Penguin Guide to Jazz: Added to 6th Edition

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (6th Edition).

Artist Title 6th Ed.
AALY Trio I Wonder If Was Screaming [Crazy Wisdom] ***(*)
John Abercrombie Cat'n'Mouse [ECM] ****
Rabih Abou-Khalil Yara [Enja] ***
  The Cactus of Knowledge [Enja] ****
Muhal Richard Abrams The Visibility of Thought [Mutable Music] ***
Pepper Adams The Master [Camden] ***(*)
Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley Jazz Workshop Revisited [Capitol] ***
Nat Adderley Introducing Nat Adderley [Verve] ***
NoŰl AkchotÚ J'en doute encore [Stupeur & Trompette] ***
  NoŰl AkchotÚ & Bruno Meillier [SMI] ***
  Rien [Winter & Winter] **(*)
  Alike Joseph [Rectangle] ***
  Simple Joseph [Rectangle] ***
Howard Alden My Shining Hour [Concord] ***(*)
Terrie Richards Alden Love [Nagel-Heyer] **(*)
Eric Alexander The First Milestone [Milestone] ***(*)
  The Second Milestone [Milestone] ***(*)
Monty Alexander So What [Black & Blue] ***
  Goin' Yard [Telarc] **(*)
Rashied Ali Moon Flight [Knitting Factory] ***
  N.Y. Ain't So Bad [Knit Classics] ***
  Live at Tonic [DIW] ***
Jan Allan Software [Imogena] ***(*)
Harry Allen Love Songs Live! [Nagel-Heyer] ***
Henry 'Red' Allen The Hot Trumpets of Joe Newman and Henry 'Red' Allen [Prestige] **(*)
Ben Allison Medicine Wheel [Palmetto] ***
  Third Eye [Palmetto] ***(*)
  Riding the Nuclear Tiger [Palmetto] ****
Mose Allison The Word From Mose [Atlantic] ****
  The Mose Chronicles - Live in London Volume 1 [Blue Note] ***(*)
Karin Allyson Ballads - Remembering John Coltrane [Concord] ***(*)
Ari Ambrose Chainsaw [Steeplechase] ***(*)
  Early Song [Steeplechase] ***(*)
Franco Ambrosetti Grazie Italia [Enja] ***(*)
AMM Tunes Without Measure or End [Matchless] ***
  Fine [Matchless] ***(*)
Gene Ammons God Bless Jug and Sonny [Prestige] ***
Arild Andersen Molde Concert [ECM] ***(*)
Fred Anderson The Dark Day: Live in Verona 1979 [Atavistic] ***
  The Milwaukee Tapes: Volume 1 [Atavistic] ***
  Chicago Chamber Music [Okkadisk] ***
  Fred Anderson & DKV Trio [Okkadisk] ***
  Fred Anderson Quartet: Volume 1 [Asian Improv] ***
  Fred Anderson Quartet: Volume 2 [Asian Improv] ***
  On the Run: Live at the Velvet Lounge [Delmark] **
  Duets 2001: Live at the Empty Bottle [Thrill Jockey] ***
Reid Anderson The Vastness of Space [Fresh Sound] ****
Ulf Andersson Flying Carpet [Four Leaf Clover] ***
The Antique Six Roadshow [PEK Sound] **(*)
Tim Armacost The Intercontinental Jazz Trio Live at the BIM-Huis [Via Jazz] **(*)
  The Wishing Well [Double-Time] ***
Louis Armstrong The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings [Columbia] ****
  Fireworks [Dreyfus] ***
  Heebie Jeebies [Naxos Jazz] ***
  The Complete RCA Victor Recordings [Bluebird] ****
  C'est Si Bon [Proper] ***
  C'est Si Bon [Dreyfus] ***
  Satchmo Serenades [Verve] ***(*)
  Satchmo in Style [Verve] ***
  Satchmo A Musical Autobiography [Verve] ***
  Satchmo the Great [Columbia] ***
  Ambassador Satch [Columbia] ***
  I Love Jazz! [Verve] ***
  The Great Summit - The Master Takes [Roulette] ****
  The Legendary Berlin Concert [Jazzpoint] **
  The Legendary Berlin Concert Volume II [Jazzpoint] **
  The Best Live Concert Vol. 1 [Emarcy] **
  The Best Live Concert Vol. 2 [Emarcy] **
  Louis Armstrong and His Friends [RCA Victor Gold] **
Dag Arnesen The Day After [Taurus] **
  Photographs [Taurus] **
  Movin' [Taurus] ***
Kenneth Arnstr÷m Jazz Feeling Vol 1: Baby Face [Phontastic] ***(*)
Lynne Arriale A Long Road Home [TCB] ***(*)
  Melody [TCB] ***
  Live at Montreux [TCB] ***(*)
  Inspiration [TCB] ****
Art Group The Complete C.M.C. Sessions [Splasc(h)] **(*)
  Off Limits [Splasc(h)] **
Harold Ashby Scufflin' [Black & Blue] ***
Svend Asmussen Still Fiddling [Storyville] ***(*)
Astreja Music From Davos [Leo] (***)
Gilad Atzmon Take It or Leave It . . . [Face Jazz] ***
  Gilad Atzmon & the Orient House Ensemble [Tiptoe] ***
  Nostalgico [Tiptoe] ***
Omer Avital Think With Your Heart [Fresh Sound] ***
Ab Baars Hef [Terp] ***
Baecastuff One Hand Clapping [Rufus] ***
Derek Bailey Post Improvisation, Volume 2: Air Mail Special [Incus] ***
  Daedal [Incus] ***
  Ore [Arival] ****
  And [Rectangle] **
  String Theory [Paratactile] **
  Llaer [Sofa] ***
  Ballads [Tzadik] ****
Mildred Bailey The Blue Angel Years [Baldwin Street Music] ***
Chet Baker Chet Baker With Strings [Columbia Legacy] ***
  This Time the Dream's on Me: Chet Baker Quartet Live, Volume 1 [Blue Note] ***(*)
  Out of Nowhere: Quartet Live, Volume 2 [Blue Note] ***(*)
  My Old Flame [Blue Note] ***(*)
  West Coast Live [Blue Note] ***
  Boston, 1954 [Uptown] ***
  Chet Baker Sings [Pacific Jazz] ***(*)
  Deep in a Dream: The Ultimate Chet Baker collection [Blue Note] ***
  Songs for Lovers [Blue Note] ***
  Chet Baker in Paris [Emarcy] ***(*)
  Italian Movies [Liuto] ***
  Chet Is Back [BMG International] ***
  Baby Breeze [Verve] ***
  She Was Too Good to Me [Columbia] ***
  Broken Wing [Emarcy] ****
Ginger Baker Unseen Rain [Day Light] ***
  African Force [Thunderbolt] **(*)
Kenny Baker Size 10 [Raymer Sound] **(*)
Kenny Ball The Pye Jazz Anthology [Castle] ***(*)
Iain Ballamy Pepper Street Interludes [Feral] ***
  Food Organic & GM [Feral] ***(*)
Dave Ballou Amongst Ourselves [Steeplechase] **(*)
  Volition [Steeplechase] ***
  The Floating World [Steeplechase] ***(*)
  On This Day [Steeplechase] ***
Billy Bang Vietnam: The Aftermath [Justin Time] ***(*)
Billy Banks Billy Banks 1932 [Classics] ***
Denys Baptiste Alternating Currents [Dome] ***
Paul Barbarin In Concert 1951-1959 [504] ***
Chris Barber Getting Around [Storyville] ***
  He's Got the Whole World in His Hands [Timeless] ***
Patricia Barber Nightclub [Blue Note] ***(*)
