Metacritic Aggregate: 2022 New Music: Country/Americana/Folk


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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Miranda Lambert: Palomino (Vanner/RCA Nashville) {84}: Al:39*, AM:*, BB:31, GTV:83, H:*, HV:2, P:*, PM:+*, PO:*, Rf:60, RS:21*, RS_c:3, Sg:34, TL:2, TomC:65, V:+*, XCI:13, YF:*; am:+, js:3, ny_z:10, pm_r:13, p:5, pi:10, rsch:8, scw:*, sg_c:7, sl:+, ti:+, vce:*+, voh:6, xbp:4, xbw:++, xci:*, xem:5, xgh:+, xgm:5, xhs:+, xjd:11, xjdc:6, xjdo:9, xjl:4, xsp:+, xss:5, xtc:+, xtw:2, xwb:+, yjv:9, ysm:5, ysp:* -- A:(80/8), RC:A, TH:A-
  2. Willie Nelson: A Beautiful Time (Legacy) {63}: AD:*, AM:*, BB:35, H:*, HV:20, IT:*, Mj:*, PO:2*, RS_c:20, Sbd:89, Sl:40, T:*, TL:21, TomC:89, U:*, XCI:16; js:7, pm_c:15, scw:*, sl:++, txm:+, vce:+, voh:8, xbw:++, xci:*, xde:10, xgh:7, xgm:1, xhs:3, xjdc:7, xjlu:10, xeb:10, xmv:7, xsp:+, xtc:+, xtw:9, yjv:+, ysm:3, ysp:+* -- A:(76/8), RC:A, TH:A-
  3. Amanda Shires: Take It Like a Man (ATO) {56}: Al:13*, AM:*, G:*, Gl:*, GMA:29, H:*, HV:6, Mj:*, PM:21*, PO:*, Rf:52, Sbd:69, TL:3, TomC:71, U:55*, V:*, XCI:7; am:+, atw:+, js:9, ny_z:11, pm_a:8, scw:6, sg_c:4, so_d:7, txm:+, xbw:+, xci:*, xcw:*, xjd:+, xjdc:3, xss:6, xtc:+, yjv:3, ysp:* -- A:(81/10), RC:A, TH:**
  4. Plains: I Walked With You a Ways (Anti-) {47}: AS:*, BPM:34*, BS:8, EW:6, Ex:*, G:*, GB:41, H:*, LBF:*, Mg:17, Mj:*, NT:*, Pf:*, PM:*, S:11, Sbd:93, TL:78, TomC:60, Up:+, UR:88, XCI:40; js:10, pf_k:+, pm_a:7, rsaw:5, rsjb:8, scw:*, sl:+, xbw:+, xcb:7, xde:6, xjd:15, xwb:+, yjv:+, ysp:* -- A:(79/14), TH:A-
  5. Ashley McBryde: Presents: Lindeville (Warner Music Nashville) {42}: BB:40, NPR:50, PO:*, RS:70, RS_c:5, Sg:14, TL:7, TomC:6, XCI:28; am:+, js:8, pm_c:7, scm:*, voh:7, xbw:+, xci:*, xcw:*, xgm:6, xjd:8, xjdc:4, xjdo:6, xpb:+, xtc:6, xtw:4, yjv:+ -- RC:A, TH:***
  6. SG Goodman: Teeth Marks (Verve Forecast) {38}: AS:+, BS:6, Gl:+*, H:*, HV:15, ND:+, NPR:11, Pf:*, PM:60*, RS_c:22, Sp:*, TL:12, TN:+, U:36*, YW:9; fa:4, scw:*, sg_c:3, xci:*, xhs:+, xjd:+, yjc:+, ypg:8 -- A:(81/5), TH:***
  7. Zach Bryan: American Heartbreak (Warner) {33}: BB:49, BS:10, BV:34, CS:5, H:*, Rf:44, RS:33, RS_c:4, Spk:40, TL:22; apn:4, asp:+, ny_c:1, pi:7, pm_c:1, scm:*, sg_c:5 -- TH:**
  8. Maren Morris: Humble Quest (Columbia Nashville) {26}: Al:16*, AM:*, AS:+, BB:+, Esq:+, EW:*, GMA:48, H:*, Pf:*, RS_c:6, TL:53, YF:*; mc:+, pm_c:9, sg_c:1, xci:*, yjv:+ -- A:(82/7), TH:***
  9. Adeem the Artist: White Trash Revelry (Four Quarters) {25}: Ne:18*, PM:*, PO:*, RS_c:7, TL:17; npr_ap:12, pm_c:2, rsjf:2, sg_c:8, xbw:+, xmv:2, ysp:+* -- A:(85/2), TH:A-
  10. Courtney Marie Andrews: Loose Future (Fat Possum) {25}: Al:75, AM:*, AU:17, Fa:50, Gl:*, GMA:44, H:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, No:46, RS:88*, RT:33, STi:6, T:*, U:38*; bv_f:+, pm_a:15, yjv:+ -- A:(78/7), TH:**
