Penguin Guide to Jazz: Dropped from 6th Edition

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (6th Edition).

Artist Title 5th Ed.
Greg Abate Bop City - Live at Birdland [Candid] ***
  Straight Ahead [Candid] ***
  Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde [Candid] **(*)
  My Buddy [Seaside] ***
  Bop Lives! [Blue Chip] ***(*)
John Abercrombie Upon a Time [New Albion] ***
Muhal Richard Abrams Things to Come From Those Now Gone [Delmark] ***(*)
Bruce Ackley The Hearing [Avant] ****
George Adams Earth Beams [Timeless] ***
  Life Line [Timeless] ***(*)
  Melodic Excursions [Timeless] ***
  City Gates [Timeless] ***
  Decisions [Timeless] ***(*)
  Live at Montmartre [Timeless] **(*)
Pepper Adams Live [Culture Press/That's Jazz] ***
Steve Adams In Out Side [Nine Winds] ***(*)
Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley Cannonball in Japan [Capitol] **
Nat Adderley Thinkin' About Ya [32 Jazz] ***(*)
Carl Allen Piccadilly Square [Timeless] ***
  The Dark Side of Dewey [Evidence] ***(*)
  The Pursuer [Atlantic] ***
  Testimonial [Atlantic] ***
Geri Allen The Printmakers [Minor Music] ***
  Home Grown [Minor Music] ***(*)
Henry 'Red' Allen Henry 'Red' Allen 1929-1936 [Jazz Classics in Digital Stereo] ****
Mose Allison The Sage of Tippo [32 Jazz] ****
  Middle Class White Boy [Discovery] ***
Peter Almqvist Dig, Myself and I [Storyville] ***
  Peter Almqvist Trio With Horace Parlan [Storyville] ***
Ernestine Anderson Live at the 1990 Concord Jazz Festival - Third Set [Concord] ***
Ray Anderson Old Bottles - New Wine [Enja] ***(*)
  It Just So Happens [Enja] ***
Wessell Anderson Warmdaddy in the Garden of Swing [Atlantic] ***
  Thw Ways of Warmdaddy [Atlantic] ***
Krister Andersson About Time [Flash Music] ***(*)
Apaturia Quintet Apaturia [YVP] ****
Peter Apfelbaum Luminous Charms [Gramavision] **(*)
Arcana The Last Wave [DIW] ****
  Arc of the Testimony [Axiom] ***(*)
Julian Arguëlles Phaedrus [Ah Um] ***
Louis Armstrong On the Sunny Side of the Street [Jazz] ***
  Satchmo A Musical Autobiography Vol. 1 [Jazz Unlimited] ***
  Satchmo A Musical Autobiography Vol. 2 [Jazz Unlimited] ***
  Satchmo A Musical Autobiography Vol. 3 [Jazz Unlimited] ***
  Basin Street Blues [Black Lion] **(*)
  Americans in Sweden [Tax] **(*)
  Masters of Jazz: Louis Armstrong [Storyville] **
  Louis Armstrong & the All Stars 1965 [EPM Musique] *
Bernhard Arndt Inside Insight [FMP] ***
Thomas Arnesen Backwater Blues [Sittel] ***
ARP Muskel Svan Gunga [Dragon] ***
Art Ensemble of Chicago Tutankhamun [Black Lion] ***
  The Spiritual [Black Lion] ***
  A Jackson in Your House / Message to Our Folks [Charly] ***
Harold Ashby I'm Old Fashioned [Stash] ***
Available Jelly In Full Flail [Ear-rational] ***
  Al(l)ways [NOM] ***(*)
Albert Ayler My Name Is Albert Ayler [Black Lion] ***
  Goin' Home [Black Lion] ***
  Witches and Devils [Freedom] ***(*)
  Vibrations [Freedom] ***
  The Hilversum Session [Coppens] ***
Benny Bailey For Heaven's Sake [Hot House] ***
Craig Bailey A New Journey [Candid] ***
Derek Bailey Yankees [Charly] ***(*)
Chet Baker Chet Baker in Paris Volume 1 [Emarcy] ***(*)
  Chet Baker in Paris Volume 2 [Emarcy] ***(*)
  Chet Baker in Paris Volume 3 [Emarcy] ***(*)
  Chet Baker in Paris Volume 4 [Emarcy] ***
  Live in Europe, 1956 [Accord] ***
  My Funny Valentine [Philology] (****)
  The Best Thing for You [A&M] ****
  All Blues [Arco] ***
  Everything Happens to Me [Timeless] ***
  Mister B [Timeless] ***
  Sings Again [Timeless] ***
  A Night at the Shalimar [Philology] ***
  The Legacy: Volume 1 [Enja] ***
  I Remember You - The Legacy: Volume 2 [Enja] ***(*)
  Round Midnight [Challenge] ***
  Live From the Moonlight [Philology] ***(*)
  Silent Nights [Dinemec] ***
  As Time Goes By [Timeless] **(*)
  Cool Cat [Timeless] **(*)
  Heartbreak [Timeless] **
  Naima [Philology] ***
  Live in Rosenheim [Timeless] **(*)
Iain Ballamy Acme [B&W] ***(*)
Chris Barber Jazz Zounds: Chris Barber [Zounds] ***
  Concert for the BBC [Timeless] ***
  Live in '85 [Timeless] ***
  Chris Barber Meets Rod Mason's Hot Five [Timeless] ***(*)
  Stardust [Timeless] ***
  In His Element [Timeless] ***(*)
  Under the Influence of Jazz [Timeless] (***)
  Chris Barber With Zenith Hot Stompers [Timeless] **(*)
Leandro 'Gato' Barbieri The Best of the Early Years [BMG] ***
  Priceless Jazz [GRP] ****
  Ruby Ruby [A&M] **(*)
  Tropico [A&M] ***
  Fire and Passion [A&M] ***
  Gato . . . Para Los Amigos [Columbia] ***(*)
Guy Barker Timeswing [Verve] ***(*)
Dale Barlow Hipnotation [Spiral Scratch] ***(*)
  Jazz Juice [Hipnotation] ***
Joey Baron RAIsedpleasuredot [New World] ***
  Crackshot [Avant] ***
Kenny Barron First Half Highlights [32 Jazz] ***(*)
  Soft Spoken Here: Golden Lotus / Sunset to Dawn [32 Jazz] ***(*)
  Peruvian Blue [32 Jazz] ***(*)
  Sunset [Camden] ***(*)
  1 + 1 + 1 [Black Hawk] ***(*)
  Live at Fat Tuesday's [Enja] ***
  Quickstep [Enja] ***
  Other Places [Verve] ****
Bruce Barth In Focus [Enja] ***
  Morning Call [Enja] ***(*)
Gary Bartz Shadows [Timeless] ***(*)
  The Red and Orange Poems [Atlantic] ***
  The Blues Chronicles - Tales of Life [Atlantic] ***
Count Basie Count Basie 2 [Jazz Classics in Digital Stereo] ***(*)
  Beaver Junction [Vintage Jazz Classics] ***(*)
  Count Basie [Columbia] ***
  Americans in Sweden Vol. 1 [Tax] ***
  Americans in Sweden Vol. 2 [Tax] ***
  Class of '54 [Black Lion] **
  Lil' Ol' Groovemaker . . . Basie! [Verve] ***
  More Hits of the Fifties and Sixties [Verve] ***
  Our Shining Hour [Verve] ***
Alvin Batiste Bayou Magic [India Navigation] ***(*)
Sidney Bechet Sidney Bechet: Complete Edition - Volume 1, 1923 [Media] ***
  The Complete 1923-6 Clarence Williams Sessions: 1 [EPM Musique] ***
  The Prodigious Bechet-Mezzrow Quintet & Septet [Musidisc] ***
  In the Groove [Jazz Society] ***
  In the Groove [Jazz Society] ***
  Salle Pleyel: 31 January 52 [Vogue] ***(*)
  In Concert [Vogue] ***
Gordon Beck Dreams [JMS] **
  For Evans' Sake [JMS] ****
Bix Beiderbecke Bix Beiderbecke 1924-1930 [Jazz Classics in Digital Stereo] ***(*)
  Bix Lives! [Bluebird] ***
  The Beiderbecke File [Saville] ***
Richie Beirach Richie Beirach - Masahiko Togashi - Terumasa Hino [Konnex] ***
  Some Other Time [Triloka] ***
Louie Belson Hot [Musicmasters] ****
  East Side Suite [Musicmasters] ***(*)
  Jazz Giants [Musicmasters] ***(*)
  Airmail Special [Musicmasters] ***
  Black, Brown & Beige [Musicmasters] ***
Sathima Bea Benjamin Love Light [Enja] **(*)
  Southern Touch [Enja] ***
Don Bennett Chicago Calling! [Candid] ***(*)
  Solar [Candid] ***
George Benson Shape of Things to Come [A&M] *(*)
  White Rabbit [Columbia] **
Alison Bentley Alison Bentley Quartet [Slam] ***
Karl Berger Conversations [In + Out] ***
  No Man Is an Island [Douglas Music] ***
Chuck Bergeron Coast to Coast [A Records] ***
Jerry Bergonzi Signed By [Deux] ***(*)
Bunny Berigan Bunny Berigan and the Rhythm Makers: Volume 1 - Sing! Sing! Sing! [Jass] ***(*)
  Bunny Berigan and the Rhythm Makers: Volume 2 - Devil's Holiday! [Jass] ***
Bernard Berkhout Airmail Special [Timeless] ***
  Royal Flush [Timeless] ****
Bill Berry Hello Rev [Concord] **(*)
  Shortcake [Concord] ***
Ed Bickert Mutual Street [Jazz Alliance] ***
Acker Bilk Blaze Away [Timeless] ***(*)
Walter Bishop Jr Milestones [Black Lion] ***
Art Blakey Live at Montreux and Northsea [Timeless] ***
  Album of the Year [Timeless] ***(*)
  Oh - By the Way [Timeless] ***
  Blue Night [Timeless] **(*)
  The Art of Jazz [In + Out] ***
Hamiet Bluiett You Don't Need to Know . . . If You Have to Ask [Tutu] ***
  Sankofa / Rear Garde [Soul Note] ***(*)
  Bluiett's Barbeque Band [Mapleshade] ***
Claudio Bolli Empty Jazz Quintet & Octet [Splasc(h)] ***
Bone Structure Bone Structure [Calligraph] **(*)
Louis Bonilla Pasos Gigantes [Candid] ***
Michele Bozza Around [Red] ***
Charles Brackeen Bannar [Silkheart] ***(*)
  Attainment [Silkheart] ***
  Worshippers come Nigh [Silkheart] ****
JoAnne Brackeen New True Illusion [Timeless] ***
  Invitation [Black Lion] ***
  AFT [Timeless] ***
Don Braden Organic [Columbia] ***
Anthony Braxton In the Tradition [Steeplechase] **(*)
  In the Tradition [Steeplechase] ***(*)
  19 (Solo) Compositions 1988 [New Albion] **
  Composition No. 173 [Black Saint] (***)
Joshua Breakstone Evening Star [Contemporary] ***
  9 By 3 [Contemporary] ***
  Sittin' on the Thing With Ming [Capri] ***
John Wolf Brennan Mountain Hymn [L+R] **(*)
  Entupadas [Creative Works] **
  An Chara [L+R] ***
  Henceforward [Core] ***
  Polyphyllum [L+R] **
  MAP (Music for Another Planet) [L+R] ***
