. Mayer Hawthorne: A Strange Arrangement [Stones Throw] {21}: MC(74), AM, AZ:47, MJ, RS, SP; TH:*
  107. Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster [Interscope, EP] {21}: MC(74), DS; TH:*
  108. Pissed Jeans: King of Jeans [Sub Pop] {21}: MC(82):44, MG:49, DS, MA:10, NM; CM, TH:*
  109. A Place to Bury Strangers: Exploding Head [Mute] {21}: MC(79), DA, MG, RT, SP; RC:A-, TH:A-
  110. Heartless Bastards: The Mountain [Fat Possum] {20}: MC(75), AM, BL:****, DA, RH, RS, SP; TH:B
  111. Isis: Wavering Radiant [Ipecac] {20}: MC(79), DA, SP
  112. Dan Auerbach: Keep It Hid [Nonesuch] {19}: MG:47, AM, SP; TH:*
  113. The Fiery Furnaces: I'm Going Away [Thrill Jockey] {19}: MC(76), AM, EW:A-, PM, SP; MM
  114. PJ Harvey & John Parish: A Woman a Man Walked By [Island] {19}: MC(75), MG:41, AM, BL:****, DS, NM, RS, SL, SP, U; RC:A-, TH:*
  115. Richard Hawley: Truelove's Gutter [Mute] {19}: MC(79), AM, G, MJ:2, NM, OS, RT, U
  116. Manchester Orchestra: Mean Everything to Nothing [Favorite Gentlemen/Canvasback] {19}: MC(70), BL, RS; RC:*, TH:**
  117. Paramore: Brand New Eyes [Fueled by Ramen] {19}: MC(73), AM, DS:10, SP:20; RC:*
  118. Tanya Morgan: Brooklynati [Interdependent] {19}: MC(79), AZ, PM, SP; RC:*, MM, TH:**
  119. Tegan and Sara: Sainthood [Sire/Vapor] {19}: MC(80), AZ:60, BT, RS, SP:22; RC:A-, TH:A-
  120. Broadcast & the Focus Group: Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age [Warp] {18}: OM:5, TM, U, W:1
  121. Built to Spill: There Is No Enemy [Warner Bros] {18}: MC(77), MA:4, MG, ND, RS
  122. DJ Quik & Kurupt: BlaQKout [Mad Science] {18}: MC(83):29, PF, PM, RH; RC:S, CM:5, MM, TH:***
  123. Steve Earle: Townes [New West] {18}: MC(82):45, AM, AZ:16, BT, EW:A, ND:9, RS, SP; RC:X, TH:B
  124. Buddy and Julie Miller: Written in Chalk [New West] {18}: MC(81):49, ND:1, NS:4, PM, RS, SP; RC:**, TL, TH:A-
  125. Mount Eerie: Wind's Poem [PW Elverum & Sun] {18}: MC(85):9, AB, AM, NR, PM, TM:7
  126. Tune-Yards: Bird-Brains [4AD] {18}: AB:3, AM, G, PF; RC:A, CM, MT:7, TH:**
  127. White Rabbits: It's Frightening [TBD] {18}: MC(77), AV, FL:10, RS, SP
  128. Woods: Songs of Shame [Shrimper/Woodsist] {18}: PF, PM, SP
  129. Mulatu Astatke/The Heliocentrics: Inspiration Information, Vol. 3 [Strut] {17}: FR, MJ, SP; FD:7, RC:A-, TH:A-
  130. Bear in Heaven: Bear Rest Forth Mouth [Hometapes] {17}: DA, PF
  131. Black Moth Super Rainbow: Eating Us [Graveface] {17}: MC(74), SP, PM; MM, TH:A-
  132. Brand New: Daisy [Interscope] {17}: MC(76), RS, SP
  133. The Clientele: Bonfires on the Heath [Merge] {17}: MC(84):21, OS, PM
  134. Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse: Dark Night of the Soul [[self-released]] {17}: MC(71), BT, RS
  135. Discovery: LP [XL] {17}: MC(63), AM, AZ:64, F:5
  136. Norah Jones: The Fall [Blue Note] {17}: MC(75), AM, BN:10, RS
  137. AC Newman: Get Guilty [Matador] {17}: MC(73), AM, AZ:32, MA, RS, SL, SP; TH:B
  138. Jim O'Rourke: The Visitor [Drag City] {17}: MC(73), BT, F:9, MG, PF, TM, U, W:8
  139. The Raveonettes: In and Out of Control [Vice] {17}: MC(74); RC:**, TH:***
  140. Super Furry Animals: Dark Days/Light Years [Rough Trade] {17}: MC(84):18, MG:45, MA:9, OS:10, U:2
  141. The Swell Season: Strict Joy [Anti-] {17}: MC(79), AZ:15, BT, RS, SP
  142. Akron/Family: Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free [Dead Oceans] {16}: MC(78), BL, PM, SP
  143. AA Bondy: When the Devil's Loose [Fat Possum] {16}: MC(76), ND, SP
  144. Cold Cave: Love Comes Close [Matador] {16}: MC(70), AM, F:4, NM, OM:4, W
  145. Morrissey: Years of Refusal [Lost Highway] {16}: MC(79), MG:39, AM, DA, RS, SP
  146. Pet Shop Boys: Yes [Astralwerks] {16}: MC(71), SP; RC:***, TH:***
  147. Rihanna: Rated R [Def Jam] {16}: MC(76), AM, MG; RC:**, TH:*
  148. White Denim: Fits [Downtown] {16}: MC(81), MJ, OS, RT, U; RC:A-, TH:B-
  149. 2562: Unbalance [Tectonic] {15}: MC(78), AM, CL, F, PM, RA:10; TH:***
  150. Amadou & Mariam: Welcome to Mali [Because Music/Nonesuch] {15}: MC(86):6, AZ:18, BL, DB, SP:14; RC:A, TH:A-
  151. Brendan Benson: My Old, Familiar Friend [ATO] {15}: MC(72), AM, EW:A-, RS; TH:B-
  152. The Dodos: Time to Die [Frenchkiss] {15}: MC(63), AZ:52, MA
  153. Drake: So Far Gone [Young Money] {15}: AM, PM, RS:13, SP:9; TH:**
  154. Here We Go Magic: Here We Go Magic [Western Vinyl] {15}: MC(72), AB:8, OM
  155. The Juan MacLean: The Future Will Come [DFA] {15}: MC(71), SP; MM, TH:**
  156. Lightning Bolt: Earthly Delights [Load] {15}: MC(82):43, DA, TM:9; RC:**, CM, TH:B-
  157. Lucero: 1372 Overton Park [Republic] {15}: MC(79), AV, ND, SP
  158. Magnolia Electric Co: Josephine [Secretly Canadian] {15}: MC(78), AV, ND
  159. The Mars Volta: Octahedron [Warner Bros] {15}: MC(66), AM, SP
  160. Karen O & the Kids: Where the Wild Things Are [Soundtrack] [DGC/Interscope] {15}: MC(77), AM, AZ:67, RS, SP; RC:X
  161. DM Stith: Heavy Ghost [Asthmatic Kitty] {15}: MC(84):19, MG:21, CL
  162. Thao & the Get Down Stay Down: Know Better Learn Faster [Kill Rock Stars] {15}: AZ:48, P, PM
  163. Tortoise: Beacons of Ancestorship [Thrill Jockey] {15}: MC(71), AM, MG; TH:***
  164. UGK: UGK 4 Life [Jive/Zomba] {15}: MC(84):22, BL, RS, SP; CM, TH:***
  165. Vetiver: Tight Knit [Sub Pop] {15}: MC(74), BL, EW:A-, MJ, SP
  166. Wale: Attention Deficit [Allido/Interscope] {15}: MC(78), AM; RC:S, TH:*
  167. Why?: Eskimo Snow [Anticon] {15}: MC(76), AB, PM; TH:*
  168. Patrick Wolf: The Bachelor [Nylon] {15}: MC(71), RS, SL:3
  169. David Bazan: Curse Your Branches [Barsuk] {14}: MC(81), AZ:86, P:5
  170. The Bird and the Bee: Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future [Blue Note] {14}: MC(71), AZ:24, SP
  171. The Black Crowes: Before the Frost . . . Until the Freeze [Silver Arrow] {14}: MC(75), AM, MJ, PM; RC:**
  172. Bowerbirds: Upper Air [Dead Oceans] {14}: MC(76), AM, SP
  173. J Dilla: Jay Stay Paid [Nature Sounds] {14}: MC(81), AM; RC:B+, TH:***
  174. God Help the Girl: God Help the Girl [Matador] {14}: MC(73), AZ:65, OS, SP; RC:A-, TH:***
  175. Polvo: In Prism [Merge] {14}: MC(79), SP; CM:9, DA; TH:***
  176. Dave Rawlings Machine: A Friend of a Friend [Acony] {14}: BT, ND, RS
  177. Shakira: She Wolf [Epic] {14}: MC(71), AM, EW:A-, RS; RC:A-, TH:A-
  178. Bruce Springsteen: Working on a Dream [Columbia] {14}: MC(72), BL, MJ, RS:2, U; RC:S, TH:B
  179. Devendra Banhart: What Will We Be [Warner Bros] {13}: MC(68), CL, RS, SP; TH:B
  180. Beirut: March of the Zapotec/Holland [Ba Da Bing, EP] {13}: MC(71), BT:1, SP
  181. Blakroc: Blakroc [Blakroc] {13}: MC(80), AV
  182. Leonard Cohen: Live in London [Columbia] {13}: MC(91), AZ:19, MJ, EW:A-, PM; RC:A, CM, MT:2, TH:A
  183. Doves: Kingdom of Rust [Astralwerks/Heavenly] {13}: MC(77), SP, NM, U
  184. Eminem: Relapse [Aftermath/Interscope/Shady/Goliath/Web] {13}: MC(59), EW:A-, RS; RC:B-, TH:B-
  185. The Felice Brothers: Yonder Is the Clock [Team Love] {13}: MC(84):15, EW:A-, SP, U
  186. Ben Frost: By the Throat [Bedroom Community] {13}: AM, RA, W:9
  187. Glasvegas: Glasvegas [Columbia] {13}: MC(74), RS, SP; RC:A, TH:A-
  188. Gossip: Music for Men [Columbia] {13}: MC(69), CL, SP; RS
  189. Imogen Heap: Ellipse [RCA/Megaphonic] {13}: MC(68), AM, AZ:30
  190. Joe Henry: Blood From Stars [Anti-] {13}: MC(77), AM, EW:A-, ND, SP, SS:11
  191. Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit: Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit [Lightning Rod] {13}: MC(70), AM, BT:6, ND, SL, SP; RC:X, TH:**
  192. King Midas Sound: Waiting for You [Hyperdub] {13}: AM, FB:1, OM:8, OS, W:10; TH:**
  193. Little Boots: Hands [679/Atlantic] {13}: MC(61), BL, MG, SL, SP
  194. Moby: Wait for Me [Mute] {13}: MC(65), RS, SP; RC:A-, TH:A-
  195. Noisettes: Wild Young Hearts [Mercury] {13}: MC(75), AZ:46, SP; RC:X
  196. Nosaj Thing: Drift [Alpha Pup] {13}: MC(83):36, OM, SP; TH:*
  197. Peter Bjorn and John: Living Things [Almost Gold/Startime International] {13}: MC(68), AM, BL:****, RS, SP; RC:X
  198. Jamie T: Kings and Queens [Virgin] {13}: MC(74), MG:29, CL, DS, G, NM:10
  199. The Temper Trap: Conditions [Glassnote] {13}: MC(68), G
  200. Thee Oh Sees: Help [In The Red] {13}: MC(81), AM
  201. Alice in Chains: Black Gives Way to Blue [Virgin] {12}: MC(70)
  202. Animal Collective: Fall Be Kind [Domino, EP] {12}: AM, AV, EW:A
  203. Black to Comm: Alphabet 1968 [Type] {12}: OM, TM, W
  204. Bon Iver: Blood Bank [Jagjaguwar, EP] {12}: MC(72), AZ:98, DA, PF
  205. Clipse: Til the Casket Drops [Columbia] {12}: MC(65), EW:A-; RC:**
  206. Gallows: Grey Britain [Warner] {12}: MC(74), DS, NM, SP:37
  207. Levon Helm: Electric Dirt [Dirt Farmer Music/Vanguard] {12}: MC(84):16, AM, ND, PM, RS:23; RC:**, TH:*
  208. Jonsi & Alex: Riceboy Sleeps [XL] {12}: MC(73), AM, PM, RS, RT
  209. Junior Boys: Begone Dull Care [Domino] {12}: MC(76), BL, EW:A-, OS
  210. Kasabian: The West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum [Red Ink] {12}: MC(68), MJ, NM, Q:1
  211. Martyn: Great Lengths [3024] {12}: F, RA:3, RT
  212. Matt & Kim: Grand [Fader] {12}: MC(70), AZ:80, SP
  213. Mika: The Boy Who Knew Too Much [Casablanca/Universal Republic] {12}: MC(75), AM, EW:A, SP; TH:A-
  214. Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band: Outer South [Merge] {12}: MC(67), AM, RS; RC:**, CM, TH:*
  215. Son Volt: American Central Dust [Rounder] {12}: MC(63), AM, AZ:69, ND, SP
  216. Volcano Choir: Unmap [Jagjaguwar] {12}: MC(71), OS
  217. Moritz von Oswald Trio: Vertical Ascent [Honest Jon's] {12}: AM, F, RA:4, W
  218. Tom Waits: Glitter and Doom Live [Anti-] {12}: MC(81), BT, PM; RC:*, TH:**
  219. Patrick Watson: Wooden Arms [Secret City] {12}: MC(64), RT, SP
  220. Wolfmother: Cosmic Egg [DGC/Interscope] {12}: MC(65), RS, SP:24
  221. Matias Aguayo: Ay Ay Ay [Kompakt] {11}: MC(80), FB:9, RA:7
  222. Annie: Don't Stop [Smalltown Supersound] {11}: MC(78), DS, RS
  223. Clues: Clues [Constellation] {11}: MC(73)
  224. Elvis Costello: Secret, Profane & Sugarcane [Hear Music] {11}: MC(70), RS, SP; RC:**, TL
  225. Deer Tick: Born on Flag Day [Partisan] {11}: MC(73), ND, RS, SP; RC:A-, CM, TH:***
  226. Alela Diane: To Be Still [Rough Trade] {11}: MC(75), ND, PM, RT, SP, U; TH:*
  227. Fun: Aim and Ignite [Nettwerk] {11}
  228. Patty Loveless: Mountain Soul II [Saguaro Road] {11}: MC(83), NS:6, PM; TH:B
  229. Marissa Nadler: Little Hells [Kemado] {11}: MC(79), DS, OS
  230. Obits: I Blame You [Sub Pop] {11}: MC(71)
  231. Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band: Between My Head and the Sky [Chimera Music] {11}: MC(83):28, AZ:94, MJ, RS, SP; RC:***
  232. Slaughterhouse: Slaughterhouse [E1] {11}: MC(69), AM
  233. Slayer: World Painted Blood [American] {11}: MC(80), AV
  234. Todd Snider: The Excitement Plan [Yep Roc] {11}: MC(83):24, ND, RS, SP; RC:B+, TH:A-
  235. George Strait: Twang [MCA Nashville] {11}: MC(75), AM, NS:7; TH:B
  236. A Sunny Day in Glasgow: Ashes Grammar [Carrot Top] {11}: MC(77), AM, PF
  237. David Sylvian: Manafon [Samadhi Sound] {11}: MC(80), AM, W:6
  238. White Lies: To Lose My Life [Geffen/Fiction] {11}: MC(58)
  239. . . . And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead: The Century of Self [Justice] {10}: MC(68), AM, SP
  240. Ryan Bingham: Roadhouse Sun [Lost Highway] {10}: MC(76), AZ:100, BT, PM, SP
  241. Black Eyed Peas: The END [Interscope] {10}: MC(60), RS; RC:A, TH:A-
  242. BLK JKS: After Robots [Secrety Canadian] {10}: MC(75), MG:50, BT, MJ, PM, RS; TH:B-
  243. Bonnie "Prince" Billy: Beware [Drag City] {10}: MC(74), MG:43, AZ:44, SP
  244. Brakes: Touchdown [Fat Cat] {10}: SP:36; RC:*, TH:***
  245. Vic Chesnutt: At the Cut [Constellation] {10}: MC(79), SP
  246. Kelly Clarkson: All I Ever Wanted [RCA] {10}: AM, AZ:72, BL:****; RC:*
  247. Cursive: Mama, I'm Swollen [Saddle Creek] {10}: MC(65), BL; RC:*
  248. Dead Man's Bones: Dead Man's Bones [Anti-] {10}: MC(76), AB, MJ, RT
  249. Emeralds: What Happened [No Fun] {10}: TM, W
  250. Fruit Bats: Ruminant Band [Sub Pop] {10}: MC(77), DA; RC:A-, TH:A-
  251. Ghostface Killah: Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City [Def Jam] {10}: MC(68), PM, RS, SP; RC:A-, TH:A-
  252. Tim Hecker: An Imaginary Country [Kranky] {10}: DA
  253. Patterson Hood: Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs) [Ruth St] {10}: MC(80), AM, SP; RC:A-, TH:A-
  254. Kylesa: Static Tensions [Prosthetic] {10}: MC(79), SP
  255. Lady GaGa: The Fame [Interscope] {10}: G, MG:8; RC:*, TH:*
  256. Ryan Leslie: Ryan Leslie [Casablanca] {10}: MC(67), AM
  257. Little Dragon: Machine Dreams [Peacefrog] {10}: MC(74), AM, AZ
  258. The Maccabees: Wall of Arms [Fiction] {10}: MC(75), CL, DS, NM
  259. Madness: The Liberty of Norton Folgate [Yep Roc] {10}: MC(77), AM, MJ:9, SP, U
  260. John Mayer: Battle Studies [Sony] {10}: MC(61); RC:**
  261. Moderat: Moderat [BPitch Control] {10}: MC(78), CL, DS, MG, RA
  262. Mono: Hymn to the Immortal Wind [Temporary Residence] {10}: MC(75), DA
  263. Van Morrison: Astral Weeks: Live at the Hollywood Bowl [Listen to the Lion] {10}: MC(77), BL, DB, EW:A-, RS, U; TH:A-
  264. Willie Nelson/Asleep at the Wheel: Willie and the Wheel [Bismeaux] {10}: MC(72), NS:5, PM, RS; RC:A, TL, MT:10, TH:A
  265. Oneida: Rated O [Jagjaguwar] {10}: MC(74), NM
  266. Portugal the Man: The Satanic Satanist [Equal Vision] {10}: EW:A-
  267. The Prodigy: Invaders Must Die [Cooking Vinyl] {10}: MC(60), SP; RC:**
  268. Q-Tip: Kamaal the Abstract [Battery] {10}: MC(79), AM; RC:B-
  269. Rick Ross: Deeper Than Rap [Def Jam] {10}: MC(73), AM, SP:38
  270. Sufjan Stevens: The BQE [Asthmatic Kitty] {10}: MC(75), DS, P; TH:B
  271. Taken by Trees: East of Eden [Rough Trade] {10}: MC(83):35, AB:10, G, RT, UR:9
  272. Telekinesis: Telekinesis! [Merge] {10}: MC(68), PM, SP; RC:***
  273. The Whitest Boy Alive: Rules [Bubbles] {10}: MC(57)
  274. Wye Oak: The Knot [Merge] {10}: MC(75), AV, BT, SP; RC:X

Separated out the 10+ jazz releases here, which are either over- or underrepresented, depending on your point of view.

