You can send me email. The link should work if your browser has javascript enabled. If not, solve this puzzle: the domain name is and the the account name is thull2. The reason for this obscurity is spam avoidance. That's also the main reason I don't allow comments or trackbacks on the blog -- that and the maintenance of trying to weed out the dubious crap (e.g., one time I did loosen up on a blog entry I got hundreds of trackback hits from gambling sites).

If you're a music industry publicist, you should read my outline first (although beware, I haven't updated it lately): it covers what I look for and can use, provides links to my writings, etc.

My shipping address is:

Tom Hull
747 N. Faulkner
Wichita, KS 67203

I have a phone, but don't much care for it. It's listed, but not under my name. You might ask for the number, and I might tell you, but generally speaking email is better. I also have a cell phone, but don't use it much. I don't have a fax. I don't use Instant Messenger or any other chat software.

Regarding email, I am not able to read attachments written using Microsoft products like Word and Excel. I am only able to read PDF files using xpdf, which isn't very good. Those are evil products, and you should not be using them.