Penguin Guide to Jazz: Added to 7th Edition

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (7th Edition).

Artist Title 7th Ed.
Charlie Byrd Brazilian Byrd [Columbia] **(*)
  Solo Flight [OJC] ***
  Byrd Song [OJC] **(*)
  Byrd by the Sea [Fantasy] ***
  Plays Jobim [Concord] ***
Donald Byrd Jazz Lab/Modern Jazz Perspective [Collectables] ***(*)
  Caricatures [Blue Note] *(*)
George Cables Alone Together [Groove Jazz] ***
  Shared Secrets [Muse] ***
Michael Cain Phfew [M.A.] ***(*)
Uri Caine The Goldberg Variations [Winter & Winter] ***
  The Diabelli Variations [Winter & Winter] ***
Cab Calloway The Early Years [JSP] ***(*)
  The Chu and Dizzy Years [Hep] ***
  The Alternative Takes 1930-1944 [Neatwork] ***
Michel Camilo Why Not? [Evidence] ***
  Suntan Evidence [Evidence] ***
  Thru My Eyes [RMM] ***(*)
  Spain [Verve] ***
  Triangulo [Telarc] ***
  Live at the Blue Note [Telarc] ***
John Campbell Turning Point [Contemporary] ***
  Workin' Out [Criss Cross] ***(*)
Conte Candoli The Complete Phoenix Recordings Volumes 1-6 [Woofy] ***
  Live at Capozzoli's [Woofy] **(*)
Domenico Capezzuto Piccola Luce [Splasc(h)] ***(*)
Arrigo Cappelletti Little Poems [Splasc(h)] ***(*)
Dave Carey The Complete Sessions 1955-57 [Lake] ***
Mike Carr Stevenson's Rocket [Birdland] ***
Terri Lyne Carrington Structure [ACT] ****
Bill Carothers Ghost Ships [Sketch] ***(*)
Benny Carter The Alternative Takes Vol. 1 1936-1940 [Neatwork] **(*)
  The Alternative Takes Vol. 2 1940-1946 [Neatwork] ***
  More Alternative Takes 1936-1937 [Neatwork] ***
  The Three C's [Sackville] ***(*)
James Carter Live at Baker's Keyboard Lounge [Warners] ***
  Gardenias for Lady Day [Columbia] ***
Regina Carter Paginini: After a Dream [Verve] ***
Ron Carter Stardust [Blue Note] ***(*)
  Eight Plus [Dreyfus] **(*)
Philip Catherine Summer Night [Dreyfus] ***
Celestrial Communication Orchestra Luna Surface [Sunspot] ***
  Alan Silva & the Celestrial Communication Orchestra [Sunspot] ***
  HR 57 I [Eremite] ***
  HR 57 II [Eremite] ***
  HR 57 III [Eremite] ***
  HR 57 Treasure Box [Eremite] (****)
Henri Chaix Just Friends [Sackville] ***
Serge Chaloff The Fable of Mabel [1201] ***
Dennis Chambers Outbreak [ESC] ***
Joe Chambers Urban Grooves [441] ***
Bill Charlap Somewhere: The Songs of Leonard Bernstein [Blue Note] ****
Teddy Charles The Teddy Charles Tentet [Collectables] ****
Charleston Chasers Smilin' Skies [Stomp Off] ***
Tommy Chase One Way [Spotlite] ***
Doc Cheatham Hey Doc! [Black & Blue] ***
  Live at the Windsor Jazz Series [Jazzology] ***
  Meets the Swiss Dixie Stompers Plus Two [Jazzology] ***
Jeannie Cheatham/Jimmy Cheatham TheConcord Jazz Heritage Series [Concord] ***
Chris Cheek Guilty [Fresh Sound] ***(*)
  Lazy Afternoon [Fresh Sound] ***(*)
Don Cherry Orient/Blue Lake [Charly] ***
  Nu - Live at the Bracknell Jazz Festival [BBC Legends] ***
Cyrus Chestnut You Are My Sunshine [Warner Bros] ***(*)
Chicago Underground Duo/Trio Axis and Alignment [Thrill Jockey] ***
Buddy Childers Just Buddy's [Candid] ***
  West Coast Quintet [Candid] ***
  It's What's Happening Now! [Candid] ***
Charlie Christian The Original Guitar Hero [Columbia] ***
  Complete Studio Recordings [Definitive] ***
  Celestial Express [Definitive] ***
  Radio Broadcasts, 39-41 [Cleopatra] ***
Gunter Christmann (For) Friends and Neighbo(u)rs [Concepts of Doing] ***(*)
Jim Cifelli Bullet Trane [Orchard] ***
  So You Say [Challenge] ***
  Tunnel Vision [Short Notice Music] ***
Peter Cincotti Peter Cincotti [Concord] ***
Soesja Citroen Sings Thelonious Monk [Timeless] ****
  Shall We Dance or Keep On Moping [Timeless] ***
  Here and Now [Challenge] ***
  Songs for Lovers and Losers [Challenge] ***(*)
  Song for Ma [Challenge] ***
Sonny Clark 1954 Memorial Album [Jazz Factory] ***
Kenny Clarke Complete 1946-1950 Swing Master Takes [Jazz Factory] ***
  Kenny Clarke, 1946-1948 [Classics] ***
  Kenny Clarke, 1948-1950 [Classics] ***
Clarke-Boland Big Band Now Hear Our Meanin' [Collectables] ***
  Handle With Care [Koch] ***
  Jazz in the Movies [Camjazz] ***
The Classical Jazz Quartet Tchaikovwky's the Nutcracker [Recording Arts/Vertical Jazz] ***(*)
  Plays Bach [Recording Arts/Vertical Jazz] ***(*)
Benn Clatworthy Gertie, Phil, Theo & Me [Mainstem] ***
Thomas Clausen Balacobaco [Stunt] ***(*)
Kid Clayton Kid Clayton's Happy Pals [American Music] ***
Rosemary Clooney Swing Around Rosie [Verve] ***
  Sings Arlen and Berlin [Concord] ***(*)
Arnett Cobb Cobb's Idea [Ocium] ***
  Cobb and His Mob in Concert, Featuring Dinah Washington [High Note] ***
  Deep Purple: The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions [Black & Blue] ***
  The Wild Man From Texas [Black & Blue] ***
  Jumpin' at the Woodside [Black & Blue] ***
  Tenor Abrupt - The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions [Black & Blue] ***
Billy Cobham Magic/Simplicity of Expression: Depth of Thought [Sony International] **(*)
  Inner Conflicts [Wounded Bird] ***
  Alivemutherforya [Sony International] ***
  Paradox [Tiptoe] ***
Michael Cochrane Pathways [Steeplechase] ***
Tony Coe Coe-Existence [Whatmusic] ***
Jeff Coffin Commonality [Compass] ***
  Go-Round [Compass] ***
Ryan Cohan Here and Now [Sirocco] ***
Avishai Cohen Colors [Stretch] ***(*)
  Lyla [Razdaz] ***
Cozy Cole Cozy Cole 1944 [Classics] ***
  Cozy Cole 1944-1945 [Classics] ***
  And All That Big Band Jazz [Orchard] **(*)
Freddy Cole In the Name of Love [Telarc] **
Nat Cole Nat King Cole 1940-1941 [Classics] ***
  Nat King Cole 1949-1950 [Classics] ***
  Cool Cole [Proper] ****
Bill Coleman A Smooth One [Jasmine] ***
  Plus Four [Jazzology] ***
  Really I Do [Black & Blue] ***
George Coleman Four Generations of Miles [Chesky] ***
Ornette Coleman Ornette! [Atlantic] ***
  Twins [Atlantic] ***
  Town Hall Concert 1962 [Get Back] ***
  The Complete Science Fiction Sessions [Columbia] ***
  Skies of America [Columbia] ***(*)
Steve Coleman Motherland Pulse [Winter & Winter] ***
  On the Edge of Tomorrow [Winter & Winter] ***
  World Expansion [Winter & Winter] ***
  On the Rising of the 64 Paths [Label Bleu] ***
Collective Identity The Mass [Palmetto] ***(*)
Scott Colley The Magic Line [Arabesque] ***
  Initial Wisdom [Palmetto] ***
Max Collie Live at the Strathallan [Raymer Sound] ***
  The Thrill of Jazz [Reality] ***
  New Orleans Mardi Gras: Volume 2 [Reality] ***
  Live in Stuttgart 1998 [Reality] ***
Graham Collier Deep Dark Blue Centre [Disconforme] ***(*)
  Down Another Road [Disconforme] ***
  Mosaics [Disconforme] ***
  Winter Oranges [Jazzprint] ***
  Bread and Circuses [Jazzprint] ***
Alice Coltrane Eternity [Sepia Tone] ***
John Coltrane John Coltrane and the Jazz Giants [Prestige] ***
  A Love Supreme: Deluxe Edition [Impulse] ****
  Plays for Lovers [Prestige] *
  Legacy [Impulse] ****
Ravi Coltrane Mad 6 [Eighty-Eights/Columbia] ***
Ken Colyer Vintage Ken Colyer [Lake] ***
  Captured Moments [Upbeat] ***
  The Classic Years Vol. 2 [Upbeat] ***(*)
  Club Session With Colyer [Lake] ***(*)
  Colyer Plays Standards [Lake] ***(*)
  This Is the Blues [Lake] ***(*)
  The Real Ken Colyer [Cadillac] ***
  Jazz at the Strathallen [Raymer Sound] **(*)
  Winter Wonderland [GHB] ***
Eddie Condon Eddie Condon 1951-1953 [Classics] ***
  Jam Session Coast-to-Coast/Jammin' at Condon's [Collectables] ***(*)
  Bixieland/Treasury of Jazz [Collectables] ****
  Midnight in Moscow/The Roaring Twenties [Collectables] ***
Chris Connor Chris Connor/He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not [Collectables] ***(*)
  I Miss You So/Witchcraft [Collectables] ***(*)
  I Walk With Music [High Note] **(*)
Carla Cook It's All About Love [Maxjazz] ***
  Dem Bones [Maxjazz] ***
Marc Copland Double Play [Steeplechase] ***(*)
  What It Says [Sketch] ***
  Round and Round [Nagel Heyer] ***(*)
Chick Corea The Complete 'Is' Sessions [Blue Note] ****
  :rarum: Selected Recordings [ECM] ***
  Rendezvous in New York [Stretch] ****
Julian Coryell Duality [N2K] ***
Larry Coryell Basics [Universe] **
  Live From Bahia [Past Perfect] ***
  Cedars of Avalon [High Note] ***
  The Power Trio: Live in Chicago [High Note] ***
  Birdfingers [Universe] ***
Dunstan Coulber Standards for a New Century [Nagel Heyer] ***
Anthony Cox That and This [Stretch] ***
Lol Coxhill Termite One [Bruce's Fingers] ***
  Worms Organising Archdukes [Emanem] ****
  Out to Launch [Emanem] ***
  Mouth [Fragile Noise] ***
  Milwaukee 2002 [Emanem] ***
Crane River Jazz Band Vintage Crane River Jazz Band 1950-1952 [Lake] ***
Hank Crawford More Soul [Atlantic] ***
  The World of Hank Crawford [Milestone] ***
Marilyn Crispell Labyrinths [Victo] ****
  Live in Zurich [Leo] ***
  Circles [Victo] ***
  MGM Trio [Ramboy] ***
  Dark Night and Luminous [Musica Secreta] ***
Sonny Criss Live in Italy [Fresh Sound] ***
Bob Crosby Associated Transcriptions Vol. 1 [Nostalgia] ***
  Associated Transcriptions Vol. 2 [Nostalgia] ***
  1937/40 Broadcasts [Soundcraft] (***)
Connie Crothers Ontology [New Artists] ***
Pat Crumly Third World Sketches [Spotlite] *(*)
  Behind the Mask [Spotlite] **(*)
  Flamingo [Spotlite] ***
  Weaver of Dreams [33 Jazz] ***
The Crusaders Chile Con Soul [Pacific Jazz] ***
  Lighthouse '68 [Pacific Jazz] ***(*)
Bill Cunliffe Live at Bernie's [Groove Note] ***(*)
  How My Heart Sings [Torii] ***(*)
Daniele D'Agaro Strandjutters [Hatology] **
Albert Dailey That Old Feeling [Steeplechase] **
Franco D'Andrea Solo 1 - Standards [Philology] ***
  Solo 2 - Abstractions [Philology] ***
  Solo 3 - Woods [Philology] ***
  Solo 4 - Gato [Philology] ***
  Solo 5 - Duke [Philology] ***(*)
  Solo 6 - Valzer, Opera, Natale [Philology] ***
  Solo 7 - Napoli [Philology] **(*)
  Solo 8 - Classic Jazz [Philology] ***
  Magicians at Work [Philology] ***(*)
  Round Riff & More [Philology] ***
Dave D'Angelo In a Minute [Double Time] ***
Dee Daniels Let's Talk Business [Capri] ***
  Close Encounter of the Swingin' Kind [Timeless] **(*)
  Wish Me Love [Mons] ***(*)
Lars Danielsson Origo [Curling Legs] ***(*)
Harold Danko Fantasy Exit [Steeplechase] ***(*)
  Trilix [Steeplechase] ***(*)
Jacqui Dankworth As the Sun Shines Down on Me [Candid] ***(*)
Stefano D'Anna Runa [Splasc(h)] ***(*)
Olu Dara In the World: From Natchez to New York [Atlantic] ***
  Neighborhoods [Atlantic] **(*)
Carlo Actis Dato The Moonwalker [Leo] ***(*)
  Don Quijote [Splasc(h)] ***
  Istanbul Rap [YVP] ***(*)
  USA Tour/April 2001/Live [Splasc(h)] **(*)
  American Tour [Splasc(h)] ***
Ben Davis Double Dares Are Sometimes Different [FMR] ***
Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis Bacalao [OJC] ***
Miles Davis Complete Savoy and Dial Recordings [Definitive] ***
  Young Miles [Proper] ***
  All Stars Recordings [Definitive] ***
  Complete Vocalists Sessions [Definitive] **(*)
  Birdland 1951 [Blue Note] ***
  Complete Birdland Performances [Definitive] ***
  Complete Sessions [Jazz Factory] ***
  Plays for Lovers [Prestige] ***
  In Person - Friday Night at the Blackhawk: Volume 1 [Columbia] ***(*)
  In Person - Saturday Night at the Blackhawk: Volume 2 [Columbia] ***(*)
  In Person - Friday and Saturday Night at the Blackhawk - Complete [Columbia] ****
  The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions [Columbia] ****
  Highlights From the Complete Miles Davis at Montreux [WEA International] ***
  Heard Around the World [WEA] ***
Xavier Davis Innocence of Youth [Fresh Sound] ***
Ernest Dawkins South Side Street Songs [Silkheart] ***
  Chicago Now - Thirty Years of Great Black Music [Silkheart] ***
  Jo'burg Jump [Delmark] ***
  Cape Town Shuffle [Delmark] ****
Day & Taxi Private [Percaso] ***(*)
Elton Dean Just Us [Cuneiform] ***
  Ninesense - Live at the BBC [Hux] ***
  El Skid [Voiceprint] ***
  All the Tradition [Slam] ***
  Into the Nierika [Slam] ****
  QED [Blueprint] ***
  Moorsong [Cuneiform] ***
  Bar Torque [Moonjune] **(*)
Joey DeFrancesco Plays Sinatra His Way [High Note] ***
  Ballads and Blues [Concord] ***
Buddy DeFranco Mr Clarinet [Verve] ***
  Cookin' the Books [Arbors] ***
Lea DeLaria Play It Cool [Warner Bros] ***(*)
  Double Standards [Warner Bros] ***(*)
Ted Des Plantes Christmas Night in Harlem Stride [Solo Art] **
  Railroad Man [Stomp Off] ***(*)
Jimmy Deuchar The Anglo/American/Scottish Connection [Hep] ***
Stefano Di Battista Round About Roma [Blue Note] ***
Robert Dick Six Bisquitus Disintegrat [Enja] ***
Vic Dickenson Gentleman of the Trombone [Storyville] ****
  Ding Dong [Storyville] ***
Walt Dickerson Shades of Love [Steeplechase] ***
  Life Rays [Soul Note] ***
Whit Dickey Life Cycle [Aum Fidelity] ***
Neville Dickie Never Hared of Such Stuff! [Stomp Off] ***
Danny D'Imperio Danny D'Imperio and the Bloviators [Rompin'] ***
  Big Band Bloviation [Rompin'] ***
Gene DiNovi Renaissance of a Jazz Master [Candid] ***
  Live at the Montreal Bistro [Candid] ***
  Plays the Music of BennyCarter [Hep] ***
  Plays Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn [Baldwin Street] ***(*)
Joe Diorio To Jobim With Love [RAM] ****
  I Remember You: A Tribute to Wes Montgomery [RAM] ***(*)
Mike DiRubbio From the Inside Out [Sharp Nine] ***
  Keep Steppin' [Criss Cross] ***(*)
  Human Spirit [Criss Cross] ***(*)
Bill Dixon Solo Works (Odyssey) [no label] ****
  Collection: Music for Solo Trumpet [Cadence] ***(*)
  Opium [Between the Lines] ***(*)
  Bill Dixon in Italy: Volume 1 [Soul Note] ***
  Bill Dixon in Italy: Volume 2 [Soul Note] ***
  November 1981 [Soul Note] ****
  Thoughts [Soul Note] ***
  Sons of Sisyphus [Soul Note] ***(*)
  Vade Mecum [Soul Note] ***
  Vade Mecum II [Soul Note] ***(*)
  Papyrus [Soul Note] ***
  Papyrus: Volume 2 [Soul Note] ***
Marcio Doctor Restless World [Provocateur] ***
Baby Dodds Jazz a la Creole [GHB] ***(*)
Johnny Dodds 1928-1929: The Alternative Takes [Neatwork] ***
Chris Minh Doky Cinematique [Blue Note] ***
Sophia Domancich La Part des Anges [Gimini] ***(*)
Arne Domnérus Favourite Groups: 1949-1950 [Dragon] ***
  Arne Domnérus and His Orchestra 1950-1951 With Rolf Ericson [Dragon] ***
Dorothy Donegan The Many Faces of Dorothy Donegan [Storyville] ***
Christy Doran Black Box [Double Moon] ***
  Heaven Is in the Streets [Double Moon] ***
Jimmy Dorsey Original Studio Radio Transcriptions [Swing Factory] ***
Tommy Dorsey The Music Goes 'Round & Around [ASV] ***(*)
  Tommy Dorsey 1939 [Classics] ***
  Tommy Dorsey 1939 Vol. 2 [Classics] ***
  Tommy Dorsey 1939 Vol. 3 [Classics] ***
Dave Douglas Constellations [Hatology] ****
  Freak In [Bluebird] ****
  Strange Liberation [RCA] ****
Arthur Doyle Do the Breakdown [Ainsoph Larned] **
  Dawn of a New Vibration [Fractal] **(*)
  Live at Glenn Miller Café [Ayler] ***
  The Basement Tapes [Durtro] **
Hamid Drake Ask the Sun [Okka Disc] ***
  The Atlanta Concert [Okka Disc] ***
  Emancipation Proclamation: A Real Statement of Freedom [Okka Disc] ****
  Soul Bodies: Volume 1 [Ayler] ***
  Brothers Together [Eremite] ***(*)
Mark Dresser Later [Victo] ***
  The Marks Brothers [Dewerf] ***(*)
  Nine Songs Together [CIMP] ***(*)
Kenny Drew Trio/Quartet/Quintet: The Riverside Collection [OJC] ****
Kenny Drew Jr The Rainbow Collection [Evidence] ***
  Remembrance [TCB] ***(*)
  Live at Montreux [TCB] ***
Paquito D'Rivera The Clarinetist Volume One [Peregrina] **(*)
  Brazilian Dreams [MCGJ] ***
Marc Ducret (detail) [Winter & Winter] ***
  Un Certain Malaise [Screwgun] ***
  In the Grass [Enja] ***
  Qui Parle? [Sketch] ***
Mac Duncan Live at the Lord Napier 1973 [Upbeat] ***
Paul Dunmall East West North South [FMR] ***(*)
  I You [FMR] ***(*)
  Out From the Cage [FMR] ***
  Hit and Run [FMP] ***
  Utoma Trio [Emanem] ***
  Master Musicians of MU [Slam] ***
  Solo Bagpipes [FMR] ***
  Hour Glass [Emanem] ****
  Rylickolum: For Your Pleasure [Creative Improvised] ****
  Awareness Response [Emanem] ****
Phil Durrant Dach [Erstwhile] ***(*)
Dutch Swing College Band Back in Time [Philips] ****
  Livein 1960 [Philips] ***(*)
  Swinging Studio Sessions [Philips] ***
  Digital Anniversary [Philips] ***
  Digital Jubilee [Philips] ***
  Collectors Items [Philips] ***
  Live on Stage [Timeless] ***
Dominic Duval The Experiment [Blue Jackel] ***(*)
  Undersound [Leo] **(*)
Allen Eager In the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee, 1947-1953 [Uptown] ***
Charles Earland Black Drops [OJC] **(*)
  If Only for One Night [High Note] **(*)
Billy Eckstine Once More With Feeling [Roulette] ***(*)
  Now Singing in 12 Great Movies [Verve] ***
Harry 'Sweets' Edison 'Sweets' at the Haig [Definitive] ***(*)
  Sweets for the Sweet [Collectables] **
  Just Friends [Black & Blue] ***
  Just You, Just Me [Black & Blue] ***
  Edison's Lights [OJC] ***
  Harry 'Sweets' Edison/Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis [Storyville] ***
  Harry 'Sweets' Edison/Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis & Richard Boone [Storyville] ***
  There Will Never Be Another You [Nagel Heyer] **(*)
Teddy Edwards It's All Right [OJC] ***
  The Legend of Teddy Charles [Cope/Image] ***
  Smooth Sailing [High Note] ***
Marty Ehrlich The Long View [Enja] ***(*)
Dietrich Eichmann The Temperature Dropped Again [Leo] ***
Either/Orchestra Neo-Modernism [Accurate] ***
Roy Eldridge Live at the Three Deuces Club [Archives of Jazz] ***
  Arcadia Shuffle: Live at the Arcadia Ballroom [Archives of Jazz] ***
  Wild Driver [Ocium] ***
  Roy Eldridge, 1951 [Classics] ***
Eliane Elias Kissed by Nature [RCA Bluebird] ***
Kurt Elling Man in the Air [Blue Note] ****
Duke Ellington Never No Lament [RCA Bluebird] ****
  Reminiscing in Tempo [Naxos] ***(*)
  Echoes of Harlem [Naxos] ***(*)
  Braggin' in Brass [Naxos] ***(*)
  Tootin' Through the Roof [Naxos] ****
  At the Hurricane [Storyville] ***(*)
  The Treasury Shows Vol. 6 [D.E.T.S.] ***(*)

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