Penguin Guide to Jazz: Added to 7th Edition

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (7th Edition).

Artist Title 7th Ed.
Duke Ellington The Treasury Shows Vol. 7 [D.E.T.S.] ***(*)
  The Treasury Shows Vol. 8 [D.E.T.S.] ***(*)
  Duke Ellington 1950-1951 [Classics] ***
  Duke Ellington 1951 [Classics] ***(*)
  Duke Ellington 1952 [Classics] ***
  Ellington Uptown [Columbia] ***(*)
  Masterpieces by Ellington [Columbia] ***
  At the Alhambra [Pablo] ***(*)
  Festival Session [Columbia] ***(*)
  The Reprise Studio Recordings 1962-1965 [Warners/Rhino] ***(*)
Don Ellis Live in 3-2/3 /4 Time [Pacific Jazz] ***
  Shock Treatment [Koch] ***
Herb Ellis In the Pocket [Concord] ***
Kahil El'Zabar Live Outside of Dreams [Delmark] ***(*)
James Emery Transformations [Between the Lines] ****
Buddie Emmons Steel Guitar Jazz [Verve] **(*)
Johannes Enders Monolith [Enja] ***
Sidsel Endresen Undertow [Jazzland] ***
  Out Here, in There [Jazzland] ***(*)
Enten Eller Euclide [Splasc(h)] ***
Hannes Enzlberger Songs to Anything That Moves [Between the Lines] ***
  Tango 1-8 [Between the Lines] ***(*)
Peter Erskine Side Man Blue [Fuzzy Music] ***
Lars Erstrand Lars Erstrand Meets Rebecca Kilgore [Gemini] ***(*)
Booker Ervin The Book Cooks [Rhino] ***
Wayne Escoffery Times Change [Nagel Heyer] ***
Ellery Eskelin The Secret Museum [Hatology] ***(*)
  Arcanum Moderne [Hatology] ***
John Etheridge Chasing Shadows [Dyad] ***(*)
Charles Eubanks New Beginnings [CIMP] ***
  Birds of Baghdad [CIMP] ***
Robin Eubanks Different Perspectives [Winter & Winter] ***(*)
  Dedication [Winter & Winter] ****
  4:JJ/Slide/Curtis and Al [TCB] ***(*)
Bill Evans The Complete Live at the Village Vanguard 1961 [Riverside] ****
  From the 70's [OJC] ***
  Together Again [Concord] ***
  You Must Believe in Spring [Warner Bros] ***
  Getting Sentimental [Milestone] ***
  Consecration [Milestone] ***
Gil Evans Paris Blues [Owl] ***
Orrin Evans Meant to Shine [Palmetto] ***
Douglas Ewart Bamboo Meditations at Banff [Aarawak] ***
  Angles of Entrance [Aarawak] ***(*)
Face to Face Canossa [Intuition] ***
Peter Fairclough Imago [Jazzprint] **
Peter Fairhurst Hungry Ants [Babel] ***
  Formic [Babel] ***
  Myrmidons [Babel] ***
Digby Fairweather Things Ain't What They Used to Be [Robinwood Productions] ***
Giovanni Falzone Music for Five [Splasc(h)] ***
Charles Fambrough City Tribes [Evidence] ***
  Upright Citizen [Random Chance] **(*)
  Charles Fambrough Live at Zanzibar Blue **(*)
Tal Farlow Complete 1956 Private Recordings [Definitive] ***(*)
  Cookin' on All Burners [Concord] ***
  Autumn Leaves [Concord] ***
Art Farmer Interaction/Sing Me Softly of the Blues [Collectables] ***(*)
  Baroque Sketches/The Time and the Place [Collectables] ***
  What Happens? [CAM] ***
  ARTistry [Concord] ***
Joe Farnsworth Beautiful Friendship [Criss Cross] ***
Joe Farrell Darn That Dream [Drive Archive] ***
Dan Faulk The Dan Faulk Songbook, Volume 1 [Uglifruit] ***
Pierre Favre European Chamber Ensemble [Intakt] ****
Wally Fawkes Flook Digs Jazz [Lake] ***
  Jazz Jurassics [Macjazz] ***
Enrico Fazio Zapping! [Leo] ***
John Fedchock No Nonsense [Reservoir] ***(*)
Avram Fefer Shades of the Muse [CIMP] **(*)
Simon H. Fell Friendly Faces: Live-Tempera [ArtPart] ***
Maynard Ferguson The Birdland Dream Band [RCA Bluebird] ***
Bobby Few Continental Jazz Express [Boxholder] ***
  Few and Far Between [Boxholder] ***
Scott Fields From the Diary of Dog Drexel [Rossbin] ***
Ken Filiano Subvenire [Nine Winds] ***(*)
Milo Fine Precision in Inexactitude [Lotus Sound] *
  Surges/Suspensions, Comme Toujours [Shihshihwuai] **
  Koi/Klops [Emanem] ***
Ella Fitzgerald Sings Sweet Songs for Swingers [Verve] ***(*)
  Whisper Not [Verve] ***
  Jukebox Ella: The singles Vol. 1 [Verve] ***
Pat Flaherty Sannyasi [Wet Paint] ***
  Voices [Wet Paint] ***
Tommy Flanagan Overseas [OJC] ***(*)
  The Magnificent Tommy Flanagan [Progressive] ***
  Jazz Poet [Timeless] ***
  Flanagan's Shenanigans [Storyville] ***
  Sunset and the Mockingbird: The Birthday Concert [Blue Note] ***(*)
Ingebrigt Haker Flaten Double Bass [SOFA] ***
Chuck Folds Hitting His Stride [Arbors] ****
  Remember Doc Cheatham [Arbors] ***
Joe Fonda Evolution [Leo] ***
  Live at the Bunker [Leo] ***
  What We're Hearing [De Werf] ***
  When It's Time [Jazz/halo] ***
  Blisters [Jazz/halo] ***
Clare Foster Believing in Angels [33 Jazz] ***
Frank Foster We Do It Diff'rent [Mapleshade] ***(*)
Joel Frahm Sorry, No Decaf [Palmetto] ***
  The Navigator [Palmetto] ***(*)
Bud Freeman 1935-1945: The Alternate Takes [Neatwork] **(*)
  All Star Swing Sessions [Prestige] ***
Von Freeman Doin' It Right Now [Koch] ***
  Young and Foolish [Challenge] ***
  Inside Chicago: Volume 3 [Steeplechase] ***
  Inside Chicago: Volume 4 [Steeplechase] ***
  The Improviser [Premonition] ***(*)
Paolo Fresu Scores! [CAM] ***(*)
Don Friedman Invitation [Progressive] ***(*)
  Opus D'Amour [Sackville] ***
  Match Point [TBR] ***
  Attila's Dreams [Ephemeris Jazz] ***(*)
  My Foolish Heart [Steeplechase] ***
David Friesen Amber Skies [Quicksilver] ***
  Two for the Show [Summit] ***
  Returning [Burnside] **(*)
  Live at Jazz Bakery [Intuition] ***
  With You in Mind [Summit] **
  Grace [Khaeon] **
The Fringe Live at Iseo [Soul Note] ***
Bill Frisell Live [Gramavision] ***
  Blues Dream [Nonesuch] ***
  The Willies [Nonesuch] ***
  The Intercontinentals [Nonesuch] ***(*)
David Frishberg Do You Miss New York? [Arbors] ***
Wolfgang Fuchs Three October Meetings [Balance Point Acoustics] ***
  The New Flags [All] ***
Slim Gaillard The Legendary McVouty [Hep] ***
  The Absolute Voutest, '46 [Hep] ***
  Slim Gaillard 1947-1951 [Classics] ***
  At Birdland [Hep] **(*)
  Slim Gaillard Rides Again! [Verve] **
  Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere [Hep] ***
Richard Galliano New York Tango [Dreyfus] ***(*)
  French Touch [Dreyfus] ***
  Face to Face [Dreyfus] ***
  Piazzolla Forever [Dreyfus] ***
Hal Galper Let's Call This That [Double Time] ***
Ganelin Trio Ttaango . . . In Nickelsdorf [Leo Golden Years] ****
Jan Garbarek :rarum [ECM] ****
Red Garland Stretching Out [Prestige] ***
Tim Garland Made by Walking [Stretch] **(*)
  Storms/Nocturnes [Sirocco] ***
  Rising Tide [Sirocco] ***
  Soho Story [DNSTCD] ***
Erroll Garner Erroll Garner 1950 [Classics] ***
  Erroll Garner 1950-1951 [Classics] ***(*)
Carlos Garnett Moon Shadow [Savant] ***(*)
Kenny Garrett Standard of Language [Warners] ****
Michael Garrick Green and Pleasant Land [Jazz Academy] ***
  Pter Pan - Jazz Dance Suite [Jazz Academy] **(*)
Giorgio Gaslini Sacred Concert/Jazz Te Deum [Soul Note] ***
Herb Geller To Benny and Johnny - With Love From Herb Geller [Hep] ***(*)
The Georgians The Georgians 1923-1924 [Retrieval] ***
Jane Getter Jane [Lipstick] ***
Stan Getz Stan Getz 1951 [Classics] ***
  Stan Getz and the Cool Sounds [Verve] ***(*)
  Reflections [Verve] ***
  Empty Shells (The Complete Cannes Concert) [Universe] ***
  My Old Flame [Concord] ***(*)
  Café Montmartre [Emarcy] ***
Joe Giardullo Art Spirit [Boxholder] **(*)
  Language of Swans [Drimala] **
  Now Is [Drimala] ***
Terry Gibbs One More Time [Contemporary] ****
  Jewish Melodies in Jazztime [Verve] ***
  From Me to You [Mack Avenue] ***
Dizzy Gillespie Afro [Verve] ***(*)
Jimmy Giuffre The Complete 1947-1953 Small Group Sessions [Blue Moon] ***
  The Jimmy Giuffre Clarinet [Collectables] ****
  Travlin' Light/Merely Marvellous [Collectables] ***
  The Easy Way [Verve] ***
  Olympia 23 Fevrier 1960 - 27 Fevrier 1965 [Laserlight] ***
  Fly Away Little Bird [Owl] ***
Frode Gjerstad Sharp Knives Cut Deeper [Splasc(h)] ***
  Nearly A D [Emanem] ***
  The Welsh Chapel [Cadence Jazz] ***(*)
Globe Unity Orchestra Globe Unity Orchestra 2002 [Intakt] ****
Victor Goines Joe's Blues [Rosemary Joseph] ***
  To Those We Love So Dearly [Rosemary Joseph] **(*)
  Sunrise to Midnight [Rosemary Joseph] ***
Larry Goldings Moonbird [Palmetto] ***(*)
  Sweet Science [Palmetto] ***(*)
Vinny Golia Music for Like Instruments - The E Saxophones [Nine Winds] ***
  Birdology [Leo] ***(*)
Virgil Gonsalves Jazz in Hollywood [OJC] ***
Babs Gonzales Babs Gonzales, 1947-1949 [Classics] ***
Dennis González Home Away From Home [Daagnim] ***
Benny Goodman Benny Goodman 1941 [Classics] ***(*)
  Benny Goodman 1941 Vol. 2 [Classics] ***(*)
  Benny Goodman 1941 Vol. 3 [Classics] ***(*)
  Benny Goodman 1941-1942 [Classics] ***(*)
  Benny Goodman 1942 [Classics] ***
  Benny Goodman 1942-1944 [Classics] ***(*)
  Plays Eddie Sauter [Hep] ****
  An Airmal Special From Berlin [Jasmine] ***
  Benny in Brussels Volumes 1 & 2 [Collectables] ***(*)
  Live in the Sixties [Jasmine] ***
  Hello Benny!/Made in Japan [Capitol] ***
Bobby Gordon Yearnings [Arbors] ***
Dexter Gordon Dexter Gordon, 1947-1952 [Classics] ***
Wycliffe Gordon United Soul Experience [Criss Cross] ***(*)
  Dig This! [Criss Cross] ***(*)
Dusko Goykovich Portrait [Enja] ****
Paul Grabowsky Tales of Time and Space [Warner Music Australia] ***(*)
Georg Graewe Fantasiestücke I-XIII [Nuscope] ****
Michel Graillier Dream Drops [Owl] ***
  It Was a Very Good Night [Seventh] ***
  Soft Talk [Sketch] ***
Darrell Grant Black Art [Criss Cross] ***
  New Bop [Criss Cross] ***(*)
  Smokin' Java [Lair Hill] ***(*)
Stéphane Grappelli Stéphane's Tune: Original Recordings, 1938-1942 [Naxos] ***
  Jazz in Paris: Improvisations [Emarcy] ***(*)
  Le Toit de Paris [RCA] **(*)
  Live at Corby Festival Hall [Storyville] ***
  Jazz in Paris: Plays Cole Porter [Emarcy] ***
  Live at Carnegie Hall/June Night [Collectables] ***
  London Meeting [Black & Blue] ***
  Sweet Chorus [Black & Blue] ***
  Duet [Black & Blue] ***
  Happy Reunion [Owl] ***(*)
  Live in San Francisco [Storyville] ***
  Live [Warner Brothers] **(*)
  Live [Justin Time] **(*)
  Cosmopolite Concert [Hot Club] ***
  Live at the Blue Note [Telarc] ***
Lou Grassi ComPOsed [CIMP] ***
Frank Gratkowski Gestalten [Jazz Haus Musik] ***
  Quicksand [Meniscus] ***
  Kollaps [Red Toucan] ****
  GratHovOx [Nuscope] ***(*)
  Arrears [Cactus] ***
  Spectral Reflections [Leo] ***(*)
  The Voice Imitator [Balance Point Acoustics] ***
Wardell Gray Wardell Gray Properbox [Properbox] ****
  Complete Sunset and New Jazz Masters [Jazz Factory] ***(*)
  Wardell Gray, 1946-1950 [Classics] ***
Bennie Green The Swingin'est [Collectables] ***
  Bennie Green [Time] ***
  Go Ahead and Blow! [Ocium] ***
Benny Green Jazz at the Bistro [Telarc] ****
Bunky Green My Baby (Step High) [Collectables] ***
  Transformations [Universe] ***
  Healing the Pain [Delos] ***(*)
Grant Green Reaching Out [1201 Music] **(*)
  Green Street [Blue Note] ***
  Am I Blue? [Blue Note] **(*)
  Iron City [Savoy Jazz] ***
  Alive! [Blue Note] ***(*)
  Ballads [Blue Note] ***
  Retrospective [Blue Note] ***
Jesse Green Lift Off [Chiaroscuro] ***
  Sea Journey [Chiaroscuro] ***
  Sylvan Treasure [Chiaroscuro] ***(*)
Rowland Greenberg Portrait of a Norwegian Jazz Artist [Gemini] ***
Burton Greene Peace Beyond Conflict [CIMP] **(*)
Everett Greene My Foolish Heart [Savant] ***
Jimmy Greene Forever [Criss Cross] ***(*)
Sonny Greenwich Fragments of a Memory [Cornerstone] ***(*)
  Special Angel [CBC] ***
Guillermo Gregorio Background Music [Hatology] ***
Al Grey Snap Your Fingers [Verve] ***
  Night Train Revisited [Storyville] ***(*)
Johnny Griffin The Kerry Dancers and Other Swinging Folk [JVD] ***
  Live in London [Harkit] ***
  Live at the Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen: Volume 1 [DA Music] ***
  Live at the Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen: Volume 2 [DA Music] ***
  Johnny Griffin and the Great Danes [Stunt] ***
  Catharsis! [Storyville] ***
  Close Your Eyes [Minor Music] ***
Frank Griffith The Suspect [Hep] ***(*)
  'Live' Eating Jazz Festival 2000 [Hep] ***
Tiny Grimes Tiny Grimes, 1944-1949 [Classics] ***
  Some Groovy Fours [Black & Blue] **(*)
Griot Galaxy Live at the DIA 1983 [Entropy Stereo] ***
Marty Grosz Remembering Louis [Jump] ***(*)
Friedrich Gulda Friedrich Gulda at Birdland [RCA Victor] ***
Lars Gullin In Germany 1955 and 1956 Vol. 1 [Anagram] ***(*)
  In Germany 1955, 1956 and 1959 Vol. 2 [Anagram] ***(*)
Russell Gunn Mood Swings [High Note] ***
  Ethnomusicology Volume 3 [Justin Time] ***
Mats Gustafsson The Education of Lars Jerry [Xeric] ***(*)
  Sticky Tongues and Kitchen Knives [Xeric] ***
Rigmor Gustafsson In the Light of Day [Prophone] ***
  Live [Prophone] ***
  I Will Wait for You [ACT] **
Tord Gustavsen Aire & Angels [Bergland] ***(*)
  Changing Places [ECM] ****
Bary Guy Improvisations Are Forever Now [Emanem] ***
  Gudira [Nuscope] ***
  Inscape - Tableaux [Intakt] ***(*)
  Odyssey [Intakt] ****
  Birds & Blades, Studio & Live [Intakt] ***(*)
  Symmetries [Maya] ****
Bobby Hackett Plays the Great Music of Henry Mancini/Plays the Music of Bert Kaempfert [Collectables] **(*)
  The Swingin'est Gals in Town/Jazz Impressions of Lionel Bart's 'Oliver!' [Collectables] **(*)
  Hello Louis!/Plays Tony Bennett's Greatest Hits [Collectables] ***
  Butterfly Airs [Storyville] ***(*)
Charlie Haden American Dreams [Verve] ***
Tim Hagans Future Miles [ACT] **(*)
Edmond Hall The Alternative Takes, Volume 1 [Neatwork] ***
  The Alternative Takes, Volume 2 [Neatwork] ***
Jim Hall Live! [Verve] ***
  The Storyteller (Circles/All Across the City) [Concord] ***
Rob Hall Open Up [FMR] ***
  Heading North [FMR] ***
  Free-World Music [FMR] ***(*)
Bengt Hallberg Improvisation [MPD] ***
Rich Halley Live at Beanbenders [Nine Winds] ***(*)
  Objects [Louie] ***
  The Blue Rims [Louie] ***(*)
Jimmy Halperin Cycle Logical [Cadence] ***(*)
Chico Hamilton Thoughts Of . . . [Koch International] ***
Ed Hamilton Planet Jazz [Telarc] **(*)
  Path to the Heartland [Telarc] **(*)
  Groovology [Shanachie] ***
  Hear in the Now [Fahrenheit] ***
Jimmy Hamilton Jimmy Hamilton and the New York Jazz Quintet [Fresh Sound] ***
  Swing Low Sweet Clarinet [Everest] ***
  Rediscovered Live at the Buccaneer [Who's Who in Jazz] ***
Scott Hamilton From the Beginning [Concord] ****
  Late Night Christmas Eve [Concord] ***
  Jazz Signatures [Concord] ***
  Live in London [Concord] ***(*)
  Ballad Essentials [Concord] ***
Tardo Hammer Hammer Time [Sharp Nine] **(*)
  Somethin' Special [Sharp Nine] ***
Lionel Hampton Olympia 1961/1966 [Laserlight] ***
  Salle Pleyel 1971 [Laserlight] ***
  You Better Know It!!! [Impulse] **(*)
Slide Hampton Spirit of the Horn [MCG Jazz] ***
Herbie Hancock The Prisoner [Blue Note] ***
  Death Wish [Sony International] **(*)
  Flood [Sony International] ***
  Live [Jazz Door] ***
  Live in New York [Jazz Door] ***
  Perfect Machine [Sony International] **(*)
  Directions in Music: Live at Massey Hall [Verve] ***
  The Herbie Hancock Box [Columbia] ****
Jake Hanna The Joint Is Jumpin' [Arbors] **(*)
Roland Hanna Impressions: The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions [Black & Blue] ***
  Plays Gershwin [Laserlight] ***
  Everything I Love [Ipo] ***
  Tributaries: Reflections on Tommy Flanagan [Ipo] ***
Happy Apple Youth Oriented [Nato] ***(*)
Alex Harding Invocation for Pepper [CIMP] ***
Roy Hargrove Hard Groove [Verve] ***
Billy Harper Soul of an Angel [Metropolitan] ****
Winard Harper Faith [Savant] ***
  A Time for the Soul [Savant] ***
Tom Harrell Sail Away [OJC] ***(*)
  Live at the Village Vanguard [Bluebird] ***(*)
  Wise Children [RCA] ***
Craig Harris Shelter [Winter & Winter] ***
  Blackout in the Square Root of Soul [Winter & Winter] **(*)
Gene Harris Nexus [Blue Note] *(*)
Stefon Harris Kindred [Blue Note] ***
  The Grand Unification Theory [Blue Note] ***
Paul Harrison Nemesis [Caber] ***
Nancy Harrow Winter Dreams: The Life and Passions of F. Scott Fitzgerald [Artists House] **
Antonio Hart Ama Tu Sonrisa [Enja] ***
Billy Hart Oceans of Time [Arabesque] ***
Alfred Harth Popending Eye [Freeflow] ***
George Haslam Harmonance [Slam] ***
  Tredavoe Blue [Slam] ***(*)
  Argentine Adventures, Part 3 [Slam] ***
  Meltdown [Slam] ***
  Pendle Hawk Carapace [Slam] ***(*)
Gary Hassay Blackwater Bridge [Drimala] ***
Hampton Hawes Northern Windows Plus [Prestige] **(*)
  Blues the Most [Prestige] ***
Coleman Hawkins The Alternative Takes Vol. 1 1935-1943 [Neatwork] ***
  The Alternative Takes Vol. 2 1943-1944 [Neatwork] ***
  The Alternative Takes Vol. 3 1944-1949 [Neatwork] ***
  At Art Ford's Jazz Party [J&M] ***
Tubby Hayes Live in London [Harkit] ***
Phil Haynes Live Insurgency: Set 1 [Soul Note] ***(*)
  Free Country [Premonition] ***
  Brooklyn-Berlin [CIMP] ***(*)
Roy Haynes Cymbalism [OJC] ***
  Love Letters [Columbia] ***
David Hazeltine Close to You [Criss Cross] ***(*)
The Headhunters Survival of the Fittest [RCA Victor] ***(*)
  Return of the Headhunters [Verve Forecast] ***
  Evolution Revolution [Basin Street] ***
Percy Heath A Love Song [Daddy Jazz] ***
The Heath Brothers Expressions of Life/In Motion [Collectables] ***
Duke Heitger Rhythm Is Our Business [Fantasy] ***
  Prince of Wails [Stomp Off] ***(*)
Mark Helias Fictionary [GMR] ***
  Come Ahead Back [Koch] ***
  New School [Enja] ***(*)
  Verbs of Will [Radio Legs] ***
Joe Helleny Lip Service [Arbors] ***
Gerry Hemingway Devil's Paradise [Clean Feed] ***(*)
  Songs [Between the Lines] ***
Julius Hemphill Roi Boye & the Gotham Minstrels [Sackville] ***(*)
Eddie Henderson Inside Out/Realisation [Soul Brother] ***

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