  1. Allen Toussaint: The Bright Mississippi [Nonesuch] {32}: MC(83):27, AM, BN:8, DB, JT:5, PM, RS, VV:7; RC:A-, FD:10, CM, TH:A-
  2. Vijay Iyer Trio: Historicity [ACT] {30}: DB, JT:2, PM, VV:1; FD:1, CM, TH:A-
  3. Darcy James Argue's Secret Society: Infernal Machines [New Amsterdam] {27}: DB, JT:6, VV:4; FD:4, TH:***
  4. Henry Threadgill Zooid: This Brings Us To, Volume 1 [Pi] {24}: DB, JT:4, PM, VV:2; FD:2, CM, HS:6, TH:***
  5. Steve Lehman Octet: Travail, Transformation, and Flow [Pi] {22}: JT, PM, VV:5; FD, CM, TH:A-
  6. Fly: Sky & Country [ECM] {19}: JT, VV; TH:*
  7. Joe Lovano Us Five: Folk Art [Blue Note] {18}: MC(84), DB, JT:1, VV:3; FD:3, TH:***
  8. David Binney: Third Occasion [Mythology] {15}: DB, VV; TH:**
  9. Miguel Zenon: Esta Plena [Marsalis Music] {15}: JT:3, VV:8; TH:***
  10. Gary Burton/Pat Metheny/Steve Swallow/Antonio Sanchez: Quartet Live [Concord] {14}: JT:7, VV; TH:*
  11. David S Ware: Shakti [AUM Fidelity] {14}: DB, VV; CM:10, TH:A-
  12. Dave Douglas: Spirit Moves [Greenleaf Music] {13}: DB, JT, VV; FD:8, TH:***
  13. Jim Hall/Bill Frisell: Hemispheres [ArtistShare] {13}: DB, JT, VV:9; TH:***
  14. Keith Jarrett: Paris/London: Testament [ECM] {13}: JT, VV:6; TH:**
  15. Chris Potter Underground: Ultrahang [ArtistShare] {13}: DB, JT, VV; FD, TH:***
  16. Kurt Elling: Dedicated to You [Concord] {12}: DB, JT, VV; TH:B-
  17. John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble: Eternal Interlude [Sunnyside] {12}: PM, VV:10; HS:4, TH:*
  18. Masada Quintet: Stolas: The Book of Angels, Vol. 12 [Tzadik] {12}: PM; TH:**
  19. Joshua Redman: Compass [Nonesuch] {12}: MC(83), AM, JT, VV; TH:**
  20. Jackie Ryan: Doozy! [Openart] {12}: DB, JT; TH:*
  21. Matthew Shipp: Harmonic Disorder [Thirsty Ear] {12}: AM, DB; FD, CM:8, TH:A
  22. Matt Wilson Quartet: That's Gonna Leave a Mark [Palmetto] {12}: JT, PM; TH:A-
  23. Ran Blake: Driftwoods [Tompkins Square] {11}: FD, HS:1, TH:***
  24. Darius Jones Trio: Man'ish Boy [AUM Fidelity] {11}: JT, VV; HS:5, CM:1, TH:A-
  25. Branford Marsalis: Metamorphosen [Marsalis Music] {11}: MC(82), DB, JT:9, VV; TH:***
  26. John Patitucci: Remembrance [Concord] {11}: JT, VV; TH:***
  27. Charles Tolliver Big Band: Emperor March [Half Note] {11}: DB, JT, VV; TH:U
  28. Digital Primitives: Hum Crackle & Pop [Hopscotch] {10}: CM, TH:A-
  29. Bill Frisell: Disfarmer [Nonesuch] {10}: AM, JT, VV; FD:5, TH:A-
  30. Linda Oh Trio: Entry [Linda Oh Music] {10}: JT, VV; FD
  31. Jeff "Tain" Watts: Watts [Dark Key] {10}: JT:10, RS, VV; TH:*

