Penguin Guide to Jazz Diffs: 5th vs. 6th Editions

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (6th Edition).

Artist Title 5th Ed. 6th Ed.
Joint Venture Ways [Enja] ***  
  Mirrors [Enja] ***  
Pete Jolly Timeless [VSOP]   ***
Chris Jonas Ensembles Unsynchronized [Newsonic]   ***
  The Vermilion [Hopscotch]   ***
Carmell Jones Jay Hawk Talk [OJC]   ***
Ed Jones Piper's Tales [ASC] ***  
  Out Here [ASC] ***(*)  
Elvin Jones Illumination! [Impulse] ***(*)  
  Dear John C [Impulse]   ***
  At This Point in Time [Blue Note] ***  
  New Agenda [Universe]   ***
  Live in Japan [Konnex] **(*)  
  Very R.A.R.E. / Love & Peace [Konnex] ***  
  When I Was at Aso-Mountain [Enja] ***(*)  
  The Elvin Jones Jazz Machine in Europe [Enja] ***  
  Youngblood [Enja] **(*)  
  Live at Pit Inn, Tokyo [Columbia] ****  
Etta Jones Hollar! [OJC]   ***
  The Best of Etta Jones: The Prestige Singles [Prestige]   ***(*)
  Easy Living [High Note]   ***(*)
  Sings Lady Day [High Note]   ****
Hank Jones The Incredible Hank Jones [Stash] ***  
  Master Class [32 Jazz] ***(*)  
  Darji's Groove [Prevue]   **
  Duo [Timeless] ***(*)  
  Handful of Keys [Emarcy] ***(*)  
Jo Jones Jo Jones Trio [Fresh Sound] ***  
  Percussion and Bass [Fresh Sound] *(*)  
Jonah Jones Jonah Jones 1936-1945 [Classics] **(*) ***(*)
Oliver Jones Requestfully Yours [Justin Time] **(*) ***(*)
Philly Joe Jones Philly Mignon [OJC]   ***
Sam Jones Down Home [OJC]   ***
Thad Jones Greetings and Salutations [Four Leaf Clover]   ***(*)
Cennet Johsson Ten Pieces [Phono Suecia] ***  
Clifford Jordan Mosaic [Milestone]   ***
  The Night of the Mark VII [32 Records] **  
  Adventurer [32 Records] ***  
Duke Jordan Duke Jordan Solo Masterpieces Vol. One [Steeplechase] ***(*) **(*)
  Duke Jordan Solo Masterpieces Vol. Two [Steeplechase] ***(*) **(*)
Louis Jordan Louis Jordan 1947-1949 [Classics]   ***(*)
  Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five [JSP]   ****
Marlon Jordan Marlon's Mode [Arabesque] ***  
Sheila Jordan Jazz Child [High Note]   ***(*)
Kristian Jørgensen Quartet [Stunt]   **(*)
  Secret Love [Stunt]   ***
Theo Jörgensmann Pagine Gialle [Hatology]   ****
Anders Jormin Xieyi [ECM]   ***(*)
Vic Juris Songbook [Steeplechase]   ****
  Songbook 2 [Steeplechase]   ***(*)
Ori Kaplan Delirium [CIMP]   ***
Egil Kapstad Storytellers [Hot Club]   ***
Jacob Karlzon Take Your Time! [Dragon]   ***
Chris Kase Starting Now [Mons] **  
Jan Kaspersen Space and Rhythm Jazz [Olufsen] ***(*)  
  Ten By Two [Olufsen] ***  
  Special Occasion [Olufsen] ***(*)  
  Katuaq Concert [Olufsen]   ***(*)
Bruce Katz Transformation [Audioquest] ***  
Shake Keane Real Keen: Reggae Into Jazz [LKJ] ***  
Geoff Keezer Waiting in the Wings [Sunnyside] ***(*)  
  Curveball [Sunnyside] ***  
  World Music [DIW] ***  
  Other Spheres [DIW] ***  
  Trio [Sackville] ***(*)  
  Turn Up the Quiet [Columbia] ****  
