Tom Hull - on the Web

Since its inception, I've been using Addr.Com to host this website. As of March 5, 2018, Addr vanished from the Internet, taking my website with it. On March 8 I moved the domain to a server I've been leasing, and copied my local files (for purely historical reasons, the ocston directory tree) to the new server. The main casualty of the move was the loss of the blog, which had been implemented using Serendipity. I haven't been able to back up the blog for many years (I know, tsk, tsk), so I'm unable to reconstitute it in anything resembling its original form. However, I've worked around periodic outages of the blog by keeping a redundant set of flat files, my so-called "faux blog," which you can access here.

For general browsing, go to the Ocston home page.

Apologies for any breakage. If you do see some problem, go to the Contact page and send me email. I hope to make various changes over the near future. Time for some much belated spring housecleaning.