EOY List Aggregate: 2016 New Music: Hip-Hop

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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Beyonce: Lemonade (Parkwood/Columbia) {630}: 405:5, ABC:27, Af:1, AJ:10, AP:25, AS:23, BB:1, Bf:7, BG:26, Blr:27, BS:3, Btz:6, BV:3, C:12, CB:1, Ch:13, Cl:4, CM:32, Cmp:1, CS:1, D:9, Df:4, DJ:11, DS:12, DSp:1, Dv:10, DW:58, Eb:3, Esq:4, EW:1, Ex:4, F:15, FB:+, FL:6, Fld:15, FTW:2, Fu:3, G:1, GB:10, GC:2, Gf:23, Gf_D:7, Gf_N:26, Gg:2, Glm:1, Got:6, GTV:5, Gw:35, Hi:12, HS:1, Huh:10, HV:21, HyB:3, I:1, In:38, Int:2, Is:13, IT:14, JG:+, Jp:2, Kp:8, LA:5, LP:3, LQ:36, LW:15, Mc:2, MHR:27, Mj:12, Ms:13, Mu:10, N:5, Nc:17, Nd:1, Ne:27, NH:37, NME:11, Noj:3, NPR:2, NR:6, NZH:1, Oo:5, Or:1, OTR:6, P:2, PA:1, PCr:1, Pf:3, Pf_r:8, Pg:7, Plt:17, PM:1, PO:1, Ps:1, PW:37, Q:12, Qt:53, RB:6, Rdx:2, Re:17, RS:1, RS_A:1, RS_Ar:2, RS_B:2, RSh:1, RU:1, Rx:15, S:6, SC:2, SE:7, Sg:1, Sk:10, Sl:3, So:1, SOp:13, Sp:5, SS:17, St:9, Thr:2, TL:8, TMT:32, TN:8, TO:9, Top:2, Tr:6, Trk:19, TS:2, U:10, Upr:7, UR:30, V:3, Va:3, VMP:10, WHP:14, Yam:32, YF:2, Zf:18; 2db:+, 3v, a_s:1, a_w:6, ab:+, ac:1, am:+, aol:1, ap_f:1, ard:5, atl:2, az:7, azr:7, bb_r:1, bb1:4, bbn:1, bc:1, bf:3, cho:10, cos:1, ct:12, d_im:+, db_s:2, df:+, diy:+, dm:+, e_uk:2, fa:+, fg:3, fl:3, fws:1, g_e:2, glm:1, go:+, gq:1, hb:3, hnh:3, hs:4, id:1, ie:5, in:5, is:1, it:8, jd:4, jy:36, kq:+, la_a:1, la_k:2, la_m:8, la_r:3, la_w:1, lfl:+, ljs:3, ma:3, mac:+, mc_u:1, mf:+, mic:1, mut:6, mw:3, n_p:2, nat:+, npr_h:1, npr_s:2, npr_t:+, nw:2, ny:3, ny_c:2, ny_p:1, nyl:2, p:1, pb:1, pf_p:+, pi:1, pj:15, pm_p:5, poj:+, pol:5, rec:+, ri:1, sal:2, sfj:++, sjm:3, sl_w:++, smh:1, stt:1, tbt:2, tr_p:1, usw:1, vu:3, wi:8, wi_u:1, wx:5, yh:5 -- AY:3, V:2-2254-188, MT:A+, RC:A-, TH:A-
  2. Frank Ocean: Blonde (Boys Don't Cry) {564}: 405:6, ABC:16, Af:3, AJ:26, AP:2, AS:45, AV:9, B:5, Bf:10, BG:5, Blr:1, BM:8, Btz:10, BV:16, C:11, CB:7, Ch:17, Cl:2, Cmp:6, Crg:11, CS:4, D:1, Df:7, DJ:25, DS:8, DSp:14, Du:4, Dv:6, DW:43, Eb:25, EM:+, Esq:1, EW:14, FB:+, FL:5, Fld:10, FN:29, FTW:3, Fu:15, G:2, GB:6, GC:1, Gf:5, Gf_D:6, Gf_N:1, Gg:40, Glm:2, Got:5, HS:5, Huh:1, HyB:1, I:5, In:16, Int:3, Is:1, IT:50, JG:+, Jp:5, Kp:2, KS:4, LA:3, LBF:23, LR:3, Lt:7, Mc:11, MHR:4, Mix:17, Mj:7, MO:15, Ms:8, Mu:9, Mw:45, N:1, Ne:7, NH:32, Ni:2, NME:10, Noj:16, NPR:4, NR:24, NZH:3, Oo:8, Or:5, OS:11, P:10, PA:3, Pax:12, Pf:2, Pf_r:1, Pg:1, PM:4, Ps:3, PW:35, Q:17, Qt:11, RB:8, Rdx:4, Re:20, RS:5, RS_A:5, RS_Ar:3, RS_B:6, RS_D:21, RSc:1, RSh:11, RU:5, Rum:2, S:2, S45:7, SC:3, Scr:8, Sg:2, Si:18, Sk:1, Sl:6, So:6, SOp:19, Sp:7, Spk:21, St:3, Thr:18, TMT:5, TO:8, Top:1, Tr:5, Tsu:1, U:30, Upr:1, Upr_h:23, UR:35, V:5, Va:7, VF:11, VMP:6, W:43, WHP:20, Yam:2, YF:6, YW:23, Zf:30; 2db:+, 3v:2, a_s:9, a_w:1, ab:+, ac:3, ah:+, aqd:+, ard:10, atl:1, az:3, azr:3, bb_r:4, bbn:3, bc:4, bg_b:2, bf:2, bu:6, bum:8, cr_h:+, ct:2, d_jb:+, db_s:9, diy:+, dm:+, ex_r:3, fa:+, fl:+, fws:4, gig:4, gl:+, glm:2, hb:1, hic:+, hnh:1, hs:1, hu:9, id:8, ie:1, in:4, is:3, jd:7, kq:+, la_k:6, la_m:4, lw:5, ma:5, mac:+, mc_u:4, mic:9, mut:5, mw:4, n_r:1, now:9, nrd:6, ny:1, ny_c:7, nyl:5, nyo_r:3, pbl:+, pf_p:+, phw:2, pi:+, pm_s:7, pol:4, rc:++, rec:+, ri:3, sal:9, sl_w:+, smh:5, te:+, ti:1, tr_p:+, usw:3, vu:1, vw:+, wi:6, wi_u:2 -- AY:11, V:6-1899-102, RC:B+, TH:**
  3. A Tribe Called Quest: We Got It From Here . . . Thank You 4 Your Service (Epic) {480}: 405:15, ABC:1, Af:9, AJ:2, Al:13, AP:21, AS:9, AYP:11, BB:6, Bf:6, BG:3, Blr:11, Bq:12, Btz:14, BV:4, C:76, CB:2, Cl:5, CM:2, Cmp:3, CS:12, CV:43, D:12, Df:31, DJ:15, Dv:11, DW:1, Eb:9, EM:10, Esq:10, EW:20, F:8, FB:82, FL:8, Fld:3, FTW:6, G:19, GB:1, GC:6, Gf_N:18, HDX:2, HG:4, HS:9, Huh:6, HV:3, HyB:11, I:6, Int:12, Is:23, IT:6, JG:2, Jp:16, KS:8, LA:16, LBF:10, Lt:12, LW:24, Mc:4, MHR:5, MN:15, MO:42, Mw:18, N:13, Nc:5, Ne:5, NH:19, Ni:3, NN:40, NPR:17, NR:33, NZH:19, Or:7, OS:13, OTR:13, P:4, PA:38, Pax:8, Pf:7, Pf_r:7, Pg:9, Ph:31, PM:20, PO:4, PW:2, Q:4, Qt:33, RB_A:9, Rdx:13, Re:37, RS:30, RS_A:30, RS_D:7, RS_r:5, RSc:2, RSh:7, RU:10, Rx:1, S:4, S45:10, SC:4, SE:2, Sg:4, Sg_h:5, Sl:4, SOp:21, Sp:9, Spk:25, SS:85, St:6, Thr:16, TL:19, TN:11, TO:17, Top:18, Tr:20, TS:26, Upr:6, Upr_h:33, UR:16, V:13, Va:6, VF:6, VL:42, VMP:3, W:19, Wat:1, WHP:18, Yam:14, YF:3, Zf:1; 2db:+++, a_s:2, ab:+, ac:4, af:3, ah:+, am:+, aqd:+, atl:5, ax:11, az:9, azr:9, bb1:1, bbn:7, bf:11, bg_b:6, bp:2, col:3, cos:8, cr_h:+, db:+, db_s:7, ex_h:3, fl:+, fo:+, fws:7, g_e:10, ge:9, gl:+, go:+, hb:8, hic:+, hnh:4, hu:8, jd:1, jy:3, kc:4, kq:+, la_r:4, la_w:9, lfl:+++, mac:+, mc_u:10, mj:+, mut:7, n_h:2, nw:6, ny_c:12, nrd:4, ny:4, ny_p:3, nyo_h:1, okp:+, owl:+, pb:2, pbl:+, pf_k:+, phw:12, pi:5, ple:+, pm_h:3, rc:++, ri:6, sal:8, sdu:10, sfj:++, sjm:5, sl_w:+, spt:5, stt:7, tel:+, tr_h:+, v:1, vu:4, vw:+, wx:4, yh:4, -- AY:9, V:3-2029-185, RC:A+, TH:A-
