Poor Boy


This is probably a quixotic project: to lay out the fundamentals of a political platform that would be appropriate for political candidates in the United States. The goal is to lay out a set of principles and exemplary policies that appear to be our best hope for a stable, viable, peaceful, and prosperous future. The topics listed are a small subset of the whole state of affairs. The level of detail is very coarse. The range of options is assumed to be very wide, subject more to general ideas about how people behave than to historical legacies or dominant conventions of political discourse. Electability is not a concern, although practicality inevitably comes into play. It is far easier to change institutions than it is to change people -- although people do change. It is also important to specify changes in terms that do not excessively stress or disrupt the political/economic system.

The initial outline for this platform follows (rather roughly) the organization of the book Changing America: Blueprints for the New Administration, which Mark Green edited in 1992 with the intent of advising the Clinton presidency. The outline will change later on when it becomes clearer what it should be.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction:

2. Economic Policy:

3. International Affairs:

4. Justice Policy:

5. Social Policy:

6. Regulatory Policy:

7. Environmental Policy:

8. Other Recommendations: