Penguin Guide to Jazz: Dropped from 6th Edition

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (6th Edition).

Artist Title 5th Ed.
Randy Sandke The Sandke Brothers [Stash] ***
Arturo Sandoval Just Music [Jazz House] **(*)
Michel Sardaby Night Cap [Sound Hills] ****
  Straight On [Sound Hills] ***(*)
Jarmo Savolainen First Sight [Timeless] ***
Jeremy Sawkins Southpaw [Rufus] ***
Daniel Schnyder Secret Cosmos [Enja] ***
  The City [Enja] ***
  Decoding the Message [Enja] ***
  Mythology [Enja] ***
  Nucleus [Enja] **(*)
  Tarantula [Enja] **(*)
Mathias Schubert Blue and Grey Suite [Enja] ****
Ed Schuller The Eleventh Hour [Tutu] ***
Tony Scott Dedications [Core] ***(*)
Bernie Senensky Homeland [Timeless] ***
  Wheel Within a Wheel [Timeless] ***
  Rhapsody [Timeless] ***
Sextet of Orchestra USA Mack the Knife [RCA Victor] ***(*)
Bud Shank This Bud's for You [32 Jazz] ***(*)
  Serious Swingers [Contemporary] ***
  Tomorrow's Rainbow [Contemporary] ***
Lakshminarayana Shankar Who's to Know (M.R.C.S.) [ECM] ***
  Vision [ECM] ***
  Song for Everyone [ECM] ***
  The Epidemics [ECM] **(*)
  Nobody Told Me [ECM] ***(*)
  M.R.C.S. [ECM] ***
  Pancha Nadal Pallavi [ECM] ***
Jack Sharpe Roarin' [Jazz House] **(*)
Sonny Sharrock Guitar [Enemy] ****
  Seize the Rainbow [Enemy] **(*)
  Live in New York [Enemy] ***
  Highlife [Enemy] ***
Artie Shaw Artie Shaw and His Rhythm Makers 1938 [Tax] ***
  Begin the Beguine [RCA] ***(*)
  In the Blue Room / In the Café Rouge [RCA Victor] ***(*)
  The Last Recordings [Musicmasters] ***(*)
Woody Shaw Last of the Line [32 Jazz] ***
  Dark Journey [32 Jazz] ****
  Little Red's Fantasy [32 Jazz] ****
  Two More Pieces of the Puzzle [32 Jazz] ***(*)
  Woody Shaw With the Tone Jansa Quartet [Timeless] **(*)
  Imagination [32 Jazz] ***(*)
George Shearing Three Originals [MPS] ***
Archie Shepp Lover Man [Timeless] **
  Art of the Duo [Enja] ***
  I Didn't Know About You [Timeless] ***(*)
  Black Ballad [Timeless] **(*)
Sahib Shihab Conversations [Black Lion] ***
  All Those Cats [Ubiquity] **(*)
Mark Shim Mind Over Matter [Blue Note] ***(*)
Janis Siegel Slow Hot Wind [Varèse Sarabande] ***
Horace Silver Re-Entry [32 Jazz] ****
  It's Got to Be Funky [Columbia] **(*)
  Pencil Packin' Papa [Columbia] ***
Sonny Simmons Ancient Ritual [Qwest/Reprise] ***(*)
  American Jungle [Qwest/Reprise] ***
Pete (La Roca) Sims Turkish Women at the Bath [32 Jazz] ***
Zoot Sims Quartet and Sextet [RCA Vogue] ***(*)
  'Live' in Philly [32 Jazz] ***
Jae Sinnett House and Sinnett [Positive] ***
  Listen [Heart Music] ***
Jeffrey Smith A Little Sweeter [Verve] ***
  Down Here Below [Verve] **(*)
Ann-Soft Soderqvist / The Soegaard Ensemble Chronox [Leo Lab] **(*)
Martial Solal The Complete Vogue Recordings, Volume 1 [Vogue] ***(*)
  The Complete Vogue Recordings, Volume 2 [Vogue] ***
Lew Soloff Rainbow Mountain [Enja] ***(*)
Muggsy Spanier Pocket Giant [Verve] ***(*)
  The Great Sixteen [RCA] ****
Sphere Sphere [Verve] ****
Tomasz Stanko Caoma [Konnex] ***
Leni Stern Secrets [Enja] ***(*)
  Closer to the Light [Enja] ***(*)
Michael Jefry Stevens Elements [Leo] ***
  Haiko [Leo] **(*)
Grant Stewart Downtown Sounds [Criss Cross] ***
Loren Stillman Cosmos [Soul Note] ***
G.E. Stinson The Same Without You [Nine Winds] ***(*)
Sonny Stitt Autumn in New York [Black Lion] **(*)
  Endgame Brilliance [32 Jazz] ***(*)
  The Champ [32 Jazz] ***
  Just in Case You Forgot How Bad He Really Was [32 Jazz] ***(*)
Frank Strazzeri Little Giant [Fresh Sound] ***
  Wood Winds West [Jazz Mark] ***
John Stubblefield Bushman Song [Enja] ***(*)