  4. Solange: A Seat at the Table (Saint/Columbia) {463}: 405:1, Af:7, Al:14, AP:9, AV:13, BB:7, BG:68, Blr:24, BS:2, Btz:27, BV:13, C:2, CB:4, Cl:1, CM:18, Cmp:7, CS:19, D:2, DJ:18, Du:3, Dv:9, DW:26, Eb:17, Esq:11, EW:12, F:10, FB:+, FL:2, Fld:20, FTW:17, Fu:2, G:5, GC:15, Gf:14, Gf_N:17, Gg:6, Glm:4, Got:14, GTV:24, HS:12, Huh:4, HyB:7, I:14, In:30, Int:1, Is:20, IT:4, JG:+, Jp:11, KS:2, LA:11, LP:11, LQ:30, LR:34, Lt:17, LW:43, Mc:6, Mj:22, MO:7, MHR:3, Ms:34, Mu:7, N:2, Ne:40, Ni:5, NME:41, Noj:15, NPR:1, NR:9, NZH:15, On:5, Oo:13, Or:19, OS:26, OTR:5, P:13, PA:14, PCr:10, Pf:1, Pf_r:12, Pg:3, PM:9, Q:42, Qt:2, RB:13, Rdx:10, Re:11, Ri:5, RS:11, RS_A:11, RS_Ar:12, RS_B:17, RS_D:10, RSc:16, RU:6, S:1, SC:8, Sg:6, Sk:2, Sl:13, So:8, SOp:11, Sp:1, Spk:5, SR:21, TL:29, TMT:23, TN:2, TO:3, Top:4, Tr:14, TS:7, Tsu:49, U:18, Upr:4, UR:22, V:1, Va:8, VF:1, W:12, Wat:4, WHP:25, Yam:1, YF:6; 2db:++, 3v:4, a_s:3, a_w:+, ab:+, ah:+, am:+, ap_f:3, azr:4, bb_r:5, bb1:12, bbn:5, bc:5, bf:5, bg_b:1, bg_j:8, cos:3, ct:9, db:++, db_s:4, ex_r:1, exp:+, fa:+, fl:+, fw:+, g_e:9, glm:4, hb:6, hnh:18, id:2, ie:2, is:4, it:2, jd:8, kc:10, kf:1, kq:+, la_k:1, la_m:5, ma:1, mac:+, mc_u:7, mic:7, mut:8, mw:8, n_r:3, n_p:1, nat:+, now:2, npr_h:6, npr_s:6, nrd:2, nw:7, ny:12, nyl:6, nyo_r:1, okp:+, pb:3, pbl:+, pf_p:+, pi:+, pm_s:2, rc:++, rec:+, ri:1, sfj:+, sl:+, smh:9, te:+, tel:+, ti:2, v:2, vu:12, wi:10, wi_u:4, wx:2, yh:8 -- AY:6, V:5-1181-117, TH:**
  5. Chance the Rapper: Coloring Book (self-released) {420}: 405:2, Al:8, AP:5, AS:12, AV:7, AYP:14, BB:3, Blr:4, Btz:24, BV:+, C:44, CB:14, Ch:8, CM:9, Cmp:2, CS:2, D:6, Df:8, Du:10, Dv:28, DW:8, Eb:12, Esq:2, EW:7, FB:+, FL:17, Fld:13, FTW:12, Fu:4, G:12, GC:5, Gf_N:8, Gg:5, Glm:3, Got:4, HDX:1, HG:15, HS:3, HyB:4, I:11, Int:7, Is:17, IT:11, JG:1, Jp:22, Kp:16, KS:6, LA:26, LBF:6, Mc:5, MHR:7, Mj:40, Mw:42, N:3, Nc:4, NH:2, Ni:4, NME:9, NPR:10, NR:34, Oo:9, Or:34, OS:19, OTR:60, P:15, PA:4, Pax:6, Pf:6, Pf_r:6, Pg:4, PM:6, PO:9, Ps:8, Qt:68, Rdx:21, Re:23, RS:3, RS_Ar:9, RS_B:14, RS_r:1, RSc:90, RU:4, Rx:9, S:7, SC:5, Sg:3, Sg_h:1, Sk:14, Sl:8, So:12, SOp:17, Thr:28, TL:56, TN:1, TO:10, Top:7, Tr:2, TS:27, UR:42, V:4, Va:1, VMP:7, WHP:3, Yam:41, YF:1; 2db:++, a_s:4, a_w:+, af:2, aol:2, ap:+, ap_f:6, ard:8, atl:6, az:2, azr:2, bb1:5, bbn:4, bf:7, bg_b:5, cos:5, cr_h:+, ct:8, db_s:+, ex_h:1, fa:+, fl:+, glm:3, go:8, hb:4, hhm:+, hic:+, hs:10, in:2, is:9, it:9, jd:2, jy:19, kq:+, la_k:3, la_m:1, la_r:9, la_w:4, lfl:++, ma:8, mac:+, mc_u:6, mic:5, mut:1, n_h:1, n_p:7, now:8, ny:11, ny_c:3, ny_ch:4, nyl:4, nyo_h:3, okp:+, pf_r:+, pi:7, ple:+, pm_h:2, pol:8, rec:+, ri:8, sal:1, sdu:8, sfj:++, sl_w:+, tr_h:+, ub:+, vu:11, wi:11, wi_u:5, wx:1 -- V:4-1361-132, MT:A, RC:A, TH:A-
  6. Kanye West: The Life of Pablo (Def Jam/GOOD Music) {420}: 405:18, Af:2, AP:10, AS:49, AV:18, BB:2, Bf:3, BG:63, Blr:3, Btz:11, C:3, CB:34, Ch:6, Cl:12, Cmp:4, Crg:34, D:5, Df:15, DSp:7, Du:1, Dv:24, DW:16, EM:2, Esq:5, EW:11, F:25, FL:26, Fld:8, FTW:9, Fu:11, G:4, GC:7, Gf:21, Gf_D:12, Gf_N:46, Gg:1, Glm:5, Got:1, HDX:3, HG:24, HS:7, Huh:3, HyB:2, I:10, Int:5, Is:2, JG:6, Jp:7, Kp:12, LA:4, LR:6, Lt:2, LW:20, MHR:17, Mix:20, MO:45, Mu:14, Mw:8, N:7, Nc:42, Nd:3, NH:1, NME:2, NR:10, NZH:4, On:20, Oo:18, Or:31, P:11, PA:2, Pf:5, Pf_r:3, Pg:6, PM:14, Ps:16, PW:29, Q:45, Qt:39, RB:15, Rdx:7, RS:8, RS_A:8, RS_Ar:6, RS_B:9, RS_r:2, RSc:24, RSh:15, RU:2, Rum:12, Rx:57, S:13, S45:40, SC:20, Scr:4, SE:100, Sg:9, Sg_h:9, Sk:23, Sl:2, So:9, Spk:30, St:4, Thr:12, TMT:3, TN:3, TO:1, Top:6, Tr:8, TS:40, Upr:10, V:7, Va:21, VL:14, VMP:9, W:13, YF:20, YW:1, Zf:28; 2db:+, 3v:3, a_w:7, ab:+, af:6, ax:14, bb1:8, bbn:6, bc:3, bf:16, db_s:1, cr_h:+, diy:+, dm:+, ex_h:4, fa:+, fl:+, fw:+, glm:5, hb:7, hhm:8, hic:+, hnh:2, hs:2, id:3, in:3, is:7, it:7, jc:1, jy:6, la_w:3, lfl:+, lw:10, mc_u:5, mic:4, n_h:10, n_p:6, nat:+, now:4, nrd:7, ny:5, ny_c:1, nyl:3, nyo_h:2, okp:+, p:9, pf_r:+, por:1, rec:+, ri:4, sl_w:+, spt:2, syf:+, tr_h:+, usw:5, vu:5, vw:+, wi:2, wi_u:3 -- AY:83, V:10-825-73, MT:A-, RC:A-, TH:***
  7. Anderson Paak: Malibu (OBE/Steel Wool/ArtClub/Empire) {338}: 405:13, Af:11, AJ:39, Al:5, AP:17, AYP:20, BB:10, BG:7, Blr:16, BM:4, Bq:3, Btz:22, BV:11, C:23, CB:29, Cl:15, Cmp:14, CS:8, CV:3, Df:13, Du:9, Dv:14, DW:34, Eb:14, Esq:14, EW:9, F:34, FL:40, Fld:19, Fp:87, FTW:29, Fu:13, G:22, GC:11, Gf:1, Gf_N:3, Gg:13, HV:27, HyB:6, I:2, In:37, Int:8, Is:6, IT:1, JG:8, KS:5, LA:6, Mc:20, Mix:16, MO:28, Ms:12, Mu:47, Mw:34, NH:15, Ni:1, NME:21, Noj:7, NPR:7, NZH:7, Oo:4, OTR:41, P:16, PA:7, Pax:1, Pf:13, Pf_r:11, Pg:2, PM:8, PO:14, PW:8, RB:1, Rdx:14, Re:18, Ri:7, RS_D:22, RSc:46, RSh:17, RT:2, Rum:15, Rx:70, S:24, Scr:14, SE:27, Sg:12, Sk:4, So:11, SS:13, TL:25, TO:11, Ton:3, Top:12, Tr:25, Upr:13, Upr_h:8, UR:57, V:6, Va:19, VF:23, VMP:12, Wat:32, Yam:3, YF:38, Zf:13; 2db:+++, 3v:5, a_s:10, ab:+, am:+, ap_f:8, ard:2, ax:3, az:12, bb_r:6, bb1:2, bbn:13, bf:8, bp:8, bum:4, cr_h:+, ct:5, db:+, db_s:+, dm:+, ex_r:2, fg:8, fl:+, gig:2, gl:++, hb:2, hhm:4, hic:+, hnh:10, hu:12, it:4, jc:9, jy:30, kc:1, kq:+, la_k:4, lfl:++, lw:1, mac:+, mut:9, n_r:2, npr_d:10, npr_s:8, nrd:11, okp:+, pbl:+, pf_p:+, pi:6, pm_s:1, rc:+, rec:+, sal:6, sdu:4, sl_w:++, tbt:5, te:+, v:5 -- AY:76, V:11-779-73, MT:A, RC:A-, TH:A-
  8. Danny Brown: Atrocity Exhibition (Warp) {245}: 405:29, AJ:29, AYP:8, Bf:19, BG:16, Blr:10, Btz:19, BV:7, C:36, CB:3, Ch:24, Cl:19, Cmp:12, Crh:15, CS:25, CV:32, Dr:36, DS:15, DW:+, Eb:10, Esq:18, EW:28, F:3, FL:14, FTW:24, G:13, GB:20, GC:3, Gf:24, Gg:11, HDX:19, HG:6, Hi:27, HS:10, HV:2, HyB:19, Is:29, IT:42, JG:+, KS:1, LA:25, LBF:2, LQ:3, Mc:22, MHR:28, MN:8, MO:13, Ms:9, Mu:48, Mw:13, Mz:21, N:32, Ne:1, NH:45, Ni:26, NME:16, NN:31, No:27, NR:12, OS:22, P:21, PA:18, Pf:11, Pf_r:10, Pg:17, PM:3, PO:+, PW:5, RB:17, Rdx:15, Re:2, Ri:36, RS:19, RS_r:4, RSc:4, RSh:19, RT:82, S:16, SC:13, Scr:2, Sg:10, Sg_h:6, Sk:30, Sp:12, Spk:49, St:7, Thr:14, TMT:9, TO:12, Top:25, Tr:9, Trk:32, Tsu:38, U:56, UR:32, Va:20, VF:21, Vi:23, VMP:20, WHP:24, YF:46, Zf:22; a_s:+, ab:+, am:+, bc:10, bp:4, col:4, ex_h:2, fl:+, gig:+, hic:+, hnh:7, kf:8, la_r:2, mc_u:15, n_h:7, npr_p:+, okp:+, pb:10, pf_r:+, pm_h:6, pm_v:2, sfj:+, tr_h:+, xlr:+ -- AY:25, V:20-402-44, RC:B+, TH:A-
  9. Rihanna: Anti (Roc Nation) {238}: 405:14, Af:15, AP:46, BB:11, BG:79, Blr:8, BV:+, C:24, CB:17, Cl:38, Cmp:8, DSp:6, Du:22, Dv:21, DW:4, Esq:21, EW:3, F:13, FL:11, FTW:30, Fu:1, G:7, GC:16, Gg:9, Glm:6, Got:20, HS:14, HyB:16, I:15, Int:4, JG:+, Jp:9, KS:27, LA:31, LR:38, Lt:32, N:4, Nd:18, NH:21, NME:40, NPR:12, NZH:10, Or:17, OTR:20, PA:16, PCr:15, Pf:19, Pf_r:23, Pg:14, PM:37, PO:5, Ps:7, PW:6, Rdx:22, RS:25, RS_A:25, RS_Ar:23, RS_B:15, RU:3, Rx:2, S:12, Scr:18, SE:50, Sg:20, So:5, St:17, Thr:7, TMT:14, TN:6, Top:10, TS:8, Upr:12, V:2, Va:34, VF:32, YF:9; 2db:+, a_w:+, ab:+, aol:8, ap_f:2, ard:4, ax:2, az:10, azr:10, bb_r:2, bbn:12, bc:2, bf:1, bg_j:10, cos:6, ex_r:5, fa:+, fl:+, glm:6, hhm:6, hnh:16, id:4, jy:18, kq:+, la_a:10, la_k:5, ma:7, mac:+, mc_u:12, mic:2, mw:9, nyl:1, nyo_r:9, okp:+, owl:+, pb:6, pf_p:+, poj:+, rec:+, ri:7, sfj:++, tbt:8, tel:+, ti:7, tw:5, wi_u:6 -- V:13-662-64, MT:A-, RC:A-, TH:A-
  10. Blood Orange: Freetown Sound (Domino) {197}: 405:10, Af:4, AJ:16, AP:7, BB:33, Blr:33, BM:11, BV:25, C:7, CB:10, Cl:17, Cmp:45, CS:14, D:7, Dr:14, Dv:30, DW:63, Eb:43, EM:6, Esq:6, EW:18, Ex:3, FL:24, Fu:18, G:23, GC:20, Gf:9, Gf_N:5, Gg:14, Hi:23, HS:16, In:13, Int:6, Is:7, IT:12, Jp:35, KS:47, LA:47, LR:21, Lt:29, Mc:38, MHR:15, MO:32, Mu:25, N:25, Ni:32, Noj:20, NR:23, On:35, P:18, PA:13, Pc:47, Pf:14, Pf_r:16, Pg:20, Plt:19, PM:29, PO:18, Qt:31, RB:12, Rdx:16, Re:6, Ri:10, RS:28, RS_A:28, RSc:51, RT:83, Rum:9, Rx:47, S:11, S45:27, SC:14, Sk:16, Sl:24, So:15, Sp:3, SS:54, St:29, Thr:17, TN:7, Tr:11, UR:5, Wat:35, WHP:7, YF:12, Zf:14; 2db:+, 3v:6, a_w:8, ab:+, bc:7, bf:14, bum:11, db_s:+, fa:+, it:6, jd:6, jy:75, la_a:6, mic:8, mw:6, nyl:8, nyo_r:8, owl:+, pf_p:+, sfj:+, te:+, ti:8, wx:3 -- AY:50, V:19-433-44, RC:A-, TH:A-
  11. Kendrick Lamar: Untitled Unmastered (Top Dawg Entertainment) {175}: 405:27, ABC:35, Af:13, AJ:37, AP:30, BB:13, BG:23, C:8, CB:22, Cmp:11, Dr:11, Du:8, DW:47, Eb:19, Esq:20, FL:13, Fld:11, FTW:18, GB:13, GC:24, Gg:10, Got:15, HDX:17, HG:2, Hi:33, HS:17, Huh:16, HyB:18, I:13, Is:33, IT:27, JG:+, KS:15, Mc:19, MHR:8, Mj:45, Mu:50, N:80, Nc:27, Nd:20, Ne:15, Ni:15, NR:22, NZH:9, P:36, PA:15, Pf:16, Pf_r:14, Pg:23, PM:17, PO:+, PW:7, Q:33, RB:3, Rdx:26, RM:88, RS_B:21, RS_r:16, RSc:38, RU:15, Rx:86, S:20, SC:10, SE:25, Sg:40, Sg_h:12, SOp:27, Thr:26, TO:27, Top:30, Tr:15, U:29, V:21, VF:46, VMP:5, W:23, Wat:19, Yam:13, YF:24, YW:2, Zf:69; 2db:++, am:+, ard:7, bg_b:8, col:9, ct:14, ex_h:6, go:+, hb:5, hnh:15, hu:12, jc:3, jy:32, lfl:++, ljs:6, lw:3, mac:+, n_h:8, pbl:+, pf_r:+, rc:+, sfj:++ -- V:24-322-35, RC:A-, TH:***
  12. Skepta: Konnichiwa (Boy Better Know) {132}: 405:20, Af:5, Blr:20, Bq:5, C:26, CB:41, Cl:3, Dr:30, Du:2, FB:+, Fp:10, FTW:22, G:9, Gg:30, Gw:19, Hi:6, HS:21, HyB:14, I:12, In:28, Int:23, Is:24, IT:48, Jp:38, LBF:8, LW:13, Mc:29, MHR:42, Mix:3, Mj:25, Ms:11, Mu:22, N:26, Ni:9, NME:4, Pg:34, PW:41, Q:11, Qt:15, RA:16, RB:11, Rdx:17, Re:22, RT:63, Sg_h:13, So:3, Sp:20, St:20, TO:4, Top:48, TS:18, Tsu:44, U:48, Va:26, W:37, YW:47, Zf:26; bb1:11, bb6:+, db_s:5, df:+, diy:+, ex_h:7, hnh:14, jc:2, la_a:3, mf:+, pf_r:+, ple:+, tr_e:9, wi_u:9 -- AY:61, V:120-63-5, MT:***, TH:***
  13. Michael Kiwanuka: Love & Hate (Polydor) {124}: ABC:19, AJ:19, AS:2, Bq:1, BtL:18, Btz:26, BV:30, Cl:16, DJ:13, Eb:31, FB:+, Fp:59, G:27, GTV:47, In:7, Jp:6, LR:16, Lt:9, Mc:15, Mj:2, MN:1, Ms:7, Mz:10, NME:23, NR:16, On:47, Ph:52, PM:51, Q:14, Re:42, Ri:9, RM:4, Ro:4, RS_A:43, RS_F:18, RT:17, Si:5, SOp:25, SS:10, St:12, TL:34, Top:31, Trk:4, Upr_h:13, VL:41, Zf:19; bb6:4, bf:4, ct:4, df:+, ex_u:+, gl:+, gq:7, mf:+, phe:13, pi:8, ple:+, pm_s:8, te:+, tel:+, ub:+, wx:15 -- AY:39, V:48-149-14, TH:**
  14. Kate Tempest: Let Them Eat Chaos (Lex) {102}: Bq:27, BV:41, CV:33, DJ:16, Dr:74, DS:14, FB:+, Flp:17, Fp:92, Gf_N:9, In:3, Is:12, Jp:27, LQ:4, Lt:4, Mc:25, MO:3, Ms:3, Mu:13, NH:16, NME:29, Oo:14, Plt:12, PM:61, PO:+, Q:31, Rdx:5, Ri:39, RM:52, RS_D:6, RSc:61, RT:25, Rum:20, S45:8, Sp:6, St:27, Ton:1, Top:36, Trk:3, Ts:7, Zf:2; bb6:6, e_uk:1, fo:+, hu:15, pm_h:14 -- AY:17, V:678-10-1, RC:**, TH:**
  15. Young Thug: [No My Name Is] Jeffery (300 Entertainment/Atlantic) {89}: AP:50, BB:38, BG:34, C:15, CB:49, CM:34, Cmp:13, CS:45, D:16, Du:15, DW:18, EW:36, F:19, FL:49, FTW:38, G:25, GC:32, Gg:21, HS:18, KS:12, LR:25, N:29, Nc:40, NH:41, NPR:24, PA:11, Pf:21, Pf_r:27, PM:54, PO:+, PW:26, Qt_r:43, RS:10, RS_r:3, RSc:75, RU:14, Rx:49, S:17, Scr:15, Sg_h:7, So:19, TMT:13, Va:29, YF:+; 2db:+, col:10, db_s:+, ex_h:11, fa:+, jy:66, n_h:5, pf_r:+, pm_h:8, por:5, spt:6, tr_h:+, wp:9 -- V:54-128-14, RC:A-, TH:A-
  16. Schoolboy Q: Blank Face LP (Interscope/Top Dawg) {84}: AJ:49, BG:38, Blr:28, BV:35, C:64, Cmp:9, CS:15, DW:65, FTW:27, GC:21, Gf_N:14, Gg:29, HDX:6, HG:8, HS:24, HV:12, HyB:17, LA:17, LBF:29, LR:37, NZH:13, PA:43, Pf:38, Pf_r:31, Pg:15, PW:30, RS_r:13, RSc:34, RT:50, RU:11, S:26, SC:12, Sg:14, Sg_h:4, St:24, V:10, Yam:17; 2db:++, ab:+, bg_b:8, col:6, ex_h:5, hnh:6, jc:8, lw:12, mac:+, n_h:9, okp:+, pf_r:+, pm_h:5, wi:+, wp:5 -- AY:123, V:46-163-18, TH:***
  17. YG: Still Brazy (Def Jam) {82}: 405:16, AJ:36, BB:27, BV:33, C:21, Cmp:19, D:10, F:14, FL:46, FTW:31, Gg:27, HDX:8, KS:38, Lt:27, Mw:7, N:41, Nc:7, Ne:12, Pf:22, Pg:31, PM:47, PW:1, RB:16, RS_r:9, RSc:37, RU:19, S:39, Sg:32, Sg_h:2, Thr:9, V:17; 2db:+, ex_h:10, hnh:8, la_a:2, lw:2, n_h:3, nrd:14, ny_c:5, nyo_h:7, okp:+, pf_r:+, phe:+, pm_h:10, v:10, wp:1 -- AY:45, V:43-186-18, RC:*, TH:*
  18. Drake: Views (Cash Money) {79}: 405:22, Af:14, BB:17, BG:78, Blr:15, C:40, Cmp:15, DSp:13, Du:5, Esq:25, FL:35, FTW:42, G:20, Glm:12, Got:11, HyB:15, In:34, LA:15, LR:8, N:69, NME:17, Or:14, Pf_r:33, Ps:6, Q:48, RS:42, RS_A:42, RS_r:6, RU:8, TO:29, Top:19, TS:14, V:9, Va:44, WHP:12; ard:9, ex_h:14, fa:+, hnh:20, in:9, jc:5, mac:+, ny_c:10, p:5, tel:+, wi:7, wi_u:13 -- V:502-15-2, TH:*
  19. Noname: Telefone (self-released) {78}: AP:20, AYP:28, BB:46, Bc:7, Blr:26, BM:6, C:31, Cmp:25, CS:36, D:3, EW:44, FB:+, FTW:26, GC:8, Gg:24, HG:+, IT:34, KS:25, N:91, Ne:45, NPR:22, Or:2, Pf:27, Pf_r:35, Pg:5, PW:32, RS_r:10, Sg:28, Sg_h:10, Sk:29, TMT:26, TN:9, Va:37, Yam:33, Zf:78; 2db:+, a_s:+, bg_b:4, bum:6, fl:+, hic:+, nrd:8, okp:+, pf_r:+, pm_h:9, rec:+, sfj:+, tr_h:+, wx:6 -- V:35-231-19, RC:***, TH:**
  20. Childish Gambino: Awaken My Love! (Glassnote) {58}: 405:26, ABC:31, AJ:+, AP:29, BM:1, Bq:47, BS:20, BtL:24, Cl:22, Crg:36, CV:45, HyB:12, MN:10, NH:47, Pax:14, Pg:43, RS_B:16, SS:55, Top:40, Tsu:27, Upr:8, Va:15, Yam:4; 2db:++, ab:+, bg_b:3, bum:1, lfl:+, okp:+, owl:+, pbl:+, pi:10, vw:+, wi_u:8, wsj:+ -- AY:164, V:38-206-24, TH:*
  21. NxWorries: Yes Lawd! (Stones Throw) {55}: 405:28, AYP:34, Bc:3, Bq:66, BV:11, C:49, Cmp:22, Du:23, GB:32, Gg:36, JG:+, N:51, Ni:33, Pax:9, Pf:28, Pf_r:39, Pg:19, PW:8, TO:14, Yam:18; 2db:++, ab:+, bp:8, ex_r:7, fl:+, hs:6, kf:3, ny:8, nyo_r:2, okp:+, pf_p:+, sfj:+, vu:8 -- AY:106, V:67-110-13, RC:***, TH:***
  22. KING: We Are KING (KING Creative) {52}: AJ:+, Bc:1, DW:+, FB:+, G:16, GTV:13, HV:1, LP:2, MO:35, Nc:34, Nd:22, Ni:14, Pf:37, Ph:78, Qt:26, S:21, SE:52, U:45, VF:34, Yam:7; 2db:+, a_s:+, ab:+, am:+, bb_r:8, bg_j:3, ex_r:13, n_p:11, nyo_r:10, pf_p:+, pm_s:14, sms:16 -- AY:73, V:39-202-18, TH:*
  23. Charles Bradley: Changes (Daptone) {48}: AJ:+, BS:23, BtL:27, Btz:43, Crg:69, EM:5, Esq:22, FB:+, FN:45, Fp:20, Gw:39, LBF:39, Mj:14, MN:25, Or:10, P:43, Pc:79, PM:41, PO:+, Ps:9, RM:72, RT:5, SR:+, SS:69, TL:59, U:66, Wat:11; ab:+, am:+, ex_r:8, fo:+, nyo_r:6, ub:8 -- V:83-93-12, TH:*
