Jazz Prospecting

I published twenty-six Jazz Consumer Guide columns in the Village Voice from July 1, 2004 through May 11, 2011. I posted a finished, 27th column on my blog after the Voice killed it, by which time I had a 28th column nearly written. Early on it became clear that I couldn't squeeze anywhere near all the interesting records I heard into the column. As someone who thinks the process is as interesting as the result, I came up with the idea of posting my first-pass notes week-by-week as I worked through the stack of incoming records. I called this Jazz Prospecting, and have been doing it more or less weekly since November 6, 2005 (at least that is the earliest I can find under the Jazz Prospecting title, although installment was subtitled "CG #7, Part 4," making me wonder about previous parts). From Jazz CG(7) through the unpublished Jazz CG(28) I archived the Jazz Prospecting notes in the Jazz CG directory -- look for "Prospects" under each numbered column.

However, since the demise of Jazz Consumer Guide appears to be indefinite, I felt like it would be a good idea to provide a more permanent repository for the (continuing, at least as of Jan. 2013) stream of Jazz Prospecting reports. This is that.