The Rest of the List

  1. 3 Inches of Blood: Here Waits Thy Doom [Century Media]
  2. 5 O'Clock Shadowboxers: The Slow Twilight [Beat Garden]
  3. 7 Worlds Collide: Sun Came Out [SINAB] {2}: AZ:70
  4. 8Ball: With All Your Friends
  5. 9th Wonder/Wale: Back to the Feature [Phantom Sound & Vision, mixtape] {2}: PM
  6. 10-20: 10-20 [Highpoint Lowlife] {4}: F; MM
  7. 50 Cent: Before I Self Destruct [Aftermath] {3}: MC(62); RC:X
  8. 80kidz: This Is My Shit
  9. 311: Uplifter
  10. 1990s: Kicks [Rough Trade] {2}: MC(65), RS
  11. A Camp: Colonia [Nettwerk] {3}: MC(64), RS, SP; RC:S
  12. Rez Abbasi: Things to Come [Sunnyside] {2}: TH:**
  13. Abe Vigoda: Skeleton [PPM -08]: RC:A-, TH:B-
  14. Abe Vigoda: Reviver [PPM, EP]: MC(73), RC:**
  15. Jacob Abello: Nothing but Gold
  16. John Abercrombie: Wait Till You See Her [ECM] {3}: TH:**
  17. Absu: Absu
  18. Acorn: Glory Hope Mountain: RT
  19. Acoustic Guitar Trio: Vignes [Long Song]
  20. Aceyalone: Aceyalone & the Lonely Ones [Decon]: SP
  21. Acidic Jews: Clean Rigs [Acidic Jews]
  22. Acoustic Ladyland: Living With a Tiger [Strong and Wrong] {2}
  23. Claudia Acuña: En Este Momento [Marsalis Music] {3}: DB; TH:B-
  24. Ada: Adaptations: Mixtape #1 [Kompakt] {3}: AM, MM
  25. Adam & Darcie: California Trail
  26. John Adams: Doctor Atomic Symphony [Nonesuch]
  27. Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara: Tell No Lies [Real World] {3}: DB, FR:6; RC:***
  28. Steve Adams: Surface Tension [Clean Feed -08] {2}: TH:**
  29. Jason Adasiewicz: Varmint [Cuneiform] {2}
  30. Admiral Angry: Buster
  31. Advent: Naked and Cold [Solid State]
  32. Aelstorm: Black Sails at Midnight
  33. AFI: Crash Love [Interscope]: MC(70)
  34. Afro Classics: The Classic EP [Legendary Music]
  35. Afrobutt: Wunderbutt [Electric Minds]: MM
  36. Afternoon Naps: Parade: OS
  37. Against Me!: The Original Cowboy [Fat Wreck Chords]: SP
  38. The Aggrolites: IV
  39. Sophie Agnel: Capsizing Moments [Emanem]
  40. Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Agorapocalypse [Relapse] {3}
  41. Ahilea: Cafe Svetlana [Essay] {2}: RC:**, TH:***
  42. Ilyas Ahmed: Goner [Root Strata] {3}
  43. Air: Love 2 [Astralwerks] {5}: MC(65), SP
  44. The Airborne Toxic Event: The Airborne Toxic Event {5}
  45. Noel Akchote: Toi Meme [Winter & Winter]
  46. Al Orkestra: Where Are We Now? [Mogno Music]
  47. Alarm Will Sound: A/Rhythmia [Nonesuch]: AZ
  48. AlasNoAxis [Jim Black]: Houseplant [Winter & Winter] {5}: HS:8
  49. Alcazar: Disco Defenders {2}
  50. Alchemist: Chemical Warfare [E1 Entertainment] {3}: MC(83), AM; TH:**
  51. Jason Aldean: Wide Open [Broken Bow]: RC:X
  52. Ralph Alessi and Modular Theatre: Open Season [RKM]
  53. Alessi's Ark: Notes From the Treehouse
  54. Dee Alexander: Wild Is the Wind [Blujazz] {7}: DB, JT
  55. Eric Alexander: Revival of the Fittest [High Note] {2}: TH:***
  56. Alexisonfire: Old Crows/Young Cardinals [Vagrant] {3}
  57. Nadia Ali: Embers
  58. Rashied Ali Quintet: Live in Europe [Survival] {2}
  59. Sian Alice Group: Troubled, Shaken, Etc: SP
  60. The Aliens: Luna [Birdman]: MA:3
  61. Mattias Alkberg: Nerverna
  62. All Time Low: Nothing Personal
  63. Aimee Allen: A Little Happiness
  64. Bishop Allen: Grrr . . . [Dead Oceans] {2}
  65. Harry Allen: New York State of Mind [Challenge]: TH:**
  66. JD Allen: Shine! [Sunnyside] {8}: JT, VV; CM, TH:**
  67. Tony Allen: Secret Agent [World Circuit] {2}: FB:10, FR
  68. Ben Allison: Think Free [Palmetto] {6}: PM, VV; TH:U
  69. Andy Allo: UnFresh
  70. The Almighty Defenders: The Almighty Defenders {5}: SP
  71. The Almost: Monster Monster
  72. Alphabeat: The Spell {2}
  73. Alpinist: Minus.Mensch [Alerta Antifascista]
  74. Alta Nova: Xerrox Volume 2 [Rasta Norton]
  75. Altar Eagle: Judo Songs [Digitalis]
  76. Altar of Plagues: White Tomb {2}
  77. Dave Alvin: Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women [Yep Roc] {3}: MC(73), ND:5, RC:S, TH:**
  78. Rodrigo Amado/Kent Kessler/Paal Nilssen-Love: The Abstract Truth [European Echoes] {2}: TH:**
  79. Rodrigo Amado/Miguel Mira/Gabriel Ferrandini: Motion Trio [European Echoes] {4}: TH:***
  80. The Amazing: The Amazing
  81. Amazing Baby: Rewild [Shangri-La] {3}: MC(68), SP
  82. Oren Ambarachi: Intermission 2000-2008 [Touch]
  83. Ari Ambrose/Stephen Riley: Tenor Treats [Steeplechase]
  84. Amen Dunes: Dia [Locust] {3}
  85. Amerie: In Love & War [Def Jam] {7}: MC(78), AM; RC:***
  86. Amesoeurs: Amesoeurs {4}: AZ:95
  87. Vanessa Amorosi: Hazardous
  88. Amorphis: Skyforger [Nuclear Blast]
  89. The Amorphous Androgynous: A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding in Your Mind, Vol 2: Pagan Love Vibrations [Platipus]: PM
  90. Tori Amos: Midwinter Graces [Universal Republic] {3}: MC(71)
  91. Amsterdam Klezmer Band: Zaraza [Essay -08]: RC:**
  92. An Horse: Rearrange Beds [Mom & Pop] {9}: BL, RS, SP; RC:A-, TH:A-
  93. Anahi: Mi Delirio
  94. The Anals: Total Anal [Permenant]
  95. Anaal Nathrakh: In the Constellation of the Black Widow [Candlelight]
  96. Anathallo: Canopy Glow {2}: CL
  97. Ancestors: Of Sound Mind [Tee Pee]
  98. And So I Watch You From Afar: And So I Watch You From Afar {3}
  99. Anda: In Medio
  100. Arild Andersen: Live at Belleville [ECM -08] {3}: TH:A-
  101. Ernestine Anderson: A Song for You [High Note] {2}: TH:**
  102. Fred Anderson: Staying in the Game [Engine] {6}: TH:**
  103. Fred Anderson Quartet: Live at the Velvet Lounge, Vol. 3 [Asian Improv]
  104. Fred Anderson: Black Horn Long Gone [Katalyst]
  105. Fred Anderson: 21st Century Chase [Delmark] {3}: TH:*
  106. John Anderson: Bigger Hands [Country Crossing] {5}: RC:*, TL, TH:A-
  107. Benny Andersson Band: Story of a Heart
  108. Mayra Andrade: Storia Storia [Stern's]
  109. Andres: II [Mahogani Music]
  110. Anduin: Abandoned in Sleep [SMTG]
  111. Anduin & Jasper TX: The Bending of Light [SMTG] {2}
  112. Lili Añel: Every Second in Between [Wall-I] {2}
  113. Aneurysm Rats: Dying to Live
  114. Sylvester Anfang: Sylvester Anfang II [Aurora Borealis]
  115. Theo Angell: Tenebrae [Amish]
  116. Angus & Julie Stone: A Book Like This
  117. Animal Hospital: Memory [Barge] {2}
  118. Animal Kingdom: Signs and Wonders [Warner]
  119. Anjulie: Anjulie [Hear Music]: MC(66), RC:S
  120. Lotte Anker/Craig Taborn/Gerald Cleaver: Live at the Loft [ILK] {3}: SG
  121. Antigone: Antigoneland
  122. Anti-Pop Consortium: Fluorescent Black [Big Dada] {7}: MC(76), AM, SP
  123. The Answer: Everyday Demons [The End] {2}
  124. The Answering Machine: Another City, Another Sorry
  125. Aparecidos: Lo Que Hay en el Charco: AZ
  126. Apollo Ghosts: Hastings Sunrise
  127. The Appleseed Cast: Sagarmatha {4}
  128. Apsci: Best Crisis Ever: SP
  129. Apse: Eras: DA
  130. Aquarelle: Slow Circles [Rest + Noise]
  131. Lawrence Arabia: Chant Darling {3}
  132. Arbouretum: Song of the Pearl
  133. Architects: Hollow Crown
  134. Architeq: Green + Gold [Tirk] {2}
  135. Archivist: Learning to Live on Poison
  136. The Archivist: The Keeper of the Library [Lacies]
  137. Carolyn Arends: Love Was Here First
  138. ARMS: Kids Aflame
  139. Olafur Arnalds: Found Songs [Erased Tapes] {4}
  140. The David Arner Trio: Out in the Open [Not Two]
  141. Lynne Arriale: Nuance [Motéma] {4}: DB
  142. As Cities Burn: Hell or High Water
  143. As Tall as Lions: You Can't Take It With You
  144. Asa: Asa
  145. Ascites: Incisional Drainage [Ascites]
  146. Ashford & Simpson: The Real Thing [Burgundy]: RC:**
  147. Asobi Seksu: Hush [Polyvinyl] {6}: MC(64), SP
  148. Asphyx: Death . . . The Brutal Way [Ibex Moon] {2}
  149. Assemblage 23: Compass
  150. Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound: When Sweet Sleep Returned [Tee Pee] {5}: AM, DA
  151. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: Around the Bend EP [Small Giants, EP]: RC:**
  152. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: Fruit [Small Giants] {4}: RS, SP; RC:***
  153. Astral Social Club: Plug Music Ramoon [Dancing Wayang]
  154. At Swim Two Birds: Before You Left [Vespertine & Son/Radio Khartoum]: PM
  155. Rodney Atkins: It's America [Curb]: RC:X
  156. The Atlas Moth: A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky
  157. Irene Atman: New York Rendezvous: TH:B
  158. Atom: Liedgut [Raster-Noton] {3}: W
  159. A-Trak: FabricLive 45 [Fabric] {5}: MM
  160. Michaël Attias: Renku in Coimbra [Clean Feed]: TH:U
  161. AU: Versions [Aagoo]
  162. Au Revoir Simone: Still Night, Still Light [Our Secret] {8}: MC(71), AM, AZ:96, SP
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  541. Coalesce: Ox [Relapse] {7}
  542. Closure in Moscow: First Temple
  543. The Coathangers: Scramble [Suicide Squeeze] {4}: MC(71), BL:****, RC:A-, CM
  544. Cobalt: Gin [Profound Lore] {3}
  545. Cobra Skulls: American Rubicon
  546. Cobra Starship: Hot Mess [Decaydance/Fueled by Ramen] {6}: AM, SP
  547. Tammy Cochran: 30 Something and Single
  548. CoCoComa: Things Are Not All Right [Goner]
  549. Joe Cocker: Live at Woodstock
  550. Coconut & the Duke: In the Bamboo Forests of Pennsylvania
  551. CODE: Play the Music of Ornette Coleman and Eric Dolphy [Cracked Anegg -08] {2}: TH:***
  552. Joe Cohn: Shared Contemplations [Criss Cross]
  553. Cheryl Cole: 3 Words {3}
  554. Freddy Cole: The Dreamer in Me [High Note] {3}: AZ; TH:A-
  555. Keyshia Cole: A Different Me [Imani/Geffen] {2}: SP
  556. Collective 4tet: Transition [Leo] {2}: SG
  557. Ned Collette and Wirewalker: Over the Stones, Under the Stars
  558. Graham Collier: Directing 14 Jackson Pollocks [Jazz Continuum]
  559. George Colligan: Come Together [Sunnyside] {4}: TH:**
  560. George Colligan: Runaway [Sunnyside -08]: TH:*
  561. William Fowler Collins: Perdition Hill Radio [Type] {2}
  562. Ravi Coltrane: Blending Times [Savoy Jazz] {7}: AM, JT; FD, TH:**
  563. Comet Gain: Broken Record Prayers [What's Your Rupture?]: AM
  564. Company of Thieves: Ordinary Riches
  565. Concern: Truth & Distance [Digitalis]
  566. Conditions: You Are Forgotten
  567. Condo Fucks: Fuckbook [Matador] {6}: MC(74), BL; RC:*, TH:**
  568. Consequence: Live for Never
  569. The Cool Kids: Gone Fishing [CAKE] {3}
  570. Eric Copeland: Alien in a Garbage Dump [Paw Tracks]: MC(71)
  571. Shemekia Copeland: Never Going Back [Telarc] {3}: MC(79); RC:*
  572. Marc Copland: New York Trio Recordings Vol. 3: Night Whispers [Pirouet] {3}: DB; TH:*
  573. Laurent Coq: Eight Fragments of Summer [88 Trees]
  574. Chick Corea/Hiromi: Duet [Concord]
  575. Chick Corea/John McLaughlin: Five Peace Band Live [Concord] {4}: DB, JT; TH:**
  576. Chris Cornell: Scream [Mosley/Interscope] {2}: MC(42), RC:X
  577. Cornershop: Judy Sucks on a Lemon for Breakfast {3}: U
  578. Jack Cortner Big Band: Sound Check [Jazzed Media]
  579. Sean Costello: Sean's Blues
  580. Cotton Jones Basket Ride: Paranoid Cocoon [Suicide Squeeze] {2}: AM
  581. Cougar: Patriot [Ninja Tune]
  582. Graham Coxon: The Spinning Top {2}: U
  583. Christina Courtin: Christina Courtin [Nonesuch]: AZ
  584. Courtis/Moore: Brokebox Juke: W
  585. Cracker: Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey [429] {3}: ND, SP; RC:**
  586. Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald: Recomposed Vol. 3
  587. Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers: Songs in the Night [Ramseur]: RS
  588. Crayon Fields: All the Pleasures of the World [Chapter Music]
  589. Crazy Dreams Band: Crazy Dreams Band [Holy Mountain]: AB
  590. Marshall Crenshaw: Jaggedland [429] {3}: RC:***, TH:***
  591. The Cribs: Ignore the Ignorant [Warner Bros] {9}: MC(76), NM, RS, MJ, SP
  592. Crippled Black Phoenix: 200 Tons of Bad Luck [Invada] {4}: MC(76)
  593. Marilyn Crispell: Collaborations [Leo] {3}
  594. Marilyn Crispell: Live at Nya Perspektiv Festivals [Leo]
  595. Enrico Crivellaro: Mojo Zone [Electro-Fi]: DB
  596. Crocodiles: Summer of Hate [Fat Possum] {8}: MC(69), AM, CL, RS, SP
  597. David Crowder Band: Church Music
  598. Chelsea Crowell: Chelsea Crowell
  599. Jon Crowley: Connections [Jon Crowley Music]
  600. Alberta Cross: Broken Side of Time {4}
  601. Jason Crumer: Walk With Me [Misanthropic Agenda]
  602. Cryptacize: Mythomania [Asthmatic Kitty] {3}: AB
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  604. The Crystal Method: Divided by Night [Ingrooves] {3}: MC(56), AZ:79
  605. Crystal Stilts: Alight of Night [Angular] {4}: NM
  606. Ronnie Cuber: Ronnie [Steeplechase]
  607. The Cubists: Mechanical Advantage [Semi-Precious]
  608. Kid 606: Shout at the Döner {2}
  609. Culted: Below the Thunders of the Upper Deep
  610. Bill Cunliffe: Blues and the Abstract Truth, Take 2 [Resonance] {2}
  611. Amelia Curran: Hunter, Hunter [Six Shooter] {2}
  612. Curse Ov Dialect: Crisis Tales
  613. Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours [Modular]: RC:**
  614. Cut Off Your Hands: You and I [Frenchkiss] {3}: MC(61), SP
  615. Cyminology: As Ney [ECM] {2}: TH:B
  616. Dailey & Vincent: Brothers From Different Mothers [Rounder] {5}: PM; TL, TH:**
  617. Will Dailey: Torent, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
  618. Dak: Standthis
  619. Dälek: Gutter Tactics [Ipecac] {6}: AM
  620. Dallas Austin Experience: 8Dazeaweakend [Universal Motown]
  621. John Daly: Sea and Sky [Wave]
  622. The Damnwells: One Last Century
  623. Dananananaykroyd: Hey Everyone! [Best Before] {8}: MC(69), CL, DS
  624. Dance Gavin Dance: Happiness: B
  625. The Dangerous Summer: Reach for the Sun [Hopeless] {2}
  626. Danielle Ate the Sandwich: Things People Do
  627. Eddie Daniels & Roger Kellaway: A Duet of One: Live at the Bakery [IPO]: TH:*
  628. Lars Danielsson: Tarantella [ACT] {3}: TH:A-
  629. Danny: Set Your Body Free
  630. Danny!: Where Is Danny? [Definitive Jux] {2}: PM
  631. Dappled Cities: Zounds {3}
  632. Dark Chocolate: Unwrapped [Megawave]
  633. Dark Meat: Truce Opium
  634. Darkest Hour: The Eternal Return
  635. Matt Darriau/Ismail Lumanovski/Patrick Novara: Liquid Clarinets [Felmay]
  636. Darwinsbitch: Ore [Digitalis]
  637. Das Pop: Das Pop
  638. Dash & Will: Up in Something
  639. Dashboard Confessional: After the Ending [Vagrant] {5}: MC(63), RS
  640. DAT Politics: Mad Kit [Chicks on Speed]: AM
  641. Datarock: Red [Nettwerk]: MC(70)
  642. Datsuns: Head Stunts [Red Int/Red Ink] {2}
  643. Mon David: Coming True [FreeHam]
  644. Roger Davidson/Raúl Jaurena: Pasión por la Vida [Soundbrush]: TH:***
  645. Ray Davies: The Kinks Choral Collection
  646. Gareth Davis & Steven R Smith: Westering [Important]
  647. Greg Davis: Primes [Autumn] {2}
  648. On Ka'a Davis: Seed of Djuke [Live Wired] {2}: RC:***, TH:***
  649. On Ka'a Davis: Djoukoujou! [Tzadik]: TH:***
  650. Dawes: North Hills [ATO] {4}: RS
  651. Dawn Metropolis: Anamanaguchi
  652. A Day to Remember: Homesick {3}
  653. De La Soul: Are You In? [Nike running mix]
  654. De Rosa: Prevention [Chemikal Underground] {2}
  655. Dead Prez: Pulse of the People {2}: SP
  656. Deadmau5: For Lack of a Better Name [Ultra] {4}: AZ
  657. Deadstring Brothers: Sao Paulo [Bloodshot]
  658. The Dear Hunter: Act III
  659. Dear Time's Waste: Room for Rent
  660. Deastro: Moondagger [Ghostly Intl] {6}: MC(65)
  661. Death: For the Whole World to See
  662. Death Cab for Cutie: The Open Door [Atlantic, EP] {7}: MC(77), RS; RC:A-, TH:*
  663. A Death in the Family: Small Town Stories [Resist/Poison City]
  664. Deathspell Omega: Chaining the Katechon
  665. Sammy Decoster: Tucumcari
  666. Chico DeBarge: Addiction [Kedar Entertainment Group]: PM
  667. Speech Debelle: Speech Therapy [Big Dada] {5}: MC(77); RC:**, TH:***
  668. Deep Dark Woods: Winter Hours [Black Hen] {2}
  669. Deer Tick: War Elephant [Partisan]: RC:**
  670. Deerhunter: Rainwater Cassette Exchange [Kranky]: MC(80)
  671. The Defibulators: Corn Money [City Salvage]: RC:***
  672. Dehtklok: Dethalbum II [Williams Street] {2}
  673. Jack DeJohnette/John Patitucci/Danilo Perez: Music We Are [Golden Beams] {5}: PM
  674. Del the Funky Homosapien & Tame One: Parallel Uni-Verses [Gold Dust] {2}: MC(73), SP
  675. Vladislav Delay: Tummaa [Leaf] {3}
  676. Deleted Scenes: Birdseed Shirt
  677. Delorean: Ayrton Senna [Fool House, EP] {5}
  678. Delus & Konshens: Modern Revolution
  679. Demdike Stare: Symbiosis [Modern Love] {2}
  680. Karl Denson's Tiny Universe: Brother's Keeper [Shanachie]: AM
  681. Loren Dent: Anthropology Vol. 1 [Infraction]
  682. Esmee Denters: Outta Here
  683. Depeche Mode: Sounds of the Universe [Mute/EMI] {5}: MC(70), BL
  684. Depth & Current: Arms
  685. Dave Deporis: Emancipation
  686. Jean Derome: Plates-Forms et Traquenards
  687. Tony DeSare: Radio Show [Telarc]
  688. Desert Noises: Desert Noises {2}
  689. Desire: II [Italians Do It Better] {4}: F, OM
  690. Desolation Wilderness: New Universe [K] {2}: MC(64), SP
  691. Destroy Destroy Destroy: Battle Sluts {2}
  692. Deuce: Deuce [Ostgut Tonträger]
  693. Raheem DeVaughn: The Art of Noise Mixtape [368 Music Group]: PM
  694. The Devil Makes Three: Do Wrong Right
  695. The Devil Wears Prada: With Roots Above and Branches Below {2}
  696. Kevin Devine: Brother's Blood [Favorite Gentlemen] {3}: SP
  697. Dex Romweber Duo: Ruins of Berlin [Bloodshot]: SP
  698. The Dexateens: Singlewide