Leandro 'Gato' Barbieri Gato Barbieri's Finest Hour [Verve] **
Guy Barker Soundtrack [Provocateur] ****
Alan Barnes Summertime [Concord] ***(*)
  Manhattan [Concord] ***(*)
  The Pollwinners Playing Girl Talk [Zephyr] ***(*)
  Cannonball [ASC] ***
Emil Barnes The Louisiana Joymakers Introducing De De & Billie Pierce [American Music] ***
Charlie Barnet Charlie Barnet 1933-1936 [Classics] ***
  Charlie Barnet 1936-1937 [Classics] **(*)
  Charlie Barnet 1937-1939 [Classics] ***
Joey Baron We'll Soon Find Out [Intuition] ***(*)
Dan Barrett Melody in Swing [Arbors] ***(*)
  Being a Bear [Arbors] **(*)
  Blue Swing [Arbors] ***(*)
  International Swing Party [Nagel-Heyer] ***
Bill Barron Modern Windows Suite [Savoy] ***(*)
  Now, Hear This! [Fresh Sound] ***
  Compilation [Cadence] **(*)
Kenny Barron Spirit Song [Verve] ***
  Freefall [Uptown/Universal] **(*)
Bruce Barth Somehow It's Time [Double-Time] ***
Gary Bartz The Montreal Concert [SM] ***
  Live @ the Jazz Standard: Volume 1 [OYO] ***
Count Basie Blues by Basie [Columbia] **(*)
  Swinging the Blues [Dreyfus] ***(*)
  The Count Basie Story [Proper] ***(*)
  Breakfast Dance and Barbecue [Roulette] ***(*)
  The Board of Directors & Annual Report [MCA] ***
  Afrique [RCA Victor Gold] **(*)
  Salle Pleyel 1972 [RTE] ***
The Basin Street Six The Complete Circle Recordings [GHB] ***
Stefano Battaglia When We Were [Splasc(h)] ***(*)
  Omen [Splasc(h)] ***(*)
Jim Beard Ad.Vo.Cate [ESC] ***
Sidney Bechet Sidney Bechet: Volume 1 - 1925-1941 [Network] ***
  Ken Burns Jazz: Sidney Bechet [Columbia Legacy] ***
  Shake 'Em Up [Avid] ****
  Sidney Bechet: Volume 2 - 1941-1947 [Network] ***
  Sidney Bechet 1949 [Classics] ***
  Sidney Bechet 1949, Volume 2 [Classics] ***
  Spreadin' Joy: 1940-1950 [Naxos] ***
  From New York to Paris [EPM Musique] ***
Gordon Beck Experiments With Pops [Art of Life] ****
Tom Beckham Suspicions [Fresh Sound] ***(*)
Bix Beiderbecke The Bix Beiderbecke Story [Columbia] ***
  Bix Beiderbecke With Paul Whiteman 1927-1928 [Classics] ***
Bob Belden Black Dahlia [Blue Note] ***
Louie Belson 150 MPH [Concord] ***(*)
Gregg Bendian Myriad [Atavistic] ***
  Requiem for Jack Kirby [Atavistic] ***
Han Bennink Nerve Beats [Atavistic Unheard Music] ***
  Jazz Bunker [Leo Golden Years] ***(*)
  When We're Smilin [Incus] ***(*)
  In Edamo [ICP] ***
George Benson Giblet Gravy [Verve] ***
  Body Talk [CTI/Epic] **(*)
  Bad Benson [CTI/Epic] **
Karl Berger All Kinds of Time [Sackville] **(*)
Borah Bergman The River of Sounds [Boxholder] ****
Jerry Bergonzi Wiggy [Double-Time] ***(*)
Gunnar Bergsten Play Lars Gullin [Proprius] ****
David Berkman Communication Theory [Palmetto] ****
  Leaving Home [Palmetto] ***(*)
Tim Berne Cause & Reflect [Level] ***
  The Shell Game [Thirsty Ear] ***(*)
  Science Friction [Screwgun] ****
  Open, Coma [Screwgun] ***(*)
