Penguin Guide to Jazz: Added to 6th Edition

Note: These lists are believed to be complete. The sort order has changed slightly between editions, so we use the more recent (6th Edition).

Artist Title 6th Ed.
Diana Krall The Look of Love [Verve] ***
Maj-Britt Kramer Once [Stunt] ***
  Something About Heroes [Stunt] ***(*)
Erling Kroner En Buenos Aires 1991 [Music Mecca] **(*)
  Opposites Attract [Four Leaf Clover] ***(*)
  Jazzpar '98 [Storyville] ***
  Trombonissimo [Music Mecca] ***
Gene Krupa Live at the New School 1973 [Chiaroscuro] ***
Martin Krusche Friendship Pagoda [Naxos] ***(*)
Joachim Kühn Easy to Read [Rhino] ***
  Famous Melodies [Label Bleu] **(*)
Rolf Kühn Rolf Kühn and His Sound of Jazz [Fresh Sound] ***
Stuve Kuhn Mostly Ballads [New World] ***
  Porgy [Evidence] ***
  Seasons of Romance [Postcards] ***
  Dedication [Reservoir] ***
  Countdown [Reservoir] ***(*)
  The Best Things [Reservoir] ****
Sergey Kuryokhin Ways of Freedom [Leo Golden Years of New Jazz] ***
Charles Kynard The Soul Brotherhood [Prestige] **(*)
Steve Lacy Hooky [Emanem] ****
  Snips [Jazz Magnet] ***
  Clinkers [Hatology] ***(*)
  Morning Glory [Hatology] ****
  Monk's Dream [Verve] ***(*)
Guy Lafitte Blue and Sentimental [Emarcy] ***
  Corps et Ame [Black & Blue] ***
Birelli Lagrene A Tribute to Django Reinhardt [Jazzpoint] ***
  Front Page [Emarcy] **(*)
Oliver Lake Kinda Up [Justin Time] ***
  Have Yourself a Merry . . . [Passin' Thru] **
  Talkin' Stick [Passin' Thru] ***(*)
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross Sing a Song of Basie [Verve] ***(*)
  The Hottest Group in Jazz [Columbia] ****
Harold Land Promised Land [Audiophoric] **(*)
Nils Landgren Fonk Da World [ACT] ***
Steven Lantner Voices Lowered [Leo] ***(*)
Prince Lasha Inside Story [Enja] ***
Steve LaSpina The bounce [Steeplechase] ***
Andy Laster Polyogue [Songlines] ***
  Interpretations of Lessness [Songlines] ***
Yusef Lateef The Last Savoy Sessions [Savoy] ***
  A Gift [YAL] **
  Beyond the Sky [YAL] **(*)
Mark Latimer Take #1 [Spotlite] ***
Cy Laurie Jazz From the Roots [Lake] **(*)
Andy LaVerne Another World Another Time [Steeplechase] ***
  Between Earth and Mars [Steeplechase] **(*)
  Planissimo [Steeplechase] ***
John Law Abacus [Hatology] ***
Hugh Lawson Colours [Soul Note] ***
Daunik Lazro Zong Book [Emouvance] ***
Joelle Léandre Incandescences [Jazz'halo] ***
  Sapporo Duets [Jazz'halo] ***(*)
LeeAnn Ledgerwood Compassions [Steeplechase] ***
  Paradox [Steeplechase] ***(*)
Mike LeDonne Then and Now [Double-Time] ***
  Bags Groove: A Tribute to Milt Jackson [Double-Time] ***
Michel Legrand Paris Jazz Piano [Emarcy] ***
Brian Lemon My Shining Hour [Zephyr] ***
Elliott Levin The Motion of Emotion [CIMP] ***(*)
George Lewis The Fabulous George Lewis Band: Kentucky 1955 [American Music] ***
  Hello Central . . . Give Me Doctor Jazz [Delmark] **(*)
George Lewis Endless Shout [Tzadik] ****
  The Shadowgraph Series [Spool] ***(*)
John Lewis The John Lewis Piano / Jazz Piano International [Collectables] ****
  Improvised Meditations and Excursions / Eastern Exposure [Collectables] ***(*)
  Golden Striker / Jazz Abstractions [Collectables] ****
  Original Sin / Essence [Collectables] ***
  A Milanese Story / Animal Dance [Collectables] ***
  Mirjana [Black & Blue] ***
  Evolution II [Atlantic] ****
Ramsey Lewis Upendo Ni Pamoja [Collectables] **(*)
  Funky Serenity [Collectables] **
  Meant to Be [Narada] **(*)
  Ramsey Lewis's Finest Hour [Verve] ***
Vic Lewis Singin' the Blues [Upbeat] **(*)
Steuart Liebig Antipodes [Cadence] ***(*)
David Liebman The Unknown Jobim [Global Music] ***
  Time Immemorial [Enja] ***
  Liebman Plays Puccini: A Walk in the Clouds [Arkadia] ***(*)
  Latin Genesis [Whaling City Sound] ***(*)
Terry Lightfoot Mainly Traditional [Lake] **(*)
Kirk Lightsey Everything Happens to Me [Timeless] **(*)
  Kirk'N'Marcus [Criss Cross] ***
Abbey Lincoln Abbey Sings Billie: Volumes I and II [Enja] **(*)
John Lindberg The Catbird Sings [Black Saint] ***
  A Tree Frog Tonality [Between the Lines] ***(*)
Charles Lloyd The Water Is Wide [ECM] ***(*)
  Hyperion With Higgins [ECM] ***(*)
Joe Locke Beauty Burning [Sirocco] ***
  State of Soul [Sirocco] **
Didier Lockwood 'Round About Silence [Dreyfus] ***
  Tribute to Stéphane Grappelli [Dreyfus] ***
London Improvisers Orchestra Proceedings [Emanem] ***(*)
  The Hearing Continues [Emanem] ***(*)
Eddy Louiss Bohemia After Dark [Emarcy] ***
  Sang Melé [Dreyfus] **(*)
  Récit Proche [Dreyfus] ***
Julien Lourau Gambit [Warner Music] **
  The Rise [Label Bleu] ***
Joe Lovano Flights of Fancy: Trio Fascination Edition Two [Blue Note] ***
  Viva Caruso [Blue Note] ***
Frank Lowe Black Beings [ESP] **(*)
  Don't Punk Out [Emanem] ***
Mundell Lowe The Mundell Lowe Quartet [OJC] ***
  A Grand Night for Swinging [OJC] ***
  Mundell's Moods [Nagel-Heyer] ***(*)
Jimmie Lunceford Jimmie Lunceford 1948-1949 [Classics] ***
Jan Lundgren Something to Live For [Sittel] ***(*)
  For Listeners Only [Sittel] ***
  Plays the Music of Victor Young [Sittel] ***
Carmen Lundy This Is Carmen Lundy [Justin Time] ***
Chick Lyall Tilting Ground [Caber] ***
Brian Lynch Tribute to the Trumpet Masters [Sharp Nine] ***(*)
Johnny Lytle Nice and Easy [OJC] ***
  Got That Feeling / Moon Child [Milestone] ***
Humphrey Lyttleton The Conway and Royal Festival Hall Concerts [Calligraph] ***(*)
  BBC Jazz Club, Autumn 1958 [Upbeat] ***(*)
  Between Friends [Calligraph] ***
Laura Macdonald Laura [Spartacus] ***
Katrine Madsen My Secret [Music Mecca] ***
Kevin Mahogany Pussy Cat Dues: The Music of Charles Mingus [Enja] ***
Llanfranco Malaguti Parole, Parole . . . [Splasc(h)] ***
Russell Malone Look Who's Here [Verve] ***
  Heartstrings [Verve] **(*)
Joe Maneri The Trio Concerts [Leo] ****
Mat Maneri Light Trigger [No More] ***
  Trinity [ECM] ***(*)
  Blue Decco [Thirsty Ear] ***(*)
Chuck Mangione The Jazz Brothers [OJC] **(*)
Manhattan New Music Project The Soul of Grace [Soul Note] ***(*)
Herbie Mann Monday Night at the Village Gate [Wounded Bird] ***
  Herbie Mann Returns to the Village Gate [Wounded Bird] ***
  Nirvana [Koch] ***
  Standing Ovation at Newport [Wounded Bird] ***
  London Underground [Wounded Bird] **(*)
  Reggae [Wounded Bird] **
Michael Mantler Hide and Seek [ECM] ****
Frank Mantooth A Miracle [Sea Breeze] ***
Guido Manusardi Doina [Soul Note] ***(*)
  The Woodpecker [Splasc(h)] ***
  Live at the Jazz Spot [Splasc(h)] ***
Michael Marcus Reachin' [Justin Time] ***
  Live in NY [Soul Note] ***
  Sunwheels [Justin Time] ***(*)
Rick Margitza Memento [Palmetto] ***
Charlie Mariano Tango Para Charlie [Enja] ***(*)
Branford Marsalis Contemporary Jazz [Columbia] ***
Jason Marsalis The Year of the Drummer [Basin Street] ***
  Music in Motion [Basin Street] ***
Wynton Marsalis The Marciac Suite [Columbia] ***(*)
  Popular Songs - The Best of Wynton Marsalis [Columbia] ***
Warne Marsh An Unsung Cat: The Life and Music of Warne Marsh [Storyville] ***(*)
Claire Martin The Linn Box: 3 - Claire Martin [Linn] ***
  Take My Heart [Linn] ***
  Every Now and Then:T he Very Best of Claire Martin [Linn] ***
Pat Martino Live at Yoshi's [Blue Note] ***(*)
Barry Martyn Reunion Band in Italy [GHB] **(*)
George Masso Just Friends [Nagel-Heyer] ***
  C'est Magnifique [Nagel-Heyer] ***
  At Long Last Love [Arbors] ***
Masters of Swing Harlem Strut [Timeless] ***
Rich Matteson Life's a Take [Four Leaf Clover] **(*)
  Pardon Our Dust, We're Making Changes [Four Leaf Clover] ***
Les McCann Pump It Up [ESC] **
Susannah McCorkle Dream [Concord] ***
  Someone to Watch Over Me [Concord] ***
  Hearts and Minds [Concord] ***(*)
Jack McDuff Tobacco Road [Atlantic] ***
  It's About Time [Concord] ***(*)
  That's the Way I Feel About It [Concord] ***
  Brotherly Love [Concord] ***(*)
Bernie McGann Kindred Spirits [Rufus] ***
  Bundeena [Rufus] ***(*)
Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre South Eastern [CIMP] **
Dave McKenna An Intimate Evening With Dave McKenna [Arbors] ***(*)
John McLaughlin Remember Shakti - The Believer [Verve] ***
  Remember Shakti - Saturday Night in Bombay [Verve] ***
Jackie McLean Rhythm of the Earth [Birdology] ***
  Fire and Love [Blue Note] ***
  Nature Boy [Blue Note] **
Paul McNamara Point of No Return [Rufus] ***
  Conversations [Rufus] ***
  Duo Logic [Rufus] **(*)
Marian McPartland On 52nd Street [Savoy] ***
  The Single Petal of a Rose [Concord] ***
  Ain't Misbehavin' [Concord] ***(*)
Joe McPhee Underground Railroad [Atavistic] ***
  No Greater Love [CIMP] ***
  Specific Gravity [Boxholder] ***
  Mr Peabody Goes to Baltimore [Recorded] ***(*)
  On Tour . . . Toronto/Rochester [Cadence] ***
Charles McPherson McPherson's Mood [OJC] ***(*)
Carmen McRae Torchy & Blue Noon [MCA] ***(*)
  Torchy [Verve] ***
  Carmen McRae's Finest Hour [Verve] ***(*)
  Carmen Sings Monk [RCA Bluebird] ***
Jay McShann Hootie! [Chiaroscuro] ***
Medeski, Martin & Wood Uninvisible [Blue Note] ***
Brad Mehldau Places [Warner Bros] ***
  Progression: Art of the Trio Vol 5 [Warner Bros] ***
