Metafile: 2011 New Records

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This is boilerplate . . . (or should be).

When I published Metacritic Results on Jan. 16, 2012, I thought I was done with this, but I guess not. I subsequently (Jan. 23) tacked on the Pazz & Jop results, then when I started working on a 2012 metacritic file I started finding things I had missed here.


Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Bon Iver: Bon Iver (Jagjaguwar) {250}: MC(86/41), AC:78, AbP:100, AP:80, AS:80(15), ATH:90, AV:91(3), BB:(2), BBC:90(9), BG:90(6), Bl:90(30), Blr:80(28), Bow:80(10), Buf:88, Cl:80(26), CMG:85, CMJ:90, CS:90(2), DS:80(12), EW:91(4), F:(2), Fly:(17), G:100(5), Gw:80, HC:(10), IS:90, M:80(16), Mg:(13), MO:80(5), NME:(46), Now:100, NR:80(6), OTB:87(20), P:90(1), Pf:95(1), Ph:100, PM:(2), PMA:91(4), Px:80(8), Q:80(4), RS:70(21), S:80(14), Sl:80(7), Spk:90(1), St:80(3), T:80, TMT:80, Tu:94, U:100(9), UR:80(3), Urb:90, VV:90; JG, TH:*; V[9-80-867]
  2. PJ Harvey: Let England Shake (Vagrant) {241}: MC(86/42), AM:80(*), AS:90, AV:91, BB:82, BBC:90(1), BG:90(1), Bl:90(3), Bow:90(1), Buf:88, Cl:80(3), CMG:85(27), CS:100(4), DS:90*, EW:100, F:84, Fly:90(6), G:100(1), Gw:90(3), I:80, IS:80, LAT:100, M:80(1), MF:90(*), Mg:(5), MO:90(1), NME:100(1), Now:80, NR:100(1), OTB:90(11), Pf:88(4), Ph:100, PM:(8), PMA:85(16), Px:85(41), Q:100(2), Qs:(1), RS:(47), S:90(2), Sl:90(1), Spk:80, St:80(2), T:100(23), U:80(1), UR:80(7), VV:90, W:(21); CM, FB, RC:B+, MT:B+, TH:***; V[2-129-1480]
  3. James Blake: James Blake (Atlas/A&M) {207}: MC(81/38), AV:100, BB:(9), BBC:80, Bow:80(14), Cl:90, CMG:82, CMJ:80, CS:100(6), DM:90, Dot:90, DS:(74), F:90(11), Fa:80(12), Fly:80(18), G:80(6), Gw:80(33), IS:80, M:80(19), Mg:(20), MO:80(29), NR:90(3), Ok:93, OTB:85(15), P:85(41), Pf:90(12), PM:80(14), PMA:88(8), Px:(16), Q:80(39), RA:(14), RS:70, S:80, Sl:80(16), Spk:(2), St:80, T:80, TMT:100(2), Tu:94, U:80(21), UR:(34), Urb:90, VV:80, W:80; FB, MT:C, TH:B; V[34-38-356]
  4. Fleet Foxes: Helplessness Blues (Sub Pop) {206}: MC(85/42), AbP:88, AM:80, AS:90(21), ATH:100(10), AV:100, BB:82, BBC:80(18), Bl:80(49), Blr:90(17), Buf:88, Bow:75, Cl:(13), CMJ:80, CS:90(14), CT:88(10), DA:90, DS:80, Du:80, EW:(2), F:93(3), Fly:80(27), G:80(20), Gw:80(9), HC:(18), I:100, IS:80, LAT:88, M:100(3), MF:80, MO:90, NR:90(4), OTB:94(3), P:90(2), Pf:88(15), PM:80(1), PMA:100(3), Px:(20), Q:80, RS:80(4), S:90(33), Sl:90, Spk:100(6), T:80, Tu:94, U:(12), UR:80(4), UT:100; RC:*, MT:C, TH:B-; V[18-59-582]
  5. Tune-Yards: Whokill (4AD) {203}: MC(86/34), AC:89, AM:80(*), AV:83, BB:91, BBC:80, Bl:(*), Bow:90(3), CMG:88(7), CS:80(8), CMJ:80, CT:88(3), DA:80, DS:90(33), Du:80, EW:(13), Fa:80, Fly:80, G:80(10), IS:90, M:80(45), Mg:(14), MO:100(4), NME:80(9), Now:80, NR:90(2), NYT:80, OTB:84(22), P:(4), Pf:88(7), PM:80(4), PMA:91(2), Px:80(6), Q:80(33), RS:70(13), S:80(30), Sl:100(6), Spk:(35), St:80(13), TMT:90(12), U:80(44), UR:80(22), VV:80; CM, JG, YW, RC:A(5), MT:A(10), TH:*; V[1-135-1645]
  6. Tom Waits: Bad as Me (Anti-) {185}: MC(89/28), AC:80, AM:80, AP:80, AS:90(11), AV:91(12), BBC:(5), BG:80(7), Bl:90(1), Buf:100, Cl:100, CS:90(20), CT:(15), DS:90(13), EW:91, F:(15), Fly:80, G:80(14), Gw:90, HC:(4), I:100, IS:90, M:(9), Mg:(2), MO:90, NR:90(17), Ob:80, OTB:88(17), P:83(30), Pf:81, Ph:100, PM:80(19), Px:85, Qs:80, RS:80(23), S:80, Sl:80, Spk:(48), St:80(15), T:100, TMT:90(50), U:(13), UR:80(53), Urb:80; FB, YW, RC:A-(79), TH:A-; V[5-96-993]
  7. Kanye West/Jay-Z: Watch the Throne (Roc-A-Fella) {179}: MC(75/39), AS:80, AV:91(9), BB:(3), BG:80, Blr:(37), Cl:(32), CMG:81(16), CS:(45), DJB:90, DS:80(42), G:80(37), Gw:(17), HC:90(8), HDX:80(*), MO:(35), NME:(50), Now:80, NR:(43), NYT:80, Ok:(3), Pf:85(21), PM:80(56), PMA:83(17), Px:85(5), Q:(6), RS:70(2), S:(40), Sl:(17), St:80(35), T:100, UT:100, XXL:80(1); CM, JG:(8), YW, MT:A-(3), RC:A-(17), TH:A-; V[3-105-1116]
  8. St Vincent: Strange Mercy (4AD) {172}: MC(85/30), AbP:90, AC:78, AM:80(*), AS:90(28), ATH:80, AV:91(8), Bl:80, Bow:80(26), Cl:80, CMG:87(12), CS:90(1), CT:88(14), DS:90(11), Du:80, EW:91, Fly:80(35), G:80(18), M:80, MO:80(9), NME:90(7), Now:80, NR:(5), OTB:86(1), P:80(11), Pf:90(11), PM:90(7), PMA:91(6), Px:80(14), Q:(8), RS:70(26), S:90(34), Sl:80(5), Spk:90, St:80(11), T:100, TMT:(43), U:(43), UR:90(1); FB, JG, RC:***, TH:**; V[12-65-655]
  9. Radiohead: The King of Limbs (XL) {168}: MC(80/39), AbP:89, AP:80, AS:(19), AV:83, BBC:100, BG:90, Blr:(35), Cl:(5), CMJ:80, CS:80(15), DA:100, DS:(32), F:85(18), Fly:100(12), G:80(27), Gw:80(13), HC:80(17), I:80, M:(47), Mg:(12), MO:80(12), NME:(20), NR:(34), OTB:88(26), P:(13), Pf:79, PM:90(10), PMA:88(13), Px:(23), Q:80(32), RS:80(5), S:80, Spk:90(33), St:80(44), TMT:80, Tu:90, U:80(7), UR:(45), W:80(27); FB, MT:C+, RC:**, TH:B-; V[33-39-358]
  10. Wilco: The Whole Love (Anti-) {168}: MC(82/39), AbP:87, AM:90, AS:90(1), AV:(5), BBC:80, Bl:90(25), Blr:(46), Cl:90(23), CS:80, DS:(59), EW:91(19), F:87, G:80, Gw:80, HC:(9), I:80, IS:80, LAT:88, M:80(29), Mg:(15), MO:80, Now:100, NR:(26), P:85(7), Ph:100, PM:(27), PMA:91(26), Q:80, RS:80(8), S:80, Sl:80, Spk:90, TMT:80, U:80(15), UR:(41); CM, JG, MT:A-, RC:***, TH:**; V[22-54-505]
  11. Adele: 21 (XL) {158}: MC(76/34), AM:(*), AS:(3), AV:91(25), BB:(1), BBC:100, BG:80, Cl:90(8), CS:(34), Dot:90, EW:91(1), F:80(6), G:80, Gw:80(42), LAT:75*, MO:90, NR:80, Ok:90, P:80(14), PM:(12), Q:80(3), RS:70(1), S:80, Spk:80, St:80, T:100, UR:80, Urb:80, VV:80; RC:**, MT:B+, TH:B; V[6-86-974]
  12. Shabazz Palaces: Black Up (Sub Pop) {155}: MC(82/34), AbP:91, AM:80(*), AV:100, BBC:80, Bow:85, CMG:88(1), CMJ:80, CS:100(3), F:88, Fly:80(43), G:80(41), HC:(14), LAT:100, M:(36), NME:80, Now:80, NR:90(25), NYT:80, Ok:(11), OTB:91(5), Pf:88(14), Ph:88, PM:80(30), PMA:91(5), Px:95(1), RA:80, RS:70, S:70(20), Sl:80(4), Spk:90(13), St:80, TMT:(13), U:80, XL:85; CE, CM, JG:(3), MT:A-(4), RC:A-(41), TH:**; V[10-72-771]
  13. Destroyer: Kaputt (Merge) {154}: MC(84/37), AM, ATH:80(43), AV:91(17), BB:89, BBC:90, Bl:80(23), Bow:75, CMG:90(13), CMJ:80, CS:90(9), DS:90(20), Du:90, EW:91, F:86, Fly:80, G:100(33), HC:(12), LAT:88, M:80(41), MO:80, NME:80(44), Now:100, NR:90(13), OTB:92(9), P:86, Pf:88(2), PM:(24), PMA:85(21), Px:85(2), Q:80, Qs:(29), RS:70(42), Sl:80(18), S:70, Spk:100(9), TMT:100(9), U:80(31), UR:80(24), VV:70; RC:B+, MT:C+, TH:*; V[7-79-962]
  14. The Weeknd: House of Balloons (self-released) {152}: MC(88/14), AV:83(6), BB:(7), BBC:80, Blr:(4), CMG:83(10), CS:80(23), DS:80(27), F:(5), Fa:80(1), G:(8), Gw:(43), HC:(5), Now:80, NR:90(24), Ok:89(5), OTB:86(2), Pf:85, Ph:88, PM:90(6), PMA:85, Px:(19), Q:(14), RA:(16), RS:80, S:(13), Sl:(10), Spk:80(12), St:(1), TMT:(27), UR:(59); FB, CM, JG, YW, RC:***, MT:A+, TH:A-; V[13-63-649]
  15. M83: Hurry Up, We're Dreaming (Mute, 2CD) {147}: MC(79/26), AM:80, Bl:80, Bow:90(28), Cl:(22), CS:80(7), DS:(56), EW:83, F:92(1), Fly:90, IS:90, NR:80(12), OTB:86(12), P:(9), Pf:91(4), Ph:88, PM:(5), Px:90(11), RA:80, S:70(19), Spk:90(3), St:80(6), T:80, TMT:80(32), UR:90(2), XL:95(3); TH:B; V[19-56-558]
  16. Kurt Vile: Smoke Ring for My Halo (Matador) {145}: MC(82/28), AC:78, AM:80, AS:(41), AV:83, BBC:80, BG:90(2), Blr:80(14), Bow:80, CMG:83(15), CS:(28), DA:80, DS:80(36), Du:80, EW:(10), F:85, Fly:80(11), G:(25), HC:80, M:(12), MO:(46), NME:80(5), NR:90(6), OTB:86(30), P:(44), Pf:84(16), PM:(11), Px:(9), Q:80(16), RS:80(39), S:90(4), Sl:80, TMT:(47), U:80(14), UR:(26); MT:B-, TH:*; V[20-56-547]
  17. Girls: Father, Son, Holy Ghost (True Panther/Matador) {143}: MC(81/12), AC:89, AV:91, BB:93, Bl:80(33), Blr:(25), Bow:80(16), CMG:82, CS:80(21), DS:(66), F:86, Fly:(8), M:(30), NME:80(26), Now:80, NR:90(10), OTB:(31), P:90(13), Pf:93(5), PM:90(16), PMA:91(10), Px:(29), Q:(41), RS:70, S:90(5), Spk:90(26), St:80(17), UR:(51); CM, JG, RC:**, MT:A, TH:A-; V[25-45-472]
  18. Fucked Up: David Comes to Life (Matador) {142}: MC(86/33), AbP:90, AM:80(*), AP:80, AV:100(2), BB:(6), BBC:90, Blr:80(50), Cl:80, CMG:82, CMJ:80, CS:80(19), CT:88(5), DA:80, DS:80(26), Du:80, F:(19), Fly:80, G:80, K:80(25), M:80, MF:(*), Mg:(11), MO:80(33), NME:80, Now:100, OTB:92(16), Pf:86(33), PM:90(3), Px:(4), Q:80, Qs:(34), RkS:90, RS:70, S:90(1), Sl:80, U:80, UR:(39), VV:80; CM, FB, JG, MT:A, TH:A-; V[11-66-743]
  19. Drake: Take Care (Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Republic) {139}: MC(81/29), AbP:85, AM:80, AV:91(13), BB:(5), BBC:80, BG:80, Blr:80(9), CMG:89(35), CS:80(10), DJB:80, Fa:90(7), G:(19), Gw:80, I:80, NME:80, Now:80, NR:80, NYT:90, P:(48), Pf:86(8), PM:90, PMA:91(19), Px:(10), RR:80, RS:80(22), S:80(22), Sl:90(14), Spk:80, St:80(10), UT:88, VV:90, XXL:80(2); JG, RC:**, TH:B-; V[8-81-899]
  20. Lykke Li: Wounded Rhymes (Atlantic) {137}: MC(84/33), AM:80, AV:83, BB:80, BBC:80, BG:80, Bl:90(7), Blr:80(19), Bow:80(37), Buf:88, Cl:80(19), CS:80, CT:88, DA:80, DS:(35), EW:100(3), F:(13), Fly:(38), G:80(32), Gw:80, LAT:88, M:80(28), MO:80(34), NR:90(29), OTB:85(10), P:(28), Pf:83(43), PM:90(23), PMA:84(20), Q:80(26), RS:80, S:80(10), Sl:90(2), St:80(21), TMT:80, U:80, UR:(70); FB, YW, RC:A-(84), MT:B-, TH:B-; V[38-37-318]
  21. Real Estate: Days (Domino) {132}: MC(74/22), AS:(38), ATH:90(4), AV:100(7), BBC:80, Bl:80(28), Bow:85(8), CMG:83(31), CS:(37), EW:83, F:84, Fly:80(22), MO:80, NME:(48), NR:80(11), NYT:80, OTB:88(8), P:(47), Pf:87(9), Px:(7), Q:(24), S:70, Sl:80, St:(38), U:80(24), UR:(29); JG, TH:B; V[32-40-371]
  22. Yuck: Yuck (Fat Possum) {127}: MC(81/34), AM:80, ATH:80(20), AV:(15), BBC:80, Blr:80, Bow:80, CMJ:80, CS:90(44), Dot:80, Du:80, Fly:(13), G:80, Gw:80(41), I:80, M:80, Mg:(1), MO:80, NME:80(23), Now:80, NYT:90, OTB:82(19), P:89(16), Pf:81, PM:80(15), Px:80(22), Q:80, RkS:80, RS:80, S:(31), Sl:90(25), St:80(63), Tu:80, UR:(8); CM, YW, RC:A-(95), MT:A-, TH:**; V[24-54-489]
  23. Wild Flag: Wild Flag (Merge) {122}: MC(83/25), AM:80(*), AP:80, AV:83(17), Bl:80(4), Bow:80, CMG:(30), CS:90(26), CT:100(1), DA:80, DS:80, Du:80, EW:91, Fly:80, G:80, HC:(2), MF:(*), Mg:(3), MO:80, NME:(15), NR:80, NYT:80, OTB:82(40), P:80(42), Pf:80(49), PM:(22), Px:90(40), RS:80(9), S:80(9), T:80, UR:80(23); CM, FB, JG, YW, RC:A-(29), MT:A-, TH:**; V[4-91-1015]
  24. The Roots: Undun (Island Def Jam) {121}: MC(86/17), AC:80, AM:90(*), AV:100, BBC:100, Bl:100(13), CS:80, CT:100(2), DJB:90, Du:80, EW:91, G:80, HC:(20), I:100, HDX:100(*), LAT:88, Now:80, Ob:80, Ok:(1), OTB:81, P:84, Ph:88, PM:80, PMA:91(32), RS:70, S:70(44), Spk:80, T:80, UT:88, WB:90(2), XXL:80; DB, JG, YW, RC:B+, TH:**; V[17-60-597]
  25. The Decemberists: The King Is Dead (Capitol) {115}: MC(77/38), AbP:89, AC:89, AS:(32), ATH:80, AV:100(10), BBC:80(21), BG:80, Bl:80, Blr:(41), CS:80, DA:80, EW:91, G:80, HC:80(19), IS:80, M:80, MO:80(49), NR:80, P:85(10), PM:80(13), RS:80(7), S:70, Spk:80, St:80, T:100, U:80(26), UR:(62), UT:88; MT:B-, TH:B; V[29-40-415]
  26. The Black Keys: El Camino (Nonesuch) {112}: MC(85/22), AM:90(*), AS:80(9), BBC:80, Bl:80(5), Blr:(6), Cl:80, CS:80, EW:91(11), G:100, I:80, IS:80, K:(56), LAT:100, Now:80, P:83(22), Ph:88, PM:90, RS:80(12), S:80(36), Sl:80, St:80, T:80, UR:80, UT:100; FB, JG, YW, RC:*; V[21-54-546]
  27. The Antlers: Burst Apart (Frenchkiss) {111}: MC(81/27), AbP:88, AC:78, ATH:80(8), AV:91, BBC:80(4), Bl:80, Bow:80, CMJ:80, CS:90(11), DA:100, DS:90*, F:86, Fly:90(1), G:80(49), Gw:(14), HC:(1), MO:90(6), NR:(16), NYT:80, OTB:91(4), P:(25), Pf:82, PM:80(21), PMA:91(9), Px:80, Q:80, Sl:80, Spk:80(42), St:(26), Tu:80, UR:80(72); FB, TH:***; V[68-17-178]
  28. The War on Drugs: Slave Ambient (Secrety Canadian) {110}: MC(80/26), ATH:80(26), AV:91, Bl:90(6), Bow:85(18), Cl:80, CMG:80, CS:80(30), DS:(25), F:83, Fly:80(41), G:80, Gw:90, M:(21), MO:90, NR:80(14), OTB:85(28), P(37), Pf:83(39), PM:80(40), PMA:(30), Px:80(13), Qs:90, S:70, Spk:90(23), U:100(10), UR:80(11); TH:**; V[49-23-236]
  29. TV on the Radio: Nine Types of Light (Interscope) {106}: MC(82/39), AbP:90, AC:78, ATH:80, AV:100(11), BB:81, CS:80, CT:88(12), Dot:80, EW:83(12), G:80, Gw:(38), HC:(16), LAT:88, M:80, MO:90(24), NME:80(35), Ok:90, P:80(24), Pf:77, PM:90(28), PMA:85(15), Px:80, PM:90, Q:80, RS:80(17), S:80, Sl:80(12), Spk:100(39), St:80(62), T:80, TMT:80, Tu:80, U:80, UR:80(30); CM, FB, YW, RC:A-(32), MT:A, TH:A-; V[43-28-261]
  30. Feist: Metals (Cherrytree) {104}: MC(79/27), AC:80, AS:(10), AV:83, BBC:80, BG:80, Bl:80(16), Blr:80(36), Bow:75, CS:80, EW:83, F:84, G:80(24), Gw:90, I:80, IS:80, LAT:100, MO:80, NME:80, NR:100(18), Ob:80, Ok:95, OTB:82(43), P:83(29), Pf:77, PM:(60), PMA:83(33), Q:(38), RS:70(18), S:70, St:80(36), U:(17); TH:B; V[59-20-192]
  31. The Horrors: Skying (XL) {104}: MC(83/26), AM:80, AV:83, BBC:100(3), Cl:90(2), CS:90(17), DS:80(28), Fa:(32), Fly:100(3), G:80(16), Gw:80(2), I:80, IS:80, LAT:88, M:(2), MO:90(7), NME:80(3), NR:80(30), OTB:87(7), Pf:75, Ph:88, PM:(42), PMA:(37), Q:80(11), S:70, Sl:80, Spk:80, St:80(45), U:80(6), UR:80(5); FB, TH:B-; V[80-15-143]
  32. Washed Out: Within and Without (Sub Pop) {104}: MC(71/30), AbP:80, AV:(25), BG:(8), Bl:80, Cl:80, CMJ:80, CS:(41), DS:80, F:86(9), Fly:80(16), G:80, Gw:80, M:80, MO:90(36), NR:(40), Pf:83, Ph:88, PM:(32), Px:90(39), Q:80(37), RS:70, S:90(35), Sl:80, Tu:82, UR:80(9); FB, JG, MT:***, TH:***; V[82-17-142]
  33. Wild Beasts: Smother (Domino) {103}: MC(85/27), AC:78, AM:90, AV:83, BBC:100(2), Bl:80(50), Bow:75, Cl:90(15), CMG:84(46), CS:80, Dot:90, DS:90(17), F:83, Fa:(43), Fly:80(7), G:80(12), Gw:80(12), I:80, IS:90, M:80(10), MF:80(*), MO:90(3), NME:90(4), NR:80(22), NYT:80, OTB:(38), Pf:82, PM:90, PMA:(40), Q:80(25), Qs:(8), RA:80, S:70, Sl:(9), St:80(8), Tu:88, U:80(8), UR:(27); FB, JG, MT:X, TH:*; V[392-4-30]
  34. EMA: Past Life Martyred Saints (Souterrain Transmissions) {100}: MC(83/17), AM:80(*), AV:83, BBC:(20), Bow:(19), CMG:80(33), CS:80(16), DS:80(15), Du:80, Fly:80(37), Gw:(45), M:80(24), MF:(*), MO:90(40), NME:80, Now:80, OTB:85(25), Pf:85(13), Ph:88, PM:90(35), PMA:(31), Px:(12), Qs:(27), S:(3), Sl:80, St:80(41), TMT:(31), U:80, UR:(6); FB, RC:B+, MT:***, TH:***; V[15-59-634]
  35. Atlas Sound: Parallax (4AD) {97}: MC(83/29), AbP:84, AM:80, ATH:(23), AV:91, BBC:80, BG:80, Bl:80(40), Bow:80(22), CS:90(18), DS:80(58), F:83, G:80, MO:80, NME:80, Now:80, NR:90, OTB:(34), Pf:87(18), PM:90(66), PMA:83(24), Px:80(35), RS:70, S:90, St:80(56), TMT:80, UR:(32), Urb:90; FB, TH:B; V[61-19-186]
  36. Panda Bear: Tomboy (Paw Tracks) {97}: MC(77/37), AC:78, AM:80, AV:91, BBC:80, Bl:(17), Buf:88, Bow:90, CMG:84, CS:90(25), DA:90, DS:80(44), EW:83, F:89, Fa:80, G:80, Mg:(19), Now:80, NR:90, NYT:80, OTB:85, Pf:85(32), Ph:88, PM:(36), PMA:87(7), Px:(17), RA:80, RS:70(37), S:80, Spk:90(32), St:80, TMT:(34), Tu:92, U:80, UR:(60); TH:B; V[69-19-176]
  37. Frank Ocean: Nostalgia, Ultra (mixtape) {93}: AV:(15), BB:(4), Blr:(23), DS:(31), EW:(6), Fa:(10), G:(3), LAT:80*, M:(49), Ok:(7), Pf:78(35), Q:(49), Qs:(23), RS:(24), S:(41), W:(40); CM, JG:(1), RC:A(4), MT:A(1), TH:A-; V[16-54-611]
  38. SBTRKT: SBTRKT (Young Turks) {93}: MC(73/15), AM:80, BBC:80(12), CS:80(24), DS:90, Fly:(40), G:(15), Gw:(48), MO:80(14), NME:(49), OTB:80, Pf:81(42), Px:(27), Q:(46), RS:70, S:80(18), St:80(14), UR:80(14), XL:85; RC:**, MT:***, TH:***; V[127-10-94]
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  92. Peaking Lights: 936 (Not Not Fun) {54}: DS:(67), Fa:(27), Fly:80, Pf:77, MO:80, Px:(44), TMT:80(14), W:(15); FB, TH:**; V[106-11-111]
  93. Little Dragon: Ritual Union (Peacefrog) {53}: MC(77/21), AM:80, BBC:80, Cl:80(31), CMJ:80, EW:83, F:84(16), G:80, I:80, IS:80, MO:80(15), Ok:86(2), OTB:89(45), Px:80, RS:80(41), S:70, Sl:80, St:80, T:100, U:(37); MT:X, TH:*; V[174-6-68]
  94. Thurston Moore: Demolished Thoughts (Matador) {52}: MC(78/33), AM, AV:100, BBC:80, BG:80, Bl:90, DS:80, Du:80, F:80, Fly:80, G:80, HC:80, M:80(18), MF:80, Mg:(18), MO:80, Pf:81, Q:80, Qs:(41), RS:70, S:70, Spk:80, TMT:80, U:80(23), W:80; RC:A-(89), MT:A-, TH:*; V[210-6-55]
  95. Zola Jesus: Conatus (Sacred Bones) {52}: MC(78/21), AV:83, Bl:80, Bow:75, Cl:80, CS:80, Du:80, F:85, Fa:80, IS:80, LAT:88, MF:(*), MO:80, Pf:77, Ph:88, PM:80(73), PMA:83(23), Qs:80, RA:80, S:80(38), U:80; FB; V[79-16-145]
  96. Black Lips: Arabia Mountain (Vice) {51}: MC(79/23), AC:78, AM:80, BB:90, BG:80, Bl:90, CMJ:80, CS:80, F:87(8), Fly:90(23), Gw:(23), NME:80(27), OTB:81, P:85(27), Pf:77, Px:80, PM:90(52), PMA:83(25), Q:80, S:70, Sl:80, St:80(75), U:80; MT:X, TH:*; V[115-8-104]
  97. Miguel Zenon: Alma Adentro: The Puerto Rican Songbook (Marsalis Music) {51}: Buf:88; DB, JT:(5), TH:***; V[372-3-30]
  98. Danny Brown: XXX (Fool's Gold) {50}: AM:80(*), Blr:(49), CMG:86(6), CS:(39), Fa:90(19), Pf:82(19), Px:(3), RR:80, S:(6), Urb:80; CM, RC:***, TH:***; V[28-43-421]
  99. Drive-By Truckers: Go-Go Boots (ATO/Red) {50}: MC(78/25), AM:80, AS:90(4), BB:83, BBC:80(14), Bl:(36), G:80, I:80, M:80(26), MF:80, Now:80, NR:80, OTB:80, Pf:77, Ph:88, PM:(47), Q:80, RS:70, S:70, U:80(19); CM, RC:A-(70), MT:A-, TH:A-; V[159-9-74]
  100. Dum Dum Girls: Only in Dreams (Sub Pop) {50}: MC(74/21), ATH:(44), BG:(10), Bow:85(31), CMJ:80, DA:80, F:83, G:80, MO:80, Now:80, OTB:86(46), P:82, Pf:76, Ph:88, RS:70, S:80(17), St:(57), UR:(40); TH:B; V[55-24-209]
  101. The Joy Formidable: The Big Roar (Canvasback/Atlantic) {50}: MC(78/17), AbP:84, AM:80, ATH:80(19), BB:(10), BBC:80, Bl:(20), Cl:80, CS:(49), F:83, Fly:80(50), Gw:(34), MO:90, NME:80, NR:90, OTB:81, P:(43), PM:80(63), Q:80, RkS:90, RS:70, S:80, St:(28); MT:C+; V[58-18-197]
  102. Tinariwen: Tassili (Anti-) {50}: MC(83/18), AC:89, AM:80, BBC:80, BG:80, Bl:(26), Cl:80, Du:80, G:80, I:80, M:80(35), MO:80, P:82, Pf:78, Q:80, RS:70, S:80, T:80, U:80(18); DB, FB, RC:A-(100), MT:A-, TH:A-; V[70-16-169]
  103. Clams Casino: Instrumentals (mixtape) {49}: CMG:(38), Fa:90(3), NR:80, Pf:82(17), Px:(45), RA:80, Qs:(36), RA:(7), XL:(15); JG, MT:A-, TH:***; V[61-19-186]
  104. Danger Mouse/Daniele Luppi: Rome (Capitol) {49}: MC(77/22), BB:82, BG:90, Cl:80(40), CT:88(16), Dot:80, EW:100, F:88, Gw:90(44), I:80, MO:80, NME:80, Q:(40), RS:70, S:70, St:(70), T:80, U:80, UT:88; TH:B; V[159-9-74]
  105. Joe Lovano: Bird Songs (Blue Note) {49}: MC(86/10), BBC:80, BG:80, Du:80, EW:83, G:100, IS:100, MO:80, Ph:88, VV:80; DA, DB, JT:(2), TN, TH:**
  106. The Mountain Goats: All Eternals Deck (Merge) {48}: MC(77/32), AbP:92, AM:80, ATH:80, AV:83, Bl:80(43), CMG:83, CMJ:80, CS:80(40), DS:80, F:74, MO:80, Now:80, NR:80(33), OTB:90(35), P:85, Pf:81, PM:80(31), Px:85, RS:70, S:70, Sl:80, Spk:90, TMT:80; JG, MT:A-, RC:***, TH:***; V[65-17-180]
  107. Rustie: Glass Swords (Warp) {48}: MC(85/8), AM:80, BBC:80, DS:80(62), Du:80, Fa:100(2), G:80(9), Gw:(47), NR:(50), Pf:80, Qs:80, RA:80, Spk:80, XL:90(2), W:(2); TH:B; V[113-12-106]
  108. The Civil Wars: Barton Hollow (Sensibility Music) {47}: AS:(23), P:80(17), Px:80, R:90(2), UT:88; MT:*, TH:B; V[180-7-65]
  109. Cass McCombs: Wit's End (Domino) {47}: MC(75/10), ATH:80, CMG:81, CS:80, DS:80, Du:80, F:84, Fly:80, MO:80, Pf:84, Px:(33), Q:(19), S:80(25), TMT:80, Tu:86; MT:X, TH:*; V[269-5-42]
  110. Charles Bradley: No Time for Dreaming (Daptone) {46}: MC(77/12), AM:80, BG:80, Bl:80(8), CMJ:80, M:(40), Now:80, P:84(21), PM:80(45), Px:85, Q:80, RS:(48), S:80; TH:**; V[50-26-236]
  111. Explosions in the Sky: Take Care Take Care Take Care (Temporary Residence) {46}: MC(79/18), AC:89, AM:90, AP:80, ATH:80, BBC:80, Bl:80, Buf:100, Cl:80(25), CS:80, DS:(63), F:90, Fly:80, MO:80(30), NME:80, Ph:88, PM:80, Px:80, RkS:90, RS:70, S:80, St:(73), TMT:90; TH:*; V[226-5-50]
  112. REM: Collapse Into Now (Warner Bros) {46}: MC(74/27), AV:83, BB:83, BBC:80, BG:80, Bl:80, Buf:88, CS:80, F:86, Fly:80, G:80, I:80, Mg:(6), Now:80, NR:80, RS:80(16), S:80, St:80, UR:80(49); YW, MT:*, TH:B; V[73-13-163]
  113. White Denim: D (Downtown) {46}: AM:80, Bow:90(11), Cl:80(34), Fly:(25), G:80(11), I:100, M:(6), MO:90, NME:(37), Now:80, PM:80, RS:80(46), St:80(29), U:(4); FB, TH:**; V[81-16-142]
  114. Das Racist: Relax (Greedhead Music) {45}: MC(81/4), AV:83, CT:(9), F:84, LAT:88, OTB:85, PMA:83, Px:85(18), RS:70(28), S:80(16), Sl:80(11), Spk:80; JG, YW, MT:(7), RC:A(1), TH:A-; V[48-26-244]
  115. Noel Gallagher: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds (Island) {45}: MC(68/31), AS:(42), EW:83, F:85(14), Gw:(19), IS:80, M:(46), NME:80(39), Now:80, P:82, Q:80(21), Qs:80, RS:70, S:80, Spk:80, T:100, UT:88; V[173-8-69]
  116. Pistol Annies: Hell on Wheels (Columbia Nashville) {45}: AS:(8), AV:83, CW:80, EW:(9), G:(36), R:(4), RS:80(29), Sl:80; CE, CM, RC:A(10), TH:A-; V[23-43-499]
  117. Craig Taborn: Avenging Angel (ECM) {45}: AM:(*), G:80, PM:80; CM, JG, JT:(8), TN, TH:**; V[129-7-93]
  118. Julianna Barwick: The Magic Place (Asthmatic Kitty) {44}: MC(80/14), BBC:80(19), Bl:100, Bow:85, CMG:82(28), DS:80, Fa:80(8), MO:90, NR:80, OTB:87, Pf:85(24), Ph:88; PM:80, Spk:80, St:(59), UR:(67), VV:80; MT:X; V[86-15-138]
  119. Eleanor Friedberger: Last Summer (Merge) {44}: MC(81/23), AM, AP:80, AV:83, Bl:80, Bow:80(9), CMG:80(36), CS:80, Du:80, Fly:80, G:80, Mg:(17), MO:80, NME:80, NR:80, P:82, Pf:79, PM:80(44), S:80, Spk:100, Tu:84, U:80, UR:(68), VV:80; MT:*, TH:*; V[107-15-110]
  120. The Vaccines: What Did You Expect From the Vaccines (Columbia) {44}: MC(68/17), AV:91, Bl:80, Fly:90(9), Gw:80(16), M:80, MF:80, NME:80(14), PM:(72), Q:80, RS:70, S:80, St:80(67), T:80, U:80; FB, MT:X; V[114-13-105]
  121. Death Cab for Cutie: Codes and Keys (Atlantic) {43}: MC(72/22), AbP:95, AP:80, AS:80, BB:81, BBC:80, CMJ:80, EW:100, F:80, Gw:80, I:80, K:(91), MF:80, NYT:80, P:83, RkS:80, RS:70, S:80, UR:(15), UT:88; MT:***, TH:***; V[266-4-42]
