The Best Non-Jazz Albums of 2020

Initial draft collected on Oct. 27, 2020. The file will be updated as additional worthy records are found (although updating may lag behind the official 2020 list). Last year's list was never frozen (OK, let's say it was frozen on Oct. 27, 2020). There also exists a parallel list of The Best Jazz of 2020.

Note: numbering of lists (aside from A/A-) is only temporary, to make it easier for me to tally up stats. I've made no effort to order (other than alphaetical by artist) anything in grades below A-.

[*] indicates that I reviewed this on the basis of an advance, often a CDR copy (a good thing, I might add, for vinyl-only releases). [**] identifies a record that I've only heard via download or through a streaming service like Napster.

For all lists, I've included a few 2019 (and possibly earlier) records that I discovered after last year's freeze date, but I've only included such records if they were released on or after Dec. 1, 2019, or were so little known that they received no mention in the 2019 metacritic file. These are marked, e.g., -19, after the label.

New Music

1. Drive-By Truckers: The Unraveling (ATO)
Rock group out of Alabama and living in the real world, which they are none too happy about, but make a lot more sense than their blinkered and deranged forebears. **

2. Shopping: All or Nothing (FatCat)
British post-punk trio, Rachel Aggs sings and plays guitar, fourth album, all good, this short (10 songs, 30:54) one especially reminding me of Gang of Four. **

3. Dua Lipa: Future Nostalgia (Warner)
English pop star, parents Albanians from Kosovo, second album, multiple co-writers and producers everywhere, eleven tight songs (only one over 3:41), mixes the hardest dance grooves up front, peaking with "Physical" (as in "let's get"). **

4. Run the Jewels: RTJ4 (Jewel Runners/RBC/BMG)
Rap duo, El-P and Killer Mike, fourth album, released a few days early, because "fuck it, why wait." Hard thrash, can't say as I'm following it very well, but complaints about police violence don't appear to be tacked on. Likely to remain one of the signature albums of 2020. **

5. Chicago Farmer: Flyover Country (Chicago Farmer)
Folksinger-songwriter Cody Dieckhoff, grew up in the small farming community of Delavan, Illinois, wound up unassimilated in Chicago, covers Hank Williams (an eery "Ramblin Man"), cites John Prine as his model. Seventh album, including a live one from 2018 that Christgau recommended and I was unable to find. Takes pride in dirty uniforms, disparages $13 beer, invokes the Mississippi Delta. **

6. Lucinda Williams: Good Souls Better Angels (Highway 20)
Singer-songwriter from Louisiana, father a poet and literature professor so she grew up with words, although at this point she probably likes her guitars more. After a long string of brilliant albums, I couldn't find her post-2011 albums, so I was initially shocked at how worn her voice had become, and how much fury she expressed. Several plays later she's still fraying my nerves, but this feels pretty damn substantial. **

7. Sufjan Stevens: The Ascension (Asthmatic Kitty)
"Singer-songwriter" seems too self-limiting. He is a pop composer of grand sweep and delicate bearing, an heir to Brian Wilson working on if anything a broader canvas. His is not a style I'm fond of, but half of these songs click for me, and the others seem to be lurking in the depths, awaiting their moment. **

8. Dream Wife: So When You Gonna . . . (Lucky Number)
London-based girl group, lead singer Rakel Mjöll originally hailing from Iceland, has a couple cute quirks to her voice, which give way to smart lyrics and occasional philosophical depth, like how uniquely woderful now is, and why her body is hers alone. **

9. Fiona Apple: Fetch the Bolt Cutters (Epic)
Best regarded/most hyped album of the year so far. I played it two or three times when it came out, was impressed by the drums, less convinced by the songs, so I hedged. Played it more, impressed by how effortlessly it flows together without ever seeming formulaic, so hedging it the other way. **

10. Cornershop: England Is a Garden (Ample Play)
British group, Tjinder Singh and Ben Ayres, formed in 1991, fused Punjabi influences with electropop, released brilliant albums in 1997 and 2002, to which everything else more or less compares. This sounds much like them, reviving a sound we've been missing. **

11. Hamell on Trial: The Pandemic Songs (self-released)
R-rated folksinger, decided to fight pandemic boredom by writing 15 songs in 15 days, cut this down "the best 9 I think," about disease and masks and social distancing and murder and mayhem and MAGA hat fans getting what's coming to them ("got no problem with that"). Runs 30:11. **

12. Lori McKenna: The Balladeer (CN)
Singer-songwriter from Massachusetts, doesn't have the twang for country but does have the songs. Not sure this is an exceptional batch, but even her average fare has few rivals. **

13. Al Gold: Al Gold's Paradise (self-released)
Bluesman from New Jersey, plays guitar and mandolin, sings, writes his own songs. Don't know much about him other than that he organizes block parties and jams. Sounds old and gritty enough for the blues, even with his light touch. Roped some jazz musicians into his project, including Dave Stryker and Jared Gold.

14. Brandy Clark: Your Life Is a Record (Warner)
Country singer-songwriter, third album, more or less as good as the first two. Picks up a surprise duet partner (Randy Newman) on her most political song ("Bigger Boat"). **

15. Waxahatchee: Saint Cloud (Merge)
Katie Crutchfield, from Alabama, fifth album since 2012, doesn't rock much, and I'm too slow on the uptake to figure out the rest. Still, after several plays, gets me in the end. **

16. Aluna: Renaissance (Mad Decent)
Aluna Francis, born in London, mother from Belize, half of the AlunaGeorge electropop duo with George Reid, first album on her own. Various looks, but "Body Pump" is singles list material. Change-of-pace ballad "Whistle" sounded off at first, but won me over midway through. **

17. Hinds: The Prettiest Curse (Mom + Pop)
Girl band from Madrid, Spain, originally the Deers. Third album, sounds like a crowd cheering section adding to their wall of sound. Messy good fun. **

18. Kate NV: Room for the Moon (RVNG Intl)
Russian singer-songwriter, Ekaterina Shilonosova, from Kazan, singer in the postpunk band Glintshake, third solo album. Electronics and voice, "conjured from unlived memories of 70s and 80s Russian and Japanese pop music and film." Pretty delightful combination. **

19. Billy Nomates: Billy Nomates (Invada)
British singer-songwriter Tor Maries, first album, some sources say "No Mates," produced by Geoff Barrow (Portishead), draws comparisons to Sleaford Mods for her talkie style and class consciousness (well, also Jason Williams' guest verse on "Supermarket Sweep," his voice barbed where hers fades away, too subtle for her material). Grows on you. **

20. Bob Dylan: Rough and Rowdy Ways (Columbia)
Old man, not much voice left, his songcraft ever more dependent on slow blues shuffles. I never put much faith in his Nobel-certified rhymes, and my ears aren't sharp enough to catch many lines here. But every time I play this, "Crossing the Rubicon" mesmerizes for 7:22, and my interest remains piqued through the relaxed 9:34 of "Key West (Philosopher Pirate)," and well into the even longer "Murder Most Foul" (16:54). Probably just a mid-B+ before, but I'll take it. **

21. Megan Thee Stallion: Suga (300 Entertainment, EP)
Rapper Megan Pete, quickly follows last year's debug mixtape with a nine-cut, 24:33 EP. **

22. No Age: Goons Be Gone (Drag City)
Noise pop duo from Los Angeles, formed 2005, released a consistent stream of fine albums. This one seemed to get slammed hard. I gave it a play, concluded it had their sound down pat, but hedged. Several more plays and it's hard to see how anyone could have missed it. **

23. Thank Your Lucky Stars: Girl in Her 29s (Sounds Deevine)
Searching for the artist name returns a 1943 movie starring Eddie Cantor, about a musical revue/charity extravaganza, with many cameos ranging from Humphey Bogart and Olivia de Havilland to Dinah Shore and Spike Jones. Adding "band" got me Beach House's 2015 album, and a "disambiguation" page that added a 1990 album by Whitehouse and a 1961-66 British TV variety show, which showcased the Beatles as early as December 1962. Adding the album title got gar nichts (well, more of the same, but nothing new). Searching for their/his 2016 record Spinning Out of Orbit got me product on Amazon and reviews by Robert Christgau and AMG, and a hint that the album may have been on CdBaby.

24. Thiago Nassif: Mente (Gearbox)
Brazilian singer-songwriter, plays guitar, drums, trumpet, electronics; shares production duties with Arto Lindsay, who helps out as do a couple dozen others, for a mix of tropicalia, no wave, and ever so catchy skronk. **

25. Public Enemy: what You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down? (Def Jam)
Time for a "Fight the Power" remix? That's the centerpiece here, and nothing else quite matches it. Still, this is hard and angry like few others can muster, which makes it timely, even if the time frame spans decades. **

26. Mac Miller: Circles (Warner)
Rapper Malcolm McCormick, from Pittsburgh, overdosed a month after his fifth album dropped, was working on this at the time, finished off by Jon Brion. Started out as some kind of redneck rapper, sung more later, dulling his image, but nothing prepared me for these relaxed, easy going grooves. He never made it as a soul man, but somehow turned into a pretty attractive ghost. **

27. Car Seat Headrest: Making a Door Less Open (Matador)
Will Toledo started with eight lo-fi download releases (2010-13) before being picked up by Matador and given a budget, at which point he became a semi-popular blip. I was less impressed, so when this didn't get much reaction, I didn't bother. Turns out it's pretty sharp. **

28. Jarv Is: Beyond the Pale (Rough Trade)
Jarvis Cocker, former Pulp front man (1983-2001), fourth solo album, cover reads "JARV IS . . ." but title is somewhere else. Seven songs, co-written with Serafina Steer and (usually) others, all neatly hooked. **

29. Elizabeth Cook: Aftermath (Agent Love)
Country singer-songwriter, seventh album since 2000, had a breakthrough with 2007's Balls and the even better 2010 Welder. Rocking harder here, which is appealing enough but makes it harder to follow her songs. The exception is the closer, a reworking of John Prine's "Jesus: The Missing Years" to focus on Mary. **

30. Aminé: Limbo (Republic)
Portland rapper Adam Daniel, goes by his middle name, parents from Ethiopia and Eritrea, second album, marking his adulthood from the death of Kobe Bryant, although I suspect the daughter had more to do with it. **

31. Baby Queen: Medicine (Polydor, EP)
Bella Latham, South Africa-born, London-based, don't know if she's done anything else. Six songs, 22:47, half sly talky grooves ("Buzz Kill"), half pop genius ("Internet Religion," "Want Me"). Title song synthesizes both. **

32. Megan Thee Stallion: Good News (300 Entertainment)
Rapper Megan Pete, from Texas, first studio album after a good mixtape and an even better EP. Big production, with one song ("Circles") listing 24 writers, and most of the rest featuring guests as prominent as Young Thug, SZA, and Beyoncé. Beats super sharp, hooks ascendant. Not sure that freeing your ass will liberate your mind, but so far, so good. **

33. Black Thought: Streams of Thought, Vol. 3: Cane and Abel (Republic)
Roots MC Tariq Luqmaan Trotter, nothing from his group since 2014, but he released two EPs in 2018, and this follow up edges into album territory, with 13 tracks, 34:19. Conscious and hard, the sample beats not as supple as the live band's, but more to the point. Not sure why it's "Cane" instead of "Cain" -- I'm often eluded by fine lyrical points (assuming there is an explanation, like slavery was built on sugar). **

34. Lyrics Born & Cutso: Lyrics Born & Cutso Present Rapp Nite (self-released, EP -19)
Rapper Tom Shimura with DJ Paolo Bello, 7 tracks, 20:50, slipped by unnoticed in 2019, although it's easy enough to find the video for "Hit Number One." **

35. Speaker Music: Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry (Planet Mu)
DeForrest Brown Jr., "a New York-based theorist, journalist, and curator . . . a representative of the Make Techno Black Again campaign." Maia Sanaa's opening testimony of powerful and touching. A second tract is more pragmatic and less inspired. The beats hold up on their own, at least until the final track rattles my nerves. It's called "It is the Negro Who Represents the Revolutionary Struggles for a Classless Society." Comes with a 45 page PDF, which I haven't seen. **

36. City Girls: City on Lock (Quality Control/Motown)
Hip-hop duo from Miami, Caresha Brownlee (Yung Miami) and Jatavia Johnson (JT), both with too much street cred/scars too soon. Second album after a mixtape. Most frequent word: pussy, probably followed by N* and bitch (especially when they host a male guest). Over the top, but so are the trap beats. **

37. Moor Jewelry: True Opera (Don Giovanni)
Collaboration between lapsed poet Moor Mother (Camae Ayewa) and noise producer Mental Jewelry (Steven Montenegro), who did a previous EP called Crime Waves. Ten cuts (25:59), could pass for punk but is much more expansive. **

38. Zephaniah OHora: Listening to the Music (Last Roundup)
Brooklyn-based trad-friendly country tunesmith, second album, calls his band the 18 Wheelers. Finds his calling in recycling old Merle Haggard riffs. Liberal country anthem of the year: "All American Singer." **

39. Sturgill Simpson: Cuttin' Grass Vol. 1 (The Butcher Shoppe Sessions) (High Top Mountain)
Metamodern country singer, seems like his progression through 2019's Sound and Fury was to make his work larger and grander than ever, but he had something extra that mere arena rockers (like Eric Church) didn't -- I was starting to think of him as the Wagner of Nashville. But when the pandemic threw him a curve ball, he choked up and slapped it down the left-field line. He scrounged some of these songs from his early albums, giving them a down-home bluegrass treatment. Presumably he's got more, and I could see the fascination fading, but for now this is the most likable he's every been. **

40. Jessie Ware: What's Your Pleasure? (Interscope)
British dance-pop diva, fourth album, starts retro-disco, ends up more new wave, the cool taking a while to carry the day. **

41. Tim Barry: Live 2018 (Chunkasah)
Country singer-songwriter, started in Virginia punk bands -- (Young) Pioneers, Avail -- solo albums since 2006. Never heard of him before, but Napster recommended him "because you like Johnny Cash." Collects two hour-long sets, no hits, no duplicate songs. Some striking songs. In one he gets 28 years for a moment, when he took credit after his sister shot a man who abused her. In another, he's the one getting shot, in Iraq. Most striking song is "Prosser's Gabriel," about a slave rebellion in 1800 and the city's crumbling monuments to slaverholders (a/k/a "rich white motherfuckers"). Presented as a time capsule, with "nothing glossed over." He adds, "it's a lot to absorb." And advises, "be fucking resilient." **

42. Dramarama: Color TV (Pasadena)
New wave band from New Jersey in the 1980s, recorded two good 1985-87 albums, a couple more before hanging it up in 1994. Regrouped for another in 2005, and now this one. Singer-songwriter John Easdale is constant, but happier than ever. **

43. Kehlani: It Was Good Until It Wasn't (Atlantic)
Sometime around the turn of the century, r&b went slack, turning away from the dominant church-based wail to its opposite. While I'm not a big fan of the former (at least for lesser artists than Aretha), I've long had trouble getting into the latter. Three plays in, I'm barely with her, the bits of rap helping. Sex, too. **

44. Chad Matheny: United Earth League of Quarantine Aerobics (Dreams of Field, EP)
Singer-songwriter, better known as Emperor X, American but based in Berlin, offers a quickie quarantine special. Seven songs (four versions of "Stay Where You Are"), 26:06, the others every bit as topical, including an inspirational labor anthem. **

45. Al Bilali Soudan: Tombouctou (Clermont Music)
Group, from northern Mali, their isolated town more commonly (these days) spelled Timbuktu. Second album (at least from this NY label, which specializes in music from the Sahara Desert), vocals shouted over a swell of harsh strings and drums, a combo that feels so right it overcomes my instinct to dismiss it as unbearable. **

46. Eminem: Music to Be Murdered By (Aftermath/Shady/Interscope/Goliath)
Detroit rapper Marshall Mathers, eleventh studio album, realizes people are no longer interested in what he has to say, complains about that, but also writes his most striking original yarns in some time. Borrows his unifying concept from Alfred Hitchcock, who is sampled periodically, in a typically brilliant production with Dr. Dre. Runs 64:22 and seems longer, in no small part because it's so densely packed. **

Also added the following 2019 albums after freezing the 2019 year-end file:

1. Scott H. Biram: Sold Out to the Devil: A Collection of Gospel Cuts by the Rev. Scott H. Biram (Bloodshot -19)
Likely to remain an oddity in his discography, but in some ways this rough and profane clash with sin and grace was the album he was born to sing. **

Honorable Mention

Additional non-jazz rated B+(***), listed alphabetically.

  1. 79rs Gang: Expect the Unexpected (Sinking City) **
  2. The 1975: Notes on a Conditional Form (Dirty Hit) **
  3. Aesop Rock: Spirit World Field Guide (Rhymesayers Entertainment) **
  4. Against All Logic: 2017-2019 (Other People) **
  5. Terry Allen and the Panhandle Mystery Band: Just Like Moby Dick (Paradise of Bachelors) **
  6. Antibalas: Fu Chronicles (Daptone) **
  7. Armand Hammer: Shrines (Backwoodz Studioz) **
  8. Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience: To Know Without Knowing (Agogo) **
  9. Victoria Bailey: Jesus, Red Wine & Patsy Cline (Rock Ridge Music) **
  10. Danny Barnes: Man on Fire (ATO) **
  11. Beauty Pill: Sorry You're Here (Taffety Punk Theatre Company) **
  12. Black Eyed Peas: Translation (Epic) **
  13. Blueface: Dirt Bag (Cash Money, EP -19) **
  14. Boldy James & the Alchemist: The Price of Tea in China (ALC/Boldy James) **
  15. Will Butler: Generations (Merge) **
  16. Cabaret Voltaire: Shadow of Fear (Mute) **
  17. The Chicks: Gaslighter (Columbia) **
  18. Tyler Childers: Long Violent History (Hickman Holler) **
  19. Clipping: Visions of Bodies Being Burned (Sub Pop) **
  20. Bootsy Collins: The Power of the One (Sweetwater Sounds) **
  21. Marie Davidson/L'OEil Nu: Renegade Breakdown (Ninja Tune) **
  22. Daniel Donato: A Young Man's Country (Cosmic Country Music) **
  23. Lara Driscoll: Woven Dreams (Firm Roots Music)
  24. Drive-By Truckers: The New OK (ATO) **
  25. Emily Duff: Born on the Ground (Mr Mudshow Music) **
  26. Steve Earle: Ghosts of West Virginia (New West) **
  27. The Exbats: Kicks, Hits and Fits (Burger) **
  28. Fat Tony & Taydex: Wake Up (Carpark, EP) **
  29. Fat Tony: Exotica (Carpark) **
  30. Georgia: Seeking Thrills (Domino) **
  31. Grimes: Miss Anthropocene (4AD) **
  32. Tee Grizzley: The Smartest (300 Entertainment) **
  33. Halsey: Manic (Capitol) **
  34. Holy Fuck: Deleter (Last Gang) **
  35. Homeboy Sandman: Don't Feed the Monster (Mello Music Group) **
  36. Idles: Ultra Mono (Partisan) **
  37. KA: Descendants of Cain (Iron Works) **
  38. Lady Gaga: Chromatica (Interscope) **
  39. Bettye Lavette: Blackbirds (Verve) **
  40. Dua Lipa & the Blessed Madonna: Club Future Nostalgia (Warner) **
  41. Mekons: Exquisite (self-released) **
  42. Meridian Brothers: Cumbia Siglo XXI (Bongo Joe) **
  43. Mdou Moctar: Mixtape Vol. 1 (self-released) **
  44. Helen Money: Atomic (Thrill Jockey) **
  45. The Mountain Goats: Getting Into Knives (Merge) **
  46. Mr. Wrong: Create a Place (Water Wing, EP) **
  47. Willie Nelson: First Rose of Spring (Legacy) **
  48. Oddisee: Odd Cure (Outer Note) **
  49. Old 97's: Twelfth (ATO) **
  50. Onipa: We No Be Machine (Strut) **
  51. Optic Sink: Optic Sink (Goner) **
  52. Paris: Safe Space Invader (Guerilla Funk) **
  53. Pet Shop Boys: Hotspot (X2) **
  54. Pretenders: Hate for Sale (BMG) **
  55. Princess Nokia: Everything Is Beautiful (Platoon) **
  56. Quelle Chris & Chris Keys: Innocent Country 2 (Mello Music Group) **
  57. Lee Ranaldo & Raül Refree: Names of North End Women (Mute) **
  58. Rodney Rice: Same Shirt, Different Day (Moody Spring Music) **
  59. Bree Runway: 2000and4Eva (Virgin EMI, EP) **
  60. Bobby Rush: Rawer Than Raw (Deep Rush) **
  61. Sault: Untitled (Black Is) (Forever Living Originals) **
  62. Sault: Untitled (Rise) (Forever Living Originals) **
  63. Slřtface: Sorry for the Late Reply (Propeller) **
  64. Sneaks: Happy Birthday (Merge) **
  65. Soccer Mommy: Color Theory (Loma Vista) **
  66. Speaker Music: Processing Intimacy (Planet Mu) **
  67. Sunny Sweeney: Recorded Live at the Machine Shop Recording Studio (Aunt Daddy) **
  68. Taylor Swift: Folklore (Republic) **
  69. Richard Thompson: Bloody Noses (Beeswing, EP) **
  70. Becky Warren: The Sick Season (Becky Warren) **
  71. Wire: Mind Hive (Pink Flag) **
  72. Charli XCX: How I'm Feeling Now (Asylum) **

Also added the following 2019 albums after freezing the 2019 year-end file:

  1. Davido: A Good Time (RCA -19) **
  2. Justin Townes Earle: The Saint of Lost Causes (New West -19) **
  3. TeeJayx6: The Swipe Lessons (The Family Entertainment -19) **

Reissues/Historic Music

The standard for historic music is a record where everything was recorded 10+ years ago, regardless of whether it's ever been in print before. Some past lists may have treated previously unreleased music as new (regardless of actual age), but I've never been able to manage that distinction consistently. This category also includes compilations of previously released music, including straight reissues, although my selection is very erratic.

1. Peter Stampfel & the Bottle Caps: Demo '84 (1984, Don Giovanni)
Nine tracks, 29:10, 8 of the 12 that appeared on the group's eponymous 1986 Rounder LP, plus a cover of "When It's Springtime in Alaska (It's Forty Below)," a 1959 Johnny Horton hit. Demos usually signify sketchy, but these pieces are fully fleshed out, the guitar rocking hard, Stampfel's unique voice inevitably standing out, but also integral to the flow. I don't remember being especially impressed by the album, and it's possible this impresses partly in stark contrast to the gradual decline of his recent years. **

2. Johnny Thunders: Live From Zürich 1985 (Johnny Thunders Archive)
Second banana in the New York Dolls, name Gemzale, went on to form the Heartbreakers (L.A.M.F.) and record a couple solo albums -- So Alone (1978) is a favorite -- before succumbing to the inevitable drug overdose at 38 (or was it?). Live date, past his prime but looks as far back as the Dolls, band includes a saxophone as well as some primal guitar. **

3. Hanging Tree Guitars (Music Maker Relief Foundation)
A dozen blues recordings, Timothy Duffy field recordings featuring guitar craftsman Freeman Vines and family. Unsure of the dates. **

4. Nkem Njoku & Ozzobia Brothers: Ozobia Special (1980s, BBE)
Igbo highlife, presumably from Nigeria, seems to be only album, leader sings, no one named Ozzobia (or Ozobia) in the credits. Draws on Ghanian highlife, touted as a classic album, not as slick as Lagos juju, but catchy as can be. **

5. Daora: Underground Sounds of Urban Brasil (Mais Um Discos, 2CD)
"Hip-hop, leftfield beats, afrobeat and dub-influenced sounds from Brasil," 32 tracks, compiled by Rodrigo Brandao, vintage unknown but probably recent, only one artist I recognize (Baiana System), title slang "for something that's dope." Edges a little soft, as tends to be the case in Brazil, but that introduces a loopy, oblique humor that you rarely hear elsewhere. **

6. Waco Brothers: Resist! (1995-2005, Bloodshot)
Mekon Jon Langford's Chicago bar band, motto "hard times call for hard country," twenty-five years since their debut. You'd think the times would help write a new batch of songs, but they decided to pick some old ones, sounding harder than ever. Lots to resist these days, but not them. **

7. Cadence Revolution: Disques Debs International Vol. 2 (1970s, Disques Debs/Strut)
Zouk from the French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, selected from the archives of Henri Debs' label, which was founded in the 1950s and released over 100 records in the 1970s. One of my favorite records is the Earthworks 1988 compilation Hurricane Zouk, and this reminds me enough (as it happens, I just replayed it yesterday) to recommend it. **

8. Ranil Y Su Conjunto Tropical: (Limited Dance Edition) (Analog Africa)
Cumbia group from Iquitos on the Amazonian side of Peru, led by singer Raúl Llerena Vásquez, aka Ranil. No dates on these songs -- indeed, Discogs has no dates for 13 albums, only one date for his singles (1977), and one previous compilation (2010). Wish I knew more about this, but unclear to me even whether Vásquez is still alive. But the music is, seductive too. **

9. Cool Cats Invasion (Highlife, Juju & Palm-Wine) (1950s-60s, Moochin' About)
Huge (102 tracks) collection of vintage pop music from Nigeria and Ghana, picks up a few names I recognize (like I.K. Dairo, Victor Olaiya, E.T. Mensah, Rex Lawson, Haruna Ishola, a very young Fela Kuti), many more I don't. Seems to only be available as a digital, and is pretty cheap as those things go. Not sure how the time adds up, or how many CDs it would take (5-6?). Only played it once, and haven't regretted a minute. Can't swear enough of it is brilliant, but I've always loved this music. Deserves some serious documentation. **

Also added the following 2019 (or earlier) albums after freezing the 2019 year-end file:

1. Etran De L'Aďr: No. 1 (Sahel Sounds -18)
Tuareg group from Agadez, Niger, formed in 1995 but first album here: guitars, bass guitar, drums, singers named Ibrahim Mohamed and Hamidane Aboubacar Bouzou. As minimal as the desert.

Honorable Mention

Additional non-jazz rated B+(***), listed alphabetically.

  1. Dave Alvin: From an Old Guitar: Rare and Unreleased Recordings (Yep Roc) **
  2. Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80: Perambulator (1983, Knitting Factory) **
  3. John Lennon: Gimme Some Truth: The Ultimate Mixes (1969-84, Universal, 2CD) **
  4. Léve Léve: Sao Tome & Principe Sounds '70s-'80s (Bongo Joe) **
  5. Leyla McCalla: Vari-Colored Songs: A Tribute to Langston Hughes (2013, Smithsonian Folkways) **
  6. On the Road: A Tribute to John Hartford (LoHi) **
  7. Ranil Y Su Conjunto Tropical: Stay Safe and Sound Ranil Selection!! (Analog Africa) **
  8. Sleaford Mods: All That Glue (Rough Trade) **
  9. Ebo Taylor: Palaver (1980, BBE -19) **
  10. Wussy: Ghosts (2006-19, self-released) **
  11. Yabby You: King Tubby's Prophecies of Dub (1976, Pressure Sounds) **

Also added the following 2019 albums after freezing the 2019 year-end file:

  1. Ronnie Lane: Just for a Moment: The Best of Ronnie Lane (1973-97, UMC -19) **
  2. Ana Mazzotti: Ana Mazzotti (1977, Far Out -19) **
  3. Mogadisco: Dancing Mogadishu, Somalia 1972-1991 (Analog Africa -19) **


Additional new non-jazz records rated B+(**) or below (listed alphabetically by artist).

  1. 6lack: 6pc Hot EP (Interscope, EP) ** [B+(*)]
  2. 21 Savage & Metro Boomin: Savage Mode II (Slaughter Gang/Epic) ** [B+(**)]
  3. 070 Shake: Modus Vivendi (GOOD Music/Def Jam) ** [B+(*)]
  4. The 81's: 2 Things & 118 Others (The 81's) ** [B+(**)]
  5. 100 Gecs: 1000 Gecs and the Tree of Clues (Dog Show) ** [B+(**)]
  6. Actress: Karma & Desire (Ninja Tune) ** [B+(*)]
  7. Riz Ahmed: The Long Goodbye (Mongrel, EP) ** [B+(*)]
  8. Aksak Maboul: Figures (Crammed Discs) ** [B+(**)]
  9. Jessi Alexander: Decatur County Red (Lost Creek Music) ** [B+(*)]
  10. American Aquarium: Lamentations (New West) ** [B+(**)]
  11. Ammar 808: Global Control/Invisible Invasion (Glitterbeat) ** [B+(**)]
  12. John Anderson: Years (Easy Eye Sound) ** [B+(**)]
  13. Thomas Anderson: Analog Summer (Four-Tracks and Then Some) (Out There) ** [B+(**)]
  14. Courtney Marie Andrews: Old Flowers (Fat Possum) ** [B+(*)]
  15. Angel-Ho: Alla Prima (Hyperdub, EP) ** [B]
  16. Arbor Labor Union: New Petal Instants (Arrowhawk) ** [B+(**)]
  17. Arca: @@@@@ (XL) ** [B+(*)]
  18. Arca: Kick I (XL) ** [B+(*)]
  19. Steve Arrington: Down to the Lowest Terms: The Soul Sessions (Stones Throw) ** [B+(*)]
  20. Autechre: Sign (Warp) ** [B]
  21. Autechre: Plus (Warp) ** [B+(*)]
  22. Babe, Terror: Horizogon (Glue Moon) ** [B-]
  23. Bad Bunny: YHLQMDLG (Rimas) ** [B+(**)]
  24. Bad Bunny: El Último Tour Del Mundo ** [B+(*)] (Rimas)
  25. Jeich Ould Badou: Music From Saharan WhatsApp 03 (Sahel Sounds, EP) ** [B+(*)]
  26. Kelsea Ballerini: Kelsea (Black River) ** [B+(*)]
  27. J Balvin: Colores (Universal Latin) ** [B+(**)]
  28. Bananagun: The True Story of Bananagun (Full Time Hobby) ** [B+(*)]
  29. Mandy Barnett: A Nashville Songbook (BMG) ** [B+(**)]
  30. Juliana Barwick: Healing Is a Miracle (Ninja Tune) ** [B]
  31. Beabadoobee: Fake It Flowers (Dirty Hit) ** [B+(**)]
  32. Beauty Pill: Please Advise (Northern Spy, EP) ** [B+(*)]
  33. Benny the Butcher: Burden of Proof (Griselda) ** [B+(**)]
  34. Jehnny Beth: To Love Is to Live (Caroline) ** [B+(*)]
  35. The Beths: Jump Rope Gazers (Carpark) ** [B+(*)]
  36. Biffy Clyro: A Celebration of Endings (14th Floor) ** [B]
  37. Scott H. Biram: Fever Dreams (Bloodshot) ** [B+(**)]
  38. Elvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite: 100 Years of Blues (Alligator) ** [B+(**)]
  39. Clint Black: Out of Same (Black Top) ** [B+(*)]
  40. The Blam Blams: Opening Night (LunaSea Media) ** [B]
  41. Blueface: Find the Beat (Cash Money) ** [B+(**)]
  42. Afel Bocoum: Lindé (World Circuit) ** [B+(**)]
  43. Body Count: Carnivore (Century Media) ** [B+(**)]
  44. Bombay Bicycle Club: Everything Else Has Gone Wrong (Island) ** [B]
  45. Bonny Light Horseman: Bonny Light Horseman (37d03d) ** [B]
  46. Boogat: El Gato Y Los Rumberos (Ray-On, EP) ** [B]
  47. Phoebe Bridgers: Punisher (Dead Oceans) ** [B+(**)]
  48. Bright Eyes: Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was (Dead Oceans) ** [B+(**)]
  49. Apollo Brown & Che' Noir: As God Intended (Mello Music Group) ** [B+(**)]
  50. BTS: Map of the Soul: 7 (Big Hit) ** [B+(*)]
  51. Bully: Sugaregg (Sub Pop) ** [B+(*)]
  52. Burna Boy: Twice as Tall (Atlantic) ** [B+(**)]
  53. The Cadillac Three: Tabasco & Sweet Tea (Big Machine) ** [B+(*)]
  54. Bill Callahan: Gold Record (Drag City) ** [B]
  55. Jenna Camille: The Time is NOW (self-released) ** [B+(*)]
  56. Caitlin Cannon: The TrashCannon Album (Caitlin Cannon) ** [B+(**)]
  57. Caribou: Suddenly (Merge) ** [B+(**)]
  58. Hayes Carll: Alone Together Sessions (Dualtone) ** [B+(**)]
  59. Marshall Chapman: Songs I Can't Live Without (Tall Girl) ** [B+(**)]
  60. The Chats: High Risk Behaviour (Bargain Bin) ** [B+(*)]
  61. Childish Gambino: 3.15.20 (RCA) ** [B]
  62. Chloe x Halle: Ungodly Hour (Columbia) ** [B+(*)]
  63. Chromeo: Quarantine Casanova (Chromeo, EP) ** [B+(**)]
  64. Clem Snide: Forever Just Beyond (Ramseur) ** [B+(**)]
  65. Brent Cobb: Keep 'Em on They Toes (Ol' Buddy) ** [B+(**)]
  66. Shirley Collins: Heart's Ease (Domino) ** [B+(**)]
  67. Joachim Cooder: Over That Road I'm Bound (Nonesuch) ** [B]
  68. Shemekia Copeland: Uncivil War (Alligator) ** [B+(*)]
  69. Elysia Crampton: Orcorara 2010 (Pan) ** [B-]
  70. Creeper: Sex, Death & the Infinite Void (Roadrunner) ** [B-]
  71. Charley Crockett: Welcome to Hard Times (Son of Davy) ** [B+(*)]
  72. Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats: Unlocked (PH/Loma Vista, EP) ** [B+(*)]
  73. Miley Cyrus: Plastic Hearts (RCA) ** [B+(**)]
  74. Dagny: Strangers/Lovers (Little Daggers, EP) ** [B+(**)]
  75. Dej Loaf: Sell Sole II (BMG) ** [B+(**)]
  76. Vladislav Delay: Rakka (Warp) ** [B+(*)]
  77. Vladislav Delay/Sly Dunbar/Robbie Shakespeare: 500-Push-Up (Sub Rosa) ** [B+(*)]
  78. Demae: Life Works Out . . . Usually (Touching Bass, EP) ** [B]
  79. Destroyer: Have We Met (Merge) ** [B+(*)]
  80. Beatrice Dillon: Workaround (Pan) ** [B+(**)]
  81. Dion: Blues With Friends (Keeping the Blues Alive) ** [B+(*)]
  82. Drakeo the Ruler: Thank You for Using GTL (Stinc Team) ** [B+(**)]
  83. The Dream Syndicate: The Universe Inside (Anti-) ** [B+(*)]
  84. Baxter Dury: The Night Chancers (Heavenly) ** [B+(*)]
  85. Open Mike Eagle: Anime, Trauma and Divorce (Auto Reverse) ** [B+(**)]
  86. Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters: Rise Up (Stony Plain) ** [B+(*)]
  87. Kathleen Edwards: Total Freedom (Dualtone) ** [B]
  88. Jay Electronica: A Written Testimony (Roc Nation) ** [B+(*)]
  89. Joe Ely: Love in the Midst of Mayhem (Rack 'Em) ** [B+(*)]
  90. Extra Soul Perception: New Tangents in Kampala, London & Nairobi Vol. 1 (Extra Soul Perception, EP) ** [B+(*)]
  91. Field Music: Making a New World (Memphis Industries) ** [B+(*)]
  92. The Flaming Lips: American Head (Warner/Bella Union) ** [B+(*)]
  93. Fleet Foxes: Shore (Anti-) ** [B]
  94. Fontaines DC: A Hero's Death (Partisan) ** [B+(*)]
  95. Frazey Ford: U Kin B the Sun (Arts & Crafts) ** [B+(**)]
  96. Fra Fra: Funeral Songs (Glitterbeat) ** [B]
  97. Arna Georgia: Yes Girl (Arna Georgia) ** [B+(*)]
  98. Freddie Gibbs & the Alchemist: Alfredo (ESGN/ALC/Empire) ** [B+(*)]
