Metacritic Aggregate: 2024 New Music


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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Waxahatchee: Tigers Blood (Anti-) {43}: AD:*, Al:*, AV:+, BPM:*, Cl:*, CS:++, DIY:*, DW:+, Ex:*, G:*, GTV:*, I:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NME:*, NT:*, P:*, Pf:*+, RS:*, Sg:++, Sk:*, Sl:*, Sp:*, T:*, Tr:+, U:*, Up:+, XCI:**; am:*, xjdc:*, ysp:* -- A:86/30, MT:A-, TH:***
  2. The Smile: Wall of Eyes (XL) {40}: AD:*, BPM:*, Cl:*, ClR:*, CS:++, D:*, DIY:*, DW:+, Ev:*, FO:*, G:*, I:*, IT:*, LW:*, Mj:*, MO:*, Ne:*, NME:*, NT:*, O:*, Ov:*, P:*, Pf:*+, PM:*, RC:*, RS:*, RSUK:*, SC:*, Sk:*, Sl:*, SLi:*, Sp:*, T:*, Tr:+, U:*, UR:*; am:*, vu:+ -- A:86/40, TH:B
  3. Beyonce: Cowboy Carter (Parkwood/Columbia) {39}: AD:*, Al:*, AV:+, BPM:*, Cl:*, CS:++, DW:+, Ev:*, Ex:*, G:*, HDX:*, I:*, IT:*, MO:*, Ne:*, NME:*, NR:*, NT:*, O:*, Pf:*+, PO:+, RS:*, SC:*, Sg:+, Sl:*, T:*, Up:+, XCI:**; am:*, cmp:++, ti:+, xjdc:*, ysp:* -- A:87/24, TH:**
  4. Vampire Weekend: Only God Was Above Us (Columbia) {37}: BPM:*, Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, DW:+, Ex:*, FO:*, GTV:*, I:*, IT:*, Mj:*, MO:*, Ne:*, NME:*, NT:*, O:*, P:*, Pf:*+, PM:*, RC:*, RS:*, SC:*, Sg:++, Sk:*, Sp:*, Spk:*, U:*, Up:+, UR:*; am:*, xjdc:* -- A:86/31, MT:A-, TH:**
  5. Adrianne Lenker: Bright Future (4AD) {36}: AV:+, BPM:*, Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, DW:+, Ex:*, FO:*, I:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, MO:*, Ne:*, NME:*, NT:*, P:*, Pf:*+, PO:+, RC:*, RS:*, Sg:+, Sk:*, Sl:*, SLi:*, Sp:*, Spk:*, U:*, Up:+, UR:*, XCI:**; am:*, xjdc:* -- A:86/27, TH:***
  6. Billie Eilish: Hit Me Hard and Soft (Interscope) {35}: 45:*, AD:*, AV:+, Cl:*, CS:+, D:*, DIY:*, Ev:*, Ex:*, FO:*, G:*, I:*, LBF:*, MO:*, NME:*, O:*, P:*, RS:*, Sl:*, SLi:*, T:*, Up:+; cmp:++, ti:+, xjdc:*, xsp:*, ysp:* -- A:86/23, MT:***, TH:A-
  7. Hurray for the Riff Raff: The Past Is Still Alive (Nonesuch) {35}: BPM:*, Cl:*, Ev:*, Ex:*, GTV:*, IT:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, MO:*, O:*, P:*, Pf:*+, PM:*, PO:+, RC:*, RS:*, Sg:+, Sk:*, Sl:*, Sp:*, U:*, XCI:**; am:*, xjdc:*, ysp:* -- A:86/21, MT:A, TH:A-
  8. Maggie Rogers: Don't Forget Me (Capitol) {34}: 45:*, AD:*, AV:+, Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, DW:+, Ex:*, I:*, LBF:*, MO:*, NME:*, NT:*, P:*, PM:*, RC:*, S:*, Sk:*, Sl:*, Sp:*, Up:+, XCI:**; am:*, xjdc:*, ysp:* -- A:80/23, MT:A-, TH:A-
  9. Mannequin Pussy: I Got Heaven (Epitaph) {33}: BPM:*, CS:++, D:*, DIY:*, DW:+, FO:*, K:*, LQ:*, MO:*, NR:*, NT:*, P:*, Pf:*+, PM:*, PO:+, RS:*, S:*, Sg:++, Sk:*, Sl:*, SLi:*, Sp:*, Tr:+, Up:+, UR:*, XCI:*; am:*, xjdc:* -- A:86/22, TH:**
  10. The Last Dinner Party: Prelude to Ecstasy (Island) {30}: 45:*, AD:*, Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, Ex:*, FO:*, G:*, GTV:*, I:*, IT:*, LBF:*, MO:*, Ne:*, NME:*, NR:*, NT:*, P:*, RC:*, RS:*, RSUK:*, Sk:*, SLi:*, Sp:*, Spk:*, T:*, UR:*; am:*, ysp:* -- A:85/34, TH:*
  11. Kim Gordon: The Collective (Matador) {29}: ClR:*, DIY:*, DW:+, Ex:*, FO:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, MO:*, Ne:*, NME:*, NT:*, Ov:*, P:*, Pf:*+, PM:*, RC:*, SC:*, Sg:+, Sk:*, SLi:*, Tr+, U:*, XCI:*; am:*, vu:+, xjdc:* -- A:81/23, TH:A-
  12. Mdou Moctar: Funeral for Justice (Matador) {29}: CS:++, Ex:*, FO:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NME:*, NT:*, O:*, Pf:*+, PM:*, RC:*, RS:*, S:*, SC:*, Sp:*, Tr:+, U:*, UR:*; am:*, ti:+, xjdc:*, ysp:* -- A:88/19, MT:***, TH:***
  13. Yard Act: Where's My Utopia? (Island) {29}: AD:*, Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, DW:+, FO:*, LBF:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NME:*, NT:*, O:*, Ov:*, P:*, RC:*, RSUK:*, Sk:*, SLi:*, T:*, Tr:+, U:*, UR:*, XCI:**; am:*, xjdc:* -- A:83/26, TH:**
  14. Beth Gibbons: Lives Outgrown (Domino) {27}: AD:*, Ex:*, FO:*, G:*, GTV:*, IT:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, MO:*, Ne:*, NME:*, O:*, Pf:*, RC:*, SC:*, Sg:+, Sk:*, Sl:*, Sp:*, Tr:+, U:*, UR:*; am:* -- A:86/24, TH:A-
  15. St Vincent: All Born Screaming (Virgin) {27}: AD:*, AV:*+, BPM:*, Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, G:*, GTV:*, I:*, LBF:*, LW:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NME:*, NT:*, O:*, P:*, RS:*, Sk:*, Sl:*, T:*, U:*, UR:*; am:* -- A:84/33, TH:**
  16. Idles: Tangk (Partisan) {25}: Cl:*, ClR:*, D:*, DIY:*, Ev:*, G:*, GTV:*, IT:*, K:*, LBF:*, LW:*, Mj:*, NME:*, NT:*, O:*, RC:*, RS:*, RSUK:*, Sk:*, SLi:*, Sp:*, U:*, UR:*, XSN:* -- A:78/37, TH:**
  17. English Teacher: This Could Be Texas (Island) {24}: 45:*, BPM:*, CS:+, D:*, DIY:*, FO:*, GTV:*, I:*, LBF:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NT:*, Ov:*, RC:*, RSUK:*, SC:*, Sk:*, T:*, U:*; ti:+ -- A:87/27, TH:***
