Penguin Guide to Jazz Diffs: 5th vs. 6th Editions

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (6th Edition).

Artist Title 5th Ed. 6th Ed.
Paul Smoker Large Music 2 [CIMP]   ***
  Mirabile Dictu [CIMP]   ***(*)
Gary Smulyan Blue Suite [Criss Cross]   ***
Ann-Soft Soderqvist / The Soegaard Ensemble Chronox [Leo Lab] **(*)  
Martial Solal The Complete Vogue Recordings, Volume 1 [Vogue] ***(*)  
  The Complete Vogue Recordings, Volume 2 [Vogue] ***  
Martial Solal Plays Ellington [Dreyfus]   ****
Lew Soloff Rainbow Mountain [Enja] ***(*)  
Muggsy Spanier Pocket Giant [Verve] ***(*)  
  The Great Sixteen [RCA] ****  
Les Spann Gemini [OJC]   ***
Martin Speake Hullabaloo [Linn]   ***
  Secret [Basho]   ***(*)
Glenn Spearman Free Worlds [Black Saint]   **(*)
  The Fields [Black Saint]   ***
  Live at Fire in the Valley [Eremite]   ***
  Blues for Falasha [Tzadik]   ***
Chris Speed Iffy [Knitting Factory]   ***
  Emit [Songlines]   ***(*)
Alister Spence Three Is a Circle [Rufus]   ***(*)
Sphere Sphere [Verve] ****  
Spontaneous Music Ensemble Challenge [Emanem]   ***
  SME+ = SMO [Emanem]   ***(*)
Terrell Stafford Fields of Gold [Nagel-Heyer]   ***
Mattias Sthl Sthl Bl [Dragon]   ***(*)
Tomasz Stanko Caoma [Konnex] ***  
  The Soul of Things [ECM]   ***(*)
John Stein Hustle Up! [Tightly Knit]   ***
  Green Street [Challenge]   ***
  Portraits and Landscapes [Jardis]   ***
  Conversation Pieces [Jardis]   ***
Bobo Stenson Serenity [ECM]   ****
  Rarum: Volume 8 - Selected Recordings [ECM]   ***
Leni Stern Secrets [Enja] ***(*)  
  Closer to the Light [Enja] ***(*)  
  Words [Lipstick] **(*) ***
Mike Stern Voices [Atlantic]   ***
Peggy Stern Room Enough [Koch]   ***(*)
  Actual Size [Koch]   ***(*)
John Stevens Live at the Plough [Ayler]   ***
Michael Jefry Stevens Elements [Leo] ***  
  Haiko [Leo] **(*)  
Grant Stewart Downtown Sounds [Criss Cross] ***  
Rex Stewart Chatter Jazz [RCA] **** ***(*)
Loren Stillman Cosmos [Soul Note] ***  
G.E. Stinson The Same Without You [Nine Winds] ***(*)  
Sonny Stitt Sonny Stitt and the Top Brass [Atlantic]   ***
  Sonny's Blues [Jazz House]   **(*)
  Autumn in New York [Black Lion] **(*)  
  The Boss Man [Prestige]   ***
  Brothers-4 [Prestige]   **(*)
  Endgame Brilliance [32 Jazz] ***(*)  
  The Champ [32 Jazz] ***  
  Just in Case You Forgot How Bad He Really Was [32 Jazz] ***(*)  
Frank Strazzeri Little Giant [Fresh Sound] ***  
  Wood Winds West [Jazz Mark] ***  
Marcus Strickland At Last [Fresh Sound]   ***
String Trio of New York First String [Black Saint]   ***
  Area Code 212 [Black Saint]   ***
Dave Stryker All the Way [Steeplechase]   ***
  Blue to the Bone II [Steeplechase]   **(*)
  Shades of Miles [Steeplechase]   ***
  Changing Times [Steeplechase]   ***(*)
John Stubblefield Bushman Song [Enja] ***(*)  
  Countin' the Blues [Enja] ****  
  Morning Song [Enja] ***  