  122. Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Fat Possum) {42}: MC(73/11), AM:80, Bl:90, Bow:80(17), CS:(36), Fly:80(21), Gw:(40), NME:(34), NR:80, Ok:87, Pf:81, Px:85(25), U:(50); TH:B; V[152-7-77]
  123. Childish Gambino: Camp (Glassnote) {41}: MC(77/15), AbP:90, AM:80, AP:90, Blr:(27), CS:90(27), DJB:80, I:80, P:91(35), PMA:83, XXL:80; YW, RC:A-, TH:*; V[310-3-35]
  124. Dawes: Nothing Is Wrong (ATO/Red) {41}: MC(77/5), AS:(5), AV:83, Bl:80, I:100, NR:80, OTB:80, P:85(8), PM:(64), RS:(35), S:70, U:(39); TH:C+; V[210-6-55]
  125. Britney Spears: Femme Fatale (Jive) {41}: MC(66/19), AV:83(23), DS:(75), EW:83, Now:80, Ph:88, RS:80, S:70(50), T:80; CE, RC:B+, MT:A, TH:A-; V[53-24-214]
  126. Hayes Carll: KMAG YOYO (Lost Highway) {40}: MC(80/12), AC:78, AS:80(6), AV:83, Bl:80, E145:80, EW:83, IS:80, LAT:88, P:88, R:90, RS:70, S:90(32), U:80; CM, YW, RC:B+, MT:B+, TH:A-; V[76-16-153]
  127. Foster the People: Torches (Columbia) {40}: MC(62/5), AbP:86, AC:89, Blr:80(33), MO:80, RS:70, S:70; TH:B; V[214-7-54]
  128. Liturgy: Anesthetica (Thrill Jockey) {39}: MC(70/11), AM:80, AV:91, NR:90, OTB:82, Pf:83(41), PM:80, Qs:(50), S:80(26), TMT:90(49); CM; V[88-15-135]
  129. Okkervil River: I Am Very Far (Jagjaguwar) {39}: MC(80/33), AM:80, AP:90, AS:80, ATH:80(32), AV:91, DA:90, DS:90, F:86, G:80, M:80, P:88, Pf:79, PM:80(39), Px:80, Q:80, RS:70, S:80, Sl:90, Spk:90, T:80, U:80, UR:90(55); TH:B-; V[134-9-90]
  130. Gretchen Parlato: The Lost and Found (ObliqSound) {39}: AM:80, G:80; JT:(16), TH:B-; V[902-1-10]
  131. The Strokes: Angles (RCA) {39}: MC(72/27), AbP:86, AP:80, AV:83, BBC:90, Blr:80, Buf:100, Cl:80, CS:80, DS:80, Fly:(46), Gw:90(5), LAT:88, MO:90, Now:80, P:80, PMA:80, RS:80, S:80, Spk:80, St:80, Tu:88, UT:88; MT:C-, TH:C-; V[164-8-72]
  132. Bright Eyes: The People's Key (Saddle Creek) {38}: MC(70/22), AS:80(22), AV:83, BB:80, BBC:(25), DS:90(8), F:85, G:80, Gw:80(26), IS:80, Mg:(7), MO:80, NME:80, PM:(59), RS:70, S:70, St:80, TMT:80, UT:88; MT:B, TH:*; V[120-8-101]
  133. Friendly Fires: Pala (XL) {38}: MC(72/14), AM:80, AV:83, BBC:80, Dot:80, DS:80(51), EW:91, Fly:80(14), G:80, Gw:80(10), MF:80, MO:90(31), NME:80(30), Now:80, NR:80(39), S:80, St:80(11), UR:(38); TH:B; V[226-5-50]
  134. King Creosote/Jon Hopkins: Diamond Mind (Domino) {38}: MC(77/9), ATH:80(15), BBC:80, Cl:(14), DS:80, Du:80, G:(13), LAT:80*, M:80(14), MO:100(10), Q:80(42), Spk:90, U:(28); TH:*; V[131-8-92]
  135. Balam Acab: Wander/Wonder (Tri Angle) {37}: MC(79/6), AM:80, Bl:90, DS:80, Fa:80(37), OTB:87(37), Pf:82, RA:80, St:80, W:(17), XL:(4); V[434-4-26]
  136. Dirty Beaches: Badlands (Zoo Music, EP) {37}: MC(75/7), AV:91, CMG:(39), NR:80, Pf:82, PM:80, Px:(37), St:80, TMT:(17); MT:X, TH:*; V[157-8-74]
  137. Lucinda Williams: Blessed (Lost Highway) {37}: MC(79/24), AM:80, AS:80(13), BB:85, BBC:80, CT:88, E145:80, I:80, IS:80, LAT:100, M:80, NYT:80, P:90, PM:80(69), R:90, RS:70, S:70, T:80, U:80; RC:B+, MT:A, TH:A-; V[125-10-96]
  138. Lee Konitz/Brad Mehldau/Charlie Haden/Paul Motian: Live at Birdland (ECM) {36}: G:100; JG:(7), JT:(4), TH:**; V[324-3-34]
  139. Wolves in the Throne Room: Celestial Lineage (Southern Lord) {36}: MC(89/7), AM:90(*), AV:100, CMG:82(37), DS:80, K:(28), Now:80, OTB:84, Pf:86, Qs:(42), U:80; DB; V[144-9-84]
  140. Death Grips: Exmilitary (Third Worlds) {35}: CS:80, DS:90, G:80, NME:(41), NR:(38), Pf:75, Qs:(9), St:80, TMT:(22); TH:*; V[165-9-72]
  141. JD Allen: Victory! (Sunnyside) {34}: AM:80, Buf:88; CM, FD, JT:(7), TN, TH:***; V[902-1-10]
  142. Kasabian: Velociraptor! (Columbia) {34}: MC(80/20), AM:80, BG:80, Cl:(33), CS:80, Fly:80, G:80, Gw:90(6), I:80, M:80, MF:(*), MO:90, NME:80(21), Ph:88, Q:80(29), S:70, T:80, U:80; V[428-3-26]
  143. Matana Roberts: Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens de Couleur Libre (Constellation) {34}: AM:80, NR:90, Px:(43), TMT:90(48); CE, CM, FJ, TN, TH:**; V[78-12-145]
  144. Coldplay: Mylo Xyloto (Capitol) {33}: MC(65/39), AbP:85, BBC:80, Cl:80, F:80, Fly:80(42), Gw:80(15), M:80, Q:100(5), RS:70, S:70, Spk:100(43), T:80; TH:B-; V[249-6-46]
  145. J Cole: Cole World: The Sideline Story (Roc Nation) {33}: MC(75/13), AM:80(*), BG:80, EW:83, HDX:(*), Now:80, RS:70, S:80, XXL:80(4); RC:B+, TH:**; V[176-8-67]
  146. Common: The Dreamer/The Believer (Warner Bros) {33}: MC(73/15), DJB:90, EW:91, HDX:90(*), I:100, Ok:(9), P:81, Pf:76, PMA:83, Px:85, RR:85, UT:88, XXL:80; JG, YW, RC:***, TH:***; V[137-8-89]
  147. Neon Indian: Era Extrana (Mom + Pop) {33}: MC(77/10), AM:80, Bl:80, Bow:85(24), Cl:80, CS:80, F:84, G:80, MO:80, Now:80, Pf:79, RS:70, S:70, UR:(50); V[244-6-47]
  148. Tennis: Cape Dory (Fat Possum) {33}: MC(76/24), AbP:83, AC:78, AM:80, AV:91, Blr:80(21), Bow:75, CMJ:80, CS:90, F:81, NR:(41), OTB:80, P:88, PM:80, PMA:82, Px:90, RS:70, S:80, Tu:80; MT:X; V[902-1-10]
  149. The Weeknd: Thursday (self-released) {33}: Blr:80(4), CMG:81, CS:80, Fa:80, Now:80, NR:80, OTB:83, Pf:79, Q:(20), Px:85(19), RA:80, S:70(13), Sl:80, Spk:(20), St:80; MT:B-; V[634-2-18]
  150. AA Bondy: Believers (Fat Possum) {32}: MC(81/6), AM:80, AS:90(29), AV:83, Bow:75, DS:80, F:81, Fly:80, G:80, NR:80, Px:80, S:80, T:80; TH:B; V[207-4-55]
  151. Terri Lyne Carrington: The Mosaic Project (Concord) {32}: MC(84/5), AM:80, BG:80, Buf:88, G:80, IS:80, NYT:80, UT:100; JL, JT:(14), TH:**
  152. Justice: Audio, Video, Disco (Because) {32}: MC(70/25), AM:80, AV:91, BB:80, BBC:80, Cl:80, F:(20), G:80, NME:80(33), Now:80, NR:80, Ob:80, Ph:88, PM:80, Q:(50); CE, TH:C+; V[737-2-15]
  153. J Mascis: Several Shades of Why (Sub Pop) {32}: MC(77/21), AM:80, AS:80, BBC:80, BG:80, DA:80, DS:80, Du:80, F:87, K:80(33), MF:80(*), Now:80, NR:80, P:82, P:79, RkS:80, S:70, St:80; TH:A-; V[226-5-50]
  154. Joshua Redman/Aaron Parks/Matt Penman/Eric Harland: James Farm (Nonesuch) {32}: Buf:88, PM:80; DB, JM, JT:(12), TN, TH:***; V[882-1-11]
  155. Gruff Rhys: Hotel Shampoo (Turnstile) {32}: MC(71/17), BBC:80, Cl:80(18), Fly:80(34), G:(40), I:80, IS:80, Now:80, Pf:76, Ph:88, Q:80(34), S:70, Sl:80, St:80, UR:(56); V[226-5-50]
  156. Rihanna: Talk That Talk (Def Jam) {32}: MC(65/24); EW:83(18), G:80, Gw:90, MO:80, RS:70, S:80, T:80; RC:A-(81), TH:**; V[192-7-61]
  157. Saigon: The Greatest Story Never Told (Suburban Noize) {32}: MC(89/13), AM:80, AbP:80*, AV:100(22), DJB:80, HDX:80(*), Ok:91, Ph:100, RR:90, S:80, VV:80; RC:A-(56), TH:**; V[141-8-85]
  158. Ty Segall: Goodbye Bread (Drag City) {32}: MC(77/10), BBC:80, Blr:80(34), Bow:75, CMJ:80, CS:(47), DA:80, OTB:83, Pf:81(31), Ph:88, PM:80, S:80; MT:X; V[100-11-115]; V[334-2-32]
  159. Matthew Shipp: Art of the Improviser (Thirsty Ear, 2CD) {32}: AM:80, PM:80, TMT:90; FJ, JT:(27), TN(3), TH:***; V[234-3-49]
  160. Cymbals Eat Guitars: Lenses Alien (Barsuk) {31}: MC(81/22), AbP:90, AM:80, AP:80, AV:83, CMG:80, CS:80, CT:(18), DS:80, Fly:80, G:80, NR:80, NYT:80, OTB:80(47), Pf:81, Ph:100, S:80, Sl:80; V[392-4-30]
  161. Future Islands: On the Water (Thrill Jockey) {31}: MC(81/20), AV:91, CS:80, DA:80, DS:80, Du:80, F:84, P:89, Pf:77, PM:90, Px:80, Q:80, S:80, St:80, TMT:90(36), UR:(73); V[213-7-55]
  162. Twin Sister: In Heaven (Domino) {31}: MC(72/20), BBC:80, Cl:80, CS:80, DS:80, F:82, Fly:80, M:80, MF:(*), NR:80, NYT:80, OTB:81, Pf:78, Ph:100, PMA:83(29), Qs:80, St:(31), TMT:90; V[186-5-62]
  163. Veronica Falls: Veronica Falls (Slumberland/Bella Union) {31}: MC(81/7), AM:90(*), DS:90(71), Fly:80(19), Gw:(32), Pf:77, Now:80, S:70; JG, MT:X; V[105-11-113]
  164. Patrick Wolf: Lupercalia (Hideout/Mercury) {31}: MC(71/18), BBC:80, G:80, IS:80, MF:(*), MO:90(48), NME:80(42), Q:80, S:70, Sl:90(15), Spk:90, St:80, T:80; FB; V[209-5-55]
  165. Deerhoof: Deerhoof vs Evil (Polyvinyl) {30}: MC(77/21), AM:80, AP:80, AV:91, BB:82, BBC:80, Bl:90, Bow:85, CMG:90(17), DS:80, Fly:80, Gw:90, NR:(32), NYT:80, P:90, Px:85, RS:70, TMT:80, U:80; TH:B-; V[218-6-53]
  166. Keith Jarrett: Rio (ECM, 2CD) {30}: AM:90, Bl:90, G:100, PM:90; JT:(9), TH:*; V[737-2-15]
  167. Los Campesinos!: Hello Sadness (Arts and Crafts) {30}: MC(75/26), AbP:86, AM:80, AP:80, BBC:80, CMJ:80, CS:80, DS:(73), Fly:80, MO:80, NR:90(15), OTB:81, P:83, Pf:80, RS:70, S:80, Spk:80, TMT:80, U:80; TH:*; V[264-5-44]
  168. Jonathan Wilson: Gentle Spirit (Bella Union) {30}: MC(83/10), BBC:80, Cl:90, G:80(28), I:80, IS:80, M:80(4), NME:80, RS:70, U:80(16); V[372-3-30]
  169. Active Child: You Are All I See (Vagrant) {29}: MC(75/9), AM:90, Bow:85(39), CS:80, DS:90, F:85, PMA:91(28), St:(18); TH:B-; V[235-4-49]
  170. Cat's Eyes: Cat's Eyes (Polydor) {29}: MC(78/15), AM:80, BBC:80, DS:80, G:80(35), I:80, M:80(13), MO:80(39), NME:80(18), Now:80, Pf:79, Ph:88, Q:80, T:80, UR:(18); V[1734-1-5]
  171. Kuedo: Severant (Planet Mu) {29}: MC(85/10), BBC:90, DS:90, Fa:90(16), MO:80, NME:80, Pf:77, Qs:80, RA:80(9), Spk:80, St:80, W:(41), XL:85(11); TH:*; V[195-7-60]
  172. Pharoahe Monch: WAR (We Are Renegades) (Duck Down Music) {29}: MC(86/4), CMJ:80, DJB:80, HDX:80(*), Ok:92, Ph:100, S:70, Sl:90, WB:70; RC:*, TH:**
  173. Noah and the Whale: Last Night on Earth (Mercury) {29}: MC(71/19), AV:83, BBC:80, Cl:80, DS:80, EW:83, F:83, Fly:80(33), G:80(22), Gw:(39), I:80, MF:80, NME:80(22), Q:(48), S:70, T:80; V[221-3-50]
  174. Other Lives: Tamer Animals (TBD) {29}: ATH:80(11), F:89, G:80, S:70; V[1571-2-10]
  175. Wadada Leo Smith's Organic: Heart's Reflections (Cuneiform) {29}: AM:90(*), T:80; CM, FJ, JM, TN(9), TH:A-; V[1734-1-5]
  176. Andy Stott: Passed Me By (Modern Love, EP) {29}: MC(82/4), AM:90, CMG:83(45), DS:80, Fa:90(28), NR:80, Pf:76, RA:(11), Spk:80, XL:(30); V[157-8-74]
  177. Frank Turner: England Keep My Bones (Epitaph) {29}: MC(85/9), AbP:89, AM:80, AP:80, BBC:80, Bl:80, Blr:80(16), G:80, K:(12), NME:80, P:84(50), RkS:80, S:80, Spk:90(4), St:80; MT:X, TH:***; V[293-5-38]
  178. Bombay Bicycle Club: A Different Kind of Fix (Island) {28}: MC(76/12), AbP:91, BBC:80, Cl:80, Fly:90(5), G:80, Gw:80(21), I:80, NME:80(16), NR:80, OTB:82, PM:80, Q:80(13), St:80(40), T:80; TH:B
  179. The Braids: Native Speaker (Kanine) {28}: MC(76/15), Bl:80, CMG:87(2), CMJ:80, DS:80, F:81, Fly:(29), Now:80, NYT:80, Pf:79, Px:90, RS:70, S:80, Spk:80(31); MT:X; V[99-9-115]
  180. Ghostpoet: Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam (Brownswood) {28}: MC(78/7), BBC:90, CMJ:80, MO:(25), PM:80, Px:80(31), Urb:90, WB:80; TH:***; V[344-1-30]
  181. Handsome Furs: Sound Kapital (Sub Pop) {28}: MC(77/6), AP:80, Bl:80, Blr:80, CS:80, Now:80, NR:90, Pf:81, PM:80, RS:70, S:70, Spk:80; TH:**; V[214-7-54]
  182. Summer Camp: Welcome to Condale (Apricot/Moshi Moshi) {28}: MC(72/18), BBC:80, Bow:80, Cl:80, CMJ:80, CS:80(46), F:81, Fly:80, I:80, MF:(*), MO:90(11), NME:80, Ob:80, Qs:80, S:80, UR:(37)
  183. Thundercat: The Golden Age of Apocalypse (Brainfeeder) {28}: MC(71/14), AM:80, BBC:80, Bl:90, CS:90(22), MO:80, NR:80, Ok:83, Pf:80, Ph:100, Qs:90, S:70, Urb:100, W:(23); FB; V[270-5-41]
  184. Wooden Shjips: West (Thrill Jockey) {28}: MC(72/21), AM:80, BBC:80, Bl:(39), Cl:80(38), DS:80, F:86, G:80, M:80, OTB:83; V[266-4-42]
  185. The Caretaker: An Empty Bliss Beyond This World (History Always Favours the Winners) {27}: Pf:82(22), RA:80, TMT:100(4), U:(47); FB, JG, MT:A-; V[84-12-141]
  186. Eric Church: Chief (EMI) {27}: MC(76/5), AM:(*), BG:80, R:(10), RS:70(19), S:(42); CE, RC:A-(47), TH:**; V[97-10-120]
  187. Vijay Iyer: Tirtha (ACT) {27}: MC(81/6), AM:80, BB:82, Buf:88, G:80, CMJ:80, MO:80, NYT:80; CE, DB, JG, JM, JT:(24), TN, TH:***; V[844-2-13]
  188. Miranda Lambert: Four the Record (RCA Nashville) {27}: MC(78/12), AM:90(*), AS:90(16), AV:83, BG:80, CW:100, EW:91, RS:(31), S:70; CE, YW, RC:A-(23), TH:***; V[87-13-136]
  189. Rudresh Mahanthappa: Samdhi (ACT) {27}: AM:80, Buf:88; DB, JT:(11), TN, TH:A-; V[328-4-34]
  190. Wire: Red Barked Tree (Pink Flag) {27}: MC(79/22), AC:78, AV:83, BBC:90, BG:80, Bl:80, Cl:80, CS:80, DS:80, M:(48), MO:80, NME:80, Now:80, NR:80, Pf:80, PM:80, TMT:80, U:80, Urb:80; FB, Qs, MT:***, RC:**, TH:***; V[171-8-70]
  191. Bibio: Mind Bokeh (Warp) {26}: MC(78/16), AM:80, BG:80, Cl:80(24), DA:80, Du:80, F:82, Fly:80, MO:80, OTB:83, Sl:80, Spk:80, U:80; MT:A-, TH:A-; V[902-1-10]
  192. Cold Cave: Cherish the Light Years (Matador) {26}: MC(73/12), AM, ATH:(34), BBC:80(23), Bow:80, Cl:80, F:82, MO:80, NME:(40), Pf:77, Qs:(15), RS:70, TMT:80; FB, TH:B-; V[124-9-97]
  193. The Dodos: No Color (Frenchkiss) {26}: MC(83/9), AV:91, Bow:75, CMJ:80, CS:80, DS:80, F:87, Now:80, NR:80, OTB:81, Pf:76, Px:80, Sl:80, Spk:90(24), UR:(64); TH:B; V[1734-1-5]
  194. Stefon Harris/David Sanchez/Christian Scott: Ninety Miles (Concord Picante) {26}: AM:80; DB, JT:(26), TN; TH:*; V[461-3-25]
  195. Charles Lloyd/Maria Farantouri: Athens Concert (ECM) {26}: AM:90, Buf:88, G:80, PM:80; JG, JT:(6), TH:A-
  196. Cass McCombs: Humor Risk (Domino) {26}: MC(78/21), AV:83, CMJ:80, DS:80, F:82, Fly:90, Now:80, Pf:76, Q:(35), Qs:80, S:70(25), U:80; V[902-1-10]
  197. The Men: Leave Home (Sacred Bones) {26}: CMG:80(41), CS:80(29), OTB:83, Pf:82, S:(15), Spk:(34), TMT:(35); FB, MT:X, TH:*; V[57-22-205]
  198. The Rapture: In the Grace of Your Love (DFA) {26}: MC(64/22), Buf:88, F:83, MO:80, P:84, PMA:83, Q:80, RS:70, S:80(7), Sl:80; JG, MT:**, TH:**; V[101-14-115]
  199. Glen Campbell: Ghost on the Canvas (Surfdog) {25}: MC(73/12), AS:80, BBC:80, BG:80, Bl:80, Buf:100, CW:80, M:(44), PM:80, RS:70, T:80, U:80, UT:100; TH:C+; V[134-9-90]
  200. Demdike Stare: Tryptych (Modern Love) {25}: MC(88/6), AM:90(*), CMG:81, Du:80, Fa:80, Pf:83, St:80, TMT:90(10), U:80; V[74-15-155]
  201. I Break Horses: Hearts (Bella Union) {25}: MC(69/13), DS:80(23), G:80, MO:80(27), OTB:81, S:70, UR:80(12); V[819-2-14]
  202. Junior Boys: It's All True (Domino) {25}: MC(80/18), AM:80, BBC:80, CS:90, DA:80, DS:80, F:83, G:80, Now:80, Pf:78, Px:80, S:70, TMT:80, U:80, Urb:80, XL:85; FB, MT:X, TH:*; V[631-3-19]
  203. Opeth: Heritage (Roadrunner) {25}: MC(72/12), AM:80, BBC:80, G:80, K:(86), PM:80, RkS:80, RS:70; CE, FB; V[257-5-45]
  204. Sepalcure: Sepalcure (Hotflush) {25}: MC(89/6), Now:80, OTB:84, Pf:84(47), Ph:88, PM:80, RA:90, S:80, Spk:90, U:80, Urb:90, XL:(10); V[542-2-20]
  205. Jamie Woon: Mirrorwriting (Polydor/Candent Songs) {25}: MC(72/11), BBC:80, CMG:80, DS:80, G:(34), Gw:(20), IS:80, MF:80, MO:80, NR:80, Pf:80, T:80
  206. The Low Anthem: Smart Flesh (Nonesuch) {24}: MC(80/19), AbP:89, AM:80, AS:80, BBC:80, BG:80, Cl:90(27), Dot:80, Gw:80, LAT:88, NYT:80, P:87(25), RS:80, St:80, T:80; TH:*; V[333-4-33]
  207. Middle Brother: Middle Brother (Partisan) {24}: MC(76/5), AS:80, AV:83, P:84(5), RS:70; YW, JG, RC:A-(85), MT:A-, TH:A-; V[291-4-38]
  208. Phonte: Charity Starts at Home (Foreign Exchange Music) {24}: MC(91/5), AV:91, HDX:90(*), Ok:88, WB:(7), XXL:80; TH:***; V[461-3-25]
  209. Russian Circles: Empros (Sargent House) {24}: MC(87/4), AM:90, AV:91, DS:80, NR:80, Pf:77, Px:80, RkS:90, S:70; FB; V[461-3-25]
  210. Jill Scott: The Light of the Sun (Blues Babe/Warner Bros) {24}: MC(74/12), AM:80, BG:80, EW:83, G:80, Now:80, NYT:80, Ok:(6), P:90; CM, JG, YW, RC:A-(87), MT:A-, TH:A-; V[246-7-47]
  211. Telekinesis: 12 Desperate Straight Lies (Merge) {24}: MC(72/15), AP:80, ATH:80, AV:83(20), Bl:80, Cl:80, DS:80, F:80, P:(31), Px:80, RkS:80, S:80(12), UR:80(35); TH:**; V[140-11-87]
  212. Woods: Sun and Shade (Woodsist) {24}: MC(80/14), AM:90, BBC:80, Bow:80, CS:80, F:86, NYT:80, OTB:82, Pf:79, Ph:88, Px:85, Tu:80; V[316-4-35]
  213. Steve Coleman and Five Elements: The Mancy of Sound (Pi) {23}: G:80, PM:80; CE, JT:(31), TN, TH:*; V[1583-1-9]
  214. DJ Quik: The Book of David (Mad Science) {23}: MC(80/5), AM:80(*), OTB:83, Pf:84(29), PM:(38), RR:85, S:70; CM, TH:**; V[92-16-129]
  215. Earth: Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light Vol 1 (Southern Lord) {23}: MC(82/11), AM:90, BBC:80, DA:80, DS:80, F:81, Fa:80, G:100, K:80(51), MF:90, NR:100, Pf:79, RkS:80, TMT:80(38), U:80; DB; V[461-3-25]
  216. Grouper: A/A: Alien Observer (Yellowcentric) {23}: OTB:81, Pf:81, Spk:(47), TMT:90(6); TH:*; V[96-11-123]
  217. Holy Ghost!: Holy Ghost! (DFA) {23}: MC(71/16), CS:80, LAT:88, MF:80, P:(46), RS:70, St:80(16); FB, TH:*; V[148-8-80]
  218. Aidan Moffat/Bill Wells: Everything's Getting Older (Chemikal Underground) {23}: MC(81/11), AM:80, BBC:80, CMG:82, DS:90(18), IS:90, M:80(17), MO:(26), NR:90(28), Qs:(39), U:80; TH:***; V[902-1-10]
  219. Marissa Nadler: Marissa Nadler (Box of Color) {23}: MC(85/12), AM:80, AV:91, Bl:80, CMJ:80, CS:80, DS:(43), MO:90, NR:80, OTB:81, P:90, Pf:81, S:70, Tu:82; MT:X; V[185-4-62]
  220. Planningtorock: W (DFA) {23}: MC(72/14), AM:80, BBC:80, Cl:80(17), Fly:90, MO:80, NME:80(25), NR:90, OTB:84, RA:80, S:70, St:80, T:80; TH:B; V[254-4-45]
  221. Portugal. The Man: In the Mountain in the Cloud (Atlantic) {23}: MC(72/4), AM:80, OTB:80, P:83(40), RS:70, Tu:84; YW, TH:B; V[392-4-30]
  222. Chad VanGaalen: Diaper Island (Sub Pop) {23}: MC(83/5), AM:80, ATH:80(37), AV:91, Bow:80(27), CMG:80(25), CS:80, DS:80, F:86, OTB:83, Pf:75, Spk:80(44), T:80; TH:*; V[1734-1-5]
  223. Muhal Richard Abrams: SoundDance (Pi, 2CD) {22}: CE, JT:(34), TN, TH:A-; V[902-1-10]
  224. And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead: Tao of the Dead (Superball Music) {22}: MC(77/15), AM:80(*), BBC:80, DS:80(37), Fly:80, MO:100, NR:80, P:82, PM:80, RkS:90, S:70, S:70; FB, TH:B; V[398-3-29]
  225. Bonnie "Prince" Billy: Wolfroy Goes to Town (Drag City) {22}: MC(72/8), Bl:80(21), Bow:75, DS:80, F:88, G:80, NME:80, NR:80, Pf:78, UR:(75); V[285-4-39]
  226. The Claudia Quintet + 1: What Is the Beautiful (Cuneiform) {22}: TN, JT:(21); V[902-1-10]
  227. Ry Cooder: Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down (Nonesuch) {22}: MC(100/4), BBC:90, Bl:90, G:100, I:100, MO:80, PM:80, T:100, U:(20); RC:A-(37), TH:A-; V[142-8-84]
  228. Deer Tick: Divine Providence (Partisan) {22}: MC(71/13), AS:80(27), Blr:80, F:82, P:80(15), RS:70, S:80(24), U:80; JG, RC:A-(48), MT:***, TH:***; V[128-11-94]
  229. Steve Earle: I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive (New West) {22}: MC(77/12), AM:80, AS:80(37), AV:91, BG:90, Bl:80, EW:83, I:80, LAT:88, P:80, RS:70, S:70, T:80, UT:88; MT:*, TH:***; V[328-4-34]
  230. Kurt Elling: The Gate (Concord) {22}: MC(74/7), AM:80, BBC:80, PM:80, UT:100; JT:(19), TH:B-
  231. Mayer Hawthorne: How Do You Do (Universal Republic) {22}: MC(79/9), AM:80, EW:83, F:85(4), HDX:80, LAT:88, Ok:82, PM:80(65), S:80; CM, RC:A-(78), TH:A-; V[737-2-15]
  232. Machinedrum: Room(s) (Planet Mu) {22}: Fa:80(25), MO:80, Ph:88, RA:100(2); V[461-3-25]
  233. David Murray Cuban Ensemble: Plays Nat King Cole en Espanol (Motema Music) {22}: AM:80, VV:80; FD, JG, JT:(30), TN, TH:A-; V[902-1-10]
  234. Brad Paisley: This Is Country Music (Arista Nashville) {22}: MC(82/10), AM(*), AS:80, BG:80, CW:80, EW:100(14), G:80, PM:80, R:80, RS:70, S:70, UT:100; YW, RC:A-(52), MT:A-, TH:*; V[133-9-91]
  235. Thee Oh Sees: Carrion Crawler/The Dream (In the Red) {22}: MC(81/10), AC:78, AM:80, AV:83, CMJ:80, CS:80, F:86, P:80, Pf:80, Px:80, TMT:(28), U:80; V[103-10-113]
  236. Apparat: The Devil's Walk (Mute) {21}: MC(78/11), AM:80, Bl:80, Cl:80, CS:80, G:80, MF:(*), MO:80, Q:80, S:80, UR:(80); TH:B; V[324-3-34]
  237. Cloud Nothings: Cloud Nothings (Carpark) {21}: MC(74/12), AP:80, ATH:90(5), AV:83(19), DS:80, Du:80, F:85, Pf:79, Px:(38), S:70; MT:*, TH:*; V[306-5-36]
  238. Crystal Stilts: In Love With Oblivion (Slumberland) {21}: MC(78/12), AM:80, ATH:(35), F:86, Fly:80, NME:80, Now:80, NR:80, OTB:82, Pf:79, Ph:88, PM:80, TMT:80; MT:X, TH:B-; V[224-4-50]
  239. Kode 9 and the Spaceape: Black Sun (Hyperdub) {21}: MC(78/7), AV:83, BBC:80, Fa:(34), MO:80, Pf:77, Ph:88, Px:80, RA:80, TMT:80; CE, TH:**
  240. Male Bonding: Endless Now (Sub Pop) {21}: MC(71/18), AM:80, ATH:(36), Bl:80, Bow:75, F:86, G:80, Pf:80, Ph:88, Q:80, S:80, St:80; V[677-1-15]
  241. Megafaun: Megafaun (Hometapes) {21}: MC(83/13), AM:80, AV:83, Bl:80, CS:80, Du:80, F:83, Pf:78, PM:80, Px:80, Q:80, S:80, Sl:80; TH:*; V[167-7-71]
  242. Pinch and Shackleton: Pinch and Shackleton (Honest Jons) {21}: MC(84/5), OTB:83, Ph:88, Qs:80(17), RA:90(10)
  243. Starlicker: Double Demon (Delmark) {21}: AM:80, TMT:80; FJ, JT:(36), TN, TH:A-; V[1734-1-5]
  244. Tedeschi Trucks Band: Revelator (Masterworks) {21}: MC(82/5), AM:80(*), Bl:80, Ph:88, PM:90, RS:80(45), UT:88; MT:***, TH:***; V[372-3-30]
  245. A Winged Victory for the Sullen: A Winged Victory for the Sullen (Kranky) {21}: Bow:75, DS:90(16), MF:(*), MO:90(21), Spk:(27), TMT:90(46); V[419-3-27]
  246. Ben Allison: Action-Refraction (Palmetto) {20}: AM:90; CM, DB, JT:(37), TN, TH:***; V[737-2-15]
  247. Gregg Allman: Low Country Blues (Rounder) {20}: MC(80/12), AM:80(*), BG:80, G:80, I:80, LAT:88, PM:80, RS:70, U:80, UT:88; TN, TH:*; V[237-5-49]
  248. Azari and III: Azari and III (!K7) {20}: MC(74/6), BBC:90, MO:80(32), NME:80, Qs:80(2), RA:80, S:(45), St:80, XL:80; V[737-2-15]
  249. Kate Bush: Director's Cut (Fish People) {20}: MC(81/18), BBC:80, Buf:100, CS:90, EW:83, G:80, I:100, IS:80, NME:80, Now:80, NR:80, PM:80, Q:80, S:90, St:80, T:80, U:80; MT:C+, TH:*; V[1734-1-5]
  250. James Carter Organ Trio: At the Crossroads (Emarcy) {20}: AM:80, T:80, VV:80; DB, TN, RC:B+, MT:B+, TH:A-
  251. Chris Dingman: Waking Dreams (Between Worlds Music) {20}: JT:(40), TH:*
  252. Orrin Evans: Captain Black Big Band (Posi-Tone) {20}: AM:80; CM, JT:(32), TN, TH:*
  253. The Feelies: Here Before (Bar/None) {20}: MC(80/9), AbP:81, AM:80, Bl:80, CT:88(6), Du:80, EW:83, G:80, Pf:75, PM:80, RS:70, S:70; FB, MT:B-, TH:*; V[95-14-126]
  254. Ford and Lopatin: Channel Pressure (Mexican Summer) {20}: MC(80/8), AM:80, Bow:75, CMJ:80, F:84, NYT:80, Pf:75, PM:90, S:80, TMT:80; MT:X, TH:B-; V[239-3-48]
  255. The Go! Team: Rolling Blackouts (Memphis Industries) {20}: MC(72/21), AM, AV:83, Cl:80, Dot:80, DS:80, EW:83, F:82, Fly:80, Now:80, Q:80, RS:70, S:70, Spk:80, U:80; MT:B+, TH:**; V[542-2-20]
  256. Fred Hersch: Alone at the Vanguard (Palmetto) {20}: AM:90; DB, TN, TH:*
  257. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit: Here We Rest (Lightning Rod) {20}: MC(76/10), AM:80, AS:80(12), Bl:90(2), EW:91, OTB:82, Ph:88, S:80, U:80; MT:***, TH:*; V[270-5-41]
  258. Brad Mehldau: Live in Marciac (Nonesuch) {20}: MC(80/7), AM:80, BBC:80, BG:80, Buf:88, IS:80, PM:80, T:80; JT:(20), TH:**
  259. The Psychic Paramount: II (No Quarter) {20}: AV:91, DS:80, NR:80, Pf:82, S:80, TMT:90(44); TH:***; V[132-10-92]
  260. The Rural Alberta Advantage: Departing (Paper Bag) {20}: MC(76/11), ATH:(47), Blr:80, CMJ:80, DA:80, F:85, Fly:80, Now:80, NR:90, PM:80; V[419-3-27]
  261. Those Darlins: Screws Get Loose (Ow Wow Dang) {20}: MC(74/5), AM:90, AS:(39), ATH:80, Bl:80(24), NME:80, P:85(45), RS:70, S:70; CE, RC:A-(39), TH:*; V[180-7-65]
  262. Action Bronson: Dr Lecter (Fine Fabric Delegates) {19}: HDX:(*), Ok:91, OTB:85, Pf:81; RC:B+, MT:A-; V[199-5-58]
  263. AraabMuzik: Electronic Dream (Duke) {19}: MC(80/5), Fa:80(5), OTB:84, Pf:82(40), XL:(25); MT:***, TH:**; V[392-4-30]
  264. Bad Meets Evil: Hell: The Sequel (Interscope) {19}: MC(71/11), AV:83, DJB:80, EW:83, HDX:80, XXL:80; MT:B-, TH:**; V[1734-1-5]
  265. Mikal Cronin: Mikal Cronin (Trouble in Mind) {19}: Bow:80(40), CS:80(43), OTB:81, Pf:81, U:(45); V[154-7-75]
  266. The Dears: Degeneration Street (Dangerbird) {19}: MC(67/14), AM:80, AS:80, ATH:90, Cl:90, EW:93, MF:80(*), MO:90, PM:80, RS:70, S:70, UR:(74); MT:X
  267. Sarah Jarosz: Follow Me Down (Sugar Hill) {19}: MC(83/7), AC:78, AM:80, AS:80(25), CW:80, IS:80, MF:90, P:87, PM:80, T:80, UT:88; TH:**; V[372-3-30]
  268. Alison Krauss and Union Station: Paper Airplane (Rounder) {19}: MC(81/12), AM, BBC:80, BG:80, Bl:80, I:80, LAT:88, MO:80, P:90, R:100, RS:70, T:80, U:80, UT:100; MT:*, TH:***; V[262-4-44]
  269. Lupe Fiasco: Lasers (Atlantic) {19}: MC(59/21), CS:80, EW:91, Now:80, Ok:82, RS:70; YW, RC:*, MT:A-, TH:A-; V[244-6-47]
  270. Modeselektor: Monkeytown (Monkeytown) {19}: MC(69/10), BBC:100, Cl:90(1), Ok:85, RA:90, S:70; V[1670-1-7]
  271. Pure X: Pleasure (Acephale) {19}: MC(74/5), ATH:100(6), Bow:75, Fly:80, MO:80, OTB:80, Pf:76, S:80; MT:X; V[542-2-20]
  272. Raekwon: Shaolin vs Wu-Tang (Ice H2O) {19}: MC(67/6), CS:80, DJB:80, EW:83, HDX:(*), LAT:88, NR:80, OTB:82, Pf:79, RS:70, Spk:80; V[737-2-15]
  273. Slow Club: Paradise (Moshi Moshi) {19}: MC(82/10), AM:80, BBC:80, DS:80, Fly:90(47), MO:90(17), NR:90, Pf:78, PM:(68), Qs:80, RS:70, U:80, UR:80(25)
  274. Tyshawn Sorey: Oblique-I (Pi) {19}: TH:A-; V[296-3-37]
  275. Arbouretum: The Gathering (Thrill Jockey) {18}: AM:80, BB:90, F:82, G:80, K:(84), M:(27), MF:80, RkS:90, TMT:90, U:(49); TH:B
  276. Blitzen Trapper: American Goldwing (Sub Pop) {18}: MC(69/18), AC:78, AM:80, Blr:80, F:80, PM:80, S:70, UT:88; V[542-2-20]
  277. Blood Orange: Coastal Grooves (Domino) {18}: MC(72/17), AM:80, BBC:80, Bow:80, DS:90, Fa:80, Fly:80, G:80, Gw:(24), Now:80, Q:80, T:100, U:80; TH:*; V[666-2-16]
  278. Cage the Elephant: Thank You Happy Birthday (Red Ink) {18}: MC(73/12), AP:80, Blr:(48), G:80, K:(17), MF:80, NYT:80, RkS:80, RS:70(15), S:70
  279. James Ferraro: Far Side Virtual (Hippos in Tanks) {18}: MC(75/6), DS:(41), Fa:90(6), Pf:76, TMT:(21), W:(1); FB, TH:**; V[316-4-35]
  280. Fountains of Wayne: Sky Full of Holes (Yep Roc) {18}: MC(72/21), AV:83, EW:91, G:80, NYT:80, PM:80, RS:70, S:70; CM, RC:A-(22), MT:A, TH:***; V[63-18-183]
  281. Gang of Four: Content (Yep Roc) {18}: MC(71/19), AC:89, AU:89, I:80, NME:80, NYT:80, S:70, T:100, U:80; FB, CM, RC:A-(60), MT:A-, TH:***; V[341-3-31]
  282. Krallice: Diotima (Profound Lore) {18}: MC(92/4), AM:100(*), Pf:76, Ph:100, PM:80; DB; V[216-4-53]
  283. Martyn: Ghost People (Brainfeeder) {18}: MC(81/6), AM:90(*), BBC:80, Cl:80, Du:80, MO:80, NME:80, RA:80, XL:(6); V[651-2-17]
  284. Jessica Lea Mayfield: Tell Me (Nonesuch) {18}: MC(75/14), AS:80(17), BBC:80, Blr:(12), LAT:80*, MO:80, Now:80, NR:80, P:83, Pf:77, RS:70, U:80; MT:X, TH:*; V[139-9-88]
  285. Moon Duo: Mazes (Sacred Bones) {18}: MC(73/7), Bl:90, DS:(66), Du:80, Pf:75; FB; V[419-3-27]
  286. Times New Viking: Dancer Equired (Merge) {18}: MC(76/14), AM:80, AV:83, Bow:90(29), CMG:80, DS:80, Fly:80, P:82, PM:80, S:80, TMT:80; TH:**; V[298-4-37]
  287. Tycho: Dive (Ghostly International) {18}: MC(78/8), BBC:80, Bl:90(45), DS:80, F:83, OTB:80, Ph:88, Px:80, Spk:80, XL:(26); TH:*; V[281-5-40]
  288. The Unthanks: Last (Rough Trade) {18}: MC(81/12), AM:80, BBC:80, G:80, IS:80, M:80, MO:80, NME:80, Pf:76, PM:80, Q:80, S:70, St:80(32), T:80, U:80; TH:B; V[634-2-18]
  289. Walls: Coracle (Kompakt) {18}: MC(78/12), BBC:80, DS:90(39), MO:80, NME:80, PM:80, Qs:80, U:80, XL:80
  290. Yob: Atma (Profound Lore) {18}: Pf:83, Qs:(28), Rev:80, S:(49); DB, FB; V[174-6-68]
  291. Africa Hitech: 93 Million Miles (Warp) {17}: AM:80, Fa:(49), Pf:82; MT:X; V[902-1-10]
  292. Bombino: Agadez (Cumbancha) {17}: CM, YW, JG:(10), MT:A-, RC:A-(61), TH:A-; V[102-12-114]
  293. Lindsey Buckingham: Seeds We Sow (Mind Kit) {17}: MC(78/11), AM:80, Bl:80, Buf:100, M:80, NYT:80, U:80; MT:C; V[1571-2-10]
  294. The New Gary Burton Quartet: Common Ground (Mack Avenue) {17}: AM:90, Buf:88, G:80; DB, JT:(13), TN, TH:**
  295. The Cool Kids: When Fish Ride Bicycles (Green Label Sounds) {17}: MC(80/7), AM:80, CMJ:80, CS:80, Ok:81, OTB:80, PM:80, RR:80, RS:70, S:80, Urb:80, XXL:80; TH:**
  296. CunninLynguists: Oneirology (QN5 Music) {17}: HDX:(*), Ok:95, PM:90, RR:85, Spk:90, Urb:90, WB:(6); TH:A-
  297. Amir ElSaffar: Inana (Pi) {17}: FJ, TN, TH:***; V[1704-1-6]
  298. Evidence: Cats and Dogs (Rhymesayers Entertainment) {17}: MC(84/4), AM:80, DJB:80, HDX:(*), Ok:80, OTB:88, Ph:100, PM:80, Urb:80; TH:**
  299. G-Side: The One . . . Cohesive (Slow Motion Soundz) {17}: AC:78, CMG:81(24), HDX:80, Pf:81, S:(8), Spk:90(36); CM, TH:***; V[207-4-55]
  300. Van Hunt: What Were You Hoping For? (Godless Hotspot) {17}: MC(93/4), AM:90(*), AV:91, CT:88(4), P:81; V[149-8-79]
  301. The Jayhawks: Mockingbird Time (Rounder) {17}: MC(70/17), AbP:82, AM:80, BG:80, Bl:80, G:80, M:80, RS:70, S:70; V[265-5-43]
  302. Darius Jones: Big Gurl (Smell My Dream) (AUM Fidelity) {17}: CM, TN, TH:A-; V[324-3-34]
  303. Nick Lowe: The Old Magic (Yep Roc) {17}: MC(76/9), Bl:100, M:(31), MO:80, P:85, PM:80, RS:70, S:80, T:80, U:80, UT:88; TH:B; V[74-15-155]
  304. Machine Head: Unto the Locust (Roadrunner) {17}: G:100(43), K:(3), MF:(*), Pf:77, Rev:90; V[461-3-25]
  305. My Brightest Diamond: All Things Will Unwind (Asthmatic Kitty) {17}: MC(73/16), Bl:80(37), Bow:80(2), CMJ:80, DS:80(34), F:86, MO:90, PM:80(75), NYT:80, S:80, TMT:80; MT:X; V[651-2-17]
  306. Random Axe: Random Axe (Duck Down Music) {17}: MC(82/7), AM:80, DJB:80, HDX:80(*), Ph:88, PM:80, RS:70, Urb:80, XXL:80; TH:**; V[514-3-21]
  307. Red Hot Chili Peppers: I'm With You (Warner Bros) {17}: MC(63/24), Bl:90, Blr:80, Cl:80(35), EW:83, Gw:80, K:(81), RS:70, S:70, UT:88; V[542-2-20]
  308. Andy Stott: We Stay Together (Modern Love, EP) {17}: AM:90(*), CMG:81(45), OTB:82, W:(25)
  309. The Streets: Cyberspace and Reds and Computers and Blues (Atlantic) {17}: MC(70/19), BBC:90, G:(39), Gw:80(25), I:80, MO:90, NME:80, NR:90, PMA:85, Q:80, T:80; MT:A-, TH:**
  310. The Tierney Sutton Band: American Road (BFM Jazz) {17}: Buf:100; DB, TH:**
  311. Timber Timbre: Creep On Creepin' On (Arts & Crafts) {17}: MC(67/5), AM, Now:80, OTB:85; V[241-3-47]
  312. Touche Amore: Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me (Deathwish, EP) {17}: MC(89/4), AP:90, Blr:(32), DS:80, K:(31), RkS:90, Spk:(10); MT:X, TH:B; V[902-1-10]
  313. Trap Them: Darker Handcraft (Prosthetic) {17}: MC(75/4), BBC:(22), K:(22), PM:80, Rev:80, RkS:80; FB; V[666-2-16]
  314. David S Ware/Cooper-Moore/William Parker/Muhammad Ali: Planetary Unknown (AUM Fidelity) {17}: VV:80; CM, FJ, JM, TN, TH:A-
  315. The Weeknd: Echoes of Silence (mixtape) {17}: AV:83, Blr:80, CMG:76, CS:80, Fa:80, G:80, Now:80, NR:90, OTB:85, Pf:81, PMA:100, RS:70, S:80, Spk:100; JG:X
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  317. Yacht: Shangri-La (DFA) {17}: MC(83/6), AM:80, BG:80, CS:80, DS:80, EW:83, LAT:88, MO:80, OTB:84, S:70, TMT:80, Tu:80; FB, TH:**; V[677-1-15]
  318. Akron/Family: Akron/Family II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT (Dead Oceans) {16}: MC(81/12), ATH:80, Bow:80(5), DS:80, Du:80, MF:80, Now:100, NR:90, Pf:79, PM:80, PMA:85, RS:70, S:80; V[505-2-21]
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  320. James Carter: Caribbean Rhapsody (Emarcy) {16}: AM, Buf:88, G:80, VV:80; CE, FD, TN, MT:B-, TH:B-
  321. Comet Gain: Howl of the Lonely Crowd (What's Your Rupture?) {16}: MC(77/10), AM:90, ATH:80(18), AV:83, Cl:80, Fly:80, U:80; JG, RC:**, TH:**; V[257-5-45]
  322. Fruit Bats: Tripper (Sub Pop) {16}: ATH:80, Cl:80, DS:80, EW:83, MO:80, OTB:82; CM, YW, RC:A-(65), MT:A-, TH:A-; V[902-1-10]
  323. Grails: Deep Politics (Temporary Residence) {16}: MC(81/7), AM:90, Bl:90, F:85, Pf:79, PM:80, Px:(42), RkS:80; FB, MT:X
  324. The Head and the Heart: The Head and the Heart (Sub Pop) {16}: F:84, I:80, OTB:82, P:(33), S:70; V[172-7-69]
  325. The Horrible Crowes: Elsie (Side One Dummy) {16}: MC(76/15), AbP:99, AP:90, BBC:80, K:80(8), M:80, Q:80, RS:70, Spk:90, U:80; V[505-2-21]
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  330. Obits: Moody, Standard and Poor (Sub Pop) {16}: MC(74/9), AC:78, AM:80, AP:80, ATH:(42), Bl:80, DS:80, F:76, PM:80, S:70; TH:***; V[902-1-10]
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  332. Sun Araw: Ancient Romans (Drag City/Sun Ark) {16}: MC(75/13), AM:80, CS:80, NR:80, Pf:79, Ph:88, S:80, W:(12), XL:80; V[276-4-40]
  333. We Were Promised Jetpacks: In the Pit of the Stomach (FatCat) {16}: MC(76/12), AbP:84, AM:80, AV:83, BBC:80, Cl:80, F:84, MF:(*), RkS:80, RS:70, S:80; V[372-3-30]
  334. Widowspeak: Widowspeak (Captured Tracks) {16}: Bow:75, Pf:75, TMT:80; V[372-3-30]
  335. Tori Amos: Nightof Hunters (Deustche Grammophon) {15}: MC(73/15), AM:80, AV:83, DS:(47), MO:80, NR:80, S:70, St:80, U:80
  336. Tim Berne/Jim Black/Nels Cline: The Veil (Cryptogramophone) {15}: Bl:90, Buf:88, G:80; FJ, TN(6), TH:***
  337. David Binney: Graylen Epicenter (Mythology) {15}: G:80; TH:***; V[902-1-10]
  338. Class Actress: Rapprocher (Carpark) {15}: MC(71/12), AM:80(*), DS:80, MO:80, P:82, Ph:88, S:70; MT:A-, TH:A-; V[542-2-20]
  339. Cornershop: Cornershop and the Double O Groove Of (Ample Play) {15}: MC(80/10), Du:80, IS:80, Pf:76, PM:90, Qs:(20), RS:70, T:80, U:80(48); MT:A-, TH:A-; V[254-4-45]
  340. Crooked Fingers: Breaks in the Armor (Merge) {15}: MC(81/6), AM:80, AV:83, Bl:80, CS:80, F:86, S:80, TMT:80; JG, MT:*, TH:**; V[461-3-25]
  341. Currensy: Weekend at Burnie's (Warner Bros) {15}: MC(80/5), CMG:84(22), HDX:(*), OTB:90(33), Pf:80, S:70, XXL:80; V[737-2-15]
  342. The Drums: Portamento (Frenchkiss) {15}: MC(61/18), ATH:90(17), CMG:80, Gw:80, MO:80, S:70, Sl:80, U:80; TH:*; V[310-3-35]
  343. The Felice Brothers: Celebration, Florida (Fat Possum) {15}: MC(80/8), AM:80, AS:(30), AV:83, Bl:80, EW:91, F:76, G:80, S:80, U:80; TH:*; V[398-3-29]
  344. Fujiya and Miyagi: Ventriloquizzing (Yep Roc) {15}: MC(68/15), AM, BBC:80, Bow:75(32), DS:80, G:80, PM:80, RS:70; FB, MT:**, TH:*
  345. Anthony Hamilton: Back to Love (RCA) {15}: MC(85/5), AM:80, AV:91, BG:80, EW:91, NYT:80, Ok:88, RS:70, S:80, UT:88; TH:***; V[123-12-99]
  346. Jeff the Brotherhood: We Are the Champions (Infinity Cat) {15}: MC(69/6), AS:(45), ATH:80, DA:80, RS:70, S:80; V[461-3-25]
  347. Booker T Jones: The Road From Memphis (Epitaph) {15}: MC(75/6), AM, BG:80, Bl:80, CS:80, M:(42), PM:80, T:80; DB; V[372-3-30]
  348. Miles Kane: Colour of the Trap (Columbia) {15}: MC(68/10), Cl:80, Dot:80, Gw:80, I:80, MF:80, Q:(45); V[677-1-15]
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  350. Lil Wayne: Tha Carter IV (Universal Motown/Cash Money) {15}: MC(62/23), AM:80, BBC:80, RR:80, RS:70, UT:88, XXL:80(7); MT:**, TH:*; V[316-4-35]
  351. Main Attrakionz: 808s and Dark Grapes II (Mishka) {15}: CMG:85(3), Fa:(33), Pf:75; TH:**; V[177-5-66]
  352. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou: Cotonou Club (Strut) {15}: MC(76/7), AC:89, Bl:80, M:80, MO:80, Pf:77, PM:80, T:80; CE, TH:**; V[902-1-10]
  353. James Pants: James Pants (Stones Throw) {15}: MC(74/7), AM:80, CMJ:80, Fa:80(39), LAT:80*, Now:80; TH:*; V[651-2-17]
  354. Peter Bjorn and John: Gimme Some (Star Time) {15}: MC(71/17), AM:80, Bow:80, Cl:90, DS:80, EW:91, Now:80, P:84, PM:90(26), S:70; MT:X; V[1571-2-10]
  355. Six Organs of Admittance: Asleep on the Floodplain (Drag City) {15}: MC(83/7), AM:80, DS:80, Du:80, MO:80, NR:80, Pf:78, PM:80, TMT:80; V[902-1-10]
  356. George Strait: Here for a Good Time (MCA Nashville) {15}: CW:80, EW:83, UT:88; TH:***
  357. Thrice: Major/Minor (Vagrant) {15}: MC(83/8), AbP:94, AP:100, BBC:80, Blr:90(29), CMJ:80, K:(16), Spk:90(11); V[1734-1-5]
  358. Thursday: No Devolucion (Epitaph) {15}: MC(88/11), AbP:98, AP:90, AV:91, CMJ:80, K:80(58), Rev:80, RkS:80, S:80, Spk:90(22), Tu:80; MT:X; V[542-2-20]
  359. Vieux Farka Toure: The Secret (Six Degrees) {15}: MC(82/9), AC:78, AM:90, BBC:80, I:80, MO:80, Ok:90, PM:80, RS:70; RC:A-(59), TH:***; V[902-1-10]
  360. Bob Belden: Miles Español: New Sketches of Spain (E1, 2CD) {14}: JT:(15), TH:**
  361. Big Sean: Finally Famous (GOOD Music/Island Def Jam) {14}: MC(71/12), AM:80, DJB:80, EW:83, HDX:80, Ok:80, RS:70, VV:80, XXL:80(6)
  362. British Sea Power: Valhalla Dancehall (Rough Trade) {14}: MC(70/20), AV:83, Fly:80(48), G:80, Gw:90, I:80, Q:80, Qs:(43), UR:(48); YW, TH:*; V[261-3-44]
  363. Caveman: CoCo Beware (Magic Man!) {14}: MC(73/11), CMJ:80, CS:80, NYT:80, P:87, Ph:88, Px:80, S:70; V[902-1-10]
  364. Cloud Control: Bliss Release (Infectious) {14}: MC(79/5), BBC:80, Cl:80, CS:80, G:80, Q:80, UR:(79)
  365. Adam Cruz: Milestone (Sunnyside) {14}: Buf:88; DB, TN, TH:**
  366. Devotchka: 100 Lovers (Epitaph) {14}: MC(75/17), AC:89, CMJ:80, CS:80, F:83, IS:80, LAT:88, MF:80, Tu:80, U:80; MT:X; V[882-1-11]
  367. The Dirtbombs: Party Store (In the Red) {14}: MC(77/11), AC:78, AM:80, Du:80, PM:90, Px:80, RS:70, S:80, U:80; CE, TH:**; V[170-7-70]
  368. Baxter Dury: Happy Soup (Regal) {14}: Fly:80(26), G:80, NME:80, Q:(15), T:80; TH:**
  369. The Fall: Ersatz GB (Cherry Red) {14}: MC(54/13), CS:80, NME:80, PM:80, Qs:80(32), S:70, Spk:80, W:(43); FB; V[307-2-35]
  370. The Game: The RED Album (DGC) {14}: MC(71/9), AM:80, DJB:80, HDX:80(*), LAT:88, RR:80; TH:B; V[651-2-17]
  371. Vince Gill: Guitar Slinger (MCA Nashville) {14}: MC(80/5), AM:80, CW:80, EW:100, R:(6), UT:88; TH:**; V[1632-1-8]
  372. Grouper: A/A: Dream Loss (Yellowcentric) {14}: OTB:81, Pf:77; TH:*
  373. Emmylou Harris: Hard Bargain (Nonesuch) {14}: MC(72/11), AC:78, AM:80, BB:90, Buf:88, EW:83, P:80, PM:80, UT:100; TH:B; V[677-1-15]
  374. Hooray for Earth: True Loves (Dovecote) {14}: MC(86/6), AV:91, CS:80, OTB:81, Pf:79, PM:90, UR:80(31); V[1571-2-10]
  375. Grace Jones: Hurricane (PIAS America) {14}: MC(74/24), Bl:80, CMJ:80, DS:80, F:86, Gw:80, LAT:100, MO:80, Pf:75, Ph:88, S:80, Sl:80, U:80, VV:80; TH:*; V[677-1-15]
  376. Wiz Khalifa: Rolling Papers (Atlantic) {14}: MC(64/10), BBC:80, CS:80, EW:83, Ok:83, XXL:(8); TH:*; V[1734-1-5]
  377. Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears: Scandalous (Lost Highway) {14}: MC(83/7), AM:80, AV:83, Bl:(29), F:85, Ph:100, PM:80, S:70; TH:B; V[737-2-15]
  378. The Mekons: Ancient and Modern (Bloodshot) {14}: MC(71/9), AM:80, P:83, PM:90, RS:70, S:70; CM, JG:(6), RC:A-(16), TH:A; V[167-7-71]
  379. Mostly Other People Do the Killing: The Coimbra Concert (Clean Feed) {14}: CM, FJ, JM, TN(1), TH:***
  380. Noah Preminger: Before the Rain (Palmetto) {14}: DB, TN, TH:**
  381. Sebastian: Total (Ed Banger/Because) {14}: MC(69/8), AM:80, BBC:80, Fly:80, MO:80, TMT:90; RC:A-(40), TH:B-; V[344-1-30]
  382. Terell Stafford: This Side of Strayhorn (MaxJazz) {14}: DB, JT:(29), TN, TH:***
  383. Poly Styrene: Generation Indigo (Future Noise) {14}: MC(74/11), BBC:80, IS:80, MF:80, PM:90, RS:70, S:80, T:80; CM, RC:A-(34), TH:A-; V[285-4-39]
  384. Tombs: Path of Totality (Relapse) {14}: AC:89, AM:80, MF:90, Rev:80, RkS:80; V[118-8-102]
  385. Sidi Toure: Sahel Folk (Thrill Jockey) {14}: MC(79/7), AC:89, AM:80, Bl:80, CMJ:80, Du:80, F:84, MO:80, PM:80, S:80; YW, TH:***; V[505-2-21]
  386. Colin Vallon Trio: Rruga (ECM) {14}: JG, JM, TH:**
  387. Eddie Vedder: Ukulele Songs (Monkeywrench) {14}: MC(61/8), Buf:100, DS:80, F:82, MO:80, PM:80, RS:70
  388. Tom Vek: Leisure Seizure (Downtown) {14}: MC(66/18), AM:80, BBC:80, CS:80, F:82, Gw:(49), NME:90, Sl:80, St:80, U:80; V[1632-1-8]
  389. Wale: Ambition (Warner Bros) {14}: MC(67/8), AM:80, HDX:80(*), UT:88, XXL:80(9); V[1734-1-5]
  390. Abigail Washburn: City of Refuge (Foreign Children) {14}: MC(82/16), AM:80, AC:89, AS:80(48), BBC:90, BG:100, EW:83, M:80, P:87, PM:90; V[408-3-28]
  391. Hype Williams: One Nation (Hippos in Tanks) {14}: MC(68/6), G:80, Qs:(25), St:(64), TMT:(25), W:(4); TH:*; V[737-2-15]
  392. Young Galaxy: Shapeshifting (Paper Bag) {14}: MC(77/9), AM:90, CS:80, Now:80, Pf:76, RA:80, Sl:(21); V[434-4-26]
  393. 13 and God: Own Your Ghost (Anticon) {13}: MC(77/6), Bow:75, CMG:83(42), CMJ:80, F:81, MO:80, S:70, U:80, Urb:90; TH:**; V[1734-1-5]
  394. 3 Cohens: Family (Anzic) {13}: Buf:88; TH:**
  395. Atmosphere: The Family Sign (Rhymesayers Entertainment) {13}: MC(71/9), AP:80, AV:83, Bl:80, DS:80, HDX:80, Ok:87, XXL:80; RC:***, MT:X, TH:***; V[1571-2-10]
  396. BNJMN: Black Square (Rush Hour) {13}: Fa:80, Pf:78, RA:90(18), Spk:(29), XL:85; TH:**; V[677-1-15]
  397. Boris: Attention Please (Sargent House) {13}: MC(74/5), AV:83, CS:80, MO:80, NME:80, NR:90, Ph:88, RkS:80, S:80; FB; V[902-1-10]
  398. Edwyn Collins: Losing Sleep (Downtown) {13}: MC(81/14), BBC:80, DS:80, EW:91, M:80, MO:80, NME:80, Now:80, NYT:80, PM:80, Q:80, RS:70, S:70, U:80; TH:B; V[651-2-17]
  399. Delicate Steve: Wondervisions (Luaka Bop) {13}: MC(84/8), AM:80, Bl:90, CMJ:80, CS:80, DA:80, NYT:80, PM:80, S:80, Sl:80, TMT:80; MT:X, TH:B; V[1734-1-5]
  400. The Do: Both Ways Open Jaws (Get Down) {13}: CS:80, G:80, NME:80, OTB:93(18), Pf:75, Ph:88; TH:**
  401. Elzhi: Elmatic (mixtape) {13}: Qs:(38), XXL:80; TH:A-; V[737-2-15]
  402. Emika: Emika (Ninja Tune) {13}: MC(76/6), BBC:80, DS:80, G:80, Ob:80, OTB:80, RA:80, Spk:80; V[902-1-10]
  403. Esben and the Witch: Violet Cries (Matador) {13}: MC(64/20), BBC:80, Cl:80, DS:90, Fly:80, Gw:(29), IS:80, MF:80, NME:80, OTB:84, RkS:80, T:80
  404. Peter Evans Quintet: Ghosts (More Is More) {13}: W:(48); CM, DB, FJ, JM, TH:*
  405. Falty DL: You Stand Uncertain (Planet Mu) {13}: MC(79/4), Du:80, Fa:80, RA:80, Spk:(50), XL:95(13); TH:*; V[461-3-25]
  406. Nils Frahm: Felt (Erased Tapes) {13}: Cl:80, DS:90(7), G:(42), MO:90(41), PM:80
  407. Merle Haggard: Working in Tennessee (Vanguard) {13}: AS:80, EW:91, F:86, RS:70; CE, RC:A-(25), TH:A-; V[623-2-19]
  408. Roy Haynes: Roy-alty (Dreyfus) {13}: JT:(10), TN, TH:***
  409. Warren Haynes: Man in Motion (Concord/Stax) {13}: AM, AS:80, Bl:80(18), Buf:88, RS:70, UT:88; DB, TH:B; V[737-2-15]
  410. Joe Henry: Reverie (Anti-) {13}: MC(81/6), AM:90, AS:80(34), Bl:90, M:(50), U:80; TH:*; V[188-6-62]
  411. Holy Other: With U (Tri Angle, EP) {13}: Bl:80, NR:80, OTB:81, Pf:76, S:80, TMT:80, XL:(1); V[1734-1-5]
  412. Joan as Police Woman: The Deep Field (Play It Again Sam) {13}: MC(74/12), BBC:80, DS:80, I:80, MO:80, NR:80, PM:80, Q:80, St:80; MT:X, TH:*; V[902-1-10]
  413. Tony Malaby: Tony Malaby's Novella (Clean Feed) {13}: CM, FD, FJ, TH:***
  414. Branford Marsalis/Joey Calderazzo: Songs of Mirth and Melancholy (Marsalis Music) {13}: AM:80; DB, JT:(35), TN; V[902-1-10]
  415. Mates of State: Mountaintops (Barsuk) {13}: MC(74/12), AC:89, AM:80, AV:83, Bl:80, P:81(49), S:70; RC:A-(36), TH:**; V[902-1-10]
  416. MellowHype: BlackenedWhite (Fat Possum) {13}: MC(73/8), AM, AbP:82, Blr:80, CMG:80, Ok:93, Pf:80, Px:80, S:80, Sl:80; TH:*; V[1734-1-5]
  417. Rival Schools: Pedals (Atlantic) {13}: MC(81/6), AbP:81, AM:80, BBC:80, K:(40), PM:90, Rev:90, RkS:80, S:70; V[902-1-10]
  418. Roots Manuva: 4everevolution (Banana Klan/Big Dada) {13}: MC(75/17), AM:80, BBC:90, Cl:80, DS:80, G:80, Gw:80, HDX:80, I:80, M:80, Ob:80, Q:80, RR:80; TH:B
  419. Caitlin Rose: Own Side Now (Names) {13}: MC(75/13), AS:80(47), BBC:80, Bl:80, DS:80, G:80, MO:80, NME:80, NYT:80, Q:80, S:80, U:80; V[300-3-36]
  420. The Sao Paulo Underground: Tres Cabecas Loucuras (Cuneiform) {13}: TMT:80; DB, FJ, TN
  421. Shlohmo: Bad Vibes (Friends of Friends) {13}: CS:80, F:84, Fa:80, OTB:83, Pf:78, RA:90, S:70, St:80; V[485-4-25]
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  424. Sunny Sweeney: Concrete (Republic Nashville) {13}: AS:80, AV:83, S:70, Sl:80; CE, TH:*; V[336-3-32]
  425. Tech N9ne: All 6's and 7's (Strange Music) {13}: MC(81/6), AM:80, DJB:80, HDX:80(*), RR:80, S:70, XXL:80; TH:B-; V[737-2-15]
  426. True Widow: As High as the Heavens and From the Center to the Circumference of the Earth (Kemado) {13}: MC(84/8), AbP:94, AP:80, BBC:80, DS:100, G:(47), PM:80, Px:80, RkS:90; MT:X; V[737-2-15]
  427. Vetiver: The Errant Charm (Sub Pop) {13}: MC(64/7), AV:83, CS:80, F:86, Now:80, OTB:83, Px:(50); V[902-1-10]
  428. Chelsea Wolfe: Apokalypsis (Pendu Sound) {13}: ATH:80(38); V[514-3-21]
  429. And So I Watch You From Afar: Gangs (Richter Collective) {12}: MC(91/4), AbP:86, BBC:80, DS:90, Fly:80, RkS:90, St:80(39)
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  433. Big Troubles: Romantic Comedy (Slumberland) {12}: MC(69/6), AV:83, Bl:80, F:83; V[902-1-10]
  434. CANT: Dreams Come True (Terrible) {12}: MC(65/11), Bow:75(36), Fly:90, PMA:83; V[737-2-15]
  435. Centro-Matic: Candidate Waltz (Undertow Music Collective) {12}: MC(72/6), AM:80, AS:(50), ATH:80, HC:(15), P:80, S:70; V[162-5-73]
  436. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Hysterical (V2) {12}: MC(69/23), Cl:80, DS:80, F:84, MO:80, Ph:88, PMA:83, RS:70, St:80, TMT:90, U:80; TH:B
  437. Dels: Gob (Big Dada) {12}: MC(80/8), BBC:80, Bl:80, DS:80, G:80, M:80, Q:80, S:70, U:80; TH:**
  438. Fatoumata Diawara: Fatou (World Circuit) {12}: G:80, MO:80, Pf:76, T:100, U:(34); RC:B+; V[542-2-20]
  439. DJ Shadow: The Less You Know, the Better (Verve) {12}: MC(65/12), AM:80, Cl:(20), F:87, RS:70, T:80; JG, MT:***, TH:**; V[461-3-25]
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  441. Givers: In Light (Glass Note) {12}: MC(75/8), AP:80, AS:80, CMJ:80, Spk:90(30); JG, MT:B-
  442. Aaron Goldberg/Guillermo Klein: Bienestan (Sunnyside) {12}: Buf:88; TH:**
  443. Lisa Hannigan: Passenger (ATO) {12}: MO:80, RS:70, St:80(33), T:80; V[372-3-30]
  444. Hercules and Love Affair: Blue Songs (Moshi Moshi) {12}: MC(68/24), AM:80, BBC:80, Fa:80, S:70, U:80, W:80; V[677-1-15]
  445. Julia Holter: Tragedy (Leaving) {12}: Fa:100(13), Pf:80; V[1734-1-5]
  446. Jane's Addiction: The Great Escape Artist (Capitol) {12}: MC(52/24), Buf:88, K:80(26), NME:80; V[1670-1-7]
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  450. La Dispute: Wildlife (No Sleep) {12}: AP:90, Blr:90(2), K:(23), Spk:(14); TH:***
  451. Jens Lekman: An Argument With Myself (Secretly Canadian, EP) {12}: MC(76/14), BBC:80, CS:80, OTB:80, Pf:79, PM:80, PMA:83; CM, RC:A(11), TH:***; V[502-3-22]
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  455. Papercuts: Fading Parade (Sub Pop) {12}: MC(71/15), AM:80, ATH:90(24), Bow:80, F:86, M:80, MO:80, OTB:88, S:70, U:80; V[372-3-30]
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  462. Jen Shyu/Mark Dresser: Synastry (Pi) {12}: TN, TH:**
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  465. Ricardo Villalobos/Max Lodenbauer: Re: ECM (ECM) {12}: Bl:100, Fa:80(31), Pf:79, RA:90, W:(18); TH:*; V[542-2-20]
  466. Betty Wright/The Roots: Betty Wright: The Movie (S-Curve) {12}: MC(78/4), BG:80, EW:91, Ok:(10); TH:**; V[291-4-38]
  467. Yelawolf: Radioactive (Interscope) {12}: MC(69/8), AM:80, DJB:80, S:70, XL:80, XXL:(10); TH:*; V[461-3-25]
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  475. Kelly Clarkson: Stronger (RCA) {11}: MC(66/8), AM:80, EW:83, S:70; TH:B; V[461-3-25]
  476. Com Truise: Galactic Melt (Ghostly International) {11}: MC(71/16), BBC:80, CMJ:80, M:80, S:70, Urb:90; TH:**; V[461-3-25]
  477. Steve Cropper: Dedicated: A Salute to the 5 Royales (429) {11}: AM:80, AS:80, Bl:80, Buf:88, UT:88; RC:A-(44), MT:A-, TH:A-; V[405-5-29]
  478. Currensy: Covert Coup (Warner Bros) {11}: CMG:80, OTB:80, Pf:79, RS:70, XXL:80; V[502-3-22]
  479. Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr: It's a Corporate World (Warner Bros) {11}: MC(63/11), AC:78, AM:80, F:87, P:85(6); JG, TH:*; V[219-6-51]
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  482. Disappears: Guider (Kranky) {11}: MC(79/8), AM:80, AV:91, Sl:80; TH:***; V[902-1-10]
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  484. John Escreet: The Age We Live In (Mythology) {11}: Buf:88, G:80; TN, TH:*
  485. Giacomo Gates: The Revolution Will Be Jazz: The Songs of Gil Scott-Heron (Savant) {11}: TH:***; V[677-1-15]
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  493. Julian Lage Group: Gladwell (Emarcy) {11}: DB, JT:(39)
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  497. Brian Lynch: Unsung Heroes (Holistic Music Works) {11}: DB, TN, TH:***
  498. Rene Marie: Black Lace Freudian Slip (Motema) {11}: Buf:88; JT:(25), TH:***
  499. Chrisitan McBride: That Good Feeling (Mack Avenue) {11}: AM:90; TH:*
  500. New York Dolls: Dancing Backward in High Heels (429) {11}: MC(67/13), F:81, IS:80, Ph:88, PM:80, RS:80, S:80, T:80; MT:A-, RC:*, TH:A-; V[302-4-36]
  501. North Mississippi Allstars: Keys to the Kingdom (Songs of the South) {11}: Bl:80, RS:70, T:80; V[902-1-10]
  502. Other Dimensions in Music: Kaiso Stories (Silkheart) {11}: FJ, CM, TH:***
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  505. Primus: Green Naugahyde (ATO) {11}: MC(73/8), AM:80, BG:80, Buf:88, CS:80, Now:80, P:80; V[902-1-10]
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  508. Sandwell District: Feed-Forward (Sandwell District) {11}: Fa:80, Qs:(13); V[902-1-10]
  509. SCUM: Again Into Eyes (Mute) {11}: MC(74/11), BBC:80, DS:80, Fly:80, G:80, MO:80, NME:80(12), PM:80, UR:80(44); MT:X; V[677-1-15]
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  511. The Skull Defekts: Peer Amid (Thrill Jockey) {11}: MC(73/8), AP:80, Du:80, F:86, Pf:76, Qs:(45), S:80; V[243-5-47]
  512. Spank Rock: Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a F---ing Liar (Bad Blood) {11}: MC(65/6), AM:80, F:80, MO:80, RS:70, S:70; TH:***; V[440-2-25]
  513. Patrick Stump: Soul Punk (Island) {11}: MC(71/8), AM:80, AbP:90, AP:80, RkS:80, RS:70; TH:B-; V[121-8-100]
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  515. Tinie Tempah: Disc-Overy (Capitol) {11}: MC(72/14), AM:80, Cl:80, G:80, NME:80, RR:80, RS:70, T:80; RC:*, MT:**, TH:***
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  517. Amon Tobin: ISAM (Ninja Tune) {11}: MC(74/6), AM:80, PM:90(74); FB, TH:*; V[296-3-37]
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  521. When Saints Go Machine: Konkylie (!K7) {11}: AM:90, Cl:(39), DS:80(6), S:80; V[418-2-27]
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  524. World Saxophone Quartet: Yes We Can (Jazzwerkstatt) {11}: DB, TN(2), TH:***; V[902-1-10]
  525. Young Jeezy: TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition (Def Jam) {11}: MC(72/9), DJB:80, HDX:80, PM:80, RS:70, S:70, XXL:80; V[844-2-13]
  526. 40 Watt Sun: The Inside Room (Metal Blade) {10}: AM:80, PM:(49); FB; V[372-3-30]
  527. Karrin Allyson: 'Round Midnight (Concord) {10}: Buf:100
  528. Altar of Plagues: Mammal (Profound Lore) {10}: AM:90, K:(67), MF:80, PM:80, St:80; V[850-1-12]
  529. Amon Amarth: Surtur Rising (Metal Blade) {10}: MC(79/4), AM:90, AC:78, K:80, Ph:88, PM:80; V[902-1-10]
  530. Art Department: The Drawing Board (Crosstown Rebels) {10}: AM:90, Now:80, RA:80; V[419-3-27]
  531. Jim Black/Trevor Dunn/Oscar Noriega/Chris Speed: Endangered Blood (Skirl) {10}: CE, FJ, CM, TH:***
  532. Boris: Heavy Rocks (Sargent House) {10}: MC(71/13), AV:83, MO:80, Rev:80, RkS:80, S:70; FB
  533. Chris Brown: FAME (Jive) {10}: MC(55/13), BB:80, EW:83; TH:B
  534. Buraka Som Sistema: Komba (Enchufada) {10}: MC(79/8), CMJ:80, DA:80, Ok:84, PM:80, Px:85, S:80, TMT:90; CE, TH:**; V[823-1-13]
  535. City and Colour: Little Hell (Vagrant) {10}: Blr:(15), K:(29), RkS:80, S:70; V[542-2-20]
  536. Gerald Cleaver/Uncle June: Be It as I See It (Fresh Sound New Talent) {10}: PM:80; TH:**; V[1632-1-8]
  537. The Cookers: Cast the First Stone (Plus Loin Music) {10}: JT:(17), TN, TH:***
  538. Dirty Projectors: Mount Wittenberg Orca (Domino, EP) {10}: MC(80/13), AM:80, BBC:80, CS:80, DA:80, DS:80, I:80, OTB:82, Pf:77, TMT:90; V[902-1-10]
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  540. Dum Dum Girls: He Gets Me High (Sub Pop, EP) {10}: MC(82/5), ATH:80, AV:100, Fly:80, NR:80, OTB:80, P:82, Pf:81, Px:80; YW, TH:B; V[902-1-10]
  541. Emmy the Great: Virtue (Close Harbour) {10}: DS:80(65), Fly:80, MO:80, PM:80, T:80; V[902-1-10]
  542. Emperor X: Western Teleport (Bar/None) {10}: MC(79/5), Ph:88, PM:80; CM, JG, RC:A-(41), TH:A-; V[251-3-45]
  543. FAB Trio: History of Jazz in Reverse (TUM) {10}: TN, TH:A-
  544. Faust: Something Dirty (Bureau B) {10}: MC(71/10), AM:80, Bl:80, CMJ:80, Du:80, I:80, Pf:75, PM:90, S:80, TMT:80; RC:**; V[902-1-10]
  545. Bill Frisell: Sign of Life (Savoy Jazz) {10}: G:80; TN, TH:**; V[902-1-10]
  546. Gorillaz: The Fall (Gorillaz) {10}: MC(69/22), AV:83, Cl:80, Dot:80, IS:80, NME:80, MO:80, Ok:80, RS:70
  547. Laurel Halo: Hour Logic EP (Hippos in Tanks, EP) {10}: Fa:80(11), Qs:(12); V[634-2-18]
  548. Hammers of Misfortune: 17th Street (Metal Blade) {10}: AM:80, Pf:80, PM:(46); FB; V[902-1-10]
  549. Lia Ices: Grown Unknown (Jagjaguwar) {10}: MC(74/9), BBC:80, BG:(9), DS:80, S:80, U:80; TH:B; V[1734-1-5]
  550. Wanda Jackson: The Party Ain't Over (Nonesuch) {10}: MC(67/18), BBC:80, CS:80, F:81, NME:80, R:90, RS:70, S:70; FB, MT:C+, TH:B-; V[283-6-40]
  551. Garland Jeffreys: The King of In Between (Luna Park) {10}: AC:78, AM:80, Bl:80; CE, CM, RC:A-(53), TH:***; V[156-8-75]
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  728. Sleep Over: Forever (Hippos in Tanks) {8}: DS:80, Ph:88
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  781. Deep Blue Organ Trio: Wonderful! (Origin) {7}: Origin
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  877. Tim Berne: Insomnia (Clean Feed) {6}: FJ, TH:***
  878. The Black Dahlia Murder: Ritual (Metal Blade) {6}: MC(82/5), AM:80, AP:90, Rev:80, RkS:90; V[1734-1-5]
  879. Blackie and the Rodeo Kings: Kings and Queens (FU:M) {6}: AM:80, AS:80, Bl:80, PM:80; TH:B-
  880. Black Spiders: Sons of the North (Dark Riders) {6}: K:(59), RkS:80; CE
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  884. Bomb the Music Industry!: Vacation (Ernest Jenning) {6}: MC(90/4), AP:100, PM:80, Spk:90; TH:*
  885. Joe Bonamassa: Dust Bowl (Premier Artists_03-22) {6}: B
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  896. Colourmusic: My ______ Is Pink (Memphis Industries) {6}: MC(67/5), ATH:80, BBC:80, CS:80, Fly:80, U:80
  897. Jonny Corndawg: Down the Bikini Line (Nasty Memories, EP) {6}: AS:(43), CS:80; RC:***, TH:**
  898. Stephan Crump/Steve Lehman: Kaleidoscope and Collage (Intakt) {6}: G:80; FD, FJ
  899. Alexis Cuadrado: Noneto Iberico (Bju'ecords) {6}: TH:A-
  900. Damnwells: No One Listens to the Band Anymore (Pledge Music) {6}: Bl:80
  901. The Dangerous Summer: War Paint (Hopeless) {6}: AbP:88, Blr:90(1), RkS:80Spk:80, Tu:84
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  903. Dead Cat Dance: Chance Episodes (Cuneiform) {6}: TN, TH:***
  904. The Deep Dark Woods: The Place I Left Behind (Six Shooter) {6}: Now:80; V[902-1-10]
  905. Darwin Deez: Darwin Deez (Lucky Number) {6}: MC(66/12), IS:80, MO:80, Q:80, S:70; TH:*
  906. Carlo De Rosa's Cross-Fade: Brain Dance (Cuneiform) {6}: TH:A-
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  909. Bill Dixon: Envoi (Victo) {6}: FJ, JL
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  1139. Arturo O'Farrill and the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra: 40 Acres and a Burro (Zoho) {5}:
  1140. Jimmy Owens: The Monk Project (IPO) {5}:
  1141. Pac Div: The Div (RBC) {5}: HDX:80(*), Px:75
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  1241. Casper: XOXO (PID) {4}:
  1242. Cave: Neverendless (Drag City) {4}: Pf:79, PM:80; FB; V[902-1-10]
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  1271. John Escreet: Exception to the Rule (Criss Cross) {4}: TN
  1272. Eternal Tapestry: Beyond the 4th Door (Thrill Jockey) {4}: DS:80
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  1294. Will Hoge: Number Seven (Rykodisc) {4}: AbP:80, R:(9)
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  1310. Klang: Other Doors (Allos Documents) {4}: FD
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  1313. The Ladybug Transistor: Clutching Stems (Merge) {4}: MC(79/5), AM:90, AV:91; MT:X; V[1632-1-8]
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  1316. The Brian Landrus Quartet: Traverse (Blueland) {4}: TN, TH:**
  1317. Ingrid Laubrock's Sleepthief: The Madness of Crowds (Intakt) {4}: FJ
  1318. Amos Lee: Mission Bell (Blue Note) {4}: MC(62/12), F:80, R:90, T:80, UT:100; V[542-2-20]
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  1320. Left Lane Cruiser: Junkyard Speed Ball (Alive) {4}: AM:80; CE
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  1323. Maceo Plex: Life Index (Crosstown Rebels) {4}: RA:80, Spk:80, XL:80
  1324. The Juan Maclean: Everybody Get Close (DFA) {4}: MC(72/8), F:80, S:70
  1325. Mansions: Dig Up the Dead (Burning House/King Bones) {4}: AbP:95, Blr:80(5), PM:80
  1326. Maritime: Human Hearts (Dangerbird) {4}: MC(77/6), AbP:87, AM:80, AbP:87, AV:91; V[542-2-20]
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  1329. Maybeshewill: I Was Here for a Moment, Then I Was Gone () {4}: RkS:80, Spk:(46)
  1330. Sean McCann: The Capital (Aguirre) {4}: Mg, TMT:90(19); V[677-1-15]
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  1332. Men: Talk About Body (IAmSound) {4}: MC(68/12), BBC:80, G:80, NR:80, U:80; V[1734-1-5]
  1333. Mexicans With Guns: Ceremony (Innovative Leisure/Friends of Friends) {4}: AC:78, Fa:80, S:80
  1334. Mist: House (Spectrum Spools) {4}: OTB:80, TMT:90
  1335. Daniel Martin Moore: In the Cool of the Day (Sub Pop) {4}: MC(64/12), Bl:80, Pf:77, St:80
  1336. Carol Morgan Quartet: Blue Glass Music (Blue Bamboo Music) {4}: TH:**
  1337. Mountains: Air Museum (Thrill Jockey) {4}: MC(71/5), Bl:80, CS:80, RA:80; V[902-1-10]
  1338. Mr Dream: Trash Hit (God Mode) {4}: CS:80, Pf:75, RS:70; V[193-2-60]
  1339. Mr Gnome: Madness in Miniature (CD Baby) {4}: RS:70; V[902-1-10]
  1340. Jurgen Muller: Science of the Sea (Digitalis) {4}: Pf:84; V[623-2-19]
  1341. Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers: Starlight Hotel (Signature Sounds) {4}: R:80; TH:***; V[902-1-10]
  1342. Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis: Here We Go Again: Celebrating the Genius of Ray Charles (Blue Note) {4}: MC(68/5); DB, MT:***, TH:**
  1343. Tracy Nelson: Victim of the Blues (Delta Groove) {4}: AM:80, Buf:88; YW, TH:B
  1344. New Villager: New Villager (Iamsound) {4}: MC(72/4), CMJ:80, F:85
  1345. Nikki Jean: Pennies in a Jar (S-Curve) {4}: AM:80, BB:80; MT:B, TH:B; V[850-1-12]
  1346. Nostalgia 77: The Sleepwalking Society (Tru Thoughts) {4}: MC(81/5), AM:90, BBC:80, Ok:80
  1347. Tig Notaro: Good One (Secretly Canadian) {4}: MC(78/4), Du:80, PM:80, S:70
  1348. Obake: Obake (Rarenoise) {4}: DS:80, Qs:(37); FB
  1349. Ocote Soul Sounds: Taurus (ESL Music) {4}: AC:78, Bl:80, Ok:83; TH:**
  1350. Dustin O'Halloran: Lumiere (Fat Cat) {4}: DS:80, MF:80, MO:80, St:80
  1351. Harold O'Neal: Marvelous Fantasy (Smalls) {4}: TH:**
  1352. Oneida: Absolute II (Jagjaguwar) {4}: MC(77/6), AM:80, M:80, U:80; V[1670-1-7]
  1353. Open Mike Eagle: Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes (Hellfyre Club/Alpha Pup) {4}: Ok:84, Ph:100, WB:80; V[902-1-10]
  1354. Outhouse: Straw, Sticks and Bricks (Babel) {4}: G:80, MO:80; JM
  1355. Owen: Ghost Town (Polyvinyl) {4}: MC(69/6), AbP:86, Spk:80
  1356. Panic at the Disco: Vices and Virtues (Fueled by Ramen) {4}: MC(72/4), AbP:80, AP:80, MO:80, RkS:80; V[542-2-20]
  1357. William Parker: Crumbling in the Shadows of Fraulein Miller's Stale Cake (AUM Fidelity) {4}:
  1358. Rahsaan Patterson: Bleuphoria (Artistry) {4}: AM:80; V[517-1-20]
  1359. Hannah Peel: Broken Wave (Static Caravan) {4}: MC(78/7), DS:80, MO:80, Q:80, U:80
  1360. The People's Temple: Sons of Stone (Hozac) {4}: Pf:78
  1361. Phantogram: Nightlife (Barsuk, EP) {4}: MC(76/8), AbP:80, F:82, S:80
  1362. Sam Phillips: Solid State: Songs From the Long Play (Littlebox) {4}: CT:(13)
  1363. Adam Pieronczyk: Komeda: The Innocent Sorcerer (Jazzwerkstatt) {4}: PM:90; TN, TH:A-
  1364. Noam Pikelny: Beat the Devil and Carry a Rail (Compass) {4}: Sl:80, T:80; V[902-1-10]
  1365. Jean-Michel Pilc: Essential (Motema) {4}: AM:90; DB, TH:**
  1366. Verneri Pohjola: Aurora (ACT) {4}: G:100; JM
  1367. Psychic Ills: Hazed Dream (Alternative Distribution Alliance) {4}:
  1368. Puscifer: Conditions of My Parole (Puscifer) {4}: MC(63/6), K:(30)
  1369. Rebolledo: Super Vato (Comeme) {4}: RA:80; V[902-1-10]
  1370. Reed Trio: Last Train to the First Station (Kilogram) {4}: FJ, JL, TN
  1371. Fionn Regan: 100 Acres of Sycamore (Heavenly) {4}: G:80, MO:80, St:80
  1372. Reigning Sound: Abdication (Scion A/V) {4}: AV:91, Bl:90(22); V[902-1-10]
  1373. Release the Sunbird: Come Back to Us (Brushfire) {4}: MC(73/6), CMJ:80; V[1734-1-5]
  1374. Revocation: Chaos of Forms (Relapse) {4}: ; V[902-1-10]
  1375. Ritmo Machine: Welcome to the Ritmo Machine (Nacional) {4}: Bl:80, Ok:79
  1376. Roommate: Guilty Rainbow (Antephonic) {4}: CMG:83(29), CS:80, TMT:90; V[486-2-24]
  1377. Arrica Rose and the . . .'s: Let Alone Sea (pOprOck) {4}: Bl:90(19), CS:80
  1378. Josh Rouse: Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations (Bedroom Classics) {4}: MC(74/5), F:85, Q:80, U:80
  1379. Royal Bangs: Flux Outside (Glass Note) {4}: MC(74/4), AM:80, Blr:80, Fly:80, Now:80
  1380. Royal Headache: Royal Headache (RIP Society) {4}: AM:80; V[902-1-10]
  1381. Royce da 5'9": Success Is Certain (Gracie) {4}: MC(82/4), AM:80, HDX:80, RR:80, XXL:80
  1382. Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures: Both/And (Meta) {4}: CE
  1383. Rwake: Rest (Relapse) {4}: Pf:78; V[902-1-10]
  1384. Aziz Sahmaoui and University of Gnawa: Aziz Sahmaoui and University of Gnawa (General Pattern) {4}: G:80, T:80
  1385. Dino Saluzzi/Anja Lechner/Felix Saluzzi: Navidad de los Andes (ECM) {4}: AM:80; TH:B
  1386. Poncho Sanchez/Terence Blanchard: Chano y Dizzy! (Concord Picante) {4}: AM:80; TH:**; V[823-1-13]
  1387. Jake Saslow: Crosby Street (14th Street) {4}: TH:**
  1388. Saviours: Death's Procession (Kemado) {4}: Rev:80; CE; V[1670-1-7]
  1389. Seekae: +Dome (Rice Is Nice) {4}: Bow:75, RA:80
  1390. Asobi Seksu: Fluorescence (Polyvinyl) {4}: MC(62/9), CS:80, F:85, MO:80, S:70
  1391. SFJAZZ Collective: Music of Stevie Wonder (SFJAZZ) {4}:
  1392. Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band: How I Go (Roadrunner) {4}: I:80, UT:88
  1393. Side A: A New Margin (Clean Feed) {4}: FJ, TN, TH:A-
  1394. Julian Siegel Quartet: Urban Theme Park (Basho) {4}: G:80; JM
  1395. Smoke Fairies: Through Low Light and Trees (Year Seven) {4}: MC(77/6), AM:80, PM:80, S:80; V[737-2-15]
  1396. Soft Metals: Soft Metals (Captured Tracks) {4}: MC(67/5), Pf:75; JG, TH:**
  1397. Peter Stampfel/Jeffrey Lewis: Come on Board (self-released) {4}: RC:A-(66), MT:A, TH:A-
  1398. Steffi: Yours and Mine (Ostgut Ton) {4}: RA:(13)
  1399. Colin Stetson: Those Who Didn't Run (Constellation, EP) {4}: MC(79/5), CS:80, Pf:78, TMT:80; TH:**
  1400. Becca Stevens Band: Weightless (Sunnyside) {4}:
  1401. Dave Stewart: The Blackbird Diaries (Razor and Tie) {4}: MC(64/5), Buf:100, PM:80, RS:70
  1402. Joan Stiles: Three Musicians (Oo-Bla-Dee) {4}: Buf:88; TH:***
  1403. Storms/Nocturnes: Via (Origin) {4}: AM:90; TH:B-
  1404. Surf City: Kudos (Fire) {4}: MC(75/8), AM:80, DS:80, Pf:77, PM:80
  1405. Suuns: Zeroes QC (Secretly Canadian) {4}: Fly:90, NME:80(13); V[902-1-10]
  1406. Pete Swanson: Man of Potential (Type) {4}: Fa:80, Pf:85
  1407. June Tabor and Oysterband: Ragged Kingdom (Topic) {4}: G:100; V[542-2-20]
  1408. Aki Takase/Han Bennink: 2 for 2 (Intakt) {4}: G:80, T:80; DB
  1409. Tamikrest: Toumastin (AIS) {4}: MO:80; FB; V[677-1-15]
  1410. Tarfala Trio: Syzygy (NoBusiness) {4}: TMT:90; FJ, TN
  1411. Tasseomancy: Ulalume (Out of This Spark) {4}: AV:91, Bow:75
  1412. Maria Taylor: Overlook (Saddle Creek) {4}: MC(62/8), AbP:86, AM:80
  1413. Tesseract: One (Century Media) {4}: PM:80, RkS:80
  1414. Thank You: Golden Worry (Thrill Jockey) {4}: MC(71/7), CMG:83, CMJ:80, F:80, Px:85
  1415. Thurz: LA Riot (London Live) {4}: DJB:80, HDX:80(*); V[902-1-10]
  1416. Mia Doi Todd: Cosmic Ocean Ship (City Zen) {4}: MC(83/4), AM:80, AV:83, CMJ:80; V[542-2-20]
  1417. Shugo Tokumaru: Port Entropy (Polyvinyl) {4}: MC(72/10), AM:80, Bl:80, CMG:81, CS:80
  1418. Torae: For the Record () {4}: DJB:80, HDX:80, Ok:87
  1419. Turisas: Stand Up and Fight (Century Media) {4}: AM:90, MF:80, Rev:80; V[737-2-15]
  1420. Frank Turner: Rock and Roll (Epitaph) {4}: MC(77/5), AbP:89, AP:80, RkS:80, Spk:80
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  1422. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats: Blood Lust (Rise Above) {4}: OTB:81, Qs:(24); FB; V[408-3-28]
  1423. Vektor: Outer Isolation (Heavy Artillery) {4}: CE; V[737-2-15]
  1424. Verdena: Wow (Universal [Italy]) {4}:
  1425. Vessels: Helioscope (Cuckundoo) {4}: MC(73/6), BBC:80, DS:80
  1426. Geoff Vidal: She Likes That (Arts and Music Factory) {4}: Buf:88; TH:B
  1427. Wagons: Rumble, Shake and Tumble (Six Shooter) {4}: Now:80, PM:80
  1428. David S Ware: Organica: Solo Saxophones, Volume 2 (AUM Fidelity) {4}: TN
  1429. Mike Watt: Hyphenated-Man (Clenched Wrench) {4}: Bl:80, Pf:79, RS:70; CM, MT:X; V[316-4-35]
  1430. Wax Idols: No Future (Hozac) {4}: ATH:(29), PM:80; V[440-2-25]
  1431. We Are Augustines: Rise Ye Sunken Ships () {4}: CS:80, P:85; V[191-4-61]
  1432. Judy Wexler: Under a Painted Sky (Jazzed Media) {4}: DB
  1433. Weyes Blood and the Dark Juices: The Outside Room (Not Not Fun) {4}: OTB:80
  1434. Devon Williams: Euphoria (Slumberland) {4}: ATH:80(33)
  1435. Jeff Williams: Another Time (Whirlwind) {4}: G:80; DB, JM, TH:*
  1436. Within Temptation: The Unforgiving (Roadrunner) {4}: MC(69/6), PM:80, RkS:90, Spk:80
  1437. Wolves Like Us: Late Love (Prosthetic) {4}: Rev:80
  1438. Woodsman: Rare Forms (Lefse) {4}: MC(67/4), Bow:75
  1439. Nate Wooley/Taylor Ho Bynum: The Throes (CIMP) {4}: FJ
  1440. Wussy: Funeral Dress II (Shake It) {4}: RC:A(2), MT:A(9); V[651-2-17]
  1441. Yamantaka//Sonic Titan: YY/ST (Psychic Handshake) {4}: CMG:85, Now:80, Pf:82
  1442. You Me at Six: Sinners Never Sleep (Virgin) {4}: MC(67/5), Gw:80(50), K:80(6)
  1443. Eli Young Band: Life at Best () {4}: CW:80, R:(8)
  1444. Young Legionnaire: Crisis Works (Wichita) {4}: MC(69/5), K:(97), MO:80, RkS:90
  1445. Young Prisms: Friends for Now (Kanine) {4}: MC(67/10), AbP:90, AM:80, NR:80, S:70; V[1734-1-5]
  1446. Richard Youngs: Amplifying Host (Jagjaguwar) {4}: MC(74/6), S:70, TMT:80; V[902-1-10]
  1447. Zomes: Earth Grid (Thrill Jockey) {4}: CMG:81, TMT:80; V[1734-1-5]
  1448. 120 Days: 120 Days II () {3}:
  1449. 2 Chainz: TRU REALigion (mixtape) {3}: XXL:80
  1450. 400 Blows: Sickness and Health (Original Recordings Group) {3}: Rev:80
  1451. About Group: Start and Complete (Domino) {3}: MC(66/6), BBC:80, MO:80; V[902-1-10]
  1452. Above and Beyond: Group Therapy (Anjunabeats) {3}:
  1453. Absu: Abzu (Candlelight) {3}: ; V[902-1-10]
  1454. Adalita: Adalita (Indie Europe/Zoom) {3}:
  1455. Afrikan Sciences: Means and Ways (Deepblak) {3}: RA:90; JG, TH:**
  1456. Alessi's Ark: Time Travel (Bella Union) {3}: Cl:90, G:80, NME:80; V[902-1-10]
  1457. Alias: Fever Dream (Anticon) {3}: MC(76/7), CS:80, TMT:90; TH:**; V[902-1-10]
  1458. All Time Low: Dirty Work (DGC/Hopeless) {3}: MC(68/5), EW:83, K:(92)
  1459. Alva Noto: Univrs (Raster-Noton) {3}:
  1460. Amatorski: TBC (Motion Music) {3}:
  1461. The Ames Room: Bird Dies (Clean Feed) {3}: FJ, TH:**
  1462. Amira: Amulette (World Village) {3}: G:80, T:80
  1463. Amplifier: The Octopus (AmpCorp) {3}: DS:80, RkS:90
  1464. Ernestine Anderson: Nightlife (High Note) {3}: DB, TH:***
  1465. Jill Andrews: The Mirror (Thirty Tigers) {3}: AS:80
  1466. Animals as Leaders: Weightless (Prosthetic) {3}: K:(68); V[902-1-10]
  1467. Thomas Ankersmit/Valerio Tricoli: Forma II (Pan) {3}: TMT:80, W:(20)
  1468. The Answer: Revival () {3}: K:(41)
  1469. Anti G: Presents Kentje'sz Beatsz (Planet Mu) {3}: W:(19)
  1470. Arrange: Plantation (self-released, EP) {3}: Pf:77
  1471. Joseph Arthur: The Graduation Ceremony (Lonely Astronaut) {3}: AM, Bl:80; V[823-1-13]
  1472. Atomic: Here Comes Everybody (Jazzland) {3}: TN; V[646-1-17]
  1473. Gilad Atzmon: The Tide Has Changed (World Village) {3}: JM, TH:***
  1474. Omer Avital: Free Forever (Smalls) {3}: TH:***
  1475. Maya Azucena: Cry Love (Half Note) {3}: Ok:85; TH:B-
  1476. The B-52s: With the Wild Crowd! (Eagle) {3}: RC:A-(68), TH:***; V[1704-1-6]
  1477. Bahamas: Pink Strat (Universal Republic) {3}:
  1478. Frankie Ballard: Frankie Ballard (Warner Bros) {3}: BB:88, CW:80, R:80
  1479. The Band of Heathens: Top Hat Crown and the Clapmaster's Son (BOH) {3}: AC:89, PM:80; V[357-2-30]
  1480. Banjo or Freakout: Banjo or Freakout (Rare Book Room) {3}: MC(67/8), Cl:80, DS:80
  1481. Chris Barber: Memories of My Trip (Proper) {3}: Bl:80, T:80; TH:**
  1482. Danny Barnes: Rocket (ATO/Red) {3}: AC:78, AM:80; TH:B; V[902-1-10]
  1483. Basement: I Wish I Could Stay Here () {3}:
  1484. Bastions: Hospital Corners () {3}: K:(93)
  1485. Stefano Battaglia: The River of Anyder (ECM) {3}: AM:80; TH:**
  1486. Beach Fossils: What a Pleasure (Captured Tracks, EP) {3}: MC(66/5), Bl:80, DS:80
  1487. The Beets: Stay Home (Captured Tracks) {3}: MC(73/7), Du:80, Pf:76; MT:B+, TH:B
  1488. Bell X1: Bloodless Coup (Belly Up) {3}: St:80; V[902-1-10]
  1489. Ben + Vesper: Honors (Sounds Familyre) {3}: MC(66/6), F:85
  1490. Black Francis: The Golem (The Bureau) {3}: MC(68/7), AM:80, F:84, TMT:80; V[737-2-15]
  1491. Black Veil Brides: Set the World on Fire (Republic) {3}: MC(69/4), K:80(101)
  1492. Blondie: Panic of Girls (Eleven Seven) {3}: MC(53/12), Bl:80, P:80; YW, MT:C+; V[1571-2-10]
  1493. Blue Daisy: The Sunday Gift (Black Acre) {3}: Cl:80, Pf:75
  1494. TK Blue: Latin Bird (Motema) {3}: AM:90; DB, TH:**
  1495. Blu: Jesus (Nature Sounds) {3}: S:70; V[902-1-10]
  1496. Born Gold: Bodysongs (Hovercraft) {3}: OTB:83, Spk:80
  1497. Ralph Bowen: Power Play (Posi-Tone) {3}: TN, TH:**
  1498. Boy and Bear: Moonfire (Motown) {3}:
  1499. Braid: Closer to Closed (Polyvinyl) {3}: MC(65/9), AbP:81, AP:80, AV:83
  1500. The Bridge: National Bohemian (Woodberry/Thirsty Tiger) {3}: PM:80
  1501. Jon Brooks: Music for Thomas Carnacki Vol 1 (Cafe Kaput) {3}: Fa:(35)
  1502. Greg Brown: Freak Flag (Yep Roc) {3}:
  1503. Rob Brown Trio: Unknown Skies (Rogue Art) {3}: FJ
  1504. David Budway: A New Kiss (MaxJazz) {3}: AM:80; DB, TH:**
  1505. Solomon Burke and De Dijk: Hold On Tight (Verve) {3}: MC(71/7), AM:80, BG:80, EW:83
  1506. Uri Caine Trio: Siren (Winter and Winter) {3}: TH:***
  1507. John Cale: Extra Playful (Double Six/Domino, EP) {3}: Bl:80, S:70, St:80
  1508. Cambodian Space Project: 2011: A Space Odyssey (Metal Postcard) {3}: Bl:80; TH:***; V[902-1-10]
  1509. Camille: Ilo Veyou (EMI France) {3}: MC(69/5), MO:80, T:80
  1510. Cam'ron and Vado: Gunz n' Butta (E One) {3}: Pf:76, S:70
  1511. The Caribbean: Discontinued Perfume (Hometapes) {3}: Bl:80, PM:90; V[251-3-45]
  1512. Brandy Carlile: Live at Benaroya Hall With the Seattle Symphony (Columbia) {3}: EW:83, P:81; V[902-1-10]
  1513. Ralph Carney's Serious Jass Project: Seriously (Smog Veil) {3}: JG, TH:***
  1514. Francois Carrier: Entrance 3 (Ayler) {3}: FJ, TH:**
  1515. Case Studies: The World Is Just a Shape to Fill the Night (Sacred Bones) {3}: ATH:90, OTB:81
  1516. Casiokids: Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen (Polyvinyl) {3}: MC(69/7), AM:80, NME:80
  1517. Ernesto Cervini: There (Anzic) {3}: TH:**
  1518. Marshall Chapman: Big Lonesome (Tall Girl -10) {3}: CW:80, P:88; TH:**
  1519. Brian Charette: Learning to Count (SteepleChase) {3}: AM:90; TH:A-
  1520. Childish Gambino: EP (self-released, EP) {3}: OTB:80; RC:B+; V[357-2-30]
  1521. Children of Bodom: Relentless, Reckless Forever (Fontana) {3}: PM:80, Rev:100
  1522. Chino: Chino (VP) {3}: AM:80(*)
  1523. CHLLNGR: Haven (Green Owl) {3}: MC(79/6), CS:80, RA:80, XL:85; V[1734-1-5]
  1524. Cindytalk: Hold Everything Dear (Editions Mego) {3}: W:(39)
  1525. Alex Clare: Lateness of the Hour (Island) {3}: MC(57/5), I:80
  1526. The James Cleaver Quintet: That Was Then, This Is Now (import) {3}: K:(9), RkS:90
  1527. Michel Cloup: Notre Silence (MC) {3}:
  1528. Coeur de Pirate: Blonde (Gross Boite) {3}: PM:90
  1529. Avishai Cohen: Seven Seas (Sunnyside) {3}: Buf:88; TH:**
  1530. Tim Cohen: Magic Trick (Captured Tracks) {3}: ATH:80(40), PM:80
  1531. Freddy Cole: Talk to Me (HighNote) {3}: TH:**
  1532. Conquering Animal Sound: Kammerspiel (Gizeh) {3}: CMG:80, DS:80
  1533. Hollie Cook: Hollie Cook (Mr Bongo) {3}: V[310-3-35]
  1534. Country Mice: Twister (Wao Wao) {3}: S:80; TH:**
  1535. Jacques Coursil: Trails of Tears (Sunnyside) {3}: TH:**
  1536. Neil Cowley Trio: Radio Silence (Naim) {3}: DB; TH:**
  1537. Craft: Void (Southern Lord) {3}: ; V[406-2-28]
  1538. Peter Wolf Crier: Garden of Arms (Jagjaguwar) {3}: MC(67/9), CS:80; V[1734-1-5]
  1539. Rob Crow: He Think's He's People (Temporary Residence) {3}: MC(71/9), AM:80, Bl:80, P:80
  1540. Cult of Youth: Cult of Youth (Sacred Bones) {3}: AV:100
  1541. Claire Daly: Mary Joyce Project: Nothing to Lose (Daly Bread) {3}: TH:***
  1542. Damon and Naomi: False Beats and True Hearts (20/20/20) {3}: MC(74/8), AM:80, DA:80; V[497-2-22]
  1543. Damu: Unity (Keysound) {3}: Fa:80(46)
  1544. The Darcys: The Darcys () {3}:
  1545. Darkest Hour: The Human Romance (Entertainment One) {3}: MC(74/7), AM:80, RkS:80
  1546. John Daversa: Junk Wagon: The Big Band Album (BFM) {3}: TH:*
  1547. Deaf Havana: Fools and Worthless Liars (BMG) {3}: Gw:100, K:(48)
  1548. The Decemberists: iTunes Session (Capitol, EP) {3}: MC(76/4), EW:91, OTB:80, RS:70
  1549. De Staat: Machinery (Cool Green) {3}: DS:80
  1550. The Devil's Blood: The Thousandfold Epicentre (Van/Metal Blade) {3}: FB; V[1734-1-5]
  1551. Eldar Djangirov: Three Stories (Masterworks Jazz) {3}: AM:80, Buf:88; TH:B
  1552. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Ayah: Back for More (mixtape) {3}: Ok:82
  1553. Dog Day: Deformer (FunDog) {3}: Now:80
  1554. Snoop Dogg: Doggumentary (Doggystyle) {3}: MC(56/10), BBC:80
  1555. The Doppelgangaz: Lone Sharks (Groggy Pack Entertainment) {3}: RR:80, WB:(5); V[902-1-10]
  1556. Andreas Dorau: Todesmelodien () {3}:
  1557. Lila Downs: Pecados y Milagros (Sony Latin Music) {3}: PM:80; V[902-1-10]
  1558. Dub Colossus: Addis Through the Looking Glass (Real World) {3}: G:80; V[902-1-10]
  1559. The Duke and the King: The Duke and the King (Anti-) {3}: MC(80/4), AM:80, AV:83, S:80
  1560. East River Pipe: We Live in Rented Rooms (Merge) {3}: MC(74/7), AM:80, Bl:80, S:80; V[440-2-25]
  1561. Duane Eddy: Road Trip (Mad Monkey/EMI) {3}: G:80, M:(37)
  1562. Mats Eilertsen: Sky Dive (Hubro) {3}:
  1563. Ekoplekz: Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 1 (Punch Drunk) {3}: W:(31); V[357-2-30]; V[1734-1-5]
  1564. The Elected: Bury Me in My Rings (Vagrant) {3}: MC(71/10), AM:80, CS:80, F:85
  1565. Eleventh Dream Day: Riot Now (Thrill Jockey) {3}: MC(67/5), Bl:80, S:70
  1566. Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Make a Scene () {3}: Dot:80
  1567. Emery: We Do What We Want (Solid State) {3}: AbP:82, Spk:80
  1568. Ensemble: Excerpts (Fat Cat) {3}: MC(66/10), BBC:80, DS:90, NR:80; V[902-1-10]
  1569. Eternal Tapestry/Sun Araw: Night Gallery (Thrill Jockey) {3}: MC(73/4), AM:80, Bl:80
  1570. The Ettes: Wicked Will (Varese Sarabande) {3}: MC(77/5), AM:80, Bl:80(12); V[737-2-15]
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  2375. My Silence: It Only Happens at Night (482 Music) {2}: TMT:80; FJ
  2376. Alon Nechustan: Words Beyond (Buckyball) {2}: FJ
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  2395. O'Brother: Garden Window (Triple Crown) {2}: AP:80, CS:80
  2396. Odd Future: 12 Odd Future Songs () {2}:
  2397. Odio Paris: Odio Paris (El Genio Equivocado) {2}: ; V[737-2-15]
  2398. Office of Future Plans: Office of Future Plans (Dischord) {2}: AbP:82, Bl:80
  2399. Of Mice and Men: The Flood (Rise) {2}: RkS:80
  2400. Ohbijou: Metal Meets (Last Gang) {2}: Now:80
  2401. Mr Oizo: Stade 2 (Ed Banger) {2}: Bl:80
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  2403. Nils Okland/Sigbjorn Apeland/Oyvind Skarbo: 1982: Pintura (Hubro) {2}: G:80, IS:80
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  2405. One Hundred Dollars: Songs of Man (Outside) {2}: Now:80; V[902-1-10]
  2406. Origin: Entity (Nuclear Blast) {2}:
  2407. Oscar + Martin: For You (Two Bright Lakes) {2}: Mg
  2408. Otep: Atavist (Victory) {2}: Bl:(44)
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  2413. Paranoid Visions: Outsider Artist (Foad Musick) {2}: St:(60)
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  2415. Evan Parker/Zlatko Kaucic: Round About One O'Clock (Not Two) {2}: FJ
  2416. Chris Parrello: Things I Wonder (Popopomo Music) {2}: TN, TH:*
  2417. Alan Pasqua: Twin Bill: Two Piano Music of Bill Evans (BFM Jazz) {2}: AM:80; TH:*
  2418. Mike Patton: The Solitude of Prime Numbers () {2}: K:(79)
  2419. Dida Pelled: Plays and Sings (Red) {2}: TH:**
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  2427. Augusto Pirodda: No Comment (Jazzwerkstatt) {2}: TH:***
  2428. Polinski: Labyrinths (Monotreme) {2}: NR:80
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  2430. Robert Pollard: Space City Kicks (Guided by Voices) {2}: MC(63/7), NR:80, S:70
  2431. Pontiak: Comecrudos (Thrill Jockey, EP) {2}: TMT:80
  2432. Popa Chubby: Back to New York City (Mascot) {2}:
  2433. Odean Pope: Universal Sounds (Porter) {2}: TN
  2434. Michel Portal: Bailador (Emarcy) {2}: G:80, T:80
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  2506. Shady Blaze: Rappers Ain't $#!% Without a Producer (Green Ova) {2}:
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  2510. She Keeps Bees: Dig On (101 Distribution) {2}: CS:80
  2511. Derek Sherinian: Oceana (Mascot) {2}:
  2512. Shimmering Stars: Violent Hearts (Almost Musique) {2}:
  2513. Shimrit Shoshan: Keep It Movin' (Shimmya) {2}:
  2514. Shipping News: One Less Heartless to Fear (Karate Body/Noise Pollution) {2}: F:83, RkS:80
  2515. Matthew Shipp/Joe Morris: Broken Partials (Not Two) {2}: FJ, TN
  2516. Matthew Shipp/William Parker/Beans/Hprizm: Knives From Heaven (Thirsty Ear) {2}: JG, TH:*
  2517. The Shoes: Crack My Bones (Southern Fried) {2}: MT:X
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  2519. Sightings: Future Accidents (Our Mouth) {2}:
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  2521. Singing Adams: Everybody Friends Now (Records Records Records Records) {2}:
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  2523. Skeletons: People (Crammed/Wagram) {2}:
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  2527. Slaves to Gravity: Underwater-Outerspace () {2}: K:(54)
  2528. Sarah Slean: Land and Sea (Phermone) {2}: PM:80; V[902-1-10]
  2529. Sleepingdog: With Our Heads in the Clouds and Our Hearts in the Fields (Gizeh) {2}:
  2530. Sleeping in the Aviary: You and Me, Ghost (Science of Sound) {2}: YW, TH:*; V[902-1-10]
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  2558. The Submarines: Love Notes/Letter Bombs (Nettwerk) {2}: P:81
  2559. Submotion Orchestra: Finest Hour (Exceptional) {2}:
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  2564. Summon the Crows: One More for the Gallows (Southern Lord) {2}: AM:80
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  2607. Warren Vache: Ballads and Other Cautionary Tales (Arbors) {2}: TH:**
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  2670. 200 Miles: 200 Miles (Drag City) {1}: Px:85
  2671. 22: Plastik () {1}: RkS:80
  2672. 2NE1: 2nd Mini Album (YG Entertainment, EP) {1}: CE
  2673. 3Ball MTY: Intentalo () {1}:
  2674. 50 Cent: The Big 10 (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  2675. 6th Borough Project: One Night in the Borough (Delusions of Grandeur) {1}:
  2676. 7K Oaks: Entelechy (Die Schachtel) {1}: FJ
  2677. 93 Million Miles From the Sun: Northern Sky (In at the Eye) {1}: DS:80
  2678. Anna Aaron: Dogs in Spirit (Two Gentlemen) {1}:
  2679. Abandon Kansas: Ad Astra Per Aspera (Gotee) {1}: AbP:80*
  2680. Absolute Ensemble: Arabian Nights (Enja) {1}:
  2681. The ACB's: Stona Rosa () {1}:
  2682. Acid Birds: Acid Birds III (Blackrest Rainbow) {1}:
  2683. Across the Sun: Before the Night Takes Us (Metal Blade) {1}: Rev:80
  2684. Acrylics: Lives and Treasure (Friendly Fire) {1}: MC(69/4), S:70
  2685. Ada: Meine Zarten Pfoten (Pampa) {1}: MC(64/4), XL:80; V[646-1-17]
  2686. Mike Adams at His Honest Weight: Oscillate Wisely (St Ives) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  2687. John Adams: Son of Chamber Symphony (Nonesuch) {1}:
  2688. ADA Trio [Lonberg-Holm/Brotzmann/Nilssen-Love]: ADA (PNL) {1}: FJ
  2689. ADd+: When Pigs Fly (self-released) {1}: ; V[737-2-15]
  2690. Adebisi Shank: This is the Second Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank (Sargent House) {1}: PM:80; TH:B
  2691. Aerea Negrot: Arabxilla (B-Pitch) {1}:
  2692. Aeroplane: In Flight Entertainment (Eskimo) {1}: RA:80
  2693. Aeroplane Pageant: Float Above the Yard (Stormy Ice) {1}: AbP:85
  2694. Afro-Soultet: Afrodesia (Ubiquity) {1}: AM
  2695. After the Burial: In Dreams () {1}: RkS:80
  2696. After the Fall: Eradication () {1}: RkS:80
  2697. Against Me!: Total Clarity (Fat Wreck Chords) {1}: CS:80
  2698. Johan Agebjorn: The Mountain Lake (Lotuspike) {1}: RA:80
  2699. Age Rings: Black Honey (Midriff) {1}:
  2700. AGF: Beatnadel (AGF) {1}: PM:80
  2701. Agoria: Fabric 57 (Fabric) {1}: RA:80
  2702. Morgan Agren/Henry Kaiser/Trey Gunn: Invisible Rays (7D) {1}:
  2703. Aiden: Disguises (Victory) {1}: MC(67/5), K:80
  2704. Jhene Aiko: Sailing Souls () {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  2705. Air Cav: Don't Look Indoors (Crystalline) {1}: DS:80
  2706. Masami Akita/Mats Gustafsson/Jim O'Rourke: One Bird Two Bird (Editions Mego) {1}: FJ
  2707. AKS: The Bus Stop EP (Less Is More, EP) {1}: Ok:89
  2708. Albatrosh: Yonkers (Rune Grammofon) {1}: G:80
  2709. The Alchemystics: Spread Hope (Northfire) {1}: PM:80
  2710. Ken Aldcroft/Dave Clark: Hat and Beard: The Music of Thelonious Monk (Trio) {1}: FJ
  2711. Howard Alden: I Remember Django (Arbors) {1}: TH:*
  2712. Hayvanlar Alemi: Guarana Superpower (Sublime Frequencies) {1}: YW
  2713. Fernando Alfaro: La Vida Es Extrana Y Rara () {1}:
  2714. Khyam Allami: Resonance/Dissonance (Nawa) {1}:
  2715. All Get Out: The Season (Favorite Gentelemen) {1}: RkS:80
  2716. Al Lover: Satanic Tambourines () {1}:
  2717. Jennifer Allum/Eddie Prevost: Penumbrae (Matchless) {1}: FJ
  2718. Almunia: New Moon (Claremont 56) {1}:
  2719. Herb Alpert/Lani Hall: I Feel You (Concord) {1}: DB
  2720. Altos: Altos (bandcamp, EP) {1}: JG
  2721. Amateur Party: Truncheons in the Manor (Rorschach) {1}:
  2722. The Amazing: Gentle Stream (Subliminal Sounds) {1}: DS:80
  2723. American Werewolf Academy: Everything Is Alright So Far (Damnably) {1}: Bl:90
  2724. Ami Dang: Hukam (Ehse) {1}:
  2725. Amplified Heat: On the Hunt (Gonzolandia) {1}: AC:89
  2726. Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser and Sketch185: New Age Middle Finger () {1}:
  2727. Andres: Andres III (Mahogani Music) {1}: Fa:80
  2728. Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room: Hurricane Season (Asian Man) {1}: AP:80
  2729. Mike Angus: Hymns (Shameless) {1}: Now:80
  2730. Animal Farm: Culture Shock (Focused Noise) {1}: MC(71/4), Ok:81
  2731. Animation: Asiento (Rare Noise) {1}:
  2732. Paul Anka: Songs of December (Decca) {1}: Buf:100
  2733. Bill Anschell: Figments (Origin) {1}: TH:B
  2734. Ant-Bee: Electronic Church Muzik (Barking Moon Dog) {1}: Bl:80
  2735. Apache Dropout: Apache Dropout (Family Vineyard) {1}: ; V[372-3-30]
  2736. Sigbjorn Apeland: Glossolalia (Hubro) {1}: CM
  2737. Gabrielle Aplin: Never Fade (Never Fade, EP) {1}: Spk:80
  2738. Apparat Organ Quartet: Polyfonia (Crunchy Frog) {1}: MO:80
  2739. The Appleseed Cast: Middle States (Graveface) {1}: CS:80
  2740. Aquaparque: Pintura Moderna () {1}:
  2741. Aquasky: Raise the Devil (777) {1}: Gw:80
  2742. Arafel: For Battles Once Fought () {1}: Spk:80
  2743. Arch Enemy: Khaos Legions (Century Media) {1}: MC(72/6), K:80; V[1734-1-5]
  2744. Architects: The Here and Now (Century Media) {1}: AP:80, RkS:80
  2745. Arch/Matheos: Sympathetic Resonance (Metal Blade) {1}: Spk:90
  2746. Arcsin(100): Distant Lens (Holy Page) {1}:
  2747. Arenna: Beats of Olarizu (Nasoni) {1}:
  2748. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: Witchhunt Suite for WWII (4AD) {1}: Pf:78
  2749. Joan Armatrading: Live at Royal Albert Hall (429) {1}: PM:80
  2750. Army Girls: Close to the Bone (Blocks) {1}: Now:80
  2751. Olafur Arnalds: Living Room Songs (Erased Tapes) {1}: MO:80
  2752. David Arner Trio: Porgy/Best Act 2 (CIMP) {1}: FJ
  2753. Art Sorority for Girls: Slow Dance (self-released) {1}:
  2754. Asa: Beautiful Imperfection (Naive) {1}: MC(62/7), G:80; V[1734-1-5]
  2755. ASAP Rocky: Deep Purple () {1}:
  2756. Richard Ashcroft: United Nations of Sound (Razor and Tie) {1}: MC(37/14), Bl:80
  2757. Joy Askew: Drunk on You () {1}:
  2758. Roy Assaf/Ronen Itzik/Jorge Roeder: Augmented Reality (Daywood Drive) {1}: JL
  2759. Asteroid No 4: Hail to the Clear Figurines (Committee to Keep Music Evil) {1}: Bl:80
  2760. The Aston Shuffle: Seventeen Past Midnight () {1}:
  2761. Astrohenge: II () {1}:
  2762. Astronote: Weapon of the Future () {1}: Spk:80
  2763. Asva: Presences of Absences (Important) {1}: MF:80
  2764. At Devil Dirt: At Devil Dirt (Corvus Discos) {1}: FB; V[1583-1-9]
  2765. Athenor: En Form For Bla (VHF) {1}: TN
  2766. Andrew Atkinson Quartet: Live: Keep Looking Forward (self-released) {1}: TH:A-
  2767. Atriarch: Forever the End (Seventh Rule) {1}: ; V[1734-1-5]
  2768. Patti Austin: Sound Advice (Shanachie) {1}: TH:B
  2769. Autechre/The Hafler Trio: ah3e0 and a3oe (ae302) (Die Stadt/Simply Superior) {1}:
  2770. Autre Ne Veut: Body (Hippos in Tanks, EP) {1}: Fa:80
  2771. Omer Avital Quintet: Live at Smalls (Smalls Live) {1}: DB
  2772. Zee Avi: Ghostbird (Brushfire) {1}: MC(63/4), CS:80
  2773. The Axis of Awesome: Animal Vehicle (Laughspin) {1}: YW
  2774. The Axis of Perdition: Tenements (of the Annointed Flesh) (Code666) {1}: MF:80
  2775. Azita: Disturbing the Air (Drag City) {1}: ; V[497-2-22]
  2776. Azure Blue: Rule of Thirds (Matinee) {1}: Bl:90
  2777. B3betunes: Inhale C-4 $$$$$ () {1}:
  2778. Babe Rainbow: Endless Path (Warp) {1}:
  2779. Babybird: The Pleasures of Self Destruction (Unison) {1}: MO:80
  2780. Baby Dee: Baby Dee Goes Down to Amsterdam (Tin Angel) {1}: MO:90
  2781. Bad Bad Meow: Big Phat Pussycat () {1}:
  2782. Badbadnotgood: BBNG () {1}:
  2783. Bad Chapters: Edge of Collapse () {1}: AC:78
  2784. Badmouth: Heavy Metal Parking Lot (Rambo Music) {1}: CE
  2785. Bag Raiders: Bag Raiders () {1}: MO:80
  2786. Sheryl Bailey: For All Those Living (Pure Music) {1}:
  2787. Emily Baker: House of Cards (Little Love) {1}: MF:80
  2788. Simon Baker: Traces (2020 Vision) {1}: Urb:80
  2789. Mike Baker the Bike Maker: Mike Plays It Cool (N/A) {1}: Ok:83
  2790. Baloni: Fremdenzimmer (Clean Feed) {1}: FJ, TH:*
  2791. Bam Bam: Futura Via (Arts and Crafts) {1}: V[274-3-40]
  2792. Bamboo Bros: American Jibaro (Benchmark Music) {1}: Ok:84
  2793. The Bandana Splits: Mr Sam Presents the Bandana Splits () {1}:
  2794. Banded Stilts: By the Black Stair (self-released, EP) {1}: Now:80
  2795. The Band Perry: The Band Perry (Universal Republic -10) {1}: CE
  2796. Lloyd Banks: The Cold Corner 2 (G-Unit) {1}: OTB:80
  2797. Denys Baptiste: Identity by Subtraction (Dune) {1}:
  2798. Jill Barber: Mischievious Moon () {1}: Now:80