  24. Kamaiyah: A Good Night in the Ghetto (self-released) {48}: 405:23, Blr:25, BV:21, C:42, CB:36, Cmp:21, D:15, DW:+, EW:39, F:6, Gg:26, HS:23, LBF:15, N:48, NH:+, Pf:47, Pg:35, Re:44, RS_r:17, S:33, Sg:16, Sg_h:3, Thr:1; atl:10, bc:8, ex_h:12, fa:+, la_k:10, okp:+, pf_r:+, pm_h:13, tr_h:+ -- V:93-83-9, MT:B-, TH:**
  25. Kevin Gates: Islah (Atlantic) {47}: BB:30, CM:21, Cmp:18, CS:42, DW:2, FTW:20, Gg:15, HG:+, HV:13, LP:29, Mw:50, Nc:12, Pf:44, PW:17, RS_r:11, Rx:22, S:22, Sg_h:26, Thr:3, YF:32; ex_u:+, hnh:9, jy:47, kq:+, mac:+, pf_r:+, sms:7 -- AY:91, V:42-188-14, MT:B-, RC:A-, TH:*
  26. De La Soul: And the Anonymous Nobody (AOI) {42}: ABC:13, Al:15, Btz:15, BV:+, DJ:44, FB:+, Fp:12, HDX:13, HG:13, In:41, PA:32, Pc:91, PM:45, PO:+, RB_A:6, RS_r:36, SR:+, SS:61, St:39, TS:15, V:20, Wat:37, Yam:12; 2db:+, ab:+, lfl:+ -- V:58-121-13, RC:**, TH:**
  27. Aesop Rock: The Impossible Kid (Rhymesayers) {41}: AJ:31, Bc:95, BG:97, CV:15, FB:+, GC:33, HG:+, LA:18, Lt:21, Ne:30, OS:37, PA:46, PO:22, PW:27, Rx:46, Sg_h:31, SS:42, YW:24; 2db:+, cho:4, jy:60, ple:+, sfj:+, syf:+ -- AY:180, V:80-94-11, MT:A-, RC:A-, TH:A-
  28. Maxwell: BlackSummers'Night (Columbia) {41}: Al:11, CM:19, Cmp:44, HV:5, LP:23, Mc:16, Nc:11, NH:+, Pf:33, RS:40, S:38, SOp:31, TL:3, Top:27, Tr:43, TS:24, U:57; 2db:+, bg_j:1, ct:18, ex_r:15, n_r:4, npr_p:+, npr_t:+, pf_p:+, sl_w:+ -- AY:36, V:52-135-12, TH:B
  29. Isaiah Rashad: The Sun's Tirade (Top Dawg) {39}: Eb:44, GC:43, HDX:12, HG:9, JG:+, KS:29, LBF:36, Pf_r:44, Pg:25, PM:44, PW:3, SC:20, Sg_h:39, SS:35, Va:47; 2db:+, ab:+, ex_h:13, hnh:5, jc:7, lw:8, mac:+, pf_r:+, pm_h:1, sfj:+, wi:9 -- V:113-67-6, TH:**
  30. Travis Scott: Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight (Epic) {37}: C:62, Cl:25, Cmp:5, HDX:9, N:57, GC:34, Noj:17, Pf_r:48, Pg:10, RS_r:29, RU:8, Sg_h:36, V:12, Va:38; hhm:1, jc:4, okp:+ -- V:229-35-4, RC:B+, TH:**
  31. The Weeknd: Starboy (XO/Republic) {37}: Af:10, BB:21, CB:32, Ch:25, Cmp:40, DSp:5, GC:27, Jp:24, LR:17, Lt:37, MHR:40, N:84, NH:+, On:28, Pg:11, RU:9, S45:41, Top:22, Va:41, VL:34, YF:16; hhm:7, hnh:11, ny_c:10, poj:+ -- V:302-27-3, TH:*
  32. Jamila Woods: HEAVN (Closed Sessions) {37}: CS:26, DW:71, Esq:24, FB:+, LP:19, NH:60, NPR:27, Pf:36, PO:10, Sg:37, SOp:12, Va:27, YF:26, Zf:68; ct:3, ex_r:9, jd:3, la_m:2, npr:+, nyo_r:4, okp:+, pf_p:+, pi:+, pm_s:5, rec:+ -- V:49-148-17, RC:**, TH:*
  33. Common: Black America Again (Def Jam) {36}: ABC:9, AJ:+, Al:25, DJ:47, EW:38, FB:+, Flp:33, HG:1, I:19, KS:18, LA:49, Mc:+, PM:16, Rdx:46, RS_r:34, SOp:24, TS:21, Zf:73; ct:20, ex_h:8, pm_h:15 -- AY:28, V:259-30-3, RC:**, TH:**
  34. Death Grips: Bottomless Pit (Third Worlds) {34}: Bf:8, CV:17, DW:39, Eb:24, FL:42, Gw:43, JG:+, KS:11, Mw:33, Ne:3, NH:20, PA:24, Pf_r:24, RM:23, RS:50, RS_r:8, SS:83, St:32; n_h:6 -- AY:81, V:581-14-1, RC:**, TH:*
  35. Frank Ocean: Endless (Fresh Produce) {34}: Blr:1, BV:15, C:38, Cmp:38, PA:53, Pf_r:1, TMT:5, TS:13, Tsu:25, VMP:6, Yam:6, YW:44; diy:+, fa:+, stt:4 -- V:194-41-4
  36. Vince Staples: Prima Donna (Def Jam -EP) {34}: BG:61, DW:28, HG:+, HS:20, HV:22, JG:+, Mw:28, N:76, NH:50, Pf:42, RS_r:33, RSc:76, RSh:6, Rx:35, Sg_h:15; col:8, ex_h:9, jy:74, lw:13, pf_r:+, sal:10, sfj:++ -- V:107-68-8, RC:A-, TH:**
  37. Joey Purp: iiiDrops (self-released) {33}: Blr:42, Cmp:36, DW:33, Esq:27, GC:17, Gg:41, LQ:31, N:85, NH:13, RS_r:31, Rx:74, Sg_h:22; 2db:+, bp:5, jy:52, nyo_h:6, pf_r:+, rec:+ -- V:394-20-2, MT:A-, RC:A-, TH:***
  38. KA: Honor Killed the Samurai (Iron Works) {32}: C:68, Cmp:37, HDX:14, HG:11, JG:+, Ne:43, PW:12, RB:18, RS_r:19, Sg_h:8, TMT:48, V:18; col:1, pf_r:+, tr_h:+ -- V:60-120-10, RC:**, TH:A-
  39. Nao: For All We Know (Little Tokyo) {31}: 405:17, C:70, Cl:30, Du:7, EW:29, Fu:10, G:39, Int:16, Ni:36, NME:30, NR:37, RT:71, Sk:18, TS:25, Yam:25; ex_r:6, la_k:7, mac:+, n_r:7, pbl:+, pf_p:+ -- AY:95, V:317-25-3, TH:*
  40. Dawn Richard: Redemption (Local Action/Our Dawn) {30}: Cl:36, DW:76, HV:11, Int:15, LP:1, Nc:22, P:40, PW:25, Qt:9; bg_j:6, la_k:9, n_r:6, ny:14, pb:+, pf_p:+, pm_s:3, vu:14 -- AY:190, V:76-96-11, TH:**
  41. 21 Savage/Metro Boomin: Savage Mode (self-released -EP) {29}: BG:89, C:17, Cmp:39, N:14, Pf:50, Pg:13, PW:21, RS_r:18, Sg_h:11; 2db:+, bg_b:10, fa:+, la_a:5, pf_r:+, pm_h:12, tr_h:+, wp:3 -- V:146-55-7, TH:A-
  42. Rae Sremmurd: SremmLife 2 (Eardrum/Interscope) {26}: BB:50, C:25, CM:42, Cmp:30, DW:54, HV:7, LP:17, NH:66, RS_r:14, Sg_h:14, Thr:21, V:22; ex_h:15, hnh:13, n_h:4, pf_r:+, pm_h:7 -- V:136-57-7, RC:*, TH:*
  43. Ab-Soul: Do What Thou Wilt (Top Dawg) {25}: BG:74, HDX:7, HG:5, Rx:40, Yam:8; col:5, hhm:3 -- V:678-10-1, RC:A-, TH:A-
  44. DJ Shadow: The Mountain Will Fall (Relativity) {24}: Btz:32, Dr:85, Fp:13, GTV:34, MHR:35, MN:26, NH:+, SOp:34; ab:+, avr:18, bb6:+, e_uk:8, nyo_h:4, tr_e:6 -- V:1276-8-1, MT:***, RC:***, TH:*
  45. Swet Shop Boys: Cashmere (Customs) {23}: CB:46, DW:+, FTW:36, JG:+, LQ:10, N:27, NH:27, NME:36, RS_r:24, Sg_h:34, YF:17; bf:13, ex_u:+, sfj:+ -- AY:122, V:127-61-7, TH:A-
  46. BJ the Chicago Kid: In My Mind (Motown) {22}: DW:+, Gf_N:35, JG:+, NH:+, V:19, Va:33, Yam:28; 2db:+, pm_s:4, wsj:+ -- AY:110, V:491-16-2, MT:A-, TH:A-
  47. Kano: Made in the Manor (PLG UK Frontline) {22}: Bq:65, Cl:14, Du:13, G:31, GC:38, Gw:13, Huh:19, I:8, LBF:27, N:9, NME:15, Qt:54, TO:22
  48. Moor Mother: Fetish Bones (Don Giovanni) {22}: Bc:2, DW:53, FB:+, LW:48, Sk:35, TN:14, VF:15, W:3; jrn:1, pf_x:+, rs_a:18 -- V:159-50-4, TH:B
  49. Clipping: Splendor & Misery (Sub Pop) {20}: Bc:96, CB:44, Eb:28, GC:18, KS:23, LQ:20, Mw:14, Ne:28, No:45, PM:56, Sg_h:40; bu:10, nyo_h:8, pm_h:4 -- V:678-10-1, TH:*
  50. Saul Williams: Martyr Loser King (Fader) {20}: DW:57, GTV:33, PO:2, RM:89, Rx:+, St:18; bb6:+, jy:31 -- V:315-26-2, RC:A-, TH:***
  51. Gallant: Ology (Mind of a Genius/Warner Bros) {19}: BB:19, Cmp:24, Fu:7, V:24, Va:42, Yam:15; a_s:+, a_w:+, aol:9, bb_r:10, ex_u:+, pbl:+, pm_s:6 -- V:102-72-9, TH:*
  52. Dvsn: Sept 5th (OVO Sound/Warner Bros) {18}: C:14, Cmp:33, NH:65, Noj:23, PA:52, S:34, TS:28; 2db:++, ex_r:10, hnh:17, la_k:8, nyo_r:7, pf_p:+, sms:14 -- V:259-30-3, TH:*
  53. Homeboy Sandman: Kindness for Weakness (Stones Throw) {18}: rap -- DW:20, HG:+, JG:+, NH:+, Rx:38, SR:+; ab:+, jy:37, pol:9, syf:+
  54. Open Mike Eagle + Paul White: Hella Personal Film Festival (Mello Music) {16}: CV:8, DW:75, PO:+, PW:33, RS_r:26; syf:+ -- AY:134, V:317-25-3, RC:B+, TH:***
  55. J Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only (Dreamville/Roc Nation/Interscope) {15}: HDX:20, HG:3, RS_r:35, RU:18; 2db:+, lfl:+ -- V:179-45-4, RC:*, TH:**
  56. Young Thug: Slime Season 3 (300 Entertainment/Atlantic) {15}: C:66, Cmp:16, Pg:8, RS_r:30, Sg_h:29; 2db:+, bf:9 -- V:1389-5-1, RC:**, TH:**
  57. DRAM: Big Baby DRAM (WAVE Empire/Atlantic) {14}: Cmp:42, FTW:49, IT:29, KS:22, Ne:50, Pg:21, RS_r:22; 2db:+, a_s:+, fl:+, ny_c:14, sfj:+ -- AY:198, V:678-10-1
  58. Gaika: Security (Mixpak) {14}: D:19, Du:19, Huh:21, Mix:33, Qt_r:6, W:9 -- V:240-35-2, TH:*
  59. Terrace Martin: Velvet Portraits (Ropeadope) {14}: Bc:12, PW:15; ab:+, bb_r:9, db:+, fl:+, go:+, lw:14, n_r:10, nb:10 -- AY:163, V:678-10-1, TH:B
  60. Mac Miller: The Divine Feminine (Warner Bros) {14}: Cmp:23, Fu:16, GC:37, HG:27, NH:+, RU:12, SS:71, V:11; bg_b:9, hhm:+ -- V:1389-5-1
  61. Mykki Blanco: Mykki (!K7) {13}: Bc:15, C:83, D:17, MO:30, Sp:17, Zf:29; ab:+, te:+ -- V:383-20-3, TH:*
  62. Future: EVOL (Epic) {13}: NH:+, RS:43, RS_r:7, Sg_h:27, TMT:36, Tr:42 -- V:1389-5-1, MT:**, TH:**
  63. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: This Unruly Mess I've Made (Macklemore) {13}: DW:+, NH:6, Rx:28; af:8, jy:76 -- V:595-13-2, RC:A-, TH:*
  64. TI: Us or Else: Letter to the System (Grand Hustle/Roc Nation) {13}: HDX:11, HG:+, Nc:45, Rx:+ -- RC:A-, TH:A-
  65. Kadhja Bonet: The Visitor (Fat Possum/Fresh Selects) {12}: Bc:18, EM:13, GB:26, IT:15, PW:10, RT:79, TG:92
  66. Vic Mensa: There's Alot Going On (Roc Nation) {12}: DW:81, RS_r:39, Rx:43; jy:59, nyo_h:6 -- RC:A-, TH:***
  67. Dalek: Asphalt for Eden (Profound Lore) {11}: DaM:13, Eb:84, FB:+, NN:46, PO:+, Sg_h:38, Te:38, YW:42 -- V:678-10-1, TH:*
  68. Flatbush Zombies: 3001: A Laced Odyssey (Glorious Dead) {11}: JG:+, HG:26, NH:51, OTR:65, Sg_h:37, V:15; 2db:+ -- V:652-11-1, TH:**
  69. Lil Yachty: Summer Songs 2 (Quality Control) {11}: C:53, Cmp:31, Du:14, N:16, Pg:24, TMT:12, V:25; ab:+ -- TH:B-
  70. Mr Lif: Don't Look Down (Mello Music) {11}: ABC:47, HG:+, JG:+, NH:+, YW:27; ab:+ -- RC:**, TH:***
  71. Royce Da 5'9: Layers (Bad Half Entertainment) {11}: CV:12, HDX:5, HG:19; 2db:++, hhm:10
  72. ASAP Ferg: Always Strive and Prosper (Polo Grounds/RCA) {10}: CMP:47, HG:+, JG:+, NH:69 -- V:360-23-2, RC:***, TH:**
  73. Atmosphere: Fishing Blues (Rhymesayers Entertainment) {10}: HG:+; ax:7 -- V:678-10-1, RC:***, TH:A-
  74. Apollo Brown & Skyzoo: The Easy Truth (Mello Music) {10}: Bc:68, ABC:22, HG:7, NN:80; 2db:+ -- TH:***
  75. Kodak Black: Lil BIG Pac (Dollaz N Dealz) {10}: N:55, Nc:49, RS_r:15, Sg_h:16; bp:9, pf_r:+, sms:9 -- V:308-26-3
  76. Run the Jewels: Run the Jewels 3 (Run the Jewels -17) {10}: RSc:19, Rx:18; 2db:++, col:8 -- AY:7, [RC:A-, TH:A-]