Tony Bevan The Sale of Tickets for Money Was Abolished [Balance Point Acoustics] ***
  Nothing Is Permanent But Woe [Foghorn] ***(*)
The Birdlanders The Birdlanders Volume 1 [OJC] **(*)
  The Birdlanders Volume 2 [OJC] ***
Michael Bisio Undulations [Omnitone] ***(*)
  Zebulon [CIMP] ***
  MBEK [Meniscus] **(*)
  Concerted [Cadence] **(*)
Ketil Bjornstad Grace [Emarcy] ***
Cindy Blackman In the Now [High Note] ***
  Works on Canvas [High Note] ***(*)
  Someday [High Note] ***
Michael Blake Kingdom of Champa [Intuition] ***
  Drift [Intuition] ***
Ran Blake Sonic Temples [GM] ****
Seamus Blake Stranger Things Have Happened [Fresh Sound] ***
  Sunsol [Fresh Sound] ***
  Echonomics [Criss Cross] ***(*)
Rob Blakeslee Last Minute Gifts [Louie] ***(*)
Terence Blanchard Let's Get Lost [Sony Classics] ***(*)
Carla Bley 4 x 4 [Watt] ***(*)
Paul Bley Sankt Gerold [ECM] ****
  Basics [Justin Time] ***(*)
Jane Ira Bloom As One [Winter & Winter] ***
  Sometimes the Magic [Arabesque] ***(*)
Johanne Blouin Everything Must Change [Justin Time] **(*)
Hamiet Bluiett The Calling [Justin Time] ***
  With Eyes Wide Open [Justin Time] ***
Arthur Blythe Spirits in the Field [Savant] ***
  Blythe Bite [Savant] ***
Joe Bonner Monkisms [Capri] ***
Michael Borstlap The Sextet Live! [Challenge] ****
  Body Acoustic [Emarcy] ***
  Liveline [Emarcy] **(*)
  Gramercy Park [Emarcy] ***
Ralph Bowen Soul Proprietor [Criss Cross] ***(*)
Lester Bowie When the Spirit Returns [Birdology] **(*)
JoAnne Brackeen Popsicle Illusion [Arkadia] ***(*)
Don Braden Contemporary Standards Ensemble [Double Time] ***
  Brighter Days [High Note] ****
Ruby Braff Ruby and Woody: It Had to Be Us [Chiaroscuro] ***
  The Canadian Sessions [Sackville] ***
  The Cape Codfather [Arbors] ***(*)
  Music for the Still of the Night [Arbors] ***
  I Hear Music [Arbors] ***(*)
George Braith The Complete Blue Note Sessions [Blue Note] ***
Anthony Braxton For Alto [Delmark] ****
  News From the 70s [Felmay] ****
  What's New in the Tradition [Steeplechase] **(*)
  Quintet (Basel) 1977 [Hatology] ***
  10 Compositions (Duet) 1995 [Konnex] ***
  14 Compositions (Traditional) 1996 [Leo] ***
  Trillium R: Shala Fears for the Poor - Composition No. 162 [Braxton House] **
  Four Compositions (Washington, DC) 1998 [Braxton House] **(*)
  Four Compositions (Duets) 2000 [CIMP] *(*)
  Ten Compositions (Quartet) 2000 [CIMP] ***(*)
  Nine Compositions (Hill) 2000 [CIMP] ***(*)
  8 Compositions (Quintet) 2001 [CIMP] ***
  Composition No. 247 [Leo] **(*)
  Composition No. 169 + (186 + 206 + 214) [Leo] **(*)
  Composition No. 249 [Parallactic] ***
  Elliptical Axis 15 [Parallactic] **(*)
  Compositions / Improvisations 2000 [Barely Auditable] ***
Joshua Breakstone The Music of Bud Powell [Double-Time] ***
Michael Brecker Nearness of You: The Ballad Book [Verve] ***
Randy Brecker Hanging in the City [ESC] **
Willem Breuker Hunger! [Bvhaast] ***(*)
  Thirst! [Bvhaast] ***(*)
  Previously Unreleased Recordings 1969-1994 [Bvhaast] ***
Dee Dee Bridgewater Just Family [Elektra Masters] ***
  Live in Paris [Charly] ***
  Live at Montreux [Verve] ***
  Live at Yoshi's [Verve] ***(*)
  This Is New [Verve] **
Nick Brignola Tour de Force [Reservoir] ***(*)
Gordon Brisker My Son John [Naxos Jazz] **(*)
Bob Brookmeyer Together [Challenge] ***(*)
  Madly Loving You [Challenge] ***
  Holiday [Challenge] ***
Cecil Brooks III For Those Who Love to Groove [Savant] ***
  Live at Sweet Basil [Savant] ***
Peter Br÷tzmann Fuck de Boere [Atavistic] ***(*)
  Nipples [Atavistic] ***(*)
  Stone Water [Okkadisk] ****
  Three Rocks and a Pine [Ninth World Music] ***(*)
  Live at Nefertiti [Ayler] ***(*)
  From Valley to Valley [Eremite] ***(*)
  Aoyama Crows [FMP] ***(*)
  Fryed Fruit [Red Toucan] ***
Clifford Brown Memorial Album [Blue Note] ****
  Jazz Immortal [Blue Note] ***(*)
  Clifford Brown's Finest Hour [Verve] ***
Damon Brown Blues on the Run [Jazz House] ***(*)
  Good Cop Bad Cop [33 Jazz] ***(*)
Jeri Brown Image in the Mirror: The Triptych [Justin Time] ***
Ray Brown Duo Sessions [Concord] ***
  Some of My Best Friends Are . . . the Trumpet Players [Telarc] ***(*)
  Super Bass 2 [Telarc] ***
Sandy Brown Work Song [Lake] ***(*)
Dave Brubeck Jazz: Red, Hot and Cool [Columbia] ***
  The Dave Brubeck Quartet at Carnegie Hall [Columbia] ***(*)
  Jazz Impressions of Japan [Columbia] ****
  Vocal Encounters [Columbia] ***
  Back Home [Concord] ***
  Tritonis [Concord] ***
  Double Live From the USA and UK [Telarc] ***
  The Crossing [Telarc] ***
  One Alone [Telarc] ***(*)
  80th Birthday Concert: Live With the LSO [LSO Mode] ***
Jimmy Bruno Polarity [Concord] ***
  Midnight Blue [Concord] **
Gai Bryant High Jinx [Rufus] ***(*)
The Buddy Rich Big Band Burning for Buddy Vol. II [Atlantic] ***
Jane Bunnett Live at Sweel Basil [Denon] ***
  Ritmo + Soul [Blue Note] ***(*)
  Alma de Santiago [Blue Note] ***
Dave Burrell Jelly Roll Joys [Gazell] ****
  Recital [CIMP] ***(*)
Kenny Burrell Blues: The Common Ground [Verve] ***
  God Bless the Child [CTI/Epic] **
  Stormy Monday Blues [Fantasy] **(*)
  Togethering [Blue Note] ***
  Lucky So and So [Concord] ***
Gary Burton Who Is Gary Burton? [RCA] ***
  Three in Jazz [RCA] **(*)
  Right Time, Right Place [GNP] ***
  Libertango [Concord] ***(*)
  For Hamp, Red, Bags and Cal [Concord] ***(*)
  Virtuosi [Concord] ***(*)
John Butcher 12 Milagritos [Spool Line] ***
  Intentions [Nuscope] ***(*)
  The Contest of Pleasures [Potlach] ***
  Shooters and Bowlers [Red Toucan] ***
  Points, Snags and Windings [Meniscus] ***
  Vertices and Angels [Emanem] ***(*)
  Fixations (14) [Emanem] ****
Billy Butler Legends of Acid Jazz [Prestige] **(*)
  Night Life [Prestige] **
Jaki Byard Sunshine of My Soul [OJC] ***