  The Beauty of Fractals [Creative Works] ***
  Iritations [Creative Works] **(*)
  Ten Zentences [L+R] ***
  Shooting Stars and Traffic Lights [Bellaphon] ***(*)
Bright Moments Return of the Lost Tribe [Delmark] **(*)
Nick Brignola A Tribute to Gerry Mulligan [Stash] ***
Bob Brookmeyer Quintets [Vogue] ***
Roy Brooks Duet in Detroit [Enja] ***(*)
Clifford Brown The Beginning and the End [Columbia] ***(*)
  The Complete Paris Sessions: Volume 1 [Vogue] ***(*)
  The Complete Paris Sessions: Volume 2 [Vogue] ***(*)
  The Complete Paris Sessions: Volume 3 [Vogue] ***
Marion Brown Porto Novo [Black Lion] ****
  Recollections - Ballads and Blues for Saxophone [Creative Works] ****
Dave Brubeck Take Five [Vipers Nest] ***
  New Wine [Musicmasters] ***
  Trio Brubeck [Musicmasters] **(*)
  Quiet as the Moon [Musicmasters] ***
  Once When I Was Very Young [Musicmasters] ****
  Triple Play [Telarc] ***(*)
Ray Bryant Hot Turkey [Black & Blue] ***
The Buddy Rich Big Band Burning for Buddy [Atlantic] ***
Chris Burn Music for Three Rivers [Victo] ****
Dwayne Burns Thanks a Million [504] ***
Dave Burrell Daybreak [Gazell] ***
  Brother to Brother [Gazell] ***
  In Concert [Victo] ****
Kenny Burrell Ode to 52nd Street [Chess] **(*)
Abraham Burton Closest to the Sun [Enja] ***(*)
  The Magician [Enja] ***(*)
Gary Burton Alone at Last [32 Jazz] ***
  Works [ECM] ***
  Six Pack [GRP] **(*)
Don Byas Original 1945 Recordings [Tax] ***(*)
  Featuring Mary Lou Williams Trio and Beryl Booker Trio [BMG] ***
Donald Byrd Groovin' for Nat [Black Lion] ***(*)
  Landmarks [32 Jazz] **(*)
Don Byron Nu Blaxploitation [Blue Note] ***
John Campbell Turning Point [Contemporary] **(*)
Tony Campise First Takes [Heart] **(*)
  Once in a Blue Moon [Heart] **(*)
  Ballads Blues Bebop and Beyond [Heart] ***
Claudio Capurro Algonchina [DDQ] ***
Benny Carter The Various Facets of a Genius [Black & Blue] ***(*)
  New Jazz Sounds: The Urbane Sessions [Verve] ***(*)
  In the Mood for Swing [Musicmasters] ***(*)
  My Kind of Trouble [Pablo] ***
  Cooking at Carlos I [Musicmasters] ***
  My Man Benny, My Man Phil [Musicmasters] ***
  All That Jazz - Live at Princeton [Musicmasters] ***(*)
  Harlem Renaissance [Musicmasters] ***(*)
  Elegy in Blue [Musicmasters] ***(*)
Betty Carter Meet Betty Carter and Ray Bryant [Columbia] ***
John Carter Castles of Ghana [Gramavision] ****
Ron Carter Heart and Soul [Timeless] ***
  Live at Village West [Concord] ***
  Telephone [Concord] ****
Geoff Castle Expanded [Turret Records] **(*)
André Ceccarelli From the Heart [Verve] ***
Serge Chaloff The Fable of Mable [Black Lion] ***(*)
Thomas Chapin Radius [Mu] ***(*)
Allan Chase Silver Linin [Accurate] ***
Doc Cheatham The Fabulous Doc Cheatham [Parkwood] ***(*)
  Live! [Natasha] **(*)
  The Eighty-Seven Years of Doc Cheatham [Columbia] ***
