Penguin Guide to Jazz Diffs: 5th vs. 6th Editions

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (6th Edition).

Artist Title 5th Ed. 6th Ed.
Kenny Wheeler Welcome [Soul Note] ***(*)  
  Kayak [Ah Um] ***(*)  
  Moon [EGEA]   ***
Rodney Whitaker Yesterday Today and Tomorrow [Sirocco]   ***
Chip White Harlem Sunset [Postcards] ***  
Michael White A Song for George Lewis [Basin Street]   ***
Wesla Whitfield Let's Get Lost [High Note]   ***(*)
Sebastian Whittaker First Outing [Justice] ***  
  Searchin' for the Truth [Justice] ***  
Tommy Whittle Warm Glow [Teejay] **(*)  
Gerald Wiggins The Gerald Wiggins Trio [VSOP]   ***
Bob Wilber The Music of King Oliver [GHB]   **
  Memories of You: Lionel and Benny [Black & Blue]   ***
  You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet! [Jazzology]   ***
  Summit Reunion in Atlanta [Jazzology]   ***(*)
Barney Wilen Jazz Sur Seine [Emarcy]   ***(*)
  La Note Bleue [IDA] **(*)  
  French Ballads [IDA] ***  
  Wild Dogs of the Ruwenzori [IDA] ****  
  Sanctuary [IDA] ****  
  Movie Themes From France [Timeless] ***(*)  
  The Osaka Concert [RTE/Trema]   ***(*)
Don Wilkerson The Texas Twister [OJC]   ***
  The Complete Don Wilkerson on Blue Note [Blue Note]   ***(*)
Buster Williams Crystal Reflections [32 Jazz] ***  
  Houdini [Sirocco]   ***(*)
Clarence Williams Shake 'Em Up [Frog]   ***(*)
  Speakeasy - QRS Recordings Vol 1 [Frog]   ***(*)
  Clarence Williams and His Orchestra Vol 1 [Timeless]   ***
  Clarence Williams and His Orchestra Vol 2 [Timeless]   ***
Cootie Williams Duke Ellington's Trumpets [Black & Blue] ****  
  Echoes of Harlem [Topaz] ***  
James Williams I Remember Clifford [DIW] ***  
  Meets the Saxophone Masters [DIW] ***  
  Talkin' Trash [DIW] ***  
Jessica Williams A Song That I Heard [Hep] **(*) ***
  I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart [Hep]   ***(*)
  This Side Up [Maxx Jazz]   ***(*)
Joe Williams Together / Have a Good Time [Roulette]   ***
Kate Williams Sycamore Song [Audio-B]   ***
Mary Lou Williams The London Sessions [Vogue/BMG] ****  
Roy Williams Weavers of Dreams [Raymer Sound] **(*) ***(*)
Tom Williams Straight Street [Criss Cross] **** ***(*)
Willie Williams Spirit Willie [Enja] ***  
Larry Willis Solo Spirit [Mapleshade] ***  
Alex Wilson Anglo-Cubano [Candid]   **(*)
Bert Wilson Live at the Zoo [Nine Winds] ***  
  Further Adventures in Jazz [FMO] ***  
  Endless Fingers [Arabesque] ***  
Cassandra Wilson Days Aweigh [JMT] **(*)  
  Belly of the Sun [Blue Note]   ***
Glenn Wilson Impasse [Cadence]   ***
Steve Wilson Passages [Stretch]   ***
Teddy Wilson Central Avenue Blues [VJC] ***  
  The Dutch Swing College Band Meet Teddy Wilson [Timeless] **(*)  
Jens Winther Standards [Stunt]   **(*)
  Walk the Walk Talk the Talk [Stunt]   ***
Nils Wogram Serious Fun [CIMP]   ***(*)
  Serious Fun + One [CIMP]   ***
  Odd and Awkward [Enja]   ****
World Saxophone Quartet Requiem for Julius [Justin Time]   ***(*)
  25th Anniversary: The New Chapter [Justin Time]   ***(*)
  Steppenwolf [Justin Time]   ****
World's Greatest Jazz Band Plays Cole Porter and Rodgers & Hart [Jazzology]   ***
  Plays George Gershwin and Rodgers & Hart [Jazzology]   ***
  Plays Duke Ellington [Jazzology]   ***
Richard Wyands Half and Half [Criss Cross]   ***
Sam Yahel In the Blink of an Eye [Naxos]   ***
Joh Yamada Bluestone [Milestone]   ***
Yosuke Yamashita It Don't Mean a Thing [DIW] ***(*)  
  Asian Games [Verve Forcast] ***  
  Dazzling Days [Verve] ***(*)  
  Canvas in Quiet [Verve] ***(*)  
  Wind of the Age [Verve] ***  
  Dr Kanzo [Verve] ***  
  Fragments 1999 [Verve]   ***(*)
  Resonant Memories [Verve]   ***(*)
Keith Yaun Amen: Improvisations on Messiaen [Boxholder]   **(*)
Lester Young Prez Conferences [Jass] ***  
  The Lester Young Story [Proper]   ***(*)
  Laughin' to Keep From Cryin' [Verve] **(*) ***(*)
  Le Dernier Message de Lester Young [Emarcy]   *(*)
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh Aziza Mustafa Zadeh [Columbia] ***(*)  
  Always [Columbia] ***  
  Dance of Fire [Columbia] **(*)  
  Seventh Truth [Columbia] ***  
  Jazziza [Columbia] ***(*)  
Bobby Zankel Prayer and Action [CIMP]   ***
  Transcend and Triumph [CIMP]   ***
Joe Zawinul To You With Love [Strand]   ***
  Dialects [Columbia] **(*)  
  Black Water [Columbia] ***(*)  
  Incontournables: Joe Zawinul [WEA International]   ***
  Lost Tribes [Sony International]   ***
Si Zentner Swing Fever [Fresh Sound]   ***
Hannes Zerbe Rondo a la Fried [Bvhaast] ***  
Monica Zetterlund Sings Olle Adolphson [Phontastic]   ***
Atilla Zoller Common Sense [Enja] ***  
  Memories of Pannonia [Enja] ***(*)  
  Overcome [Enja] ***  
John Zorn Euclid's Nightmare [Depth of Field] ***  
  Music Romance: Volume 1 - Music for Children [Tzadik] ***  
Mark Zubek Horse With a Broken Leg [Fresh Sound New Talent]   ***(*)

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