  11. Orville Peck: Bronco (Columbia) {21}: AM:*, AU:11, BB:26, D:*, DIY:*, LBF:*, MO:*, NME:*, Rf:40, Sbd:81, Spk:49*, TL:32, UR:*; blw:4, pm_a:4, ysp:* -- A:(80/10), TH:*
  12. Lainey Wilson: Bell Bottom Country (Broken Bow) {21}: AS:+, BB:18, HV:18, LAT:7, RS:73*, RS_c:11, TL:14; scw:*, xbw:+, xci:* -- A:(80/1), TH:***
  13. Ray Wylie Hubbard: Co-Starring Too (Big Machine) {19}: AS:*, PM:*, PO:*, TL:86; js:+, scm:*, scw:*, txm:+, xjdc:+, xsp:+, ysp:* -- A:(80/1), RC:A-, TH:A-
  14. Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway: Crooked Tree (Nonesuch) {19}: AS:*, Gl:+, H:*, Mj:*, ND:+, O:*, PM:77, TL:23, U:*; pm_a:1, scm:*, xci:*, ysp:+* -- A:(78/6), TH:***
  15. Charley Crockett: The Man From Waco (Son of Davy) {18}: H:*, RS_c:2, TL:9, WX:23; am:+, apn:9, asp:+, pm_c:6, rsjf:3, txm:+, ysp:* -- TH:**
  16. Hailey Whitters: Raised (Big Loud/Pigasus) {18}: H:*, TL:6, RS_c:1; js:+, rsjh:5, sg_c:9, xci:* -- A:(66/1), TH:A-
  17. Joshua Hedley: Neon Blue (New West) {16}: AM:*, AV:28, H:*, ND:+, Pf:+, RS_c:19, TL:84; am:+, pm_c:11, rsjh:10, scm:*, sg_c:2 -- A:(72/3), TH:**
  18. Ian Noe: River Fools & Mountain Saints (Thirty Tigers) {15}: BV:+, ND:+, O:*, RS_c:8, TL:30; scm:*, sg_c:10, xcw:*, xjlu:8 -- A:(75/2), TH:A-
  19. The Sadies: Colder Streams (Yep Roc) {15}: AS:*, Dus:*, Ex:7*, FB:14, Gl:+*, Mj:*, P:*, U:*; vgb:4 -- A:(85/5), TH:B
  20. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers: Nightroamer (Abeyance) {15}: AM:*, Gl:*, H:*, LW:15*, NN:*, PM:67*, SC:*; scm:*, so_d:16, ysm:9 -- A:(82/6), TH:**
  21. Mary Gauthier: Dark Enough to See the Stars (Thirty Tigers) {14}: AD:*, AS:*, H:*, Mj:*, PO:*, TL:83, U:*; fa:6, ysp:* -- A:(78/5), RC:**, TH:***
  22. Miko Marks and the Resurrectors: Feel Like Going Home (Redtone) {13}: AS:+, RS_c:12, TL:4; fa:10, pm_a:3 -- TH:***
  23. Kelsey Waldon: No Regular Dog (Oh Boy) {12}: Al:89, AS:*, H:*, RS_c:13, TL:59; rsjh:7, scm:*, wp:7 -- A:(80/1), TH:***
  24. Nikki Lane: Denim & Diamonds (New West) {11}: AM:*, ClR:*, H:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, RT:70, TL:28; am:+, pm_c:8 -- A:(79/6), TH:**
  25. Tami Neilson: Kingmaker (Outside Music) {11}: AS:*, AD:*, Mj:*, O:*, TL:20; pm_a:2 -- A:(85/4), TH:***
  26. Dolly Parton: Run Rose Run (Butterfly) {11}: Cl:*, Ev:*, I:*, SMH:*, T:*; ysp:* -- A:(72/11), RC:***, TH:**
  27. Sunny Sweeney: Married Alone (Aunt Daddy) {11}: AS:*, PM:*, TL:26; scm:*, txm:+, xci:*, xcw:*, ysp:* -- A:(80/1), TH:***
  28. Terry Klein: Good Luck Take Care (self-released) {10}: AS:*; scw:* -- A:(80/1), RC:A-, TH:A-
  29. Carson McHone: Still Life (Merge) {10}: AM:*, Dus:*, Gl:+*, Mj:*, NT:*, U:48*; xch:+ -- A:(81/4), TH:*
  30. The Whitmore Sisters: Ghost Stories (Red House) {10}: Gl:*, H:*, Mj:*, PM:*, RC:*, TL:35; scm:*, txm:+ -- A:(77/3), TH:**
  31. Priscilla Block: Welcome to the Block Party (InDent/Mercury Nashville) {9}: PO:*, TL:73, VMP:+; ny_c:4, vce:*+, xbw:+ -- TH:*
  32. Tyler Childers: Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven? (Hickman Holler/RCA) {9}: AM:*, Esq:+, H:*; am:+, err:8, ny_c:+, xcw:*, ysp:* -- A:(90/1), TH:*
  33. Brennen Leigh: Obsessed With the West (Signature Sounds) {9}: H:*, TL:62; scm:*, txm:+, vce:+, xhs:4 -- TH:**
  34. Lyle Lovett: 12th of June (Verve) {9}: AM:*, TL:18; pm_a:13, txm:+, xhs:+, ysp:* -- A:(80/1), TH:**
  35. Corb Lund: Songs My Friends Wrote (New West) {9}: H:*; xci:*, xhs:9, xmr:2 -- A:(60/2), TH:A-
  36. Pillbox Patti: Florida (Monument) {9}: TL:63, TomC:74, XCI:37; rsjf:8, scw:*, xem:7, xjdc:9 -- TH:**
  37. Aaron Raitiere: Single Wide Dreamer (Dinner Time) {9}: TL:33, XCI:17; scm:*, scw:*, ysp:* -- TH:***
  38. Live Forever: A Tribute to Billy Joe Shaver (New West) {9}: TL:96, YW:20; scw:*, xjdc:+ -- TH:A-
  39. Melissa Carper: Ramblin' Soul (Mae Music) {8}: AS:*, RS_c:23, TL:44, YW:54; pm_c:4 -- A:(80/1), TH:**
  40. Steve Earle & the Dukes: Jerry Jeff (New West) {8}: AS:*, H:*, Mj:*, RC:*; scw:*, ysp:* -- A:(76/5), TH:**
  41. John Fullbright: The Liar (Blue Dirt/Thirty Tigers) {7}: Ms:47, PM:*, TL:67, U:*; scm:* -- A:(80/2), TH:**
  42. Kimberly Kelly: I'll Tell You What's Gonna Happen (Show Dog Nashville) {7}: TL:80; scm:*, scw:*, ysp:* -- TH:***
  43. Kelsea Ballerini: Subject to Change (Black River) {6}: H:*, RS_c:9; p:8 -- TH:*
  44. The Cactus Blossoms: One Day (Walkie Talkie) {6}: AM:*, AS:*, H:*, Mj:*, TL:97, U:* -- A:(80/4), TH:B
  45. Paul Cauthen: Country Coming Down (Thirty Tigers/Velvet Rose) {6}: H:*, RS_c:14; rsjh:6, txm:+ -- TH:*
  46. Brent Cobb: And Now, Let's Turn to Page . . . (Ol' Buddy) {6}: AM:*, Gl:*, Mj:*, U:* -- A:(74/5), TH:**
  47. Charley Crockett: Lil GL Presents: Jukebox Charley (Son of Davy) {6}: H:*, TL:54; scm:*, ysp:* -- TH:**
  48. Old Crow Medicine Show: Paint This Town (ATO) {6}: AM:*, AS:*, ClR:*, Gl:*, GTV:*, U:* -- A:(80/55), TH:B
  49. 49 Winchester: Fortune Favors the Bold (New West) {5}: H:*, RS_c:21; pm_c:10, scm:*, ysp:* -- TH:B
  50. Luke Combs: Growin' Up (Columbia Nashville) {5}: BB:36, Rf:48; atw:+, scw:* -- A:(70/2), TH:*
  51. Jeremy Ivey: Invisible Pictures (Anti-) {5}: AM:*, Gl:*, H:*, Mj:*; bow:7 -- A:(77/3), TH:B
  52. Arlo McKinley: This Mess We're In (Oh Boy) {5}: H:*, TL:15; scm:* -- TH:*
  53. John Moreland: Birds in the Ceiling (Thirty Tigers) {5}: H:*, PM:*, TL:94, U:* -- A:(80/2), TH:*
  54. Something Borrowed, Something New: A Tribute to John Anderson (Easy Eye Sound) {5}: H:*, TL:90; scw:*, ysp:* -- TH:**
  55. Ingrid Andress: Good Person (Warner Music Nashville/Atlantic) {4}: RS:92, RS_c:24; vce:+ -- TH:*
  56. Kaitlin Butts: What Else Can She Do (self-released) {4}: AS:+; scm:*, ysp:* -- TH:*
  57. Randall King: Shot Glass () {4}: BB:+; scm:* -- TH:**
  58. Pinegrove: 11:11 (Rough Trade) {4}: AM:*, Gl:*, NT:*; mc:+ -- A:(71/11)
  59. Caroline Spence: True North (Rounder) {4}: H:*; scm:* -- TH:**
  60. Billy Strings: Me/And/Dad () {4}: RS_c:16, TL:40; rsjh:4
  61. Hannah White: About Time (Paper Blue) {4}: H:* -- TH:***
  62. Hank Williams Jr: Rich White Honky Blues (Easy Eye Sound) {4}: AM:* -- A:(80/2), TH:***
  63. The Broken Spokes: Where I Went Wrong (Broken Spokes Music) {3}: scm:* -- TH:**
  64. Callista Clark: Real to Me: The Way I Feel (Big Machine) {3}: H:*; xci:* -- TH:*
  65. Lavender Country: Blackberry Rose and Other Songs & Sorrows From Lavender Country (Don Giovanni) {3}: PO:* -- TH:**
  66. Muscadine Bloodline: Dispatch to 16th Ave (Stancaster Music) {3}: pm_c:5, scm:*
  67. Jon Pardi: Mr Saturday Night (Capitol Nashville) {3}: AM:*, H:*; pm_c:14 -- A:(80/1)
  68. Punch Brothers: Hell on Church Street (Nonesuch) {3}: Mj:*, PM:*; ysp:* -- A:(75/5)
  69. Alma Russ: Fool's Gold (self-released) {3}: scm:* -- TH:**
  70. American Aquarium: Chicamacomico (self-released) {2}: H:*; scm:*
  71. Stacy Antonel: Always the Outsider (self-released) {2}: scm:* -- TH:*
  72. Elles Bailey: Shining in the Half Light (Outlaw) {2}: AM:*, H:* -- A:(80/1)
  73. Benjamin Tod: Songs I Swore I'd Never Sing (Anti-Corp) {2}: scm:* -- TH:*
  74. Mariel Buckley: Everywhere I Used to Be (Birthday Cake) {2}: H:*; cbc:12
  75. Sam Bush: Radio John: Songs of John Hartford (Smithsonian Folkways) {2}: TL:76; pm_a:12
  76. Chicago Farmer & the Fieldnotes: Fore!!!! (Chicago Farmer -EP) {2}: scw:* -- TH:*
  77. Hellbound Glory: Nobody Knows You (Black Country) {2}: scm:* -- TH:*
  78. The Kernal: Listen to the Blood (Single Lock) {2}: pm_c:3
  79. Gabe Lee: The Hometown Kid () {2}: RS_c:18
  80. Little Big Town: Mr Sun (Capitol Nashville) {2}: AM:*, TL:89 -- A:(80/1)
  81. Maddie & Tae: Through the Madness Vol 2 (Mercury Nashville) {2}: H:* -- TH:*
  82. The Del McCoury Band: Almost Proud (McCoury Music) {2}: H:*; ysp:*
  83. Michaela Anne: Oh to Be That Free (Yep Roc) {2}: Al:47, H:*
  84. David Quinn: Country Flesh (Down Home) {2}: H:*; scm:*
  85. LeAnn Rimes: God's Work (Everle/Thirty Tigers) {2}: H:*; v_cw:9
  86. Rusty: The Resurrection of Rust (Capitol -EP) {2}: ysp:* -- A:(69/6)
  87. Shovels & Rope: Manticore (Dualtone) {2}: Gl:*, H:*
  88. Charlie Sutton: Trout Takes (Chuckwagon -EP) {2}: scm:* -- TH:*
  89. Town Mountain: Lines in the Levee (New West) {2}: H:*; pm_a:11
  90. Carrie Underwood: Denim & Rhinestones (Capitol Nashville) {2}: AM:*, Rf:55 -- A:(80/1)
  91. Dallas Wayne: Coldwater, Tennessee (Audium/BFD) {2}: ysp:* -- TH:*
  92. Whiskey Myers: Tornillo (Wiggy Thump) {2}: ClR:44; scm:*
  93. The Wooks: Flyin' High (Gnar Vector) {2}: H:*; scm:*
  94. Deborah Allen: The Art of Dreaming (BFD) {1}: ysp:* -- TH:B
  95. Wade Bowen: Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth (Bowen Sounds) {1}: txm:+
  96. Breland: Cross Country (Atlantic) {1}: vce:+
