Penguin Guide to Jazz: Dropped from 6th Edition

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (6th Edition).

Artist Title 5th Ed.
Bruce Katz Transformation [Audioquest] ***
Shake Keane Real Keen: Reggae Into Jazz [LKJ] ***
Geoff Keezer Waiting in the Wings [Sunnyside] ***(*)
  Curveball [Sunnyside] ***
  World Music [DIW] ***
  Other Spheres [DIW] ***
  Trio [Sackville] ***(*)
  Turn Up the Quiet [Columbia] ****
Roger Kellaway Fifty-Fifty [Natasha] ***(*)
Ed Kelly Ed Kelly and Pharoah Sanders [Evidence] ***
Barney Kessel Spontaneous Combustion [Contemporary] ***
Franklin Kiermyer Break Down the Walls [Konnex] ***
  In the House of My Fathers [Konnex] ***(*)
  Solomon's Daughter [Evidence] ***(*)
  Kairos [Evidence] ***(*)
John Kirby John Kirby 1941-44 [Tax] **
Andy Kirk Kansas City Bounce [Black & Blue] ***(*)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Dog Years in the Fourth Ring [32 Jazz] ***
  Aces Back to Back [32 Jazz] ***
  A Standing Eight [32 Jazz] **(*)
Yoshiko Kishino Photograph [GRP] ***(*)
Miriam Klein Ladylike [MPS] ***
John Klemmer Simpatico [JVC] ***
Eric Kloss One, Two, Free [32 Jazz] **(*)
Eero Koivistoinen Picture in Three Colors [Core Records/Line] ***
  Altered Things [Timeless] ***
  Dialog [L+R] ***(*)
Klaus König Times of Devastation / Poco a Poco [Enja] ***
  At the End of the Universe: Hommage a Douglas Adams [Enja] ***
  Song of Songs [Enja] ***(*)
  Time Fragments [Enja] ****
Lee Konitz From Newport to Nice [Philology] ***(*)
  Once Upon a Line [Musidisc] **(*)
  12 Gershwin in 12 Keys [Philology] ***(*)
  Blew [Philology] ***
  Solitudes [Philology] ***
  So Many Stars [Philology] ***(*)
  The Jobim Collection [Philology] ***
  A Venezia [Philology] ***
  Free With Lee [Philology] ***
  Dig Dug Dog [Columbia] ***(*)
Karin Krog Jubilee: The Best of 30 Years [Verve] ****
Joachim Kühn Kiel / Stuttgart Live! [Inak] **(*)
  Nightline New York [Inak] ***(*)
Rolf Kühn Rolf Kühn [Blue Flame] ***(*)
  Don't Split [L+R] ***
  As Time Goes By [Blue Flame] ***(*)
Pat LaBarbera JMOG [Sackville] ***
Steve Lacy Image [Ah Um] **(*)
  Packet [New Albion] ***
  The Cry [Soul Note] ***
Ellis Larkins Duologue [Black Lion] **(*)
Yusef Lateef The Man With the Big Front Yard [32 Jazz] **(*)
Joelle Léandre Urban Bass [Adda] ***
  Ecritures [Adda] ***
Phil Lee Twice Upon a Time [Cadillac] ***(*)
Soren Lee Soren Lee Quartet [L+R] ***
  Soren Lee Trio [L+R] ***(*)
Michel Legrand Le Jazz Grand [Castle] ***
Urs Leimgruber Reflexionen Live [Timeless] ***
  Reflexionen [Enja] ***
John Leitham Leitham Up [USA] ***
  The South[aw [USA] ***
  Lefty Leaps In [USA] ***
John Lewis Kansas City Breaks [DRG Disques Swing] ***
  Private Concert [Emarcy] ****
Mel Lewis Got'cha [Fresh Sound] ***
  Naturally! [Telarc] **(*)
  The Definitive Thad Jones Vol. 1 [Musicmasters] ***(*)
  The Definitive Thad Jones Vol. 2 [Musicmasters] ***
  The Lost Art [Musicmasters] ***(*)
David Liebman The Dave Liebman Quartet in Australia [Enja] ***
  If They Only Knew [Timeless] ***
  Trio + One [Owl] ***(*)
  Quest / Natural Selection [Core/Line] ***(*)
  Miles Away [Owl] ****
  Return of the Tenor [Double-Time] ***(*)
Abbey Lincoln Talking to the Sun [Enja] **
  A Tribute to Billie Holiday [Enja] **(*)
  Abbey Sings Billie: Volume 2 [Enja] ***
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra The Fire of the Fundamentals [Columbia] ***
  They Came to Swing [Columbia] ***
Lasse Lindgren To My Friends [Dragon] ***
Jukka Linkola Jukka Linkola Octet [Hi-Hat] **(*)
  Pegasos [Imogena] ***
  Libau [Syrene] **(*)
Staffan Linton Unfinished Affair [Dragon] ***
Charles Lloyd Just Before Sunrise [32 Jazz] ****
Jon Lloyd By Confusion [Leo] ****
Didier Lockwood Out of the Blue [JMS] ****
  1 2 3 4 [JMS] ***(*)
London Jazz Orchestra Dance for Human Folk [Hot H ouse] ***
Allen Lowe Dark Was the Night [Music & Arts] ****
  Woyzeck's Death [Enja] ***(*)
Frank Lowe Inappropriate Choices [ITM Pacific] ***
Harold Mabern The Leading Man [Columbia] ***
  Straight Street [DIW] ****
  Lookin' on the Bright Side [DIW] ****
Teo Macero The Best of Teo Macero [Stash] ***
Fraser MacPherson Indian Summer [Concord] ***
  Honey and Spice [Justin Time] ***
  Encore [Justin Time] **(*)
Peter Madsen Snuggling Snakes [Minor Music] ***
  Three of a Kind [Minor Music] ***
  Three of a Kind Meets Mr T [Minor Music] **(*)
Janni Malmi One Leg Duck [Renroc] ***
  Pataljoona [Quirk] ***
Junior Mance At Town Hall [Enja] ***
Albert Mangelsdorff Purity [Mood] ***(*)
  Tension [L+R] ***
  Now Jazz Ramwong [L+R] **(*)
  Room 1220 [Konnex] ***
  Live in Tokyo [Enja] ***
  Three Originals: The Wide Point / Trilogue / Albert Live in Montreux [MPS] ****
  Spontaneous [Enja] ***
  Internationales Jazzfestival Münster [Tutu] ***
Emil Mangelsdorff This Side Up [L+R] ***
  Meditation [L+R] ***(*)
Chuck Mangione Love Notes [Columbia] **
Karen Mantler My Cat Arnold [XtraWatt] **(*)
  Karen Mantler and Her Cat Arnold Get the Flu [XtraWatt] ***
Guido Manusardi Immagini Visive [Right Tempo/Sound Hills] ***
  Outstanding! [Splasc(h)] ***
  Between the Two of Us [Penta Flowers] ***
Michael Marcus Under the Wire [Enja] ***(*)
Charlie Mariano Live [VeraBra] ***
  Mariano [Intuition] ***(*)
  Innuendo [Lipstick] ***
  Adagio [Lipstick] ***(*)
  An American in Italy [Timeless] ***
Wynton Marsalis Fathers and Sons [Columbia] ***
Tina Marsh & CO2 The Heaven Line [CreOpMuse] **(*)
  Worldwide [CreOpMuse] ***
Pat Martino Head and Heart [32 Jazz] ***(*)
Hugh Masekela Notes of Life [Columbia] **(*)
Meshavan Maslak Mother Russia [Leo] ***
  Romance in the Big City [Leo] ***(*)
  Excuse Me, Mr Satie [Leo] ***
Rod Mason Struttin' With Some Barbecue [Black Lion] ***
  Hot Five [Timeless] **(*)
  Rod Mason's Hot Music [Timeless] **(*)
George Masso Trombone Artistry [Nagel-Heyer] ***
Ronnie Matthews Dark Before the Dawn [DIW] ***(*)
  Lament for Love [DIW] ***
Turk Mauro Hittin' the Jug [Milestone] **(*)
Giovanni Mazzarino Silence, Please! [Splasc(h)] ***
Christian McBride Gettin' to It [Verve] ***(*)
  Number Two Express [Verve] ***(*)
  Fingerpainting [Verve] ****
Les McCann How's Your Mother? [32 Jazz] **(*)
Rob McConnell Two Originals: Brass My Soul & Tribute [MPS] ***
Jack McDuff The Re-Entry [32 Jazz] ***
Gary McFarland How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying / Gloomy Sunday and Other Bright Moments [Verve] ***(*)
Randy McKean So Dig This Big Crux [Rastascan] ***
Jackie McLean Jackie's Pal [OJC] ***
Jay McShann With Kansas City in Mind [Swaggie] ***
Helen Merrill Dream of You [Emarcy] ***(*)
  Collaboration [Emarcy] ***(*)
  Clear Out of This World [Emarcy] ****
  Blossom of Stars [Emarcy] ***
  Brownie [Verve] ****
Pat Metheny Zero Tolerance for Silence [Geffen] ***
Hendrik Meurkens Quiet Moments [Evidence] ***
John Miles The Enchanter [Miles Music] ***
Ron Miles My Cruel Heart [Gramavision] ***(*)
  Women's Day [Gramavision] ****
Mulgrew Miller Chapters 1 & 2 [32 Jazz] ***
Vladimir Miller Frontiers [Leo Lab] ***
Pete Minger Minger Painting [Jazz Alliance] ***
  Look to the Sky [Concord] ***
Charles Mingus Jazz composers Workshop [Savoy] ***
Phil Minto Dada Da [Leo] ***
Blue Mitchell Graffiti Blues [Sony] ***
  Live at Douglas Beach House, 1976 [Culture Press] **(*)
Lello Molinari No More Mr Nice Guy [Accurate] ***
  On a Boston Night [Accurate] ***
T.S. Monk Take One [Blue Note] **
  The Changing of the Guard [Blue Note] ***
Thelonious Monk Solo 1954 [Vogue] ***(*)
Wes Montgomery Jazz Guitar [Laserlight] ***
Tete Montoliu Songs for Love [Enja] ***(*)
  Yellow Dolphin Street / Catalonian Folk Songs [Timeless] ***
  The Man From Barcelona [Timeless] ***
James Moody Feelin' It Together [32 Jazz] ***
Glen Moore Dragonetti's Dream [VeraBra] **(*)
Ralph Moore The Complete Landmark Recordings [32 Jazz] ***(*)
Frank Morgan Lament [Contemporary] ***
  Double Image [Contemporary] ***(*)
  Bebop Lives! [Contemporary] ***
  Quiet Fire [Contemporary] ***
Lee Morgan Expoobident [Le Jazz] ***
Mosaic Sextet Today This Moment [Konnex] ***
Moscow Composers Orchestra Kings and Cabbages [Leo Lab] ***
Paul Motian Trioism [JMT] ****
Bheki Mseleku Timelessness [Verve] ***(*)
Gerry Mulligan Pleyel Concerts 54: Volume 1 [Vogue] ***(*)
  Pleyel Concerts 54: Volume 2 [Vogue] ***(*)
  Americans in Sweden [Tax] ***
  The Age of Steam [A&M] ****
  Gerry Mulligan / Astor Piazzolla 1974 [Accord] **
Mark Murphy Songbook [32 Jazz] ***
Music Revelation Ensemble Music Revelation Ensemble [DIW] **
  Elec. Jazz [DIW] ***
  After Dark [DIW] ***
  In the Name of . . . [DIW] ***(*)
  Knights of Power [DIW] ***(*)
Michael Musillami The Young Child [Stash] ***(*)