  99. Robert Gordon: Rockabilly for Life (Cleopatra) ** [B+(*)]
  100. Ariana Grande: Positions (Republic) ** [B+(*)]
  101. CeeLo Green: CeeLo Green Is Thomas Callaway (Easy Eye Sound) ** [B]
  102. Grrrl Gang: Here to Stay (Damnably, EP) ** [B+(**)]
  103. David Guetta/Morten: New Rave (Parlophone, EP) ** [B+(**)]
  104. GuiltyBeatz: Different E.P (Banku Music, EP) ** [B+(*)]
  105. The Haden Triplets: The Family Songbook (Trimeter) ** [B+(**)]
  106. Haiku Hands: Haiku Hands (Mad Decent) ** [B+(*)]
  107. Haim: Women in Music Pt. III (Columbia) ** [B+(**)]
  108. Luke Haines & Peter Buck: Beat Poetry for Survivalists (Omnivore) ** [B+(**)]
  109. Clay Harper: Dirt Yard Street (Casino Music) ** [B+(*)]
  110. Kirby Heard: Mama's Biscuits (self-released -19) ** [B+(**)]
  111. Paul Heaton/Jacqui Abbott: Manchester Calling (Virgin EMI) ** [B+(**)]
  112. Lily Hiatt: Walking Proof (New West) ** [B+(**)]
  113. Home Counties: Redevelopment (Alcopop!, EP) ** [B+(*)]
  114. Horse Lords: The Common Task< (Northern Spy) ** [B+(*)]
  115. The Howling Hex: Knuckleball Express (Fat Possum) ** [B+(**)]
  116. Ray Wylie Hubbard: Co-Starring (Big Machine) ** [B+(**)]
  117. Sam Hunt: Southside (MCA Nashville) ** [B+(*)]
  118. J Hus: Big Conspiracy (Black Butter) ** [B+(**)]
  119. Johnny Iguana: Johnny Iguana's Chicago Spectacular (Delmark) ** [B+(**)]
  120. Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit: Reunions (Southeastern) ** [B+(*)]
  121. Loraine James: Nothing (Hyperdub, EP) ** [B]
  122. Jealous of the Birds: Peninsula (Atlantic) ** [B+(*)]
  123. Carly Rae Jepsen: Dedicated Side B (School Boy) ** [B+(**)]
  124. Jockstrap: Wicked City (Warp, EP) ** [B]
  125. Karen Jonas: The Southwest Sky & Other Dreams (Yellow Brick) ** [B+(**)]
  126. Camden Joy: Updated Just Now (self-released, EP) ** [B+(**)]
  127. Camden Joy: American Love (self-released) ** [B+(**)]
  128. Jumpstarted Plowhards: Round One (Recess, EP -19) ** [B+(*)]
  129. KeiyaA: Forever, Ya Girl (Keiya) ** [B+(**)]
  130. Keleketia: Keleketia! (Ahead of Our Time) ** [B+(**)]
  131. Kesha: High Road (Kemosabe) ** [B+(*)]
  132. Alicia Keys: Alicia (RCA) ** [B+(**)]
  133. Khruangbin: Mordechai (Dead Oceans) ** [B+(*)]
  134. King Krule: Man Alive! (True Pather) ** [B]
  135. Knxwledge: 1988 (Stones Throw) ** [B]
  136. Lianne La Havas: Lianne La Havas (Nonesuch) ** [B+(*)]
  137. Jessy Lanza: All the Time (Hyperdub) ** [B+(*)]
  138. Gabe Lee: Honky Tonk Hell (Torrez Music Group) ** [B+(**)]
  139. Adrianne Lenker: Songs (4AD) ** [B+(*)]
  140. Jinx Lennon: Border Schizzo Fffolk Songs for the Fuc**d (Septic Tiger) ** [B+(**)]
  141. Les Amazones D'Afrique: Amazones Power (RealWorld) ** [B+(**)]
  142. Lil Wayne: Funeral (Young Money) ** [B+(**)]
  143. Fenne Lily: Breach (Dead Oceans) ** [B+(**)]
  144. Little Simz: Drop 6 (Age 101, EP) ** [B+(*)]
  145. Low Cut Connie: Private Lives (Contender) ** [B]
  146. Luka Productions & Kandiafa: Music From Saharan WhatsApp Volume 6 (Sahel Sounds, EP) ** [B+(**)]
  147. Lupe Fiasco/Kaelin Ellis: House (1st and 15th Too, EP) ** [B+(*)]
  148. Lera Lynn: On My Own (Ruby Range) ** [B+(*)]
  149. Corb Lund: Agricultural Tragic (New West) ** [B+(**)]
  150. Machine Girl: U-Void Synthesizer (1818199 DK2) ** [B-]
  151. The Magnetic Fields: Quickies (Nonesuch) ** [B+(*)]
  152. Major Lazer: Music Is the Weapon (Mad Decent) ** [B+(**)]
  153. Stephen T. Malkmus: Traditional Techniques (Matador) ** [B+(*)]
  154. Laura Marling: Song for Our Daughter (Chrysalis/Partisan) ** [B+(**)]
  155. Ashley McBryde: Never Will (Warner Nashville) ** [B+(**)]
  156. Arlo McKinley: Die Midwestern (Oh Boy) ** [B]
  157. Medhane: Full Circle (TBHG, EP) ** [B]
  158. Medhane: Cold Water (TBHG) ** [B+(*)]
  159. Vic Mensa: V Tape (Roc Nation, EP) ** [B+(**)]
  160. Hailu Mergia: Yene Mircha (Awesome Tapes From Africa) ** [B+(**)]
  161. Ras Michael: Live by the Spirit (Hen House Studios) ** [B+(**)]
  162. Mike: Weight of the World (10k) ** [B+(*)]
  163. Kylie Minogue: Disco (BMG) ** [B+(**)]
  164. Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes: What Kinda Music (Beyond the Groove) ** [B+(**)]
  165. Moor Mother: Circuit City (Don Giovanni) ** [B+(*)]
  166. Thurston Moore: By the Fire (Daydream Library) ** [B+(**)]
  167. John Moreland: LP5 (Old Omens) ** [B+(**)]
  168. Cahalen Morrison: Wealth of Sorrow (self-released) ** [B+(**)]
  169. The Mountain Goats: Songs for Pierre Chuvin (Merge) ** [B+(**)]
  170. Vee Mukarati: Vital Signs (Primrose, EP) ** [B+(*)]
  171. Róisin Murphy: Róisin Machine (Skint) ** [B+(**)]
  172. Mythic Sunship: Changing Shapes: Live at Roadburn (El Paraiso) ** [B+(**)]
  173. Nas: King's Disease (Mass Appeal) ** [B+(**)]
  174. Tami Neilson: Chicka Boom! (Outside) ** [B+(**)]
  175. Johnny Nicholas: Mistaken Identity (Valcour) ** [B+(**)]
  176. No Joy: Motherhood (Joyful Noise) ** [B+(*)]
  177. Dawn Oberg: 2020 Revision (self-released, EP)
  178. Angel Olsen: Whole New Mess (Jagjaguwar) ** [B]
  179. Oneohtrix Point Never: Magic Oneohtrix Point Never (Warp) ** [B+(*)]
  180. Kassa Overall: I Think I'm Good (Brownswood) ** [B+(*)]
  181. Kelly Lee Owens: Inner Song (Smalltown Supersound) ** [B+(**)]
  182. Pa Salieu: Send Them to Coventry (Warner Music UK) ** [B+(**)]
  183. Painted Faces: Tales From the Skinny Apartment (ESP-Disk -19) ** [B-]
  184. Pearl Jam: Gigaton (Monkeywrench/Republic) ** [B]
  185. Grant Peeples: Bad Wife (Rootball) ** [B+(*)]
  186. Pere Ubu: By Order of Mayor Pawlicki: Live in Jarocin (Cherry Red) ** [B+(**)]
  187. Perfume Genius: Set My Heart on Fire Immediately (Matador) ** [B+(*)]
  188. Lido Pimienta: Miss Colombia (Anti-) ** [B+(**)]
  189. Pinegrove: Marigold (Rough Trade) ** [B+(*)]
  190. Pink Siifu: Negro (Field-Left) ** [B]
  191. Pink Siifu/Yungmorpheus: Bag Talk (Field Left -19) ** [B+(**)]
  192. Pop Smoke: Meet the Woo 2 (Victor Victor/Republic) ** [B+(*)]
  193. Pop Smoke: Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon (Victor Victor/Republic) ** [B+(*)]
  194. Porridge Radio: Every Bad (Secretly Canadian) ** [B+(*)]
  195. Margo Price: That's How Rumors Get Started (Loma Vista) ** [B+(*)]