  97. Kane Brown: Different Man () {1}: RS_c:25
  98. Zach Bryan: Summertime Blues (Belting Bronco/Warner Music -EP) {1}: H:*
  99. Matt Castillo: How the River Flows (Texace) {1}: scm:*
  100. Caleb Caudle: Forsythia (Soundly Music) {1}: H:*
  101. The Coffis Brothers: Turn My Radio Up (Blue Rose) {1}: pm_a:9
  102. Cruel Liars: Mightmare (Kill Rock Stars) {1}: H:*
  103. Dailey & Vincent: Let's Sing Some Country () {1}: TL:100
  104. Matt Daniel: All I'll Ever Need (self-released) {1}: scm:*
  105. The Dead South: Easy Listening for Jerks Part 1 (Six Shooter -EP) {1}: H:*
  106. The Dead South: Easy Listening for Jerks Part 2 (Six Shooter -EP) {1}: H:*
  107. Travis Denning: Might as Well Be Me (Mercury Nashville -EP) {1}: H:*
  108. Pat Green: Miles and Miles of You (Pat Green Music) {1}: txm:+
  109. William Clark Green: Baker Hotel (Bill Grease) {1}: txm:+
  110. Patty Griffin: Tape: Home Recordings & Rarities (PGM/Thirty Tigers) {1}: TL:55
  111. Walker Hayes: Country Stuff: The Album (Monument) {1}: AM:* -- A:(80/1), TH:B
  112. IV and the Strange Band: Southern Circus (Black Country Rock) {1}: scm:*
  113. The Ben Jarrell Band: Up and Headed West () {1}: scm:*
  114. Mike Kuster: Better Late Than Never (self-released) {1}: scm:*
  115. The Local Honeys: The Local Honeys (La Honda) {1}: scm:*
  116. Tony Logue: Jericho () {1}: scm:*
  117. Maddie & Tae: Through the Madness (Mercury Nashville -EP) {1}: -- TH:*
  118. Matt Maverick: American Dream () {1}: scm:*
  119. Jamie McDell: Jamie McDell (self-released) {1}: H:*
  120. Aaron McDonnell: Too Many Days Like Saturday Night () {1}: scm:*
  121. Drake Milligan: Dallas/Fort Worth (Stoney Creek) {1}: scm:*
  122. Murder by Death: Spell/Bound (Many Hats) {1}: H:*
  123. Whiskey Myers: Tornillo (Wiggy Thump/Thirty Tigers) {1}: H:*
  124. Emily Nenni: On the Ranch (New West) {1}: H:*
  125. Gretchen Peters: The Show: Live From the UK (Proper) {1}: H:*
  126. Steve Poltz: Stardust & Satellites (Red House) {1}: H:*
  127. The Po' Ramblin' Boys: Never Slow Down (Smithsonian Folkways) {1}: H:*
  128. The Red Clay Strays: Moment of Truth (self-released) {1}: scm:*
  129. Thomas Rhett: Where We Started (Big Machine) {1}: H:*
  130. Peter Rowan: Calling You From My Mountain (Rebel) {1}: H:*
  131. The Slocan Ramblers: Up the Hill and Through the Fog (SloMusic) {1}: H:*
  132. Sophie & the Broken Things: Delusions of Grandeur (Petaluma) {1}: H:*
  133. Teddy & the Rough Riders: Teddy & the Rough Riders (self-released -EP) {1}: ysp:* -- TH:B
  134. Jenny Tolman: Married in a Honky Tonk (Old Sol) {1}: scm:*
  135. Wheeler Walker Jr: Sex, Drugs and Country Music (Pepper Hill/Thirty Tigers) {1}: YW:67
  136. The Wilder Blue: The Wilder Blue () {1}: scm:*
  137. Alex Williams: Waging Peace (Lightning Rod) {1}: H:*
  138. Yonder Mountain String Band: Get Yourself Outside (Frog Pad) {1}: H:*