  Glass Art [Evidence] ****
Wolfgang Muthspiel Work in Progress 89-98 [Emarcy] ****
Terry Myers Soul Mates [Contemporary] ***
Mike Myllari Les Ponts [MMQ] ***
Naked City Naked City [Nonesuch] ***
  Heretic: Jeux des Dames Cruelles [Avant] ***
  Grand Guignol [Avant] ***(*)
  Radio [Avant] **(*)
  Absinthe [Avant] **
Fats Navarro Memorial [Savoy] ***
  Nostalgia [Savoy] ***(*)
Buell Neidlinger Locomotive [Soul Note] ***
  Thelonious [K2B2] **(*)
  Big Drum [K2B2] ***
  Blue Chopsticks [K2B2] ***(*)
  Rear View Mirror [K2B2] ***
'Big Eye' Louis Nelson Big Eye Louis Nelson Delisle [American Music] ***
David 'Fathead' Newman It's Mistery Fathead [32 Jazz] ***(*)
  Lone Star Legend [32 Jazz] ***
David Newton Eyewitness [Linn] ***
  Victim of Circumstance [Linn] **(*)
  Return Journey [Linn] ***(*)
  In Good Company [Candid] ***(*)
  Twelfth of the Twelfth: A Jazz Portrait of Frank Sinatra [Candid] ****
  DNA [Candid] ***(*)
James Newton Suite for Frida Kahlo [Audioquest] ***
New York Composers Orchestra First Program in Standard Time [New World Counter Currents] ***
  Music by Marty Ehrlich, Robin Holcomb, Wayne Horvitz and Doug Wieselman [New World] ***
Giancarlo Nicolai The Giancarlo Nicolai Trio and John Tchicai [Leo] ***
P.A. Nilsson Random Rhapsody [LJ] ***
Bern Nix Alarms and Excursions [New World] ****
Steve Noble Bad Gleichenberg Festival Edition: Volume 3 [Jazz Live] ***
Mike Nock In Out and Around [Timeless] **(*)
  Dark & Curious [VeraBra] **(*)
  Touch [Birdland] ***
Soren Norbo Soren Norbo & Joakim Milder [Music Mecca] ***
Walter Norris Drifting [Enja] ***(*)
Northern Arizona University Jazz Ensemble The Year of the Cow [Walrus] ***
  Herding Cats [Sea Breeze] ***
Red Norvo Live From the Blue Garden [Musicmasters] ***
Dave O'Higgins All Good Things [EFZ] ***
  Beats Working for a Living [EFZ] ***(*)
  Under the Stone [EFZ] ***
  The Secret Ingredient [EFZ] ***(*)
  The Grinder's Monkey [Short Fuse] ***
Joe 'King' Oliver King Oliver Volume One 1923 to 1929 [Jazz Classics in Digital Stereo] ****
  King Oliver Volume Two 1927 to 1930 [Jazz Classics in Digital Stereo] ***(*)
Junko Onishi Cruisin' [Blue Note] ***
  Live at the Village Vanguard [Blue Note] ***
  Live at the Village Vanguard II [Blue Note] ***(*)
  Piano Quintet Suite [Blue Note] ***
Opeye Moss 'Comes Silk [Humming Bird] ***
Orange Then Blue Jumpin the Elevator [GM] ***
  Where Were You? [GM] **(*)
  Funkallero [GM] ***
  While You Were Out . . . [GM] ***
Oregon Out of the Woods [Discovery] **(*)
  Roots in the Sky [Discovery] **(*)
  45th Parallel [VeraBra] ***
  Always, Never and Forever [VeraBra] ***
Original Memphis Five The Original Memphis Five, Napoleon's Emperors, the Cotton Pickers 1928-1929 [Timeless] ***(*)
Original Victoria Jazz Band Plays Chicago Classics [London Jazz] **
  More Chicago Classics [London Jazz] **(*)
Willie Pajeaud Willie Pajeaud's New Orleans Band 1955 [504] *(*)
Charlie Parker Early Bird [Stash] ***
  The Immortal Charlie Parker [Savoy] ***(*)
  The Charlie Parker Story [Savoy] ****
  Charlie Parker Memorial: Volume 1 [Savoy] ****
  Charlie Parker Memorial: Volume 2 [Savoy] ****
  The Genius of Charlie Parker [Savoy] ****
  The Legendary Dial Masters: Volume 1 [Stash] ****
  The Legendary Dial Masters: Volume 2 [Stash] ****
  The Bird Returns [Savoy] ****
  Newly Discovered Sides by the Immortal Charlie Parker [Savoy] ***(*)
  Charlie Parker Live, February 14, 1950 [EPM Musique] ***(*)
  The Complete Birth of the Bebop: Bird on Tenor, 1943 [Stash] ***(*)
  Bird's Eyes: Last Unissued - Volume 1 [Philology] ***(*)
  Bird's Eyes: Last Unissued - Volumes 2 & 3 [Philology] ***(*)
  Bird's Eyes: Last Unissued - Volume 10 [Philology] ***
  Bird's Eyes: Last Unissued - Volume 11 [Philology] ***(*)
  Bird's Eyes: Last Unissued - Volume 12 [Philology] ***
  Bird's Eyes: Last Unissued - Volume 14 [Philology] ***(*)
  Bird's Eyes: Last Unissued - Volume 15 [Philology] **(*)
  Bird's Eyes: Last Unissued - Volume 16 [Philology] ***
  Bird's Eyes: Last Unissued - Volume 19 [Philology] ***
  Bird's Eyes: Last Unissued - Volume 20 [Philology] ***
Errol Parker A Night in Tunisia [Sahara] ***
  Remembering Billy Strayhorn [Sahara] ***
Evan Parker Conic Sections [Ah Um] ***
  Toward the Margins [ECM] ***(*)
Maceo Parker Live on Planet Groove [Minor Music] ***(*)
  Maceo [Minor Music] ***
Horace Parlan Pannonica [Enja] ***
Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band Featuring Conte Candioli [Sea Breeze] ***
  The Count Is In! [Sea Breeze] ***
  What Are We Here For? [Sea Breeze] ***
Jaco Pastorius Holiday for Pans [Sound Hills] ****
  Jaco Pastorius [Warner Bros] ***
  Jazz Street [Timeless] ***
  Golden Roads [Sound Hills] ***
  A Good Stretch for Golden Roads [Sound Hills] **(*)
La Pause del Silenzio Freedom Jazz Dance [Soul Note] ***(*)
Wayne Peet Fully Engulfed [Nine Winds] ****
Art Pepper Surf Ride [Savoy] **(*)
  Two Altos [Savoy] **(*)
Jim Pepper Dakota Sound [Enja] ***
  The Path [Enja] ***(*)
  Remembrance Live [Tutu] ***
Perfect Houseplants Perfect Houseplants [Ah Um] ***
Jari Perkiomaki Shades [Jazzweaver] **(*)
Oscar Peterson Oscar Peterson-Stéphane Grappelli Quartet [Accord] **(*)
Harry Pickens Passionate Ballads [Double-Time] **(*)
Dave Pike Masterpieces [MPS] ***
  Bluebird [Timeless] ***
Courtney Pine The Vision's Tale [Island] ***
  To the Eyes of Creation [Island] ***
John Pizzarelli Hit That Jive Jack! [Stash] **(*)
  Meets the Beatles [RCA Victor] ***
Valery Ponomarev Live at Vartan Jazz [Vartan Jazz] ***
Jean-Luc Ponty Le Voyage [Rhino/Atlantic] ***(*)
Bud Powell Inner Fires [Discovery] ****
  Bud Powell in Paris [Discovery] ***
Bobby Previte Claude's Last Morning [Gramavision] ***
  Empty Suits [Gramavision] ****
  Weather Clear, Track Fast [Enja] ****
  Hue and Cry [Enja] ***(*)
Brian Priestley You Taught My Heart to Song [Spirit of Jazz] ***
  Love You Madly [32 Jazz] ***
Marcus Printup Song for the Beautiful Woman [Blue Note] ***
  Unveiled [Blue Note] ***
Don Pullen New Beginnings [Blue Note] ****
  Random Thoughts [Blue Note] ****
  Kele Mou Bana [Blue Note] ***
  Ode to Life [Blue Note] ****
  Sacred Common Ground [Blue Note] ***
Michael Rabinowitz Gabrielle's Balloon [Jazz Focus] ***
Lee Ranaldo Clouds [Victo] ***
John Rapson Dances and Orations [Music & Arts] ***
Enrico Rava Enrico Rava Quintet [Nabel] ***
  Bella [Philology] ***(*)
Freddie Redd Everybody Loves a Winner [Milestone] ***
Django Reinhardt Swingin' With Django [Pro Arte] ***
  Welcome to Jazz: Django Reinhardt [Koch] ***
  Django Reinhardt [Koch] ***(*)
  Swing Guitar [Jass] ***
Kim Richmond Looking In Looking Out [USA] ***
  Passages [Sea Breeze] ****
  Range [Nine Winds] ***(*)
Knut Riisnaes Knut Riisnaes / Jon Christensen [Odin] ***
Ben Riley Weaver of Dreams [Joken] ***(*)
Howard Riley The Bern Concert: Interchange [Future Music] ***(*)
Per Ringkjøbing Everything Happens to Me [Olufsen] ***(*)
  An Individual Thing [Olufsen] ***
Rinneradio Dance and Visions [Pyramid] ***
  Unik [Aani] ***
  Pfft [Rockadillo] ***
  Rok [Rockadillo] ***
Sam Rivers Lazuli [Timeless] ***
Max Roach Drum Conversation [Enja] ***
  To the Max [Enja] ****
  With the New Orchestra of Boston and the So What Brass Quintet [Blue Note] ****
Claudio Roditi Claudio, Rio and Friends [Groovin' High] ***
Bob Rodriguez Mist [Nine Winds] ***(*)
  Reinventions [CreOp Muse] ***
Shorty Rogers The Big Shorty Rogers Express [RCA] ****
Sonny Rollins All the Things You Are [Bluebird] ***
  Sonny Rollins & Co [Bluebird] ***(*)
Aldo Romano Non Dimenticar [MLP] ***(*)
  Prosodie [Verve] ***
Wallace Roney No Job Too Big or Too Small [32 Jazz] ***(*)
  According to Mr Roney [32 Jazz] ****
Room Hall of Mirrors [Music & Arts] ***
Michele Rosewoman Contrast High [Enja] ***
  Harvest [Enja] ***
Renee Rosnes Renee Rosnes [Blue Note] ***
  For the Moment [Blue Note] ***(*)
  Without Words [Blue Note/Somethin' Else] ***
Billy Ross Woody [Contemporary] ***
Ned Rothenberg The Crux: Selected Solo Wind Works (1989-1992) [Leo] ***(*)
Charlie Rouse Two Is One [Strata East] ***
  Epistrophy [32 Jazz] ***(*)
ROVA Long on Logic [Sound Aspects] ***
Jimmy Rowles Our Delight [VSOP] ***
  Subtle Legend Vol. 1 [Storyville] ***(*)
  Subtle Legend Vol. 2 [Storyville] ***(*)
  Music's the Only Thing That's on My Mind [Audiophile] ***(*)
  Grandpa's Vibrato [Black & Blue] ****
  Sometimes I'm Happy, Sometimes I'm Blue [Orange Blue] ***
  Trio [Capri] ***
  Remember When [Mastermix] ***
  Lilac Time [Kokopelli] ***
Helmut Joe Sachse Berlin Tango [ITM] ***(*)
Pharoah Sanders Africa [Timeless] ***(*)

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