Music Year 2024

Of course, it's too early for a year-end list. But as the proto-fascist organization of my youth insisted, one should always be prepared. For records in hand, * identifies an advance copy, ** something borrowed or streamed. Some albums released in previous years are included here, noted by a "-NN" (e.g., -23 for 2023) -- these are mostly imports or self-releases, often hard to figure out official dates, but they were either December 2020 releases or unknown (to me, at least) before the current year.

I keep adding to the 2023 until the end of calendar 2024, especially where the record was known to exist in 2023 and I'm just getting around to it.

New Records

  1. Emmeluth's Amoeba: Nonsense (Moserobie)
  2. The Paranoid Style: The Interrogator (Bar/None) **
  3. Ballister: Smash and Grab (Aerophonic)
  4. Advancing on a Wild Pitch: Disasters, Vol. 2 (Hot Cup) **
  5. Jim Snidero: For All We Know (Savant)
  6. Amanda Gardier: Auteur: Music Inspired by the Films of Wes Anderson (self-released)
  7. Samo Salamon/Vasil Hadzimanov/Ra-Kalam Bob Moses: Dances of Freedom (Samo)


Records in hand, but which haven't yet been graded (sorted by artist, or release date if future). Those marked ** are downloads in hand.

  • Albare: Beyond Belief (AM) [02-12]
  • Alon Farber Hagiga With Dave Douglas: The Magician: Live in Jerusalem (Origin) [02-24]
  • David Friesen: This Light Has No Darkness (Origin) [02-24]
  • Zach Rich: Solidarity (OA2) [02-23]
  • Lynne Arriale Trio: Being Human (Challenge) [03-01]
  • Jeremy Rose & the Earshift Orchestra: Discordia (Earshift Music) [03-01]
  • Jacob Shulman: High Firmament/Ferment Below (Endectomorph Music, 2CD) [03-01]
  • David Leon: Bird's Eye (Pyroclastic) [03-08]
  • Håkon Skogstad: 8 Concepts of Tango (Øra Fonogram) [03-15]
  • Remy Le Boeuf's Assembly of Shadows: Heartland Radio (SoundSpore) [03-16]
  • Ian Carey & Wood Metal Plastic: Strange Arts (Slow & Steady) [03-22]
  • Bob Anderson: Live! (Jazz Hang) [03-29]
  • Jack Wood: The Gal That Got Away: The Best of Jack Wood, Featuring Guest Niehaud Fitzgibbon (Jazz Hang) [03-29]
  • Fay Victor/Herbie Nichols SUNG: Life Is Funny That Way (Tao Forms, 2CD) [04-05]
  • Dave Rempis/Pandelis Karayorgis/Jakob Heinemann/Bill Harris: Truss (Aerophonic/Drift) [04-23]
  • Stephan Crump: Slow Water (Papillon Sounds) [05-03]

Also Noted:

Records in hand, graded B+ or below, in alphabetical order within grade slots:

  • Acceleration Due to Gravity: Jonesville: Music by and for Sam Jones (Hot Cup, EP)
  • Ben Allison/Steve Cardenas/Ted Nash: Tell the Birds I Said Hello: The Music of Herbie Nichols (Sonic Camera) **
  • Anne Foucher & Jean-Marc Foussat: Chair Ça (Fou)
  • Jean-Marc Foussat/Daunik Lazro: Trente-Cinq Minutes & Vingt-Trois Secondes (Fou)
  • Friends & Neighbors: Circles (Clean Feed) **
  • Satoko Fujii Tokyo Trio: Jet Black (Libra)
  • Gordon Grdina/Christian Lillinger: Duo Work (Attaboygirl)
  • Gordon Grdina's the Marrow: With Fathieh Honari (Attaboygirl)
  • Enrique Heredia Trio: Plays Herbie Nichols (Fresh Sound) **
  • Kaze: Unwritten (Circum/Libra)
  • Anni Kiviniemi Trio: Eir (We Jazz) **
  • Eliza McLamb: Going Through It (Royal Mountain) **
  • Riley Mulherkar: Riley (Westerlies)
  • Adam Schroeder/Mark Masters: CT! Adam Schroeder & Mark Masters Celebrate Clark Terry (Capri)
  • Josh Sinton: Couloir & Book of Practitioners Vol. 2: Book W (Form Is Possibility, 2CD)
  • Matthew Shipp/Steve Swell: Space Cube Jazz (RogueArt) *
  • Sunny Five [Tim Berne/David Torn/Ches Smith/Devin Hoff/Marc Ducret]: Candid (Intakt) **
  • Frank Carlberg Large Ensemble: Elegy for Thelonious (Sunnyside)
  • Willi Carlisle: Critterland (Signature Sounds) **
  • Mina Cho's Grace Beat Quartet: "Beat Mirage" (International Gugak Jazz Institute)
  • Daggerboard: Escapement (Wide Hive)
  • The Rob Dixon/Steve Allee Quintet: Standards Deluxe (self-released)
  • Peter Erskine and the Jam Music Lab All-Stars: Bernstein in Vienna (Origin)
  • Chad Fowler/Shanyse Strickland/Sana Nagano/Melanie Dyer/Ken Filiano/Anders Griffen: Birdsong (Mahakala Music) **
  • Jose Gobbo Trio: Current (self-released)
  • Mary Halvorson: Cloudward (Nonesuch) **
  • Jon Irabagon's Outright!: Recharge the Blade (Irabbagast) **
  • Liquid Mike: Paul Bunyan's Slingshot (self-released) **
  • Richard Nelson/Makrokosmos Orchestra: Dissolve (Adhyâropa)
  • Lothar Ohlmeier/Tobias Klein: Left Side Right (Trytone)
  • Ulysses Owens Jr. and Generation Y: A New Beat (Cellar Music) **
  • Dave Pietro: The Talisman (SteepleChase) **
  • Reggie Quinerly: The Thousandth Scholar (Redefinition)
  • Peter Stampfel/Eli Smith/Walker Shepard: Wildernauts (Don Giovanni) **
  • The Dave Stryker Trio With Bob Mintzer: Groove Street (Strikezone)

  • Bill Anschell: Improbable Solutions (Origin)
  • Stix Bones/Bob Beamon: Olimpik Soul (BONE Entertainment)
  • Burial: Dreamfear/Boy Sent From Above/b> (XL, EP) **
  • Commodore Trio: Communal - EP (self-relesed, EP)
  • Christian Fabian Trio: Hip to the Skip (Spicerack)
  • Abdullah Ibrahim: 3 (Gearbox) **
  • Jon Irabagon: Survivalism (Irabbagast) **
  • Ethan Iverson: Technically Acceptable (Blue Note) **
  • Doug MacDonald: Sextet Session (DMAC Music)
  • Andy Pratt: Trio (Thrift Girl)
  • Robert Prester & Adriana Samargia: Quenara (Commonwealth Ave. Productions)
  • Ches Smith: Laugh Ash (Pyroclastic)
  • Tucker Brothers: Live at Chatterbox (Midwest Crush Music)
  • Annie Chen: Guardians (JZ Music)
  • Glass Beach: Plastic Death (Run for Cover) **

Limited sampling: Records I played parts of, but not enough to grade: -- means no interest, - not bad but not a prospect, + some chance, ++ likely prospect.


Reissues/Compilations/Vault Music:

In previous years I tried to separate reissues from compilations, including newly released vault items in the latter. This made sense when I was reviewing a lot of Recycled Goods material, but led to other problems with year-end lists, so anything containing any previously released material is collected here, and anything that is wholly previously unreleased is treated as new, above.

  1. Mal Waldron/Terumasa Hino: Reminscent Suite (1973, BBE) **


Records in hand, sorted by artist, or release date if future. Those marked ** are downloads in hand.

  • Roberto Magris: Love Is Passing Thru: Solo/Duo/Trio/Quartet (2004, JMood) [03-01]

Also Noted:

  • Pharoah Sanders: Festival de Jazz de Nice, Nice, France, July 18, 1971 (1971, Kipepeo Publishing) **

  • George Cartwright's GloryLand PonyCat: Black Ants Crawling (Mahakala Music) **
  • Lou Reed: Hudson River Wind Meditations (2007, Light in the Attic) **
  • Ghetto Brothers: Power-Fuerza (1972, Vampisoul) **