  196. Margo Price: Perfectly Imperfect at the Ryman (Loma Vista) ** [B+(**)]
  197. Princess Nokia: Everything Sucks (Platoon, EP) ** [B+(**)]
  198. Protoje: In Search of Lost Time (RCA) ** [B+(**)]
  199. Protomartyr: Ultimate Success Today (Domino) ** [B+(**)]
  200. Psychedelic Furs: Made of Rain (Cooking Vinyl) ** [B+(*)]
  201. PUP: This Place Sucks Ass (BMG, EP) ** [B+(*)]
  202. PVRIS: Use Me (Warner) ** [B]
  203. Francis Quinlan: Likewise (Saddle Creek) ** [B+(*)]
  204. Dan Reeder: Every Which Way (Oh Boy) ** [B]
  205. Jessie Reyez: Before Love Came to Kill Us (Island) ** [B+(**)]
  206. Jenny Reynolds: Any Kind of Angel (Pretty Okay Music) ** [B+(**)]
  207. The Ridiculous Trio: The Ridiculous Trio Plays the Stooges (Modern Harmonic) ** [B+(**)]
  208. Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen: Hold My Beer, Vol. 2 (Lil' Buddy Toons) ** [B+(*)]
  209. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: Sideways to New Italy (Sub Pop) ** [B+(**)]
  210. Caroline Rose: Superstar (New West) ** [B]
  211. Whitney Rose: We Still Go to Rodeos (MCG) ** [B+(**)]
  212. Rose City Band: Summerlong (Thrill Jockey) ** [B+(*)]
  213. Claire Rousay: A Heavenly Touch (Already Dead) ** [B]
  214. Rumer: Nashville Tears: The Songs of Hugh Prestwood (Cooking Vinyl) ** [B+(**)]
  215. Sad13: Haunted Painting (Wax Nine) ** [B+(*)]
  216. Dua Saleh: Rosetta (Against Giants, EP) ** [B+(*)]
  217. Sa-Roc: The Sharecropper's Daughter (Rhymesayers) ** [B+(**)]
  218. Rina Sawayama: Sawayama (Dirty Hit) ** [B-]
  219. Tiwa Savage: Celia (Universal) ** [B+(*)]
  220. Darrell Scott: Sings the Blues of Hank Williams (Full Light) ** [B]
  221. Darrell Scott: Jaroso (Full Light) ** [B+(*)]
  222. Gil Scott-Heron: We're New Again: A Reimagining by Makaya McCraven (XL) ** [B+(**)]
  223. The Secret Sisters: Saturn Return (New West) ** [B+(*)]
  224. Serengeti: Ajai (Cohn) ** [B+(**)]
  225. Shabazz Palaces: The Don of Diamond Dreams (Sub Pop) ** [B+(**)]
  226. Andy Shauf: The Neon Skyline (Anti-) ** [B+(**)]
  227. Skepta, Chip & Young Adz: Insomnia (SKC M29) ** [B+(**)]
  228. Bette Smith: The Good, the Bad and the Bette (Ruf) ** [B+(**)]
  229. Snotty Nose Rez Kids: Born Deadly (Fontana North, EP) ** [B+(**)]
  230. The Soft Pink Truth: Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase? (Thrill Jockey) ** [B+(*)]
  231. Songhoy Blues: Optimisme (Transgressive/Fat Possum) ** [B+(**)]
  232. Sparks: A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip (BMG) [C+]
  233. SPAZA: Uprize! (Mushroom Hour Half Hour) **
  234. Speaker Music: Of Desire, Longing (Planet Mu -19) ** [B+(**)]
  235. Speaker Music: Percussive Therapy (Planet Mu -EP) ** [B+(**)]
  236. Bruce Springsteen: Letter to You (Columbia) ** [B+(**)]
  237. Chris Stapleton: Starting Over (Mercury Nashville) ** [B+(**)]
  238. Sufjan Stevens & Lowell Brams: Aporia (Asthmatic Kitty) ** [B+(*)]
  239. Stormzy: Heavy Is the Head (Merky/Atlantic -19) ** [B+(**)]
  240. The Streets: None of Us Are Getting Out of This Life Alive (Island) ** [B+(**)]
  241. STRFKR: Future Past Life (Polyvinyl) ** [B+(**)]
  242. The Strokes: The New Abnormal (Cult/RCA) ** [B+(*)]
  243. Nora Jane Struthers: Bright Lights, Long Drives, First Words (Blue Pig Music) ** [B+(*)]
  244. Moses Sumney: Grae: Part 1 (Jagjaguwar) ** [B]
  245. Sunwatchers: Oh Yeah? (Trouble in Mind) ** [B]
  246. Swamp Dogg: Sorry You Couldn't Make It (Joyful Noise) ** [B+(**)]
  247. Sylvan Esso: Free Love (Loma Vista) ** [B+(**)]
  248. Tame Impala: The Slow Rush (Interscope) ** [B+(*)]
  249. Tamikrest: Tamotaďt (Glitterbeat) ** [B+(**)]
  250. The Tender Things: How You Make a Fool (Spaceflight) ** [B]
  251. Thaba: Eyes Rest Their Feet (Soundway) ** [B+(*)]
  252. Throwing Muses: Sun Racket (Fire) ** [B+(*)]
  253. Pam Tillis: Looking for a Feeling (Stellar Cat) ** [B+(*)]
  254. Azu Tiwaline: Draw Me a Silence Part 1 (IOT, EP) ** [B+(**)]
  255. Azu Tiwaline: Draw Me a Silence Part II (IOT, EP) ** [B+(*)]
  256. Thundercat: It Is What It Is (Brainfeeder) ** [B]
  257. Toots & the Maytals: Got to Be Tough (BMG) ** [B+(*)]
  258. Torres: Silver Tongue (Merge) ** [B+(*)]
  259. Tenille Townes: The Lemonade Stand (Columbia Nashville) ** [B+(**)]
  260. Trees Speak: Ohms (Soul Jazz) ** [B+(*)]
  261. Tricky: Fall to Pieces (False Idols) ** [B+(*)]
  262. Yves Tumor: Heaven to a Tortured Mind (Warp) ** [B+(**)]
  263. Josh Turner: Country State of Mind (MCA Nashville) ** [B+(**)]
  264. Jeff Tweedy: Love Is the King (dBpm) ** [B+(**)]
  265. Etuk Ubong: Africa Today (Night Dreamer) ** [B+(**)]
  266. Kali Uchis: To Feel Alive (Virgin EMI/Interscope, EP) ** [B]
  267. U.S. Girls: Heavy Light (4AD) ** [B-]
  268. Loudon Wainwright III With Vince Giordano & the Nighthawks: I'd Rather Lead a Band (Search Party) ** [B+(**)]
  269. Summer Walker: Life on Earth (LVRN/Interscope, EP) ** [B]
  270. Rod Wave: Pray 4 Love (Alamo) ** [B+(**)]
  271. The Weeknd: After Hours (Republic) ** [B]
  272. Gillian Welch & David Rawlings: All the Good Times Are Past & Gone (Acony) ** [B+(**)]
  273. Paul Weller: On Sunset (Polydor) ** [B]
  274. Hailey Whitters: The Dream (Pigasus) ** [B+(**)]
  275. Westside Gunn: Pray for Paris (Griselda) ** [B+(*)]
  276. Westside Gunn: Flygod Is an Awesome God II (Griselda) ** [B+(*)]
  277. Hayley Williams: Petals for Armor (Atlantic) ** [B+(*)]
  278. Tessy Lou Williams: Tessy Lou Williams (Tessy Lou Williams) ** [B+(**)]
  279. Wire: 10:20 (Pink Flag) ** [B+(*)]
  280. Jaime Wyatt: Neon Cross (New West) ** [B+(*)]
  281. X: Alphabetland (Fat Possum) ** [B+(*)]
  282. Yaeji: What We Drew (XL) ** [B+(*)]
  283. Yelle: L'Čre Du Verseau (Recreation Center) ** [B+(*)]
  284. Yo La Tengo: We Have Amnesia Sometimes (Matador) ** [B]
  285. Yonic South: Wild Cobs (La Tempesta, EP -19) ** [B+(**)]
  286. Yonic South: Twix and Dive (La Tempesta, EP) ** [B+(**)]
  287. Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad: Jazz Is Dead 001 (Jazz Is Dead, EP) ** [B+(*)]
  288. Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad: Jazz Is Dead 002: Roy Ayers (Jazz Is Dead, EP) ** [B+(**)]