Roger Kellaway Fifty-Fifty [Natasha] ***(*)  
Brian Kellock Something's Got to Give [Caber Music]   ***
  Live at Henry's [Caber Music]   ****
Ed Kelly Ed Kelly and Pharoah Sanders [Evidence] ***  
Wynton Kelly Live at the Left Bank Jazz Society 1967 [Fresh Sound]   ***(*)
  Live at the Left Bank Jazz Society 1968 [Fresh Sound]   ***(*)
Chris Kelsey Situational Music [Saxofonis Music]   **(*)
  In Search of Emmett Hardy [Saxfonis Music]   ***
Paul Kendall Unspoken Words [Cats Paw]   ***
  Rhapsody [Sea Breeze]   **(*)
  Excursions [Brownstone]   ***
Stacey Kent Dreamsville [Candid]   ***
  In Love Again [Candid]   ***
Stan Kenton Balboa Bash [Naxos Jazz Legends]   ***
  Etude for Saxophones [Naxos Jazz Legends]   ***
  Stan Kenton 1950 [Classics]   ***
  On the Air [Status]   **(*)
  Live at the Macumba Club Vol. 1 [Magic] **(*) ***(*)
  Live at the Macumba Club Vol. 2 [Magic] **(*) ***(*)
  At the Arcadia Theatre 1974 [Magic]   **(*)
Barney Kessel Let's Cook! [OJC]   ***
  Swingin' Party [OJC]   ***
  Workin' Out [OJC]   ***
  Feeling Free [OJC]   ***(*)
  Spontaneous Combustion [Contemporary] ***  
Talib Kibwe Eyes of the Elders [Arkadia]   ***
David Kikoski Inner Trust [Criss Cross]   ***(*)
  The Maze [Criss Cross]   ***
  Almost Twilight [Criss Cross]   ****
  Surf's Up [Criss Cross]   ***(*)
Franklin Kiermyer Break Down the Walls [Konnex] ***  
  In the House of My Fathers [Konnex] ***(*)  
  Solomon's Daughter [Evidence] ***(*)  
  Kairos [Evidence] ***(*)  
Rebecca Kilgore The Starlit Hour [Arbors]   ***(*)
  Rebecca Kilgore With the Keith Ingham Sextet [Jump]   ***(*)
Jonny King The Meltdown [Enja]   ****
John Kirby John Kirby 1941-44 [Tax] **  
Roy Kirby Way Down Yonder in New Orleans [P.E.K. Sound]   ***
Andy Kirk Kansas City Bounce [Black & Blue] ***(*)  
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Domino [Verve]   ***(*)
  Dog Years in the Fourth Ring [32 Jazz] ***  
  Aces Back to Back [32 Jazz] ***  
  A Standing Eight [32 Jazz] **(*)  
Kenny Kirkland Kenny Kirkland [Verve]   ***
Yoshiko Kishino Photograph [GRP] ***(*)  
  Tenderness [GRP]   **
Ryan Kisor Power Source [Criss Cross]   ****
  The Dream [Criss Cross]   ***
Miriam Klein Ladylike [MPS] ***  
John Klemmer Priceless Jazz Collection [GRP] **(*) ***(*)
  Simpatico [JVC] ***  
Goran Klinghagen Dilmst [Dragon]   ***
Eric Kloss About Time [Prestige]   **(*)
  Sky Shadows in the Land of Giants [Prestige]   ***
  One, Two, Free [32 Jazz] **(*)  
Niclas Knudsen Human Beat Boxer [Stunt]   **(*)
  Second Stroke [Stunt]   ***
Franz Koglmann Venus in Transit [Between the Lines]   ****
  Don't Play, Just Be [Between the Lines]   ***
Eero Koivistoinen Wahoo!! [Warner Music Finland]   ***
  The Front Is Breaking [Love Records]   **(*)
  Labyrinth [Love Records]   ***
  Picture in Three Colors [Core Records/Line] ***  
  Altered Things [Timeless] ***  
  Dialog [L+R] ***(*)  
  Eero Koivistoinen and Senegalese Drums [PROCD]   **(*)