  Countin' the Blues [Enja] ****
  Morning Song [Enja] ***
Swedish Swing Society Winter Swing [Sittel] ***(*)
  What's New? [Sittel] ***
Jorge Sylvester MusiCollage [Postcards] ***
Lew Tabackin Live at Vartan Jazz [Vartan Jazz] ***
Aki Takase Shima Shoka [Enja] ****
  Blue Monk [Enja] ***(*)
  Close Up of Japan [Enja] ***
Natsuki Tamura How Many? [Leo Lab] ***(*)
  A Song for Jyaki [Leo Lab] ***
Billy Taylor Billy Taylor and teh Jazzmobile All Stars [Taylor-Made] ***
  Dr T [GRP] ***
Cecil Taylor Akisakila [Konnex] ***(*)
  Akisakila Vol. 2 [Konnex] ***(*)
John Tchicai Satisfaction [Enja] ***
Jack Teagarden It's Time for Tea [Jass] **
  Has Anybody Here Seen Jackson? [Jass] ***
Clark Terry Clark Terry and His Orchestra Featuring Paul Gonsalves [Storyville] ***
  Clark After Dark [MPS] ***
  Clark Terry-Red Mitchell [Enja] ***
  Jive at Five [Enja] ***(*)
Tethered Moon Play Kurt Weill [JMT] ***
  Chansons de Piaf [Winter & Winter] ***
Toots Thielemans Do Not Leave Me [Stash] ****
  For MyLady [Emarcy] ***(*)
The XIII Ghosts Giganti Reptilicus Destructo Beam [Scatter] ***
Gary Thomas The Seventh Quadrant [Enja] ***
  Code Violations [Enja] ***
Luther Thomas Don't Tell [Creative Consciousness] *(*)
Barbara Thompson Mother Earth [VeraBra] ***
  Barbar Thompson's Special Edition [VeraBra] ***
  Heavenly Bodies [VeraBra] ***(*)
Henry Threadgill Carry the Day [Columbia] ****
Jerry Tilitz The New York Tapes [Both Feet] ***
Charles Tolliver Live at Historic Slugs [Charly] ***(*)
  Live in Tokyo [Charly] ***(*)
Mel Torme Round Midnight [Stash] ***
The Trio (Norway) Meet the Locals [Resonant] ****
  In Color [Resonant] ***(*)
Gust William Tsilis Pale Fire [Enja] ***
  Sequestered Days [Enja] ***(*)
  Wood Music [Enja] ***(*)
Bertram Turetzky Intersections [Nine Winds] **(*)
Steve Turre Viewpoints and Vibrations [Stash] ***(*)
  Fire and Ice [Stash] ***(*)
  Right There [Antilles] ***(*)
  Sanctified Shells [Antilles] **(*)
  Steve Turre [Verve] ****
Stanley Turrentine More Than a Mood [MusicMasters] ***
  If I Could [MusicMasters] **
McCoy Tyner Reaching Fourth [Impulse] ***
  Remembering John [Enja] ***(*)
  Journey [Birdology] ***(*)
Gebhard Ullmann Per-Dee-Doo [Nabel] ***
  Suite Noire [Nabel] ***
  Trad Corrosion [Nabel] ***(*)
Joe Van Enkhuizen Joe Meets the Rhythm Section [Timeless] ***
  Ellington Ballads [Timeless] ***
  Ellington My Way [Timeless] ***
  Blues Ahead [Timeless] ***
Marc Van Roon Falling Stones [Mons] ***(*)
Jasper Van't Hof Solo Piano [Timeless] ***
Joe Venuti Joe in Chicago, 1978 [Flying Fish] **(*)
Andrea Vicari Suburban Gorillas [33 Records] ***
  Lunar Spell [33 Records] ***(*)
Vienna Art Orchestra Nightride of a Lonely Saxophoneplayer [Moers] ****
  Swiss Swing [Moers] ***(*)
  Two Little Animals [Moers] ***
  Inside Out [Moers] ***(*)
  The Original Charts [Verve] ****
  Nine Immortal Nonevergreens for Eric Dolphy [Amadeo] ****
  Ballads [Amadeo] ***(*)
Miroslav Vitous Miroslav [Freedom] ***
Petras Vysniauskias Viennese Concert [Leo] **
  Lithuania [ITM] **(*)
Chad Wackerman Forty Reasons [Times Square] **(*)
  Scream [Favored Nations] **(*)
Ulf Wakenius Venture [L+R] ***
Mal Waldron Songs of Love and Regret [Freelance] ****
  Much More! [Freelance] ***(*)
  Mal Dance and Soul [Tutu] ***
  Quadrologue at Utopia [Tutu] ***(*)
  The Git-Go at Utopia, Volume 2 [Tutu] ***(*)
  No More Tears (For Lady Day) [Timeless] ***
Bennie Wallace The Free Will [Enja] ***
Thomas 'Fats' Waller The Early Years Vol. 1 [RCA Bluebird] ***
  The Early Years Vol. 2 [RCA Bluebird] ***
  The Early Years Vol. 3 [RCA Bluebird] ***
  The Middle Years Part 1 (1936-38) [Bluebird] ***(*)
  The Middle Years Part 2 (1938-1940) [Bluebird] ***(*)
  The Definitive Fats Waller, His Rhythm, His Piano [Stash] ***
George Wallington Trios [RCA Vogue] ***
Jack Walrath Hi Jinx [Stash] ***
Cedar Walton Breakthrough [32 Jazz] ***(*)
  Naima [32 Jazz] ***(*)
  Cedar Walton-Ron Carter-Jack DeJohnette [Limetree] ***(*)
  Cedar [Timeless] ***
  The Promise Land [High Note] ***(*)
Grover Washington Jr The Best of Grover Washington [Motown] ***
Sadao Watanabe Good Time for Love [Elektra] **(*)
  Made in Coracao [Elektra] ***
Mitch Watkins Underneath It All [Enja] **(*)
  Curves [Enja] ***
  Strings With Wings [Tiptoe] ***(*)
  Humhead [Dos Jazz] **(*)
Ernie Watts Ernie Watts Quartet [JVC] ***(*)
  Reaching Up [JVC] ****
  Project: Activation Earth [Amherst] **(*)
Weather Report Domino Theory [Columbia] ***
Chick Webb Chick Webb and His Savoy Ballroom Orchestra 1939 [Tax] ***(*)
Eberhard Weber Works [ECM] ***
Ben Webster Stormy Weather [Black Lion] ***(*)
  Gone With the Wind [Black Lion] ***(*)
  There Is No Greater Love [Black Lion] ***
  The Jeep Is Jumping [Black Lion] ***
Tad Weed Soloing [Nine Winds] ***(*)
Nick Weldon Lavender's Blue [Verge] ***
Jens Wendleboe 'Lone Attic [NOPA] **(*)
  Big Crazy Energy Band [NOPA/NRK] ***(*)
Peter Weniger Hymn to Gobro [Jazzline] **(*)
  Private Concert [Mons] ***
  The Point of Presence [Mons] ***
  The Key of the Moment [Mons] ***
Fred Wesley New Friends [Minor Music] **(*)
  Comme ci comme ça [Minor Music] **(*)
  Swing and Be Funky [Minor Music] ***
Randy Weston Monterey '66 [Verve] ***(*)
  Nuit Africaine [Enja] ***
Kenny Wheeler Welcome [Soul Note] ***(*)
  Kayak [Ah Um] ***(*)
Chip White Harlem Sunset [Postcards] ***
Sebastian Whittaker First Outing [Justice] ***
  Searchin' for the Truth [Justice] ***
Tommy Whittle Warm Glow [Teejay] **(*)
Barney Wilen La Note Bleue [IDA] **(*)
  French Ballads [IDA] ***
  Wild Dogs of the Ruwenzori [IDA] ****
  Sanctuary [IDA] ****
  Movie Themes From France [Timeless] ***(*)
Buster Williams Crystal Reflections [32 Jazz] ***
Cootie Williams Duke Ellington's Trumpets [Black & Blue] ****
  Echoes of Harlem [Topaz] ***
James Williams I Remember Clifford [DIW] ***
  Meets the Saxophone Masters [DIW] ***
  Talkin' Trash [DIW] ***
Mary Lou Williams The London Sessions [Vogue/BMG] ****
Willie Williams Spirit Willie [Enja] ***
Larry Willis Solo Spirit [Mapleshade] ***
Bert Wilson Live at the Zoo [Nine Winds] ***
  Further Adventures in Jazz [FMO] ***
  Endless Fingers [Arabesque] ***
Cassandra Wilson Days Aweigh [JMT] **(*)
Teddy Wilson Central Avenue Blues [VJC] ***
  The Dutch Swing College Band Meet Teddy Wilson [Timeless] **(*)
Yosuke Yamashita It Don't Mean a Thing [DIW] ***(*)
  Asian Games [Verve Forcast] ***
  Dazzling Days [Verve] ***(*)
  Canvas in Quiet [Verve] ***(*)
  Wind of the Age [Verve] ***
  Dr Kanzo [Verve] ***
Lester Young Prez Conferences [Jass] ***
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh Aziza Mustafa Zadeh [Columbia] ***(*)
  Always [Columbia] ***
  Dance of Fire [Columbia] **(*)
  Seventh Truth [Columbia] ***
  Jazziza [Columbia] ***(*)
Joe Zawinul Dialects [Columbia] **(*)
  Black Water [Columbia] ***(*)
Hannes Zerbe Rondo a la Fried [Bvhaast] ***
Atilla Zoller Common Sense [Enja] ***
  Memories of Pannonia [Enja] ***(*)
  Overcome [Enja] ***
John Zorn Euclid's Nightmare [Depth of Field] ***
  Music Romance: Volume 1 - Music for Children [Tzadik] ***

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