2010 Year End List Mentions

These are records that show up in various year-end lists. Anthologies and reissues have been (mostly) weeded out, moved here. Those in blue are ones I have in more/less final form. Those in green I have as stripped down promos or don't have but have managed to hear somehow. The numbers in {} are the number of mentions. Once I've gotten far enough I'll start sorting by mentions. Finally I have some notes. Not every mention is noted, but some of the more significant ones are. To decode them, see the legend at the bottom.

Note: File has been frozen as of Jan. 24, 2011.


Some breakdowns by genre (initially just jazz). In many cases these are incomplete, partly because this was an added feature, partly because they're hard to verify.

Prime Candidates

Minimum 10 mentions.

  1. Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy [Island Def Jam] {769}: V[1-266-3250] {AV:1, AZ:6, BB:1, BEA:7, BL:3, CMG:1, CS:2, DA:9, DS, EM:4, EU:1, EW:1, F:2, G:2, GW:2, HP:7, LS, MO, NOW:1, NR:3, OTB:1, P:4, PF:1, PM:4, PMA:2, PX:1, RH:9, RS:1, RYM:1, SG:1, SL:1, SP:1, SPK:2, SPR:3, ST:7, TMT:10, TR:4, V:1, ZL:6}; MC(92*), AM, AP:98, AS:90, AV:91, BB:95, BBC:90, BG:90, CL:90, CMG:90, CT:88, DS:90, EW:A, G:80, HP:80, MO:80, NME:90, NOW:100, NR:80, P:94, PF:100, PH:100, PM:100, PX:95, RR:90, RS:100, SL:100, SP:90, SPK:90, TMT:90, VV:90; RC:A(7), CM, MT:A, TH:A-
  2. Janelle Monae: The ArchAndroid [Bad Boy] {445}: V[4-134-1448] {AV:6, AZ, BEA, BL, CMG, EM:5, EU:7, EW:8, G:1, HP, MO:3, NOW:5, NR:6, OTB:6, P:2, PF, PM:1, PX, QT, RH:5, RYM:5, SL:3, SP:6, SPK:8, TR:3, UR:5, V:5, ZL:10}; MC(91), AM, AV:A-, BB:83, BBC:90, BG:80, CMG:85, CT:100, DA:100, DS:90, EW:A-, G:100, HP:80, LAT:88, MO:90, NOW:80, NR:90, P:91, PF:85, PM:90, RR:90, RS:70, SL:80, SP:90, SPK:90, UR:80, URB:100; CM, MT:**, TH:**
  3. Big Boi: Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty [Def Jam] {393}: V[6-121-1166] {AV:7, AZ:10, BB:10, CMG:2, CS, DA, DS, EM:10, EW:5, F, LS:7, NOW:10, NR, OTB:7, PF:4, PM:10, PMA:3, PX:2, QT, RH, RYM, SL:7, SP, SPK:7, TMT:5, TR:7, UR, V:8, W, ZL:9}; MC(89), AM, AV:A-, AC:89, BB:81, BBC:90, BG:90, CMG:88, DM:80, DS:90, DU:90, EW:A-, G:80, LAT:88, MO:80, NME:80, NOW:100, NR:90, P:86, PF:92, PH:88, PM:80, PX:90, RR:90, RS:70, SL:80, SP:90, SPK:90, TMT:90, U:80, URB:80, VV:90, W:80; RC:A-, MM, CM, MT:A-, TH:A-
  4. The Roots: How I Got Over [Def Jam] {233}: V[18-50-533] {AV:5, CS:10, PX, V:7}; MC(85), AM, AV:A-, BBC:80, CT:88, DS:90, EW:A-, G:80, LS:80, NOW:80, NR:80, NYT:80, OTB, PF:81, PM:80, PX:80, RR:90, RS:70, SP:80, URB:90; RC:A(1), CM, MT:A-, TH:A-
  5. Cee Lo Green: The Lady Killer [Elektra] {184}: V[21-44-414] {EW:7, P, ST}; MC(82), AM, AP:93, AV:A-, BBC:80, BG:80, CT:88, EW:A-, G:80, HC:80, MO:80, NOW:80, NR:90, P:80, PF:73, RR:80, RS:80, SL:90, SP:80, URB:80, VV:90; MT:A-, TH:B
  6. Gil Scott-Heron: I'm New Here [XL] {157}: V[47-23-226] {CMG, G, Q, GW, RT:2, U}; MC(78), AM, BB:87, BBC:80, BG:80, CMG:82, DA:100, DS:90, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:90, NOW:80, NR:90, OMM:80, P:82, PF:85, PX:85, Q:80, RR:80, SL:80, SP:70, TMT:80, U:80; RC:*, TH:*
  7. Erykah Badu: New Amerykah, Pt. 2: Return of Ankh [Universal Motown] {131}: V[23-40-391] {EU, PF}; MC(83), AM, AV:A-, BB:81, BBC:90, BG:80, DS:90, DU:80, EW:A-, G:80, LAT:88, MJ:80, MO:80, NME:80, NOW:80, NR:80, SL:80, SP:80, TMT:90; RC:**, CM, TH:*
  8. Drake: Thank Me Later [Cash Money/Universal] {122}: V[24-42-388] {BB:7, EU, F:7, G, GW:4, RH, RS:7, SP, V:3}; MC(75), AM, AP:85, AV:B+, BB:90, MO:80, P:81, PF:84, RS:70, SP:80, V:80, VV:80, XXL:80, ; MT:***, TH:***
  9. Eminem: Recovery [Interscope] {113}: V[57-21-204] {AZ, OTB, RS:9, V:4}; MC(62), AP:87, EW:B+, RS:80, SP:70; RC:A-, MT:A, TH:*** - added P&J vote
  10. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings: I Learned the Hard Way [Daptone] {113}: V[39-27-253] {BL, EU, OM, P, PMA}; MC(81), AM, AV:A-, BB:90, BG:80, CT:88, DA:90, DU:80, EW:A-, FL:82, MJ:80, MO:80, NOW:80, NYT:80, P:86, PF:80, PH:100, PX:85, PM:80, SP:70, TMT:80, UR:80, URB:80, XLR:90; TH:*
  11. MIA: Maya [XL/Interscope] {96}: V[31-29-307] {CL, RS, SP:8}; MC(67), AV:A-, BBC:80, CL:90, DS:80, LAT:88, MO:90, PH:100, PX:80, RS:80, SP:90, SPK:90, UR:80, VV:80; RC:A(3), CM, MT:A-, TH:A-
  12. The-Dream: Love King [Def Jam] {83}: V[33-24-297] {PMA, SG}; MC(79), AM, AV:B+, BB:87, G, NOW:100, PF:86, PM:80, SL:80, SP:80, URB:80, VV:80; CM, TH:A-
  13. Aloe Blacc: Good Things [Stones Throw] {77}: V[108-12-108] {CL}; MC(81), AM, MJ:80, NME:80, Q:80, SP:80, UR:80, URB:80; TH:B
  14. John Legend and the Roots: Wake Up! [Columbia] {71}: V[79-13-143] {Q, ST:8}; MC(76), AP:87, AV:B+, BBC:80, BG:80, DM:90, DS:80, MJ:80, MO:80, P:80, PM:80, Q:80, RR:85, RS:80; MT:B-, TH:B
  15. Kid Cudi: Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr Rager [GOOD/Universal Motown] {70}: V[136-12-86] {SP:9}; MC(70), AM, CT:88, EW:A-, NME:90, PH:88, Q:80, RR:80, SP:80, SPK:80; TH:*
  16. Das Racist: Sit Down, Man [mixtape] {68}: V[32-28-299] {CMG:7, DA, PM, PX}; DS:90, PF:87, SP:80; RC:A-, MT:A-, TH:***
  17. Rick Ross: Teflon Don [Def Jam] {68}: V[34-32-287] {BB:9, V:2}; MC(79), AM, BB:90, EW:B+, LAT:88, NYT:80, PF:80, RS:70, SP:80, VV:80, XXL:80
  18. Currensy: Pilot Talk [Roc-A-Fella/BluRoc] {58}: V[92-12-126] {DA}; MC(77), AM, PF:84, PM:90, URB:90; MT:**, TH:**
  19. Nas/Damian "Jr Gong" Marley: Distant Relatives [Universal Republic] {57}: V[202-8-59]; MC(73), AM, BBC:80, EW:B+, G:80, MJ:80, MO:80, RR:100, SL:90, SPK:80; RC:A-, TH:***
  20. Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse: Dark Night of the Soul [Capitol] {54}: V[192-7-62]; MC(73), AL:80, BBC:80, BG:80, CL:90, DS:80, G:80, LS:89, NOW:80, P:90, PF:74, PM:90, RS:70, SL:80, SP:80, SPK:80; TH:*
  21. Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday [Cash Money] {54}: V[232-4-50] {V:9}; MC(68), AM, RS:70, SP:70; RC:A, MT:A, TH:A-
  22. BoB: The Adventures of Bobby Ray [Grand Hustle/Atlantic] {49}: V[189-6-63]; {SPR}; MC(67), AM, AP:84, BB:80, DM:80, XXL:80; TH:B-
  23. Kelis: Flesh Tone [Polydor] {45}: V[137-8-85] {DS, G}; MC(77), AM, BB:83, BBC:80, BG:80, EW:B+, G:80, MO:90, NME:80, URB:90, VV:80; TH:*
  24. Black Milk: Album of the Year [Fat Beats] {44}: V[224-7-53]; MC(82), AM, CMG:83, DU:80, PF:75, PX:90, RR:85, SP:70, SPK:80; TH:**
  25. Die Antwoord: $0$ [Cherrytree/Interscope] {42}: V[258-6-45]; MC(67), AM, SP:70; RC:A-, MT:***, TH:**
  26. Rihanna: Loud [Island/Def Jam] {38}: V[265-6-44]; MC(70), BG:80, EW:A-, SP:80; MT:***, TH:***
  27. Das Racist: Shut Up, Dude [mixtape] {36}: V[151-9-80] {SL, PX}; DS:90; RC:A-, MT:B+, TH:**
  28. The Budos Band: The Budos Band III [Daptone] {35}: V[157-7-78]; MC(83), AM, AV:B+, BG:80, CMG:83, DU:80, PF:76, PM:90, U:80, URB:80; TH:B-
  29. Plan B: The Defamation of Strickland Banks [679/Atlantic] {35}: V[1261-1-10] {Q:3}; MC(73), BBC:80, DM:80, Q:80
  30. Yelawolf: Trunk Muzik 0-60 [Interscope] {29}: V[144-10-82]; RS:70; CM, TH:** - includes Trunk Muzik mixtape
  31. Kele: The Boxer [Glassnote] {28}: V[1114-1-10]; MC(70), AM, AL:80, BB:82, BBC:80, CL:80, MJ:80, MO:90, SP:70; TH:**
  32. Bilal: Airtight's Revenge [Plug Research] {27}: V[235-5-50]; MC(87), AM, AV:B+, PM:90, PX:85, SP:80, URB:80; MT:C+
  33. Shad: TSOL [Decon] {27}: V[339-4-35]; URB:80; RC:A-, TH:A-
  34. Big KRIT: Wuz Here [self-released] {26}: V[281-5-41]
  35. Reflection Eternal [Talib Kweli + Hi-Tek]: Revolutions Per Minute [Warner Bros] {26}: V[325-3-35]; MC(80), AM, AL:80, PF:75, PM:80, RR:90, SL:80, SP:70; MT:**, TH:A-
  36. Freeway & Jake One: The Stimulus Package [Rhymesayers Entertainment] {25}: V[322-5-35]; MC(78), FL:83, PM:90, RR:90, RS:70, URB:80, XLR:80; RC:B
  37. Freddie Gibbs: Str8 Killa [Decon (EP)] {24}: V[1227-2-10]; MC(75), CMG:82, FL:82, LAT:88, PF:80, RR:80, RS:70, SP:70; TH:* - also Str8 Killa No Filla mixtape
  38. Currensy: Pilot Talk II [Roc-A-Fella/Blue Roc] {22}: V[160-9-77]; AV:B+; MT:X, TH:**
  39. Bettye Lavette: Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook [Anti-] {20}: V[127-9-93]; MC(73), AM, AV:B+, EW:A-, NYT:80, PF:73, SL:80; RC:S, TH:B
  40. Roc Marciano: Marcberg [Fat Beats] {20}: V[61-15-176]
  41. Eli "Paperboy" Reed: Come and Get It [Capitol] {19}: MC(68), AM, AP:90, BBC:80, MJ:80, MO:80, SP:70; TH:**
  42. Jazmine Sullivan: Love Me Back [RCA] {19}: V[150-8-80] {V:10}; MC(84*), AM, BBC:90, EW:B+, SP:80; MT:X, TH:B
  43. Waka Flocka Flame: Flockaveli [Asylum/Warner Bros] {19}: V[65-15-172] {}; RS:70, SP:70; TH:B-
  44. VV Brown: Travelling Like the Light [Island] {18}: V[357-3-32]; MC(67), AM, EW:B+, G:80, RS:70, SP:80, Q:80, SP:80; RC:***, MT:A-, TH:A
  45. Earl Sweatshirt: EARL [OFWGKTA] {18}: V[146-8-82]
  46. Lil Wayne: I Am Not a Human Being [Cash Money/Universal Motown] {17}: V[1426-2-10]; MC(65), AM, EW:80, RS:80; TH:**
  47. Strong Arm Steady: In Search of Stoney Jackson [Stones Throw] {17}: V[953-1-10]; MC(75), AM, AV:A-, FL:84, PF:71, Q:80, SP:70; TH:**
  48. The Foreign Exchange: Authenticity [Foreign Exchange Music] {16}: V[573-2-20]; MC(86), AM, AV:B+, PF:76, PX:80, URB:90
  49. Tinie Tempah: Disc-overy {15}: {GW}
  50. Ghostface Killah: Apollo Kids [Def Jam] {14}: V[251-6-47]; AM; TH:A-
  51. Jose James: Blackmagic [Brownswood] {14}: V[676-2-15]
  52. J Cole: Friday Night Lights [mixtape] {13}: V[769-2-13]
  53. El DeBarge: Second Chance [Interscope] {13}: V[1626-1-6]; AM; RC:A-, MT:B+, TH:**
  54. Diddy Dirty Money: Last Train to Paris [Bad Boy] {13}: V[155-8-79]; AM; TH:B-
  55. Eskmo: Eskmo [Ninja Tune] {12}: MC(63), AM; RC:A-, CM, MT:A-, TH:***
  56. R Kelly: Love Letter [Jive] {12}: V[130-8-89]; AM, AV:B+; MT:**, TH:**
  57. Bun B: Trill OG [Rap-a-Lot] {11}: V[409-2-30]; SP:70
  58. Fabolous: There Is No Competition: The Funeral Service [mixtape] {11}: V[284-4-41]
  59. Ludacris: Battle of the Sexes [Disturbing Tha Peace] {11}: MC(68), AV:B+, XXL:80; RC:*, TH:B
  60. Meth-Ghost-Rae [Method Man-Ghostface Killah-Raekwon]: Wu-Massacre [Def Jam] {11}: MC(73), AV:B+, EW:B+, RS:70, URB:80; RC:X
  61. B Dolan: Fallen House, Sunkey City [Strange Famous] {10}: MC(81), AL:80, PH:88, PM:80, URB:80
  62. Electric Wire Hustle: Electric Wire Hustle [BBE] {10}: AM; TH:*
  63. Wiz Khalifa: Kush & OJ [mixtape] {10}: V[449-3-25]

Separated out the 10+ jazz releases here, which are either over- or underrepresented, depending on your point of view.

The Rest of the List

  1. 7L & Esoteric: 1212 [Fly Casual Creative] {2}: TH:A-
  2. Akala: Doublethink [Illastate] {3}: TH:***
  3. Atmosphere: To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blade Holy [Rhymesayers Entertainment] {8}: V[1726-1-5]; TH:**
  4. A-Trak: Dirty South Dance 2 {4}
  5. Lloyd Banks: HMF 2: The Hunger for More [G-Unit/EMI] {8}: V[1596-1-7]; SP:70
  6. David Banner & 9th Wonder: Death of a Pop Star {2}
  7. MC Paul Barman: Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud [Househusband] {3}: RC:A-, TH:***
  8. BBU: Fear of a Clear Channel Planet [Ruby Hornet]
  9. Big L: Return of the Devil's Son: SP:80
  10. Blacastan: Blac Sabbath [Brick] {4}
  11. The Black Eyed Peas: The Beginning [Interscope] {6}: EW:B+, SP:70; MT:**, TH:**
  12. Blockhead: The Music Scene [Ninja Tune] {6}: MC(75), AM, AL:80, BBC:80, MO:80
  13. Bonjay: Broughtupsy [Mysteries of Trade] {3}
  14. Toni Braxton: Pulse [Atlantic] {2}: MC(71), AM, BG:80; RC:X
  15. Darien Brockington: The Cold Case Files [Foreign Exchange Music]
  16. Brotha Lynch Hung: Dinner and a Movie [Strange Music] {2}
  17. Danny Brown: The Hybrid [Rappers I Know] {5}: V[630-3-17]
  18. Busdriver: Computer Cooties
  19. Cam'ron & Vado: Ur Killin Me
  20. Canibus: Melatonin Magik [War Lab]: V[1670-1-5]
  21. Celph Titled & Buckwild: Nineteen Ninety Now [No Sleep] {9}: V[1686-1-5]; TH:**
  22. Clipse: Til the Casket Drops [Columbia -09]
  23. Cypress Hill: Rise Up {3}
  24. Raheem DeVaughn: Love and War MasterPeace [1228/Jive/Zomba] {9}: AM
  25. Devin the Dude: Suite #420 [E1 Music] {3}: RC:*, TH:*
  26. Die Antwoord: 5 [Cherrytree/Interscope]: RS:70
  27. Dizzee Rascal: Tongue in Cheek
  28. DJ Muggs vs Ill Bill: Kill Devil Hills [Fat Beats] {2}
  29. DJ Premier & Year Round Records: Get Used to Us [Year Round]
  30. DJ Rashad: Just a Taste Vol. 1 [Ghettophiles]
  31. DJ Rashad: Itz Not Rite
  32. Doss the Artist and Hir-O: Computer Blue [Independent] {2}
  33. D-Sisive: Vaudeville {2}
  34. E-40: Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift [Heavy on the Grind/Jive] {5}: V[188-7-64]; MC(77), NYT:80, XXL:80
  35. E-40: Revenue Retrievin': Night Shift [Heavy on the Grind/Jive]
  36. Jay Electronica: Victory [mixtape]
  37. Far East Movement: Free Wired [Cherrytree/Interscope] {6}: V[1749-1-5]; RC:B+, TH:***
  38. Fat Joe: The Darkside Vol. 1 [Terror Squad/E1] {8}: MC(70), EW:B+, SP:70
  39. Melanie Fiona: The Bridge [SRC/Universal]: V[1284-1-10]
  40. Flo Rida: Only One Flo Pt 1 [Atlantic] {2}
  41. Michael Franti and Spearhead: The Soundof Sunshine [Boo Boo Wax/Capitol] {6}: MC(61), EW:B+
  42. Haji P: Neighborhood Kid
  43. Hezekiah: Conscious Porn [Fat Beats/Select-O]
  44. Brandon Hines: In Search Of [self-released]
  45. Homeboy Sandman: The Good Sun [High Water Music] {7}: V[520-2-20]
  46. Ice Cube: I Am the West [Lench Mob] {3}: MC(62), AM
  47. Insane Clown Posse: Bang! Pow! Boom! (Nuclear Edition)
  48. Jaheim: Another Round [Atlantic] {6}: MC(76), BB:80, EW:B+, PM:80
  49. Jose James & Jef Neve: For All We Know [Impulse] {3}: V[653-1-15]; URB:80
  50. Leela James: My Soul [Stax] {3}: V[767-1-13]; AM
  51. Juiceboxxx: Thunder Zone [self-released]
  52. Juiceboxxx: Journeyman From the Heartland [self-released]
  53. Kandi: Kandi Koated
  54. Junior Kelly: Red Pond [VP] {2}
  55. Kem: Intimacy: Album III [Motown] {7}: MC(82), AM, BB:82, BG:80
  56. Alicia Keys: The Element of Freedom {2}
  57. Kokayi: Robots & Dinosaurs [QN5] {2}
  58. K-Os: The Anchorman Mixtape [self-released] {3}
  59. The Left: Gas Mask [Mello Music Group] {8}: V[585-1-20]; TH:A-
  60. Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip: The Logic of Chance [Sunday Best] {8}: RC:A-, TH:A-
  61. Lil B: 6 Kiss [Permanent Marks] {4}: V[365-1-30]
  62. Lil Boosie: Incarcerated [Trill/Asylum] {2}: V[1129-1-10]; SP:80
  63. Lil Wayne: No Ceilings [mixtape -09] {3}: RC:A-
  64. Lil Wayne: Rebirth [Cash Money] {3}: V[654-1-15]; MC(37); RC:**, TH:B-
  65. Little Brother: Left Back [Traffic] {2}: SP:70
  66. Lupe Fiasco: Enemy of the State: A Love Story
  67. Lyrics Born: As U Were [Decon] {7}: MC(62), FL:81, PX:80, SP:70; TH:A-
  68. Madlib: Miles Away: The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz and Percussion Ensemble [Stones Throw] {6}: V[983-1-10]; AM; TH:**
  69. Madlib: Medicine Show #1: Before the Verdict [Now Again] {2}: TH:*
  70. Madlib: Medicine Show #2: Flight to Brazil {3}
  71. Madlib: Medicine Show #3: Beat Konducta in Africa [Madlib Invazion] {5}
  72. Madlib: Medicine Show #4: 420 Chalice All-Stars {3}
  73. Madlib: Medicine Show #8
  74. Madlib: Medicine Show #10: Black Soul {2}
  75. Major Lazer: Lazers Never Die [Interscope (EP)] {3}: V[1729-1-5]; MC(73), PF:78, SL:80; TH:*
  76. Major Lazer & La Roux: Lazerproof {2}: V[1305-1-10]
  77. Gucci Mane: The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted [Warner Bros] {8}: MC(68), PF:73; TH:*
  78. MellowHype: Blackenedwhite
  79. Miguel: All I Want Is You [Jive] {2}: V[907-1-10]
  80. Nicki Minaj: Barbie World [mixtape]: V[841-1-11]; MT:***
  81. Nicki Minaj: Beam Me Up Scotty [mixtape] {3}: RC:A-, MT:A-
  82. Minotaurs: The Thing [Static Clang] {2}: NOW:80
  83. Monica: Still Standing [J] {7}: MC(71), EW:B+, NOW:80
  84. Mope Pope: Life After God [Brick]
  85. More or Les: Brunch With a Vengeance [bandcamp.com] {2}
  86. Mos Def: Mos Dub (Mixed by Max Tannone)
  87. Teedra Moses: Royal Patience Compilation . . . A Love Journey [self-released]
  88. Mowgli: 93 [Dodeca]
  89. Georgia Anne Muldrow: Kings Ballad [Ubiquity] {7}: MC(80), AM, PM:80, URB:80
  90. Nelly: 5.0 [Universal Motown] {2}: MC(64), BG:80; TH:**
  91. Onra: Long Distance [All City] {9}: V[1584-1-7]; PF:80; TH:*
  92. Open Mike Eagle: Unapologetic Art Rap [Mush]
  93. PackFM: I F*cking Hate Rappers [QN5] {3}
  94. Lewis Parker & John Robinson: International Summers [Project Mooncircle] {2}
  95. Pigeon John: Dragon Slayer [Quannum Projects]: V[509-3-20]
  96. Pimp C: The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones [Rap-a-Lot] {2}
  97. Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx: The eXXecution [Duck Down] {4}: MC(85), PH:100, RR:80, XXL:80,
  98. Marco Polo: The Stupendous Adventures of Marco Polo [Duck Down] {3}
  99. Travis Porter: Proud to Be a Problem [Porter House]: V[1637-1-5]
  100. Raekwon: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt II (The Purple Tape)
  101. Rakaa: Crown of Thorns [Decon] {4}: TH:A-
  102. Rapper Big Pooh: The Purple Tape [Hall of Justus]: URB:80
  103. Redman: Reggie
  104. RJD2: The Colossus [RJ's Electrical Connections] {7}: V[1451-1-10]; MC(63), AM, FL:86, SP:80, URB:80, XLR:85
  105. Rick Ross ft Styles P: BMF (Blowin' Money Fast)
  106. Shontelle: No Gravity {2}
  107. Guilty Simpson: OJ Simpson [Stones Throw] {6}: V[1479-1-10]; TH:**
  108. Slum Village: Villa Manifesto [E1 Music]: V[626-2-18]
  109. Soul Center: General Eclectics [Shitkatapult]
  110. Statik Selektah & Termanology: 1982 [Showoff/Brick] {2}
  111. Tinchy Stryder: Third Strike {2}
  112. Ta-Ku: Tribute: Dilla [independent]
  113. TI: No Mercy [Grand Hustle] {8}: V[1826-1-5] {V:6}; TH:A-
  114. Ana Tijoux: 1977 [Nacional] {5}: V[286-3-40]; TH:**
  115. Trey Songz: Passion, Pain & Pleasure [Atlantic] {9}: V[730-2-15]; AM
  116. Twista: The Perfect Storm [Get Gang Money] {2}: TH:***
  117. Usher: Raymond v Raymond [LaFace] {3}: V[558-2-20]; MT:X, TH:*
  118. Usher: Versus [LaFace (EP)] {7}: MC(65), BB:85, BG:80, EW:A-; TH:*
  119. Vado: Slime Flu [E1/Diplomat]
  120. Wale: More About Nothing [The Board Administration] {8}: mixtape
  121. Woima Collective: Tezeta {2}
  122. Wu-Tang Clan: Return of the Wu & Friends [Gold Dust] {2}: MC(68), BBC:80, URB:80
  123. Yahzarah: The Ballad of Purple Saint James [Foreign Exchange Music] {8}: V[1356-1-10]; AM
  124. Young Dro: Freeze Me
  125. Young Jazz Rebels [Madlib]: Slave Riot
  126. Young Jeezy: Trap or Die II: By Any Means Necessary [Def Jam] {3}: NOW:80, SL:80
  127. Young L: L-E-N {2}
  128. yU: Before Taxes [Mello Music Group] {4}: TH:*

Lists Consulted

During the year, I collected grades/ratings from various sources. They were generally listed using Metacritic conversions, which made it easier to pick them up from Metacritic. At this point, the results were listed in order: Metacritic(score), publication ratings; select critic grades, with myself (TH) last. The publication ratings were hit-and-miss, but at least started to provide an idea of what is going on.

When year-end lists started to appear, I started to rewrite the lines. I kept the old counts as seeds, and started adding the year end list rankings at the head, in braces. List mentions are simply counted; there is no weighting (which would overwhelm my ability to do this list with this technology).

Metacritic's 2010 album list was consulted Nov. 20-23 for all records with Metacritic scores of 61 and better (695 albums), as well as for selected albums lower than that.