Krzysztof Komeda Volune 1: Ballet Etudes / Breakfast at Tiffany's [Power Bros] **(*) ***(*)
Klaus König Times of Devastation / Poco a Poco [Enja] ***  
  At the End of the Universe: Hommage a Douglas Adams [Enja] ***  
  Song of Songs [Enja] ***(*)  
  Time Fragments [Enja] ****  
Lee Konitz From Newport to Nice [Philology] ***(*)  
  Once Upon a Line [Musidisc] **(*)  
  12 Gershwin in 12 Keys [Philology] ***(*)  
  Blew [Philology] ***  
  Solitudes [Philology] ***  
  So Many Stars [Philology] ***(*)  
  The Jobim Collection [Philology] ***  
  A Venezia [Philology] ***  
  Free With Lee [Philology] ***  
  Dig Dug Dog [Columbia] ***(*)  
Peter Kowald Touch the Earth - Break the Shells [FMP]   ***
  Bass Duets [FMP]   ***(*)
  Duos: Europa America Japan [FMP]   ****
  When the Sun Is Out You Don't See the Stars [FMP]   ***(*)
  Was Da Ist [FMP]   ****
  Open Secrets [Forward]   ***(*)
  Mirrors - Broken But No Dust [Balance Point Acoustics]   ***
Diana Krall The Look of Love [Verve]   ***
Maj-Britt Kramer Once [Stunt]   ***
  Something About Heroes [Stunt]   ***(*)
Karin Krog Jubilee: The Best of 30 Years [Verve] ****  
Erling Kroner En Buenos Aires 1991 [Music Mecca]   **(*)
  Opposites Attract [Four Leaf Clover]   ***(*)
  Jazzpar '98 [Storyville]   ***
  Trombonissimo [Music Mecca]   ***
Gene Krupa Live at the New School 1973 [Chiaroscuro]   ***
Martin Krusche Friendship Pagoda [Naxos]   ***(*)
Joachim Kühn Kiel / Stuttgart Live! [Inak] **(*)  
  Nightline New York [Inak] ***(*)  
  Easy to Read [Rhino]   ***
  Famous Melodies [Label Bleu]   **(*)
Rolf Kühn Rolf Kühn and His Sound of Jazz [Fresh Sound]   ***
  Rolf Kühn [Blue Flame] ***(*)  
  Don't Split [L+R] ***  
  As Time Goes By [Blue Flame] ***(*)  
Stuve Kuhn Mostly Ballads [New World]   ***
  Porgy [Evidence]   ***
  Seasons of Romance [Postcards]   ***
  Dedication [Reservoir]   ***
  Countdown [Reservoir]   ***(*)
  The Best Things [Reservoir]   ****
Sergey Kuryokhin Ways of Freedom [Leo Golden Years of New Jazz]   ***
Charles Kynard Reelin' With the Feelin' / Wa-Ta-Wa-Zul [BGP] **(*) ***
  The Soul Brotherhood [Prestige]   **(*)
Pat LaBarbera JMOG [Sackville] ***  
Steve Lacy Hooky [Emanem]   ****
  Snips [Jazz Magnet]   ***
  Clinkers [Hatology]   ***(*)
  Morning Glory [Hatology]   ****
  Image [Ah Um] **(*)  
  Packet [New Albion] ***  
  The Cry [Soul Note] ***  
  Monk's Dream [Verve]   ***(*)
Guy Lafitte Blue and Sentimental [Emarcy]   ***
  Corps et Ame [Black & Blue]   ***
Birelli Lagrene A Tribute to Django Reinhardt [Jazzpoint]   ***
  Front Page [Emarcy]   **(*)
Oliver Lake Kinda Up [Justin Time]   ***
  Have Yourself a Merry . . . [Passin' Thru]   **
  Talkin' Stick [Passin' Thru]   ***(*)
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross Sing a Song of Basie [Verve]   ***(*)
  The Hottest Group in Jazz [Columbia]   ****