  699. Diamond District: In the Ruff [Ryko] {5}: PM
  700. Walt Dickerson: Tell us Only of Beautiful Things [Why Not]
  701. Whit Dickey Trio: Emergence [Not Two]
  702. James Luther Dickinson: Dinosaurs Run in Circles [Memphis International] {2}: RC:*
  703. Trife Diesel: Better Late Than Never [Tdl]: AZ
  704. Digital Leather: Warm Brother
  705. Digits: Hold It Close
  706. Aaron Dilloway: Chain Shot [Hanson]
  707. Dinky: Anemik [Wagon Repair]: RA
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  709. Dimitri from Paris/The Idjut Boys: Night Dubbin' [BBE] {2}: AM
  710. Diocletian: Doom Cult
  711. Mike DiRubbo: Repercussion [Posi-Tone] {3}: TH:**
  712. Disappears: Live Over the Rainbo
  713. Distance: Repercussions [Planet mu]
  714. The Diva Jazz Trio: Never Never Land [Arbors]
  715. Division Day: Visitation {4}
  716. Dixon: Temporary Secretary
  717. Bill Dixon: Tapestries for Small Orchestra [Firehouse 12] {7}: VV; FD:9, TH:***
  718. DJ Drama and Gucci Mane: The Movie 3-D: The Burrprint [So Icey]
  719. DJ Hell: Teufelswerk [International DeeJay Gigolo] {3}
  720. DJ Koze: Reincarnations [Get Physical] {7}: AM; MM
  721. DJ/Rupture: Uproot [The Agriculture -08] {2}: RC:A-, TH:**
  722. DJ/Rupture and Andy Moor: Patches [Unsuitable]
  723. DJ Sega: Live at the Bowery Ballroom
  724. DJ Signify: Of Cities [Bully]: PM
  725. DJ Spooky: The Secret Song [Thirsty Ear] {3}: AM, EW; TH:***
  726. DJ Sprinkles: Midtown 120 Blues [Mule Musiq] {9}: F, RA:1
  727. Do Make Say Think: Other Truths [Constellation] {7}: MC(73)
  728. John Doe & the Sadies: Country Club [Yep Roc] {3}: AM, ND; RC:X
  729. Dog Day: Concentration [Outside]
  730. Swamp Dogg: Give 'Em as Little as You Can . . . as Often as You Have to . . . or . . . A Tribute to Rock 'n' Roll: S-Curve [RC:**, TH:C]
  731. Peter Doherty: Grace/Wastelands [Astralwerks] {4}: MC(74), AM, SP; RC:X
  732. Julie Doiron: I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day {4}
  733. Dojo Cuts: Dojo Cuts [Record Kicks]
  734. Donae'o: Party Hard {2}
  735. Denise Donatelli: What Lies Within [Savant]
  736. Lisa Donnelly: We Had a Thing
  737. Melinda Doolittle: Coming Back to You [Hi Fi] {4}: MC(79)
  738. Doomriders: Darkness Comes Alive [Deathwish] {2}
  739. Christy Doran: The Competence of the Irregular [Between the Lines]
  740. Dorian Concept: When Planets Explode [Kindred Spirits] {2}
  741. Double Dagger: More [Thrill Jockey] {5}: AM
  742. Doveman: The Conformist [Brassland] {2}: AZ, BT:2
  743. Dubblestandart: Return From Planet Dub [Collision]: RC:**
  744. Mike Doughty: Sad Man Happy Man {3}
  745. Dave Douglas: A Single Sky [Greenleaf Music] {4}
  746. Dragon Turtle: Almanac
  747. Dragonette: Fixin' to Thrill {4}
  748. The Drawing Room: The Drawing Room [Tooth & Nail]: AZ
  749. Dream Theater: Black Clouds and Silver Linings [Roadrunner] {3}: MC(68)
  750. Dredg: The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion [Ohlone] {6}: MC(68)
  751. Mark Dresser/Denman Maroney: Live in Concert [Kadima]
  752. Drivin' and Cryin': Great American Bubble Factory {2}
  753. The Drones: Havilah [ATP] {3}: SP
  754. Kevin Drumm: Imperial Horizon [Hospital] {3}: TM, W
  755. The Drums: Summertime! [Twentyseven, EP] {4}: NM, RS
  756. The Dry Spells: Too Soon for Flowers
  757. Drummer: Feel Good Together {2}
  758. D-Sisive: Let the Children Die [Urbnet] {2}
  759. Lucien Dubuis Trio & Marc Ribot: Ultime Cosmos [Enja]
  760. Ducktails: Ducktails [Not Not Fun] {4}: F, TM
  761. Ducktails: II
  762. Ducktails: Landscapes [Olde English Spelling Bee] {2}
  763. Ducktails: Backward
  764. The Duckworth Lewis Method: The Duckworth Lewis Method [1969] {6}: MC(65), BT
  765. Marc Ducret: Le Sens de la Marche [Illusions] {2}
  766. Dub Pistols: Rum & Coke [101 Distribution]
  767. Dude 'N Nem: Tinted Incubators [TVT]
  768. Duelo: Necesito Más de Ti [Fonovisa]: AZ
  769. The Duke & the King: Nothing Gold Can Stay {4}: U
  770. Dumate: We Have the Technology
  771. Paul Dunmall Sun Quartet: Ancient and Future Airs [Clean Feed]: TH:*
  772. The Dutchess and the Duke: Sunset/Sunrise [Hardly Art] {4}: MC(78), AZ, SP
  773. Antje Duvekot: The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer
  774. Omar Kent Dykes/Jimmie Vaughan: Big Town Playboy
  775. Bob Dylan: Christmas in the Heart [Columbia] {4}: MC(66), AZ; RC:*
  776. The Dynamites Featuring Charles Walker: Burn It Down [Outta Sight] {2}
  777. E-603: Torn Up
  778. EA Silence: Cono Di Ombra E Luce [Amirani]
  779. Jason Eady: When the Money's All Gone
  780. Eagle Twin: The Unkindness of Crows {3}
  781. Ear & Now: Eclipse [Wallace]
  782. Bill Easley: Hearing Voices [18th & Vine]
  783. Kate Earl: Kate Earl [Universal Republic]: AZ
  784. Early Day Miners: The Treatment
  785. East West Quintet: Vast [Native Language Music]: TH:C+
  786. Eat Skull: Wild and Inside [Siltbreeze] {5}
  787. Ebony Bones: Bone of My Bones
  788. Echo & the Bunnymen: The Fountain [Ocean Tours Ltd] {3}: MC(61)
  789. Edan: Echo Party [Five Day Weekend] {4}
  790. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Primary Colours
  791. Michel Edelin: Kuntu [RogueArt]
  792. Editors: In This Light and On This Evening {4}
  793. Kat Edmonson: Take to the Sky [Convivium] {4}
  794. Eels: Hombre Lobo [Vagrant] {9}: MC(70), AM, RS
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  796. Harris Eisenstadt: Canada Day [Clean Feed] {4}: AM; TH:*
  797. Nathan Eklund: Trip to the Casbah [Jazz Excursion]: TH:***
  798. El Goodo: Coyote [Grease]: RC:***
  799. El Michels Affair: Enter the 37th Chamber [Fat Beats] {2}
  800. El Perro del Mar: Love Is Not Pop [Control Group] {3}: MC(81), AB, AM, SL
  801. El Valiente: Daceton
  802. Eldar: Virtue [Masterworks Jazz] {3}: TH:**
  803. Electric Eel Shock: Sugoi Indeed!
  804. Electric Wire Hustle: Every Waking Hour
  805. Electrik Red: How to Be a Lady, Vol. 1 [Radio Killa/Def Jam] {5}: AM
  806. Eleh/Nana April Jun: Observations & Momentum/Sun Wind Darkness Eye [Touch]
  807. Elephant Stone: The Seven Seas [Elephants on Parade]: AZ
  808. Eliane Elias: Bossa Nova Stories [Blue Note]: TH:***
  809. Nancy Elizabeth: Wrought Iron [The Leaf]
  810. Elizabeth & the Catapult: Taller Children {2}
  811. Elize: More Than Meets the Eye
  812. Ramblin' Jack Elliott: A Stranger Here {3}
  813. Tinsley Ellis: Speak No Evil
  814. Elm: Nemcatacoa [Digitalis]
  815. Embrace of Thorns: Atonement Ritual [Nuclear War Now]
  816. Emery: . . . In Shallow Seas We Sail
  817. Emmanu El: Moen
  818. Emmy the Great: First Love [Close Harbour] {8}: DS
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  820. Empire of the Sun: Walking on a Dream [Virgin] {7}: MC(60), NM
  821. Empty Cage Quartet: Gravity [Clean Feed]: TH:U
  822. Empty Set: As Neat as a New Pin [Phantom Sound & Vision]: AZ
  823. Emptyset: Emptyset [Caravan] {4}
  824. Susan Enan: Plainsong {2}
  825. Endah N' Rhesa: Nowhere to Go
  826. Ender: Ender [Darkroom]
  827. Engineers: Three Fact Fader
  828. Jeremy Enigk: OK Bear [Redeye] {3}: MC(67)
  829. Lawrence English: A Colour for Autumn
  830. Craig Enright: La Belleza . . . [CDBaby]: TH:***
  831. Enter Shikari: Common Dreads {2}
  832. Die Enttäuschung: Die Enttäuschung [Intakt] {3}
  833. The Entrance Band: The Entrance Band [Ecstatic Peace]: RS
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  835. Es: Kesamaan Lapset [Fonal] {3}
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  839. Espers: III [Drag City]: MC(71)
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  843. Oran Etkin: Kelenia [Motema] {3}: TH:***
  844. The Ettes: Do You Want Power [Take Root] {3}: AM, BT; RC:*
  845. Eulogies: Here Anonymous [Dangerbird] {2}: AZ
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  849. Peter Evans: Nature/Culture [Psi] {6}: W
  850. Eve & the Heartmaker: Let's Keep This Up Forever [Sony]: RC:B+
  851. Every Time I Die: New Junk Aesthetic {4}
  852. Everything Is Made in China: Automatic Movements
  853. Evil Nine: They Live! [Marine Parade]: SP
  854. Exile: Radio [Plug Research] {2}: PM
  855. Existensminimum: OK Boys
  856. Experimental Dental School: Forest Field
  857. The Exploding Boy: Afterglow
  858. Extra Golden: Thank You Very Quickly [Thrill Jockey] {3}: SP; RC:***, TH:B
  859. Ex-Wife: Everything Was Beautiful [Ex-Wife]
  860. Eyedea & Abilities: By the Throat [Rhymesayers]
  861. Fabolous: Loso's Way
  862. Factory Kids: Factory Kids
  863. Factums: Flowers [Sacred Bones]
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  865. Faith No More: Download Festival, June 12, 2009: PM
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  867. Nathan Fake: Hard Islands [EP] {2}: CL
  868. Fake Problems: It's Great to Be Alive {2}
  869. Jason Falkner: All Quiet on the Noise Floor
  870. Fall Out Boy: Folie a Deux {4}: AV, RS
  871. Falty DL: Love Is a Liability [Planet Mu] {3}: PM
  872. Fantastic Merlins: A Handful of Earth
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  874. Fashawn: Boy Meets World [One] {4}
  875. Fast 'n' Bulbous: Waxed Oop [Cuneiform]
  876. Fastball: Little White Lies [Fastball]
  877. Faunts: Feel Love Thinking Of {2}
  878. Franz Ferdinand: Blood [Domino] {2}: MC(61), AM
  879. Avram Fefer Trio: Ritual [Clean Feed] {2}: TH:**
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  881. Felix da Housecat: He Was King [Nettwerk]
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  884. Fennesz: Black Sea [Touch] {2}
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  887. James Ferraro: Edward Flex Presents: Do You Believe in Hawaii? [New Age Tapes]
  888. James Ferraro: Jarvid 9 pt. 1 + 2
  889. Garrison Fewell: Variable Density Sound Orchestra [Creative Nation]
  890. Fey: Sweet Temptation
  891. Ambrose Field/John Potter: Being Dufay [ECM New Series]: TH:U
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  894. Lee Fields & the Expressions: My World [Truth + Soul] {5}
  895. Finale: A Pipe Dream and a Promise [Interdependent Media] {5}: AZ:71, PM
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  897. A Fine Frenzy: Bomb in the Birdcage [Virgin] {4}: AM
  898. Melanie Fiona: The Bridge [Universal Motown/SRC] {6}: PM
  899. Fire!: You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago [Rune Grammofon] {2}
  900. Firekites: The Bowery [Own]
  901. Donat Fisch/Christian Wolfarth: Circle & Line 2 [Leo]
  902. Fischerspooner: Entertainment [FS Studios] {3}: MC(60)
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  904. Five Spot: Poltva [SoLyd] {2}
  905. The Flatlanders: Hills and Valleys [New West] {7}: MC(77), RS; RC:**, TL, TH:**
  906. Béla Fleck: Throw Down Your Heart [Rounder] {8}: DB; RC:A-, TH:A-
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  908. Jon-Rae Fletcher: Oh Maria
  909. Flight of the Conchords: Flight of the Conchords [Sub Pop] {2}: AZ; RC:**
  910. Flight of the Conchords: I Told You I Was Freaky [Sub Pop] {7}: MC(66)
  911. Flight Safety: We Are an Empire, My Dear
  912. Floating Action: Floating Action [Park the Van] {2}: AZ
  913. Bob Florence Limited Edition: Legendary [MAMA] {3}: TH:**
  914. Rosie Flores: Girl of the Century [Bloodshot]: AZ
  915. The Flow Trio: Rejuvenation [ESP] {2}: TH:B
  916. Flower-Corsano Duo: Four Aims [VHF] {2}: TM, W
  917. John Fogerty: The Blue Ridge Rangers Ride Again [Verve Forecast] {3}: MC(67), ND; RC:S, TH:**
  918. Fol Chen: Part 1: John Shade, Your Fortune's Made [Asthmatic Kitty] {3}: MC(67), SP
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  920. Fondlecorpse: Creaturegore [Razorback]
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  926. The Foreign Exchange: Leave It All Behind
  927. Johnny Foreigner: Grace and the Bigger Picture
  928. Forest Fire: Survival {2}: RT:9
  929. Forgas Band Phenomena: L'Axe du Fou/Axis of Madness [Cuneiform] {3}: AM; TH:**
  930. Forgiving July: Live at Novara Jazz Festival [Amirani]
  931. Former Ghosts: Fleurs [Upset the Rhythm] {2}
  932. Forro for All: Light a Candle [Nublu]
  933. Radney Foster & the Confessions: Revival: ND
  934. Ruthie Foster: The Truth According to Ruthie Foster [Blue Corn Music]: DB
  935. Clarence Fountain: Stepping Up & Stepping Out [Tyscot]: AZ
  936. Four80East: Roll On [Native Language]
  937. Julie Fowlis: Uam [Shoeshine] {2}
  938. Jamie Foxx: Intuition [J]: RC:S
  939. Nils Frahm: The Bells [Kning Disks]
  940. Frame Quartet: 35mm [Okka Disk] {2}
  941. Francis and the Lights: Striking
  942. Frankel: Anonymity Is the New Fame {2}
  943. Adam Franklin: Spent Bullets [Second Motion]: AM
  944. Frankmusik: Complete Me [Island] {3}: MC(59)
  945. The Fray: The Fray [Sony] {5}: MC(56)
  946. Free Unfold Trio: Ballades [Ayler]
  947. Freelance Whales: Weathervanes {4}
  948. Von Freeman: Vonski Speaks [Nessa] {2}
  949. Chester French: Love the Future
  950. French Miami: French Miami
  951. The Fresh & Onlys: Grey-Eyed Girls [Castle Face/Woodsist] {4}
  952. Friday Night: Friday Night [Breakfast]: RC:*
  953. Fridge: Early Output 1996-1998 [Temporary Residence]: AM
  954. Friendly Fires: Friendly Fires
  955. David Friesen: Five & Three [ITM]: DB
  956. Frog Holler: Believe It or Not [Zobird]
  957. From Exile: Monolith
  958. John Frusciante: The Empyrean [Adrenalie] {5}: MC(69)
  959. Fryars: Dark Young Hearts [Bandstocks] {3}: MC(67)
  960. Satoko Fujii/Myra Melford: Under the Water [Libra] {2}: TH:***
  961. Fukpig: Spewings From a Selfish Nation [Feto]
  962. The Fully Celebrated: Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones [AUM Fidelity] {7}: CM:4, TH:A
  963. Funebarum: The Sleep of Morbid Dreams
  964. Funeral Mist: Maranatha [Norma Evangelium Diaboli)] {5}
  965. Fungi Girls: Seafaring Pyramids
  966. Nelly Furtado: Mi Plan [Universal Latino] {3}: MC(71), AM
  967. Nobuyasu Furuya Trio: Bendowa [Clean Feed] {2}: TH:**
  968. Oscar G: DJ [Nervous] {2}
  969. Pam Gadd: Benefit of Doubt
  970. Jim Gaffigan: King Baby [Comedy Central] {2}: AM, AZ
  971. Hal Galper: Art-Work [Origin] {4}: TH:A-
  972. The Galvatrons: Laser Graffiti
  973. Roberta Gambarini: So in Love [Emarcy] {7}: AM, DB; TH:*
  974. Ganglians: Monster Head Room [Woodsist] {6}: PM, RT
  975. Jan Garbarek Group: Dresden: In Concert [ECM] {9}: AM, JT; TH:A-
  976. Nancy Garcia: Be the Climb [Ecstatic Peace]
  977. Rob Garcia 4: Perennial [Bju'ecords] {2}: TH:**
  978. Melody Gardot: My One and Only Thrill [Verve] {7}: MC(71), JT; TH:*
  979. Tim Garland: Libra [Global Mix]
  980. Chris Garneau: El Radio {2}
  981. The Gaslight Anthem: The '59 Sound
  982. The Gates of Slumber: Hymns of Blood and Thunder [Rise Above] {4}
  983. Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers: Pilgrimage
  984. Gay Witch Abortion: Maverick [Learning Curve]
  985. Gaza: He Is Never Coming Back {2}
  986. Grant Geissman: Cool Man Cool [Futurism]
  987. General Surgery: Corpus in Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism
  988. Generationals: Con Law {5}
  989. Michel Gentile and Tony Romano: Flesh and Steel [Deeptone]
  990. The Gentlemen Losers: Dustland [City Centre Offices] {2}
  991. Gentleman Reg: Jet Black
  992. Lisa Germano: Magic Neighbor [Young God]
  993. Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Samples: Circulations [Fatiche] {2}: TM
  994. Get Back Guinozzi: Carpet Madness [Fat Cat] {2}
  995. Ghostface Killah: Fish N Chips [Mike Boogie Entertainment]: RC:B+
  996. Ghosts of Television: Forsaken Empire
  997. Freddie Gibbs: The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs [mixtape] {3}: CM
  998. Freddie Gibbs: Midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik
  999. Melvin Gibbs' Elevated Unity: Ancients Speak [Live Wire] {2}: TH:A-
  1000. Otis Gibbs: Grandpa Walked a Picketline [Thirty Tigers] {3}: TL, TH:***
  1001. Laura Gibson: Beasts of Seasons {5}
  1002. The Gibson Brothers: Ring the Bell [Compass]: PM
  1003. Bebel Gilberto: All in One [Verve] {2}: MC(78), AM
  1004. Dizzy Gillespie All-Star Big Band: I'm BeBoppin' Too [Half Note] {2}: DB; TH:B
  1005. Ginuwine: A Man's Thoughts [Asylum]: RC:C
  1006. Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra: El Viaje [PGM]: TH:B-
  1007. Girl in a Coma: Trio B.C. [Blackheart] {2}
  1008. The Girls: Yes No Yes No Yes No [Dirtnap]: RC:*
  1009. Girls in Trouble: Girls in Trouble
  1010. Egberto Gismonti: Saudaçoes [ECM, 2CD] {3}: TH:B
  1011. Githead: Landing
  1012. Frode Gjerstad/Nick Stephens/Louis Moholo-Moholo: Quibbity [Loose Torque]
  1013. Glass Candy: Deep Gems [Italians Do It Better]: SP
  1014. Robert Glasper: Double Booked [Blue Note] {8}: AZ:83, JT, VV; TH:B-
  1015. The Glimmers: Present Disko Drunkards [glimmertwins.com] {2}: MM
  1016. Gliss: Devotion Implosion {5}
  1017. Gnaw: This Face
  1018. Gnaw Their Tongues: All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity
  1019. Mr Gnome: Heave Yer Skeleton {3}: DA
  1020. Goatwhore: Carving Out the Eyes of God [Metal Blade] {5}
  1021. Goblin Cock: Come with Me If You Want to Live [Robcore]: AM
  1022. The Godforgottens: Never Forgotten, Always Remembered [Clean Feed] {3}: TH:A-
  1023. Goes Cube: Another Day Has Passed [The End] {2}
  1024. Gogol Bordello: Live From Axis Mundi [Side One Dummy]: RC:***
  1025. Ben Goldberg: Speech Communication [Tzadik]: TH:***