  77. Tweet: Charlene (eOne) {10}: DW:55, LP:21, NPR:39; n_r:9, pbl:+, sms:12, v_m:+ -- V:259-30-3, TH:**
  78. Yoni & Geti: Testarossa (Joyful Noise) {10}: DW:61, Eb:90, JG:+, PO:33 -- V:502-15-2, RC:B+, TH:**
  79. AB Original: Reclaim Australia (Golden Era) {9}: FL:4, RS_A:10; shm:4
  80. CupcakKe: Cum Cake (self-released) {9}: DW:+, RS_r:23; sms:5 -- V:678-10-1, TH:A-
  81. Injury Reserve: Floss (Las Fuegas) {9}: Ne:23, Rx:72 -- RC:A-, TH:***
  82. Ngaiire: Blastoma (self-released) {9}: DJ:7, FL:31, Int:17, PM:60; pm_s:13 -- V:333-25-2
  83. Saba: Bucket List Project () {9}: GC:25, Pg:44, RS_r:12, Sg_h:19; rec:+, sms:10 -- V:138-57-6
  84. A Tribe Called Red: We Are the Halluci Nation (Radicalized) {9}: N:60, NH:+; ex_e:2, sl_w:+ -- V:94-81-7, TH:***
  85. Young Thug: I'm Up (300 Entertainment/Atlantic) {9}: Nc:18, Sg_h:23 -- RC:**, TH:A-
  86. Clams Casino: 32 Levels (Columbia) {8}: D:4, Du:17 -- RC:**
  87. Mal Devisa: Kiid (self-released) {8}: AP:3, NPR:45, Sg:29; ah:+ -- V:315-26-2
  88. Future: Purple Reign (Freebandz) {8}: C:96, N:100, NH:+, Sg_h:21, V:14; fa:+ -- V:355-24-2
  89. Giggs: Landlord (SN1) {8}: Bq:19, C:51, Du:24, N:21, NME:27, Pg:28; wi_u:15
  90. Mick Jenkins: The Healing Component (Free Nation) {8}: HDX:16, HG:+, Nc:33, SOp:18; hnh:19, te:+
  91. Pusha T: King Push Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude (Def Jam -15) {8}: Eb:15, HV:14, PO:+, Tr:46; jc:6, pf_r:+ -- [TH:***]
  92. Snakehips: All My Friends EP (Warp -EP) {8}: NH:3 -- V:1276-8-1, TH:***
  93. Kevin Abstract: American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story (Brockhampton/Empire) {7}: D:13, N:35, Pg:39; hic:+, ny:10, vu:10
  94. Azealia Banks: Slay-Z (self-released) {7}: JG:+, NH:11, YW:14 -- RC:**, TH:B
  95. The Game: 1992 (Blood Money/Entertainment One) {7}: GC:35, HDX:10, HG:16 -- V:1389-5-1
  96. Gucci Mane: Everybody Looking (Atlantic) {7}: C:86, DW:72, N:68, Nc:50, Sg_h:33; fa:+ -- V:595-13-2
  97. Lil Uzi Vert: Lil Uzi Vert Vs the World (Atlantic) {7}: Cmp:20, F:50, HyB:13, RS_r:21 -- V:333-25-2+678-10-1
  98. Meek Mill: DC4 (Maybach/Atlantic) {7}: C:58, Nc:10, RU:20 -- V:613-12-2
  99. Princess Nokia: 1992 () {7}: TMT:21, Yam:26; ah:+, hic:+, sfj:+, tr_h:+ -- V:394-20-2
  100. Tinashe: Nightride (RCA) {7}: CB:42, DW:51, Fu:14, Noj:26, Yam:35; hic:+
  101. Westside Gunn: Flygod (Griselda) {7}: HG:+, PW:38, Sg_h:20; 2db:+, syf:+ -- V:617-12-1
  102. Cavanaugh: Time and Materials (Mello Music) {6}: PO:+ -- RC:***, TH:**
  103. Denzel Curry: Imperial (Loma Vista) {6}: Eb:81, Ne:36, Pg:33, PW:31; owl:+ -- V:1276-8-1
  104. Dreezy: No Hard Feelings (Interscope) {6}: Nc:37 -- V:394-20-2, RC:***, TH:*
  105. Elzhi: Lead Poison (Glow365) {6}: GC:30, HG:22; 2db:+, ab:+, ex_u:+ -- V:346-25-1
  106. John Legend: Darkness and Light (Columbia) {6}: TL:47; bb_r:3, pbl:+ -- RC:**
  107. Oddisee: The Odd Tape (Mello Music Group) {6}: Bc:50, BG:59, HG:12; ab:+ -- TH:*
  108. Payroll Giovanni & Cardo Got Wings: Big Bossin Vol 1 (self-released) {6}: C:99, PW:50, Sg_h:35; ny_c:5 -- V:1389-5-1
  109. Rapsody: Crown (Jamla -EP) {6}: HG:10, Yam:11; 2db:+ -- V:678-10-1
  110. Emeli Sande: Long Live the Angels (Virgin) {6}: CV:42, DSp:17, SOp:35; a_s:8 -- V:491-16-2
  111. Shy Glizzy: Young Jefe 2 (300) {6}: C:72, Nc:20, RS_r:27; sms:15 -- V:394-20-2
  112. Boosie Badazz: In My Feelings (Goin' Thru It) (Lil Boosie) {5}: Nc:6, Sg_h:28 -- V:1246-9-1
  113. Domo Genesis: Genesis (Odd Future) {5}: NPR:48; ab:+ -- TH:***
  114. Lion Babe: Begin (Polydor/Outsiders) {5}: Al:3 -- V:1389-5-1
  115. Tink: Winter's Diary 4 (Epic) {5}: RS_r:20; sms:1 -- V:293-28-3
  116. TI: Us or Else (Grand Hustle/Roc Nation -EP) {5}: -- RC:***, TH:**
  117. 2 Chainz: Daniel Son/Necklace Don (self-released) {4}: Nc:19, RS_r:25; 2db:+
  118. Brookzill!: Throwback to the Future (Tommy Boy) {4}: Bc:90, JG:+; nyo_h:9 -- TH:*
  119. Kweku Collins: Nat Love (Closed Sessions) {4}: JG:+, Pg:47, Sg_h:32; rec:+
  120. Cousin Stizz: Monda (self-released) {4}: DW:+, F:46, Pg:49; 2db:+
  121. CupcakKe: Audacious (self-released) {4}: -- V:678-10-1, TH:***
  122. Dej Loaf: All Jokes Aside (self-released) {4}: Nc:21, NH:36 -- RC:**
  123. Elucid: Save Yourself (Backwoodz Studioz) {4}: PW:42; col:2 -- V:236-35-3
  124. Kool AD: Official (self-released) {4}: JG:+ -- RC:*, TH:**
  125. Koran Streets: You Know I Got It (The Album) () {4}: RS_r:28; sms:3 -- V:678-10-1
  126. Lil Wayne/2 Chainz: ColleGrove (Def Jam) {4}: Cmp:29, NH:+, RS_r:37; 2db:+
  127. G Perico: Shit Don't Stop (So Way Out) {4}: NH:+, PW:14, Sg_h:24
  128. Vic Spencer/Chris Crack: Who the Fuck Is Chris Spencer? (Perpetual Rebel) {4}: DW:+, PW:43; sms:6 -- V:678-10-1