Harold Land Promised Land [Audiophoric]   **(*)
Nils Landgren Fonk Da World [ACT]   ***
Steven Lantner Voices Lowered [Leo]   ***(*)
Ellis Larkins Duologue [Black Lion] **(*)  
Prince Lasha Inside Story [Enja]   ***
  Firebirds [Contemporary] ***(*) ***
Steve LaSpina The bounce [Steeplechase]   ***
Andy Laster Polyogue [Songlines]   ***
  Interpretations of Lessness [Songlines]   ***
Yusef Lateef The Last Savoy Sessions [Savoy]   ***
  The Man With the Big Front Yard [32 Jazz] **(*)  
  A Gift [YAL]   **
  Beyond the Sky [YAL]   **(*)
Mark Latimer Take #1 [Spotlite]   ***
Cy Laurie Jazz From the Roots [Lake]   **(*)
Andy LaVerne Another World Another Time [Steeplechase]   ***
  Between Earth and Mars [Steeplechase]   **(*)
  Planissimo [Steeplechase]   ***
John Law Abacus [Hatology]   ***
Hugh Lawson Colours [Soul Note]   ***
Daunik Lazro Zong Book [Emouvance]   ***
Joelle Léandre Urban Bass [Adda] ***  
  Ecritures [Adda] ***  
  Contrabasses [Leo] *** ***(*)
  E'Vero [Leo] **(*) ***(*)
  Incandescences [Jazz'halo]   ***
  Sapporo Duets [Jazz'halo]   ***(*)
LeeAnn Ledgerwood Compassions [Steeplechase]   ***
  Paradox [Steeplechase]   ***(*)
Mike LeDonne Then and Now [Double-Time]   ***
  Bags Groove: A Tribute to Milt Jackson [Double-Time]   ***
Phil Lee Twice Upon a Time [Cadillac] ***(*)  
Soren Lee Soren Lee Quartet [L+R] ***  
  Soren Lee Trio [L+R] ***(*)  
Michel Legrand Paris Jazz Piano [Emarcy]   ***
  Le Jazz Grand [Castle] ***  
Urs Leimgruber Reflexionen Live [Timeless] ***  
  Reflexionen [Enja] ***  
John Leitham Leitham Up [USA] ***  
  The South[aw [USA] ***  
  Lefty Leaps In [USA] ***  
Brian Lemon Old Hands - Young Minds [Zephyr] *** ***(*)
  My Shining Hour [Zephyr]   ***
Elliott Levin The Motion of Emotion [CIMP]   ***(*)
George Lewis The Fabulous George Lewis Band: Kentucky 1955 [American Music]   ***
  Hello Central . . . Give Me Doctor Jazz [Delmark]   **(*)
George Lewis Endless Shout [Tzadik]   ****
  The Shadowgraph Series [Spool]   ***(*)
John Lewis The John Lewis Piano / Jazz Piano International [Collectables]   ****
  Improvised Meditations and Excursions / Eastern Exposure [Collectables]   ***(*)
  Golden Striker / Jazz Abstractions [Collectables]   ****
  Original Sin / Essence [Collectables]   ***
  A Milanese Story / Animal Dance [Collectables]   ***
  Mirjana [Black & Blue]   ***
  Kansas City Breaks [DRG Disques Swing] ***  
  Private Concert [Emarcy] ****  
  Evolution II [Atlantic]   ****
Mel Lewis Got'cha [Fresh Sound] ***  
  Naturally! [Telarc] **(*)  
  The Definitive Thad Jones Vol. 1 [Musicmasters] ***(*)  
  The Definitive Thad Jones Vol. 2 [Musicmasters] ***  
  The Lost Art [Musicmasters] ***(*)  
Ramsey Lewis Upendo Ni Pamoja [Collectables]   **(*)
  Funky Serenity [Collectables]   **
  Meant to Be [Narada]   **(*)
  Ramsey Lewis's Finest Hour [Verve]   ***
Vic Lewis Singin' the Blues [Upbeat]   **(*)
Steuart Liebig Antipodes [Cadence]   ***(*)
David Liebman The Dave Liebman Quartet in Australia [Enja] ***  
  If They Only Knew [Timeless] ***  
  Trio + One [Owl] ***(*)  
  Quest / Natural Selection [Core/Line] ***(*)  
  Miles Away [Owl] ****  
  Return of the Tenor [Double-Time] ***(*)  
  New Vista [Arkadia] **(*) ***(*)
  The Unknown Jobim [Global Music]   ***
  Time Immemorial [Enja]   ***
  Liebman Plays Puccini: A Walk in the Clouds [Arkadia]   ***(*)
  Latin Genesis [Whaling City Sound]   ***(*)
Terry Lightfoot Mainly Traditional [Lake]   **(*)
Kirk Lightsey Everything Happens to Me [Timeless]   **(*)
  Kirk'N'Marcus [Criss Cross]   ***
Abbey Lincoln Talking to the Sun [Enja] **  
  A Tribute to Billie Holiday [Enja] **(*)  
  Abbey Sings Billie: Volume 2 [Enja] ***  
  Abbey Sings Billie: Volumes I and II [Enja]   **(*)
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra The Fire of the Fundamentals [Columbia] ***  
  They Came to Swing [Columbia] ***  
John Lindberg The Catbird Sings [Black Saint]   ***
  A Tree Frog Tonality [Between the Lines]   ***(*)
Lasse Lindgren To My Friends [Dragon] ***  
Jukka Linkola Jukka Linkola Octet [Hi-Hat] **(*)  
  Pegasos [Imogena] ***  
  Libau [Syrene] **(*)  
Staffan Linton Unfinished Affair [Dragon] ***  
Charles Lloyd Just Before Sunrise [32 Jazz] ****  
  The Flowering of the Original Charles Lloyd Quartet [Collectables] **(*) ***(*)
  The Water Is Wide [ECM]   ***(*)
  Hyperion With Higgins [ECM]   ***(*)
Jon Lloyd By Confusion [Leo] ****  
Joe Locke Beauty Burning [Sirocco]   ***
  State of Soul [Sirocco]   **
Didier Lockwood Out of the Blue [JMS] ****  
  1 2 3 4 [JMS] ***(*)  
  'Round About Silence [Dreyfus]   ***
  Tribute to Stéphane Grappelli [Dreyfus]   ***
London Improvisers Orchestra Proceedings [Emanem]   ***(*)
  The Hearing Continues [Emanem]   ***(*)
London Jazz Orchestra Dance for Human Folk [Hot H ouse] ***  
Eddy Louiss Bohemia After Dark [Emarcy]   ***
  Sang Melé [Dreyfus]   **(*)
  Récit Proche [Dreyfus]   ***
Julien Lourau Gambit [Warner Music]   **
  The Rise [Label Bleu]   ***
Joe Lovano Flights of Fancy: Trio Fascination Edition Two [Blue Note]   ***
  Viva Caruso [Blue Note]   ***
Allen Lowe Dark Was the Night [Music & Arts] ****  
  Woyzeck's Death [Enja] ***(*)  
Frank Lowe Black Beings [ESP]   **(*)
  Don't Punk Out [Emanem]   ***
  Inappropriate Choices [ITM Pacific] ***  
Mundell Lowe The Mundell Lowe Quartet [OJC]   ***
  A Grand Night for Swinging [OJC]   ***
  Mundell's Moods [Nagel-Heyer]   ***(*)
Jimmie Lunceford Jimmie Lunceford 1948-1949 [Classics]   ***
Jan Lundgren Something to Live For [Sittel]   ***(*)
  For Listeners Only [Sittel]   ***
  Plays the Music of Victor Young [Sittel]   ***
Carmen Lundy This Is Carmen Lundy [Justin Time]   ***
Chick Lyall Tilting Ground [Caber]   ***
Brian Lynch Spheres of Influence [Sharp Nine] *** ***(*)
  Tribute to the Trumpet Masters [Sharp Nine]   ***(*)
Johnny Lytle Nice and Easy [OJC]   ***
  Got That Feeling / Moon Child [Milestone]   ***
Humphrey Lyttleton The Conway and Royal Festival Hall Concerts [Calligraph]   ***(*)
  BBC Jazz Club, Autumn 1958 [Upbeat]   ***(*)
  Between Friends [Calligraph]   ***
Harold Mabern The Leading Man [Columbia] ***  
  Straight Street [DIW] ****  
  Lookin' on the Bright Side [DIW] ****  
Laura Macdonald Laura [Spartacus]   ***
Teo Macero The Best of Teo Macero [Stash] ***  
Fraser MacPherson Indian Summer [Concord] ***  
  Honey and Spice [Justin Time] ***  
  Encore [Justin Time] **(*)  
Katrine Madsen My Secret [Music Mecca]   ***
Peter Madsen Snuggling Snakes [Minor Music] ***  
  Three of a Kind [Minor Music] ***  
  Three of a Kind Meets Mr T [Minor Music] **(*)  
Kevin Mahogany Pussy Cat Dues: The Music of Charles Mingus [Enja]   ***
Llanfranco Malaguti Parole, Parole . . . [Splasc(h)]   ***
Janni Malmi One Leg Duck [Renroc] ***  
  Pataljoona [Quirk] ***  
Russell Malone Look Who's Here [Verve]   ***
  Heartstrings [Verve]   **(*)
Junior Mance At Town Hall [Enja] ***  
Joe Maneri The Trio Concerts [Leo]   ****
Mat Maneri Light Trigger [No More]   ***
  Trinity [ECM]   ***(*)
  Blue Decco [Thirsty Ear]   ***(*)
Albert Mangelsdorff Purity [Mood] ***(*)  
  Tension [L+R] ***  
  Now Jazz Ramwong [L+R] **(*)  
  Room 1220 [Konnex] ***  
  Live in Tokyo [Enja] ***  
  Three Originals: The Wide Point / Trilogue / Albert Live in Montreux [MPS] ****  
  Spontaneous [Enja] ***  
  Internationales Jazzfestival Münster [Tutu] ***  
Emil Mangelsdorff This Side Up [L+R] ***  
  Meditation [L+R] ***(*)  
Chuck Mangione The Jazz Brothers [OJC]   **(*)
  Love Notes [Columbia] **  
Manhattan New Music Project The Soul of Grace [Soul Note]   ***(*)
Herbie Mann Monday Night at the Village Gate [Wounded Bird]   ***
  Herbie Mann Returns to the Village Gate [Wounded Bird]   ***
  Nirvana [Koch]   ***
  Standing Ovation at Newport [Wounded Bird]   ***
  London Underground [Wounded Bird]   **(*)
  Reggae [Wounded Bird]   **
Karen Mantler My Cat Arnold [XtraWatt] **(*)  
  Karen Mantler and Her Cat Arnold Get the Flu [XtraWatt] ***  
Michael Mantler Hide and Seek [ECM]   ****
Frank Mantooth A Miracle [Sea Breeze]   ***
Guido Manusardi Immagini Visive [Right Tempo/Sound Hills] ***  
  Outstanding! [Splasc(h)] ***  
  Between the Two of Us [Penta Flowers] ***  
  Doina [Soul Note]   ***(*)
  The Woodpecker [Splasc(h)]   ***
  Live at the Jazz Spot [Splasc(h)]   ***
Michael Marcus Under the Wire [Enja] ***(*)  
  Reachin' [Justin Time]   ***
  Live in NY [Soul Note]   ***
  Sunwheels [Justin Time]   ***(*)
Rick Margitza Memento [Palmetto]   ***
Charlie Mariano Live [VeraBra] ***  
  Mariano [Intuition] ***(*)  
  Innuendo [Lipstick] ***  
  Adagio [Lipstick] ***(*)  
  An American in Italy [Timeless] ***  
  Tango Para Charlie [Enja]   ***(*)

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