Year-end lists. Where three numbers are listed (e.g., 10/30/100) the first are listed by place (1-10), the second by abbrev only, the third are counted but not noted. Genre or sub-lists also noted:

  • About.com []: jazz piano (7), folk (8), r&b/soul (20), rap (10), rock (16), alternative (30)
  • All Music Guide [AM]: albums, blues, box sets, country, electronic, folk, hip-hop, indie pop & rock, jazz, latin, metal, r&b, reggae, pop, reissues, rock, soundtracks and scores (-U), world, world comps; Tim Sendra (21-50), editors lists (-U)
  • Amazon.com [AZ]: 10/20/100: alternative and indie rock, blues, country, electronic, folk, hard rock and metal, jazz, latin, pop, rap and hip-hop, r&b, rediscoveries, rock, world, albums you might have missed
  • American Songwriter [AS]: 10/20/50
  • Austin Town Hall [ATH]: 10/20/50
  • AV Club [AV]: 10/20/25: Scott Gordon, Marc Hawthorne, Jason Heller, Steven Hyden, Spencer Kornhaber, Genevieve Koski, Chris Martins, Michaelangelo Matos, Chris Mincher, Josh Modell, Noel Murray, Sean O'Neal, Keith Phipps, Nathan Rabin, Kyle Ryan, Christian Williams
  • Best Ever Albums [BEA]: 10/20/100
  • Billboard [BB]: 10, reader poll
  • Blurt [BL]: 10/20/50; writers (-U)
  • Brainwashed [BW]: 10/20/100; EPs, reissues (-U)
  • Clash [CL]: 10/20/40
  • CokeMachineGlow [CMG]: 10/20/50
  • Consequence of Sound [CS]: 10/20/100
  • Crawdaddy [CD]: 10/20/50; James Greene Jr, Jocelyn Hoppa, Andres Jauregui, Denise Sullivan, Howard Wyman (10 -U)
  • Delusions of Adequacy [DA]: 10/20/50
  • Drowned in Sound [DS]: 10/20/75
  • Dusted []: Daniel Levin Becker, Andrew Beckerman, Brandon Bussolini, Tobias Carroll, Talya Cooper, John Dale, Emerson Dameron, Ben Donnelly, Benjamin Ewing, Cole Goins, Evan Hanlon, Otis Hart, Miki Kaneda, Jennifer Kelly (10+), Nate Knaebel, Brad LaBonte, Daniel Martin-McCormick, Patrick Masterson, Doug Mosurock, Derek Taylor, Matthew Wuethrich (15) (10 each unless noted, some -U)
  • eMusic [EM]: 10/20/80 (-U)
  • EU Mega-Critic [EU] 10/20/150 -U
  • Entertainment Weekly [EW]: 10 [Leah Greenblatt]
  • Exclaim [EX]: 10/20; metal, hip-hop, punk, folk & country, electronic, soul & r&b, improv/avant-garde
  • Fact [F]: 10/20/40; box sets (10), collectables (20 -U), compilations (20), reissues (I: 31-40)
  • Fast 'n' Bulbous [FB]: 10/20/100; genre lists
  • Filter [FL]: 10; staff picks
  • Fly [FLY]: 10/20/50
  • Gigwise [GW]: 10/20/50
  • Guardian [G]: 10/20/40; 33 critics lists (-U)
  • Guardian Observer []: ; pop [Kitty Empire]
  • Hot Press [HP]: 10/20/30
  • JazzTimes []: 41 critics ballots
  • Kerrang [K]: 10/20
  • Lost at Sea [LS]: 10/20/30
  • Magnet [MG]: 10/20; hidden treasures, reissues, collections (10)
  • Mixmag [MX]: 10/20/50; comps (10)
  • Mojo [MJ]: 10/20/50; reissues (20), jazz (10), reggae reissues (10), blues (10), folk (10), electronica (10), Americana (10), world (10), underground (10)
  • MusicOHM [MO]: 10/20/50
  • Nashville Scene [NS]: 10
  • NME [NME]: 10/20/75; readers' top 10, editors' underrated
  • No Ripchord [NR]: 10/20/50
  • NOW [NOW]: 10; Jordan Bimm, Joshua Errett, Sarah Greene, Kevin Hegge, Joanne Huffa, Jason Keller, Graeme Phillips, Andrew Rennie, Jason Richards, Kevin Ritchie, Richard Trapunski (-U)
  • One Thirty BPM [OTB]: 10/20/50
  • Other Music [OM]: 10/20/25; reissues (25)
  • Paste [P]: 10/20/50
  • Pitchfork [PF]: 10/20/50; honorable mention; readers poll (50)
  • PopMatters [PM]: 10/20/70; genre lists (10 each): americana, bluegrass, country, electronic (10+), experimental, fantastical, female (11), free, hip-hop (12+10 mixtapes -U), indie pop, indie rock, jazz (14), live, metal (20), punk, r&b, reissues (20), world
  • Prefix [PX]: 10/20/40; staff lists [-U]
  • Pretty Much Amazing [PMA]: 10/20/40
  • Q [Q]: 10/20/50
  • Quietus [QT]: 10/20/40; comps/reissues
  • Rate Your Music [RYM]: 10/20/300 (-U); user lists below
  • Resident Advisor [RA]: 10/20, 0/20 compilations
  • Rhapsody [RH]: 10/20/50; alt-indie, electronic, hip-hop, jazz, latin, pop, reissues and compilations, rock
  • Rolling Stone [RS]: 10/20/30; reissues, David Fricke, Will Hermes, Christian Hoard, Jody Rosen, Rob Sheffield
  • Rough Trade [RT]: 10/40/100
  • Slant [SL]: 10/20/25
  • Spin [SP]: 10/20/40; albums you may have missed (10)
  • Spinner [SPR]: 10/20/30; box sets, electronic, hip-hop, jazz, metal, world; country: The Boot
  • Sputnik [SPK]: 10/20/50
  • Stereogum [SG]: 10/20/50
  • Sunday Times UK [ST]: 10/20 [rock-only]; don't have other lists yet: New Artists, Left-field, World, Jazz
  • Tiny Mix Tapes [TMT]: 10/20/50
  • Treble [TR]: 10/20/50
  • Uncut [U]: 10/20/50
  • Under the Radar [UR]: 10/20/50
  • Vibe [V]: 10
  • Village Voice: jazz critics ballots (minus JazzTimes voters, -U)
  • XLR8R [XL]: 10/20/25+
  • The Wire [W]: 10/20/50; avant rock, electronica, hip hop, outer limits
  • Zoho:Lab [ZL]: 10/20/50 - list aggregate [link]

