Penguin Guide to Jazz: Dropped from 7th Edition

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (7th Edition).

Artist Title 6th Ed.
Richie Cole Signature [Milestone] **
  Bossa International [Milestone] **(*)
George Coleman Amsterdam After Dark [Timeless] ***
  Manhattan Panorama [Evidence] ***(*)
  At Yoshi's [Evidence] ***(*)
Ornette Coleman Soapsuds Soapsuda [Verve] ****
  In All Languages [Verve/Harmolodic] ***
  Tone Dialing [Verve/Harmolodic] ***
Steve Coleman Phase Space [DIW] ***(*)
  The Sign and the Seal [RCA] ***
Johnny Coles The Warm Sound of Johnny Coles [Koch Jazz] ***
  New Morning [Criss Cross] ****
John Colianni John Colianni [Concord] ***
  Blues-O-Matic [Concord] ***(*)
  Maybeck Recital Hall Vol. 37 [Concord] ***
Jay Collins Uncommon Threads [Reservoir] ***
  Reality Tonic [Reservoir] **
Kenny Colman Dreamscape [Justin Time] **(*)
  Straight Ahead [Justin Time] ***
John Coltrane The Bethlehem Years [Bethlehem] **
  Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye [Natasha] ***
  Priceless Jazz [GRP] ***(*)
  More Priceless Jazz [GRP] ***
Ken Colyer One for My Baby [Joy] **
  Live at the Dancing Slipper [Azure] ***(*)
  Spirituals Vol. 1 [Joy] **
  Spirituals Vol. 2 [Joy] **
  Watch That Dirty Tone of Yours - There Are Ladies Present [Joy] **
  At the Thames Hotel [Joy] **
  Ragtime Revisited [Joy] ***(*)
Eddie Condon Windy City Jazz [Topaz] ***
Chris Connor Lover Come Back to Me [Evidence] ***(*)
  Classic [Contemporary] ***(*)
  New Again [Contemporary] **(*)
  As Time Goes By [Enja] ***(*)
Bill Connors Step It [Evidence] **(*)
  Double Up [Evidence] **(*)
Jon Corbett Another Fine Mess [Slam] ****
Chick Corea Works [ECM] ***
  Originations [Stretch] ***
Rich Corpolongo Just Found Joy [Delmark] ***
  Smiles [Delmark] ***
Larry Coryell Bolero [Evidence] ***
  Together [Concord] ***
  Count's Jam Band Reunion [Tone Center] ***
Johnny Costa Classic Costa [Chiaroscuro] ****
  A Portrait of George Gershwin [Chiaroscuro] ***(*)
  Dream [Chiaroscuro] ***(*)
The Cotton Pickers The Cotton Pickers 1922/1925 [Jazz Archives] ***
Stanley Cowell We Three [DIW] ***(*)
  Back to the Beautiful [Concord] ***
  Live at Maybeck Recital Hall [Concord] ***(*)
  Close to You Alone [DIW] ****
Lol Coxhill The Dunois Solos [Nato] ****
  Halim [Nato] ***(*)
  One Night in Glasgow [Scatter] ***
Marilyn Crispell Live in San Francisco [Music & Arts] ***(*)
  Duo [Knitting Factory] ***
  Marilyn Crispell Trio: Highlights From the 1992 American Tour [Music & Arts] ***(*)
  Inference [Music & Arts] ***
  Hyperion [Music & Arts] ***(*)
  Cascades [Music & Arts] ***
  The Woodstock Concert [Music & Arts] ***(*)
  Contrasts: Live at Yoshi's [Music & Arts] ****
Ronnie Cuber Love for Sale [Koch] ***
Ted Curson Sugar 'N' Spice [Level Green] ***
Andrew Cyrille Double Clutch [Silkheart] **(*)
  Galaxies [Music & Arts] ***
Franco D'Andrea Flavours [Penta Flowers] ***
Harold Danko Mirth Song [Sunnyside] ***
  Alone But Not Forgotten [Sunnyside] ***
David Darling Journal October [ECM] **(*)
  Cycles [ECM] **
  Darkwood [ECM] ***
  Cello [ECM] ***(*)
Carlo Actis Dato Tree [Penta Flowers] ***
Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis Eddie Lockjaw Davis [Enja] ***
Jesse Davis Horn of Passion [Concord] ***
  As We Speak [Concord] ***(*)
  Young at Art [Concord] ***
