Monday, September 25, 2017

Music Week

Music: Current count 28719 [28690] rated (+29), 398 [392] unrated (+6).

As I'm writing this, there is no free disk space available to my server account, so I won't be able to update the website. That was the situation last night as well when I went to add my Weekend Roundup post, but just in time a sliver opened up and I was able to make the update -- my first in over a week (I was able to sneak my post on Bill Phillips up by deleting a huge file and pushing the single file up). If you're reading this (at least in the "faux blog" I lucked out again. I dread having to move the website, but unless something changes soon I'll have to. The problem isn't the static files, which I have on my work machine. The big problem is the blog, which will surely be lost. Due (I assume) to disk quotas (or possibly some other bottleneck) I haven't been able to dump the blog database for several years now. And the ISP, ADDR.COM, has for all intents and purposes stopped providing any form of support -- at this point it's rather surprising that they've even kept the machines running. Oddly enough, I have been able to store new blog posts lately, so that may still work.

As for this week's music, I'm surprised the rated count is as high as it is. I got off to a very slow start last week. Surprisingly, the two A- records this week were the first two I rated, and they got 5-6 plays each. I picked up some speed as I got into less interesting albums, but what salvaged the week was a side effect of reading the latest Rolling Stone paean to their birth year, 1967: 50 Essential Albums of 1967. This was written by David Fricke and Robert Christgau, expanded a bit from their 2007 survey of the same year, The 40 Essential Albums of 1967. Christgau had actually written a Consumer Guide to 1967 back in 1977, the only such retrospective Consumer Guide he ever wrote -- I added those entries to his Consumer Guide database, leaving a never-filled hole for 1968 and into 1969, when he started writing his monthly columns.

I made a list and decided to check out the records I didn't have ratings for, and picked up a few extras along the way. The closest thing to a find was David Lindley's early band Kaleidoscope's Side Trips, although the only songs that stuck in my head afterwards were Donovan's two title singles and the Youngbloods' "Get Together." Still, a surprising number of albums weren't on Napster: Bobby "Blue" Bland's Touch of the Blues, The Four Tops' Reach Out, B.B. King's The Jungle, Moby Grape, The Best of Wilson Pickett, Procol Harum, Diana Ross and the Supremes' Greatest Hits, Dionne Warwick's Golden Hits/Part One -- just found James Brown's Cold Sweat under "various artists," so next week for that.

No jazz on their list. I figured I could rectify that, but a quick search through my database suggests that 1967 was a sub-par year for jazz -- maybe the poorest of the decade. Major jazz labels went into sudden decline after 1965, although there was a partial rebound in 1969 with the emergence of fusion and an avant-garde rebound, both aided by new artists and labels in Europe. But for 1967 (and I could be off slightly, as I'm more likely to have recording than release dates in the database) I only count 2 A records and 15 A- (partial checking revealed 2 more A- recorded in 1967 were released later). Sorted approximately:

  1. Duke Ellington: And His Mother Called Him Bill
  2. Johnny Hodges: Triple Play
  3. Miles Davis: Nefertiti
  4. Jackie McLean/Ornette Coleman: New and Old Gospel
  5. McCoy Tyner: The Real McCoy
  6. John Coltrane: Interstellar Space
  7. Jimmy Rushing: Every Day I Have the Blues
  8. Miles Davis: Sorcerer
  9. Stan Getz: Sweet Rain
  10. Gordon Beck: Experiments With Pops
  11. Don Ellis: Electric Bath
  12. Antonio Carlos Jobim: Wave
  13. Keith Jarrett: El Juicio (The Judgment)
  14. Pete La Roca: Turkish Women at the Bath
  15. Bobby Hutcherson: Oblique
  16. Thad Jones/Mel Lewis: Live at the Village Vanguard
  17. Tony Scott: Tony Scott

No progress to report on Jazz Guides. The Streamnotes draft file for September has 122 reviews. I should post it this week, no later than the end of month (Saturday), if I can get the website working. Quite a bit of new jazz in the queue right now -- partly because I managed to account for today's mail from Lithuania. I'd hate to see the unrated count top 400 again, so I should focus more there. One reason I slacked off last month was that most of the new records had much later release dates. Of course, with September waning, we're nearly there.

