Penguin Guide to Jazz: Dropped from 7th Edition

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (7th Edition).

Artist Title 6th Ed.
Benny Waters Plays Songs of Love [Jazz Point] **(*)
Matt Wates Smallbills Garage [AB] ***
Bobby Watson Perpetual Groove: Live in Europe [Red] ***
  Advance [Enja] ***
Eric Watson The Amiens Concert [Label Bleu] ***
  Broadway by Twilight [Musidisc] **(*)
  Soundpost [Music & Arts] ***
Ernie Watts Unity [JVC] ***
  The Long Road Home [JVC] ***(*)
  Classic Moods [JVC] ****
Jeff 'Tain' Watts Megawatts [Sunnyside] ***
Ben Webster Ben and 'Sweets' [Columbia] ***(*)
  Live at Pio's [Enja] **(*)
  Big Ben Time! [Philips] ***
  Ben Webster Meets Bill Coleman [Black Lion] **(*)
  Live at the Haarlemse Jazz Club [Limetree] **(*)
Walt Weiskopf Exact Science [Iris] ***
  Mindwalking [Iris] ***(*)
Jerry Weldon Head to Head [Criss Cross] ***(*)
Nick Weldon Lavender's Blues [Verge] ***
Dick Wellstood The Blue Three at Hanratty's [Chaz Jazz] ***
Alex Welsh Classic Concert [Black Lion] ***(*)
  Doggin' Around [Black Lion] ***
Cecilia Wennerstrom Minor Stomp [Four Leaf Clover] ***
  Stuck Zipper [Four Leaf Clover] ***
Kenny Werner Introducing the Trio [Sunnyside] **(*)
  Uncovered Heart [Sunnyside] ***
  Press Enter [Sunnyside] ***(*)
  Maybeck Recital HAll Vol. 34 [Concord] ***
  Standards Live at Visiones [Concord] ***(*)
Frank Wess Dear Mr Basie [Concord] ***(*)
  Live at the 1990 Concord Jazz Festival: Second Set [Concord] ****
  Entre Nous [Concord] ***(*)
  Tryin' to Make My Blues Turn Green [Concord] ***(*)
  Going Wess [Town Crier] ***
Mike Westbrook Piano [Impetus] ***
  For the Record [Transatlantic/Line] ***
  The Westbrook Blake [Impetus] ***(*)
  The Cortège [Enja] ****
  Pierides [Core/Line] ***(*)
  Glad Day [Enja] ****
Ian Wheeler At Farnham Maltings [Lake] **(*)
Kenny Wheeler California Daydream [Musidisc] ***
Rodney Whitaker Children of the Light [DIW] ***
  Hidden Kingdom [DIW] ***
Brian White Muggsy Remembered Vol. 1 [Jazzology] ***
  Muggsy Remembered Vol. 2 [Jazzology] ***
  Pleasure Mad [Jazzology] ***
  Really the Blues [GHB] ***
  C'est Magnafique [Jazzology] ***
  Muggsy Remembered Vol. 3 [Jazzology] ***
  Tribute to Kid Ory [Lake] **(*)
Gerald Wiggins Live at Maybeck Recital Hall Volume Eight [Concord] ***(*)
  Soulidarity [Concord] ***
Bob Wilber Soprano Summit in Concert [Concord] ***(*)
  Soprano Summit Live at Concord '77 [Concord] ***
Barney Wilen Dream Time [Deux] ***
  New York Romance [Sunnyside] ***
  The Osaka Concert [RTE/Trema] ***(*)
Ernie Wilkins Montreux [Steeplechase] ****
  On the Roll [Steeplechase] ***(*)
James Williams Progress Report [Sunnyside] ***
  Awesome! [DIW] ***(*)
Jeff Williams Coalescence [Steeplechase] ***(*)
Jessica Williams A Song That I Heard [Hep] ***
  Live at Maybeck Hall: Volume 21 [Concord] ***
Joe Williams Ultimate Joe Williams [Verve] ***
Kate Williams Sycamore Song [Audio-B] ***
Roy Williams Gruesome Twosome [Black Lion] ***
Tom Williams Introducing Tom Williams [Criss Cross] ***
  Straight Street [Criss Cross] ***(*)
Tony Williams The Joy of Flying [Scorpio] ***(*)
Larry Willis A Tribute to Someone [Audioquest] ***(*)
  Serenade [Sound Hills] ***
Alex Wilson Afro-Saxon [Candid] ***
  Anglo-Cubano [Candid] **(*)
Glenn Wilson Elusive [Sunnyside] ***(*)
  Bittersweet [Sunnyside] ***
  Blue Porpoise Avenue [Sunnyside] ***
Teddy Wilson Air Mail Special [Black Lion] **
  Runnin' Wild [Black Lion] ***
  Blues for Thomas Waller [Black Lion] **(*)
  Three Little Words [Black & Blue] ***
  Moonglow [JLR] ***
Christine Wodrascka Live au Petit Faucheux [AA] ***(*)
Mike Wofford At Maybeck Volume Eighteen [Concord] ***
Piotr Wojtasik Lonely Town [Power Bros] ***
  Escape [Power Bros] ****
  Quest [Power Bros] ***(*)
Anthony Wonsey Anthomyology [Evidence] ***
  Another Perspective [Evidence] ***
  Open the Gates [Criss Cross] ***(*)
Rickey Woodard The Frank Capp Trio Presents Rickey Woodard [Concord] ***
  California Cooking! [Candid] ***
  The Tokyo Express [Candid] ***(*)
  Yazoo [Concord] ***(*)
  The Silver Strut [Concord] ***(*)
Chris Woods Modus Operandi [Delmark] ***
Phil Woods Rights of Swing [Candid] ***
  Bop Stew [Concord] ***(*)
  Bouquet [Concord] ***(*)
  Flash [Concord] ****
  All Bird's Children [Concord] ***
  Evolution [Concord] ***
  Real life [Chesky] ***(*)
  Here's t My Lady [Chesky] ***
  Flowers for Hodges [Concord] ***
  The Complete Concert [JMS] ***
  Celebration! [Concord] ***(*)
Reggie Workman Images [Music & Arts] ***
Gail Wynters My Shining Hour [Naxos] ***
Sam Yahel Searchin' [Naxos Jazz] ***
  Trio [Criss Cross] ***(*)
  In the Blink of an Eye [Naxos] ***
Joh Yamada Bluestone [Milestone] ***
Lester Young Lester-Amadeus [Phontastic] ***
  The 'Kansas City' Sessions [Commodore] ***(*)
  Lester Young 1946-1947 [Classics] ***
Joe Zawinul To You With Love [Strand] ***
  Incontournables: Joe Zawinul [WEA International] ***
  Lost Tribes [Sony International] ***
Denny Zeitlin At Maybeck: Volume 27 [Concord] ***(*)
  Denny Zeitlin/David Friesen: Concord Duo Series - Volume 8 [Concord] ****
Monica Zetterlund Sings Olle Adolphson [Phontastic] ***
James Zollar Soaring With Bird [Naxos Jazz] ***(*)
John Zorn Yankees [Charly] ****

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