EOY List Aggregate: 2017 New Music: Classical/New Age

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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Penguin Cafe: The Imperfect Sea (Erased Tapes) {12}: Dr:86, No:8, P:33, Pc:7, YW:29; aqd:+ -- TH:**
  2. Danish String Quartet: Last Leaf (Deutsche Grammophon) {4}: Mrg:17, NPR:15
  3. Max Richter: Three Worlds: Music From Woolf Works (Deutsche Grammophon) {4}: AY:134, DS:72, RM:59; am:+
  4. Boston Modern Orchestra Project: Stephen Hartke: The Ascent of the Equestrian in a Balloon (BMOP/sound) {3}: nat:1
  5. Patrick Gallois: Cimarosa: Overtures Vol 5 (Naxos -16) {3}: YW:9
  6. R Andrew Lee: The Four Pillars Appearing From the Equal D Under Resonating Apparitions of the Eternal Process in the Midwinter Starfield 16 VIII 10 (Kansas City) (Irritable Hedgehog Music) {3}: Mrg:9
  7. Mariel Roberts: Cartography (New Focus) {3}: Mrg:10
  8. Akademie fur Alte Musik: Berlin-Telemann: Concerti Per Molti Stromenti (Harmonia Mundi) {1}: am:+
  9. William Appling: Scott Joplin: The Complete Rags Waltez and Marches (WASO) {1}: YW:81
  10. Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano: Everything (Erased Tapes) {1}: Bc:100
  11. Cantica Symphonia/La Compagnia Del Madrigale/Giuseppe Maletto/Ensemble La Pifarescha: Claudio Monteverdi: Vespro Della Beata Vergine (Glossa) {1}: am:+
  12. Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir: Korvits: Moorland Elegies (Ondine) {1}: NPR:33
  13. Dmitry Evgrafov: Comprehension of Light (FatCat) {1}: No:41
  14. Ann Hallenberg/Il Pomo D'Oro: Carnevale 1729 (Pentatone) {1}: am:+
  15. Iceland Symphony Orchestra: Recurrence (Sono Luminus) {1}: bbc:+
  16. Anja Lechner/Agnes Vestermann: Valentin Silvestrov: Hieroglyphen Der Nacht (ECM New Series) {1}: jeh:+
  17. Alex Mincek: Torrent (Sound American Publications) {1}: nat:7
  18. Nico Muhly: Howards End [Original Series Soundtrack] (Warner Classics) {1}: ab:+
  19. Nordic Affect: Raindamage (Sono Luminus) {1}: Mrg:23
  20. Riccardo Muti/Chicago Symphony Orchestra: Bruckner: Symphony No 9 (CSO Resound) {1}: am:+
  21. Max Richter: Behind the Counter With Max Richter (Rough Trade) {1}: Fp:75
  22. Raphael Roginski: Plays Henry Purcell (Bolt) {1}: Mrg:33
  23. Francois-Xavier Roth/Les Siecles: Maurice Ravel: Daphnis & Chloe, Complete Ballet (Harmonia Mundi) {1}: am:+


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