Denny Christianson Suite Mingus [Justin Time] ***
  Shark Bait [Justin Time] ***(*)
Pete Christlieb Conversations With Warne Vol. 1 [Criss Cross] ***
  Live [Capri] ***
June Christy Something Cool [Capitol] ****
Antonio Ciacca Hollis Avenue [YVP] **(*)
Clarinet Summit In Concert at the Public Theater [India Navigation] ***
  Southern Bells [Black Saint] ***(*)
Clark-Boland Big Band Three Latin Adventures [MPS] ***
Buck Clayton Buck Clayton Meets Big Joe Turner [Black Lion] **
  A Swingin' Dream [Stash] ***
Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra Groove Shop [Capri] ***
  Heart and Soul [Capri] ***
  Absolutely! [Lake Street] ***
Gilles Clement Wes Side Stories [Musidisc] **(*)
Rosemary Clooney Blue Rose [Columbia] ****
Clusone 3 I Am an Indian [Ramboy/Gramavision] ***(*)
  Soft Lights and Sweet Music [Hat Art] ****
  Love Henry [Gramavision] ***(*)
  Rara Avis [Hatology] ***(*)
Arnett Cobb Live [Timeless] **(*)
  Texas Sax [Aim] **(*)
Billy Cobham The Best of Billy Cobham [Atlantic] ***
Tony Coe Canterbury Song [Hot House] ***(*)
Greg Cohen Way Low [DIW] ***(*)
  Moment to Moment [DIW] ***
Al Cohn Body and Soul [32 Jazz] ***
  Rifftide [Timeless] ***(*)
Freddy Cole Live at Vartan Jazz [Vartan] ***
Nat Cole Sweet Lorraine [Vintage Jazz Classics] ***(*)
  Straighten Up and Fly Right [Vintage Jazz Classics] ***
  Anatomy of a Jam Session [Black Lion] ***
  The King Cole Trios Live: 1947-48 [Vintage Jazz Classics] **(*)
Richie Cole Richie & Phill & Richie [32 Jazz] **(*)
  Popbop [Milestone] *(*)
  Profile [Heads Up] **(*)
Bill Coleman Au Caveau de la Huchette [Caveau de la Huchette] **(*)
George Coleman Meditation [Timeless] **
Ornette Coleman Virgin Beauty [Columbia] ***
Collective Quartet The Ropedancer [Leo Lab] ***(*)
  Orca [Leo Lab] ****
  Live at Crescent [Leo Lab] ***
Max Collie Frontline [Timeless] ***
  Backline [Timeless] **(*)
  Sensation [Timeless] **(*)
Ken Colyer The Complete 1953 Recodings [504] (***)
  Out of Nowhere [Lake] ***
  Painting the Clouds With Sunshine [Black Lion] *(*)
  Darkness on the Delta [Black Lion] **
Concord All Stars Tour de Force [Concord] ***
  Take 8 [Concord] ***
  Ow! [Concord] ***
  On Cape Cod [Concord] **(*)
Eddie Condon The Definitive Eddie Condon and His Jazz Concert All Stars: Volume 1 [Stash] ***
  Live at Town Hall [Jass] ***(*)
Chris Connor Warm Cool - The Atlantic Years [32 Jazz] ****
Henry Cook Dimensional Odyssey [Accurate] ***
Junior Cook Senior Cookin' [32 Jazz] **(*)
India Cooke RedHanded [Music & Arts] ***
Jim Cooper Tough Town [Delmark] **(*)
  Nutville [Delmark] ***
Marc Copland Stompin' With Savoy [Denon/Savoy] ***(*)
  Second Look [Savoy] ****
  Softly . . . [Savoy] ***(*)
Chick Corea Early Days [Laserlight] ***
  The Beginning [Delta] **(*)
Larry Coryell Introducing Larry Coryell and the Eleventh House [Vanguard] ***
  Major Jazz Minor Blues [32 Jazz] ***(*)
  Count's Jam Band Reunion [Tone Center] ***
  Inner Urge [High Note] ***(*)
Stanley Cowell Travellin' Man [Black Lion] ***
  Brilliant Circles [Black Lion] ***(*)
Marilyn Crispell The Kitchen Concert [Leo] ***
  Live in Zurich [Leo] ***
  Piano Duets [Leo] ***(*)
  Santuerio [Leo] ****
Sonny Criss Out of Nowhere [32 Records] ***
  Crisscraft [32 Records] ***
John Crocker Easy Living [Timeless] **(*)
  All of Me [Timeless] **(*)
Bob Crosby Bob Crosby [Zeta/Jazz Archives] ***(*)
  Bob Crosby's Bob Cats Vol. One 1937-1938 [Swaggie] ***(*)
  Bob Crosby's Bob Cats Vol. Two 1939 [Swaggie] ***
  Bob Crosby's Bob Cats Vol. Three 1940 [Swaggie] ***
  Bob Crosby's Bob Cats Vol. Four 1941-1942 [Swaggie] ***
  I Remember You [Vintage Jazz Classics] ***
Ted Curson Tears for Dolphy [Black Lion] ***(*)
Dameronia Live at the Théâtre Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris [Soul Note] ***(*)
Franco D'Andrea Current Changes [Penta Flowers] ***
  Live in Perugia [Penta Flowers] ***
Peter Dameno Baraban [Dragon] ***
Lars Danielsson Fresh Enough [L+R] ***(*)
  . . . Continuation [L+R] ***
Palle Danielsson Contra Post [Caprice] ***
Harold Danko The First Love Song [Jazz City] ***
Jacqui Dankworth First City [EFZ] ***
Giovanni D'Argenzio Domestic Standards [Splasc(h)] **(*)
Wolfgang Dauner Get Up and Dauner [MPS] ***(*)
  Changes [Mood] **
  Solo Piano [Mood] **(*)
  Two Is Company [Mood] ***
  Medication on a Landscape - Tagore [Mood] **(*)
  One Night in '88 [Mood] ***(*)
  Pas de Trois [Mood] ****
  Zeitlaufe [Mood] **(*)
Kenny Davern One Hour Tonight [Musicmasters] ***
  I'll See You in My Dreams [Musicmasters] ***
Anthony Davis Hidden Voices [India Navigation] ***
  Lady of the Mirrors [India Navigation] **(*)
Miles Davis The Birth of the Cool [Capitol] ****
Nathan Davis Two Originals [MPS] ***(*)
  London by Night [DIW] ***
Steve Davis Explorations and Impressions [Double-Time] ***
Walter Davis Jr In Walked Thelonious [Mapleshade] ***
  Scorpio Rising [Steeplechase] ***(*)
Wild Bill Davison All-Stars [Timeless] **(*)
December Jazz Trio The Street One Year After [Splasc(h)] ***
  Concert for Ibla [Splasc(h)] ***
Joey DeFrancesco The Street of Dreams [Big Mo] **(*)
Rein De Graaff Be-Bop, Ballads & Blues [Timeless] ***
  New York Jazz [Timeless] ***
  Jubilee [Timeless] **(*)
  Nostalgia [Timeless] ***
  Baritone Explosion! [Timeless] ***
Barbara Dennerlein Orgelspiele [Bebab] ***
  Bebab [Debab] ***
  'Live' on Tour! [Bebab] **
Karl Denson Blackened Red Snapper [Minor Music] **
  Herbal Turkey Breast [Minor Music] ***
  Chunky Pecan Pie [Minor Music] ***(*)
  Baby Food [Minor Music] ***
Paul Desmond The Complete RCA Victor Recordings: 1961-1965 [RCA Victor] ****
  All Across the City [RCA Victor] **
  Polka Dots and Moonbeams [Bluebird] ***(*)

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