  18. Tierra Whack: World Wide Whack (Interscope) {24}: AV:+, Cl:*, CS:++, D:*, DW:+, HDX:*, LBF:*, NME:*, O:*, PO:+, RS:*, Sg:+, Sk:*, Sl:*, Up:+, Up_h:+; am:*, ti:+, xjdc:* -- A:78/16, TH:A-
  19. Charli XCX: Brat (Asylum/Atlantic) {23}: 45:*, AV:*+, BPM:*, Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, Ex:*, G:*, I:*, IT:*, LBF:*, MO:*, NME:*, P:*, Pf:*, RS:*, Sk:*, Sl:*, SLi:*, Spk:*, T:*; am:* -- A:89/26
  20. Brittany Howard: What Now (Island) {23}: AD:*, Cl:*, DIY:*, GTV:*, LBF:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, MO:*, Ne:*, NME:*, O:*, P:*, Pf:*+, RC:*, Spk:*, Tr:+, U:*; am:*, vu:+, ysp:* -- A:81/21, TH:**
  21. Jessica Pratt: Here in the Pitch (Mexican Summer) {23}: AV:+, BPM:*, Cl:*, FO:*, G:*, GTV:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, NT:*, P:*, Pf:*+, S:*, SC:*, Sg:++, Sp:*, Spk:*, Tr:+, U:*, Up:+, UR:*; am:* -- A:87/18, TH:B
  22. Julia Holter: Something in the Room She Moves (Domino) {22}: AD:*, BPM:*, Ex:*, FO:*, LBF:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, MO:*, Ne:*, NT:*, P:*, Pf:*+, RC:*, SC:*, Sg:+, Sk:*, SLi:*, Sp:*, U:*; am:* -- A:81/23, TH:*
  23. Kacey Musgraves: Deeper Well (MCA Nashville) {20}: Al:*, CS:++, D:*, I:*, IT:*, MO:*, P:*, PM:*, Sp:*, Spk:*, T:*, U:*; ysp:* -- A:77/23, MT:**, TH:A-
  24. Sprints: Letter to Self (City Slang) {20}: Cl:*, ClR:*, D:*, DIY:*, GTV:*, IT:*, LBF:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, NME:*, NT:*, PM:*, Sg:+, U:*, UR:*; ti:+ -- A:84/19, TH:A-
  25. Kali Uchis: Orquídeas (Geffen) {20}: AV:+, Cl:*, Ev:*, G:*, LBF:*, NME:*, O:*, P:*, Pf:*+, PM:*, Sk:*, Up:+; am:*, cmp:+, ti:+ -- A:80/15, MT:B-, TH:A-
  26. Pet Shop Boys: Nonetheless (Parlophone) {19}: AD:*, Al:*, Cl:*, D:*, GTV:*, I:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NME:*, O:*, RC:*, T:*; am:*, xjdc:* -- A:81/15, TH:A-
  27. Bill Ryder-Jones: Iechyd Da (Domino) {19}: Cl:*, DIY:*, FO:*, G:*, GTV:*, LBF:*, LW:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NME:*, RC:*, Sk:*, Sp:*, Spk:*; am:* -- A:88/17, TH:A-
  28. Nadine Shah: Filthy Underneath (EMI North) {19}: AD:*, Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, Ev:*, FO:*, IT:*, LBF:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NME:*, NT:*, O:*, Ov:*, RC:*, Sk:*, U:*; am:* -- A:84/22, TH:*
  29. Faye Webster: Underdressed at the Symphony (Secretly Canadian) {19}: AV:+, CS:+, Ev:*, Ex:*, FO:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NT:*, O:*, RC:*, RS:*, S:*, Sl:*, Sp:*, U:*, Up:+; am:* -- A:79/22, TH:*
  30. Marika Hackman: Big Sigh (Chrysalis) {18}: Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, FO:*, GTV:*, IT:*, LBF:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NME:*, NT:*, O:*, Sp:*, U:*; am:* -- A:79/24, TH:**
  31. Dua Lipa: Radical Optimism (Warner) {18}: 45:*, D:*, I:*, IT:*, MO:*, O:*, PM:*, Sl:*, T:*, Up:+; xjdc:*, xsp:*, ysp:* -- A:70/25, MT:*, TH:A-
  32. Leyla McCalla: Sun Without the Heat (Anti-) {18}: Mj:*, O:*, PM:*, S:*, SLi:*, U:*, XCI:**; xsp:*, ysp:* -- A:84/6, MT:A-, TH:A-
  33. Sleater-Kinney: Little Rope (Loma Vista) {18}: Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, DW:+, Ev:*, FO:*, K:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NME:*, PM:*, RC:*, T:*, UR:*, XCI:*; am:*, xjdc:*, ysp:* -- A:77/27, TH:B
  34. Vince Staples: Dark Times (Def Jam/Blacksmith) {18}: AV:+, Cl:*, CS:+, BPM:*, Ex:*, LBF:*, Ne:*, Sl:*, Sg:+, T:*, Up:+, Up_h:+; cmp:++, vu:+ -- A:81/8, TH:***
  35. Taylor Swift: The Tortured Poets Department (Republic) {18}: Al:*, Cl:*, G:*, I:*, IT:*, LBF:*, O:*, PM:*, RS:*, T:*, UR:*; ysp:* -- A:71/28, MT:**, TH:A-
  36. Nia Archives: Silence Is Loud (Hijinxx/Island) {17}: AD:*, Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, G:*, LW:*, Ne:*, NME:*, RSUK:*, Sg:+, XCI:**; am:*, xjdc:* -- A:80/17, TH:A-
  37. Chelsea Wolfe: She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She (Loma Vista) {17}: Cl:*, CS:+, D:*, Ex:*, K:*, LBF:*, LQ:*, MO:*, Ne:*, P:*, RC:*, Sk:*, Spk:*, Tr:+; am:* -- A:82/23, TH:**
  38. Ariana Grande: Eternal Sunshine (Republic) {16}: 45:*, Cl:*, D:*, Ev:*, G:*, MO:*, NME:*, O:*, PM:*, RS:*, T:*, Up:+; am:*, cmp:+ -- A:76/22, TH:**
  39. MGMT: Loss of Life (Mom+Pop) {16}: D:*, DIY:*, G:*, GTV:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, MO:*, Ne:*, NME:*, RC:*, SC:*, Sg:+, Sk:*, Sl:*, U:*, UR:*, XSN:* -- A:77/29
  40. Pearl Jam: Dark Matter (Republic) {16}: AD:*, Cl:*, ClR:*, I:*, IT:*, K:*, LW:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NME:*, RS:*, S:*, Sp:*, T:*, U:*; am:* -- A:82/25
  41. Shabaka: Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace (Impulse!) {16}: AD:*, Al:*, LBF:*, LW:*, Mj:*, NT:*, O:*, Pf:*+, S:*, Sk:*, U:*; am:*, vu:+ -- A:79/14, TH:**
