Music Year 2018

Of course, it's too early for a year-end list. But as the proto-fascist organization of my youth insisted, one should always be prepared. For records in hand, * identifies an advance copy, ** something borrowed. Some albums released in previous years are included here, noted by a "-NN" (e.g., -17 for 2017) -- these are mostly imports or self-releases, often hard to figure out official dates, but they were unknown (to me, at least) before the current year.

I keep adding to the 2017 until the end of calendar 2018, especially where the record was known to exist in 2017 and I'm just getting around to it.

New Records

  1. Kevin Sun: Trio (Ectomorph Music)
  2. Shopping: The Official Body (FatCat)
  3. Peter Kuhn Trio: Intention (FMR)
  4. Gregory Lewis: Organ Monk Blue (self-released)
  5. Mary Gauthier: Rifles & Rosary Beads (In the Black) **
  6. Evan Parker/Barry Guy/Paul Lytton: Music for David Mossman: Live at Vortex London (Intakt)
  7. Amy Rigby: The Old Guys (Southern Domestic) **
  8. Laurie Anderson/Kronos Quartet: Landfall (Nonesuch) **
  9. Kris Davis & Craig Taborn: Octopus (Pyroclastic)


Records in hand, but which haven't yet been graded.

  • Heather Bennett: Lazy Afternoon (Summit)
  • Martin Blume/Tobias Delius/Achim Kaufmann/Dieter Manderscheid: Frames & Terrains (NoBusiness) *
  • Benjamin Boone/Philip Levine: The Poetry of Jazz (Origin)
  • Dogwood: Hecate's Hounds (
  • Satoko Fujii Orchestra Berlin: Ninety-Nine Years (Libra)
  • Hal Galper Quartet: Cubist (Origin)
  • Sergio Galvao/Lupa Santiago/Clement Landais/Franck Enouf: 2X2 (Origin)
  • Johan Graden: Olägenheter (Moserobie)
  • The Heavyweights Brass Band: This City (Lulaworld)
  • Gerry Hemingway/Samuel Blaser: Oostum (NoBusiness) *
  • Lauren Henderson: Ármame (Brontosaurus)
  • Il Sogno: Birthday (Gotta Let It Out -17)
  • Thomas Johansson: Home Alone (Tammt Z)
  • Martin Küchen & Landaeus Trio: Vinyl (Moserobie)
  • Johan Lindström Septett: Music for Empty Halls (Moserobie)
  • The Doug MacDonald Quintet/The Roger Neumann Quintet: Two Quintets: Live Upstairs at Vitello's (Blujazz, 2CD)
  • Todd Marcus: On These Streets (Stricker Street)
  • Erin McDougald: Outside the Soirée (Miles High)
  • Michael Morreale: MilesSong: The Music of Miles Davis (Summit, 2CD)
  • Diane Moser: Birdsongs (Planet Arts)
  • Michael Moss/Accidental Orchestra: Helix (4th Stream)
  • Patricia Nicholson/William Parker: Hope Cries for Justice (Centering)
  • Lucas Niggli: Alchemia Garden (Intakt)
  • Aruán Ortiz Trio: Live in Zürich (Intakt)
  • William Parker: Lake of Light: Compositions for AquaSonics (Gotta Let It Out)
  • Ivo Perelman/Matthew Shipp: Oneness (Leo, 3CD)
  • Peripheral Vision: More Songs About Error and Shame (self-released)
  • Roberta Piket: West Coast Trio (13th Note)
  • Chris Platt Trio: Sky Glow (self-released)
  • Bobby Previte: Rhapsody (RareNoise) *
  • Scott Reeves Jazz Orchestra: Without a Trace (Origin)
  • Jay Rodriguez: Your Sound: Live at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola (Whaling City Sound)
  • Sara Serpa: Close Up (Clean Feed)
  • Jim Snidero & Jeremy Pelt: Jubilation (Savant) *
  • Sonar With David Torn: Vortex (RareNoise) *
  • Spin Cycle [Scott Neumann/Tom Christensen]: Assorted Colors (Sound Footing)
  • Joshua Trinidad: In November (RareNoise) *
  • Dan Weiss: Starebaby (Pi)
  • Hĺvard Wiik Trio: This Is Not a Waltz (Moserobie)

Also Noted:

Records in hand, graded B+ or below, in alphabetical order within grade slots:

  • Dan Block: Block Party: A Saint Louis Connection (Miles High)
  • Sylvie Courvoisier Trio: D'Agala (Intakt)
  • CupcakKe: Ephorize (self-released) **
  • Danny Fox Trio: The Great Nostalgist (Hot Cup)
  • Brad Garton/Dave Soldier: The Brainwave Music Project (Mulatta)
  • Mike Jones/Penn Jillette: The Show Before the Show: Live at the Penn & Teller Theater (Capri)
  • Kaze: Atody Man (Libra)
  • Peter Kuhn: Dependent Origination (FMR -17)
  • Daniel Levin/Chris Pitsiokos/Brandon Seabrook: Stomiidae (Dark Tree)
  • Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas: Sound Prints: Scandal (Greenleaf Music)
  • Hailu Mergia: Lala Belu (Awesome Tapes From Africa) **
  • Jamie Saft: Solo a Genova (RareNoise) *
  • Samo Salamon/Howard Levy: Peaks of Light (Sazas)
  • Steve Slagle: Dedication (Panorama)
  • Edgar Steinitz: Roots Unknown (OA2)
  • Tal National: Tantabara (Fat Cat) **
  • Nick Biello: Vagabond Soul (Blujazz)
  • Roberta Donnay & the Prohibition Mob Band: My Heart Belongs to Satchmo (Blujazz)
  • Satoko Fujii: Solo (Libra)
  • Justin Gray & Synthesis: New Horizons (self-released)
  • Jeff Hamilton Trio: Live From San Pedro (Capri)
  • Ryan Keberle/Frank Woeste: Reverso: Suite Pavel (Phonoart)
  • Rich Krueger: Life Ain't That Long (Rockink) **
  • Living Fossil: Never Die! (self-released)
  • Kate McGarry/Keith Ganz/Gary Versace: The Subject Tonight Is Love (Binxtown)
  • David Murray feat. Saul Williams: Blues for Memo (Motéma) **
  • Leslie Pintchik: You Eat My Food, You Drink My Wine, You Steal My Girl! (Pintch Hard)
  • Margo Rey: The Roots of Rey/Despacito Margo (Origin)
  • Bobo Stenson Trio: Contra La Indecisión (ECM) **
  • Thiefs: Graft (Le Greffe) (Jazz & People)
  • Steve Tyrell: A Song for You (New Design)
  • U.S. Girls: In a Poem Unlimited (4AD) **
  • Mike Vax & Ron Romm: Collaboration (Summit)
  • Mark Wade Trio: Moving Day (self-released)
  • Weird Beard [Florian Egli/Dave Gisler/Martina Berther/Rico Bauman]: Orientation (Intakt)
  • Samuel Blaser With Marc Ducret/Peter Bruun: Taktlos Zurich 2017 (Hatology) **
  • Sarah Buechi: Contradiction of Happiness (Intakt)
  • Harley Card: The Greatest Invention (self-released)
  • Dawn Clement: Tandem (Origin)
  • George Cotsirilos Quartet: Mostly in Blue (OA2)
  • Fred Farell: Distant Song (Whaling City Sound)
  • GoGo Penguin: A Humdrum Star (Blue Note) **
  • James Hall: Lattice (Outside In Music)
  • Steve Hobbs: Tribute to Bobby (Challenge)
  • Femi Kuti: One People One World (Knitting Factory) **
  • Dave Liebman/Tatsuya Nakatani/Adam Rudolph: The Unknowable (RareNoise) *
  • Cecilia Sanchietti: La Verza Via (Blujazz)
  • Shakers n' Bakers: Heart Love: Plays the Music of Albert Ayler and Mary Maria Parks (Little i Music)
  • Andy Sheppard Quartet: Romaria (ECM)
  • As Is Featuring Alan & Stacey Schulman: Here's to Life (self-released)
  • Jeff Baker: Phrases (OA2)
  • Owen Broder: Heritage: The American Roots Project (ArtistShare)
  • Electric Squeezebox Orchestra: The Falling Dream (OA2)
  • Julian Lage: Modern Lore (Mack Avenue) **
  • Dolores Scozzesi: Here Comes the Sun (Café Pacific)
  • Brandi Carlile: By the Way, I Forgive You (Low Country Sound/Elektra) **
  • Dan Pugach Nonet: Plus One (Unit)
  • Dr. Lonnie Smith: All in My Mind (Blue Note) **
  • Michael Waldrop: Origin Suite (Origin)
  • The Ed Palermo Big Band: The Adventures of Zodd Zundgren (Cuneiform) *

Reissues/Compilations/Vault Music:

In previous years I tried to separate reissues from compilations, including newly released vault items in the latter. This made sense when I was reviewing a lot of Recycled Goods material, but led to other problems with year-end lists, so as of 2013 anything containing any previously released material is collected here, and anything that is wholly previously unreleased is treated as new, above.


  • Kang Tae Hwan: Live at Café Amores (1995, NoBusiness)
  • Wynton Marsalis Septet: United We Swing: Best of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Galas (2003-07, Blue Engine)
  • Barre Phillips/Motoharu Yoshizawa: Oh My, Those Boys! (1994, NoBusiness)
  • Bill Warfield Big Band: For Lew (1990-2014, Planet Arts)

Also Noted:

  • Kenny Burrell: A Generation Ago Today (1966-67, Verve) **


I don't review DVDs. I don't watch DVDs. I don't record them in my database -- well, almost never, anyhow. Part of this is that I don't have the time, the eyes, or at the moment even the equipment. I never request DVDs. Still, some publicists insist on sending them anyway. Here's a list. They're all pending, and will probably remain that way until hell freezes over.


I always come up empty for song lists at year-end poll time. So I thought I'd start here.