Myra Melford Dance Beyond the Color [Arabesque] ***
  Yet Can Spring [Arabesque] ***(*)
Steve Meling Trio Duo Solo [Jazz House] ***(*)
Pat Metheny Speaking of Now [Warner Bros] ***
Nando Michelin Art [Double-Time] ***
  Chants [Double-Time] **(*)
Joakim Milder Associations [Mirrors] ***(*)
Ron Miles Heaven [Sterling Circle] ***(*)
Punch Miller Punch Miller & John Handy in California [GHB] **
Pino Minafra Canto Libero [Victo] ***
Charles Mingus West Coast 1945-1949 [Uptown] ***
  Trilogy: The Complete Bethlehem Jazz Collection [Rhino] ***
  The Very Best of Charles Mingus [Rhino] ***
  Live in Stuttgart 1964 [Unique Jazz] ***
Mingus Big Band Tonight at Noon: Three or Four Shades of Love [Dreyfus] ***(*)
  The Essential Mingus Big Band [Dreyfus] ***(*)
Red Mitchell A Declaration of Interdependence [Four Leaf Clover] **(*)
Roscoe Mitchell New Music for Woodwinds and Voice / An Interesting Breakfast Conversation [Mutable] ***
  8 O'Clock: Two Improvisations [Mutable] ***
  Song for My Sister [P] ***
Bill Mobley New Light [Space Time] ***
Hank Mobley The Turnaround [Blue Note] ***
Modern Jazz Quartet Live at Music Inn With Sonny Rollins [Atlantic] **
  The Sheriff [Atlantic] ***
  Blues at Carnegie Hall [Collectables] ***(*)
  A Celebration [Atlantic] ***
Antonio Moncada The True Story of Twelve Colours [Splasc(h)] **
  Trois Éclats de Temps [Splasc(h)] **(*)
Thelonious Monk After Hours at Minton's [Definitive Classics] ***
  Thelonious Monk 1947-1948 [Classics] ***
  The Complete Prestige Recordings [Prestige] ****
  The Columbia Years: 1962-1968 [Columbia] ****
Tete Montoliu It's About Blues Time [Fresh Sound] ***(*)
James Moody James Moody 1948-1949 [Classics] **(*)
Jemeel Moondoc Spirit House [Eremite] ***
  Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys [Eremite] ***
  New World Pygmies Vol. 2 [Eremite] ***
Michael Moore Jewels and Binoculars [Ramboy] ***(*)
  White Widow [Ramboy] ***(*)
Dave Moorwood's Rascals of Rhythm Boiled Owl and Other Delicacies [PEK Sound] **(*)
Jason Moran Facing Left [Blue Note] ***(*)
  Black Stars [Blue Note] ****
Herb Morand Herb Morand 1950 / Paul Barbarin 1951 [American Music] ***
Lee Morgan Here's Lee Morgan [Koch International] ***
Joe Morris Like Rays [Knitting Factory] ***
  Underthru [Omnitone] ***
  Many Rings [Knitting Factory] ***
  At the Old Office [Knitting Factory] ***(*)
  Soul Search [Aum Fidelity] ***(*)
  Singularity [Aum Fidelity] ***(*)
  No Vertigo [Leo] ***
Lawrence Butch Morris Holy Sea [Splasc(h)] **(*)
Sonny Morris Sonny [Lake] ***
Wilber Morris Drum String Thing [CIMP] **(*)
Jelly Roll Morton Jelly Roll Morton Vols 1-5 [JSP] ****
Danny Moss Keeper of the Flame [Nagel-Heyer] ***
Bennie Moten The OKeh Sessions [Cygnet] ***
  Justrite [Frog] ***(*)
  Kansas City Breakdown [Frog] ***(*)
  Band Box Shuffle 1929-1932 [Hep] ****
Paul Motian 2000 + One [Winter & Winter] ***(*)
  Europe [Winter & Winter] ***(*)
George Mraz Morava [Milestone] ***(*)
Jim Mullen Rule of Thumb [Jazzprint] ***(*)
  We Go Back [Jazzprint] ***
  Live in Glasgow [Jazzprint] ***(*)
  Burns [Black Box] ***(*)
Gerry Mulligan The Gerry Mulligan Quartets in Concert [Pablo] ***(*)
Jimmy Mundy Jimmy Mundy 1937-1947 [Classics] ***
Mark Murphy Crazy Rhythm: His Debut Recordings [Decca/GRP] ***(*)
  Some Time Ago [High Note] ***(*)
  Links [High Note] ***(*)
David Murray Live at the Village Vanguard [Luminiscence] ***
  Octet Plays Trane [Justin Time] ***(*)
  Seasons [Pow Wow] ***
  Like a Kiss That Never Ends [Justin Time] ***
Michael Musillami Archives [Playscape] ***
  Mar's Bars [Playscape] ***(*)
  Perception [Playscape] ***
Simon Nabatov Shall We Dance? [2nd Floor] ***
  The Master and Margarita [Leo] ***
  Nature Morte [Leo] ***(*)
  Three Stories, One End [ACT] ***
Phil Napoleon The Original Memphis Five / Napoleon's Emperor's / The Cotton Pickers 1928-1929 [Timeless] ***(*)
Fats Navarro The Fats Navarro Story [Proper] ****
Don Neely's Royal Society Jazz Orchestra A Sunny Disposish [Circle] ***
  Jump Start [Circle] ***
Oliver Nelson Swiss Suite [RCA Victor] ***
Phineas Newborn Jr While MY Lady Sleeps [RCA] **(*)
  Fabulous Phineas [RCA] ***(*)
David 'Fathead' Newman Keep the Spirits Singing [High Note] ***(*)
Sam Newsome Global Unity [Palmetto] **(*)
  This Masquerade [Steeplechase] ***
Albert Nicholas Albert's Back in Town [Delmark] ***
Red Nichols Red Nichols 1925-1927 [Classics] ***
  The Red Heads Complete 1925/1927 [Jazz Archives] ***(*)
The Herbie Nichols Project Strange City [Palmetto] ***(*)
Lennie Niehaus Volume 5 - The Sextet [OJC] ***
Jack Nimitz Confirmation [Fresh Sound] ***
Jimmie Noone Jimmie Noone 1928-1929 [Classics] ***
  Jimmie Noone 1929-1930 [Classics] ***
  Jimmie Noone 1930-1934 [Classics] ***
  Jimmie Noone 1934-1940 [Classics] ***
Caecilie Norby Queen of Bad Excuses [Blue Note] ***
Alex Norris A New Beginning [Fresh Sound] ***(*)
Kevin Norton In Context / Out of Context [Barking Hoop] ***(*)
  Iron Monkey Trio [CIMP] ***
  Change Dance [Barking Hoop] ***(*)
  Play Anthony Braxton [Barking Hoop] ***(*)
Red Norvo Red Norvo 1936-1937 [Classics] ***
  Red Norvo 1937-1938 [Classics] ***
  Red Norvo 1938-1939 [Classics] ***
  Nuances by Norvo [Hep] ***
  El Rojo: The Complete Keynote Recordings and More [Definitive] ***
  The Modern Red Norvo [Savoy] ***
The Nu Band Live at the Bop Shop [Clean Feed] ***
Dick Oatts Standard Issue Vol. 2 [Steeplechase] ***
  South Paw [Steeplechase] ***(*)
Giorgio Occhipinti Global Music & Circular Thought [Jazz'halo] ***
Chico O'Farrell Carambola [Milestone] ***(*)
Kjell Ohman Live at the Pawn Shop (Stampen) [Four Leaf Clover] ***
Joe 'King' Oliver Sugar Foot Stomp [Frog] ***(*)
  Farewell Blues [Frog] ***(*)
One for All The Long Haul [Criss Cross] ***
  Live at Smoke Vol. 1 [Criss Cross] ***
Oregon Oregon [Universe] ***
Original Camelia Jazz Band of New Orleans Original Camelia Jazz Band [GHB] ***
Original Indiana Five Everybody Stomp [Frog] ***
Original Memphis Five Columbias 1923-1931 [Retrieval] ***
Anthony Ortega A Man and His Horns [Blue Moon] ***
  Scattered Clouds [Hatology] ***
Kid Ory Live at the Beverly Cavern - 1949 [504] ***(*)
Mike Osborne Shapes [FMR] ****
Greg Osby Symbols of Light (A Solution) [Blue Note] ***(*)
Oscura Luminosa In Full Armour [Unit] ***
Hot Lips Page Hot Lips Page 1946-1950 [Classics] **(*)
Joe Palsson Prim [Naxos] ***
Papa Bue's Viking Jazz Band Rags & Marches [Storyville] ***(*)
  The Hit Singles: 1958-1969 [Storyville] ***(*)
  Live in Dresden [Storyville] ***
Paris Washboard Caravan [Stomp Off] ***(*)
Charlie Parker The Complete Savoy and Dial Studio Recordings [Savoy] ****
Evan Parker The Ayes Have It [Emanem] ***
  Brot & Honig [True Muze] **
  2 x 3 = 5 [Leo] ***
  Dark Rags [Potlach] ****
  Lines Burnt in Light [Psi] ***(*)
  Dividuality [Maya] ***(*)
  Parker Haslam Edwards [Slam] **
William Parker Painter's Spring [Thirsty Ear] ***
  Piercing the Veil [AUM Fidelity] ***
  Mayor of Punkville [AUM Fidelity] ****
  O'Neal's Porch [Aum Fidelity] ****
Don Patterson Just Friends [Prestige] ***
Big John Patton Along Came John [Blue Note] ***(*)
Cecil Payne Chic Boom Live at the Jazz Showcase [Delmark] ***
Nicholas Payton Dear Louis [Uptown/Universal] ***
Ken Peplowski Ellington Tales [Mainstem] ***
Art Pepper Complete Lighthouse Sessions [Jazz Factory] **
  Complete Surf Club Sessions [Jazz Factory] **(*)
  Complete Straight Ahead Sessions [Jazz Factory] **(*)
  Hersh Hamel's Songbook [Fresh Sound] **
  Renascence [Galaxy] **(*)
  The Hollywood All-Star Sessions [Galaxy] ***(*)
Ivo Perelman Sieiro [Leo] ***(*)
  The Seven Energies of the Universe [Leo] ***(*)
  The Ventriloquist [Leo] ****
Danilo Perez Motherland [Verve] **(*)
Perfect Houseplants New Folk Songs [Linn] ***
Jukka Perko Music of Olavi Virta [Blue Note] ***(*)
Rich Perry O Grande Amor [Steeplechase] ***(*)
  Hearsay [Steeplechase] ***(*)
Houston Person Trust in Me [Prestige] ***
  Blue Odyssey [OJC] ***
  Soft Lights [High Note] ***
Ralph Peterson Triangular [Sirocco] ***
  The Art of War [Criss Cross] ***(*)
Umberto Petrin Voir Loin [Splasc(h)] ***(*)
Michel Petrucciani Days of Wine and Roses [Owl] ***(*)
  Live [Blue Note] ***
John Petters Stompin' at the Savoy [Rose] ***
Andreas Pettersson Duke With a Gibson [Sittel] ***
Enrico Pieranunzi Un'alba Dipinta Sui Muri [EGEA] ***(*)
  Con Infinite Voci [EGEA] ***(*)
  Canto Nascosto [EGEA] ***(*)
  Daedalus' Wings [Challenge] **
  Plays the Music of Wayne Shorter [Challenge] ***
  Racconti Mediterranei [EGEA] ***
  Alone Together [Challenge] ***
  Play Morricone [CamJazz] ****
Billie Pierce / De De Pierce Gulf Coast Blues [Arhoolie] ***
Dave Pike It's Time for Dave Pike [OJC] ***
  Jazz for the Jet Set [Atlantic] ***
Roberta Piket Speak, Memory [Fresh Sound] ***
Courtney Pine Back in the Day [Blue Thumb] **(*)
John Pizzarelli Let There Be Love [Telarc] ***(*)
  The Rare Delight of You [Telarc] ***(*)
Paul Plummer and Ron Enyard Trio and Quartet [Quixotic] ***(*)

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