  42. Sheer Mag: Playing Favorites (Third Man) {16}: DIY:*, DW:+, Ex:*, G:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, P:*, S:*, Sl:*, Tr:+, U:*, XCI:**; am:* -- A:79/15, TH:**
  43. Tyla: Tyla (Epic) {16}: 45:*, AV:+, Cl:*, CS:+, HDX:*, LBF:*, NME:*, Pf:*+, RS:*, Up:+; am:*, cmp:+, ysp:* -- A:81/9, TH:**
  44. Kamasi Washington: Fearless Movement (Young) {16}: Cl:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, NME:*, NT:*, O:*, PM:*, S:*, Sk:*, Sp:*, Spk:*, UR:*; am:* -- A:81/19, TH:***
  45. Future Islands: People Who Aren't There Anymore (4AD) {15}: Cl:*, CS:+, DIY:*, Ex:*, G:*, LQ:*, MO:*, Ne:*, NT:*, P:*, PM:*, SC:*, Sk:*, Sp:*, UR:* -- A:75/24
  46. ScHoolboy Q: Blue Lips (Interscope) {15}: Cl:*, CS:+, HDX:*, Pf:*+, RS:*, Spk:*, Up:+, Up_h:+; am:*, cmp:++, vu:+, xjdc:* -- A:81/8, TH:*
  47. Bob Vylan: Humble as the Sun (Ghost Theatre) {15}: Cl:*, ClR:*, DIY:*, GTV:*, K:*, LW:*, MO:*, NME:*, PO:+, Sk:*, Sp:* -- A:84/12, TH:A-
  48. Chief Keef: Almighty So 2 (43B) {14}: AV:+, Pf:*+, RS:*, Sg:+, Up:+, Up_h:+; am:*, cmp:++, vu:+ -- A:79/4, TH:***
  49. Elbow: Audio Vertigo (Polydor) {14}: AD:*, Cl:*, ClR:*, G:*, IT:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NT:*, PM:*, RC:*, Sp:*, U:*, UR:*; ysp:* -- A:84/18
  50. Helado Negro: Phasor (4AD) {14}: AD:*, BPM:*, Ex:*, FO:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, NT:*, O:*, Pf:*+, U:*; am:* -- A:81/14, TH:**
  51. Yaya Bey: Ten Fold (Big Dada) {13}: Cl:*, DW:+, LBF:*, Mj:*, MO:*, O:*, Pf:*+, S:*; am:* -- A:85/8, TH:***
  52. Cindy Lee: Diamond Jubilee (Realistik Studios) {13}: AV:+, BPM:*, CS:++, Ne:*, NT:*, P:*, Pf:*+, Sg:++, SLi:* -- A:87/7, TH:*
  53. Madi Diaz: Weird Faith (Anti-) {13}: 45:*, DIY:*, Ex:*, GTV:*, NT:*, P:*, Sg:+, U:*; am:* -- A:79/13, TH:A-
  54. Empress Of: For Your Consideration (Major Arcana/Giant) {13}: AV:+, Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, Pf:*+, Sk:*, Sl:*, Up:+; xjdc:*, xsp:* -- A:84/7, TH:**
  55. Khruangbin: A La Sala (Dead Oceans) {13}: AD:*, AS:*, Cl:*, Ex:*, FO:*, MO:*, NME:*, NT:*, O:*, Ov:*, S:*, Sk:*, Up:+; ysp:* -- A:74/23
  56. The Lemon Twigs: A Dream Is All We Know (Captured Tracks) {13}: AV:+, ClR:*, D:*, DIY:*, FO:*, Mj:*, Ne:*, NME:*, RC:*, SC:*, U:*, T:*; ysp:* -- A:79/18
  57. The Paranoid Style: The Interrogator (Bar/None) {13}: DW:+, XCI:**; ysp:* -- MT:A, TH:A-
  58. Gruff Rhys: Sadness Sets Me Free (Rough Trade) {13}: AD:*, FO:*, IT:*, LW:*, Mj:*, MO:*, O:*, NT:*, RC:*, Spk:*, U:*; am:*, ysp:* -- A:81/14, TH:B
  59. Shellac: To All Trains (Touch and Go) {13}: Cl:*, CS:+, FO:*, K:*, LW:*, Pf:*, S:*, SC:*, Sg:+, Spk:*; am:*, ti:+, xjdc:* -- A:85/9
  60. 1010Benja: Ten Total (Three Six Zero) {12}: Pf:*+; vu:+, xsp:* -- A:86/1, MT:A-, TH:A-
  61. Heems & Lapgan: Lafandar (Veena Sounds) {12}: DW:+, HDX:*, PO:+, Sg:+, XCI:**; xjdc:* -- A:78/2, TH:A
  62. Jlin: Akoma (Planet Mu) {12}: Ex:*, Pf:*+, PM:*, PO:+, Sk:*, Tr:+, U:*; am:* -- A:79/9, TH:***
  63. Knocked Loose: You Won't Go Before You're Supposed To (Pure Noise) {12}: CS:+, DiS:*, G:*, K:*, MH:*, MI:*, MSuk:*Ne:*, Pf:*, Sk:*, Sp:*, Up:+ -- A:88/13
  64. Les Amazones d'Afrique: Musow Danse (Real World) {12}: AD:*, DW:+, GTV:*, Mj:*, PM:*, RS:*, U:*; xjdc:*, ysp:* -- A:78/9, TH:***
  65. The Libertines: All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanada (Casablanca/Republic) {12}: AD:*, Cl:*, ClR:*, DiS:*, FO:*, I:*, Mj:*, NME:*, RSUK:*, SLi:*, XSN:*; xjdc:* -- A:74/21
  66. Charles Lloyd: The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow (Blue Note) {12}: G:*, LW:*, Mj:*, S:*, Sp:*, U:*; am:*, ysp:* -- A:93/7, TH:A-
  67. Claire Rousay: Sentiment (Thrill Jockey) {12}: Cl:*, FO:*, LQ:*, O:*, P:*, PM:*, SC:*, Sg:+, Sk:*, RS:*, U:*; vu:+ -- A:80/13
  68. Arooj Aftab: Night Reign (Verve) {11}: BPM:*, CS:+, FO:*, G:*, Mj:*, NT:*, Pf:*, RS:*, S:*, U:*; am:* -- A:84/10
  69. Rachel Chinouriri: What a Devastating Turn of Events (Elektra) {11}: Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, LBF:*, NME:*, O:*, Sk:*, T:* -- A:82/10, TH:***
  70. AG Cook: Britpop (New Alias) {11}: Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, LBF:*, NME:*, Sg:+, Sk:*, Sl:*; vu:+ -- A:87/9, TH:**
  71. DIIV: Frog in Boiling Water (Fantasy) {11}: Cl:*, DIY:*, FO:*, NT:*, S:*, Sg:+, U:*, Up:+, UR:*; am:* -- A:77/17, TH:*
  72. Ducks Ltd.: Harm's Way (Carpark) {11}: Ex:*, NR:*, NT:*, P:*, Sp:*, UR:*; am:* -- A:77/12, MT:A-
  73. Grandaddy: Blu Wav (Dangerbird) {11}: G:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NT:*, Pf:*+, RC:*, SC:*, Sk:*, U:*, UR:*; xjdc:* -- A:76/16
  74. Judas Priest: Invincible Shield (Columbia) {11}: Blb:*, ClR:*, DiS:*, K:*, MH:*, MI:*, MO:*, RC:*, Sp:*, Spk:*; am:* -- A:83/14
  75. Katy Kirby: Blue Raspberry (Anti-) {11}: BPM:*, D:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, NT:*, O:*, P:*, Spk:*, U:*; am:* -- A:77/16, TH:**
  76. Liquid Mike: Paul Bunyan's Slingshot (self-released) {11}: CS:+, NT:*, P:*, RS:*, S:*, Sg:+, Tr:+, XCI:*; xjdc:* -- A:81/5, TH:**
  77. Pissed Jeans: Half Divorced (Sub Pop) {11}: AV:+, ClR:*, DiS:*, DW:+, K:*, MH:*, Mj:*, MO:*, Tr:+, U:*, XCI:* -- A:75/15, TH:*
  78. Bolis Popul: Letter to Yu (Deewee) {11}: AD:*, MO:*, NT:*, O:*, Pf:*+, PM:*; am:* -- A:77/11, TH:***
  79. Ride: Interplay (Wichita) {11}: AD:*, Cl:*, FO:*, Mj:*, MO:*, O:*, RC:*, U:*, UR:*, XSN:* -- A:78/17, TH:*
  80. Rosali: Bite Down (Merge) {11}: AV:+, LBF:*, Mj:*, P:*, PM:*, SC:*, Sg:+, U:*, XCI:*; am:*, xjdc:* -- A:81/10, TH:B
  81. Conchúr White: Swirling Violets (Bella Union) {11}: Cl:*, GTV:*, IT:*, Mj:*, RC:*, SC:*, Sp:*, U:* -- A:82/8, TH:***
  82. Arab Strap: I'm Totally Fine With It 👍 Don't Give a Fuck Anymore 👍 (Rock Action) {10}: Cl:*, IT:*, LW:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NR:*, PM:*, RC:*, U:*, UR:* -- A:81/14
  83. Camera Obscura: Look to the East, Look to the West (Merge) {10}: FO:*, GTV:*, MO:*, Pf:*, RC:*, Sp:*, U:*, UR:*; am:*, ysp:* -- A:80/14
  84. Ekko Astral: Pink Balloons (Topshelf) {10}: NT:*, P:*, Pf:*, SC:*, Sg:+, XCI:** -- A:83/4, TH:***
  85. Everything Everything: Mountainhead (BMG) {10}: AD:*, D:*, DIY:*, LBF:*, MO:*, NT:*, RC:*, Sp:*, Spk:*, UR:* -- A:79/13
  86. Gossip: Real Power (Columbia) {10}: D:*, DIY:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NME:*, RC:*, T:*, XSN:* -- A:74/16, TH:**
  87. Laura Jane Grace: Hole in My Head (Polyvinyl) {10}: D:*, DiS:*, DIY:*, FO:*, K:*; am:*, ysp:* -- A:76/10, TH:***
  88. Mary Halvorson: Cloudward (Nonesuch) {10}: G:*, Mj:*, PM:*, Sg:+, Tr:+, U:*; am:*, ysp:* -- A:81/7, TH:**
  89. Hovvdy: Hovvdy (Arts & Crafts) {10}: CS:+, Ex:*, LBF:*, NT:*, P:*, Pf:*+, S:*, Up:+; am:* -- A:82/8, TH:*
  90. Vijay Iyer: Compassion (ECM) {10}: G:*, IT:*, Pf:*, PM:*, SC:*; am:*, ysp:* -- A:82/6, TH:***
  91. Mk.gee: Two Star & the Dream Police (R&R Digital) {10}: Cl:*, LBF:*, RS:*, Sg:++, Up:+; cmp:+, vu:+ -- A:76/5, TH:**
  92. Moor Mother: The Great Bailout (Anti-) {10}: BPM:*, Ex:*, Mj:*, Ne:*, NT:*, P:*, SC:*, Tr:+, U:*; am:* -- A:81/12, TH:*
  93. Willie Nelson: The Border (Legacy) {10}: AD:*, Mj:*, MO:*, SC:*, U:*; xjdc:* -- A:79/6, TH:A-
  94. Fabiana Palladino: Fabiana Palladino (Paul Institute/XL) {10}: AD:*, G:*, LBF:*, MO:*, Sg:+, Tr:+; am:* -- A:82/7, TH:***
  95. Vera Sola: Peacemarker (Spectraphonic/City Slang) {10}: Cl:*, FO:*, LBF:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, O:*; am:*, ysp:* -- A:77/10, TH:**
  96. Jane Weaver: Love in Constant Spectacle (Fire) {10}: AD:*, Ex:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, MO:*, PM:*, RC:*, U:*; am:*, ti:+ -- A:80/10
  97. Bat for Lashes: The Dream of Delphi (AWAL) {9}: Cl:*, FO:*, GTV:*, IT:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NME:*, Sk:*, XSN:* -- A:73/17
  98. Carsie Blanton: After the Revolution (self-released) {9}: XCI:**; xjdc:*, xsp:* -- MT:**, TH:***
  99. Blue Bendy: So Medieval (The State 51 Conspiracy) {9}: Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, LBF:*, NME:*, Ov:*, Pf:*, SLi:*, U:* -- A:83/9
  100. Chastity Belt: Live Laugh Love (Suicide Squeeze) {9}: D:*, DIY:*, Mj:*, MO:*, P:*, Tr:+, UR:*, XSN:*; am;* -- A:74/14, MT:B-
  101. Four Tet: Three (Text) {9}: Cl:*, Ex:*, Sg:++, Tr:+; xjdc:* -- A:73/8, TH:***
  102. Amaro Freitas: Y'Y (Psychic Hotline) {9}: Cl:*, G:*, Mj:*, Pf:*, PO:+, U:*; am:* -- A:84/6, TH:**
  103. Richard Hawley: In This City They Call You Love (BMG) {9}: AD:*, Cl:*, FO:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NME:*, RC:*, U:*, XSN:* -- A:79/10
  104. High on Fire: Cometh the Storm (MNRK) {9}: CS:++, DiS:*, DW:+, K:*, MI:*, MH:*, MSuk:*, Ne:* -- A:77/11
  105. Ihsahn: Ihsahn (Candlelilght) {9}: AMG:*, Blb:*, DiS:*, K:*, MH:*, MI:*, MSuk:*, RC:*, SC:* -- A:85/9
  106. Lime Garden: One More Thing (So Young) {9}: 45:*, D:*, DIY:*, FO:*, GTV:*, Mj:*, NME:*, Ov:*, SLi:* -- A:81/13
  107. Kali Malone: All Life Long (Ideologic Organ) {9}: G:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, O:*, Pf:*+, Sk:*, U:* -- A:79/9, TH:*
  108. The Messthetics/James Brandon Lewis: The Messthetics and James Brandon Lewis (Impulse!) {9}: LW:*, Mj:*, S:*, Tr:+, XCI:*; xjdc:*, ysp:* -- A:81/5, TH:***
  109. Allie X: Girl With No Face (Twin Music) {8}: AV:+, DIY:*, LBF:*, NT:*; am:* -- A:79/10, TH:***
  110. Big Special: Postindustrial Hometown Blues (So) {8}: Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, LBF:*, LW:*, Mj:*, NME:*, U:* -- A:85/10
  111. The Black Crowes: Happiness Bastards (Silver Arrow) {8}: Al:*, ClR:*, Mj:*, RC:*, RS:*, Sp:*, U:*; am:* -- A:79/12
  112. Bodega: Our Brand Could Be Yr Life (Chrysalis) {8}: ClR:*, D:*, DIY:*, FO:*, GTV:*, LBF:*, XSN:*; am:* -- A:76/16