Additional reissued/archival non-jazz records rated B+(**) or below (listed alphabetically by artist).

  1. African Head Charge: Churchical Chant of the Iyabinghi (1991-94, On-U Sound) ** [B+(**)]
  2. Allman Brothers Band: The Final Note: Painters Mill Music Fair, Owings Mills, MD 10-17-71 (Allman Brothers) ** [B-]
  3. Apala: Apala Groups in Nigeria 1967-70 (Soul Jazz) ** [B+(*)]
  4. Grayson Capps: South Front Street: A Retrospective 1997-2019 (The Royal Potato Family) ** [B+(*)]
  5. Emperor X: Nineteen Live Recordings (2005-13, Dreams of Field) ** [B+(*)]
  6. Brian Eno: Film Music 1976-2020 (Astralwerks) ** [B+(*)]
  7. Bryan Ferry: Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1974 (BMG) ** [B+(**)]
  8. Future/Zaytoven: Beast Mode (2015, Epic/Freebandz) ** [B+(**)]
  9. Mort Garson: Music From Patch Cord Productions (1968-74, Sacred Bones) ** [B+(*)]
  10. Wanda Jackson: The Capitol Singles 1971-1973 (EMI Music Nashville) ** [B+(*)]
  11. Jamaican All Stars [Studio One] (1970-74, Studio One) ** [B+(*)]
  12. Bessie Jones and the Georgia Sea Island Singers: Get in Union (1959-66, Global Jukebox) ** [B+(**)]
  13. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings: Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Rendition Was In) (Daptone) ** [B+(*)]
  14. Antoinette Konan: Antoinette Konan (1986, Awesome Tapes From Africa -19) ** [B+(*)]
  15. Rich Krueger: The Troth Sessions (2002, Rockin'K Music) ** [B]
  16. La Locura de Machuca 1975-1980 (1975-80, Analog Africa) ** [B+(**)]
  17. Maghreb K7 Club: Synth Raď, Chaoui & Staifi (1985-1997) (Bongo Joe) ** [B+(**)]
  18. Oneness of Juju: African Rhythms 1970-1982 (Black Fire, 2CD) ** [B+(**)]
  19. The Outskirts: You Deserve to Dance (2009, Aerophonic) ** [B+(*)]
  20. Space Funk: Afro Futurist Electro Funk in Space 1976-84 (Soul Jazz -19) ** [B+(*)]
  21. Peter Stampfel/The Dysfunctionells: Not in Our Wildest Dreams (1994-96, Don Giovanni) ** [B+(**)]
  22. Stone Crush: Memphis Modern Soul 1977-1987 (Light in the Attic) ** [B+(**)]
  23. The Stooges: Live at Goose Lake, August 8, 1970 (Third Man) ** [B]
  24. Luiz Carlos Vinhas: O Som Psicodélico de L.C.V. (1968, Mad About) ** [B+(*)]
  25. Gillian Welch: Boots No. 2: The Lost Songs Vol. 1 (2002, Acony) ** [B+(*)]
  26. Neil Young: Homegrown (1974-75, Reprise) ** [B+(**)]
  27. Zam Groove: Music From Zambia (SWP) ** [B+(*)]

New non-jazz records I haven't heard estimated to have a 2% (or better) chance of making the A-list if/when I finally hear them:

Reissued non-jazz records I haven't heard estimated to have a 2% (or better) chance of making the A-list if/when I finally hear them: