Ani DiFranco
Righteous Babe

With seventeen albums under her belt -- counting two with Utah Phillips that deserve to be counted -- it's not too early to start talking about Ani DiFranco's career. In particular, it's become obvious that she is recapitulating Joni Mitchell's career about as closely as anyone of her generation who doesn't give two shits about Mitchell can be bothered with. The differences, of course, are decisively marked by history and class. Mitchell's early work is full of wide-eyed discovery as she belatedly met the world and established her autonomy and rights there, which resonated powerfully for a whole generation of young women on the cusp of feminism. In contrast, DiFranco seems to have figured all of that out by her early teens. And whereas Mitchell might occasionally glance beyond herself to reveal a soupçon of liberalism, DiFranco grew up acutely conscious of how politics and economics impacted her life -- which is why DiFranco's radicalism was, at least initially, so deeply personal: she was, after all, her own one woman army. And that, too, resonated powerfully for a whole other generation of young women, for whom feminism was so obvious it was assumed.

"In the Way" with its bubbling percussion, horn riffs, jazz scat, and burst of laughter at the end, "Icarus" starts off with a nice guitar figure "Oh My My" starts off with a little piano figure and a dab of clarinet "Here for Now" jumps right out of the tracks, a creature of rhythm,

Track List

  1. Promised Land - 4:27
  2. In the Way - 5:17
  3. Icarus - 4:51
  4. Slide - 3:39
  5. O My My - 3:44
  6. Evolve - 4:15
  7. Shrug - 4:42
  8. Phase - 3:42
  9. Here for Now - 3:09
  10. Second Intermission - 3:51
  11. Serpentine - 10:23
  12. Welcome To - 4:54

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