Some additional year-end lists were just counted but not marked above (-U means I ignored any unknown records, rather than adding them to the list, I: means list is incomplete, including only numbers shown, mostly because it isn't a list but a bunch of separate posts; I should return, but don't count on it): #1 Hits From Another Planet (10 -U) (I'm) Not a Fanboy (5); 100 Greatest Songs of the Noughties (20); 105.5 Triple M (10); 20,000 Leagues Under the Radar (17); 2FATCREW (10 -U); 30 Days Out (10 -U); 31st & Chi (50 -U); 3:AM Magazine (8 -U); 3news.co.za (-U); 4 to the Floor (5); 4x4=12 (10); 5 Score Pachyderm (5); 65 Degrees Music Cafe (8 -U); 70 Miles to Empty (10+); 77 Square (10); 78s [Switzerland] (10 -U); 9513 Country: albums, staff lists (10 -U); A Blonde, a Brunette, and a Redhead: Red (6); A Bob Baker Fish Blog (10); A Brief Pitt Stop (10); A Dose of Dread (25 -U); A Doubting Thomas (5); A Fire in the Attic (20); A Has Been That Never Was (10); A Heart Is a Spade (10); A Journalist in the Making (5); A Kid Who Tells on Another Kid Is a Dead Kid (10 -U); A Little Boy Waits (10); A Mighty Fine Blog (10); A Mindful Earful (15); A Photographic Adventure (3); A Shout in the Street (10+); A Talentless Tragic Kid's Cattle List (10); a very JAYded blog (10); A View from the Underground (10); Aaron Whitaker (10 -U); aaronwk (8-10); ABC News: Allan Raible (50); Abolish Confusion (5); Abundant Ramblings (4 -U); Ace to Ace: Camille (6); Achis' Reggae Blog (10); Acres of Anchors (40-21 -U); Action Recon (15 -U); Ad Fontes (8); Adam Eck (10); Adopted (30 -U); Adrift in Space (20); Aftenposten [NO] (25 -U); Agit Reader: albums (20), reissues, writers: Eric Davidson, Kevin J Elliott, Jennifer Farmer, Phil Goldberg, Dorian S Ham, David Holmes, Alexandra Kelley, Michael P O'Shaughnessy, Matt Slaybaugh, Stephen Slaybaugh, Ron Wadlinger, Luke Winkie (10 -U); Al's Music Rant (I: 11-20); Albion (10); ALIAS/Il Manifesto [Italy] (50 -U); All About Jazz: Hrayr Attarian, C Michael Bailey, Dan Bilawsky, Troy Collins, Mark Corroto, Eyal Hareuveni, John Kelman, Bruce Lindsay, Chris May, Dan McClenaghan, Mark F Turner (-U); All Metal Resource (10 -U); All Songs Considered [NPR]: Bob Boilen, Carrie Brownstein, Robin Hilton, Stephen Thompson, Ken Tucker (10); All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands (10); All the Way Live (10+); All the Young Punks (10); All Things Country (5); All Things Go (10 -U); AllHipHop (40 -U); Already & Not Yet (15); Alter the Press (10 -U); Altered Zones (10); Alternative Ulster (10); Always Alive (10); Amazon.co.uk (20); American Music Association: airplay (20 -U); American Twang: country, not quite country (10 -U); AnAvidOpinion's Blog (50+); andrewdsweeney (12); Animal Noises: John (30), Matt (10); Annoyingly Boring? (10 -U); Antivenin (10 -U); Ants in My Trance (15), (25 + off-topic, comps -U); Any Colour You Like (I: 11-30); Any Decent Music? (100: 7.5+), Any Major Dude with Half a Heart (20); AP: Nekesa Mumbi Moody (10); Arbitrary Judgment (10+); Are the Hills Going to March Off? (28 -U); Are.Oh!Why? (5); Arjan Writes (10+); Artrocker (30 -U); As Air Grows Thin, Our Minds Grow with Wonder (5+3); As Soon Go Kindle Fire with Snow (8 -U); Asheq (20, incomplete); AskOmar (10); At the Expense of the Listener (10 -U); Atlanta's A-List: Alex (13); Atlantic City Weekly (15+); Audio Diva (30 -U); Audio Muffin: Frank, Bootsy, Train (5); Audio Overflow (30); Audionugs (10 -U); Audiopleasures (20 -U); Auditor Records (25); Auftouren (50 -U); Austin Chronicle: Austin Powell, National Top 10s (-U); Autumn Souvenir (10); Avant/Chicago: Brent Kado (10); Awesome Sound (10+); AZLTRON (20 -U); Background Music (10 -U); Backseat Sandbar (25); Bad Education (16); Baltimore City Paper (10+ballots -U); Banal Leakage (12+); Band-Aid (10); Bang Potential (10); Barrelhouse: Mike Ingram, Dave Housley (10); Battle of the Midwestern Housewives (11 -U), Bazookaluca (15+); BBC 6 Radio (10); BBC Music: Martin Aston, Matthew Bennett, Gideon Coe, Mike Diver, Rob da Bank, John Doran, Mike Harding, Kevin Le Gendre, Paul Lester, Stuart Maconie, Gary Mulholland, Gilles Peterson, Chris Roberts, Wendy Roby, June Rogers, Natalie Shaw, Huw Stephens, David Stubbs (5 each); BBC Radio Blog (5); BBC: Vic Galloway (75); Bearlikemouse (25); Beat the Indie Drum (25 -U); Beautiful Buzz (10); Bedwetting Cosmonaut (14); Beefer Blog (12); Been There, Dunne That (10 -U); Behind Punk (20 -U); Behind the Music (10); Being Ryan Bird (25 -U); Bellowhead (5); Bend Bulletin: (5), folk/twang, hip-hop/soul, indie pop, rock/psych/punk, miscellaneous (3+); BenLog (10); BenzAndABackpack: Clutch, Dizzy (-U); Berekvam (70 -U); Berkeley Place (15+); Beta Party (10); Better Propaganda (25 -U); Between the Lines (20 -U); Beware the Sax Solo (10); Beyond Beyond Is Beyond (15 -U); BIFF BAM POP! (5 -U); Big Sexy Reviews (10); Big Ugly Yellow Couch: Donald, Carlyle (5); Bigblog (5); Biggryan04's Blog (10); Bigmouthery (10+); Binge Cringe Whinge (15); BingeListening (50); Biomusicosophy [Elliot Sharp] (15); Black Youth Project (10); Black&White: Hunter Keene, Andrew Wyner (-U); Blah Blah Blah (30), Blare (37); Bleep (10); Blissblog (10+); Blitz [Portugal] (50); Blog-O-Fun (10); Bloggerhouse Hip Hop (25 -U); Blogging About Architecture (20); Bloggity Blog (10); Blow Up [Italy] (10 -U); Bluegrass Notes (10); Blurred Clarity (10); Board of Hi Five (10); Boise Weekly (5); Boomkat: new (100 -U), reissues (50 -U); Boston Globe: Julian Benbow, Michael Brodeur, Steve Greenlee, Siddhartha Mitter, James Reed, Sarah Rodman, records you didn't hear (10); Boston Music Spotlight: Eli Badra, Kelly Boyle, Rory Flynn, Kevin McSheffrey (10 -U); Bottle Rocket Glasgow (25); Bottom of the Glass (9); Bourbon Milk Punch (20); Bowlegs (20); Boycotting Trends (10); Brain Pickings (10); Brainwashed (100 -U); Brand New Kind of Photography (25); Brasky: +staff (-U); Breakfast for the Block (10); Breaking New Waves (I: 5-10); Bridging the Verse (5+); broganjane (5 -U); Brokenbranches (10); Bron-y-Aur Stomp (20); Brook Buchanan (10); Brutalitopia: Jack, Mick (10); Bubblegum Cage III (10); Bucketfull of Brains (10+); Building International Coalitions Through Beer and Pavement (10); Built on a Weak Spot (20 -U); Bullz-Eye [Eat Sleep Drink Music]: Ted Asregardo (10), James Eldred (10), Mike Farley (10), Will Harris (11), Mike Heyliger (10), Scott Malchus (20), David Medsker (10), Carlos Ramirez (6), Greg M Schwartz (10) (-U); Bunyip Voodoo (20+); Burger with Relish: Tim, Lisa (20 -U) Burgersmoke (10); Burgo's Music Blog (12); Butch Slap (20); Buttons and Unbuttons (10); Buttons in a Jar (5); BuzzFeed: Melismashable (50 -U); Buzzlegoose: Alexandra Fletcher, Chris Franklin, Samantha Hatfield, Aaron Hefelfinger, Victor Koressel, Heather Schwartz, Adam Shephard (10); by osmosis (5+); Ca Va Cool (20); Cajun Tomato (10); Caleb Barber Blog (10); Calgary Herald (10); Call Me DB (10); Cam's Blog (10); Campus Times (10+6); Cans of Rainwater (10); Capital New York: Collins, Colin (10); Captain_Easychord (10 -U); Captains Dead (11); Casket Crash Vigil (15); Catalyst (10); Catfish Vegas (10); Cats and Gliter Unicorns (10); Center Your Health (15+ -U); Centuries (50): Wesley Eason (25); Cerebral Core Meltdown (50); Cerebral Pop (21); CF Forum (20 -U); Chaotisch und Charmant (50 -U); Chart Attack [Canada] (10); Chase March (10); Chew the Rag (10); Chewing Gum for the Ears (25 -U); Chi-Tunes (20); Chicago Addick (5 -U); Chicago Jam Scene (10); Chicago Reader: Peter Margasak, Miles Raymer, Gossip Wolf (10); Chicago Sun-Times: Thomas Conner (10); Chicago Tribune: jazz [Howard Reich], Turn It Up [Greg Kot] (10); Chicago Tunes (10); Chickrawker (10+); Chief Commie Music Blog (10 -U); Chinoisdead (10); Choke on Your Pop Culture (10); Chris Sisson (20 -U); Chromatist (24 -U); Chromewaves (10); Chronicart [France] (10 -U); Chronicart [France] (10); Chunklet: 5 staff (10 -U); Circle of Fits (17 -U); Circles in My Head (10); Citizen Ghost Town (25); CKTK: CK (10); Classic Rock (50 -U); Cleveland Plain Dealer: John Soeder (10); Click & Dagger (10); Clicky Clicky (10 -U); Close-Up [Sweden] (20 -U); Club Fonograma (40 -U); Columbia Daily Tribune (40-31); Comics-and-More (10); Complex (25); Construx Nunchux (10); Contemplations of the Modern Rudeboy (5 -U); Contraindicator (10); Corn-Fed Critic (comedy albums) Count Me Out (50 -U); Countpopula's Blog of Truth (40+); Country California: in progress, still in progress, underloved (-U); Country Universe: Kevin John Coyne (20); Crave (10 -U); Crave (top metal albums) Craven Cottage Newsround (6); Creative Brief (12 -U); Critics at Large (11); Crustcake (10 -U); Cuddlefish (27 -U); Culch.ie: Bryano, Dermot, Eilish, Elaine, John, Sweary (3+); Culture Bully (22); Culture Mob: Nathan Collins (25), James Germain (10); CultureDeLuxe [UK] (32); Cyanide Breathmint: AlmostAGhost (I: 24-50); DADA (31); Dagbladet [Norway] (30+20 -U); Dagensskiva [Sweden] (55 -U); Dagsavisen [Norway] (40 -U); Daily Athenaeum (4); DailyBeatz (20); Dan Crafton (65+7); Daniel James (10 -U); Danko Jones (5); daveherring (10 -U); David Edward Johnson (11); David Schweitzer (10); DC9 at Night (10); De Standaard [Belgium] (10); Dead Press (15 -U); Dear Spatzi (6); Death By Vinyl (6); death_metal (20 -U); Decibel (40 -U); Deckfight (10); Delicious Marmolade (15); Dennis Cooper (15 -U); Denver Post (10); Derek Ohanesian (10); Descarga (25); Desi in Toronto (10+); Destination:Out (); Detroit Free Press: Brian McCollum (10); Digg [Belgium] (30 -U); Dirtbag Journalism (12); Disco Dojo (10); Discogs: disc303, FULLDOZER, modwonka (100) (-U); Disquiet (10 -U); Disquiet Ambient/Electronica: commercial ambient/electronic (10); DIY (50); DJ Squints (5); Do You Know How to Waltz? (50 -U); Do You Speak Cilantro? (5+); Dog Gone Blog (10); Dog Is Blue (10 -U); Don't Burn the Day Away (10); Don't Talk It's Easier This Way (10 -U); Donewaiting: Robert Duffy, Jill Ebeneezer, Chip Midnight, Adriana Mundy, Joel Oliphint (10 -U); Dose of Metal (10); Dots & Dashes (20); dougkochmanski.com (10 -U); Doves & Serpents (15); Downtown Music Gallery: Bruce Lee Gallanter (25), Chuck Bettis, Stephan Moore, Mike Panico, Bret Sjerven; Draw Us Lines (10); Drawer B: Eric Greenwood, Robert J Howell, K, Logan K Young (10+); Dreams & Landscapes (10 -U); Dreysay (1-16); Drone (20); Duane Moody (14); Duke Answers to Archduke (50 -U); Dummy (61); Dying Scene: Jamie, Taron, Tommy (10 -U); dylancx2 (10); dysonsound (10); e-quality music (10); Each Note Secure [ENS]: Joe Long (20), John Crowell (10+), Dave Tobias (20); Ear Buddy (10); Ear-Tyme: roots (10+10 -U); Eardrums (28: no unkowns); East Bay Express (Ellen Cushing, J Poet, Kathleen Richards, Nate Seltenrich, Rachel Swan); East Village Radio (10 -U) Eclectic Grooves (20); Eclectically Challenged (10); Elephanttrance (10); Embassy Row (20); Emily Louise (10+); Emorywheel (9); Emotional Drumming (25 -U); End-to-End Burner (15); Endtroducing (10); Enlarge Your Playlist (5x5 -U); Enter the Shell: Mailo, Richard, Sara (10 -U); EQ Music Blog (I: 1-13); Eric's Trip (10); Erol Sabadosh (10); Escalation (10+HM); Esoteric Mumblings (25 -U); Eve's Apple (6); Everybody Taste (30); Everything and Nothing (10); Everything Is Pop (25); Evigshed (5); Examiner.com: Melissa Fossum, Neil Tesser (20); Excursions of a Pop Renegade (10); Exister (10); Extrawack! (10); Fairbanks News-Miner: Glen BurnSilver, Suzanna Caldwell (10); Falter [Austria] (10 -U); Fan Off (20); Farce the Music (40 -U); Faster Louder (10 [50 clicks]); Fat Roland on Electronica (10); Faux (35); Feed the Dog (26 -U); Feel the Spin (10); FemaleFirst (10 -U); ferociousboyy (10); Fishpork (20); Flannel Enigma (25 -U); Flavorwire: Reissues (10+), Underrated (-U); Flowers in the Concrete (10); Fluctuat.net [France] (10); Fokkawolfe (10 -U); Folk Hive (10 -U); Folk Roots/Folk Branches: Mike Regenstreif (10); Folly of Youth (10 -U); Forest Gospel (10); Fort Worth Star-Telegram: world (5); Forward Music (10); Frequency: Ben Salmon (50 -U); Fresh Heirs (25); From a Mess to the Masses (20); Front Porch Musings (10); Frontier Psychiatrist (40); fRoots [UK] (19); Fuzzy Thoughts (50 -U); Gaffa [Denmark] (30 -U); Gareth Campesinos (12); Gears of Rock (10); Geography of Hope (10); Georgetown Voice (10); Georgia Ave (10); Get Off the Coast (25); Getintothis (50); Giant Bomb (10); Gimme Noise: Ray Cummings, Andrew Flanagan, Nikki Miller, Pat O'Brien, Andrea Swensson (10 -U); Gimme Tinnitus (15 -U); Ginger Rock (5 -U); Girlysounds (10); Give My Regards to Blogway (10); GlamRock.com (10); Glasswerk Blog (10); Glide (20+25); Go Mag [Spain] (40); God Is in the TV (20 -U); Golden Bloggen (10); Good Fella Media (10); Gorilla vs Bear (30); Goute mes disques [France] (30); Graffiti Lips (30); Gramophony (10); Grand Rapids Press: John Sinkevics (11+9); Grant's Music Blog (10 -U); Graveyard Parade (10 -U); Gravy and Biscuits (10); Great Music You Haven't Heard (11); Guerrilla Candy: Lori (10 -U); Guilt Free Pleasures (10); Guitar Noize (10 -U); Gypsies with Knives (30 -U); Haley's Blog (I: 9-10); Harmless Noise (10 -U); Hartford Courant: Eric R Danton (10); Hate Something Beautiful (30 -U); Hatesexy (10); Headbanging Linebackers (25); Headphonenaught's Nanolog (10 -U); Heartache with Hard Work (25 -U); Heartbreak Trail (10); HearYa (10); Heaven [Netherlands] (50 -U); Heavier Than Air (I: 21-30); Heavy Blog Is Heavy (10); Hectic But Eclectic (50 -U); Heidelbergerin (10 -U); Heineken Musica [Spain] (20); hellohelicopter (10); Herokids (20 -U); Hi My Name is Hip Hop (5); Hidden Track: albums (25), archival (10); HiFashion (6); Higher Ed Music Critics (50+); Hip Hop Is Not Dead (5+5 -U); HipHopDX (25); HitFix/Immaculate Noise: Katie Hasty, Melinda Newman (10); Holden Richards (10); Hongkie Town (26); Hope and Anchor (25); Hospital Food (10 -U); Hotcakes (40); hottracks [South Korea] (30); How Do I Blog? (10); HSS (20 -U); Huffington Post: Mark Morford (10); HughShows (10 -U); Humo [Belgium] (20 -U); I Am the Crime (10 -U); I Guess I'm Floating (I: 21-30 -U); I Have 19 Voices (50 -U); I Heart AU (40+); I Like the Cut of Your Jib (10); I Listen, So You Don't Have To: (25), electronic, metal (10); I Read Something the Other Day (20); I Rock Cleveland (10); I'd Rather Be Fat Than Be Confused (10 -U); i(heart)music (15 -U); Ian T Thomas (20); Ibiza Spotlight (10); Idolator (10); If You Want to Sing Out (30 -U); IGN (25); Ignorant Review (4); IMA: Independent Music Appreciation (10); Impose (25); In League With Paton (100+); In My Head In My Memory (60); In Place of Real Insight (5); In Review Online: albums (20), Jordan Cronk, Sam C Mac, Chris Nowling (10); In the Company of Wolves (10 -U); Inarguable Review (10 -U); Incoherentmumblings (20); Indie for Bunnies (150 -U); Indie for Bunnies: Enrico Amendola, Andrea Tabellini, Giovanni Venditti (10 -U); Indie Music Filter (11); Indie Rock [Italian webzine] (); Indie Wiretap (8); IndieBlend (29); Indiepoprock [France] (20 -U); INDIeREKTE (100 -U); Inertia (20); Infinity Yeah (10); inrainbowshoes (10); InRevu (10 -U); Insert Clever Pun Here (10); InsideVandy (10); Internal Rhyme of the Restless Mind (10); Into the Void (25); Intro [Germany] (50 -U); Irish Times (10 x 10 -U); Is This Music? (30 -U); It's a Trap: 3 contributors (10 -U); It's Pop (30 -U); It's Raining Planes and Helicopters (50 -U); It's Time to Play B-Sides (20 -U); Its Easy to Get Buried in the Past (13; unranked, first post only); Jason Shadrick (11); Jason Toney (10+); Jazz Wrap (10); Jenesaispop [Spain] (50 -U); JeremyFeistXXX (21); Jim Plachy (10 -U); jimcofer.com (10 -U); Joe (5); John Consterdine (25 -U); JohnThrasher.net (10 -U); Jonk Music (30); Joshua Zamrycki's Weblog (10 -U); JP's Music Blog (10); JRM (Delmark): Josh Berman, RT Edwards, Chad Henderson, David Humphries, Kevin Johnson, Steve Marquette (10); Junkie Pop: Ghibo, Giorgio, Grillo, Pistakulfi (10-20 -U); Just Press Play: albums, compilations/reissues (18); JustLeftOfTheMainstream (18); JWC (10); K Mag (20 -U); K'Brocking Entertainment (10); Kalporz [Italy] (30 -U); KAMmentary (10); Karmic Life (10); Kata Rokkar (25 -U); Katie Arbuthnot (20); Kaylaporter (10); kDamo (10); Keep It Like a Secret (I: 11-20+); Keep on Your Fashion Side (10); Kickin' Out the Jams, Mofo!: archival (15); Kids Like You and Me: Glen (10); Kill Rock Music (10); Kingblind (15); Kleeb Versus the World (10 -U); Knox Road (25); KRJB's Music Blog (10); LA Music Blog: Allan Stackhouse (10); La Quenelle Culturelle (50); LA Record: Poobah Record Shop (10 -U); La Vie Musicale (10 -U); La Villa Recordings (I: 10); Largehearted Boy (); Larry Koestler (10 -U); Las Vegas Review-Journal (10); last.fm: materialboi2606 (20-11), pamento (-U); Late Night Wallflower (10+); Laughing Is Loving (10); laut.de [Germany] (30); Le Monde [France] (10); Leading Us Absurd (5); Leave the Hall (10 -U); Leaving the Silver City (10); Lemons Is Lemons (6); Les Inrockuptibles [France] (50 -U); Letters Home from Camp: Annie, Abby Beeeee, Carl, Cassies, Chad, CJ, Matty B, Erv, Andrew G, Steven Hyden, Erin Heath, Jay, Maitre DK, Marshall, Andrew Meddaugh, Daniel Meddaugh, Mel, Andy Nelson, Matthew Phillip Mentele, Ryan Miller, Shanimal, George Soteropoulos, Jeff Tyree, RuPaul Von Smaxwill, Matthew Webber, Sarah V, Wolfman, Erin Wolf, Brian Wooldridge (10); 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Ronnie Vod Is Sick and Bored (25); Roughstock: country (40 -U); RoundLetters (20 -U); Row Knows (10+); Royalkeister United (5); Rue89 [France] (20 -U); Rumore [Italy] (20 -U); Rumors on the Internets (10); Ruptured (50 -U); rurikid85 [Sang Lee?] (5); RVAmag: Alex Rose (10); Ryan Key (Yellowcard) (10 -U); Sacramento Bee: Preston Jones (10); Salad Days Music (10); Salmon of Rock (5); Salt Lake City Weekly (20); Salt Lake Tribune: David Burger (10 -U); Sam Goldsmith (10); Sam-Pol (10); San Antonio Current (10); San Jose Mercury News: world (10); Santos Party House (-U); Sardless (10 -U); Sasha Frere Jones (32); Saucy Salad (10); Saving Country Music (4), Scanner [Spain] (50 -U); scatterbrain [South Korea] (50 -U); Scene[essence] (15 -U); Schrodinger's Blog (10+); Science Bible Overlaps (10+); Scottish Blogger and Music Sites (BAMS) (30 -U); Screenagers [Poland] (50 -U); Seattle Pi: Mark Kalriess (10+); Secret Bunker (10 -U); Secret Peter (10); seewhyandisee (11); Seismic-Sound (10); Semi-Regular Raves 'n' Rants (10); Sentimentalist (10); Sentire Ascoltare [Italy] (40 -U); Seth Saith (10); Sexy Gypsy (10 -U); SF Station (5x5 -U); SFCritic (10 -U); Shakers in the Dark (10); Shampoo Solo (5); Sheena Beaston (20); Shiny Tops & Soda Pops (25+); Shot From Guns (10); Shout and Twist (5); Shouting at Music (10); Sick Mouthy (10); Side One: Track One: Brad (10); Side Street of Life (25 -U); Sidewalk Hustle: Hawley's Picks (10+); Silence Nogood (10); Silent Uproar: simple, heyrevolver (10 -U); Silly Old Daniel (10); Simon Reynolds (10+); Sinking Ships (10 -U); Sitting on My Bed (20 -U); six hundred three score and six (5); Skatterbrain (10); Skeletons & Candy (25); Sketches from Memory (10); Skipz's Spot (5 -U); Slack-a-gogo (I:40-50 -U); Slate: Jonah Weiner, Fred Kaplan (10); SleepWalKing (10 -U); Slim Vic (10 -U); Slow Loris (10); Slowcoustic (13+4); Slowtrain: Chris Bozek, Matt Hoenes, Vanessa Wardy (25 -U); Small Town Romance (30+); Smith Knows (13); Snob's Music (200 -U); Softsynth (10); solarmoo900 (10 -U); 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Still and Still Moving (5); Stop.Play.Rewind (10); Storia della musica [Italy] (15 -U); Strangeluv Music and Film (10); Sucking Lemons (35); Summer Lovin' Torture Party (10); Sunday Night Jam Sessions (10 -U); Sunset in the Rearview (20 -U); Super 45 [Chile] (45 -U); Surfing on Steam (25); Swan Fungus (100 -U); Swear I'm Not Paul (100 -U); Sweensryche Sez (10+); Sweeping the Nation (I: 46-50); SwimmersItch Blog (10 -U); Swish Edition (20); Technikart [FR] (10 -U); Teen Blog Takeover (5); Teen Daze (10+); Teenage Wasteland (10); tehdago (10 -U); Teleprompted Anthems (10+6); Terrorizer (40 -U); Textura (20 -U); Tha Pizza Party: Tynan (25 -U); The "Music Always Gives Me a Lift" Blog (10); The Afropop Blog [Banning Eyre] (10); The Age [Australia] (20 -U); The Album Project (10), The Alphabetic Order (37); The Alternative Culture Corner (10); The Arty Semite (5 -U); The Ash Gray Proclamation (10); The Awl (100 #1s); The Blair Blog Project (5); The Book of Linda (10); The Boombox: hip-hop (10); The Boot: country (10); The Bygone Bureau: Daniel Adler, Jordan Barber, Tim Lehman, Nick Martens, Kevin Nguyen, David Tveite (10 each); The Castlegar Source (10); The Click of a Light (10); The Clink (10); The Collegian: Jose Alvares (10); The Columbian (10 -U); The Cookblog by Brian Cook (10 -U); The Cover Up (10); The Culturephiles (10); The Dadada (20 -U); The Daily Record (10); The Days of Lore (15 -U); The Decibel Tolls (30 -U); The Dirt Is Red! (10); The Drive-In Bingo (10); The Dumbing of America (10); The Early Nerd (5); The Echo Seduction (15); The Echoes Blog (25 -U); The Eclecticist Blog (5); The Essential with D. Marley (20); The Finer Things Blog (10); The Finest Kiss (25+); The Fire and the Rose (50); The Fire Note (50); The Fox Is Black (16); The Frontloader (10); The Gauntlet (10); The Gentry Entry (10); The Good, the Bad, and the Hipster (6) The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown: me (55), readers (111); The Graduate Times: reggae (10); The Guardian [University of California, San Diego] (10); The Hanging Tree (30); The Hofstra Chronicle (10); The Homegrown Snob (10); The Hurst Review (15+5); The Independent [UK]: Andy Gill (5); The Intellectual Thicket (20 -U); The Invisible Promise (6); The Jeopardy of Contentment (50); The Kitchen Sink (10 -U); The L Magazine (25); The Lavin Rant (10); The Lefort Report (11); The Lesser Column (10+); The Lifetime Student (10); The Liminal (10+); The Line of Best Fit (50); The Literary Blog of Amanda Earl (10); The Lumberjack (10); The Maine Campus (25); The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit (10+); The Mayward Blog (10+); The Milk Factory [UK] (50 -U); The Mind of a Harper (10); The Misadventure of Sean Moore (10 -U); The Modern Music (8); The Modern Wax (10); The Montclarion (5); The Morning News (10); The Muse in Music (8); The Music Box: John Metzger (10+), Pete (10); The Music Fix (30); The Music Slut (25 -U); The Nagging Sense of Infancy (15); The Needle Drop (50 -U); The New Adventures of SuperMackin: parts 1-4 (); The New Beat (10); The Night Mail (10); The Normal Christian Blog (10 -U); The OCMD (Obsessive Compulsive Music Disorder) (25 -U); The Oklahoma Daily (25); The Other Dani (10); The Owl Mag (24); The Pansentient League: synthpop (10 -U); The Pattern Pony Report (10); The Planet Pluto (50); The Point of Everything (20 -U); The Pop Cop (10); The Province (10); The Public Servant (10 -U); The Radeblogs (5 -U); The Real Christi Kay (10 -U); The Recommender (20); The Record Store Blog (30); The Red Collision (10 -U); The Red Haired Hipster (10); The Riots Travel Guide (8); The Rock and Roll Guru (10 -U); The Runner (10); The Sala-Blog (10); The ScoliosisRacoon (11); The Scott Collection (9 -U); The Search (10+); The Secret Portobello Musrhroom (20); The Semantic Verses (8); The Sentence Salvo (10 -U); The Sentient Deli (5 -U); The Separation (11); The Signal (10); The Silent Ballet (100 -U); The Sirens Sound (50 -U); The Skinny (10); The Sleepy Sun (15); The Sloppy Dog (10); The Smoking Section (15); The Soapbox (5 -U); The Soda Shop (20 -U); The Sonic Radio of Voices (5); The Sound of a Cicada (10); The Sound of Indie (10 -U); The Sound Opinion (10 -U); The Sounding Post (10); The Spider Hill (10 -U); The Stay Spun (10); The Steel Daffodil (5); The Styrofoam Drone (25 -U); The Sun [UK] (50 -U); The Swollen Fox (10); The Tale of the Tape (20); The Telegraph [UK]: Neil McCormick (10); The Tower Pulse: Eric Huebner (10); The Truth AboutMusic (10); The Urban Daily (10 -U); The Vancouver Sun: Francois Marchand (10); The View (9); The View From Yoorp (30); The Vine [Australia] (10); The Vinyl Anachronist (10 -U); The Voice of Energy (10 -U); The Wannabe (10); The War on Pop (20); The Waster (10); The Wild Honey Pie (20); The World Forgot (10); The Wounded Jukebox (20); The Written Truth (10); The Yellowbird Project (20 -U); Theft Liable to Prosecution (10); Their Bated Breath (15); Theology and Culture (10); There Goes the Fear (5+); TheSageofStockwell (10); Thin Line Between Stupid and Clever (7); Things (10); Things I Think About Music and Stuff (25 -U); This Is 50 (10); This Is Book's Music (10 -U); This Is My Book (10); This Is the First Day of My Life (10 -U); This Is the Universe (10); This Will Only Take a Second (10+); Thomasmj99's Music Blog (10); Those Who Dig (10+); Thought Catalog: Leor Galil (10); Thought Porridge (10); Three More Minutes (10); Thwacked (11); Tidal Wave of Indifference (1-5,16-20 -U); Tillane's Scribblings (10); Timber and Steel (6x5 -U); Time (10); Toast 'N Jams (10); ToeZoo (10); Together in Digital Dreams (15); Tom's Insomnia Blog (11); Tomatrax (10); Tonight We Dance (10); Tonight We Dance, Tomorrow We Cry. (10 -U); Too Much Music (10); Too Roads (10); Total Blindness vs Blinding Light (15); Town Full of Losers (20); Tracks in Stacks (30); Transcendental Waterfall (10); Tranzcontinental (10); Tranzmission (I: 1); Trespass (10 -U); Trials + Tribulations (10); Triple J: 14 DJs (10 each -U); True Genius Requires Insanity (50); Trumblog (10); Trust Me on This (10 -U); Tsururadio (25); Tufts Daily (10); Tulane Hullabaloo (13); Tuneful Ruminations (I: 23-25+5); Tupelo Honey (20 -U); Turn It Up [Greg Kot] (20); Twangville (10), Tom (60 -U); Tyronewarner.com (10); Ultra 8201 (25); Uncle Patrick and the Beerable Lightness of Being (11); Under the Counter or a Flutter in the Dovecot (6); Undercover: Tim Cashmere, Andres Tijs (10 -U); Underdog of Perfection (5); United Monkee (10 -U); Unrescuable Schizo (10); Untitled Records (6+); Urban Eyez (I: 11-20); Urban Outfitters (20); Useless Chamber (5); UTG Review (-U); Vegas Seven (7); Ventvox (30); Vibrations [Switzerland] (3+); Village Voice: Zach Baron, Rob Harvilla (10); Vinyl District: Chris Faulkner, Pete Matthews, Tim Regan (10 -U); Visible Voice (11); Viva La Glam (5); Volantes de Privados (20 -U); Wall Street Journal: Jim Fusilli (10 -U); Waller Not Weller (); WAN2 [Hungary] (20 -U); WAN2 [Hungary] (20 -U); War at 33 1/3 (20+); Warehouse Songs and Stories: Jaime, Kelly (15); Warm Sound, Aqueous Transmission (10); Washington City Paper (10 -U); Washington Post: David Malitz, Chris Richards, Allison Stewart (10); Waterloo Sunset (10 -U); WBEZ: Jim DeRogatis (20+); We All Want Someone to Shout For (40); We Are What We Believe (7); We Got This Covered (10); We Listen For You: WLFY (10), Hank (25), Zach (25); We Love Metal (15 -U); We Write Lists (20); We're Losing Our Edge (15); Web in Front (20+); Web Pen Blog (20); Weekend (20); Weird Hipster (10); weiv [South Korea] (13); West Coast Fix (10); Whale in a Cubicle (21+); What a Wonderful World (); When Words Attack (21 -U); When Words Meet Heartbeats (16 -U); Where Do You Think These Stairs Go? (7); Where the Girls Go (15); Where Worlds Collide (10 -U); Whiney G Weingarten (100 -U); Whiskey Teeth (10); williamlee_v01 (10); Winnie Cooper (20); With This I Think I Am Officially a Yuppie (10+); Within the Whiteness of the Womb (9); WKNC (5); WNYC Soundcheck: Jake Paine, Will Layman, Ann Powers, Anastasia Tsioulcas (5); Word Is Bond (10 -U); Worlds in a Grain of Sand (10 -U); WPGU (5); Ye Wei Blog [Jason Gross] (); Yellow Bird Project (20); Yet Another Diatribe of Nonsense (10); You Ain't No Picasso (30 -U); You May Listen, But You Don't Hear (10); You Set the Scene (20 -U); Your Third Ear (10); Zach the Ripper (15); ZackMoody.com (10 -U); Zeitgeisty Report (I: 19-20); Zena Metal Wants to Conquer the World (20 -U); Zoinks! Online (10 -U); Zundfunk [Germany] (20); Also: JJA (Jazz Journalists Association): David R Adler (20+6), Bridget Arnwine, Larry Applebaum, Nancy Barell, Nick Bewsey, Paul Blair, Philip Booth, Marcela Breton, John Chacona, Thomas Conrad, RJ DeLuke, Laurence Donohue-Greene, Ken Dryden (10+16), Tim DuRoche, Steve Feeney, David Franklin, Alain Drouot, Ken Franckling, Andrew Gilbert, George Grella, James Hale, Andrey Henkin, Marcia Hillman, Geoffrey Himes (20+5+10), Lyn Horton, Thomas Jacobsen, Willard Jenkins, Bill King, Elzy Kolb, Kiyoshi Koyama, Joe Lang, Art Lange, Howard Mandell, Gordon Marshall, Matt Marshall, Bill Milkowski, Ralph A Miriello, Theodore H Panken, Bob Porter, Bob Protzman, Robert Putignano, Doug Ramsey, Frank Schindelbeck, Hank Shteamer, W Royal Stokes, Ron Sweetman, John Szwed, Neil Tesser, Michael J West, (most 10, many + reissues); Rate Your Music lists (sampling; no idea how many there are): add_den, Alphadj, analogue_crash (25), Anja_Ny (10), Artanis12, AtleticodeRafaela, bloco, boxingwithstars, BringHomeTheBacon, Buckio (25), buryuntime, costello3001, crit, Desiderius, Distortzion, ealof, estoesimposible, ghandi3030, Hammer9, Helen_Keller_666 (25), hotcrosser, houdini, HumbleGold, interpolb, isthismusic, judeyamakawa, justinstacy, Kanyba, Kodan, kptknutsen (25), Krautrick, kyokoku, Larvi (16), lfilippi, malkuth82, mpugh3030, Murgen, muzzleofbees, Nachkebia (41), neutralmilkboo, Nicanor, no1sia, oddmoon (25), Okawoa, ookunoki, Orecchio_Assoluto, paulsmith, PepperMagik, peturbeikon (25), ReasonableHate, second_skin, shanks, SonicPixies, stalk3r, sun_st (25), Tampax, teh1234, themorningbell4, thevagrant88, timeoutofmind, Tyler_Revolution, ukkonen, ulinvodnaar (25), Un_ingorgo_recente, wago, yourhero34 (25) (-U).