  1026. Ben Goldberg: Go Home [BAG] {4}
  1027. Golden Boots: Winter of Our Discotheque
  1028. The Golden Boys: The Electric Wolfman [Alien Snatch/Daggerman]
  1029. Golden Silvers: True Romance [XL] {5}: PM, RS
  1030. Golem: Citizen Boris [J-Dub] {3}: BL, RC:B+
  1031. Vitaly Golovnev: To Whom It May Concern [Tippin']
  1032. Benny Golson: New Time, New 'Tet [Concord]: TH:*
  1033. Gomez: A New Tide [ATO] {3}: MC(61), DB
  1034. Selena Gomez & the Scene: Kiss and Tell [Hollywood] {2}: AM
  1035. Dennis González: A Matter of Blood [Furthermore] {5}: TH:***
  1036. Dennis González: Renegade Spirits [Furthermore] {2}
  1037. Dennis González/Faruk Z Bey: Hymn for Tomasz Stanko [Qbico]
  1038. Dennis González/João Paulo: Scape Grace [Clean Feed] {2}: TH:*
  1039. Dennis González Connecticut Quartet: Songs of Early Autumn [No Business] {2}
  1040. Dennis González Yells at Eels: The Great Bydgoszcz Concert [Ayler] {2}
  1041. Matthew Good: Vancouver {2}
  1042. The Good Graces: Bring on the Tambourines [Eskimo Kiss]
  1043. The Good Natured: Your Body Is a Machine [EP]
  1044. Good Old War: Only Way to Be Alone
  1045. Alex Goose: The Blue Print 3 Outtakes
  1046. GotDion: Godion's Mighty Morphin Mixtape Vol. 1
  1047. Dana Gould: Let Me Put My Thoughts in You [Shout! Factory] {2}: AZ
  1048. The Gourds: Haymaker {3}: ND
  1049. Grammatics: Grammatics [Dance to the Radio] {6}: MC(73), DS
  1050. Grand Analog: Metropolis Is Burning
  1051. Grand Archives: Keep in Mind Frankenstein {2}
  1052. Grand Duchy: Petite Fours [Cooking Vinyl] {2}
  1053. Grand Hallway: Promenade [Grand Hallway]
  1054. Grass Widow: Grass Widow [Make a Mess/Captured Tracks]
  1055. Graveyards: Screwed & Chopped [Brokenresearch]
  1056. David Gray: Draw the Line [Downtown]: MC(62)
  1057. Gordon Grdina's East Van Strings: The Breathing of Statues [Songlines]: TH:U
  1058. Great Bloomers: Speak of Trouble [Maple]
  1059. Great Lake Swimmers: Lost Channels [Nettwerk] {6}: MC(73)
  1060. Great Northern: Remind Me Where the Light Is [Eenie Meenie] {5}: MC(59)
  1061. The Great Nostalgic: The Great Nostalgic
  1062. Pat Green: What I'm For [BNA] {3}: RC:*
  1063. Greymachine: Disconnected [Hydra Head]
  1064. Alexandra Grimal Trio: Shape [Futura Marge]
  1065. Israel Nash Gripka: New York Town
  1066. Brian Groder: Groder & Greene [Latham] {3}: TH:***
  1067. Grooms: Rejoicer [Death by Audio] {2}
  1068. Euge Groove: Sunday Morning [Shanachie]
  1069. Group Bombino: Guitars From Agadez, Vol.2 [Sublime Frequencies] {6}: W; RC:A-
  1070. Group Doueh: Treeg Salaam [Sublime Frequencies] {3}: OM, W:7
  1071. G-Side: Huntsville International [Slow Motion Soundz, mixtake] {2}
  1072. Giovanni Guidi: The Unknown Rebel Band [CAM Jazz]
  1073. Hildur Gudnadottir: Without Sinking [Touch] {6}: F, W
  1074. Ely Guerra: Hombre Invisible [EMI]
  1075. David Guetta: One Love {2}
  1076. Guignol & Mischief Brew: Fight Dirty [Fistolo]
  1077. Tom Gullion: Carswell [Momentous]: TH:**
  1078. Gun Outfit: Dim Light [PPM] {2}: RC:*
  1079. Gurrumul: Gurrumul [Skinnyfish]
  1080. Gus Gus: 24/7 [Kompakt]: MC(72)
  1081. Mats Gustafsson: The Vilnius Implosion [NoBusiness]
  1082. Robin Guthrie: Carousel [Rocketgirl]
  1083. Guy/Fernandez: Some Other Time
  1084. Barry Guy/Mats Gustafsson: Sinners, Rather Than Saints [No Business] {2}: SG
  1085. Barry Guy/Marilyn Crispell/Paul Lytton: Phases of the Night [Intakt -08]: TH:A-
  1086. Barry Guy London Jazz Composers Orchestra with Irene Schweizer: RadioRondo/Schaffhausen Concert [Intakt]
  1087. Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky/Andrei Kondakov/Vladimir Volkov: In Search of a Standard [Leo]
  1088. GVSU New Music Ensemble: In C Remixed [Innova]
  1089. Gyratory System: The Sound Board Breathes
  1090. Ha Ha Tonka: Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South [Bloodshot]: SP
  1091. Hacienda: Loud Is the Night [Alive Natural Sound]
  1092. Hacride: Lazarus [Listenable]
  1093. Jonathon Haffner: Life on Wednesday [Cachuma] {2}: TH:**
  1094. Robert Haigh: Notes and Crossings
  1095. Hilary Hahn: Schoenberg/Sibelius Violin Concertos [Deutsche Grammophon]
  1096. Luke Haines: 21st Century Man {2}
  1097. Halflings: Self Esteem [RRRecords]
  1098. Halloween, Alaska: Champagne Downtown [East Side Digital] {2}: BL, SP
  1099. Matthew Halsall: Colour Yes [Goldwana]: OM
  1100. Jimmy Halperin/Dominic Duval: Monk Dreams [No Business]
  1101. Mary Halvorson/Reuben Radding/Nate Wooley: Crackleknob [Hatology] {3}
  1102. Ayumi Hamasaki: Next Level [Label]
  1103. Anthony Hamilton: The Point of It All [So So Def/Zomba] {3}: SP
  1104. Peter Hammill: Thin Air
  1105. Fred Hammond: Love Unstoppable
  1106. Wayne Hancock: Viper of Melody [Bloodshot] {5}: AM, ND, PM; TH:***
  1107. James Hand: Shadow on the Ground [Rounder] {2}: PM
  1108. Handsome Family: Honey Moon [Carrot Top] {7}: MC(75), ND, SP; RC:**, TH:**
  1109. Har Mar Superstar: Dark Touches [Red]: MC(48)
  1110. Harappian Night Recordings: The Glorious Gongs of Hainuwele [Bo' Weavil] {2}: W
  1111. Everette Harp: First Love [Shanachie]
  1112. Bella Hardy: In the Shadow of the Mountains [Noe]
  1113. Phil Hargreaves/Lee Noyes/Bruno Duplant: Malachi [Insubordinations]
  1114. Roy Hargrove Big Band: Emergence [Emarcy] {5}: AM, JT; TH:*
  1115. Shelly Harland: Red Leaf
  1116. Harlem Shakes: Technicolor Health [Gigantic] {8}: MC(70), BL
  1117. The Harlequins: Baron von Headless
  1118. Harmonic 313: When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence [Warp] {3}: MC(75), AZ, PM
  1119. Brian Harnetty & Bonnie "Prince" Billy: Silent City {2}
  1120. Ben Harper and Relentless 7: White Lies for Dark Times [Virgin] {3}: MC(69), AM
  1121. Darryl Harper: Bliss (Stories in Real Time) [Hipnotic]: TH:U
  1122. Tom Harrell: Prana Dance [High Note] {8}: DB, VV; TH:*
  1123. Calvin Harris: Ready for the Weakend [Columbia] {3}: MC(65)
  1124. Stefon Harris & Blackout: Urbanus [Concord] {8}: JT; TH:**
  1125. Joel Harrison: Urban Myths [High Note] {5}: DB; TH:B
  1126. Grant Hart: Hot Wax {2}
  1127. Jon Hassell: Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes in the Street [ECM] {9}: AM, TH:B-
  1128. Erik Hassle: Hassle {2}
  1129. Hastings Sunrise: Hastings Sunrise
  1130. Chihei Hatakeyama: Saunter [Room 40] {3}
  1131. Hatebreed: Hatebreed
  1132. Charlotte Hatherley: New Worlds {2}
  1133. A Hawk and a Hacksaw: Delivrance [Leaf] {2}: RC:*
  1134. Alexander Hawkins Ensemble: No Now Is So [FMR]
  1135. Hayden: Place Where We Lived
  1136. Liam Hayes and Plush: Bright Penny [Broken Horse]: MC(76)
  1137. Darren Hayman & the SEcondary Modern: Pram Town [Track and Field]: PM
  1138. Jay Haze: Fabric 47 [Fabric]: MM
  1139. He Is Legend: It Hates You
  1140. Headless Heroes: The Silence of Love [Headless Heroes]: AZ
  1141. Headlights: Wildlife [Polyvinyl] {2}: MC(66)
  1142. The Reverend Horton Heat: Laughin' and Cryin' With the Reverend Horton Heat [Yep Roc]
  1143. Heat-Ray: Love All Over
  1144. The Heath Brothers: Endurance [Jazz Legacy] {4}
  1145. Heaven & Hell: The Devil You Know [Roadrunner] {7}: MC(63), AM
  1146. Heaven in Her Arms: Duplex Coated Obstruction
  1147. Heavy Trash: Midnight Soul Serenade [Fat Possum] {2}: MC(74)
  1148. Heavyweight Dub Champion: Rise of the Champion Nation [Champion Nation]
  1149. John Hébert: Byzantine Monkey [Firehouse] {6}: DB; TH:***
  1150. Paquito Hechavarria: Frankly: FD
  1151. Hecker: Acid in the Style of David Tudor [Editions Mego] {3}: W
  1152. Helado Negro: Awe Owe [Asthmatic Kitty] {3}: AM, AZ
  1153. The Heliocentrics: Fallen Angels [Now-Again] {2}
  1154. Richard Hell: Destiny Street Repaired [Insound.com]: RC:A-
  1155. Hellmouth: Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing [Ferret Music]: AM
  1156. Hematic Sunsets: Aroma Club Paradox [Dekorder]
  1157. Nick Hempton: Nick Hempton Band [Nick Hempton]
  1158. Bill Henderson: Live at the Vic: Beautiful Memory [Ahuh]: TH:*
  1159. Arve Henriksen: Cartography [ECM] {5}: JT; TH:**
  1160. Herculaneum: Herculaneum III [Clean Feed] {2}: TH:*
  1161. Caroline Herring: Golden Apples of the Sun: ND
  1162. Fred Hersch Pocket Orchestra: Live at Jazz Standard [Sunnyside] {5}: DB; TH:**
  1163. Fred Hersch: Plays Jobim [Sunnyside] {5}: TH:*
  1164. Fred Hess Big Band: Hold On [Dazzle]
  1165. Boo Hewerdine: God Bless the Pretty Things [Navigator]: TH:*
  1166. The Hex Dispensers: Winchester Mystery House
  1167. Hey Champ: Winners Circle
  1168. Hey Rosetta!: Into Your Lungs
  1169. MJ Hibbett & the Validators: Regardez, Ecoutez et Repetez
  1170. Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks: Tangled Tales [Surfdog]: RC:S
  1171. The Hidden Cameras: Origin: Orphan [Arts & Crafts] {3}
  1172. Veda Hille: This Riot Life [Ape House -08] {2}: RC:A-, TH:A-
  1173. Hillsong United: Across the Earth: Tear Down the Walls
  1174. Hilltop Hoods: State of the Art
  1175. Keri Hilson: In a Perfect World... [MMG/Zone 4/Interscope] {9}: MC(65), AM, BL, RS; RC:S
  1176. Micah P Hinson: All Dressed Up & Smelling of Strangers
  1177. Maia Hirasawa: Though, I'm Just Me
  1178. Robyn Hitchcock & the Venue 3: Goodnight Oslo [Yep Roc] {6}: MC(77), AM, RS, SP
  1179. Laurence Hobgood: When the Heart Dances [Naim] {4}: TH:**
  1180. Hockey: Mind Chaos [Capitol] {2}: MC(67)
  1181. Will Hoge: The Wreckage {2}
  1182. Malcolm Holcombe: For the Mission Baby [Echo Mountain]
  1183. The Hold Steady: A Positive Rage [Vagrant] {6}: MC(77), RS; RC:A-, TH:A-
  1184. Allan Holdsworth/Alan Pasqua/Jimmy Haslip/Chad Wackerman: Blues for Tony [MoonJune]
  1185. Holiday Shores: Columbus'd the Whim [Twentyseven] {2}: AB
  1186. Jolie Holland: The Living and the Dead [Anti-]
  1187. John Hollenbeck: Rainbow Jimmies [GPE]: TH:U
  1188. Hollerado: Record in a Bag
  1189. Red Holloway: Go Red Go [Delmark] {2}: TH:**
  1190. Hollywood, Mon Amour: Hollywood, Mon Amour [PIAS]
  1191. Mike Holober and the Gothem Jazz Orchestra: Quake [Sunnyside]: TH:*
  1192. Holopaw: Oh, Glory, Oh, Wilderness
  1193. Peter Holsapple/Chris Stamey: Here and Now [Bar/None] {3}: AM, SP
  1194. Jesca Hoop: Hunting My Dress
  1195. Jon Hopkins: Insides [Domino] {5}: MC(75), PM, TM
  1196. Horisont: Tv Sidor Av Horisonten [Crusher]
  1197. Lars Horntveth: Kaleidoscopic [Smalltown Supersound]
  1198. Horrorshow: Inside Story [Elefant Traks]
  1199. A Horse and His Boy: A Horse and His Boy {2}
  1200. The Horse's Ha: Of the Cathmawr Yards [Hidden Agenda] {3}: AM
  1201. Horse Meat Disco: Horse Meat Disco [Strut]: AM
  1202. Horse the Band: Desperate Living [Vagrant] {2}
  1203. Hot Leg: Red Light Fever
  1204. Viviane Houle: Treize [Drip Audio]: TH:U
  1205. The House Harkonnen: Vol. 6
  1206. Whitney Houston: I Look to You [Arista] {9}: MC(67)
  1207. Howlies: Tripping With Howlies [OverUnder]
  1208. Howling Bells: Radio Wars
  1209. Jennifer Hudson: Jennifer Hudson [Arista]: RC:S
  1210. Mr Hudson: Straight No Chaser [GOOD Music/Universal] {2}: MC(64)
  1211. Hudson Mohawke: Butter [Warp] {9}: MC(80), AM, F
  1212. How I Became the Bomb: Deadly Art
  1213. Hanne Hukkelberg: Blood From a Stone {2}
  1214. Humcrush: Rest at World's End [Rune Grammofon]
  1215. The Hunches: Exit Dream [In the Red]
  1216. Ian Hunter: Man Overboard [New West] {5}: MC(76), AM; RC:S, TH:**
  1217. Michael Hurley: Ida Con Snock [Gnomonsong] {3}: RC:*, TH:**
  1218. Shafiq Husayn: Shafiq En' A-Free-Ka [Plug Research] {4}: OM
  1219. Gary Husband's Drive: Hotwired [Abstract Logix]
  1220. Willie Hutch: Soul Portrait [Shout!]: AM
  1221. Bobby Hutcherson: Wise One [Kind of Blue]
  1222. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble [Honest Jons] {2}
  1223. I Heart Hiroshima: The Rip
  1224. I Was a King: I Was a King [The Control Group] {2}
  1225. IAMX: Kingdom of Welcome Addiction {3}
  1226. Abdullah Ibrahim: Senzo [Sunnyside] {9}: DB; CM, TH:A-
  1227. Idlewild: Post-Electric Blues [101 Distribution] {2}: DS
  1228. Giuseppe Ielasi: (Another) Stunt [Schoolmap]
  1229. Illinois: The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe [Planetary]: AZ
  1230. Mohammed Ilyas: Taarab [Chiku-Taku]: FR
  1231. Natalie Imbruglia: Come to Life {2}
  1232. Immaculate Machine: High on Jackson Hill
  1233. Immortal: All Shall Fall [Nuclear Blast] {6}
  1234. Impossible Hair: What Is the Secret of Impossible Hair?
  1235. In the Country: Whitehout [Rune Grammofon]
  1236. India.Arie: Testimony Vol. 2: Love & Politics [Universal/Republic] {3}: MC(73), RC:*
  1237. Indigo Girls: Poseidon and the Bitter Bug [Vanguard]: MC(76)
  1238. Indigo Trio: Anaya [Rogue Art] {5}
  1239. Inspector 22: Hey Man, I Understand [Odessa]
  1240. Intelligence: Fake Surfers [In the Red] {2}
  1241. Intrusion: The Seduction of Silence [Intrusion]
  1242. The Invisible: The Invisible [Accidental]: PM
  1243. IPA: Lorena [Bolage]: CM
  1244. IQ: Frequency
  1245. Jon Irabagon/Mike Pride: I Don't Hear Nothin' but the Blues [Loyal Label] {4}: HS:3, TH:**
  1246. Jon Irabagon: The Observer [Concord Jazz] {2}: AZ
  1247. Allison Iraheta: : MC(65)
  1248. Iran: Dissolver [Narnack] {4}: MC(70), BL, SP
  1249. Irepress: Sol Eye Sea I
  1250. Iron Age: The Sleeping Eye [Tee Pee]
  1251. Iron and Wine: Around the Well [Sub Pop] {6}: MC(74), AZ:22, RS
  1252. Iron Maiden: Flight 666 [Original Soundtrack]
  1253. Irrepressibles: From the Circus . . . to the Sea: RT
  1254. Gregory Alan Isakov: This Empty Northern Hemisphere {2}
  1255. Sharon Isbin: Journey to the New World
  1256. Islands: Vapours [Anti-] {8}: MC(79), SL, SP
  1257. Terje Isungset: Hibernation [All Ice Music]
  1258. It Hugs Back: Inside Your Guitar [4AD] {4}: AM, AZ
  1259. It Prevails: Capture and Embrace [Rain City]
  1260. Iwrestledabearonce: It's All Happening [Century Media] {2}
  1261. Laura Izibor: Let the Truth Be Told {3}
  1262. Juicy J: Hustle Till I Die [Hypnotize Minds]: AZ
  1263. Martha J: No One but You [Music Center]
  1264. Jack Mountain: Conquest of the Planet of Rockers
  1265. Jack's Mannequin: The Dear Jack EP
  1266. Jackie-O Motherfucker: Ballads of the Revolution [Fire]
  1267. Jack of Heart: Jack of Heart [Born Bad]
  1268. Michael Jackson: This Is It [Sony]
  1269. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: One Day in Brooklyn [Kinnara]: PM; TH:U
  1270. Jadakiss: The Last Kiss [Ruff Ryders/Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam] {2}: MC(61)
  1271. Jake One: White Van Music [Rhymesayers Entertainment]: RC:**
  1272. Jessie James: Jessie James
  1273. Joshua James: Build Me This
  1274. Leela James: Let's Do It Again [Shanachie] {2}: RC:***
  1275. Janus: Red Right Return [Independent Label Group]
  1276. Keith Jarrett/Gary Peacock/Jack DeJohnette: Yesterdays [ECM] {6}: AM, JT; TH:**
  1277. Sarah Jarosz: Song Up in Her Head [Sugarhill] {4}: MC(79), AZ:17
  1278. Etienne Jaumet: Night Music
  1279. David Jaurequi: Fox Bat Strategy: A Tribute to Dave Jaurequi [David Lynch]: AM
  1280. Javelin: Jamz n Jemz [Javelin] {3}
  1281. Javelina: Beasts Among Sheep
  1282. Jawbox: For Your Own Special Sweetheart [DeSoto]: AM
  1283. Jaydiohead: Jaydiohead
  1284. Wyclef Jean: From the Hut, to the Projects to the Mansion [MRI]: RC:**
  1285. Philip Jeck: Live in Liverpool/Spool [Autofact]
  1286. Jepester: What If All the Rebels Died?
  1287. Jemina Pearl: Break It Up [Ecstatic Peace/Universal Motown] {3}: MC(69), SP; RC:B+, TH:***
  1288. Jeremy Jay: Slow Dance [K] {8}: MC(68), AM, SP
  1289. Jeff the Brotherhood: Heavy Days [Infinity Cat] {4}
  1290. Mason Jennings: Blood of Man [Brushfire] {3}: RS
  1291. Jermiside & DJ Lowkey: Die Jerm Die [mixtape]
  1292. Jesu: Opiate Sun
  1293. Jets Overhead: No Nations [Vapor]: AZ:91
  1294. Eilen Jewell: Sea of Tears {4}: ND
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  2046. Pontiak: Maker
  2047. Ponytail: Ice Cream Spiritual
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  2049. Porcupine Tree: The Incident [Roadrunner] {6}: MC(72), RS
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  2051. Portico Quartet: Isla [Real World] {6}: MJ, RT
  2052. The Portland Cello Quartet: The Thao & Justin Power Sessions [Kill Rock Stars]
  2053. Position Normal: Position Normal: W
  2054. Positive Catastrophe: Garabatos Vol. 1 [Cuneiform]
  2055. The Postmarks: Memoirs at the End of the World [Unfiltered] {2}
  2056. PPP: Abundance [Ubiquity] {3}: AM
  2057. Prefab Sprout: Let's Change the World With Music
  2058. Prefuse 73: Everything she Touched Turned Ampexian [Warp]: MC(67)
  2059. Joel Press/Kyle Aho: Untying the Standard [Cadence Jazz]
  2060. Bobby Previte: 110 [Bandcamp]
  2061. Bobby Previte: Pan Atlantic [Auand]
  2062. Eddie Prévost/Ross Lambert/Seymour Wright: Invenio Ergo/Sum [Matchless]
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  2064. Prince: MPLSoUND [NPG] {4}: RS
  2065. Prince: Lotusflow3r
  2066. Prince: Elixer
  2067. Princeton: Cocoon of Love
  2068. The Privates: In Motion [EP]
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  2070. Propagandhi: Supporting Caste [Smallman] {5}
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  2072. Protomen: Act II: The Father of Death {2}
  2073. Psychic Ills: Mirror Eye [Social Registry] {3}: MC(61), AM
  2074. The Puddle: The Shakespeare Monkey
  2075. Puffy AmiYumi: Bring It!