  High Standards [Concord] ***(*)
  From Within [Concord] ***(*)
  First Insight [Concord] ***
Miles Davis Boppin' the Blues [Black Lion] ***(*)
  Mostly Miles [Phontastic] ***(*)
  Friday Night at the Blackhawk: Volume 1 [Columbia] ***(*)
  Saturday Night at the Blackhawk: Volume 2 [Columbia] ***(*)
  Ballads [Columbia] **(*)
  Mellow Miles [Columbia] ***(*)
Richard Davis Forest Flowers [32 Jazz] ***
  Live at Sweet Basil [Evidence] ***
Elton Dean Two's and Three's [Voiceprint] ***(*)
  If Dubois Only Knew [Voiceprint] ***
  Silent Knowledge [Cuneiform] ***(*)
Kevin Dean Kevin's Heaven [Double Time] **(*)
Santi Debriano Circlechant [High Note] ***
The Dedication Orchestra Spirits Rejoice [Ogun] ***(*)
  Ixesha (Time) [Ogun] ***(*)
Papa John DeFrancesco Hip Cake Walk [HighNote] **
Buddy DeFranco Chip Off the Old Bop [Concord] ***
Bob Degen Catability [Enja] ***
Lew Del Gatto Katewalk [Naxos] ****
Delta Four Inn on the Green [Raymer Sound] **
Paul Desmond East of the Sun [Discovery] ***
  The Best of the Complete Paul Desmond [RCA Victor] ***(*)
Trudy Desmond Tailor Made [Jazz Alliance] ***
  Make Me Rainbows [Koch] ***(*)
  My One and Only [Jazz Alliance] ***(*)
Robert Dick Tambastics [Music & Arts] ***
Bruce Ditmas What If [Postcards] ****
Bill Dixon 7-Tette/New York Contemporary Five [Savoy Jazz] ***
Niels Lan Doky Niels Lan Doky [Verve] ***
  Asian Sessions [Emarcy] ***
Arne Domnérus In Concert [Phontastic] ***
  Rapturous Reeds [Phontastic] ***
  Swedish Rhapsody [Phontastic] ****
Pierre Dørge Music From the Danish Jungle [Dacapo] ***
Kenny Dorham West 42nd Street [Black Lion] **(*)
  Osmosis [Black Lion] ***
  Matador/Inta Somethin' [Blue Note] ***(*)
  Short Story [Steeplechase] **(*)
  Scandia Skies [Steeplechase] **(*)
  Scandia Story [Steeplechase] **(*)
Dorsey Brothers Orchestra 'Live' in the Big Apple 1954/5 [Magic] **
Mark Dresser The Cabinet of Dr Caligari [Knitting Factory] ***
  Invocation [Knitting Factory] ***
  Eye'll Be Seeing You [Knitting Factory] ***
Kenny Drew Recollections [Timeless] ***
Kenny Drew Jr At Maybeck: Volume 39 [Concord] ***(*)
Ray Drummond Camera in a Bag [Criss Cross] ***
  Excursion [Arabesque] ***
  Continuum [Arabesque] ***(*)
  Vignette [Arabesque] ***(*)
Ted Dunbar Gentle Time Along [Steeplechase] **(*)
Jim Dvorak This Isn't Sex [Slam] ***(*)
The Dynamite Vikings Vikingology [Cope] ***
Larry Eanet Piano Solos Vol. 1 [Jump] ***
  Piano Solos Vol. 2 [Jump] ***
  Sunset Stomp [Arbors] ***
Bill Easley Wind Inventions [Sunnyside] **(*)
  First Call [Milestone] ***
  Easley Done [Evidence] ***(*)
Kyle Eastwood From There to Here [Sony] **(*)
Harry 'Sweets' Edison Live at Ambassador Auditorium [Concord] ***
Marc Edwards Red Sprites and Blue Jets [CIMP] ***
Marty Ehrlich Pliant Plaint [Enja] ****
  The Traveler's Tale [Enja] ***(*)
  Side by Side [Enja] ***(*)
  Emergency Peace [New World] ***
  Live Wood [Music & Arts] ***(*)
8 Bold Souls Sideshow [Arabesque] ***(*)
  Antfarm [Arabesque] ***(*)
  Last Option [Thrill Jockey] ****
Roy Eldridge After You've Gone [GRP Decca] ***(*)
Eliane Elias Plays Jobim [Blue Note] **(*)
  Fantasia [Blue Note] ***
Marty Elkins Fuse Blues [Nagel Heyer] **
Duke Ellington The Brunswick Sessions 1932-1935 Vol. 1 [Jazz Information] ***
  The Brunswick Sessions 1932-1935 Vol. 2 [Jazz Information] ***