  113. A Certain Ratio: It All Comes Down to This (Mute) {8}: AD:*, FO:*, G:*, Mj:*, MO:*, RC:* -- A:78/10, TH:**
  114. Home Counties: Exactly as It Seems (Submarine Cat) {8}: D:*, DIY:*, LBF:*, Ov:*, Sk:*, XCI:*; xjdc:* -- A:81/7, TH:*
  115. Lucy Rose: This Ain't the Way You Go Out (Communion) {8}: Cl:*, DIY:*, I:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NME:*; am:* -- A:80/10, TH:*
  116. Mach-Hommy: #Richaxxhaitian (Mach-Hommy) {8}: Ne:*, Pf:*; cmp:+, vu:+, xjdc:* -- A:80/2, TH:***
  117. Eliza McLamb: Going Through It (Royal Mountain) {8}: Ex:*, NT:*, PM:*, UR:*, XCI:* -- A:81/5, TH:***
  118. Metz: Up on Gravity Hill (Sub Pop/Dine Alone) {8}: Cl:*, DIY:*, Ex:*, FO:*, NT:*, PM:*, Tr:+; am:* -- A:80/9
  119. Kelly Moran: Moves in the Field (Warp) {8}: Cl:*, LQ:*, O:*, PM:*; am:* -- A:83/6, TH:***
  120. Mount Kimbie: The Sunset Violent (Warp) {8}: C:*, Cl:*, LBF:*, LQ:*, MO:*, NT:*, Ov:*, P:* -- A:79/13
  121. Omni: Souvenir (Sub Pop) {8}: FO:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, MO:*, NT:*, PM:*, U:*; am:* -- A:75/14
  122. Rapsody: Please Don't Cry (Jamla/Roc Nation) {8}: Cl:*, Pf:*, Up:+, Up_h:+; cmp:+, xjdc:* -- A:74/3, TH:**
  123. Real Estate: Daniel (Domino) {8}: Cl:*, D:*, GTV:*, Mj;*, RC:*, Sk:*, U:*; am:* -- A:73/20
  124. Ty Segall: Three Bells (Drag City) {8}: LW:*, Mj:*, NT:*, P:*, Sk:*, SLi:*, Tr:+, U:* -- A:76/15
  125. Shakira: Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran (Sony Music Latin) {8}: Cl:*, NME:*, O:*, RS:*; am:* -- A:72/8, TH:***
  126. Torres: What an Enormous Room (Merge) {8}: Cl:*, LBF:*, MO:*, PM:*, RC:*, SC:*, Sl:*; am:* -- A:73/20
  127. Rosie Tucker: Utopia Now! (Sentimental) {8}: DW:+, Sg:+, XCI:**; xjdc:*, xsp:* -- TH:**
  128. Alkaline Trio: Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs (Rise) {7}: ClR:*, D:*, DiS:*, K:*, Sk:*, Spk:*; am:* -- A:78/10
  129. Amen Dunes: Death Jokes (Sub Pop) {7}: GTV:*, LBF:*, NT:*, S:*, Sk:*, UR:*; am:* -- A:77/14
  130. Anycia: Princess Pop That (United Masters) {7}: DW:+, Up_h:+; cmp:++ -- TH:***
  131. Jazmin Bean: Traumatic Livelihood (Island) {7}: 45:*, DIY:*, K:*, NME:*, SLi:* -- A:82/5, TH:**
  132. Bring Me the Horizon: Post Human: Nex Gen (Sony) {7}: Cl:*, D:*, DiS:*, G:*, K:*, NME:*, RSUK:* -- AA:77/9
  133. Willi Carlisle: Critterland (Signature Sounds) {7}: Sg:+, XCI:**; xjdc:*, ysp:* -- TH:**
  134. Gary Clark Jr: JPEG RAW (Warner) {7}: ClR:*, Mj:*, RS:*, S:*, Sp:*, U:*; ysp:* -- A:82/7, TH:B-
  135. Bruce Dickinson: The Mandrake Project (BMG) {7}: Blb:*, ClR:*, DiS:*, K:*:MH:*, MI:*, RC:* -- A:77/12
  136. Fat White Family: Forgiveness Is Yours (Domino) {7}: Cl:*, FO:*, LW:*, NME:*, RC:*, Sl:*, SLi:* -- A:75/13
  137. Ibibio Sound Machine: Pull the Rope (Merge) {7}: FO:*, PM:*, U:*; am:*, ysp:* -- A:78/5, TH:**
  138. Iron & Wine: Light Verse (Sub Pop) {7}: Cl:*, LBF:*, Mj:*, P:*, RC:*, S:*, U:*; am:* -- A:80/14
  139. Kings of Leon: Can We Please Have Fun (LoveTap/Capitol) {7}: ClR:*, I:*, MO:*, RC:, RS:*, Sp:*, U:*; am:* -- A:72/17
  140. Julian Lage: Speak to Me (Blue Note) {7}: S:*, Sp:*, Spk:*, U:*; am:*, ysp:* -- A:90/5, TH:*
  141. Les Savy Fav: Oui, LSF (Frenchkiss) {7}: ClR:*, D:*, DIY:*, Mj:*, O:*, RC:*, Sk:* -- A:76/12
  142. Declan McKenna: What Happened to the Beach? (Tomplicated) {7}: Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, G:*m, LBF:*, NME:*, SLi:* -- A:78/12
  143. NewDad: Madra (Fair Youth/Atlantic) {7}: Cl:*, D:*, GTV:*, NME:*, RC:*, SLi:*, U:* -- A:73/12
  144. Porij: Teething (Play It Again Sam) {7}: Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, LBF:*, NME:*, RC:*, T:* -- A:75/8
  145. Serengeti: KDIV (Othar) {7}: XCI:**; xjdc:* -- TH:A-
  146. Still House Plants: If I Don't Make It, I Love U (Bison) {7}: DW:+, Ex:*, G:*, Mj:*, Pf:*, Sk:*; xjdc:* -- A:86/6, MT:B-, TH:B-
  147. Mary Timony: Untame the Tiger (Merge) {7}: DIY:*, PM:*, S:*, Sl:*, U:*; am:*, ysp:* -- A:76/14, TH:B
  148. Paul Weller: 66 (Polydor) {7}: ClR:*, G:*, Mj:*, RC:*, T:*, U:*; am:* -- A:76/12
  149. Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Fu##in' Up (Reprise) {7}: ClR:*, Mj:*, P:*, PM:*, Sl:*, U:*; xjdc:* -- A:78/9
  150. Oren Ambarchi/Johan Berthling/Andreas Werlin: Ghosted II (Drag City) {6}: Mj:*, S:*, U:* -- A:80/4, TH:***
  151. Big Brave: A Chaos of Flowers (Thrill Jockey) {6}: CS:++, Ex:*, Spk:*, Tr:+, U:* -- A:81/8
  152. Dehd: Poetry (Fat Possum) {6}: AV:+, Ex:*, G:*, NT:*, PM:*; am:* -- A:76/9
  153. William Doyle: Springs Eternal (Tough Love) {6}: FO:*, LQ:*, Mj:*, MO:*, RC:*, U:* -- A:77/8
  154. Kahil El'Zabar's Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: Open Me, a Higher Consciousness of Sound and Spirit (Spiritmuse) {6}: PO:+; ysp:* -- TH:A-
  155. Sierra Ferrell: Trail of Flowers (Rounder) {6}: S:*; am:*, ysp:* -- A:79/3, TH:***
  156. Friko: Where We've Been, Where We Go From Here (ATO) {6}: AV:+, NR:*, NT:*, P:*, S:*; am:* -- A:84/7
  157. Future & Metro Boomin: We Don't Trust You (Epic/Freebandz/Republic Boominati Worldwide) {6}: Sg:++, Up:+, Up_h:+; cmp:++
  158. Future & Metro Boomin: We Still Don't Trust You (Epic/Freebandz/Republic/Boominati Worldwide) {6}: Sg:++, Up:+, Up_h:+; cmp:++
  159. Myriam Gendron: Mayday (Thrill Jockey) {6}: Mj:*, S:*, Sg:+, U:* -- A:82/6, TH:**
  160. Margaret Glaspy: The Sun Doesn't Think (ATO -EP) {6}: XCI:**; xjdc:* -- TH:***
  161. Gouge Away: Deep Sage (Deathwish) {6}: Cl:*, FO:*, PM:*, Sg:++, TR:+ -- A:77/5
  162. Hannah Frances: Keeper of the Shepherd (Ruination) {6}: Pf:*+, PM:*, Sp:*, U:* -- A:86/4, TH:*
  163. The High Llamas: Hey Panda (Drag City) {6}: A:75/10
  164. James: Yummy (Virgin/Nothing but Love Music) {6}: Cl:*, ClR:*, GTV:*, Mj:*, MO:*, RC:* -- A:80/7
  165. Lizzy McAlpine: Older (RCA) {6}: D:*, DIY:*, Ex:*, LBF:*, Spk:*; am:* -- A:80/7
  166. MIKE & Tony Seltzer: Pinball (10k) {6}: CS:+, Pf:*, Tr:+, Up_h:+; cmp:+ -- A:80/1, TH:*
  167. Pillow Queens: Name Your Sorrow (Royal Mountain) {6}: -- A:80/10
  168. Laetitia Sadier: Rooting for Love (Drag City) {6}: AD:*, Mj:*, MO:*, PM:*, U:*; am:* -- A:77/11
  169. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers: Revelations (Abeyance) {6}: AS:*, P:*; am:*, xjdc:* -- A:79/4, TH:**
  170. The Staves: All Now (Nonesuch) {6}: Cl:*, FO:*, GTV:*, Mj:*, MO:*; ysp:* -- A:76/8
  171. Sum 41: Heaven :x: Hell (Rise) {6}: AD:*, D:*, K:*, Sp:*, Spk:*; am;* -- A:82/10
  172. Rafael Toral: Spectral Evolution (Moikai) {6}: Mj:*, Pf:*+, SC:*, U:* -- A:86/4, TH:*
  173. The Umbrellas: Fairweather Friend (Tough Love) {6}: Cl:*, NR:*, U:*, XSN:*; am:* -- A:76/7, TH:*
  174. Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats: Nell' Ora Blu (Rise Above) {6}: DiS:*, MI:*, MSuk:*, Sp:*, U:*; am:* -- A:77/9
  175. Fay Victor: Herbie Nichols SUNG: Life Is Funny That Way (Tao Forms -2CD) {6}: PO:+ -- TH:A
  176. Aaron West & the Roaring Twenties: In Lieu of Flowers (Hopeless) {6}: AD:*, BPM:*, K:*, P:*, Sp:*, Spk:* -- A:92/8, TH:B
  177. 21 Savage: American Dream (Slaughter Gang/Epic) {5}: Cl:*, Up:+, Up_h:+; cmp:++ -- A:70/5
  178. Benny the Butcher: Everybody Can't Go (Def Jam) {5}: Cl:*, HDX:*, Up:+, Up_h:+; am:* -- A:73/5
  179. The Bevis Frond: Focus on Nature (Fire) {5}: AD:*, Mj:*, PM:*, U:*; am:* -- A:80/5
  180. Andrew Bird Trio: Sunday Morning Put-On (Loma Vista) {5}: LBF:*, Mj:*, SC:*, Sp:*; am:* -- A:77/8
  181. Bleachers: Bleachers (Dirty Hit) {5}: Cl:*, D:*, DIY:*, Mj;*, NME:* -- A:66/20
  182. Bnny: One Million Love Songs (Fire Talk) {5}: FO:*, MO:*, P:*, UR:*; am:* -- A:78/7
  183. Aziza Brahim: Mawja (Glitterbeat) {5}: AD:*, MO:*, U:* -- A:80/3, TH:**
  184. Burial: Dreamfear/Boy Sent From Above (XL -EP) {5}: DW:+, S:*; am:*, xjdc:* -- A:80/3, TH:*
  185. Erika de Casier: Still (4AD) {5}: AV:+, CS:+, Sg:++, Tr:+
  186. Crawlers: The Mess We Seem to Make (Polydor) {5}: D:*, DIY:*, K:*, MO:*, NME:* -- A:84/5
  187. Charley Crockett: $10 Cowboy (Son of Davy) {5}: AS:*, S:*; am:* -- A:83/4, TH:**
  188. Keeley Forsyth: The Hollow (FatCat) {5}: BPM:*, Mj:*, MO:*, SC:*, U:* -- A:80/6
  189. Glitterer: Rationale (Anti-) {5}: D:*, DiS:*, FO:*, NT:*, Sg:+ -- A:77/5
  190. Hamferð: Men Guðs Hond Er Sterk (Metal Blade) {5}: AMG:*, DiS:*, MH:*, MSuk:*, Spk:* -- A:86/5
  191. Hawkwind: Stories From Time and Space (Cherry Red) {5}: ClR:*LW:*, Mj:*, RC:*, Spk:* -- A:82/7, TH:B
  192. Justice: Hyperdrama (Because Music) {5}: MO:*, NME:*, Sk:*, U:*, Up:+ -- A:68/20
  193. La Luz: News of the Universe (Sub Pop) {5}: FO:*, LW:*, Mj:*, S:*, UR:* -- A:82/9
  194. James Brandon Lewis Quartet: Transfiguration (Intakt) {5}: ysp:* -- TH:A-
  195. The Lovely Eggs: Eggsistentialism (Egg) {5}: ClR:*, FO:*, LW:*, Mj:*, U:* -- A:85/7
  196. Corb Lund: El Viejo (New West) {5}: XCI:*; ysp:* -- TH:***
  197. Lynks: Abomination (Heavenly) {5}: D:*, K:*, LQ:*, NME:*, RSUK:* -- A:79/9
  198. My Dying Bride: A Mortal Binding (Nuclear Blast) {5}: Blb:*, ClR:*, DiS:*, MI:*, MSuk* -- A:76/8
  199. David Nance: David Nance & Mowed Sound (Third Man) {5}: AV:+, Mj:*, P:*, Sg:+; am:* -- A:77/5
  200. Bill Orcutt Guitar Quartet: Four Guitars Live (Palilalia) {5}: PO:+ -- TH:A-
  201. Pernice Brothers: Who Will You Believe (New West) {5}: Mj:*, U:*, UR:*; am:*, xjdc:* -- A:80/5
  202. Chris Potter/Brad Mehldau/John Patitucci/Brian Blade: Eagle's Point (Edition) {5}: ysp:* -- TH:A-
  203. Katherine Priddy: The Pendulum Swing (Cooking Vinyl) {5}: AD:*, Mj:*, MO:*, O:*, Sp:* -- A:80/6
  204. Pylon Reenactment Society: Magnet Factory (Strolling Bones) {5}: DW:+; xjdc:* -- TH:***
  205. QOW Trio: The Hold Up (Ubuntu Music) {5}: PO:+ -- TH:A-
  206. Joel Ross: Nublues (Blue Note) {5}: ysp:* -- TH:A-
