Terminal Zone

Terminal Zone Cover Terminal Zone issue number one was published in Spring 1977.

Table of Contents

Rock and Roll and Its Discontents
Theory, by Don Malcolm

Praxis, too, by Don Malcolm

Who Is Bruce Springsteen? Who Cares?
Boo-hoo, by Don Malcolm

Postscript: Fear and Loathing in the Rock and Roll Church
Cheerios, by Tom Hull

Rhythm and Blues Into Rock and Roll
Lapse and Selection, by Paul Yamada

And Who Is Todd Rundgren? Who Cares?
Reconstruction, by Tom Hull

Essaying the Sounds of the City
Investigation, by Paul Yamada

Criticism and the Art in 1977
Outrage, by Tom Hull

R. Meltzer -- Primordial Etiologist
Muckraking, by Don Malcolm

No Money Down
Gonzomanship, by Jon Lightburg

Adventures in Diffusion
Tall Tales, by the Staff of Terminal Zone