  The Duke Plays Ellington Vol. 1 [Topaz] ***
  The Duke's Men: Small Groups Vol. I [Columbia] ****
  The Duke's Men: Small Groups Vol. II [Columbia] ****
  The Blanton-Webster Band [RCA Bluebird] ****
  The Seattle Concert [RCA] **(*)
  Duke Ellington in Hamilton 1954 [Music & Arts] ***
  Live at the 1957 Stratford Festival [Music & Arts] ***(*)
  The Feeling of Jazz [Black Lion] **(*)
  En Concert Avec Europe 1 [RTE] ***(*)
  Collages [MPS] ***
  Volume 1: Studio Sessions, Chicago 1956 [Saja] ****
  Volume 2: Dance Concerts, California, 1958 [Saja] ***
  Volume 6: Dance Dates, California, 1958 [Saja] ***
  Volume 3: Studio Sessions, New York, 1962 [Saja] ***
  Volume 4: Studio Sessions, New York, 1963 [Saja] ***
  Volume 5: The Suites, New York, 1968 & 1970 [Saja] ***(*)
  Volume 7: Studio Sessions, 1957 & 1962 [Saja] ***
  Volume 8: Studio Sessions, 1957, 1965-7, San Francisco, Chicago, New York [Saja] ***
  Volume 9: Studio Sessions, New York, 1968 [Saja] ***(*)
  Volume 10: Studio Sessions, New York & Chicago, 1965, 1966 & 1971 [Saja] ***
Herb Ellis Jazz/Concord [Concord] ***
  Seven Come Eleven [Concord] **(*)
  Soft Shoe [Concord] ***
  Rhythm Willie [Concord] **
  Hot Tracks [Concord] ***
  Soft and Mellow [Concord] **(*)
  Doggin' Around [Concord] ***
  Roll Call [Justice] ***
  The Concord Jazz Heritage Series [Concord] ***
Elsie Jo Elsie Jo Live [Maya] ***
Jorgen Emborg Over the Rainbow [Storyville] ***(*)
European Music Orchestra Featuring Kenny Wheeler [Soul Note] ***
Gil Evans There Comes a Time [RCA] ***
  Little Wing [DIW] ***
  Farewell [Evidence] ***
  Bud and Bird [Evidence] ***
Jenny Evans Shiny Stockings [Enja] **(*)
Sangoma Everett The Courage to Listen to Your Heart [TCB] ***
Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band Down in Jungle Town [P.E.K. Sound] **(*)
Jon Faddis Legacy [Concord] ***
  Remembrances [Chesky] ***(*)
Digby Fairweather A Portrait of Digby Fairweather [Black Lion] ***
Far East Side Band Caverns [New World] ***
  Urban Archaeology [Victo] ***
Tal Farlow Standards Palette [FD Music] ***
Art Farmer In Europe [Enja] **(*)
  Warm Valley [Concord] ***
  In Concert [Enja] ***(*)
  You Make Me Smile [Soul Note] ***
Allen Farnham 5th House [Concord] **(*)
  Play-cation [Concord] ***
  The Common Thread [Concord] ***
  At Maybeck Recital Hall Vol. 41 [Concord] ***
  Allen Farnham Meets the RIAS Big Band [Concord] ***(*)
Rick Fay Live at Lone Pine [Arbors] **(*)
  Hello Horn [Arbors] ***
  Memories of You [Arbors] ***
  Glendena Forever [Arbors] **(*)
  This Is Where I Came In [Arbors] ***
  Rollin' On ***
  Live at the State [Arbors] ***
  Sax-O-Poem Poetry With Jazz [Arbors] (***)
  Tunes for Tommy [Arbors] ***(*)
  With a Song in My Heart [Arbors] **(*)
Avram Fefer Calling All Spirits [Cadence] ***(*)
James Fei Solo Works [Leo Lab] ***
Victor Feldman The Artful Dodger [Concord] **(*)
  Rio Nights [Hindsight] **(*)
Eric Felten T-Bop [Soul Note] ***(*)
  Gratitude [Soul Note] ***
Maynard Ferguson Maynard Ferguson Sextet 1967 [Just a Memory] ***
  Maynard Ferguson Orchestra 1967 [Just a Memory] **(*)
First House Erendira [ECM] **(*)
  Cantilena [ECM] ***
Clare Fischer Thesaurus [Koch] ***
  Lembrancas [Concord] **
  Just Me [Concord] ***
Tommy Flanagan The Complete 'Overseas' [DIW] ***
  Over [OJC] ***(*)
  You're Me [Phontastic] ***
  Giant Steps: In Memory of John Coltrane [Enja] ****
  Beyond the Bluebird [Timeless] ***(*)
Flipside Flipside [Naxos] ***
Chris Flory For All We Know [Concord] ***
  City Life [Concord] ***
  Word on the Street [Double-Time] ***(*)
Mitchell Forman Hand Made [Lipstick] **(*)
  Harvest Song [Jazz Line] **(*)
  Patience [Sanctuary] ***
  Mr Clean [PGI] **(*)
Michael Formanek Low Profile [Enja] ****
  Nature of the Beast [Enja] ****
Sonny Fortune Laying It Down [Konnex] ***(*)
  It Ain't What It Was [Konnex] ***
  Monk's Mood [Konnex] ***
Frank Foster Frankly Speaking [Concord] **(*)
Hugh Fraser Red & Blue [Boathouse] ***
  Back to Back [Jazz Focus] **(*)
  In the Mean Time [Jazz Focus] **(*)
Free Jazz Quartet Premonition [Matchless] ****
Bud Freeman Chicago/Austin High School Jazz in Hi-Fi [RCA] ***(*)
  Something to Remember You By [Black Lion] ***
Chico Freeman The Emissary [Clarity] ***
Don Friedman At Maybeck: Volume 33 [Concord] ***(*)
David Frishberg Let's Eat Home [Concord] ***
  Where You At? [Bloomdido] ***
Stephane Furic Kishinev [Soul Note] ***
  The Twitter-Machine [Soul Note] ***(*)
Slim Gaillard Original 1940-42 Recordings: Volume 3 [Tax] ***(*)
Joe Gallivan Peace on Earth [Third Millenium] **(*)
  Mindscapes [Third Milenium] ***
  Expression to the Winds [Third Millenium] ***
  Innocence [Cadence] ***(*)
  The Origin of Man [No Budget] ****
  Orchestral Meditations [New Jazz] ***(*)
Hal Galper Redux '78 [Concord] ***(*)
  Portrait [Concord] ****
  Live at Maybeck Recital Hall [Concord] **(*)
  Invitation to a Concert [Concord] ***(*)
  Live at Port Townsend '91 [Double Time] ***
  Tippin' [Concord] ***
  Just Us [Enja] ***(*)
  Rebop [Enja] ***(*)
Vyacheslav (Slava) Ganelin Opuses [Leo] ***
  On Stage . . . Backstage [Leo] ***(*)
Dick Garcia A Message From Dick Garcia [Dawn] **
Ronnie Gardiner Click! [Sittel] ***
Jeff Gardner Second Home [Musidisc] ***
  The Music of Chance [Axolotl] ***(*)
Hank Garland Jazz Winds From a New Direction [Columbia] ***
Erroll Garner Long Ago and Far Away [Columbia] ***
  Body and Soul [Columbia] ***
Bruce Gates Jazz Consortium Big Band Forced Air Heat [Sea Breeze] ***
  Joyous Reunion [Sea Breeze] ***
Jeff Gauthier Internal Memo [Nine Winds] ***
  The Present [Nine Winds] ***
Herb Geller A Jazz Songbook Meeting [Enja] **
Stan Getz The Dolphin [Concord] ***(*)
  Spring Is Here [Concord] ***(*)
Dizzy Gillespie Olympia [RTE/Europe] ***
  Dizzy Gillespie Meets Phil Woods Quintet [Timeless] ***
  Live at the Royal Festival Hall [Enja] **(*)
  Max + Dizzy, Paris 1989 [A&M] ***(*)
Ginger Pig New Orleans Band The Ginger Pig New Orleans Band Featuring Sammy Remington [GHB] ***
Vince Giordano Bill Challis' The Goldkette Project [Circle] ***
  Quality Shout! [Stomp Off] ***(*)
Jimmy Giuffre Emphasis & Flight 1961 [Hatology] ****
Harry Gold Live in Leipzig [Lake] ***
Ben Goldberg Junk Genius [Knitting Factory] **(*)
  Here by Now [Music & Arts] ***
Eddie Gomez Next Future [Stretch] **(*)
  Dedication [Evidence] ***
Paul Gonsalves Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin' [Black Lion] ***
  Meets Earl Hines [Black Lion] ***
Dennis González Catechism [Music & Arts] ***(*)
Jerry Gonzalez Rumba Para Monk [Sunnyside] ***
  Earthdance [Sunnyside] ***(*)
