Penguin Guide to Jazz: Dropped from 7th Edition

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (7th Edition).

Artist Title 6th Ed.
Atle Hammer Arizona Blue [Gemini] ***
Lionel Hampton Rare Recordings Vol. 1 [Telarc] ***
  Two Generations [Phontastic] ***(*)
Slide Hampton World of Trombones [Black Lion] **(*)
Herbie Hancock Sunlight [Columbia] ***
  Feets Don't Fail Me Now [Columbia] **
  Monster [Columbia] **(*)
Roland Hanna Maybeck Recital Hall Series: Volume 32 [Concord] ***(*)
Mick Hanson Do You Have a Name? [Spotlite] ***
Harlem Jazz Camels Drop Me Off in Harlem [Phontastic] ***
  Blue Interlude [Phontastic] ***
Billy Harper Somalia [Evidence] ****
  If Only Our Hearts Could See [DIW] ***(*)
Joe Harriott Free Form [Redial] ****
  Abstract [Redial] ***(*)
Barry Harris Live at Maybeck Recital Hall Vol. 12 [Concord] ****
  Live at 'DUG' [Enja] **
Eddie Harris Listen Here [JLR] ***
  Listen Here! [Enja] **(*)
  The Battle of the Tenors [Enja] **(*)
Donald Harrison Nouveau Swing [Impulse] ***(*)
  Free to Be [Impulse] ****
Wendell Harrison Rush & Hustle [Enja] ***
Antonio Hart Here I Stand [Impulse] ***(*)
John Hart High Drama [Concord] ***
  Bridges [Concord] ***(*)
  Scenes From a Song [Hep] ***
Michael Hashim Transatlantic Airs [33 Records] ***
Thomas Hass Notes in Time [Stunt] ***
  A Honeymoon Too Soon [Stunt] ***
Greg Hatza The Greg Hatza Organization [Palmetto] **(*)
  In My Pocket [Palmetto] ***
Havana Flute Summit Havana Flute Summit [Naxos Jazz] ***
Hampton Hawes Blues for Bird [Black Lion] ***
  Live at Montmartre [Black Lion] ***
Coleman Hawkins Body and Soul [Bluebird] ****
  Body and Soul [Topaz] ***
Louis Hayes The Super Quartet [Timeless] ***
Roy Haynes True or False [Evidence] ****
  Homecoming [Evidence] ***
  When It's Haynes It Roars [Dreyfus] ***(*)
Mark Helias Desert Blue [Enja] ***
Julius Hemphill Big Band [Elektra/Asylum] ***(*)
  At Dr. King's Table [New World] ***(*)
Fletcher Henderson Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra [Topaz] ***
  A Study in Frustration: The Fletcher Henderson Story [Columbia] ****
Ann-Marie Henning Tidal Dreams [Dragon] ***
Peter Herborn Large One [Jazzline] ****
  Peter Herborn's Acute Insights [Winter & Winter] ***
Heritage Hall Jazz Band Cookin! [GHB] **(*)
Woody Herman Live at Peacock Lane Hollywood 1958 [Fresh Sound] ***(*)
  The Herd Rides Again [Evidence] ***(*)
  Herman's Heat and Puente's Beat [Evidence] ***
  The 40th Anniversary Carnegie Hall Concert [RCA Victor] ***
  Woody and Friends [Concord] ***
  Woody Herman Presents . . . Vol. 1: A Concord Jam [Concord] ***
  Woody Herman Presents . . . Vol. 2: Four Others [Concord] ***
  Live at the Concord Jazz Festival [Concord] **(*)
  World Class [Concord] **(*)
  50th Anniversary Tour [Concord] ***
  Woody's Gold Star [Concord] **(*)
Vincent Herring Scene One [Evidence] ***
Fred Hersch Last Night When We Were Young [Classical Action] ****
  Beautiful Love [Sunnyside] ***
  Point in Time [Enja] ***(*)
John Hicks Some Other Time [Evidence] ***
  In Concert [Evidence] ***
  Inc. 1 [DIW] ***(*)
  In Concert [Evidence] ****
  Luminous [Evidence] ***
  I'll Give You Something to Remember Me By [Limetree] ***
  East Side Blues [DIW] ***(*)
  Naima's Love Song [DIW] ****
  Two of a Kind [Evidence] ***(*)
  Sketches of Tokyo [DIW] ****
  Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume 7 [Concord] ****
Billy Higgins Soweto [Red] ***
  Once More [Red] **(*)
  Mr. Billy Higgins [Evidence] ***
  3/4 for Peace [Red] ***
Matt Hilgenberg Rasa [Double-Time] ***(*)
Andrew Hill Live at Montreux [Freedom] ***
Buck Hill This Is Buck Hill [Steeplechase] ***
  Scope [Steeplechase] ***
  Easy to Love [Steeplechase] ***
  Impressions [Steeplechase] ***
Earl Hines Fatha [Topaz] ****
  Blues in Thirds [Black Lion] ****
  Blues and Things [New World] ***(*)
  Tour de Force [Black Lion] ****
  Tour de Force Encore [Black Lion] ****
  Back on the Street [Chiaroscuro] ***
  Swingin' Away [Black Lion] **(*)
Johnny Hodges Passion Flower [RCA] ***(*)
  Everybody Knows Johnny Hodges [Impulse] ****
Billie Holiday Billie's Love Songs [Nimbus] ****
  At Storyville [Black Lion] **(*)
Red Holloway Red Holloway & Company [Concord] **(*)
  Locksmith Blues [Concord] ***(*)
Ron Holloway Slanted [Milestone] **(*)
  Struttin' [Milestone] ***
  Scorcher [Milestone] **
  Groove Update [Milestone] **(*)
Richard 'Groove' Holmes Plenty Plenty Blues [RCA Camden] **(*)
William Hooker Lifeline [Silkheart] **
  The Firmament/Fury [Silkheart] ***
  Shamballa [Knitting FactoryWorks] ***
  Tibet [Ummo] **(*)
  Envisioning [Knitting FactoryWorks] **(*)
  Hard Time [Squealer] **(*)
  Joy (Within!) [Silkheart] ***(*)
  Armageddon [Homestead] ***
  Great Sunset [Warm-O-Brisk] ***
Hot Stuff! Hot Stuff! [Lake] **(*)
Karsten Houmark Four [Storyville] ***(*)
  Dawn [Storyville] ***(*)
Freddie Hubbard Goin' Up [Blue Note] ****
  Minor Mishap [Black Lion] ***
  The Artistry of Freddie Hubbard [Impulse] ***(*)
Spike Hughes Spike Hughes Vols 1 & 2 [Kings Cross Music] ***(*)
  Spike Hughes Vols 3 & 4 [Kings Cross Music] ****
Bobby Hutcherson Farewell Keystone [Evidence] ***(*)
  Skyline [Verve] ***
Ken Hyder The Known Is in the Stone [Impetus] ****
Dick Hyman Music of 1937 [Concord] ***(*)
  Concord Duo Series Vol. 6 [Concord] ***
Abdullah Ibrahim Voice of Africa [Camden] ****
  African Sun [Camden] ****
  Tintinyanna [Camden] ***
  Blues for a Hip King [Camden] ***
  Good News From Africa [Enja] ***(*)
  African Marketplace [Discovery] ***(*)
  The Mountain [Camden] ***(*)
  Mantra Mode [Tiptoe] ***
Dieter Ilg Folk Songs [Jazzline] ***
  Fieldwork [Jazzline] ***
Ove Ingemarsson Heart of the Matter [Imogena] ***
Javon Jackson Pleasant Valley [Blue Note] ***(*)
Milt Jackson High Fly [ILR] ***
  Sa Va Bella [Qwest/Warners] ***
Ronald Shannon Jackson Earned Dreams [Knitting Factory] ***
  Shannon's House [DIW] ***
Illinois Jacquet Flying Home: The Best of the Verve Years [Verve] ***(*)
  The Comeback [Black Lion] ***
Ahmad Jamal Freeflight [Impulse] ***
  Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival [Atlantic] ***(*)
  Digital Works [Atlantic] ***
  Crystal [Atlantic] ***
Joseph Jarman Connecting Spirits [Music & Arts] ***
  Pachinko Dream Track 10 [Music & Arts] ***
Keith Jarrett Silence [Impulse] ***
Jayne Jarvis Cut Glass [Audiophile] ***
  The Jayne Jarvis L.A. Quartet [Audiophile] ***
  Jayne Jarvis Jams [Arbors] ****
  Atlantic-Pacific [Arbors] ***
The Jazz Tribe The Jazz Tribe [Red] ****
  The Next Step [Red] ***(*)
David Jean-Baptiste FeelingTones [Candid] ***
  Neuriba [Candid] ***(*)
Leroy Jenkins Themes & Improvisations on the Blues [CRI] ***
Jeff Jerolamon Introducing Jeff Jerolamon [Candid] ***
  Swing Thing! [Candid] ***
Peter Johannesson Sixtus [Emarcy] ***
Henrik Johansen Og Det Var S Det! [Storyville] ***
Jan Johansson Blaus [Dragon] ***
Charlie Johnson The Complete Charlie Johnson Sessions [Hot 'N Sweet] ****
J.J. Johnson Kai Winding and Jay Jay Johnson [Bethlehem] ***
  Vivian [Concord] ***(*)
  The Brass Orchestra [Verve] ***(*)
  Heroes [Verve] ***(*)
Plas Johnson The Blues [Concord] ***
  Positively [Concord] **(*)
Elvin Jones Dear John C [Impulse] ***
  It Don't Mean a Thing [Enja] ***
Hank Jones Hank [All Art] ****
  Jones-Brown-Smith [Concord] ***
  Favors [Verve] ***(*)
Oliver Jones Cookin' at Sweet Basil [Justin Time] ***
  Just Friends [Justin Time] **(*)
  Northern Summit [Justin Time] **(*)
Philly Joe Jones Mo'Joe [Black Lion] **(*)
Clifford Jordan Four Play [DIW] ***(*)
  Live at Ethell's [Mapleshade] ***(*)
  Masters From Different Worlds [Mapleshade] ****
  Play What You Feel [Mapleshade] ***
  The Mellow Side of Clifford Jordan [Mapleshade] ***
Louis Jordan Louis Jordan and Chris Barber [Black Lion] **
Sheila Jordan Songs From Within [M.A.] ***(*)
  The Very Thought of Two [M.A.] ***
Ekkehard Jost Weimarer Balladen [Fish Music] ***
  Von Zeit zu Zeit [Fish Music] ***(*)
  Out of Jost's Songbook [Fish Music] ***
  Deep [Fish] ***(*)
Misako Kano Breakthrew [Jazz Focus] ***(*)
  3 Purple Circles [Jazz Focus] ***(*)
Jacob Karlzon Take Your Time! [Dragon] ***
Larry Karush The Art of the Improviser [Naxos] ***
Roger Kellaway Life's a Take [Concord] ***(*)
Gary Keller Blues for an Old New Age [Double-Time] ***(*)
Jon-Erik Kellso Chapter 1 [Arbors] ***
  Chapter 2: The Plot Thickens [Arbors] ***
Chris Kelsey The Ingenious Gentlemen of the Lower East Side [CIMP] ***
  Situational Music [Sasofonis Music] **(*)
  In Search of Emmett Hardy [Saxfonis Music] ***
Paul Kendall Unspoken Words [Cats Paw] ***
  Rhapsody [Sea Breeze] **(*)
  Excursions [Brownstone] ***
Stan Kenton Broadcast Transcriptiosn 1941-45 [Music & Arts] ***
  Live at Redlands University [Creative World] **(*)
  Live at Brigham Young University [Creative World] **(*)
  Live at Butler University [Creative World] **
  Birthday in Britain [Creative World] ***
  7.5 on the Richter Scale [Creative World] ***(*)
  Fire, Fury & Fun [Creative World] ***(*)
  Kenton '76 [Creative World] **(*)
  Journey Into Capricorn [Creative World] **(*)
  Street of Dreams [Creative World] ***(*)
Freddie Keppard The Legend [Topaz] ***
Barney Kessel Aquarius [Black Lion] **
  Autumn Leaves [Black Lion] **(*)
  Yesterday [Black Lion] ***
  Three Guitars [Concord] **(*)
  Barney Plays Kessel [Concord] **(*)
  Soaring [Concord] ***
  Poor Butterfly [Concord] **(*)
  Live at Sometime [Storyville] **(*)
  Jellybeans [Concord] ***
Talib Kibwe Introducing Talib Kibwe [Evidence] ***
  Another Blue [Arkadia Jazz] ***
  Eyes of the Elders [Arkadia] ***
Jonny King In From the Cold [Criss Cross] ***(*)
  Notes From the Underground [Enja] ***(*)
  The Meltdown [Enja] ****
Kenny Kirkland Kenny Kirkland [Verve] ***
Alf Kjelling You'll Always Need Friends [Gemini] ***
Jim Knapp On Going Home [Sea Breeze] ***
Niclas Knudsen Human Beat Boxer [Stunt] **(*)
  Second Stroke [Stunt] ***
Jonas Kuntsson Views [Caprice] ***
  Lust [Caprice] ***
  Flower in the Sky [ACT] ***
  Malgomaj [Atrium] ***
Hans Koch Duets, Dithyrambisch [FMP] ****
Klaus Knig Reviews [Enja] ***
  The H.E.A.R.T. Project [Enja] ***
Lee Konitz Jazz at Storyville [Black Lion] ***
  In Harvard Square [Black Lion] ***
  Konitz [Black Lion] **(*)
  Art of the Duo [Enja] ***(*)
  Unaccompanied in Yokohama [PSFD] ***(*)
  Saxophone Dreams [Koch International] ***
Erling Kroner En Buenos Aires 1991 [Music Mecca] **(*)
  Opposites Attract [Four Leaf Clover] ***(*)
  Jazzpar '98 [Storyville] ***
  Trombonissimo [Music Mecca] ***
Martin Krusche Friendship Pagoda [Naxos] ***(*)
Joachim Khn Music From the Threepenny Opera [Verve] ***(*)
  Triple Entente [Mercury] ****
Steve Kuhn Mostly Ballads [New World] ***
  Porgy [Evidence] ***
  Looking Back [Concord] ***(*)
  Live at Maybeck Recital HAll: Volume 13 [Concord] ***(*)
  Years Later [Concord] ***(*)
  Seasons of Romance [Postcards] ***
L.A.4 The L.A.4 [Concord] ***
  Just Friends [Concord] **(*)
  Watch What HAppens [Concord] ***
  Zaca [Concord] ***
  Montage [Concord] ***
Joe La Barbera The Joe La Barbera Quintet Live [Jazz Compass] ***
  Mark Time [Jazz Compass] ***(*)
Steve Lacy One Fell Swoop [Silkheart] ***(*)
  The Gleam [Silkheart] ***
Oliver Lake Heavy Spirits [Black Lion] ***
  Boston Duets [Music & Arts] ***
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross At Newport '63 [RCA] ***
Lammas The Broken Road [EFZ] **(*)
  Sourcebook [EFZ] ***
Harold Land Mapanzi [Concord] ***
  A Lazy Afternoon [Postcards] ***
  Promised Land [Audiophoric] **(*)
Ellis Larkins At Maybeck Recital Hall [Concord] ***(*)
Prince Lasha Inside Story [Enja] ***
Last Exit Last Exit [Enemy] ****
  The Noise of Trouble [Enemy] ***
Yusef Lateef The Gentle Giant [Atlantic] ***
Anna-Lena Laurin Dance in Music [Dragon] ***
Andy LaVerne Natural Living [Musidisc] **
  Pleasure Seekers [Triloka] **
  Double Standard [Triloka] **(*)
  At Maybeck Recital Hall Vol. 28 [Concord] **(*)
  First Tango in New York [Musidisc] ***(*)
  Time Will Spent [Concord] ***(*)
  FourMiles [Triloka] ***
John Law The Boat Is Sinking, Apartheid Is Sinking [Impetus] ***(*)
Hugh Lawson Prime Time [Storyville] ***
  Colours [Soul Note] ***
Nguyn L Miracles [Musidisc] ***(*)
  Zanzibar [Musidisc] ***
The Leaders Slipping and Sliding [Sound Hills] ***
The Leaders Trio Heaven Dance [Sunnyside] ***(*)
LeeAnn Ledgerwood You Wish [Triloka] **(*)
Cliff Leeman Cliff Leeman and His All-Stars [Jazzology] **(*)
Johan Leijonhufvud Speaks the Local Bebop [Sittel] ***(*)
  Happy Farm [Sittel] ****
Urs Leimgruber No Try No Fail [Hatology] ***(*)
  Live [SR] ***
  Quartet Noir [Victo] ***(*)
Peter Leitch Mean What You Say [Concord] ***
  Trio/Quartet '91 [Concord] ***(*)
  From Another Perspective [Concord] ***(*)
Gary Le Mel The Best of Times [Concord] ***
Carl Leukaufe Warrior [Delmark] ***
George E. Lewis Voyager [Avant] ***(*)
  Changing With the Times [New World] ***
  The usual Turmoil and Other Duets [Music & Arts] ***(*)
John Lewis The Modern Jazz Society Presents a Concert of Contemporary Music [Verve] ****
Ramsey Lewis Wade in the Water [Jazz Time] ***
  This Is Jazz [Columbia] ***
  Sky Islands [GRP] **
  Ivory Pyramid [GRP] **
  Between the Keys [GRP] **(*)
  Dance of the Soul [GRP] **(*)
Victor Lewis Family Portrait [Audioquest] ***
  Know It Today, Know It Tomorrow [Red] ***(*)
  Eeeyyess! [Enja] ***
David Liebman One of a Kind [Core/Line] **(*)
  Doin' It Again [Timeless] ***(*)
  Quest II [Storyville] ***
  Plays the Music of Cole Porter [Red] ***
  New Vista [Arkadia] ***(*)
Lifetime Ultimate Tony Williams [Verve] ****
  Spectrum: The Anthology [Verve] ***(*)
Terry Lightfoot When the Saints Go Marching In!/Varied Jazz [C5] *(*)
  Down on Bourbon Street [Timeless] **(*)
Kirk Lightsey Shorter by Two [Sunnyside] ***
  Lightsey Live [Sunnyside] ***(*)
  Everything Happens to Me [Timeless] **(*)
  Everything Is Changed [Sunnyside] ***
  Goodbye Mr Evans [Evidence] ****
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra Portrait by Ellington [Columbia] **(*)
  Live in Swing City - Swingin' With Duke [Columbia] ***
Ove Lind One Morning in May [Phontastic] ****
  Summer Night [Phontastic] ***(*)
Magnus Lindgren Way Out [Caprice] ***
Jeannette Lindstrom Another country [Caprice] ***(*)
  I Saw You [Caprice] ***(*)
Roy Linka Czech It Out! [Enja] ***
  Always Double Czech [Enja] ***(*)
Joe Locke Restless Dreams [Chief] ***
Mornington Lockett Mornington Lockett [EFZ] ***
Mark Lockheart Through Rose-Coloured Glasses [Subtone] ***
Didier Lockwood New York Rendezvous [JMS] ***(*)
Jean-Loup Longnon Cyclades [JMS] ***(*)
  Bop Dreamer [Pygmalion] ***(*)
Louisiana Repertory Jazz Ensemble Uptown Jazz [Stomp Off] ***(*)
  Hot & Sweet Sounds of Lost New Orleans [Stomp Off] ****
Eddy Louiss Louissiana [Initial] ***
Love Cry Want Love Cry Want [New Jazz] ***(*)
Frank Lowe Fresh [Black Lion] ***(*)
  Live From Soundscape [DIW] ***(*)
Francine Luce B kay la vi-a [Ogun] ***(*)
Jimmie Lunceford Swingsation [GRP] ***
Humphrey Lyttelton Take It From the Top [Black Lion] ***
  Movin' and Groovin' [Black Lion] ***
Harold Mabern Mabern's Grooveyard [DIW] ****
The Magnolia Jazz Band The Magnolia Jazz Band and Art Hodes Vol. 1 [GHB] **(*)
  The Magnolia Jazz Band and Art Hodes Vol. 2 [GHB] **(*)
Kevin Mahogany Double Rainbow [Enja] ***
  Songs and Moments [Enja] **(*)
  Pussy Cat Dues: The Music of Charles Mingus [Enja] ***
  You Got What It Takes [Enja] ***
  Kevin Mahogany [Warner Bros] ***(*)
  Another Time, Another Place [Warner Bros] ***(*)
  My Romance [Warner Bros] ***(*)
Adam Makowicz Live at Maybeck Recital Hall Series, Volume 24 [Concord] ***
  The Music of Jerome Kern [Concord] ****
  My Favorite Thngs: The Music of Richard Rodgers [Concord] ***(*)
  Adam Makowicz/George Mraz: Concord Duo Series - Volume 5 [Concord] ***
Pete Malinverni A Very Good Year [Reservoir] ***(*)
Russell Malone Sweet Georgia Peach [Impulse] ***
  Look Who's Here [Verve] ***
Junior Mance Softly as in a Morning Sunrise [Enja] ***(*)
Albert Mangelsdorff Lanaya [Planisphare] ***
Manhattan New Music Project Mood Swing [Soul Note] ***
  The Soul of Grace [Soul Note] ***(*)
Herbie Mann Herbie Mann Plays [Bethlehem] ***(*)
  Flamingo: Volume 2 [Bethlehem] ***
  Herbie Mann Witht he Sam Most Quintet [Bethlehem] ***
  Love and the Weather [Bethlehem] **(*)
  The Epitome of Jazz [Bethlehem] ***
  Stone Flute [Embryo] **(*)
  Push Push [Embryo] **(*)
  Opalescence [Kokopelli] **
  Deep Pocket [Kokopelli] **(*)
Shelly Manne Perk Up [Concord] ****
Ray Mantilla Hands of Fire [Red] ***
  Synergy [Red] ***
  Dark Powers [Red] ****
Guido Manusardi Introduction [Penta Flowers] ***(*)

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