Tom Hull - on the Web

For many years, I've set my home page to vector into my blog. The blog is implemented using serendipity and a MySQL database. The blog worked reasonably well up until July 2014, when I started to notice dropped connections and other errors, which may have to do with the size of the database (over 2,100 posts) but more likely can be blamed on the ISP ( In any case, after weeks of intermittent problems, they became so frequent and so intractable that I implemented an alternative system (what I call the "fake blog"). The alternative doesn't have many features of the "real blog" -- RSS feeds, comments, categories, a calendar, admin forms -- and it currently has only a tiny fraction of the total blog content, but it does work, serving up LIFO (last in first out) batches of pages or individual pages, and content going forward will be current.

To access the (new) fake blog, click here.

To take your chances with the (old) real blog, click here. [PS: for now at least the real blog is more current and functional.]