  Moliendo Café: To Wisdom the Prize [Sunnyside] ***(*)
  Crossroads [Milestone] ****
  Pensativo [Milestone] ***
  Fire Dance [Milestone] ***(*)
Andy Goodrich Motherless Child [Delmark] ***
Dexter Gordon Daddy Plays the Horn [Bethlehem] ***
  Both Sides of Midnight [Black Lion] ***
  Body and Soul [Black Lion] ***(*)
  Take the 'A' Train [Black Lion] ***
Mike Gorman The Maze [33 Jazz] ***
Liz Gorrill Phantasmagoria [New Artists] ***
  A Jazz Duet [New Artists] ***
  Cosmic Comedy [New Artists] ***
  Dreamflight [New Artists] ***
  For the Beauty of the Earth [New Artists] ***
Simon Goubert Haïti [Seventh] ****
  Encierro [Seventh] **(*)
  Le Phare Des Pierres Noires [Seventh] ***
Dusko Goykovich Celebration [DIW] ***(*)
  Soul Connection [Enja] ****
  Bebop City [Enja] ****
  Balkan Connection [Enja] ***
Georg Graewe The View From Points West [Music & Arts] ***(*)
  Saturn Cycle [Music & Arts] ****
Bob Graf At Westminster [Delmark] **(*)
Jerry Granelli The Only Juan [Love Slave] **(*)
  Iron Sky [Love Slave] **
  El Oh El Ay [Love Slave] ***
Stéphane Grappelli Meets Barney Kessel [Black Lion] ***
  Limehouse Blues [Black Lion] **(*)
  Stardust [Black Lion] ***
  Just One of Those Things [Black Lion] ***
  Swet Georgia Brown [Black Lion] ***
  Parisian Thoroughfare [Black Lion] ***(*)
  Livein London [Black Lion] ***
  Stéphane Grappelli Meets Earl Hines [Black Lion] ***
  At the Winery [Concord] ***
  Vintage 1981 [Concord] ***
  Stephanova [Concord] ***
Wardell Gray One for Prez [Black Lion] **(*)
Urbie Green Just Friends [ILR] ***
Sonny Greenwich Bird of Paradise [Justin Time] ***
  Live at Sweet Basil [Justin Time] **(*)
Carola Grey Noisy Mama [Jazzline] ***
  The Age of Illusions [Jazzline] ***(*)
  Girls Can't Hit! [Lipstick] ***
Johnny Griffin The Man I Love [Black Lion] ***
Steve Grossman Hold the Line [DIW] ***
  Standards [DIW] **(*)
George Gruntz The MPS Years [MPS] ***(*)
  Blues 'N Dues Et Cetera [Enja] ***
Lars Gulliksson Bumps Ahead [Dragon] ***
Gully Low Jazz Band Down to Earth [GHB] ***
Bobby Guyer Bobby Guyer and Friends [Jazzology] ***
Dick Hafer In a Sentimental Mood [Progressive] **(*)
  Prez Impressions [Fresh Sounds] ***
Tim Hagans Animation - Imagination [Blue Note] ***
  Re-Animation Live! [Blue Note] ***
Jerry Hahn Time Changes [Enja] ***
Pat Halcox Pat Halcox All Stars [Lake] **
  There's Yes! Yes! In Your Eyes [Jazzology] **(*)
Jim Hall Circles [Concord] ***
  Jim Hall's Three [Concord] **(*)
  All Across the City [Concord] ***(*)
Bengt Hallberg Spring Is in the Air [Phono Suecia] ***
Lin Halliday Delayed Exposure [Delmark] ***
  East of the Sun [Delmark] ***
Chico Hamilton Gongs East [Discovery] ***
Scott Hamilton Scott Hamilton Is a Good Wind Who Is Blowing Us No Ill [Concord] ***(*)
  Scott Hamilton 2 [Concord] ***
  With Scott's Band in New York City [Concord] ***
  Groovin' High Live at E.J.'s [JLR] ***(*)
  Close Up [Concord] ***
  In Concert [Concord] ***
  The Second Set [Concord] ***
  Radio City [Concord] ***(*)
  Race Point [Concord] ****
  Groovin' High [Concord] ***
  Scott Hamilton With Strings [Concord] ***(*)
  Live at Brecon Jazz Festival [Concord] ***(*)
  Organic Duke [Concord] ****
  My Romance [Concord] ***(*)
  Christmas Love Song [Concord] ***
Atle Hammer Joy Spring [Gemini] **

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