New records rated this week:

  • Gabriel Alegria Afro-Peruvian Sextet: Diablo en Brooklyn (2017, Saponegro): [cd]: A-
  • Richard X Bennett: Experiments With Truth (2017, Ropeadope): [cd]: B+(**)
  • Richard X Bennett: What Is Now (2017, Ropeadope): [cd]: B+(**)
  • Jean-François Bonnel and His Swinging Jazz Cats: With Thanks to Benny Carter (2017, Arbors): [r]: B+(**)
  • Tomas Fujiwara: Triple Double (2017, Firehouse 12): [cd]: A-
  • Philipp Gerschlauer/David Fiuczynski: Mikrojazz: Neue Expressionistische Musik (2016 [2017], Rare Noise): [cdr]: B+(*)
  • Lauren Kinhan: A Sleepin' Bee (2017, Dotted i): [cd]: B
  • Florian Hoefner: Coldwater Stories (2016 [2017], Origin): [cd]: B+(**)
  • Emi Meyer: Monochrome (2009-16 [2017], Origin): [cd]: B+(*)
  • Debbie Poryes Trio: Loving Hank (2017, OA2): [cd]: B+(**)
  • Franciszek Pospieszalski Sextet: 1st Level (2016 [2017], ForTune): [bc]: B
  • Umphrey's McGee: Zonkey (2016, Nothing Too Fancy): [r]: B+(**)

Recent reissues, compilations, and vault discoveries rated this week:

  • Dick Hyman: Solo at the Sacramento Jazz Festivals 1983-1988 (1983-88 [2017], Arbors): [r]: B+(***)
  • Sun Ra and His Astro-Infinity Arkestra: My Brother the Wind Vol. 1 (1969 [2017], Cosmic Myth): [r]: B+(**)
  • Sun Ra and His Astro-Infinity Arkestra: My Brother the Wind Vol. 2 (1969-70 [2017], Cosmic Myth): [r]: B+(**)

Old music rated this week:

  • Bee Gees: Bee Gees' 1st (1967, Atco): [r]: B
  • Bee Gees: Horizontal (1968, Atco): [r]: C
  • Bee Gees: Idea (1968, Atco): [r]: C+
  • Bee Gees: Odessa (1969, Atco): [r]: C
  • Tim Buckley: Goodbye and Hello (1967, Asylum): [r]: B+(*)
  • Donovan: Sunshine Superman (1966, Epic): [r]: B+(**)
  • Donovan: Mellow Yellow (1967, Epic): [r]: B+(**)
  • Kaleidoscope: Side Trips (1967, Epic): [r]: B+(***)
  • B.B. King: Blues Is King (1966 [1967], Bluesway): [r]: B+(**)
  • The Serpent Power: The Serpent Power (1967, Vanguard): [r]: B
  • The Youngbloods: The Youngbloods (1967, RCA Victor): [r]: B+(*)
  • The Youngbloods: Earth Music (1967, RCA Victor): [r]: B+(**)

Unpacking: Found in the mail last week:

  • Rez Abbasi: Unfiltered Universe (Whirlwind): November 10
  • Bobby Bradford/Hafez Modirzadeh: Live at the Magic Triangle (NoBusiness): CDR
  • Chévere (Parma)
  • Mark Dresser: Modicana (NoBusiness): CDR
  • Harris Eisenstadt/Mivos Quartet: Whatever Will Happen That Will Also Be (NoBusiness): CDR
  • Yedo Gibson/Hernâni Faustino/Vasco Trilla: Chain (NoBusiness)
  • Andrew Lamb/Warren Smith/Arkadijus Gotesmanas: The Sea of Modicum (NoBusiness): CDR
  • Roberto Magris Sextet: Live in Miami @ the WDNA Jazz Gallery (JMood)
  • Rudresh Mahanthappa's Indo-Pak Coalition: Agrima (self-released): CDR, October 21
  • Liudas Mockunas: Hydro (NoBusiness): CDR
  • Mostly Other People Do the Killing: Paint (Hot Cup): October 20
  • Teri Parker: In the Past (self-released): October 20
  • Wadada Leo Smith: Solo: Reflections and Meditations on Monk (TUM): October 20
  • Wadada Leo Smith: Najwa (TUM): October 20
  • Charles Thomas: The Colors of a Dream (Sea Tea)
  • Ton-Klami [Midori Takada/Kang Tae Hwan/Masahiko Satoh]: Prophecy of Nue (1995, NoBusiness)