  207. Serpentwithfeet: Grip (Secretly Canadian) {5}: Cl:*, DIY:*, Ex:*, P:*; am:* -- A:l72/12
  208. Matthew Shipp Trio: New Concepts in Piano Trio Jazz (ESP-Disk) {5}: ysp:* -- TH:A-
  209. Omar Souleyman: Erbil (Mad Decent) {5}: DW:+; xjdc:* -- TH:***
  210. Richard Thompson: Ship to Shore (New West) {5}: AD:*, ClR:*, Mj:*, U:*; xjdc:* -- A:80/5
  211. Twenty One Pilots: Clancy (Fueled by Ramen/Elektra) {5}: AD:*, D:*, K:*, NT:*; am:* -- A:80/8
  212. Villagers: That Golden Time (Domino) {5}: FO:*, IT:*, Mj:*, MO:*, Spk:* -- A:76/9
  213. Aborted: Vault of Horrors (Nuclear Blast) {4}: AMG:*, DiS:*, K:*, MSuk:* -- A:77/7
  214. Acceleration Due to Gravity: Jonesville: Music by and for Sam Jones (Hot Cup -EP) {4}: PO:+ -- TH:***
  215. Melissa Aldana: Echoes of the Inner Prophet (Blue Note) {4}: PM:*; ysp:* -- TH:**
  216. Anitta: Funk Generation (Republic) {4}: xjdc:* -- TH:***
  217. Bab L' Bluz: Swaken (Real World) {4}: AD:*, Mj:*, S:* -- A:83/4, TH:*
  218. Bruno Berle: No Reino Dos Afetos 2 (Psychic Hotline) {4}: PO:+ -- TH:***
  219. Carsie Blanton: The Red Album Vol 1 (self-released -EP) {4}: xjdc:* -- TH:***
  220. Blue Lab Beats: Blue Eclipse (Decca) {4}: Cl:*, O:*, T:*; am:* -- A:85/4, TH:B
  221. Cast: Love Is the Call (Cast) {4}: LW:*, Mj:*, XSN:*; am:* -- A:77/7
  222. The Chisel: What a Fucking Nightmare (Pure Noise) {4}: AV:+, DW:+, Sg:+; xjdc:*
  223. J Cole: Might Delete Later (Dreamville/Interscope) {4}: Cl:*, Up_h:+; cmp:++ -- A:46/5
  224. Couch Slut: You Could Do It Tonight (Brutal Panda) {4}: DiS:*, DW:+, Sg:+, Sl:* -- A:76/5
  225. The Dandy Warhols: Rockmaker (Sunset Blvd/Beat of the World) {4}: AD:*, MO:*, NT:*, Sp:* -- A:67/14
  226. Drahla: Angeltape (Captured Tracks) {4}: FO:*, LW:*, UR:*; am:* -- A:77/9
  227. Einstürzende Neubauten: Rampen: APM (Alien Pop Music) (Potomak) {4}: LW:*, RS:*, Tr:+, U:* -- A:78/5
  228. Sam Evian: Plunge (Flying Cloud/Thirty Tigers) {4}: GTV:*, SLi:*, UR:*; am:* -- A:78/5
  229. Friends & Neighbors: Circles (Clean Feed) {4}: ysp:* -- TH:***
  230. Satoko Fujii Tokyo Trio: Jet Black (Libra) {4}: PO:+ -- TH:***
  231. Gatecreeper: Dark Superstition (Nuclear Blast) {4}: Cl:*, Ex:*, K:*, Spk:* -- A:81/6
  232. Glass Beach: Plastic Death (Run for Cover) {4}: CS:+, NT:*, SC:*, Spk:* -- A:77/6, TH:B-
  233. Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti & Frank Rosaly: Mestizk (International Anthem) {4}: Tr:+ -- TH:***
  234. Ed Harcourt: El Magnifico (Deathless) {4}: MO:*, RC:*, U:*; am:* -- A:80/5
  235. Homeshake: CD Wallet (Shhoamkee) {4}: Cl:*, NT:*, Ov:*; am:* -- A:82/4
  236. Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds: That Delicious Vice (In the Red) {4}: Mj:*, RC:*, U:*; am:* -- A:78/5
  237. Anni Kiviniemi Trio: Eir (We Jazz) {4}: ysp:* -- TH:***
  238. Sam Lee: Songdreaming (Cooking Vinyl) {4}: Mj:*, MO:*, O:*, U:* -- A:88/4
  239. Lip Critic: Hex Dealer (Partisan) {4}: Cl:*, CS:+, NME:*, SLi:* -- A:82/6
  240. Little Simz: Drop 7 (Forever Living Originals -EP) {4}: xjdc:*, ysp:* -- TH:**
  241. The Taj Mahal Sextet: Swingin' Live at the Church in Tulsa (Lightning Rod) {4}: XCI:* -- TH:***
  242. Roc Marciano: Marciology (Marci Enterprises) {4}: HDX:*, Pf:*, RS:*, Tr:+ -- A:80/3
  243. Melvins: Tarantula Heart (Ipecac) {4}: Blb:*, MH:*, PM:*, U:* -- A:76/10
  244. John Moreland: Visitor (Thirty Tigers) {4}: ysp:* -- TH:***
  245. Old 97's: American Primitive (ATO) {4}: xjdc:* -- MT:**, TH:*
  246. Pouty: Forget About Me (Get Better) {4}: DW:+; xjdc:* -- TH:**
  247. Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross: Challengers [Original Soundtrack] (Milan) {4}: AV:+, CS:+, DW:+, Sg:+
  248. A Savage: The Loft Sessions (Rough Trade -EP) {4}: XCI:**; xjdc:* -- TH:*
  249. Slift: Ilion (Sub Pop) {4}: K:*, RC:*, Spk:*; am:* -- A:81/7
  250. Split System: Vol II (Legless) {4}: PO:+ -- TH:***
  251. Ayra Starr: The Year I Turned 21 (Mavin Global Holdings) {4}: Cl:*, NME:*, O:*, Up:+ -- A:87/3
  252. Sunny Five [Tim Berne/David Torn/Ches Smith/Devin Hoff/Marc Ducret]: Candid (Intakt) {4}: ysp:* -- TH:***
  253. Swamp Dogg: Blackgrass: From West Virginia to 125th St (Oh Boy) {4}: DW:+ -- TH:***
  254. Kathryn Williams & Withered Hand: Willson Williams (One Little Independent) {4}: XCI:**; xjdc:* -- TH:*
  255. Kelly Willis/Melissa Carper/Brennen Leigh: Wonder Women of Country (Brooklyn Basement -EP) {4}: XCI:*; ysp:* -- TH:**
  256. The Zutons: The Big Decider (Icepop) {4}: Cl:*, Mj:*, NME:*, RC:*, XSN:* -- A:70/7
  257. Black Grape: Orange Head (Dgaff) {3}: LW:*, MO:*, XSN:* -- A:70/8
  258. Bullion: Affection (Ghostly International) {3}: NME:*, Pf:*; am:* -- A:80/4
  259. Cakes Da Killa: Black Sheep (Young Art) {3}: S:* -- A:88/2, TH:**
  260. James Carter: Un (Unaccompanied Baritone Saxophone) (JMI) {3}: PO:+ -- TH:**
  261. The Castellows: A Little Goes a Long Way (Warner Music Nashville -EP) {3}: XCI:* -- TH:**
  262. Chemtrails: The Joy of Sects (Pnkslm) {3}: GTV:*, Mj:*, MO:* -- A:74/6
  263. Coffin Storm: Arcana Rising (Peaceville) {3}: HM:*, MSuk:*, Spk:* -- A:76/5
  264. Crumb: Amama (Crumb) {3}: FO:*, NT:*, Pf:* -- A:78/7
  265. Das Body: True Vulture () {3}: Cl:*, D:*, GTV:* -- A:80/3
  266. Dog Unit: At Home (Brace Yourself) {3}: Cl:*, LQ:*, Mj:* -- A:76/5
  267. Fletcher: In Search of the Antidote (EMI) {3}: Cl:*, D:*, LBF:* -- A:75/5
  268. Ghetts: On Purpose, With Purpose (Warner) {3}: Cl:*, DIY:*, NME:* -- A:77/5
  269. Gunna: One of Wun (YSL/300 Entertainment) {3}: Up:+, Up_h:+; cmp:+
  270. Noah Haidu: Standards II (Sunnyside) {3}: ysp:* -- TH:**
  271. Itasca: Imitation of War (Paradise of Bachelors) {3}: Cl:*, Mj:*, U:* -- A:77/5
  272. Ariel Kalma/Jeremiah Chiu/Marta Sofia Honer: The Closest Thing to Silence (International Anthem) {3}: Mj:*, Pf:*; am:* -- A:80/4
  273. Lola Kirke: Country Curious (One Riot -EP) {3}: xjdc:*, ysp:* -- TH:*
  274. Lucifer: Luciver V (Nuclear Blast) {3}: ClR:*, K:*, Spk:* -- A:79/8
  275. John Lurie: Painting With John (Royal Potato Family) {3}: -- TH:***
  276. Fabiano do Nascimento & Sam Gendel: The Room (01-26) {3}: G:*, Mj:*, U:* -- A:82/5
  277. The Obsessed: Gilded Sorrow (Ripple Music) {3}: DiuS:*, MH:*, MSuk:* -- A:77/5
  278. Royel Otis: Pratts & Pain (Ourness) {3}: Cl:*, D:*, NME:* -- A:71/5
  279. Katie Pruitt: Mantras (Rounder) {3}: ysp:* -- TH:**
  280. Terre Roche: Inner Adult (self-released) {3}: SC:* -- A:83/1, TH:**
  281. Ann Savoy: Another Heart (Smithsonian Folkways) {3}: PO:+; ysp:* -- TH:*
  282. Maya Shenfeld: Under the Sun (Thrill Jockey) {3}: Cl:*, Mj:*, MO:* -- A:78/5
  283. Shygirl: Club Shy (Because Music -EP) {3}: vu:+, xjdc:* -- TH:*
  284. Connie Smith: Love, Prison, Wisdom and Heartaches (Fat Possum) {3}: ysp:* -- TH:**
  285. Peter Stampfel/Eli Smith/Walker Shepard: Wildernauts (Don Giovanni) {3}: xjdc:* -- TH:**
  286. Usher: Coming Home (Mega) {3}: Ev:*, Pf:*, T:* -- A:71/8
  287. While She Sleeps: Self Hell (Spinefarm) {3}: Cl:*, DiS:*, K:* -- A:75/6
  288. Adam Wiltzle: Eleven Fugues for Sodium Pentothal (Kranky) {3}: Mj:*, U:*; am:* -- A:75/5
  289. WoochieWobbler: Is My Future Bright? (3455092 DK -EP) {3}: DW:+ -- TH:**
  290. Xaviersobased: Keep It Goin Xav (34Ent) {3}: Pf:*+ -- A:82/1, TH:*
  291. Yung Lean & Bladee: Psykos (Year0001/World Affairs) {3}: AV:+, Pf:*; cmp:+ -- A:65/2
  292. Accept: Humanoid (Napalm) {2}: ClR:*, Sp:* -- A:79/6
  293. Adeem the Artist: Anniversary (Four Quarters) {2}: xjdc:*, ysp:*
  294. Amigo the Devil: Yours Until the War Is Over (Liars Club/Ragtime Music Group) {2}: CS:+, XSN:* -- A:100/1
  295. Maria Chiara Argirò: Closer (Innovative Leisure) {2}: Cl:*, LBF:* -- A:77/3
  296. Evan Nicole Bell: Runaway Girl (Humingbird -EP) {2}: ysp:* -- TH:*
  297. Sega Bodega: Dennis (Harmonia Mundi) {2}: Cl:*, LBF:* -- A:76/4
  298. Boeckner: Boeckner! (Sub Pop) {2}: Mj:*, UR:* -- A:76/5
  299. Bossman Dlow: Mr Beat the Road (Alamo) {2}: Up_h:+; cmp:+
  300. Buddy: Don't Forget to Breathe (Empire) {2}: Up:+, Up_r:+
  301. Kirin J Callinan: If I Could Sing (PIAS/Worse) {2}: AV:+, SC:* -- A:65/2
  302. Isobel Campbell: Bow to Love (Cooking Vinyl) {2}: MO:*, RC:* -- A:69/6
  303. Cavalier: Different Type Time (Backwoodz Studioz) {2}: Pf:*+ -- A:75/2
  304. Chanel Beads: Your Day Will Come (Jagjaguwar) {2}: LBF:*, NT:* -- A:77/5
  305. Cloud Nothings: Final Summer (Pure Noise) {2}: Tr:+; xjdc:*
  306. Sheryl Crow: Evolution (Valory Music Group) {2}: Cl:*; am:* -- A:62/9
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  313. Kyle: Smyle Again (Independently Popular/APG) {2}: Up:+, Up_h:+
  314. Dawn Landes: The Liberated Woman's Songbook (Fun Machine Music) {2}: XCI:* -- TH:*
  315. Logic1000: Mother (Because Music) {2}: Cl:*, NME:* -- A:72/4
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  318. Ms Boogie: The Breakdown (self-released) {2}: XCI:* -- TH:*
  319. Naemi: Dust Devil (3XL) {2}: Pf:*+ -- A:80/1
  320. Nubiyan Twist: Find Your Flame (Strut) {2}: ysp:* -- TH:*
  321. Sam Outlaw: Terra Cotta (Black Hills) {2}: XCI:* -- TH:*
  322. Pallbearer: Mind Burns Alive (Nuclear Blast) {2}: K:*, Sp:* -- A:84/8
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  359. Gumbo: Stir the Pot (A Tiny Universe) {1}: ysp:*
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  363. Infant Island: Obsidian Wreath (Secret Voice) {1}: Sg:+
  364. Inter Arma: New Heaven (Relapse) {1}: Tr:+
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  375. The Marías: Submarine (Nice Life/Atlantic) {1}: Sg:+
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  412. Young Jonn: Jiggy Forever (Chocolate City Music) {1}: Up:+