Publications consulted for grades (inevitably hit and miss; some make it more difficult than others depending on how easy they are to collect -- many are just scraped from Metacritic):

  • All Music Guide [AM]: min [MC:80], monthly critics picks and/or ****(*)
  • Absolute Punk [AP]: min [MC:80]
  • AV Club (Onion) [AV]: min B+ [MC:83]
  • Clash Music [CL]: min 8 [MC:80] - incomplete
  • DJ [DJ]: 10/20/40
  • Dot Music [DM]
  • Downbeat [DB]: min 4 stars {3,5-6,8-12} or editor's choice {3-12+1}
  • Drowned in Sound [DS]: min 8 [MC: 80] - incomplete
  • Dusted [DU]: min [MC:80]
  • Entertainment Weekly [EW]: min B+ [MC: 83] - incomplete
  • Filter [FL]: min [MC:80] - incomplete
  • Mojo [MJ]: min [MC:80] - incomplete
  • musicOMH.com [MO]: min [MC:80] - incomplete
  • NME [NME]: min 8 [MC:80] - incomplete
  • NOW Magazine [NOW]: min [MC:80]
  • No Ripchord [NR]: min 8 [MC:80]
  • Paste [P]: min 80 [MC:80]
  • Pitchfork [PF]: min 70 [MC:70] - incomplete
  • Phoenix [PH]: min [MC:80] - incomplete
  • PopMatters [PM]: min 8 [MC:80] - incomplete
  • Prefix [PX]: min 8 [MC:80]
  • Q Magazine [Q]: min [MC:80] - incomplete
  • Rolling Stone [RS]: min ***(*) [MC:70]
  • Slant [SL]: min [MC: 80] - incomplete
  • Spin [SP]: min ***(*) [MC:70]
  • Tiny Mix Tapes [TMT]: min [MC: 80] - incomplete
  • Uncut [U]: min [MC:80] - incomplete
  • Under the Radar [UR]: [MC: 80] - incomplete
  • Urb [URB]: min **** [MC:80]

Other publications surveyed by Metacritic are counted [80+], although they are very hard to access/evaluated except through Metacritic: Alternative Press [AL], American Songwriter [AS], Austin Chronicle [AC], BBC Music [BBC], Billboard.com [BB], Boston Globe [BG], Chicago Tribune [CT], cokemachineglow [CMG], Delusions of Adequacy [DA], Guardian [G], Hartford Courant [HC], Kerrang! [K], Hot Press [HP], Los Angeles Times [LAT], Lost at Sea [LS], New York Times [NYT], Observer Music Monthly [OMM], Phoenix [PH], RapReviews.com [RR], Revolver [RV], Rock Sound [RKS], Sputnikmusic [SPK], Trouser Press [TP], Village Voice [VV], The Wire [W], XLR8r [XLR], XXL [XXL].

Then, some individual critics lists, and for Christgau and myself grades.

  • Robert Christgau [RC]: all grades noted, counted ≥ *
  • Francis Davis [FD]: top 10 plus
  • Stef Gijssels (Free Jazz) [SG]: **** up, to 01-01 [was 12-10]; + indicates EOY list
  • Ian Mann (Jazz Mann: thejazzmann.com) [JM]: **** up
  • Michaelangelo Matos [MM]: 10 from [AV]
  • Chris Monsen [CM]: year-end list (in progress); also counted Dec. 21 jazz faves post
  • Michael Tatum [MT]: downloader's diary (HM up)
  • Tom Hull: A-list [TH]: all grades noted, counted ≥ **