  2799. Rahsaan Barber: Everyday Magic (Jazz Music City) {1}: DB, TH:*
  2800. Bare Wires: Cheap Perfume () {1}:
  2801. Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo: Almanac () {1}: CS:80
  2802. Barnaby Bright: Gravity (Mishara Music) {1}:
  2803. Mandy Barnett: Sweet Dreams () {1}: CW:80
  2804. Barnstar!: C'Mon! () {1}: T:80
  2805. The Barreracudas: Nocturnal Missions (Douchemaster) {1}: YW
  2806. Mick Barr: Coiled Malescence () {1}:
  2807. Barrow: Being Without (bandcamp) {1}: Spk:80
  2808. Julianna Barwick/Ikue Mori: FRKWYS Vol 6 (RVNG INTL, EP) {1}: Fa:80
  2809. Django Bates: Like Life (Storyville) {1}: G:80
  2810. Batillus: Furnace (Seventh Rule) {1}:
  2811. Francesca Battistelli: Hundred More Years (Fervent/Spirit-Led) {1}: UT:88
  2812. Battlefield Band: Line-Up (Temple) {1}: G:80
  2813. Mike Batt: The Hunting of the Snark (Dramatico) {1}: PM:80
  2814. Matt Bauer: The Jessamine County Book of Living (Crossbill) {1}:
  2815. David Baxter: Patina () {1}: Now:80
  2816. Bayonet: Bayonet () {1}: RkS:80
  2817. Bethia Beadman: Made of Love () {1}:
  2818. The Beast: Guru Legacy (Independent, EP) {1}: Ok:86
  2819. Beat Connection: Surf Noir (Tender Age) {1}: Fly:80; V[542-2-20]
  2820. Bebetunes: Inhale C-4 $$$$$ (self-released) {1}: TMT:80
  2821. Naomi Bedford: Tales From the Weeping Willow (Dusty Willow) {1}:
  2822. Been Obscene: Night O' Mine (Elektrohasch) {1}:
  2823. Belanova: Sueno Electro II () {1}:
  2824. Believer: Transhuman () {1}: Spk:80
  2825. Bell: Diamonite () {1}: CS:80
  2826. Bryan Beller: Wednesday Night Live (Onion Boy) {1}: Buf:100
  2827. The Bell: Great Heat (Badman) {1}: FB
  2828. Belphegor: Blood Magick Necromance (Nuclear Blast) {1}:
  2829. Benny Benassi: Electroman () {1}: EW:83
  2830. Michael Benedict: And Bopitude (Planet Arts) {1}: TN
  2831. Benny Tones: Chrysalis (BBE) {1}: Ok:86
  2832. George Benson: Guitar Man (Concord) {1}: TH:B-
  2833. Jarren Benton Meets SMKA: Huffing Glue With Hasselhoff () {1}: DJB:80
  2834. Paolo Benvegnu: Hermann (La Pioggia) {1}:
  2835. Thomas Bergeron: The First of All My Dreams Was Of (Daywood Drive) {1}: JL
  2836. Jerry Bergonzi: Convergence (Savant) {1}: TH:A-
  2837. Alexander Berne: Flickers of Mine/Death of Memes (Innova) {1}:
  2838. Geoff Berner: Victory Party (Mint) {1}: Now:80
  2839. Bernice: What Was That (self-released) {1}: Now:80
  2840. Best Coast: iTunes Session (Mexican Summer) {1}: Pf:75
  2841. Tony Bevan/Paul Obermayer/Phil Marks/Dominic Lash: A Big Hand (Foghorn) {1}: JM
  2842. Asha Bhosle/Shujaat Khan: Naina Lagaike () {1}: T:80
  2843. Eric Bibb: Troubadour Live (Telarc) {1}: G:80
  2844. Carlos Bica and Azul: Things About (Clean Feed) {1}: TH:***
  2845. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never: The Remixes (Island) {1}:
  2846. Big Blood: Dark Country Magic (Don't Trust the Ruin) {1}:
  2847. Big Business: Quadruple Single (Gold Metal) {1}: AV:83
  2848. Big Freedia: Scion A/V Presents: Big Freedia (Scion A/V, EP) {1}: CE
  2849. Big KRIT: Last King 2 (God's Machine) {1}: RS:70
  2850. The Big Motif: Does It Weigh Heavy () {1}:
  2851. Big Spider's Back: Memory Man () {1}:
  2852. Big Sugar: Revolution Per Minute (Bread and Water) {1}: Buf:88; TH:B
  2853. Big Tree: This New Year (self-released) {1}:
  2854. Bio Ritmo: La Verdad (Electric Cowbell) {1}: PM:80; V[517-1-20]
  2855. Andrew Bird: Norman (Mom + Pop Music) {1}:
  2856. Birds of Avalon: Birds of Avalon (Bladen County) {1}: Bl:80
  2857. Birdy Nam Nam: Defiant Order (Savoir Faire) {1}:
  2858. Bitchin Bajas: Water Wrackets (Kallistei) {1}:
  2859. Bituaya: ElectroCaribe () {1}: Urb:80
  2860. Maggie Bjorklund: Coming Home (Bloodshot) {1}: Bl:80
  2861. Ketil Bjørnstad/Svante Henryson: Night song (ECM) {1}: TH:**
  2862. The Black Belles: The Black Belles () {1}: CS:80
  2863. Black Cobra: Invernal (Southern Lord) {1}: ; V[666-2-16]
  2864. Black Devil Disco Club: Circus (Lo) {1}: RA:80
  2865. Black Eagle Child: Lobelia (Preservation) {1}: Pf:80
  2866. Blackfield: Welcome to My DNA (K-Scope) {1}:
  2867. The Black Ghosts: When Animals Stare (Southern Fried) {1}:
  2868. Black Pyramid: II (MeteorCity) {1}:
  2869. Black Red Black: Black Red Black (self-released) {1}: AC:78
  2870. Black Rob: Game Tested, Streets Approved (Duck Down) {1}: Ok:81
  2871. Black Watch: Led Zeppelin Five (Eskimo) {1}: Bl:80; V[677-0-1]
  2872. Seamus Blake/Alex Sipiagin/David Kikoski/Boris Kozlov/Donald Edwards: Introducing Opus 5 (Criss Cross) {1}: J
  2873. Jahdan Blakkamoore: Babylon Nightmare (Lustre Kings) {1}:
  2874. Blame Sally: Speeding Ticket and a Valentine (Ninth Street Opus) {1}: CE; V[737-2-15]
  2875. Blancmange: Blanc Burn (Proper) {1}: G:80
  2876. Tyler Blanton: Botanic (self-released) {1}:
  2877. Blawan: Peaches (Clone Basement Series, EP) {1}: XL:90
  2878. The Blessings: Tomahawk Inn (self-released) {1}: Bl:80
  2879. The Blind Pets: Sweet Tooth () {1}: AC:78
  2880. Blind Sound: In the Nursery () {1}: Spk:80
  2881. Blitz Kids: Vagrants and Vagabonds () {1}: RkS:90
  2882. Jasper Blom Quartet: Dexterity (Mainland) {1}:
  2883. Blood Stain Child: Epsilon (Coroner) {1}: ; V[440-2-25]
  2884. Blood Stereo: Tape Hiss for Brainwash (Feeding Tube) {1}:
  2885. The Bloody Hollies: Yours Until the Bitter End (Alive) {1}: AM:80; TH:*
  2886. Mike Bloom: King of Circles () {1}:
  2887. Matt Blostein/Vinnie Sperrazza: Paraphrase (Yeah-Yeah) {1}: TH:**
  2888. Bluebrain: The National Mall (self-released) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  2889. Blue October: Any Man in America (Red General Catalog) {1}:
  2890. Blue Touch Paper: Stand Well Back (Provocateur) {1}:
  2891. James Blunt: Some Kind of Trouble (Atlantic) {1}: MC(54/9), PM:80
  2892. Blu: Open (Nature Sounds) {1}: Ok:90
  2893. Max B: Vigilante Season (Amalgam Digital) {1}: Fa:80
  2894. Boat: Dress Like Your Idols (Magic Marker) {1}: Pf:76; V[221-3-50]
  2895. BoB: EPIC: Every Play Is Crucial (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  2896. Body Language: Social Studies (Lavish Habits/Om) {1}: S:70
  2897. Hanne Boel: The Shining of Things (Stunt) {1}: JL
  2898. Suzy Bogguss: American Folk Songbook (Loyal Dutchess) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  2899. Bohren and der Club of Gore: Beileid (Ipecac) {1}: NR:80
  2900. Bohuslan Big Band: Don't Fence Me In (ACT) {1}: G:80
  2901. Bombe and Mr Caribbean: James Drake (self-released) {1}: Pf:76; MT:X
  2902. Megan Bonnell: Maps (Nevado) {1}: Now:80
  2903. Ray Bonneville: Bad Man's Blood (Red House) {1}: AC:78
  2904. tabi Bonney: Postcard From Abroad () {1}:
  2905. Tabi Bonney: The Summer Years () {1}:
  2906. Book of Black Death: The Cold Test () {1}: Rev:80
  2907. Book of Knots: Garden of Fainting Stars () {1}:
  2908. Bop: The Amazing Adventures of One Curious Pixel (Med School) {1}:
  2909. Borden, Ferraro, Godin, Halo and Lopatin: FRKWYS Vol 7 (Rvng Intl) {1}: Pf:77; V[902-1-10]
  2910. Born of Osiris: The Discovery (Sumerian) {1}: Rev:80
  2911. Monika Borzym: Girl Talk (Sony) {1}:
  2912. Bosley: Honey Pig () {1}:
  2913. Bostich + Fussible: Bulevar 2000 (Nacional/Because) {1}: I:80
  2914. Robi Botos: Place to Place (A440/Universal) {1}: Now:80
  2915. The Bottletop Band: Dream Service (Mario Caldato Junior) {1}: Cl:80
  2916. Bottomfeeder: Bottomfeeder (Human Blood, EP) {1}: AP:80
  2917. Ludovic Bource: The Artist [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Sony Classical) {1}:
  2918. Bourne/Davis/Kane: The Money Notes (Foghorn) {1}: JM
  2919. Bowling for Soup: Drunk Enough to Dance () {1}: AbP:81
  2920. The Boxer Rebellion: The Cold Still (Absentee) {1}: MC(61/7), Fly:80
  2921. Boy Jumps Ship: Engines () {1}: RkS:80
  2922. Jesse Boykins III: Way of a Wayfarer () {1}: Ok:83
  2923. Susan Boyle: Someone to Watch Over Me (Sony Music) {1}: MC(63/5)
  2924. Boyz II Men: Twenty (MSM Music) {1}: G:80; V[902-1-10]
  2925. Bradford/Dresser/Ferris: Live in LA () {1}:
  2926. Bobby Bradford/Mark Dresser/Glenn Ferris: Live in LA (Clean Feed) {1}: TH:**
  2927. David Braid: Verge (self-released) {1}:
  2928. Brandun DeShay: All Day DeShay: AM () {1}: Urb:80
  2929. Rick Braun: Sings With Strings (Artistry Music) {1}: Buf:88
  2930. Anthony Braxton: Quartet (Mestre) 2008 (Caligola) {1}: FJ
  2931. Anthony Braxton: Two Compositions (Festival of New Trumpet Music) (Tricentric) {1}: FJ
  2932. Anthony Braxton/John McDonough: 6 Duos (Wesleyan) 2006 (Nessa) {1}:
  2933. Josh Bray: Whisky and Wool (NewTide) {1}: MF:80
  2934. Breaking Laces: When You Find Out (Tenacity) {1}: AbP:83
  2935. Brecht and Dead Flowers: Dead Flower Motel () {1}: AC:78
  2936. Wolfert Brederode Quartet: Post Scriptum (ECM) {1}: TH:**
  2937. Brenmar: Let's Pretend (Hum + Buzz, EP) {1}: XL:85
  2938. Evan Brewer: Alone (Sumerian) {1}: Rev:80
  2939. Dee Dee Bridgewater: Midnight Sun (Emarcy) {1}:
  2940. Brigade: Love Is a Duel () {1}: RkS:80
  2941. Brigade: Will Be, Will Be (Mighty Atom) {1}: RkS:80
  2942. Brilliant Colors: Again and Again (Slumberland) {1}: MC(60/100), AM:80
  2943. Broadway Calls: Toxic Kids (self-released) {1}: RkS:80
  2944. Zach Brock: The Magic Number (Secret Fort) {1}: TH:**
  2945. Don Broco: Big Fat Sile () {1}: RkS:80
  2946. Peter Broderick: Music for Confluence (Erased Tapes) {1}: MO:90
  2947. Broken Bells: Meyrin Fields (Columbia) {1}: MC(65/10), EW:83
  2948. David Bromberg: Use Me (Red House) {1}: MC(71/4), BG:80
  2949. Bronze Nazareth: School for the Blindman (iHipHop) {1}: Sl:90
  2950. Brother Dan: The Orb () {1}:
  2951. Brown Bird: Salt for Salt () {1}:
  2952. Colleen Brown: Dirt (self-released) {1}: Now:80
  2953. Brown Recluse: Evening Tapestry (Slumberland) {1}: AM; V[677-1-15]
  2954. Shirley Brown: Woman to Woman (Stax) {1}: S:70
  2955. Tore Brunborg/Kirsti Huke: Scent of Soil (Hubro) {1}:
  2956. Brutal Truth: End Time (Relapse) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  2957. Chico Buarque: Chico (DRG) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  2958. Harold Budd: In the Mist (Darla) {1}: YW
  2959. Buffalo Killers: 3 (Alive) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  2960. Greg Burk Trio: The Path Here (482 Music) {1}: TH:**
  2961. Burning Tree: Stinger () {1}:
  2962. Kenny Burrell: Tenderly (HighNote) {1}: TH:**
  2963. Bush: The Sea of Memories (E1) {1}: MC(62/5), AM:80
  2964. John Butcher/Gino Robair: Apophenia (Rastascan) {1}:
  2965. John Butcher/Toshimaru Nakamura: Dusted Machinery (Monotype) {1}: FJ
  2966. The Will Butterworth Trio: Hereafter (Music Chamber) {1}: JM
  2967. Frieder Butzman: Wie Zeit Vergeht (Pan) {1}: TMT:80
  2968. M Buzan: Word Salad () {1}:
  2969. Buzzoven-Revelation: Sick Again () {1}: RkS:80
  2970. David Adam Byrnes: Premium Country (Red General Catalog) {1}: R:80
  2971. Roberto Cacciapaglia: The Ann Steel Album (Half Machine) {1}: Pf:76
  2972. Cadillac: Cadillac () {1}:
  2973. Jean Caffeine: Geckos in the Elevator (Joe) {1}: AC:78
  2974. Caged Animals: Eat Their Own (Lucky Number) {1}: G:80
  2975. Zachary Cale: Noise of Welcome (All Hands Electric) {1}: PM:90
  2976. Calibre: Condition (Signature) {1}:
  2977. Cali Swag District: The Kickback (Capitol) {1}: MC(67/4), EW:83
  2978. Callers: Life of Love (Western Vinyl -10) {1}: PM:80
  2979. Michael Campagna: Moments (Challenge) {1}: TH:U
  2980. Craig Campbell: Craig Campbell () {1}: R:90
  2981. Canibus: C of Tranquility (iM -10) {1}: RC:***
  2982. Cannabis Corpose: Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise () {1}: RkS:80
  2983. Brent Canter: Urgency of Now (Posi-Tone) {1}: TH:B
  2984. Lucio Capece/Birgit Ulher: Choices (Another Timbre) {1}: FJ
  2985. Capsula: In the Land of Silver Souls (Krian Music Group) {1}: AC:89
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  2987. William Carn: Run Stop Run (Mythology) {1}: TH:U
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  3301. Falloch: Where Distant Spirits Remain (Candlelight) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  3302. False: Untitled (Howling Mine/Gilead Media) {1}: ; V[1632-1-8]
  3303. Falty DL: Atlantis (Ninja Tune, EP) {1}: Spk:80
  3304. The Famine: Architects of Guilt (Tooth and Nail) {1}: AP:80
  3305. Fang Wizard: Pure Hex (Teen Beat) {1}: Ph:88
  3306. Fan Modine: Gratitude for the Shipper (Daniel 13 Press) {1}: Bl:80
  3307. Fanny Lu: Felicidad y Perpetua () {1}:
  3308. Fantasma: Fantasma City (FireAnt Music) {1}: Bl:80
  3309. Fanu: Serendipity (Lightless) {1}: RA:80
  3310. The Farewell Drifters: Echo Boom (Heart Squeeze) {1}:
  3311. Farewell Milwaukee: When It Sinks In (Independent) {1}: PM:80
  3312. Billy C Farlow: You Better Run (Yellow Label) {1}:
  3313. Fashawn: Higher Learning 2 (mixtape) {1}: CMG:83
  3314. Fauna: Manshines (ZZK) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  3315. Charlie Faye: Travels With Charlie () {1}:
  3316. The Features: Wilderness (Serpents and Snakes) {1}: S:80; V[882-1-11]
  3317. Fei Comodo: The Life They Lead () {1}: RkS:80
  3318. Michael Feinstein: The Sinatra Project Vol II (Concord) {1}: J
  3319. Feldberg: Don't Be a Stranger (Smalltown America) {1}: MO:80
  3320. Mark Fell: Manitutshu (Editions Mego) {1}:
  3321. Mark Fell: () {1}:
  3322. Christine Fellows: Femmes de Chez Nous (Six Shooter) {1}: ; V[850-1-12]
  3323. Marcel Fengler: Berghain 05 (Ostgut Ton) {1}: RA:80
  3324. Agusti Fernandez/Barry Guy/Ramon Lopez: Morning Glory (Maya) {1}:
  3325. Agusti Fernandez/Joan Saura: Vents (Psi) {1}:
  3326. James Ferraro: Night Dolls With Hairspray (Olde English Spelling Bee) {1}: Pf:79
  3327. Sky Ferreira: As If! (Capitol) {1}: RS:70
  3328. Fiend: Tennis Shoes and Tuxedos (Fiend Digital) {1}: ; V[1704-1-6]
  3329. Sammy Figueroa: Urban Nature (Senator/!K7) {1}:
  3330. Filthy Bird: Songs for Other People (Holidays for Quince) {1}: Mg
  3331. Fimm: Sarah (Near Infinite Possibility) {1}: 05-05
  3332. Fireworks: Gospel (Triple Crown) {1}: ; V[1734-1-5]
  3333. Fishboy: Classic Creeps () {1}:
  3334. Paul Flaherty/Bill Nace/Laila Salins: Broken Staircase (Wet Paint) {1}: TMT:80
  3335. The Flail: Live at Smalls (Smalls Live) {1}: TH:**
  3336. Flare Acoustic Arts League: Big Top/Encore (Affairs of the Heart) {1}: MO:80
  3337. Flash Bang Grenada: 10 Haters (Alpha Pup) {1}:
  3338. Flashman: To the Victor, the Spoils () {1}:
  3339. Fleshgod Apocalypse: Agony () {1}: Rev:80
  3340. Flesh Lights: Muscle Pop (Twistworthy) {1}: AC:78
  3341. Fleshtones: Brooklyn Sound Solution (Yep Roc) {1}: Bl:80
  3342. Floating Points: Shadows (Eglo) {1}: Spk:80
  3343. Flowers and Sea Creatures: Flowers and Sea Creatures (Buzzin' Fly) {1}: RS:70
  3344. Flowers of Hell: "O" (Optical) {1}: MF:80
  3345. Foetus: Hide (Ectopic Ents) {1}: Fa:80
  3346. Antonia Font: Lamparetes () {1}:
  3347. Colt Ford: Every Chance I Get (Average Joe's) {1}: R:80; TH:B
  3348. Foreigner: Feels Like the First Time (Razor and Tie) {1}:
  3349. FORMA: FORMA (Spectrum Spools) {1}: TMT:80
  3350. Kekko Fornarelli: Room of Mirrors (Auand) {1}:
  3351. Forrest Day: Forrest Day (Ninth Street Opus) {1}: AbP:88
  3352. Carlos Forster: Family Trees (Hush) {1}: PM:80
  3353. Fortilive: I Vs I () {1}: DJB:80
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  3356. The Four Bags: Forth (NCM) {1}: TH:*
  3357. Damon Fowler: Devil Got His Way (Blind Pig) {1}:
  3358. Kevin Fowler: Chippin' Away () {1}:
  3359. Julie Fowlis: Live at Perthshire Amber () {1}: T:80
  3360. Foxfire: Too Late for Love (self-released) {1}: Now:80
  3361. Michael Fracasso: Saint Monday (Little Fuji) {1}: AC:78
  3362. Frankie P: Hazy Nights in the Heights (self-released) {1}:
  3363. Carlos Franzetti/Allison Brewster Franzetti: Alborada (Amapola) {1}: TH:U
  3364. Fred: Leaving My Empire () {1}: St:80
  3365. Freedom Hawk: Holding On (Small Stone) {1}:
  3366. Freedom or Death: Ego () {1}: Now:80
  3367. Daniel Thomas Freeman: The Beauty of Doubting Yourself (Home Normal) {1}:
  3368. Fringe Magnetic: Twistic () {1}: MO:80
  3369. The Fruit Tree Foundation: First Edition (Chemikal Underground) {1}: DS:80
  3370. Mark Fry: I Lived in Trees (Second Language) {1}:
  3371. Fulgeance: To All of You (Melting Pot Music) {1}: Cl:80
  3372. The Funk League: Funky as Usual (Favorite) {1}: Ok:87
  3373. Tony Furtado: Golden (Funzalo) {1}: Bl:80
  3374. Furyu: Cio Che L'Anima Non Dice (self-released) {1}:
  3375. Future Shuttle: Water's Edge (Intercoastal Artists/Holy Mountain, EP) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  3376. Future: Streetz Calling () {1}: XXL:80
  3377. Future: True Story (Freebandz) {1}:
  3378. Ga'an: Ga'an (Captcha) {1}: TMT:80
  3379. Vyacheslav Gaivronsky/Alexander Ragazanov: Revelation (Bomba) {1}: FJ
  3380. Galactic: The Other Side of Midnight (Anti-) {1}: PM:80
  3381. Quin Galavis: Should Have Known You (Thread Pull) {1}: AC:78
  3382. Richard Galliano: Nino Rota (Deutsche Grammophon) {1}: G:80
  3383. Game: Hood Morning (No Typo): Candy Coronas (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
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  3389. Garfunkel and Oates: All Over Your Face (CD Baby) {1}:
  3390. The Gaslight Anthem: iTunes Session (iTunes) {1}: Spk:80
  3391. Gay for Johnny Depp: What Doesn't Kill You, Eventually Kills You (Shinebox) {1}: MC(61/4), RkS:90; TH:B-; V[902-1-10]
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  3394. Geotic: Mend (self-released) {1}:
  3395. The German Measles: A German Joke Is No Laughing Matter (Krazy Punx) {1}:
  3396. The Gertrudes: Till the Morning Shows Her Face to Me () {1}:
  3397. Get Help: The Good Green Earth (Midriff) {1}:
  3398. Ghost Brigade: Until Fear No Longer Defines Us (Season of Mist) {1}:
  3399. Ghost Thrower: Get Miserable (Equal Vision, EP) {1}: AbP:80
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  3402. Giant Hand: Starting as People () {1}: Now:80
  3403. Giant Sand: Blue Mountain (Fire -10) {1}: RC:**
  3404. Giant Squid: Cenotes () {1}:
  3405. Mike Gibbs/Norma Winstone: Here's a Song for You (Fuzzy Moon) {1}: G:80
  3406. David Gibson: End of the Tunnel (Posi-Tone) {1}: TH:**
  3407. Randy Gibson: Aqua Madora (Avant Media) {1}:
  3408. Brantley Gilbert: Halfway to Heaven Deluxe (The Valory Music Co) {1}: CE
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  3411. GinmanBlachman!: Let's Call Stephen Riley (Steeplechase) {1}:
  3412. A Giraffe: Under a Table (self-released) {1}:
  3413. Girls' Generation [SNSD]: 1st Japan Album (Nayutawave/Universal Music Japan) {1}: CE; V[677-1-15]
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  3415. Git: Imagination (BBE) {1}: Ok:86
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  3419. Glitter Wizard: Solar Hits (Archers Guild) {1}:
  3420. Glorior Belli: The Great Southern Darkness (Metal Blade) {1}: PM:80; V[1734-0-1]
  3421. Gnod: In Gnod We Trust () {1}: Qs
  3422. Teea Goans: The Way I Remember It () {1}: R:90
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  3431. Goldie: Fabriclive.58 (Fabric) {1}: RA:80
  3432. Gold Kids: Ode to Youth () {1}: RkS:80
  3433. Gold Panda: Companion (Ghostly International) {1}: MT:B+
  3434. Vinny Golia Quartet: Take Your Time (Relative Pitch) {1}: TH:***
  3435. Mac Gollehon: Odyssey of Nostalgia (American Showplace Music) {1}: 1J
  3436. Gonjasufi: The Ninth Inning (Hydroshare, EP) {1}: Pf:76
  3437. Dennis Gonzalez/Joao Paulo: So Soft Yet (Clean Feed) {1}: TH:***
  3438. Good Times Crisis Band: Nine of Clubs (Australian Cattle God) {1}: AC:78
  3439. Gordon Goodwin: That's How We Roll (Telarc) {1}:
  3440. Michael Gordon: Timber (Cantaloupe) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  3441. Gospel Music: How to Get to Heaven From Jacksonville, FL (Kill Rock Stars) {1}:
  3442. The Gourds: Old Mad Joy (Vanguard) {1}: AC:89
  3443. Andy Grammer: Andy Grammer (S-Curve) {1}:
  3444. Grand Hallway: Winter Creatures (Porchlight) {1}:
  3445. Grand Reportage Ensemble Deluxe/Lucien Dubuis: Live From the Surface of the Sun (Altrisuoni) {1}: FJ
  3446. Dave Graney: Rock 'n' Roll Is Where I Hide (Liberation) {1}: TMT:80
  3447. Jenn Grant: Honeymoon Punch () {1}: Now:80
  3448. The Grascals: Country Classics With a Bluegrass Spin! () {1}: R:80
  3449. The Grascals: Dance Til Your Stockings Are Hot and Ravelin' (Time Life) {1}: R:80
  3450. Graveyard Train: The Drink the Devil and the Dance (Spooky) {1}: Bl:80
  3451. Great Aunt Ida: Nuclearize Me (Zunior) {1}: Now:80
  3452. Great Cynics: Don't Need Much () {1}: RkS:80
  3453. Greater Northern X: The Great Northern X (In the Bottle) {1}:
  3454. Great Waitress: Lucid (Split) {1}: FJ
  3455. Alexander Green: Kaimbr and Kev Brown () {1}: WB:70
  3456. Jimmy Greene: Live at Smalls (Smalls Live) {1}:
  3457. Green Ova Underground: The Shady Bambino Project (self-released) {1}:
  3458. Grex: Second Marriage (SUA) {1}: TMT:80
  3459. Grey Kingdom: Eulogy of Her and Her and Her (Dine Alone) {1}:
  3460. The Grip Weeds: Under the Influence of Christmas (Rainbow Quartz) {1}: I:80
  3461. Gross Magic: Teen Jamz () {1}:
  3462. Grumbling Fur: Furrier (Aurora Borealis) {1}:
  3463. Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers: We're Not Dead Yet (Schoolhouse) {1}: Bl:90
  3464. Guadalupe Plata: Guadalupe Plata () {1}:
  3465. Guitaro: JJ's Crystal Palace () {1}:
  3466. Gum Takes Tooth: Silent Cenotaph (Tigertrap) {1}: Fly:80
  3467. Gudmundur Steinn Gunnarsson: Horpma () {1}:
  3468. Trey Gunn: I'll Tell You What I Saw (7d -10) {1}: PM:80
  3469. Guns Garcia: Bad Bitches Bomb First (self-released) {1}:
  3470. Anne Guthrie: Perhaps a Favorable Organic Moment (Copy for Your Records) {1}: TMT:90; V[902-1-10]
  3471. Guti: Patio de Juegos (Desolat) {1}: OTB:81
  3472. Gym Class Heroes: The Papercut Chronicles II (Fueled by Ramen) {1}: BB:80; V[902-1-10]
  3473. The H2 Big Band: You're It (Jazzed Media) {1}:
  3474. Andy Haas: Paradise of Ashes (Resonant Music) {1}: Now:80
  3475. Ha Ash: A Tiempo () {1}:
  3476. The Habit: Lincoln Has Won (Reel to Reel) {1}: TH:***
  3477. Hackney Colliery Band: Hackney Colliery Band (Wah Wah 45s) {1}: Ok:88
  3478. Jeff Hackworth: Night Owl (Big Bridge) {1}: Buf:88
  3479. Matt Haimowitz/ Christopher O'Riley: Shuffle. Play. Listen (Oxingale) {1}: PM:80
  3480. Halestorm: ReAniMate: The Covers EP (, EP) {1}: Rev:80
  3481. Half Man Half Biscuit: 90 Bisodol (Crimond) (Probe Plus) {1}: MO:80; V[340-2-31]
  3482. Marcellus Hall: The First Line (Glacial Pace) {1}: Now:100
  3483. Hallock Hill: There He Unforseen (Hallock Hill) {1}:
  3484. Hallock Hill: The Union (Hallock Hill) {1}:
  3485. Halloween: Arvore Kriminal () {1}:
  3486. Matthew Halsall: On the Go (Gondwana) {1}:
  3487. Scott Hamilton/Jesper Thilo: Scott Hamilton Meets Jesper Thilo (Stunt) {1}: JL
  3488. Hammer No More the Fingers: Black Shark (Phantom Domestic) {1}:
  3489. Mary Hampton: Folly (Teaspoon) {1}:
  3490. Hands Up Who Wants to Die: Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo (Richter Collective) {1}: St:80
  3491. Hanggai: He Who Travels Far (Four Quarters) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  3492. Hang the Bastard: Hellfire Reign () {1}: RkS:80
  3493. Darren Hanlon: I Will Love You at All () {1}: Spk:80
  3494. The Happy Thoughts: The Happy Thoughts (HoZac) {1}: P:89
  3495. HAQ: Walking Walking Falling (Efpi) {1}: JM
  3496. Hard Mix: Defaults () {1}:
  3497. Sugar Cane Harris: Cup Full of Dreams (Promising Music) {1}:
  3498. Harry's Gym: What Was Ours Can't Be Yours (Splendour) {1}: Bow:75
  3499. Billy Hart: La Place Demon (Morr Music) {1}: AM
  3500. Has-Lo: Conversation B (Mello Music Group) {1}: Ok:88
  3501. Hatchback: Zeus and Apollo (Lo) {1}:
  3502. Hauschka/Hildur Gudnadottir: Pan Tone (Sonic Pieces) {1}:
  3503. Haust: Powers of Horror () {1}: RkS:80
  3504. Have Heart: 10.17.09 () {1}: RkS:80
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  3506. Hawthorne Heights: Hate (Cardboard Empire) {1}: AbP:80
  3507. HDBoyz: HDMI in Love, Reprise () {1}:
  3508. The Headhunters: Platinum (Owl Studios) {1}: Bl:80
  3509. Heart in Hand: Only Memories () {1}: RkS:80
  3510. Heavy Winged: Sunspotted (Type -10) {1}: PM:80
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  3512. John Heckle: The Second Son (Mathematics) {1}: RA:80; V[902-1-10]
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  3514. Heidi: Heidi Presents the Jackathon (Get Physical Music) {1}: RA:80; V[737-2-15]
  3515. Hekseri: Hekseri (Time Before Time) {1}: Ph:88
  3516. Pablo Held: Glow (Pirouet) {1}: TH:B
  3517. Hello Echo: Hello (Hello Echo) {1}: Pf:76
  3518. Helms Alee: Weatherhead (Hydra Head) {1}: AP:90
  3519. Ig Henneman: Cut a Caper (Stichting Wig) {1}: TH:**
  3520. Henrietta Game: Black Ship (self-released) {1}: St:80
  3521. Hera: Where My Complete Belowed Is (Multikulti) {1}: FJ
  3522. Here We Go Magic: January (Secretly Canadian, EP) {1}: MC(79/4), CS:80
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  3524. Her Space Holiday: Her Space Holiday (No More Good Ideas) {1}: AC:78
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  3526. He Slept on 57: A Glow From the Night Light () {1}: AbP:82
  3527. Paul Hession/Alan Wilkinson/Simon Fell: Two Falls and a Submission (Bo Weavil) {1}: FJ
  3528. Hey Colossus: RRR (Riot Season) {1}: DS:80
  3529. Hhymn: In the Depths (Denizen) {1}: MF:80
  3530. Gary Higgins: A Dream a While Back (Drag City) {1}: MC(70/4), AM:80
  3531. High Highs: High Highs (Rocket) {1}: AV:83
  3532. Highlighter: People Under the Stairs (Piecelock 70) {1}:
  3533. Highway Child: Highway Child (Elektrohasch) {1}:
  3534. High Wolf: Atlas Nation (Holy Mountain) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  3535. Higuma: Pacific Fog Dreams (Root Strata) {1}: OTB:83; V[902-1-10]
  3536. Hills: Master Sleeps (Transubstans) {1}:
  3537. Lisa Hilton: Underground (Ruby Slippers) {1}: TH:**
  3538. Himalayan Bear: Hard Times (Absolutely Kosher) {1}: Bl:90
  3539. Fred Ho and the Afro Asian Music Ensemble: Big Red! (Innova) {1}:
  3540. Eddy Hobizal: Kinetic () {1}: AC:89
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  3542. Ari Hoenig: Punk Bop: Live at Smalls (Smalls Live) {1}: G:80
  3543. James Hoff: How Wheeling Feels When the Ground Walks Away (Pan) {1}:
  3544. Malcolm Holcombe: To Drink the Rain (Music Road) {1}: Bl:80
  3545. Hollywood Undead: American Tragedy (A&M) {1}: MC(59/6), Rev:80
  3546. Kit Holmes: Driving Into the Blue () {1}: G:80
  3547. Maya Homburger/Barry Guy: Star (Ergodos) {1}: FJ
  3548. Ezekiel Honig: Folding In on Itself (Type) {1}: Fa:80
  3549. Robert Hood: Omega: Alive (M-Plant) {1}: Cl:80
  3550. Brian Henry Hooper: Trouble (Spooky) {1}: Bl:80
  3551. Bryan Hooten: Richmond Love Call (Bryan Hooten) {1}:
  3552. The Horror the Horror: Wilderness (Tapete) {1}: FB
  3553. Horseback: Forbidden Planet () {1}:
  3554. Hot Bodies in Motion: Old Habits (CD Baby) {1}:
  3555. Hotel St George: Bloodlust (self-released) {1}: JG
  3556. Hourglass Sea: Return to the Crematorium () {1}: WB:80
  3557. The Hours: It's Not How You Start, It's How You Finish -10-10-05 () {1}:
  3558. Randy Houser: In God's House () {1}: R:100
  3559. Howler: This One's Different (Rough Trade, EP) {1}: NME:80; V[902-1-10]
  3560. Howling Bells: The Loudest Engine (Cooking Vinyl) {1}: Fly:80
  3561. Hubble: Hubble Drums (Northern Spy) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  3562. Hubbub: Whobub (Matchless) {1}:
  3563. Mike Huckaby: Tresor Records 20th Anniversary (Tresor) {1}: RA:80
  3564. Kevin Hufnagel: Transparencies (Nightfloat) {1}: CMG:82
  3565. The Human Abstract: Digital Veil () {1}:
  3566. Human Element: Human Element (Abstract Logix) {1}: TH:U
  3567. Human Eye: They Came From the Sky (Sacred Bones) {1}: AM; V[902-1-10]
  3568. The Human Instinct: Burning Up Years + Stoned Guitar + Pins in It (Sunbeam) {1}: Bl:80
  3569. Humo del Cairo: Vol II (Estamos Felices) {1}:
  3570. Greg Humphreys: People You May Know (Phrex) {1}: Bl:80
  3571. Peter Hum Quintet: A Boy's Journey (self-released) {1}:
  3572. Hundredth: Let Go (Mediaskare) {1}: AP:80
  3573. Hunn Huur Tu: Ancestors Call (World Village) {1}:
  3574. Hunters: Hands on Fire (Aagoo) {1}: Px:80; V[902-1-10]
  3575. The Hush Now: Memos (self-released) {1}:
  3576. Husky Rescue: Ship of Light (Catskills) {1}: Fly:80
  3577. Nipsey Hussle: The Marathon Continues (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  3578. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble: Bulletproof Brass! (Honest Jons, EP) {1}: Ok:90
  3579. HyunA: Bubble Pop! (Cube) {1}: CE; V[1734-1-5]
  3580. I Am Abomination: To Our Forefathers () {1}: AbP:87
  3581. IAmOmni: IAmOmni (NH) {1}: Ok:87
  3582. The Ian Axel: This Is the New Year () {1}: AbP:81
  3583. I, Ced: All in My Mind (Record Breakin' Music) {1}: Ok:87
  3584. Icicle: Under the Ice (Shogun Audio) {1}:
  3585. ICS Vortex: Storm Seeker () {1}:
  3586. Idea Fire Company: Music From the Impossible Salon (Kye) {1}: TMT:90
  3587. Rikki Ililonga and Musa-O-Tunya: Dark Sunrise (Now-Again -10) {1}: PM:80
  3588. Illecism: Cloud Strife (Fly High or Die) {1}: Ok:91
  3589. Illness: Some Vegetable Waste () {1}: MO:80
  3590. Illusion of Safety: Busier Than Happier (Digitalis) {1}: TMT:80
  3591. The Imaginary Soundscapes: A Way Out by Knowing Smile (Ruptured) {1}:
  3592. Imakemadbeats: Imakemadbeats (Doxside Music Group) {1}: Ok:80
  3593. Immortal Technique: The Martyr () {1}:
  3594. Inch-Time: The Floating World (Mystery Plays) {1}: MO:80
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  3596. Infinitirock: Music for Primordial Recollection (Asthmatic Kitty) {1}: PM:80
  3597. Innerpartysystem: Never Be Content (Red Bull, EP) {1}: RkS:80
  3598. The Insane Warrior: We Are the Doorways (RJ's Electrical Connections) {1}: Ok:85
  3599. The Insomniacs: Just Enjoy It () {1}:
  3600. Marcus Intalex: 21 (Soul:R) {1}:
  3601. The Internet: Purple Naked Ladies (Sony Red) {1}: S:70; V[1734-1-5]
  3602. In Transit: Shifting Moods (Konnex) {1}: FJ
  3603. Intricate Dialect: Kemet (Abolitionist Projects) {1}: Urb:80
  3604. Intronaut: Valley of Smoke () {1}: RkS:80
  3605. INXS: Original Sin (Rhino) {1}: UT:88
  3606. Iodine: Iodine () {1}: R:80
  3607. Is and of The: Heads Phased for Dreamless (Mush) {1}:
  3608. Iselia: Adaptations () {1}: Spk:80
  3609. Iselia: Life From Dead Limbs () {1}: Spk:90
  3610. Isis: Isis Live () {1}: CS:80
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  4235. Donnie Ray: Who's Rockin' You? (Ecko) {1}: CE
  4236. Rebirth Brass Band: Rebirth of New Orleans () {1}:
  4237. The Records: Rotate (Fuel) {1}: Bl:80
  4238. The Red Button: As Far as Yesterday Goes (Grimble) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  4239. Jody Redhage: Of Minutiae and Memory (New Amsterdam) {1}:
  4240. Red Horse: Red Horse (Type) {1}:
  4241. Red Molly: Light in the Sky (Signature Sounds) {1}: T:80
  4242. Ed Reed: Born to Be Blue (Blue Shorts) {1}: DB, TH:B
  4243. Rick Reed: The Way Things Go (Elevator Bath) {1}: TMT:100
  4244. Jason Reeves: Caged Birds Set Free (Abeautifularmyoftrees, EP) {1}: AbP:84
  4245. Rufus Reid: Hues of a Different Blue (Motema) {1}: TH:*
  4246. Michel Reis: Point of No Return (Armored) {1}: DB
  4247. Relient K: K Is for Karaoke (Mono vs Stereo) {1}: AbP:80
  4248. Religious Knives: Smokescreen (Sacred Bones) {1}:
  4249. Renaissance Man: The Renaissance Man Project () {1}: Urb:80
  4250. The Republic of Wolves: The Cartographer (Simple Stereo, EP) {1}: AbP:89*
  4251. Julio Resende: You Taste Like a Song (Clean Feed) {1}: TH:***
  4252. Resoe: The Black Void of Space (Echocord) {1}: YW
  4253. Retarded Cop: You Have the Right to Remain Retarded! (Rock Flute) {1}: St:80
  4254. The Revenge: ReekinStructions (Z) {1}: RA:80
  4255. Reverse the Curse: Hither and Yon (Paper + Plastick) {1}: AP:80
  4256. Revoker: Revenge for the Ruthless () {1}: RkS:80
  4257. Graham Reynolds: The Difference Engine (Innova) {1}: AC:89
  4258. Reynolds Jazz Orchestra: Threepenny Opera (Shani) {1}:
  4259. Rey Pila: Rey Pila (Promotodo) {1}: S:70
  4260. John Rich: For the Kids (Warner Bros) {1}: R:80
  4261. Tim Ries: Live at Smalls (Smalls Live) {1}: TN
  4262. Rimer London: Rimer London () {1}:
  4263. Claire Ritter: The Stream of Pearls Project (Zoning) {1}: TH:A-
  4264. Rittz: White Jesus () {1}:
  4265. Ritualz: Ghetto Ass Witch (self-released) {1}: Ph:100; V[677-1-15]
  4266. Jenni Rivera: Joyas Frestadas () {1}:
  4267. Riverside: Memories in My Head (The Laser's Edge) {1}:
  4268. Riz MC: MICroscope (Confirm/Ignore) {1}: CMG:83
  4269. Jose Rizo: Mongorama (Suangu) {1}: ; V[1632-1-8]
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  4271. RKM y Ken-Y: Forever () {1}:
  4272. Roach Gigz: Roachy Balboa Round 2 (Goomba) {1}: CE
  4273. Pete Robbins Unnamed Quartet: Live in Brooklyn (Not Two) {1}: FJ
  4274. Hank Roberts: Everything Is Alive (Winter and Winter) {1}: FJ
  4275. Duke Robillard: Low Down and Tore Up () {1}:
  4276. Sir Michael Rocks: Premier Politics (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  4277. David Rodigan: Fabriclive 54 (Fabric) {1}: JG
  4278. Ernesto Rodriguez: Suspensao (Creative Sources) {1}: FJ
  4279. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez: Telesterion (Rodriguez Lopez Productions) {1}: Bl:80; V[902-1-10]
  4280. Kenny Rogers: The Love of God (Cracker Barrel) {1}: CW:80
  4281. Roy Rogers/Ray Manzarek: Translucent Blues (Blind Pig) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  4282. Rose Hill: Drive Americana (Slow and Shirley) {1}: YW, TH:*
  4283. Christina Rosenvinge: La Joven Dolores () {1}:
  4284. Simon Rose: Schmetterling (Not Two) {1}: FJ
  4285. Ro Spit: The Glass Ceiling Project (N/A) {1}: Ok:80
  4286. Rick Ross: God Forgives, I Don't (Maybach) {1}:
  4287. Asher Roth: Pabst and Jazz (self-released) {1}: S:70
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  4289. Rotten Sound: Cursed (Relapse) {1}: AC:78
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  4291. ROVA: Zorn: The Receiving Surfaces (Metalanguage) {1}: FJ
  4292. Keith Rowe: Concentration of the Stare (Bottrop Boy) {1}:
  4293. Roxy Coss: Roxy Coss (self-released) {1}: TH:B-
  4294. The Roys: Lonesome Whistle () {1}: R:90
  4295. R/S: USA (PAN) {1}: TMT:80
  4296. Rubberbandits: Serious About Men (Lovely Men) {1}: St:80
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  4299. Georg Ruby/Michel Pilz: Deuxieme Bureau (JazzHaus Musik) {1}:
  4300. Ursula Rucker: She Said (Noizeboy/Soulspasm) {1}: Ok:80
  4301. Rue de Funk: Weather the Storm (Bobby Campo) {1}:
  4302. Rue Royale: Guide to an Escape () {1}: Tu:92
  4303. Ruins Alone: Ruins Alone (Skin Graft) {1}: TMT:80
  4304. Rumer: Seasons of My Soul (Warner) {1}: Buf:100; V[1734-1-5]
  4305. Run Kid Run: Patterns (Tooth and Nail) {1}: AP:80
  4306. Run, Walk!: Peekay (Holy Roar) {1}: DS:80
  4307. Kate Rusby: While Mortals Sleep (Pure) {1}: G:80
  4308. Catherine Russell: Strictly Romancin' (World Village) {1}:
  4309. Leon Russell: Live in Japan/Live in Houston (Omnivore) {1}: AS:80
  4310. Shawna Russell: Shawna Russell (Way Out West) {1}: R:80
  4311. Ruthless Rap Assassins: Killer Album (Murdertone/EMI) {1}: RR:85
  4312. Ali Ryerson: ConBrio! (ACR) {1}:
  4313. The Saddest Landscape: You Will Not Survive (Panic) {1}: RkS:80
  4314. Sahara Surfers: Sonar Pilot (Sound Zero) {1}:
  4315. Adel Salameh: Awda (Enja) {1}:
  4316. Samo Salamon Trio: Almost Almond (Sanje) {1}: 1J
  4317. Nathan Salsburg/James Elkington: Avo (Tompkins Square) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  4318. Chucha Santamaria Y Usted: Chucha Santamaria Y Usted (Young Cubs) {1}: CE
  4319. Mathieu Santos: Massachusetts 2010 () {1}:
  4320. Romeo Santos: Formula Vol 1 () {1}:
  4321. Susana Santos Silva: Devil's Dress (Toap) {1}:
  4322. Sarandon: Sarandon's Age of Reason (Slumberland) {1}: CE
  4323. Rafal Sarnecki: The Madman Rambles Again (Fresh Sound New Talent) {1}:
  4324. Saturday's Kids: Saturday's Kids () {1}: RkS:80
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  4326. Save Your Breath: Vices () {1}: RkS:90
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  4328. Scala and Kolacny Brothers: Scala and Kolacny Brothers (03-15) {1}: MF:90
  4329. Scarcity of Tanks: Sensational Grade (Total Life Society) {1}: Bl:90; V[902-1-10]
  4330. Kelli Schaefer: Ghost of the Beast () {1}:
  4331. Basya Schechter: Songs of Wonder (Tzadik) {1}:
  4332. Nicole Scherzinger: Killer Love (Polydor) {1}:
  4333. Andras Schiff: Robert Schumann: Geistervariationen (ECM) {1}: PM:80
  4334. Lalo Schifrin: Jazz Meets the Symphony #7 (Aleph) {1}:
  4335. Marcus Schmickler: Palace of Marvels (Editions Mego) {1}:
  4336. Danny Schmidt: Man of Many Moons (Red House) {1}: T:80
  4337. Bob Schneider: A Perfect Day (Kirtland/Shockorama) {1}: AC:78
  4338. Roedelius Schneider: Stunden (Bureau B) {1}: TMT:80
  4339. Pascal Schumacher Quartet: Bang My Can (Enja) {1}: JM
  4340. Irene Schweizer: To Whom It May Concern (Intakt) {1}: G:80
  4341. ScienZe: When Skies Fall (self-released) {1}: Ok:89
  4342. Scoolptures: White Sickness (Leo) {1}: FJ
  4343. Nitty Scott, MC: Doobies x Popsicle Sticks () {1}:
  4344. Simon Scott: Bunny (Miasmah) {1}:
  4345. Dred Scott Trio: Going Nowhere (Ropeadope) {1}: TN, TH:U
  4346. Scoundrels: Sniff It Up (Blue Horizon) {1}: MF:80
  4347. Scream: Complete Control Session () {1}: Rev:80
  4348. Jimmy Screech: The Remedy (MAP Music) {1}: I:80
  4349. The Sea and Cake: The Moonlight Butterfly (Thrill Jockey) {1}: MC(71/7), F:87
  4350. Sea Pinks: Dead Seas (Cass Flick) {1}:
  4351. Joan Sebastian: Huevos Rancheros () {1}:
  4352. Seeker Lover Keeper: Seeker Lover Keeper (Spunk) {1}: AV:91
  4353. Seether: Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray (Wind-Up) {1}: Rev:80
  4354. Self Scientific: Trials of the Blackhearted (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  4355. Septic Flesh: The Great Mass () {1}: Spk:90; V[505-2-21]
  4356. Serengeti and Polyphonic: Bells and a Floating World (Anticon) {1}: TH:**
  4357. Sara Serpa: Mobile (Inner Circle) {1}: TH:B
  4358. Serpent Throne: White Summer, Black Winter () {1}: RkS:80
  4359. Brian Setzer: Setzer Goes Instru-MENTAL! () {1}:
  4360. Seval: I Know You (482 Music) {1}: DB
  4361. Serge Severe: Back on My Rhymes () {1}: HDX:80
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  4364. Shackleton: Fireworks (Honest Jons, EP) {1}: YW
  4365. Shady Bard: Trials/Retrials () {1}: MO:80
  4366. Shaggy: Summer in Kingston (, EP) {1}:
  4367. Shakey Graves: Roll the Bones () {1}:
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  4371. Elliot Sharp/Scott Fields: Afiadacampos (Neos) {1}: FJ
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  4373. The Sheepdogs: Five Easy Pieces (Atlantic) {1}: ; V[1583-1-9]
  4374. Laura Sheeran: Lust of Pig and the Fresh Blood (Flaming June) {1}: St:80
  4375. Duncan Sheik: Covers 80's (Red General Catalog) {1}:
  4376. Brad Shepik Quartet: Across the Way (Songlines) {1}: TN
  4377. Bob Sheppard: Close Your Eyes (BFM Jazz) {1}: Buf:88
  4378. Lauren Shera: Once I Was a Bird () {1}: R:80
  4379. She Wants Revenge: Valleyheart (Eleven Seven) {1}: Bl:80
  4380. Sven Shienhammer: Altostratus Translucidus (Bine) {1}:
  4381. Jake Shimabukuro: Peace Love Ukulele (Hitchhike) {1}: DB
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  4383. Matthew Shipp/Sabir Mateen: SaMa Live in Moscow (SoLyd) {1}: TN
  4384. Shonen Knife: Osaka Ramones: A Tribute to the Ramones (Damnably) {1}: MO:80
  4385. Shoppers: Silver Year (self-released) {1}: ; V[623-2-19]
  4386. Tim Siciliano: In the Attic (CIMP) {1}:
  4387. Sidony Box: Pink Paradise (Naive) {1}: Buf:88
  4388. Siena Root: Root Jam (Transubstans) {1}:
  4389. Silencers: Balance Des Blancs (Sofa) {1}: FJ
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  4396. Kaz Simmons: Dandelions (Fast Awake) {1}:
  4397. Alina Simone: Make Your Own Danger (Virtual) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  4398. Simple Plan: Get Your Heart On! (Atlantic) {1}: MC(67/5)
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  4404. Sarah Siskind: Novel (Red Request) {1}:
  4405. Sister Soleil: Eskimo (, EP) {1}:
  4406. Sixx:AM: This Is Gonna Hurt (Eleven Seven Music) {1}: Rev:80
  4407. Charlie Sizemore: Looking for a Home (Rounder) {1}:
  4408. Skech185: New Age Middle Finger (ReServed) {1}: Ok:83
  4409. Skepta: Doin' It Again (Universal) {1}: MC(56/6), BBC:80
  4410. Skin Graft: Dystrophy (Hanson) {1}:
  4411. Skinny Puppy: HanDover () {1}: Rev:80
  4412. The Sklar Brothers: Hendersons and Daughters (Stand Up!) {1}:
  4413. Skold: Anomie () {1}: Spk:80
  4414. Skrillex: More Monsters and Sprites (Big Beat/Atlantic, EP) {1}: TH:**
  4415. Skull Defekts: 2013-3012 (Thrill Jockey) {1}: Bl:80
  4416. Skullflower: Fucked on a Pile of Corpses (Cold Spring) {1}: ; V[1734-1-5]
  4417. Kamil Skuszkiewicz: Prolegomena (Slowdown) {1}: FJ
  4418. Sky Burial: Threnody for Collapsing Suns (Phage Tapes/Small Doses) {1}: Ph:88
  4419. Slaine: A World With No Skies 2.0 () {1}: HDX:80
  4420. Slaughterhouse: EP (, EP) {1}: HDX:80
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  4424. Matt Slocum: After the Storm (Chandra) {1}: TH:**; V[1632-1-8]
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  4433. The Smithereens: 2011 (E1) {1}: AM; V[408-3-28]
  4434. Sad Brad Smith: Love Is Not What You Need () {1}: CS:80
  4435. Smoking Popes: This Is Only a Test (Asian Man) {1}:
  4436. Soccer Mom: You Are Not Going to Heaven (100m) {1}:
  4437. The Social Club: For Drinking (Alcopop!) {1}: RkS:80
  4438. Soft Hearted Scientists: Wandermoon (The Hip Replacement)) {1}: I:80
  4439. Sokea Piste: Ajatus Karkaa (Kamaset Levyt) {1}:
  4440. Pedro Soler/Gaspar Claus: Barlande (InFine) {1}:
  4441. Solstafir: Svartir Sandar () {1}:
  4442. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: Tape Club (Polyvinyl) {1}: MC(62/5), MO:80
  4443. Somewhere Not Here: Residual Hum From a Parallel Universe (Stunted) {1}: DS:80
  4444. Somi: Live at the Jazz Standard (Palmetto) {1}:
  4445. Ben Sommers: Avocado Chip (360 Degree Music) {1}: CS:80
  4446. Songs for Ulan: The Globe Has Spun and We're All Gone (Stout Music) {1}:
  4447. Sonic Brotherhood: Deep Tones for Peace Israel 2009 (Kadima) {1}: FJ
  4448. Sonore: Cafe Oto/London (Trost) {1}: FJ, TH:B
  4449. The Son(s): The Son(s) (Smallfish) {1}:
  4450. SOOLj: Electro SOOLj (CNH) {1}: CE; V[1583-1-9]
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  4452. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em: Juice (mixtape) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
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  4454. Sounds of System Breakdown: Colour (self-released, EP) {1}: St:80
  4455. Sourvein: Black Fangs () {1}: Rev:80
  4456. Jesse Sparhawk/Eric Carbonara: Sixty Strings (VHF) {1}:
  4457. K Sparks: Tomorrow Today () {1}: DJB:80
  4458. Larry Sparks: Almost Home (Rounder) {1}:
  4459. Sparks the Rescue: Worst Thing I've Been Cursed With (Fearless) {1}:
  4460. Sparrow: Playtime (Numbskull HQ) {1}: St:80
  4461. The Spartan Dreggs: Forensic R n B () {1}:
  4462. Amy Speace: Land Like a Bird () {1}: R:80
  4463. Heidi Spencer: Under Streetlight Glow (Bella Union) {1}: MC(67/5), CMJ:80
  4464. Craig Spepard: On Foot (Edition Wandelweiser) {1}: TMT:80
  4465. Spiers and Boden: The Works (Navigator) {1}:
  4466. The Spinning Leaves and Hezekiah Jones: The Hezekiah Leaves and the Spinning Joneses (MAD Dragon) {1}: Ok:85
  4467. Spirit Catcher: Partners in Crime () {1}: Urb:90
  4468. Splashgirl: Pressure (Hubro) {1}: JM
  4469. Splice: Lab (Loop) {1}: FJ
  4470. Spook Houses: The Home (self-released, EP) {1}: YW
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  4472. Spotlight Kid: Disaster Tourist (Tri-Tone/PIAS) {1}: Fly:80
  4473. Spring Breakup: It's Not You, It's Me () {1}: Now:80
  4474. Spycatcher: Honesty () {1}: RkS:90
  4475. Staind: Staind (Atlantic) {1}: Rev:80
  4476. Norbert M Stammberger: Poem IV (GNU) {1}: FJ
  4477. John Stammers: John Stammers (Wonderful Sound) {1}:
  4478. Stark Naked and the Fleshtones: Stark Naked and the Fleshtones (Soul Surfer) {1}: Now:80
  4479. Static Jacks: If You're Young (Fearless) {1}: Bl:80; V[634-2-18]
  4480. Candi Staton: Who's Hurting Now? () {1}:
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  4487. Chadwick Stokes: Simmerkane II () {1}:
  4488. Straight Line Stitch: The Fight of Our Lives () {1}: RkS:80
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  4490. Co Streiff/Russ Johnson: In Circles (Intakt) {1}: DB
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  4496. Sun City Girls: Gum Arabic (Annihaya) {1}: PM:80
  4497. Sundelles: Georgia Swan () {1}:
  4498. Sun Glitters: Everything Could Be Fine (White Label) {1}: RA:80
  4499. Sungrazer: Mirador (Elektrohasch) {1}: FB
  4500. Suns: Close Calls in the US Space Program/The Howl and the Many () {1}: AbP:92
  4501. Sun Wizard: Positively 4th Avenue (The Royal Potato Family) {1}:
  4502. Damion Suomi and the Minor Prophets: Go, and Sell All Your Things (Hopeless) {1}: P:82
  4503. Suplecs: Mad Oak Redoux (Small Stone) {1}: AC:78
  4504. Surface of the Earth: Surface of the Earth (Utech) {1}:
  4505. Surkin: USA (Marble Players) {1}: Cl:80; V[677-1-15]
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  4507. Sweatshop Union: The Bill Murray EP (URBNET, EP) {1}: RR:80
  4508. Sweet Lights: Sweet Lights () {1}: CS:80
  4509. Swimmer: Swimmer (Bandcamp) {1}: FJ
  4510. Swimsuit: Swimsuit (Speakertree) {1}: YW
  4511. Swod: Drei (City Centre Offices) {1}: DS:80
  4512. Swollen Members: Monsters II () {1}: HDX:80
  4513. Sylosis: Edge of the Earth (Nuclear Blast America) {1}: RkS:80
  4514. Syriana: Road to Damascus () {1}:
  4515. Taake: Noregs Vaapen (Candlelight) {1}:
  4516. Take That: Progressed () {1}:
  4517. Ta Lam 11 [Gebhard Ullmann]: Mingus! (Jazzwerkstatt) {1}:
  4518. Talkdemonic: Ruins (Glacial Pace) {1}: MC(65/7), S:70
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  4520. Talvihorros: Descent Into Delta (Hibernate) {1}:
  4521. Elan Tamara: Organ (Big Dada) {1}: DS:80
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  4523. Thomas Tantrum: Mad by Moonlight (PIAS) {1}: DS:80
  4524. Tape Loop Orchestra: Maybe I Told a Small Lie (self-released) {1}:
  4525. Taraf De Haidouks/Kocani Orkestar: Band of Gypsies 2 (Crammed Discs) {1}: MO:80
  4526. Vladimir Tarasov: In Tempo (United One) {1}: JL
  4527. Anna Tarnheim: The Night Visitor () {1}:
  4528. Frank Tate: Thanks for the Memory (Arbors) {1}: TH:*
  4529. Noel Taylor/Alberto Popolla: All Fall Down (Citystream) {1}: FJ
  4530. Martin Taylor and Alan Barnes: Two for the Road (Woodville) {1}: G:80
  4531. Dennis Taylor: Steppin' Up (Kizybosh) {1}: Buf:88
  4532. Tea Leaf Green: Radio Tragedy (Thirty Tigers) {1}: PM:80
  4533. Tearjerker: Strangers (Sore Thumb) {1}: CMG:80
  4534. Teeth: Whatever (Moshi Moshi) {1}: MO:80
  4535. The Telescopes: Live Aftertaste (Genepool) {1}: DS:80
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  4538. Tenacity: I'm Different (Abolitionists Projects) {1}: Urb:80
  4539. Henri Texier: Canto Negro (Label Bleu) {1}:
  4540. Textures: Dualism () {1}:
  4541. The Heavy Eyes: The Heavy Eyes (Heavy Eyes) {1}:
  4542. The Lickets: Here (on Earth) (International Corporation) {1}:
  4543. Them Bird Things: Wildlike Wonder (Playground) {1}: CE; V[1704-1-6]
  4544. There Will Be Fireworks: There Will Be Fireworks () {1}: AbP:86
  4545. The Thing w/Jim O'Rourke: Shinjuku Growl (Smalltown Superjazz) {1}: FJ
  4546. Third World: Patriots (VP) {1}:
  4547. This Is a Standoff: Be Delighted (self-released) {1}: RkS:80
  4548. This Quiet Army: Vessels (Aurora Borealis) {1}: DS:80
  4549. Ron Thomas: Two Lonely People (Vectordisc) {1}:
  4550. Three Cane Whale: Three Cane Whale (Idyllic) {1}: G:80
  4551. Three in One Gentleman Suit: Pure (Fosbury) {1}:
  4552. Holly Throsby: Team (WooMe) {1}: DS:80; V[1670-1-7]
  4553. Thunder and Lightning: Kangaroo Court (self-released) {1}: CMG:81
  4554. Thy Catafalque: Rengeteg (Season of Mist) {1}: Spk:80; V[1704-1-6]
  4555. Timmy's Organism: Rise of the Green Gorilla (Sacred Bones) {1}: Bl:80
  4556. Mina Tindle: Mina Tindle () {1}:
  4557. Scott Tinkler/Bae Il Dong/Simon Barker: Chiri (Kimnara) {1}: FJ
  4558. The Tiny Adventures: Wild-Eyed in the Hinterlands () {1}: AC:89
  4559. Keith Tippett Octet: From Granite to Wind (Ogun) {1}: G:80
  4560. TiRon and Ayomari: A Sucker for Pumps (The Cafeteria Line) {1}:
  4561. Tity Boi: Codeine Cowboy: A 2 Chainz Collective (DTP) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  4562. Per Tjernberg: Music Is My Salvation (Country and Eastern) {1}:
  4563. Tobias: Leaning Over Backwards (Ostgut Ton) {1}: RA:80
  4564. Toh Kay: Streetlight Lullabies () {1}: AP:80
  4565. To Kill a King: My Crooked Saint (PID, EP) {1}: CS:80
  4566. Tokimonsta: Creature Dreams (Brainfeeder) {1}: Px:80
  4567. Tom the Lion: The Adventures of Tom the Lion () {1}:
  4568. Tonbruket: Dig It to the End (ACT) {1}: JM
  4569. Too Slim and the Tail Draggers: Shiver (Underworld) {1}: CE
  4570. Keith Top of the Pops: Fuck You! I'm Keith Top of the Pops (Corporate) {1}: PM:80
  4571. Torn: Crespect (2nd Floor) {1}: FJ
  4572. Noel Torres: Llegamos, Estamos y Seguimos () {1}:
  4573. Bjorn Torske: Kokning (Smalltown Superwound) {1}: Urb:80
  4574. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs: Prehistory I/II () {1}:
  4575. Total Slacker: Thrashin' (Marshall Teller) {1}: MO:80
  4576. Viktor Toth: Popping Bopping (BMC) {1}: FJ
  4577. Touch People: Show Me Your dimensions (Illegal Art) {1}: PM:80
  4578. Touch People: Sound Expression (Illegal Art, EP) {1}: PM:80
  4579. T-Pain: Revolver (RCA) {1}: MC(53/5), EW:83
  4580. Stan Tracey: A Child's Christmas in Wales (Resteamed) {1}:
  4581. Trae Tha Truth: Undisputed (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  4582. Trails: Trails () {1}: RkS:80
  4583. Trampled by Turtles: Palomino () {1}:
  4584. Transatlantic: More Never Is Enough (Radiant) {1}:
  4585. Trapped Under Ice: Big Kiss Goodnight (Good Fight) {1}: RkS:90
  4586. Treefight for Sunlight: A Colection of Vibrations for Your Skull (Friendly Fire) {1}: UR:80
  4587. Tremors II: Ghost Bats (, EP) {1}:
  4588. Gloria Trevi: Gloria () {1}:
  4589. Tim Trevor-Briscoe/Szilard Mezei/Nicola Guazzaloca: Underflow (Leo) {1}: FJ
  4590. Trichotomy: The Gentle War (Naim Jazz) {1}: JM
  4591. Stephanie Trick: Something More (Victoria) {1}:
  4592. Antonin Tri-Hoang/Benoit Delbecq: Aeroplanes (Bee Jazz) {1}: FJ
  4593. Bobb Trimble and the Crippled Dog Band: The Crippled Dog Band (Yoga) {1}: Bl:80
  4594. Trio Derome Guilbeault Tanguay: Danse a l'Anvers (Ambiances Magnetiques) {1}:
  4595. Trio Dolce Vita: Amacord (Jazzwerkstatt) {1}: Buf:100
  4596. Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death: Some of Us Are in This Together (Don't Stop Believin') {1}:
  4597. Trondheim Jazz Orchestra/Kim Myhr: Stems and Cages (MNJ) {1}: FJ
  4598. Trophy Scars: Never Born, Never Dead () {1}: Spk:100
  4599. Tropics: Parodia Flare (Planet Mu) {1}:
  4600. True Widow: INO () {1}:
  4601. Chico Trujillo: Chico de Oro (Barbes) {1}: AC:78
  4602. Mikolaj Trzaska Clarinet Quintet: Lark Uprising (Multikulti) {1}: FJ
  4603. Dave Tull: I Just Want to Get Paid (Toy Car) {1}:
  4604. Tunng: This Is Tunng . . . Live From the BBC (Full Time Hobby) {1}: MO:80
  4605. Turbowolf: Turbowolf () {1}:
  4606. Turf War: Years of Living Dangerously () {1}:
  4607. TV Ghost: Mass Dream (In the Red) {1}: Pf:76
  4608. Typhoon: A New Kind of House (Tender Loving Empire) {1}: P:82
  4609. Ufesas: Ufesas (Droehnhaus) {1}:
  4610. Ulterior: Wild in Wildlife (Speed) {1}:
  4611. Ultraphallus: Sowberry Hagan (Riot Season) {1}: DS:80
  4612. Umlaut: Umlaut () {1}: CS:80
  4613. Umphrey's McGee: Death by Stereo (ATO) {1}: Buf:100; V[677-1-15]
  4614. Taku Unami/Takahiro Kawaguchi: Teatro Assente (Erstwhile) {1}: TMT:90; V[902-1-10]
  4615. Underworld: Frankenstein: Music From the Play (Underworld Live) {1}: PM:80
  4616. Undivided: Moves Between Clouds (Multikulti) {1}: FJ
  4617. Matt Unicomb: Houses - All Night (Dream Pop) {1}: Urb:80
  4618. United Nations: Never Mind the Bombings, Here's Your Six Figures () {1}: RkS:80
  4619. United Waters: Your First Ever River (Arbitrary Signs) {1}: TMT:80; V[1583-1-9]
  4620. Us3: Lie, Cheat and Steal (Us3) {1}: Ok:88
  4621. US Royalty: Mirrors (Family) {1}:
  4622. UV Race: Homo (In the Red) {1}: ; V[1632-1-8]
  4623. Vacation Dad: In the Shame Cave/ZOIO (MJMJ) {1}: CMG:80
  4624. Vader: Welcome to the Morbid Reich (Nuclear Blast) {1}: Rev:80; V[902-1-10]
  4625. Vallenfyre: A Fragile King (Century Media) {1}: ; V[517-1-20]
  4626. Vampires Everywhere!: Kiss the Sun (Century Media) {1}: Rev:80
  4627. Vanattica: The King or Me (Ignite, EP) {1}: AbP:81*
  4628. Van Der Graaf Generator: A Grounding in Numbers (Esoteric) {1}: ; V[542-2-20]
  4629. Ken Vandermark: Strade d'Acqua/Roads of Water (Multikulti) {1}:
  4630. Ken Vandermark/Paal Nilssen-Love: Letter to a Stranger (Smalltown Superjazz) {1}: FJ
  4631. Vanguard Jazz Orchestra: Forever Lasting: Live in Tokyo (Planet Arts) {1}:
  4632. Rosie Vanier: Black Cats and Black Stars (self-released, EP) {1}: Gw:80
  4633. Vanilla: High Life () {1}:
  4634. Andreas Varady/David Lyttle: Questions (Lyte) {1}: JM
  4635. Johnny Varro: Speak Low (Arbors) {1}: TH:**
  4636. Vastum: Carnal Law (20 Buck Spin) {1}:
  4637. Baron Vaughn: Raised by Cable (A Special Thing) {1}:
  4638. Vaz: Chartreuse Bull (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia) {1}: Pf:76; V[1583-1-9]
  4639. Vazytouille: Vazytouille (Circum-disc) {1}:
  4640. Nacho Vegas: La Zona Sucia () {1}:
  4641. Veio Abiungo: And the World is Still Yawning (Lost Tribe Sound) {1}:
  4642. Venomous 2000 the Ultra Emcee: A Moment to Reflect II (self-released) {1}: RR:80
  4643. Verbal Kent: Save Yourself (Rapmechanics) {1}: Ph:88
  4644. Versus the Ocean: Evolve () {1}: AbP:84
  4645. Vetusta Morla: Mapas () {1}:
  4646. Vicious World: Plays the Music of Rufus Wainwright (Spinaround) {1}:
  4647. Franck Vigroux: Broken Circles Live (Ars Nova) {1}: JM
  4648. Tommy Vig: Welcome to Hungary! (Klasszikus Jazz) {1}: TH:*
  4649. Vildhjarta: Masstaden (Century Media) {1}: CS:80
  4650. Vile Gash: Deluded () {1}:
  4651. Friska Viljor: The Beginning of the Beginning of the End (Crying Bob) {1}: MO:80
  4652. Melvin Vines: Harlem Jazz Machie (Movi) {1}: TH:***
  4653. Virgo Four: It's a Crime (Remixes) (Rush Hour, EP) {1}: XL:80
  4654. Vitchev Quintet: Hristo (The Perperikon Suite) {1}:
  4655. Kate Voegele: Gravity Happens () {1}: EW:83
  4656. Voivod: Warriors of Ice () {1}: Spk:90
  4657. Vomir: Application A Aphistemi (Maison Bruit) {1}:
  4658. Ben von Wildenhaus: Great Melodies From Around (Riot Bear) {1}: S:70
  4659. The V-Roys: Sooner or Later (FAY) {1}: PM:80
  4660. Rufus Wainwright: House of Rufus (Universal) {1}: Cl:90
  4661. Waitiki 7: In Hi-Fi (Pass Out) {1}:
  4662. Wale: The Eleven One Eleven Theory (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  4663. Natalie Walker: Spark (Dorado) {1}: Spk:80
  4664. Wayne Wallace: To Hear From There (Patois) {1}: TH:*
  4665. The Walls: Bird in a Cage (Second Motion, EP) {1}: Bl:80
  4666. Wandas: Wandas (self-released) {1}: AS:80
  4667. Kris Wanders/Mani Neumeier Quintet: Taken by Surprise (Not Two) {1}: FJ
  4668. The Kris Wanders Outfit: In Remembrance of the Human Race (Not Two) {1}: FJ
  4669. Warbringer: Worlds Torn Asunder () {1}: Rev:80
  4670. Jim Ward: Quiet in the Valley, on the Shores the End Begins () {1}:
  4671. Lucy Ward: Adelphi Has to Fly (Navigator) {1}:
  4672. Steve Wariner: Guitar Laboratory () {1}: CW:80
  4673. Anna Waronker: California Fade (Five Foot Two) {1}: LAT:88; MT:X; V[436-1-25]
  4674. Krystle Warren and the Facultya: Time to Keep: Love Songs EP (Parlour Door Music, EP) {1}: I:80
  4675. The Warriors: See How You Are (Victory) {1}: AP:80
  4676. Wartgore Hellsnicker: Moderate Rock (Audio Antihero) {1}: MF:80
  4677. Stephen Warwick: Talking Machine (self-released) {1}: Bl:80
  4678. Waters: Out in the Light (City Slang) {1}: DS:80
  4679. Chris Watson: El Tren Fantasma (Touch) {1}: V[242-4-47]
  4680. Andrew Watt: The Mulberry Tree (, EP) {1}: Ok:80
  4681. Trevor Watts/Veryan Weston: More Dialogues (Emanem) {1}:
  4682. Wayter: Feeding Time (Naked Tree) {1}: MF:80
  4683. Way Through: Arrow Shower (Upset the Rhythm) {1}: TMT:80
  4684. We Are Knuckle Dragger: ABCDEP () {1}: RkS:80
  4685. We Are the City: High School (Indie Europe/Zoom) {1}:
  4686. Weasel Walter: Duets With Peter Evans, Mary Halvorson, Darius Jones and Alex Ward: Ominous Telepathic Mayhem (UgExplode) {1}: Bl:80
  4687. The Weather Station: All of It Was Mine (You've Changed) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  4688. Doug Webb: Renovations (Posi-Tone -10) {1}: TH:**
  4689. Graham Weber: Women () {1}: AC:78
  4690. Webster/Holub/McLaren: Koi Bombs (Geffer) {1}: JM
  4691. Craig Wedren: Wand (MRI) {1}: MC(70/4), Pf:76; V[902-1-10]
  4692. Weerd Science: Sick Kids (Horris) {1}: AP:80
  4693. Weird Owl: Build Your Beast a Fire (Tee Pee) {1}: AV:83
  4694. Dan Weiss: Jhaptal Drumset Solo (Chhandayan) {1}:
  4695. Neil Welch: Boxwork (Table and Chairs) {1}: TH:**
  4696. We'll Go Machete: Strong Drunk Hands (Cedar Fever) {1}: AC:78
  4697. Wellstone Conspiracy: Humble Origins (Origin) {1}: TH:***
  4698. Werewolf Jerusalem: Confessions of a Sex Maniac (Second Layer) {1}:
  4699. Bugge Wesseltoft/Henrik Schwarz: Duo (Universal Music) {1}: RA:80
  4700. Veryan Weston: Tesselations 2 (Emanem) {1}:
  4701. Wet Paint: Woe (Records Records Records) {1}: DS:80
  4702. Janice Whaley: The Smiths Project (self-released) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  4703. The Whip: Wired Together (Southern Fried) {1}:
  4704. Whiskey Myers: Firewater (Thirty Tigers) {1}: R:80
  4705. Whiskey Shivers: Batholith () {1}: AC:78
  4706. White Denim: Live at Third Man (Third Man) {1}: AC:100
  4707. White Ghost Shivers: Nobody Loves You Like We Do (self-released) {1}: AC:78
  4708. White Mystery: Blood and Venom (Swirly) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  4709. White Noise Sound: White Noise Sound (Alive Natural Sound) {1}: I:80
  4710. White Suns: Waking in the Reservoir (ugExplode) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  4711. Ward White: Done With Taking the Cure (Ward White) {1}: Mg
  4712. White Wives: Happeners (Adeline) {1}: AP:80; V[1734-1-5]
  4713. Wiccans: Skullduggery (Katorga Works) {1}:
  4714. John Wiese: Seven of Wands (PAN) {1}: TMT:80; V[737-2-15]
  4715. Wildhearts: Earth Vs. the Wildhearts/PHUQ/Fishing for Luckies/Endless, Nameless (Lemon) {1}: Bl:80
  4716. Rick Wilhite: Analog Aquarium (Still Music) {1}: RA:80
  4717. Corey Wilkes: Kind of Miles: Live at the Velvet Lounge (Katalyst) {1}: TN
  4718. Jack Wilkins: The Blue and Green Project (Summit) {1}:
  4719. Reverend John Wilkins: You Can't Hurry God (Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum) {1}: DB
  4720. Robin and Linda Williams and Their Fine Group: Stonewall County: Songs From the Musical (Red House) {1}: Bl:80
  4721. Boo Williams: Home Town Chicago (Anotherday) {1}: RA:80
  4722. Leona Williams: Grass Roots () {1}:
  4723. Astrid Williamson: Pulse (One Little Indian) {1}: MO:80
  4724. Vinyl Williams: Lemniscate () {1}:
  4725. Willie the Kid: #The Crates (mixtape) {1}: Urb:80
  4726. Chick Willis: Let the Blues Speak for Itself (Benevolent Blues) {1}:
  4727. Dan Willis: The Satie Project (Daywood Drive) {1}: JL
  4728. Wilson Trio: Reuben (Revisited) {1}:
  4729. WIM: WIM () {1}:
  4730. Winds of Plague: Against the World (Century Media) {1}: Rev:80
  4731. The Wind: Harum Scarum (The Wind) {1}:
  4732. Alex Winston: Sister Wife (Heavy Roc, EP) {1}: Now:80
  4733. Johnny Winter: Roots (Megaforce) {1}: ; V[1734-1-5]
  4734. Wires Under Tension: Light Science (Western Vinyl) {1}: MC(71/5), CS:80
  4735. Wiretree: Makeup (self-released) {1}: Bl:80
  4736. Wisin and Yandel: Los Vaqueros: El Regreso () {1}: BB:90
  4737. Woody Witt: Pots and Kettles (Blue Bamboo Music) {1}: TH:*
  4738. Wo Fat: Noche del Chupacabra (Nasoni) {1}:
  4739. Wold: Freermasonry (Profound Lore) {1}: Pf:83
  4740. Wolf and Club: Science and Sorcery (Last Gang) {1}: Urb:90
  4741. Henry Wolfe: Linda Vista (Undermountain) {1}: RS:70
  4742. Wolf Gang: Suego Faults (Atlantic) {1}: Fly:80
  4743. Wolfgang Voigt: Kafkatrax (Profan) {1}:
  4744. Wols: Unframe (Pingiping) {1}: MF:80
  4745. Wolventrix: Ours Till Dawn (Fabrique) {1}: TMT:80
  4746. Wolvhammer: The Obsidian Plains (Profound Lore) {1}:
  4747. Theresa Wong: The Unlearning (Tzadik) {1}:
  4748. Wood of Ypres: Woods IV: The Green Album () {1}:
  4749. Phil Woods/Bill Mays: Woods and Mays (Palmetto) {1}:
  4750. Woods of Ypres: Woods 4: The Green Album (Earache) {1}: CE
  4751. Woodson: Woodson (self-released) {1}: AbP:83
  4752. Nate Wooley/Chris Corsano/C Spencer Yeh: The Seven Storey Mountain (Important) {1}: TMT:80
  4753. Nate Wooley: Trumpet/Amplifier (Smeraldina-Rima) {1}: FJ
  4754. Nate Wooley/Scott R Looney/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter: Scowl (UgExplode) {1}: FJ
  4755. The World/Inferno Friendship Society: The Anarchy and the Ecstasy (Chunksaah) {1}:
  4756. Vernon Wray: Wasted (Sebastian Speaks) {1}:
  4757. Brian Wright: House on Fire () {1}: R:100
  4758. Olivia Wyatt: Staring Into the Sun (Sublime Frequencies) {1}:
  4759. Wyla: Demo () {1}:
  4760. Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3: Northern Aggression (Yep Roc) {1}: RS:80
  4761. The Xcerts: Stairs to Noise: The Scatterbrain () {1}: RkS:80
  4762. Xhin: Sword (Stroboscopic Artefacts) {1}: RA:90
  4763. Xray Eyeballs: Not Nothing (Kanine) {1}: MC(60/4), AM
  4764. Jamie XX: We're New Here Instrumentals (XL) {1}:
  4765. Kourosh Yaghmaei: Back From the Brink () {1}:
  4766. Fuyuki Yamakawa: Blackwater Vision Quest (Recorded) {1}:
  4767. Year of the Goat: Lucem Ferre (Van) {1}:
  4768. C Spencer Yeh: 1975 (Intransitive) {1}:
  4769. Yellowjackets: Timeline (Mack Avenue) {1}:
  4770. Yellow Tears: The Cult of Yellow Tears (Hospital) {1}:
  4771. Yo Gotti: CM6: The Gangsta of the Year (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  4772. Yo La Tengo: December 22, 2011 Maxwell's (Nyctaper) {1}: JG
  4773. You Can Be a Wesley: Nightosphere (self-released, EP) {1}: OTB:80
  4774. You Can't Win, Charlie Brown: Chromatic () {1}:
  4775. You Dirty Rats: You Dirty Rats (self-released, EP) {1}: Bl:80
  4776. Young Bleed: Preserved (Strange Lane) {1}: Pf:79
  4777. Young Chris and Cardiak: The Revival (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  4778. Dominique Young: Unique Glamorous Touch Mixtape (Art Jam) {1}: YW
  4779. Eric Jordan Young: Once in a Lifetime (Enjoy! Productions) {1}: Buf:88
  4780. The Young Gods: Everybody Knows () {1}: RkS:80
  4781. Younghusband: Crystal (Sonic Cathedral, EP) {1}: DS:80
  4782. Young International: The Young International (self-released, EP) {1}: AbP:85
  4783. Young Jeezy and DJ Drama: The Real Is Back (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  4784. Young Jeezy: The Real Is Back 2 (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  4785. Young L: As I Float: The Great John Nash (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  4786. Young L: Domo Kun (mixtape) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  4787. Nate Young: Stay Asleep (Regression Vol 2) (NNA Tapes) {1}: Pf:75
  4788. Young Rebel Set: Curse Our Love (EMI) {1}:
  4789. Youngteam: Daydreamer (Northern Star) {1}: DS:80
  4790. Zakee: Assimilations (Green Owl) {1}: Ok:79; V[1583-1-9]
  4791. Peter Zak: Down East (SteepleChase) {1}: JL
  4792. Zambri: Glossolalia (Kanine) {1}: S:70
  4793. Dan Zanes: Little Nut Tree (Festival Five) {1}: RS:70; V[902-1-10]
  4794. Samir Zarif: Starting Point (Mythology) {1}: TH:**
  4795. Zaz: Zaz () {1}:
  4796. Zebrahead: Get Nice (Rude) {1}: RkS:80; TH:B-
  4797. Zed Bias: Biasonic Hotsauce: Birth of the Nanocloud (Tru Thoughts) {1}:
  4798. Thomas Zehetmair/Ruth Killius: Manto and Madrigals (ECM) {1}: FJ
  4799. Benny Zen and the Syphilis Madmen: Run Back to the Safety of the Town () {1}:
  4800. Stefan Zeniuk: Gato Loco (Winter and Winter) {1}:
  4801. Zero Star: Don't Look Now (Zero Star Music) {1}: RR:80
  4802. Hans Zimmer: Rango [Music From the Motion Picture] (Epitaph) {1}:
  4803. Zoe: Musica de Fondo MTV Unplugged () {1}:
  4804. Zo!: . . . Just Visiting Three () {1}:
  4805. John Zorn: At the Gates of Paradise (Tzadik) {1}: TN
  4806. John Zorn: Enigmata (Tzadik) {1}: JL
  4807. Z-Ro: Meth () {1}: XXL:80
  4808. Emily Zuzik Band: The Wild Joys of Living () {1}:


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