  2076. Pull Tiger Tail: PAWS.
  2077. Pure Reason Revolution: Amor Vincit Omnia
  2078. Puscifer: "C" Is For . . . [EP]
  2079. Pyramids: Pyramids With Nadja
  2080. Quadro Nuevo: Cine Passion [Justin Time]
  2081. Quadron: Quadron
  2082. Quartet Offensive: Carnivore [Quartet Offensive] {3}: CM, TH:***
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  2084. Queen Ifrica: Montego Bay
  2085. Queensryche: American Soldier
  2086. James Rabbit: Perfect Waves [James Rabbit] {2}: MG
  2087. The Racoons: Islomania
  2088. Radio I-Ching: No Wave Au Go Go [Resonant Music] {2}: FD, TH:A-
  2089. Radio Kijada: Nuevos Sonidos Afro Peruanos, Part 1 [Wrasse]
  2090. Radio Moscow: Brain Cycles [Alive] {2}
  2091. Chuck Ragan: Country Gold [Side One Dummy] {2}
  2092. Rain Machine: Rain Machine [Anti-] {3}: MC(69), SP
  2093. Rainbow Arabia: Kabukimono
  2094. Raise the Red Lantern: Raise the Red Lantern [At a Loss]
  2095. The Rakes: Klang! [V2]
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  2097. Rale: Whispering Gallery [Arbor]
  2098. Rammstein: Liebe Ist Für Alle Da {4}
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  2100. Ramses III: I Could Not Love You More [Type]
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  2102. Rapper Big Pooh: The Delightful Bars (North American Pie Version)
  2103. Dizzee Rascal: Tongue 'n' Cheek [Dirtee Stank] {5}: MC(75), CL
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  2106. Bobby Ray: B.o.B. vs. Bobby Ray [mixtape]
  2107. Reagenz (aka Move D & Jonah Sharp): Playtime [Workshop]
  2108. Real Ones: All for the Neighborhood
  2109. Red: Innocence & Instinct [Sony BMG]
  2110. The Red Chord: Fed Through the Teeth Machine {2}
  2111. The Red Stick Ramblers: My Suitcase Is Always Packed [Sugarhill]: AZ
  2112. Alec K Redfearn & the Seizures: Exterminating Angel [Corelone]
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  2117. Refuge Trio: Refuge Trio [Winter & Winter]: DB; TH:*
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  2120. Jeff Rehnlund: Gangnam Basement [Hot Relasees]
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  2124. Greg Reitan: Some Other Time [Sunnyside]: TH:U
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  2136. Reverend and the Makers: A French Kiss in the Chaos
  2137. Reverie Sound Revue: Reverie Sound Revue {3}
  2138. Revocation: Existence is Futile [Relapse] {4}
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  2147. Tarrus Riley: Contagious
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  2149. The Riverdales: Invasion USA [Asian Man]
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  2151. The Road Hammers: The Road Hammers II
  2152. The Roadside Graves: My Son's Home
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  2160. The Rocket Summer: You Gotta Believe [EP]
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  2185. Marilyn Roxie: New Limerent Object {3}
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  2187. Royal Treatment Plant: Hope Is Not Enough
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  2195. Kermit Ruffins: Livin' a Treme Life
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  2198. RuPaul: Champion
  2199. Ed Rush & Optical: Traveling the Galaxy
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  2223. The Sandwitches: How to Make Ambient Sadcake {2}
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  2226. Sarazino: Ya Foy! [Cumbancha]: PM
  2227. Satyricon: The Age of Nero
  2228. The Saturdays: Wordshaker
  2229. Savath & Savalas: La Llama [Stones Throw]: AM
  2230. Saviours: Accelerated Living [Kemado] {2}
  2231. Savoir Adore: In the Wooded Forrest [Cantora]
  2232. Say Anything: Say Anything [RCA] {5}: MC(76), AM
  2233. Say Hi: Oohs & Aahs {2}
  2234. Scale the Summit: Carving Desert Canyons
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  2236. School of Seven Bells: Alpinisms {4}: RS
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  2239. Danny Schmidt: Instead the Forest Rose to Sing
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  2243. Scoolptures: Materials Umano [Leo]
  2244. Scotland Yard Gospel Choir: . . . And the Horse You Rode In On [Bloodshot]
  2245. Simon Scott: Navigare [Miasmah]
  2246. Scratch: Loss 4 Wordz [Gold Dust Media] {2}: AZ
  2247. Scream Along With Billy: Scream Along With Billy [GarageDog]: RC:**
  2248. Screaming Females: Power Move [Don Giovanni] {9}: SP
  2249. Screen Vinyl Image: Interceptors [Safranin]
  2250. The Script: The Script
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  2252. Seabrook Power Plant: Seabrook Power Plant [Loyal Label]
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  2255. Seasons (Pre-Din): Your Eyes the Stars and Your Hands the Sea [Type]
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  2260. Sepultura: A-Lex
  2261. Serani: No Games
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  2264. Serengeti: Conversations With Kenny & the Legacy of Lee [Goldenfloyd]: RC:B+
  2265. Serengeti & Polyphonic: Terradactyl [Anticon] {3}: PM; RC:S, TH:A-
  2266. Saunders Sermons: Classic Delight
  2267. Serpentcult: Weight of Light [Rise Above]
  2268. Settle: At Home We Are Tourists
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  2277. Sharpie Crows: Greed
  2278. Lisa Shaw: Free
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  2286. Jake Shimabukuro: Live
  2287. Kendra Shank Quartet: Mosaic [Challenge]
  2288. Matthew Shipp Quartet: Cosmic Suite [Not Two] {2}: TH:***
  2289. Matthew Shipp/Mark O'Leary: Labyrinth [FMR]
  2290. Amanda Shires: West Cross Timbers: ND
  2291. Shit and Shine: 229-2299 Girls Against Shit [Riot Season] {3}
  2292. Shitty Limits: Beware the Limits {2}: RT
  2293. Shogun Kunitoki: Tasankokaiku {2}
  2294. Sholi: Sholi [Quarterstick/Touch and Go] {4}: SP
  2295. Shelly Short: A Cave, a Canoo [Hush]: PM
  2296. Show of Hands: Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed [Hands On Music]
  2297. Shpongle: Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland
  2298. Shrinebuilder: Shrinebuilder {4}
  2299. Jen Shyu: Jade Tongue [Jen Shyu]
  2300. Sia: Some People Have Real Problems
  2301. Ben Sidran: Dylan Different [Nardis]
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  2303. The SIGIT: Hertz Dyslexia
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  2308. Silver Pines: Forces [Light Lodge]
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  2318. Buraka Som Sistema: Black Diamond -08 [Fabric] {5}: BL; RC:**, TH:***
  2319. Six Organs of Admittance: Luminous Night [Drag City] {5}: MC(72), DA
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  2322. Sky Larkin: The Golden Spike [Cooperative] {2}: DS
  2323. The Skygreen Leopards: Gorgeous Johnny [Jagjaguwar]: AM
  2324. Skyzoo: The Salvation [Jamla/Duck Down] {2}
  2325. Slaraffenland: We're on Your Side
  2326. Slavic Soul Party!: Taketron [Barbès]: RC:*
  2327. Sleep Whale: House Boat
  2328. Sleeping at Last: Storyboards {2}
  2329. Sleeping States: In the Gardens of the North [Bella Union]: AB
  2330. Sleepy Sun: Embrace [Sol Diamond] {3}: RS, SP
  2331. The Slew: 100%
  2332. Slim Thug: Boss of All Bosses [E1]
  2333. Mike Slott: Lucky 9Teen [Lucky Me]
  2334. Slough Feg: Ape Uprising [Cruz del Sur]
  2335. Slow Club: Yeah So {4}
  2336. Gizelle Smith & the Mighty Mocambos: This Is Gizelle Smith & the Mighty Mocambos [Mocambo/Legere]
  2337. Dr Lonnie Smith: Rise Up! [Palmetto] {4}
  2338. Dr Lonnie Smith: Art of Organizing [Criss Cross]
  2339. Steven R Smith: Cities [Immune] {3}
  2340. Warren Smith Composers Workshop Ensemble: Old News Borrowed Blues [Engine] {3}: AM
  2341. Wadada Leo Smith: Spiritual Dimensions [Cuneiform] {5}: VV; TH:A-
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  2343. Smith Westerns: Smith Westerns [Hozac/Revolver] {8}: RT
  2344. Chris Smither: Time Stands Still [Signature Sounds] {2}: RC:**, TH:***
  2345. Smoove & Turrell: Antique Soul {2}: AZ
  2346. Gary Smulyan: High Noon: The Jazz Soul of Frankie Laine [Reservoir]: AM
  2347. SND: Atavism [Raster-Noton] {6}: F, PM
  2348. Bob Sneider & Joe Locke Film Noir Project: Nocturne for Ava [Origin]: **
  2349. Torben Snekkestad: Conic Folded [Ilk]
  2350. Snoop Dogg: Malice N Wonderland [Priority] {3}: MC(59), AM
  2351. So Many Dynamos: The Loud Wars [Vagrant] {2}
  2352. Soap & Skin: Lovetune for Vacuum {6}
  2353. Jill Sobule: California Years [Pinko] {4}: RS
  2354. Social Junk: Born Into It [Digitalis] {3}: TM
  2355. The Soft Pack: The Muslims
  2356. Lisa Sokolov: A Quiet Thing [Laughing Horse] {4}: TH:A-
  2357. Martial Solal: Live at the Village Vanguard [CAM Jazz] {6}: JT, VV; TH:*
  2358. Solander: Since We Are Pigeons
  2359. Sole and the Skyrider Band: Plastique
  2360. Solo Andata: Solo Andata [12k]
  2361. Sometimes Why: Your Heart Is a Glorious Machine
  2362. Sometree: Yonder
  2363. Günter "Baby" Sommer: Live in Jeruzalem [Kadima]
  2364. Son de Madre: Son de Mi Tierra [Smithsonian Folkways]: RC:***
  2365. Songs for Moms: I Used to Believe in the West [Thrill House]
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  2367. Sonjagon: Arches
  2368. Sonny & the Sunsets: Tomorrow Is Alright [Soft Abuse] {2}
  2369. Sonore: Call Before You Dig [Okka Disk]: TH:U
  2370. Sons of Otis: Exiled [Small Stone] {2}
  2371. Sonseed: Jesus Is a Friend of Mine [Arrco]: RC:X
  2372. Betty Soo: Heat Sin Water Skin {2}
  2373. Sore Eros: Second Chants [SHDWPLY]
  2374. Tyshawn Sorey: Koan [482 Music] {7}: VV; TH:**
  2375. Mercedes Sosa: Cantora [Sony Music Latin]
  2376. Omar Sosa: Across the Divide [Half Note]: TH:*
  2377. Omar Souleyman: Dabke 2020 [Sublime Frequencies] {5}: SP, TM
  2378. The Soul of John Black: Black John [Electro Groove]
  2379. Soulico: Exotic on the Speaker [JDub]: RC:***
  2380. Soulsavers: Broken [V2] {5}: MC(78), RT
  2381. Soundcarriers: Harmonium
  2382. The Sounds: Crossing the Rubicon [Original Signal] {6}: AZ:85
  2383. Soundtrack of Our Lives: Communion [Yep Roc] {6}: MC(71), AM, SP
  2384. Luciana Souza: Tide [Verve] {5}: AZ, DB; TH:B
  2385. Kim Sozzi: Just One Day
  2386. Sparklehorse + Fennesz: In the Fishtank 15
  2387. Donita Sparks: Transmiticate [Sparksfly]
  2388. Jordin Sparks: Battlefield [19/Jive] {2}: MC(63), EW:A-
  2389. Tim Sparks: Little Princess [Tzadik] {3}: AM; TH:A-
  2390. Charles Spearin: The Happiness Project [Arts & Crafts]
  2391. Speck Mountain: Some Sweet Relief [Carrot Top] {2}: AM
  2392. Speed Caravan: Kalashnik Love [Real World]
  2393. Spinnerette: Spinnerette [Anthem] {3}: MC(66), AM
  2394. Spiral Stairs: The Real Feel [Matador]: MC(59)
  2395. Spiral Beach: The Only Really Thing
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  2404. Jesse Stacken/Kirk Knuffke: Mockingbird [Steeplechase]
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  2408. Tomasz Stanko Quintet: Dark Eyes [ECM -10] {3}: TH:U
  2409. Stardeath and White Dwarfs: The Birth
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  2412. Steel Panther: Feel the Steel [Republic]: MC(55)
  2413. Steep Canyon Rangers: Deep in the Shade [Rebel]: PM
  2414. Adam Steffey: One More for the Road [Sugar Hill]: PM
  2415. Stegosaurus Trap: Miniature Maze
  2416. Jason Stein's Locksmith Isidore: Three Less Than Between [Clean Feed]: TH:*
  2417. Stellari String Quartet: Gocce Stellari [Emanem]
  2418. Stellastarr*: Civilized
  2419. Tina Stenberg: Tales From a Heart
  2420. Sufjan Stevens: Run Rabbit Run [Asthmatic Kitty]
  2421. Corinne Stevie: The Other Sistah
  2422. Grant Stewart: Plays the Music of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn [Sharp Nine] {3}: TH:**
  2423. Curtis Stigers: Lost in Dreams
  2424. Still Life Still: Girls Come Too
  2425. Loren Stillman: Winter Fruits [Pirouet]: HS:10, TH:*
  2426. Joss Stone: Colour Me Free [Virgin] {2}: MC(67); RC:X
  2427. Storsveit Nix Noltes: Royal Family/Divorce [Fat Cat]
  2428. Strand of Oaks: Leave Ruin {3}
  2429. The Strange Boys: And Girls Club [In the Red] {5}: MC(76); RC:***, TH:**
  2430. Street Sweeper Social Club (Tom Morello/Boots Riley): Street Sweeper Social Club [SSSC] {4}: MC(56), RC:**
  2431. EJ Strickland: In This Day [Strick Muzik]: DB; TH:*
  2432. Marcus Strickland: Idiosyncrasies [Strick Muzik] {5}: CM, TH:**
  2433. Barbra Streisand: Love Is the Answer [Columbia]: AM
  2434. Strike Anywhere: Iron Front
  2435. Strung Out: Agents of the Underground [Fat Wreck Chords]
  2436. Subarachnoid: Space Eight Bells [Crucial Blast]
  2437. Subsonic Park: Echoes From Inside [Elux]
  2438. Subway: Subway II [Soul Jazz] {3}: F, W
  2439. Carol Sudhalter: The Octave Tunes [Alfa Music]
  2440. Suffocation: Blood Oath [Nuclear Blast] {2}
  2441. Sugarland: Gold & Green {2}
  2442. Sugarland: Live on the Inside
  2443. Summer Cats: Songs for Tuesdays [Slumberland] {3}: AM
  2444. The Summer Set: Love Like This
  2445. The Sun: Don't Let Your Baby Have All the Fun [Rockproper]
  2446. Sun Airway: Oh, Naoko [EP]
  2447. Sun Araw: Heavy Deeds [Not Not Fun] {7}: TM, W
  2448. Super Extra Bonus Party: Night Horses
  2449. Super Minerals: Clusters [Stunned]: TM
  2450. Superchrist: Defendres of the Filth
  2451. Superchunk: Leaves in the Gutter [Merge] {2}: DA, SP
  2452. Superdrag: Industry Giants [Thirty Tigers] {2}
  2453. Supersilent: 9 [Rune Grammofon]
  2454. Surfer Blood: Astro Coast
  2455. John Surman: Brewster's Rooster [ECM] {5}: TH:**
  2456. Susanna and the Magical Orchestra: 3 [Rune Grammofon]: MC(75), RC:X
  2457. Bryan Sutton and Friends: Almost Live [Sugar Hill]: PM
  2458. Swan Lake: Enemy Mine [Jagjaguwar] {3}: SP
  2459. Nick Swardson: Seroiusly, Who Farted? [Comedy Central]: AZ
  2460. Inga Swearingen: First Rain [Rhytone]
  2461. Sweet Trip: You Will Never Know Why [Darla]: PM
  2462. Richard Swift: The Atlantic Ocean [Secretly Canadian] {3}: AZ, OS, SP
  2463. Taylor Swift: Fearless [Big Machine -08] {4}: TH:***
  2464. Swims: Itemlord [Wallride]
  2465. Switchfoot: Hello Hurricane [Atlantic] {5}: MC(74)
  2466. Swollen Members: Armed to the Teeth [Suburban Noize; RC:X]
  2467. Syntaks: Ylajali [Ghostly International]: AM
  2468. Booker T: Potato Hole [Anti-] {5}: MC(65), ND
  2469. Tommy T: The Prester John Sessions [Easy Star]: RC:*
  2470. Tafo Brothers: Library Subscription Series: Plugged in Pakistani Pops [Disposable Music]
  2471. Taggy Matcher: Hip Hop Reggae Series Vol 1 [Stix]
  2472. Tahiti 80: Activity Center [Human Sounds]: AM
  2473. Tail Dragger & His Chicago Blues Band: Live at Rooster's Lounge
  2474. Aki Takase/Alexander von Schlippenbach: Iron Wedding [Intakt]
  2475. Masayuki Takayanagi: Archive 1: W
  2476. Take That: The Garden [-08]
  2477. The Takeover UK: Running With the Wasters [Rykodisc]: AZ
  2478. Taking Back Sunday: New Again [Warner Bros] {3}: EW:A-
  2479. Talibam!: Boogie in the Breeze Blocks
  2480. Talk Normal: Sugarland [Rare Book Room] {4}: AM; RC:**
  2481. Talons: Songs for Babes [MIE Music]
  2482. Tame Impala: Tame Impala
  2483. Tap Tap: On My Way [Stolen] {4}
  2484. Sara Tavares: Xinti [4Q World Connection]
  2485. Chad Taylor: Circle Down [482 Music] {6}: HS:2, TH:***
  2486. Joanne Shaw Taylor: White Sugar [Ruf]
  2487. Maria Taylor: Lady Luck
  2488. Russell Taylor: Confessional [Indigoblue]: PM
  2489. Otis Taylor: Pentatonic Wars and Love Songs [Telarc] {3}: MC(77), SP; TH:*
  2490. Teenage Bottlerocket: They Came From the Shadows [Fat Wreck] {3}
  2491. Teeth of the Sea: Orphaned by the Ocean [Rocket Launch] {3}
  2492. Teitur: The Singer
  2493. Telefon Tel Aviv: Immolate Yourself [Bpitch Control] {8}: MC(75), AM
  2494. Telepathe: Dance Mother [V2/Cooperative] {9}: MC(70), F:2, MG, NM, RT; RC:X
  2495. Ten City Nation: At the Still Point
  2496. Vienna Teng: Inland Territory {2}
  2497. Jimi Tenor/Tony Allen: Inspiration Information
  2498. Tense: Memory [Desire]
  2499. Dan Tepfer/Lee Konitz: Duos With Lee [Sunnyside] {3}: TH:***
  2500. Julian F Thayer: The Door Is Open [KSJazz]
  2501. Themselves: The Free Houdini Deluxe [Anticon] {2}: MC(72); RC:**
  2502. Themselves: Crowns Down [Anticon] {2}: MC(72); RC:**
  2503. Thenewno2: You Are Here [Vagrant]
  2504. There Will Be Fireworks: There Will Be Fireworks [The Imaginary Kind] {3}
  2505. These Are Powers: All Aboard Future [Dead Oceans]: SP
  2506. These United States: Everything Touches Everything: SP
  2507. They Might Be Giants: Here Come the 123s [Disney Sound -08] {2}: RC:A-, TH:**
  2508. They Might Be Giants: Here Comes Science [Disney Sound] {2}: MC(82), RC:***, TH:**
  2509. Robin Thicke: Sex Therapy
  2510. Thieves Like Us: Play Music
  2511. The Thing: Bag It! [Smalltown Superjazz] {2}: TH:**
  2512. Think About Life: Family [Alien 8] {2}
  2513. Third Eye Blind: Ursa Major [Megaforce] {2}: RC:*
  2514. JG Thirlwell: The Venture Bros: The Music of JG Thirlwell [Williams Street]
  2515. The Thirteenth Assembly: (Un)sentimental [Important] {3}
  2516. This Providence: Who Are You Now?
  2517. Michael Thomas: Live at Twins Jazz [Jazhead]
  2518. Prins Thomas: Live at Robert Johnson [Robert Johnson] {3}: AM
  2519. Rob Thomas: Cradlesong [Emblem/Atlantic] {2}: RS; RC:X
  2520. Thomas Function: In the Valley of Sickness [Fat Possum] {3}: P