Stan Sulzmann Never at All [Future] **(*) ***(*)
Sun Ra The Great Lost Sun Ra Albums: Cymbals / Crystal Spears [Evidence]   ***
  Pathways to Unknown Worlds [Evidence]   ***
  It Is Forbidden [Total Energy]   ***
  The Solar Myth Approach: Volumes 1 & 2 [Varese]   ***
  Live From Soundscape [DIW] *** ****
Klaus Suonsaari The Music of Tom Harrell [Storyville]   ***(*)
  Something in Common [Storyville]   ***
  With Every Breath I Take [Storyville]   ***(*)
John Surman Where Fortune Smiles / Live at Woodstock Town Hall [BGO]   ***
  Coruscating [ECM]   ****
  Invisible Nature [ECM]   ***(*)
Ralph Sutton A Pair of Kings [Arbors]   ***
Tierney Sutton Blue in Green [Telarc]   ***
Esbjrn Svensson E.S.T. Live [ACT]   ***
  Good Morning Susie Soho [ACT]   ***(*)
  Strange Place for Snow [ACT]   ***
Ewan Svensson Figures [Dragon]   ***
Steve Swallow Always Pack Your Uniform on Top [ECM]   ***
John Swana Philly Gumbo [Criss Cross]   ***
Swedish Swing Society Winter Swing [Sittel] ***(*)  
  What's New? [Sittel] ***  
Steve Swell Particle Data Group [Cadence]   ***
Jorge Sylvester MusiCollage [Postcards] ***  
Lew Tabackin Live at Vartan Jazz [Vartan Jazz] ***  
Aki Takase Shima Shoka [Enja] ****  
  Blue Monk [Enja] ***(*)  
  Close Up of Japan [Enja] ***  
  Le Cahier du Bal [Leo]   ***(*)
Natsuki Tamura How Many? [Leo Lab] ***(*)  
  A Song for Jyaki [Leo Lab] ***  
Gregory Tardy Abundance [Palmetto]   ***(*)
Buddy Tate Buddy Tate 1945-1950 [Classics]   ***
Art Tatum Over the Rainbow [Dreyfus]   ***(*)
Billy Taylor Billy Taylor and teh Jazzmobile All Stars [Taylor-Made] ***  
  Dr T [GRP] ***  
Cecil Taylor Akisakila [Konnex] ***(*)  
  Akisakila Vol. 2 [Konnex] ***(*)  
  The Willisau Concert [Intakt]   ****
Martin Taylor In Concert [Milestone]   ****
  Stepping Stones [Linn]   ***(*)
  Nitelife [Sony]   **
John Tchicai Satisfaction [Enja] ***  
  Infinitesimal Flash [Buzz]   ***
Jack Teagarden It's Time for Tea [Jass] **  
  Has Anybody Here Seen Jackson? [Jass] ***  
Tees Valley Jazzmen Please Tees Me [P.E.K. Sound]   *(*)
Joe Temperley Easy to Remember [Hep]   ***
Clark Terry Clark Terry and His Orchestra Featuring Paul Gonsalves [Storyville] ***  
  Clark After Dark [MPS] ***  
  Clark Terry-Red Mitchell [Enja] ***  
  Jive at Five [Enja] ***(*)  
  Jazz Matinee [Hanssler Classics]   ***
  Live on QE2 [Chiaroscuro]   ***
  Herr Ober [Nagel-Heyer]   ***
Tethered Moon Play Kurt Weill [JMT] ***  
  Chansons de Piaf [Winter & Winter] ***  
Eje Thelin At the German Jazz Festival 1964 [Dragon]   ***
Toots Thielemans Do Not Leave Me [Stash] ****  
  For MyLady [Emarcy] ***(*)  
  The Live Takes [Narada]   **(*)
  Toots Thielemans & Kenny Werner [Uptown/Universal]   ***(*)
Ed Thigpen Easy Flight [Stunt]   ***
  It's Entertainment! [Stunt]   ***(*)
  The Elements of Swing [Stunt]   ***(*)
Jesper Thilo Jesper Thilo Meets Jake Hanna [Music Mecca]   ***