  Solo/Strings [Prestige] ***
  Night Leaves [Brownstone] ***(*)
Don Byas Laura [Dreyfus] ***(*)
Charlie Byrd Latin Byrd [Milestone] ***
  I've Got the World on a String [Timeless] ***
  Au Courant [Concord] ***
  My Inspiration: Music of Brazil [Concord] ***
  Concord Jazz Heritage Series [Concord] ***(*)
Donald Byrd Thank You . . . for F.U.M.I. [Elektra] **
Don Byron A Fine Line: Arias and Lieder [Blue Note] ***
  You Are #6 [Blue Note] ***(*)
George Cables One for My Baby [Steeplechase] ***
Uri Caine Zohar Keter [Knitting Factory] ***(*)
  Love Fugue [Winter & Winter] ***
  Rio [Winter & Winter] ***
  Bedrock [Winter & Winter] ***
  Solitaire [Winter & Winter] ***(*)
Cab Calloway Hi De Ho Man [Columbia] ***
Brun Campbell Joplin's Disciple [Delmark] ***
Roy Campbell It's Krunch Time [Thirsty Ear] ***
  Ethnic Stew and Brew [Delmark] ***(*)
Conte Candoli Fascinating Rhythm [Fresh Sound] ***
  Conte-nuity [Fresh Sound] ***(*)
Fredrik Carlquist It's About Time, It's About Love [Dragon] ***(*)
  Opposite [Dragon] ***
Brian Carrick Brian Carrick With Waldren 'Frog' Joseph and His New Orleans Boys [504] **
Terri Lyne Carrington Jazz Is a Spirit [ACT] ***
Baikida Carroll Marionettes on a High Wire [OmniTone] ***
Bill Carrothers After Hours Vol. 4 [Go Jazz] ***
  Duets With Bill Stewart [Birdology] ***
  Swing Sing Songs [Birdology] ***(*)
Benny Carter Tickle Toe [Vee Jay] **(*)
James Carter Chasin' the Gypsy [Atlantic] **(*)
  Layin' in the Cut [Atlantic] ***
Kent Carter Beauvais Cathedral [Emanem] ***
Regina Carter Motor City Moments [Verve] ***
Ron Carter Telepathy [Concord] ***(*)
  Panamahattan [Evidence] **(*)
  The Bass and I [Blue Note] ***
  Orfeu [Blue Note] ***
  When Skies Are Grey [Blue Note] ***
Dick Cary Got Swing? [Arbors] ****
Philip Catherine Spanish Nights [Enja] ***
  Blue Prince [Dreyfus] ***(*)
Andrea Centazzo Shock!! [New Tone] ***(*)
Thomas Chapin Alive [Knitting Factory] ****
Bill Charlap Written in the Stars [Blue Note] ****
  Stardust [Blue Note] ***(*)
Teddy Charles New Directions [OJC] ***(*)
Chris Cheek Vine [Fresh Sound] ***
Don Cherry Actions [Intuition] **
  Mu: First Part, Second Part [Varese] ****
Ed Cherry The Spirits Speak [Justin Time] ***
Laurie Chescoe Feeling Good [Lake] **(*)
  Now We Are Ten [Lake] ***
Cyrus Chestnut Soul Food [Atlantic] ***(*)
Chicago Underground Duo/Trio Flamethrower [Delmark] ***(*)
  Synesthesia [Thrill Jockey] ***(*)
  Chicago Underground Quartet [Thrill Jockey] ***(*)
George Chisholm Early Days 1935-1944 [Timeless] ***(*)
Charlie Christian Swing to Bop [Dreyfus] ****
Jodie Christian Reminiscing [Delmark] ***(*)
June Christy Original Studio Radio Transcriptions [Swing Factory] ***
  Something Cool: The Complete Mono and Stereo Versions [Capitol] ****
Sarah Jane Cion Indeed [Cap] ***
  Moon Song [Naxos] ***(*)

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