  2521. Those Dancing Days: In Our Space Hero Suits [Wichita]: SP
  2522. Those Darlins: Those Darlins [Thirty Tigers] {5}: PM
  2523. Those Who Lie Beneath: An Awakening [Rise]
  2524. Thrice: Beggars {9}
  2525. Throw Me the Statue: Creaturesque [Secretly Canadian] {3}: AZ:43
  2526. Thursday: Common Existence [Epitaph] {3}: SP
  2527. Tickley Feather: Hors D'oeuvrs
  2528. Cortney Tidwell: Boys {2}
  2529. Tiempo Libre: Bach in Havana
  2530. Tiga: Ciao! [Last Gang] {3}: MC(76), AZ
  2531. J Tillman: Vacilando Territory Blues [Western Vinyl] {5}: MC(73), AZ, SP
  2532. J Tillman: Year in the Kingdom {2}
  2533. Timber Timbre: Timber Timbre [Out of This Spark] {6}: OS
  2534. Times New Viking: Born Again Revisited [Matador] {7}: MC(69), AM
  2535. Tinted Windows: Tinted Windows [S-Curve] {3}: MC(57)
  2536. Tiny Masters of Today: Skeletons [Mute]: RC:**
  2537. Tiny Vipers: Life on Earth [Sub Pop] {5}: MC(68), PM, SP
  2538. Julie Tippets & Martin Archer: Ghosts of Gold: W
  2539. Aaron Tippin: In Overdrive [Country Crossing] {2}: RC:*, TH:**
  2540. The Tiptons Sax Quaret: Laws of Motion [Zipa!/Spoot Music]
  2541. Ashley Tisdale: Guilty Pleasure [Warner Bros]: MC(54)
  2542. Titus Andronicus: The Airing of Grievances [XL] {9}: MG:48, AM, BL, EW:A, PM, RS
  2543. To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie: Marlone [Kranky]
  2544. Toddla T: Skanky Skanky [1965] {2}: RS
  2545. Tombs: Winterhours {3}
  2546. Paul F Tompkins: Freak Wharf [A Special Thing] {3}
  2547. Toro y Moi: Causers of This
  2548. Touching Earth Made of Steel: The Carl Wilson Lake Mystery
  2549. Touchstone: Wintercoast
  2550. Vieux Farka Touré: Fondo [Six Degrees] {5}: AZ:41, MJ
  2551. Towers: Full Circle
  2552. Ralph Towner/Paolo Fresu: Chiaroscuro [ECM] {2}
  2553. Trae: The Incredible Trut [mixtape]
  2554. The Tragically Hip: We Are the Same [Universal/Zoe]
  2555. Trail of the Dead: The Century of Self [Justice]
  2556. Train: Save Me, San Francisco
  2557. Transit: Quadrologues [Clean Feed] {2}: SG, TH:*
  2558. Rokia Traoré: Tchamantche [Nonesuch] {3}: TH:**
  2559. The Trees and the Wild: Rasuk
  2560. Trespass Trio: Was There to Illuminate the Night Sky [Clean Feed] {3}: CM, SG, TH:*
  2561. Rokia Traoré: Tchamantché [Nonesuch] {2}: DB; TH:**
  2562. Trembling Bells: Carberth: U
  2563. Tribute to Albert Ayler: Live at the Dynamo [Futura Marge]
  2564. Obie Trice: Special Reserve
  2565. Trinity: Breaking the Mold [Clean Feed]: TH:*
  2566. Trio 3 + Irène Schweizer: Berne Concert [Intakt] {2}
  2567. Trio Passeurs: Existences [Futura Marge]
  2568. Trio Subtonic: Cave Dweller [Trio Subtonic]: PM
  2569. Trophy Scars: Bad Luck
  2570. The Derek Trucks Band: Already Free [Sony/Legacy] {5}: MC(79), AM, RS
  2571. Lissy Trullie: Self-Taught Learner [American Myth] {2}: BL, RS
  2572. Mikolaj Trzaska/Clementine Gasser/Michael Zerang: Nadir & Mahora [Kilogram]
  2573. Tu M': Monochromes Vol. 1 [Line]
  2574. Tubelord: Our First American Friends [Math Pop]
  2575. Tanya Tucker: My Turn [Saguaro Road] {4}: AZ; RC:***, TH:A-
  2576. The Tumbled Sea: Songs by the Tumbled Sea [Future]
  2577. Manuel Tur: 0201 [Freerange]
  2578. Turbo Fruits: Echo Kid
  2579. The Twilight Sad: Forget the Night Ahead [Fat Cat] {7}: MC(71), AM
  2580. Two Fingers: Two Fingers [Paper Bag] {5}: AZ; RC:***, TH:**
  2581. Two Tongues: Two Tongues [Vagrant] {2}: SP
  2582. Dave Tull: I Just Want to Get Paid [Toy Car]
  2583. Scott Tuma & Mike Weis: Taradiddle [Digitalis] {2}
  2584. Tunng/Soy un Caballo: Robin (7 Split)
  2585. Frank Turner: Poetry of the Deed [Epitaph] {5}: MC(73), P:10
  2586. TV Ghost: Cold Fish [In the Red]
  2587. The Twilight Hours: Stereo Night
  2588. Twin Sister Moon: The Hollow Mountain
  2589. Twin Stumps: Twin Stumps [Dais] {2}
  2590. The Two Man Gentleman Band: Drip Dryin'
  2591. Tyft: Smell the Difference [Skirl]
  2592. Tyvek: Tyvek [Siltbreeze]
  2593. UA: ATTA [Jetstar]
  2594. Jeremy Udden: Plainville [Fresh Sound] {2}: TH:***
  2595. UFO: The Visitor
  2596. U-God: Dopium [Frankradio/Babygrande]
  2597. Gebhard Ullman: Don't Touch My Music I [Not Two] {2}: TH:***
  2598. Gebhard Ullman: Don't Touch My Music II [Not Two] {2}: TH:**
  2599. Tomas Ulrich: Tomas Ulrich's Cargo Cult [Cadence] {3}
  2600. The Ultrasonics: Ultrasound
  2601. Carrie Underwood: Play On [Sony]: MC(54)
  2602. U-N-I: A Love Supreme
  2603. Uninhabitable Mansions: Nature Is a Taker {4}
  2604. United States: Instant Everything, Constant Nothing
  2605. Unknown Prophets: Le System D [Unknown Prophets]
  2606. Unthanks: Here's the Tender Dimensions [EMI/Rabble Rouser] {2}: FR:5, U
  2607. Untold: Gonna Work Out Fine [EP]
  2608. The Upper Crust: Revenge for Imagined Slights [Camp Street]: SP
  2609. Upsilon Acrux: Radian Futura [Cuneiform]
  2610. Keith Urban: Defying Gravity [Capitol] {5}: MC(68), AM, PM; RC:S
  2611. Terry Urban & Gold Chain: Southerngold
  2612. USE: Loveworld: SP
  2613. The Used: Artwork
  2614. UUVVWWZ: UUVVWWZ [Saddle Creek]: AM
  2615. Uzi Rash: High & Phree [Freedom School]
  2616. Vader: Necropolis [Nuclear Blast] {2}
  2617. Mika Vainio: Black Telephone of Matter [Touch] {2}
  2618. Vaka: Kappa Delta Phi: AZ
  2619. Morton Valence: Bob and Veronica Ride Again
  2620. Florence Valentin: Spring Ricco
  2621. Manuel Valera: Currents [MaxJazz]
  2622. Valis: Dark Matter
  2623. Sharon Van Etten: Because I Was in Love [Drag City] {9}: AZ, BT
  2624. Van She: V
  2625. Brock Van Wey: White Clouds Drift on and On [Echospace] {3}: PM, RA
  2626. Vandaveer: Divide and Conquer [Supply and Demand]: AZ
  2627. Ken Vandermark/Barry Guy/Mark Sanders: Fox Fire [Maya] {2}: TH:***
  2628. Ken Vandermark: Resonance [Not Two]
  2629. Ken Vandermark/Paal Nilssen-Love: Chicago Volume [Smalltown Superjazz]
  2630. Vandermark 5: Annular Gift [Not Two] {4}: TH:A-
  2631. John Vanderslice: Romanian Names [Dead Oceans] {4}: MC(72)
  2632. Jozef van Wissem: A Rose by Any Other Name: Anonymous Lute Solos of the Golden Age [Incunabulum -06]: RC:A-
  2633. Variant: The Setting Sun [Echospace]
  2634. Various G Spots: The Spacey Folk Electro-Horror Sounds of the Studio G Library [Trunk]
  2635. Varsity Drag: Night Owls
  2636. Väsen: Street [NorthSide]
  2637. Phil Vassar: Traveling Circus
  2638. Mike Vax Big Band: Sounds From the Road [Summit] {2}
  2639. The Veils: Sun Gangs [Rough Trade] {7}: MC(74), DS, OS:6
  2640. Velvet: The Queen
  2641. Venice Is Sinking: AZAR
  2642. Venus Hum: Mechanics and Mathematics
  2643. VersaEmerge: VersaEmerge EP {2}
  2644. Luke Vibert: We Hear You [Planet Mu] {2}: CL
  2645. Fay Victor Ensemble: The Freesong Suite [Greene Avenue] {3}: PM; TH:*
  2646. The View: Which Bitch
  2647. The Village Orchestra: I Can Hear the Sirens Singing Again [Highpoint Lowlife] {2}: F
  2648. Rhonda Vincent: Destination Life [Rounder] {2}
  2649. The Vines: Melodia [Ivy League/World's Fair] {2}: BL
  2650. Visqueen: Message to Garcia {2}
  2651. Vitalic: Flashmob [Play It Again Sam] {5}: MC(79), AZ, DS
  2652. Miroslav Vitous: Remembering Weather Report [ECM] {8}: VV; TH:***
  2653. Viva Voce: Rose City [Barsuk] {5}: SL, SP
  2654. Vivian Girls: Everything Goes Wrong [In the Red] {9}: MC(65), BT:4, RS, RT; RC:*
  2655. VNV Nation: Of Faith Power and Glory {2}
  2656. Kate Voegele: A Fine Mess
  2657. Voivod: Infini [Sonic Unyon]
  2658. Volbeat: Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood [Mascot] {2}: RS
  2659. The Voluntary Butler Scheme: At Dinner, Breakfast, Tea
  2660. The Von Bondies: Love, Hate and Then There's You [Majordomo] {2}: MC(60), SP
  2661. Kurt Vonnegut & Dave Soldier: Ice-9 Ballads
  2662. Sir Lord Von Raven: Please Throw Me Back in the Ocean [HappyParts]: RC:**
  2663. Claude VonStroke: Bird Brain
  2664. Voodeux: The Paranormal [Mothership]
  2665. Joris Voorn: Balance 014 [EQ] {4}
  2666. Terry Vosbein & the Nashville Jazz Orchestra: Progressive Jazz 2009 [Max Frank Music]
  2667. Vulture Whale: Vulture Whale [Skybucket] {2}: BL, SP
  2668. Rick Wade: Harmonie Park Revisited
  2669. Charlie Wadhams: In a Goldmine [EP]
  2670. Brooke Waggoner: Go Easy Little Doves
  2671. Loudon Wainwright III: High, Wide & Handsome: The Charlie Poole Project [161] {9}: FR, ND; RC:A, TH:A-
  2672. Martha Wainwright: San Fusils. Ni Souliers, a Paris
  2673. Joe Louis Walker: Between a Rock and the Blues [Stony Plain] {2}: DB
  2674. Seth Walker: Leap of Faith [Hyena] {2}: AZ
  2675. Nancy Wallace: Old Stories [Midwich]
  2676. Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet: ¡Bien Bien! [Patois] {2}: TH:U
  2677. Wallpaper: Doodoo Face {2}
  2678. Kate Walsh: Light & Dark
  2679. Cedar Walton: Voices Deep Within [High Note] {2}: TH:**
  2680. Leehom Wang: Heart Beat: AZ
  2681. Gary War: Horribles Parade [Sacred Bones] {3}: FB:8, W
  2682. Warbringer: Waking Into Nightmares [Century Media]
  2683. Wardruna: Runaljad: Gap Var Ginnunga [Filbulljoth] {2}
  2684. David S Ware Quartet: Live in Vilnius [No Business] {3}: SG
  2685. The Warped 45s: 10 Day Poem for Saskatchewan [Pheromone]
  2686. Warsaw Village Band: Infinity [Barbes] {3}: AZ, PM
  2687. Washed Out: Life of Leisure/High Times [Mexican Summer] {7}: MG
  2688. Imaad Wasif: The Voidist {2}
  2689. Watermelon Slim & the Workers: Escape From the Chicken Coop {2}
  2690. Sara Watkins: Sara Watkins [Nonesuch] {4}
  2691. Gene Watson: A Taste of the Truth [Shanachie] {3}: PM
  2692. Ernie Watts/Plas Johnson: All Blues [Mojo]
  2693. The Wave Pictures: If You Leave It Alone: SP
  2694. Wax Mannequin: Saxon [Zunior]: EX
  2695. Way Out West: We Love Machine [Hope]
  2696. Dallas Wayne: I'll Take the Fifth
  2697. We the Kings: Smile Kid {2}
  2698. We Were Promised Jetpacks: These Four Walls [Fat Cat] {9}: MC(72)
  2699. Weasel Walter: Apocalyptik Paranoia [Gaffer]
  2700. Weather Station: The Line
  2701. Andrew Weatherall: A Pox on the Pioneers {2}: CL:9
  2702. Derek Webb: Stockholm Syndrome {3}
  2703. Randy Weeks: Going My Way
  2704. Weezer: Raditude [DGC] {7}: MC(57), AM, RS
  2705. Weightless: A Brush With Dignity [Clean Feed] {2}: TH:**
  2706. Weinland: Breaks in the Sun
  2707. Mark Weinstein/Omar Sosa: Tales From the Earth [Ota]
  2708. Dustin Welch: Whisky Priest
  2709. Carol Welsman: I Like Men: Reflections of Miss Peggy Lee [Welcar]
  2710. Ben Wendel: Simple Song [Sunnyside] {2}: TH:B
  2711. Frank Wess: Once Is Not Enough [Labeth Music] {2}: DB; TH:**
  2712. Bugge Wesseltoft: Playing [Jazzland] {2}
  2713. Kanye West: 808s & Heartbreak [Roc-A-Fella -08] {2}: TH:A-
  2714. Westbound Train: Come and Get It [Hellcat]: AZ
  2715. Westlife: Where We Are
  2716. Wetdog: Frauhaus! {2}
  2717. Wheat: White Ink, Black Ink
  2718. Emily Jane White: Dark Undercoat [Important] {2}: AM; TH:**
  2719. Paul White: The Strange Dreams of Paul White [One Handed Music] {6}: CL, F
  2720. Paul White: The Punch Drummer [EP]
  2721. White Denim: Explosion [EM/Tunecore]: CM
  2722. White Denim: Workout Holiday [Full Time Hobby -08] {2}: RC:A-, CM
  2723. White Hills: Dead [Thrill Jockey]
  2724. White Rainbow: New Clouds [Kranky] {3}: MC(72)
  2725. Whitefield Brothers: In the Raw [Now Again]: AZ
  2726. Whitley: Go Forth, Find Mammoth
  2727. William Elliott Whitmore: Animals in the Dark [Anti-] {3}: DA, SP
  2728. WHO Trio: Less Is More [Clean Feed] {2}: SG, TH:**
  2729. John Wiese: Circle Snare [No Fun] {3}: TM
  2730. Wilberforces: Haunted
  2731. Wildbirds & Peacedrums: The Snake [Control Group] {6}: AB:5, AM
  2732. Corey Wilkes & Abstrakt Pulse: Cries From Tha Ghetto [Pi] {4}: DB; TH:*
  2733. Wild Light: Adult Nights [StarTime International] {2}: P, RS
  2734. Alan Wilkis: Pink & Purple [EP]
  2735. The William Blakes: Wayne Coyne [Last Gang]
  2736. Hank Williams Jr: 127 Rose Avenue
  2737. Holly Williams: Here With Me [Mercury Nashville] {9}: MC(82), AZ, EW;A-, NS:9, SP; TH:B
  2738. Jessica Williams: Art of the Piano [Origin] {2}: TH:**
  2739. Katt Williams: It's Pimpin' Pimpin' [Warner Bros.]
  2740. Kim Williams: The Reason That I Sing
  2741. Robbie Williams: Reality Killed the Video Star [EMI] {2}: MC(64)
  2742. Charlie Wilson: Uncle Charlie [Jive]: MC(71)
  2743. Gerald Wilson: Detroit [Mack Avenue] {6}: JT; TH:A-
  2744. Jenny Wilson: Hardships! [Gold Medal] {2}: AB
  2745. Larry Jon Wilson: Larry Jon Wilson {2}: SP
  2746. Tony Wilson Sextet: The People Look Like Flowers at Last [Drip Audio]: PM; TH:B
  2747. Windsurf: Coastlines [Internasjonal]
  2748. The Wingdale Community Singers: Spirit Duplicator [Scarlet Shame]: RC:**
  2749. Mark Winkler: Till I Get It Right [Free Ham] {3}: TH:***
  2750. Wino: Punctuated Equilibrium [Southern Lord] {2}: SP
  2751. Winter Gloves: About a Girl [Paper Bag]: AZ
  2752. Wisin y Yandel: La Revolucion [Machete Music] {3}: AZ
  2753. Jah Wobble: Chinese Dub [30 Hertz]
  2754. Wolf Eyes: Always Wrong [Hostpial Productions] {5}: TM
  2755. Michael Wolff: Joe's Strut [Wrong]
  2756. Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves: Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves
  2757. Wolves in the Throne Room: Black Cascade [Southern Lord] {5}
  2758. Lee Ann Womack: Call Me Crazy
  2759. Wonderlick: Topless at the Arco Arena [Rock Ridge Music] {2}: RC:***, TH:**
  2760. The Wood Brothers: Up Above My Head [Indirecto]
  2761. Woodbrain: Swimming in Turpentine
  2762. Woodpigeon: Treasury Library Canada {2}: CL
  2763. The Wooden Birds: Magnolia [Barsuk] {2}: MC(66), AZ, SP
  2764. Wooden Shjips: Dos [Holy Mountain] {4}: MC(66), PM
  2765. The Wooden Sky: If I Don't Come Home You'll Know I'm Gone [Black Box] {3}
  2766. Phil Woods: The Children's Suite [Jazzed Media]: DB; TH:*
  2767. Nate Wooley/Jason Roebke/Fred Lonberg-Holm: Throw Down Your Hammer [Porter] {2}
  2768. Workers: Workers
  2769. Works Progress Administration: WPA [Red Distribution]: AZ:93
  2770. World's End Girlfriend: Air Doll {2}
  2771. Shane Worley: Mister Purified Country {2}
  2772. Wrinkle Neck Mules: Let the Lead Fly
  2773. Wu-Tang Clan: Wu-Tang Chamber Music [E1 Entertainment/Universal] {2}: MC(75)
  2774. Wussy: Wussy [Shake It] {8}: RS, SP; RC:A, CM, MT:6, TH:***
  2775. X-Clan: Mainstream Outlaw [Suburban Noize]: AZ
  2776. XO: Monumental
  2777. Xrabit + DMG$: Hello World [Big Dada]: RC:*
  2778. Yagya: Rigning [Sending Orbs]
  2779. Sam Yahel: Oumou
  2780. Yim Yames: Tribute To [ATO] {2}: SP; RC:X
  2781. Nikki Yanofsky: Ella . . . Of Thee I Swing [A440 Entertainment]: DB
  2782. Yim Yames: Tribute To (EP) [ATO]: RS
  2783. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: iTunes Originals [DGC/Interscope]: RS
  2784. The Years: Vosotros Presents: The Years [Vosotros] {2}: AZ
  2785. Yellow Tears: Don't Cry [Hospital Productions] {2}
  2786. YOB: The Great Cessation [Profound Lore] {4}
  2787. Yonder Mountain String Band: Show
  2788. Yonlu: A Society in Which No Tear Is Shed Is Inconceivably Mediocre [Luaka Bop] {2}: AM, RC:***
  2789. Thom Yorke: Live at Echoplex, Los Angeles 10-2-09 [bootleg]: PM
  2790. James Yorkston: When the Haar Rolls In [Domino] {2}: SP
  2791. Pete Yorn: Back and Fourth [Columbia] {4}: MC(67), RS
  2792. Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson: Break Up [Rhino] {3}: MC(52)
  2793. You Say Party! We Say Die!: XXXX
  2794. Gabby Young: We're All in This Together [101 Distribution] {2}: AZ
  2795. Nate Young: Regression [Ideal]
  2796. Neil Young: Fork in the Road [Reprise] {8}: MC(61), AM, AZ:73, BL:****, SP; RC:A-, MT:8, TH:A-
  2797. Young Galaxy: Invisible Republic [Independent]: EX
  2798. Young Republic: Balletesque: RT
  2799. Jenny Owen Youngs: Transmitter Failure {3}
  2800. Katherine Young: Further Secret Origins [Porter]
  2801. Tata Young: Ready for Love
  2802. Richard Youngs: Under Stellar Stream [Jagjaguwar] {5}: MC(79), W
  2803. Richard Youngs: Beyond the Volly of Ultrahits [Sonic Oyster] {2}
  2804. Richard Youngs: Like a Neuron [Dekorder]
  2805. Youth Group: The Night Is Ours [Ivy League]
  2806. Yppah: They Know What Ghost Kow
  2807. James Yuill: Turning Down Water for Air
  2808. Malik Yusef: GOOD Morning, GOOD Night
  2809. Yusuf/Cat Stevens: Roadsinger (to Warm You Through the Night) [A&M] {4}: MC(72), AZ:27
  2810. Yves Klein Blue: Ragged and Ecstatic
  2811. Peter Zak: Seed of Sin [Steeplechase]: DB
  2812. Joe Zawinul: 75 [Heads Up] {4}: TH:**
  2813. Jonneine Zapata: Cast the Demons Out
  2814. Denny Zeitlin: In Concert [Sunnyside] {2}: TH:**
  2815. Zelienople: Give It Up [Type] {2}
  2816. Mans Zelmerlow: MZW
  2817. Zion-I: The TakeOver [Gold Dust Media]: SP
  2818. Zo!: . . . Just Visiting Too
  2819. Zola Jesus: The Spoils [Sacred Bones] {6}: MG
  2820. Zombi: Spirit Animal
  2821. Zomby: One Foot Ahead of the Other [Ramp] {4}: F:7
  2822. Zomby: Where Were U in '92? [Werk Discs] {2}: PF
  2823. The Zookeepers: Ballin' Outrageous [Zookeepers] {2}
  2824. Zoos of Berlin: Taxis [Zoos of Berlin]
  2825. Zoot Woman: Things Are What They Use to Be [ZWR] {2}
  2826. John Zorn: Alhambra Love Songs [Tzadik] {3}: AM; CM, TH:A-
  2827. John Zorn: O'o [Tzadik] {5}: TH:**
  2828. John Zorn: Femina [Tzadik]
  2829. Zoroaster: Voice of Saturn [Terminal Doom]
  2830. Z-Ro: Cocaine [Rap-A-Lot]
  2831. Zs: Music of the Modern White [The Social Registry]
  2832. Zu: Carboniferous [Ipecac] {6}: MC(83):34, TM

Lists Consulted

All mentions are counted; for minor lists that's all. Symbols in brackets are noted, usually with a rank order; for RC and TH a grade. Metacritic comes first; its score (when known) in parens. Grades are last. Other rankings in between.

Largehearted Boy has a huge list of lists, which helps, although I'm picking things that strike my fancy, throwing out ones that seem too incoherent (which is not necessarily a matter of taste).

Metacritic's summary is here.

Prefix has a reader's poll with results running 594 deep. See here.

Another meta-analysis is available at Acclaimed Music.

The Hype Machine has data compiled from 500 blogs here. Animal Collective outpolled Grizzly Bear and Phoenix 198 to 170 or 169.

  • Metacritic [MC]: (XX):50, ratings current as of Dec. 13
  • Megacritic [MG]: 50
  • About.com [AB]: 10/30; plus folk, heavy metal, punk, r&b/soul, rap, rock
  • AllMusic Guide [AM]: editors choices, ****(*) as discovered; year end counted but not noted: AMG staff favorites, blues, country, electronica, folk, hip-hop/rap, indie (1&2), jazz, latin, metal, pop, r&b, reggae, rock, reissues
  • Amazon.com [AZ]: Editor's picks 100, plus genres (alt rock, comedy, country, dance, latin, pop, rap), "albums you may have missed"; some customers (Aldred15, Andrew Cusack, Matthew Wagener)
  • AV Club (Onion) [AV]: 10/25; critics ballots, some grades ≥ A-
  • Barnes and Noble [BN]: 10 album; other lists
  • Blender [BL]: ***(*) and up; defunct by April
  • Blurt [BT]: 10/50
  • Clash [CL]: 10/40
  • Downbeat [DB]: **** and up [3,5-6,8-10]
  • Delusions of Adequacy [DA]: 10/50; avant, hip-hop, below cut
  • Drowned in Sound [DS]: 10/50
  • Entertainment Weekly [EW]: grades ≥ A- [incomplete]
  • Exclaim! [EX]: 10/20 pop; other lists
  • Fact [F]: 10/40
  • Fast 'n' Bulbous [FB] 13//100
  • Filter [FL]: 10/10; 1 only on staff lists
  • fRoots [FR]: 10/20, 6/17 reissues; runners up counted
  • Guardian [G]: 10/25/50
  • JazzTimes [JT]: 10/50, 10 historical; ballots counted 3+ = 2, 1-2 = 1
  • Magnet [MA]: 10/20; Americana, beats/breaks, hard rock, reissues
  • MOG [MG]: 10/50
  • Mojo [MJ]: 10/50
  • NME [NM]: 10/50
  • No Depression [ND]: 10/50
  • No Ripcord [NR]: 10/25/50
  • Nashville Scene country music critics' poll [NS] 10; albums, country
  • Obscure Sound [OS]: 10/50
  • Other Music [OM]: 10/25
  • Paste [P]: 10/25; 8 "criminally underrated albums"
  • Pitchfork [PF]: 10/50
  • PopMatters [PM]: 10/60; americana, bluegrass, {British}, country, debut, electronic, hip-hop, indie pop, jazz, live, {metal}, psych, r&b, reissues, singer-songwriter, {women over 40}, world music
  • Q [Q]: 10/50
  • RA [RA]: 10/20
  • Rhapsody [RH]: 10/25
  • Rolling Stone [RS] 25/25; ***(*) and up
  • Rough Trade [RT] 10/60
  • Slant [SL]: 10/25
  • SoundProof [SO]: 10/20
  • Spin [SP]: 40; 10 you might have missed; ***(*) and up
  • Stereo Subversion [SS]: 11 albums; hip-hop, pop
  • Tiny Mixed Tapes [TM]: 10/50
  • Uncut [U]: 10/50; 10 bubblers
  • Under the Radar [UR]: 10
  • Village Voice [VV]: jazz poll 10/125
  • The Wire [W]: 10/50

Finally, some individual critics lists, and for Christgau and myself grades.

  • Robert Christgau [RC]: all grades noted, counted ≥ *
  • Francis Davis [FD]: 10 + HMs
  • Stef Gijssels (Free Jazz) [SG]: 10 (no order); **** up, to 01-04),
  • Tom Lane [TL]: country ballot
  • Michaelangelo Matos [MM]: best of 6-months list; P&J ballot
  • Chris Monsen: [CM]: best of 6-months list; year to Dec. 10
  • Hank Shteamer [HS] 10+HM
  • Michael Tatum [MT]: 10
  • Tom Hull: A-list [TH]: all grades noted, counted ≥ **

And some other miscellaneous critics lists were simply counted: #1 Hits From Another Planet, 2 Blog or not 2 Blog ABC News (Allan Raible), Above and Beyond, Absolut Noise, All About Jazz (C Michael Bailey, Troy Collins, J Hunter, John Kelman, Dan McClenaghan, David A Orthmann), All the Young Punks, Almost Four Stars (Kendall Bruns), Alter the Press (Kevin Devine), The Alternative Ulster, Alt-Rock Now, Animal Noises (19-30 only), Animal Show, The Anxiety of Influence, Any Decent Music? (8.0+), Arbitrary Judgment, Katie Arbuthnot, Art Nouveau, Artful Misanthrope, Artrocker [*] (53 unknowns/100), Aspen Times, Atlantic City Weekly (Jeff Schwachter), Audio Diva, Austin Town Hall, Azltron, Baltimore City Paper, Bandwagon, Battle of the Midwestern Housewives, Bears Eat People [*], Best Albums of 2009 (rated 8.0 up), Better Propaganda, Beware the Sax Solo, Biomusicosophy, Blah Blah Blah, Blare, Bleep, Blog Blog Blog, Boomkat, Boston Globe (Joan Anderman, Julian Benbow, James Reed, Sarah Rodman), Bottom of the Glass, Brokenbranches, Buffalo News, Burn the Jukebox, Burnt Out/Still Glowing [*], Butch Slap, Cajun Tomato, Catfish Vegas, Ca Va Cool, Chewing Gum for the Ears, Chicago Sun-Times (Jim DeRogatis), Chicago Tribune (best jazz box sets), Chipped Hip, Choke on Your Pop Culture, Chrisfucius, Circle of Fits, Clicky Clicky Music, The Clink, Close to the Edge, Clumsy Tuba, Cokemachineglow, A Cold Sweat, Condemned to Rock 'n Roll [*], Confessions of a Software Developer, Consequence of Sound, Alex V Cook, Cook Blog, Winnie Cooper [*], Country Music Chicago, Courant, Critically Speaking, Cultural Zero, Culture Bully, Curt's Jazz Cafe, Dada [*], The Daily Beast (John Ortved/Alex Littlefield), The Daily Times (Steve Wildsmith), Dallas Observer (alt-country, dj/dance, heavy metal, indie, rap), Dance Fever 5000, Decibel, The Decibel Tolls, Denver Westword (dance, metal), Destination:Out, Dirty Boots, Dismantle Repair, Disquiet Ambient/Electronica, A Distorted Reality, DMG (Mike Panico), Donna Magazine, Doodlebird, The Dumbing of America, Dumblikeapainter (jazz), Dusted (Daniel Levin Becker, Susanna Bolle, Kevin Macneil Brown, Brandon Bussolini, Emerson Dameron, Ben Donnelly, Jennifer Kelly, Brad LaBonte, Cole Goins*, Otis Hart, Rob Hatch-Miller, Patrick Masterson, Doug Mosurock, Jake O'Connell*, Adam Strohm, Derek Taylor*, Ben Yaster; * includes extras), Dusty Likes Music, Ear Candy (Brent Steckler), Ear Farm, Earvolution (David Schultz), The Ebb and Flow, EderBlog, Einstein Music Journal, Electricsistahood, Electric Skeleton, eMusic, The Epoch Times, EQ, Everybody Taste, Everything Is Pop, The Factual Opinion (12-30), Fallen Not Broken [*], Fall of Reach, Faronheit, Fascination Streak, Fat Roland on Electronica, Fearing Americans, Feedback Loop, Fire Eye'd Boy, Fishpork, Fizzy Pop, Flagpole, For Amusement Only, Sasha Frere-Jones, From Here to Obscurity, Fume Music, Funky Jeff [*], A Future in Noise (Andy, Ian, John, Marilyn) Fuzzy Lion, Gears of Rock, Geography of Hope [*], Georgetown Voice, Gigwise, Gimme Tinnitus, Girls Sold Out, Gnome Chompski, Good News for People Who Love Bad News, Gorilla vs. Bear, GrafWV, Green Gravy, Grist [*], Gunsling Birds, George Hahn, Hail Hail Rock 'n' Roll, Hands on Your Ears, Hard Rock Chick, Hawk, Hearsay, Hear Ya, Hectic but Eclectic, HeiBräu, Hipster Collective, HitFix (Katie Hasty, Melinda Newman), The Ho Down, Hot Biscuits, Hurst Review, R Hutchinson (Amazon: Best Jazz/Improv of 2009), The Hype 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Booth, Mike Prevatt, Michaelangelo Matos, Peter Scholtes), The Late Greats, The Latin Jazz Corner, Learning Is Fun, Left of the Dial, LimeWire Jukebox (country), The Line of Best Fit, The Liner Notes, Little White Earbuds, Live From Six Feet Underground, Living as Dead, The Lonely Note, Loose Ends, Lost in Pop Culture, Loud Loop (Britni Day), Lullabies From a Giant Golden Radio, Lumino (Bezzubov, Prato), Mass Romantic, Maybe Hip, Mediametric, The Mediasaurus, Medium Fries, Melody Musers, Melophobe (albums, electronic, hip-hop) The Midpoint, The Mind of the Dream, Mishka Bloglin, Misplaced Swag, Miss Informed, The Mix Up, The Modern Music, Mookie the Dope (hip hop), Mike Mosh, Morning Star, Muruch, Music and More (Tim Niland), Music Cookies, Music for Kids Who Cant Read Good, Music Is a Sin, Music Liberation, Music Maven, Music OMH, Music Review, Music Room, Music Universe, Muso's Guide, My Aimz Is True, My Crazy Music Blog, My Kind of Country (Chris Dean, Occasional Hope, Megan Morrow, 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[*] On some lately entered lists, I didn't bother adding previously unknown records. These were usually long and obscure lists, some less than clear, but in most cases I did count the top ten.