  Flying Home [Music Mecca]   ***(*)
  Nothing to Declare [Music Mecca]   ***(*)
The XIII Ghosts Giganti Reptilicus Destructo Beam [Scatter] ***  
Gary Thomas The Seventh Quadrant [Enja] ***  
  Code Violations [Enja] ***  
Luther Thomas Don't Tell [Creative Consciousness] *(*)  
  BAGin' It [CIMP] **(*) ***(*)
  Realities: Old and New [CIMP]   *(*)
Ren Thomas The Real Cat [Emarcy]   ***
  Meeting Mr Thomas [Emarcy]   ***
Barbara Thompson Mother Earth [VeraBra] ***  
  Barbar Thompson's Special Edition [VeraBra] ***  
  Heavenly Bodies [VeraBra] ***(*)  
  Thompson's Tangos [Intuition]   ***
Gail Thompson JADU [Enja]   ***
Lucky Thompson Lucky Thompson 1944-1947 [Classics]   ***
  Lucky Start [EPM Musique]   ***
  Modern Jazz Group [Emarcy]   ***(*)
Malachi Thompson Timeline [Delmark]   ***
Sir Charles Thompson Hey There [Black & Blue]   ***
  Robbins' Nest Live at the Jazz Showcase [Delmark]   ***
  I Got Rhythm [Delmark]   ***
Claude Thornhill Buster's Last Stand [Hep]   ***
Henry Threadgill Carry the Day [Columbia] ****  
  Everybody's Mouth a Book [PI]   ***(*)
  Up Popped the Two Lips [PI]   ***
Jerry Tilitz The New York Tapes [Both Feet] ***  
Bobby Timmons Quartets and Orchestra [Milestone]   **
Keith Tippett Couple in Spirit II [ASC] *** ****
  Linuckea [FMR]   ***
Cal Tjader Extremes [Fantasy]   ***
  Blackhawk Nights [Fantasy]   ***
Charles Tolliver Live at Historic Slugs [Charly] ***(*)  
  Live in Tokyo [Charly] ***(*)  
Jim Tomlinson Brazilian Sketches [Candid]   **(*)
Ross Tompkins Celebrates the Music of Harold Arlen [Progressive] ***(*) ***
  Younger Than Springtime [Arbors]   **(*)
Pietro Tonolo Un Veliero all'Orizzonte [EGEA]   ***
  Sotto la Luna [EGEA]   ***
  Portrait of Duke [Label Bleu]   ***
  Retr [EGEA]   ***(*)
  Autunno [EGEA]   ***
Mel Torme My Kind of Music [Verve]   ***
  Round Midnight [Stash] ***  
  Too Darn Hot [Concord]   ***
Jean Toussaint The Street Above the Underground [Alltone]   **(*)
  Blue Black [Space Time]   **
Colin Towns Another Think Coming [Provocateur]   ***(*)
Clark Tracey Stability [Linn]   ***(*)
Stan Tracey Laughin' and Scratchin' [Jazz House]   ***
  Duke Ellington - The Durham Connection [33 Jazz]   **(*)
Theo Travis Bodywork [33 Jazz]   ***
  Passion Dance [Jazz House]   ***
  Berlin Vibe [Symbol]   ***
  Heart of the Sun [33 Jazz]   ***(*)
The Trio (Norway) Meet the Locals [Resonant] ****  
  In Color [Resonant] ***(*)  
Trio AAB Wherever I Lay My Home That's My Hat [Caber]   ***(*)
Trio Time How Beautiful Is Night [Calligraph] **(*) ***(*)
Gianluigi Trovesi In Cerca di Cibo [ECM]   ***(*)
  Dedalo [Enja]   ***(*)
Assif Tsahar The Hollow World [Hopscotch]   ***
Gust William Tsilis Pale Fire [Enja] ***  
  Sequestered Days [Enja] ***(*)  
  Wood Music [Enja] ***(*)  
Bertram Turetzky Intersections [Nine Winds] **(*)  
Mark Turner Ballad Session [Warner Bros] ***(*) ***
  Dharma Days [Warner Bros]   ***(*)
Steve Turre Viewpoints and Vibrations [Stash] ***(*)  
  Fire and Ice [Stash] ***(*)  
  Right There [Antilles] ***(*)  
  Sanctified Shells [Antilles] **(*)  
  Steve Turre [Verve] ****  
  In the Spur of the Moment [Telarc]   ***
  TNT [Telarc]   ***
Stanley Turrentine Sugar [CTI/Epic]   ***
  The Best of Mr T [Fantasy] **(*) ***(*)
  More Than a Mood [MusicMasters] ***  
  If I Could [MusicMasters] **  
McCoy Tyner Reaching Fourth [Impulse] ***  
  Plays Ellington [Impulse] **(*) ***(*)
  Focal Point [OJC]   ***(*)
  Remembering John [Enja] ***(*)  
  Journey [Birdology] ***(*)  
  Jazz Roots [Telarc]   ***(*)
Gebhard Ullmann Per-Dee-Doo [Nabel] ***  
  Suite Noire [Nabel] ***  
  Trad Corrosion [Nabel] ***(*)  
  The Clarinet Trio Oct. 1, '98 [Leo Lab]   ***
James Blood Ulmer Reunion [Knitting Factory]   ***
  Blue Blood [Innerhythmic]   ***
  Memphis Blood: The Sun Sessions [Label M]   ***(*)
Hans Ulrik Day After Day [Storyville]   ***
  Strange World [Stunt]   ***
  Jazz and Mambo [Stunt]   ***(*)
  Shortcuts [Stunt]   ***
UMO Jazz Orchestra One More Time [Challenge]   ***(*)
  Transit People [Naxos]   ***(*)
University of Wisconsin-Eu Claire Jazz Ensemble Rhapsody Sea Breeze [Sea Breeze]   ***
Uppsala Big Band In Progress [Sittel]   **(*)
Warren Vach What Is There to Say? [Nagel-Heyer]   ***(*)
  The Best Thing for You [Zephyr]   ***(*)
  2gether [Nagel-Heyer]   ****
Trine-Lise Vaering When I Close My Eyes [Stunt]   ***
  In So Many Words [Stunt]   ***
  When the Dust Has Settled [Stunt]   **(*)
Kid Thomas Valentine Kid Thomas and His Algiers Stompers [OJC 1833] *** **(*)
  Kid Thomas and His Algiers Stompers [OJC 1845] **(*) ***(*)
  Red Wing [GHB]   **(*)
  At Moose Hall 1968 [Jazz Crusade]   ***
  Live in Denmark Vol. 3 [Storyville]   ***
  Live in Denmark Vol. 4 [Storyville]   ***
Eric Van der Westen Me, Myself and I [Challenge]   ***
Joe Van Enkhuizen Joe Meets the Rhythm Section [Timeless] ***  
  Ellington Ballads [Timeless] ***  
  Ellington My Way [Timeless] ***  
  Blues Ahead [Timeless] ***  
Fred Van Hove Lust [Wimprotwee]   ***
Marc Van Roon Falling Stones [Mons] ***(*)  
Ken Vandermark Steam [Eighth Day Music]   ***
  Transatlantic Bridge [Okkadisk]   ***
  Spaceways Incorporated [Atavistic]   ***
  Burn the Incline [Atavistic]   ***(*)
  Acoustic Machine [Atavistic]   ***(*)
Jasper Van't Hof Solo Piano [Timeless] ***  
  The Prague Concert [P&J] **(*) ***(*)
  Blau [ACT] **(*) ***(*)
  Tempo Brutto [Intuition]   ***
Tom Varner The Swiss Duos [Unit]   ***
  Second Communion [Omnitone]   ****
Sarah Vaughan Sweet 'N' Sassy [Roulette]   ***
  Ballads [Roulette]   ***(*)
Charlie Ventura Charlie Ventura 1946-1947 [Classics]   ***
  Charlie Ventura 1947-1948 [Classics]   ***(*)
  Charlie Ventura 1949 [Classics]   ***(*)
  High on an Open Mike [Fresh Sound]   ***
Joe Venuti Four String Joe [Jazz Archives]   ***
  Joe Venuti 1926-1928 [Classics]   ***
  Joe in Chicago, 1978 [Flying Fish] **(*)  
Edward Vesala Rodina [Love Records]   ***(*)
Andrea Vicari Suburban Gorillas [33 Records] ***  
  Lunar Spell [33 Records] ***(*)  
Vienna Art Orchestra The Minimalism of Erik Satie [Hatology]   ****
  Nightride of a Lonely Saxophoneplayer [Moers] ****  
  Swiss Swing [Moers] ***(*)  
  Two Little Animals [Moers] ***  
  Inside Out [Moers] ***(*)  
  The Original Charts [Verve] ****  
  Nine Immortal Nonevergreens for Eric Dolphy [Amadeo] ****  
  Ballads [Amadeo] ***(*)  
  All That Strauss [TCB]   ***
  Artistry in Rhythm [TCB]   ***
Frank Vignola Off Broadway [Nagel-Heyer]   ***(*)
Mads Vinding The Kingdom (Where Nobody Dies [Stunt]   ***(*)
  Daddio Don [Stunt]   ***(*)
  Six Hands Three Minds One Heart [Stunt]   ***
Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson Cleanhead Blues [Camden]   ***
Miroslav Vitous Miroslav [Freedom] ***  
  Guardian Angels [Evidence] **(*) ***(*)
Eric Vloeimans Umai [Challenge]   ***(*)
Cuong Vu Bound [OmniTune]   ***
  Pure [Knitting Factory]   **(*)
  Come Play With Me [Knitting Factory]   **
Peter Vuust The Big View [Storyville]   ***
Petras Vysniauskias Viennese Concert [Leo] **  
  Lithuania [ITM] **(*)  
Chad Wackerman Forty Reasons [Times Square] **(*)  
  Scream [Favored Nations] **(*)  
Ulf Wakenius Venture [L+R] ***  
Mal Waldron Songs of Love and Regret [Freelance] ****  
  Much More! [Freelance] ***(*)  
  Mal Dance and Soul [Tutu] ***  
  Quadrologue at Utopia [Tutu] ***(*)  
  The Git-Go at Utopia, Volume 2 [Tutu] ***(*)  
  No More Tears (For Lady Day) [Timeless] ***  
  Into the Light [Materiali]   ***
Don Wall On the Inside Looking In [Double-Time]   ***(*)
Bennie Wallace The Free Will [Enja] ***  
  Someone to Watch Over Me [Enja]   ***(*)
Thomas 'Fats' Waller The Early Years Vol. 1 [RCA Bluebird] ***  
  The Early Years Vol. 2 [RCA Bluebird] ***  
  The Early Years Vol. 3 [RCA Bluebird] ***  
  The Middle Years Part 1 (1936-38) [Bluebird] ***(*)  
  The Middle Years Part 2 (1938-1940) [Bluebird] ***(*)  
  The Definitive Fats Waller, His Rhythm, His Piano [Stash] ***  
  Fine Arabian Stuff [High Note]   ***
Per Henrik Wallin 9.9.99 [Stunt]   ***
  Proklamation I & Farewell to Sweden [Hatology]   ***(*)
George Wallington Trios [RCA Vogue] ***  
Jack Walrath Hi Jinx [Stash] ***  
Cedar Walton Breakthrough [32 Jazz] ***(*)  
  Naima [32 Jazz] ***(*)  
  Cedar Walton-Ron Carter-Jack DeJohnette [Limetree] ***(*)  
  Cedar [Timeless] ***  
  The Promise Land [High Note] ***(*)  
Wanderlust Song and Dance [Rufus]   ***
  Full Bronte [Miro]   ***
David S. Ware Cryptology [Homestead]   ***
  Surrendered [Columbia]   **(*)
  Live in the Netherlands [Splasch]   **(*)
  Corridors & Parallels [Aum Fidelity]   ***(*)
Dinah Washington Complete 1943-1951 Mercury Master Takes [Jazz Factory]   ***
  Queen of the Juke Box 'Live' 1948-1955 [Baldwin Street]   ***
Grover Washington Jr Discovery: The First Recordings [Prestige]   ***
  The Millennium Collection [Motown]   ***
  The Best of Grover Washington [Motown] ***  
  Love Songs [Warners]   ***(*)
Sadao Watanabe Good Time for Love [Elektra] **(*)  
  Made in Coracao [Elektra] ***  
  Sadao 2000 [Verve]   **(*)
Mitch Watkins Underneath It All [Enja] **(*)  
  Curves [Enja] ***  
  Strings With Wings [Tiptoe] ***(*)  
  Humhead [Dos Jazz] **(*)  
Bobby Watson Perpetual Groove: Live in Europe [Red]   ***
  Live at Someday in Tokyo [Red]   ***(*)
Eric Watson Full Metal Quartet [Owl]   ****
  Sketches of Solitude [Night Bird]   ***
Ernie Watts Ernie Watts Quartet [JVC] ***(*)  
  Reaching Up [JVC] ****  
  Project: Activation Earth [Amherst] **(*)  
Trevor Watts Live at the Athens Concert Hall [Arc]   ***(*)
  Trevor Watts and the Celebration Band [Arc]   ****
Weather Report I Sing the Body Electric [Columbia] **** ***(*)
  Domino Theory [Columbia] ***  
  This Is This [Columbia] ***(*) ***
  The Best of Weather Report [Columbia]   ****
Chick Webb Chick Webb and His Savoy Ballroom Orchestra 1939 [Tax] ***(*)  
Eberhard Weber Little Movements [ECM]   ***(*)
  Works [ECM] ***  
  Endless Days [ECM]   ***
Ben Webster Stormy Weather [Black Lion] ***(*)  
  Gone With the Wind [Black Lion] ***(*)  
  There Is No Greater Love [Black Lion] ***  
  The Jeep Is Jumping [Black Lion] ***  
  Ultimate Ben Webster [Verve]   ***
Tad Weed Soloing [Nine Winds] ***(*)  
Joel Weiskopf New Beginning [Criss Cross]   ***
Walt Weiskopf Siren [Criss Cross]   ***(*)
Peter Martin Weiss Bass Hits [Savant]   ***(*)
Don Weller Live [33 Jazz]   ***(*)
Nick Weldon Lavender's Blue [Verge] ***  
Dick Wellstood A Night in Dublin [Arbors]   ***(*)
Alex Welsh Live at the Royal Festival Hall 1954-55 [Lake]   ***(*)
  It Has to Be [Lake]   ***
  Vintage Alex Welsh Band 1962 [Jazzology]   **(*)
  Eddie Miler With Alex Welsh [Jazzology]   ***
  Oh Baby! [Upbeat]   **(*)
Scott Wendholt What Goes Unsaid [Double-Time]   ***
Jens Wendleboe 'Lone Attic [NOPA] **(*)  
  Big Crazy Energy Band [NOPA/NRK] ***(*)  
Peter Weniger Hymn to Gobro [Jazzline] **(*)  
  Private Concert [Mons] ***  
  The Point of Presence [Mons] ***  
  The Key of the Moment [Mons] ***  
Cecilia Wennerstrom Stuck Zipper [Four Leaf Clover]   ***
Fred Wesley New Friends [Minor Music] **(*)  
  Comme ci comme a [Minor Music] **(*)  
  Swing and Be Funky [Minor Music] ***  
Frank Wess The Long Road [Prestige]   ***
Randy Weston Monterey '66 [Verve] ***(*)  
  African Rhythms [Comet]   ***
  Nuit Africaine [Enja] ***  
Peter Wettre Pig Virus [Curling Legs]   ***(*)
  Meet the Locals [Resonant]   ****
  In Color [Resonant]   ***(*)
  The Only Way to Travel [BP]   ***
  The Mystery Unfolds [BP]   ***

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