  129. Torae: Entitled (Internal Affairs) {4}: HG:20; 2db:+ -- V:445-20-1
  130. A$AP Mob: Cozy Tapes Vol 1 () {3}: HDX:18 -- V:678-10-1
  131. Lloyd Banks: All or Nothing: Live It Up () {3}: HG:18; hhm:9
  132. Banks & Steelz: Anything but Words (Warner Bros) {3}: CV:29; nyo_h:10 -- V:209-40-2
  133. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie: Artist (Highbridge the Label) {3}: RS_r:32; ny_c:8 -- V:678-10-1
  134. Cam & China: Cam & China (-EP) {3}: PW:46, Sg_h:17
  135. Dave East: Kairi Chanel () {3}: HG:23; 2db:++
  136. Havoc & the Alchemist: The Silent Partner (Babygrande) {3}: C:84, HG:17
  137. Jeremih: Late Nights: Europe () {3}: Du:11, DW:48
  138. Jeremih: Late Nights: The Album (Def Jam) {3}: TMT:20 -- V:678-10-1, MT:C+
  139. Kyle: Smyle (Indie Pop -15) {3}: NH:+, Rx:48; jy:39 -- [RC:A-, TH:***]
  140. Linafornia: Yung (Dome of Doom) {3}: ab:+, lw:17, syf:+
  141. Michete: Cool Tricks 2 (self-released) {3}: DW:68 -- TH:**
  142. Yuna: Chapters (The Verve) {3}: a_s:+, bb_r:7 -- V:1389-5-1
  143. AD & Sorry Jaynari: By the Way (Swish Mgmt/League of Starz) {2}: Sg_h:18
  144. Apathy: Handshakes With Snakes () {2}: CV:23, HG:+
  145. Yasiin Bey: December 99th (A Country Called Earth) {2}: BG:35, HG:+
  146. Joe Budden: Rage & the Machine () {2}: HG:21; 2db:+
  147. Chimurenga Renaissance: Girlz With Gunz (Glitterbeat -EP) {2}: JG:+ -- TH:*
  148. Czarface: A Fistful of Peril () {2}: CV:39, HG:+
  149. Dej Loaf: Sell Sole (World -14) {2}: Rx:63; jy:62 -- [RC:A-, TH:*]
  150. Die Antwoord: Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid (Zef) {2}: LW:45, Ms:36
  151. E-40: The D-Boy Diary: Book 1 () {2}: Nc:44; ab:+
  152. E-40: The D-Boy Diary: Book 2 () {2}: Nc:44; ab:+
  153. The Internet: Ego Death (Columbia -15) {2}: Rx:55; jy:58 -- [RC:A-, TH:**]
  154. J-Zone: Fish-n-Grits () {2}: Bc:23, PW:28
  155. Kid Cudi: Passion Pain & Demon Slayin' (Republic) {2}: Pg:46; mut:10
  156. Allan Kingdom: Northern Lights (self-released) {2}: JG:+, Pg:40
  157. Tory Lanez: I Told You () {2}: NH:38; hnh:12
  158. Lecrae: Church Clothes 3 (self-released) {2}: a_s:+ -- RC:*
  159. Masta Ace: The Falling Season () {2}: ABC:44, HG:30
  160. P Money: Live and Direct (Rinse) {2}: LP:20
  161. Oddisee: Alwasta (Mello Music Group -EP) {2}: BG:59; pm_h:11
  162. Royce Da 5'9": Tabernacle: Trust the Shooter () {2}: HG:14
  163. Sadat X: Agua () {2}: HG:+; ab:+
  164. Smoke DZA & Pete Rock: Don't Smoke Rock () {2}: HG:+; 2db:++
  165. Statik Selektah & KXNG Crooked: Statik KXNG () {2}: HG:28; 2db:+
  166. Twenty88: Twenty88 (GOOD/ARTium/Def Jam) {2}: RU:16
  167. Ty Dolla $ign: Campaign () {2}: hhm:+, sms:18
  168. Z-Ro: Drankin & Drivin () {2}: hhm:5
  169. Erykah Badu: But You Caint Use My Phone (Motown -15) {1}: -- V:678-10-1, [TH:A-]
  170. Bas: Too High to Riot (Dreamville/Interscope) {1}: 2db:+
  171. Blueprint: Vigilante Justice () {1}: HG:+
  172. Nyck Caution: Disguise the Limit () {1}: HG:25
  173. DITC: DITC Sessions () {1}: HG:+
  174. DJ Khaled: Major Key (Epic) {1}: Cmp:48
  175. DJ Quik & Problem: Rosecrans (Diamond Lane/Empire) {1}: Sg_h:25
  176. The Enforcers: The Jersey Connection () {1}: ab:+
  177. Ethereal: Look at Me (-EP) {1}: C:95
  178. Craig G: I Rap and Go Home () {1}: HG:+
  179. Gucci Mane: The Return East Atlanta Santa () {1}: bg_b:+
  180. Ill Bill: Septagram () {1}: HG:+
  181. Jeezy: Trap or Die 3 () {1}: HG:+
  182. Kool Keith: Feature Magnetic () {1}: HG:+
  183. Lil Yachty: Lil Boat (Quality Control) {1}: -- V:502-15-2, TH:B
  184. Little Simz: Stillness in Wonderland (Age 101) {1}: Pg:37 -- TH:B
  185. Liz: Cross Your Heart () {1}: GB:41
  186. Logic: Bobby Tarentino () {1}: HG:+
  187. Mac Dre: Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics () {1}: ab:+
  188. Mozzy: Mandatory Check (Mozzy) {1}: F:43
  189. Murs & 9th Wonder: Brighter Daze () {1}: HG:+
  190. Vinnie Paz: The Cornerstone of the Corner Store () {1}: HG:+
  191. Post Malone: Stoney (Republic) {1}: Pg:50
  192. Pusha T: My Name Is My Name (Def Jam -13) {1}: Rx:82 -- [RC:A-, TH:A-]
  193. Quelle Chris: Lullabies for the Broken Brain (Mello) {1}: Bc:38
  194. Ras Kass: Intellectual Property: SOI2 () {1}: HG:+
  195. Red Pill: Instinctive Drowning (Mello Music Group) {1}: PW:48
  196. Reks: The Greatest X () {1}: HG:+
  197. River Tiber: Indigo () {1}: Va:43
  198. Slaine: Slaine Is Dead () {1}: HG:+
  199. Vic Spencer: St Gregory (Perpetual Rebel) {1}: PW:43
  200. Tech N9ne: The Storm () {1}: HG:+
  201. Termanology: More Politics () {1}: HG:+
  202. Ugly Heroes: Everything in Between () {1}: HG:+
  203. Wise Intelligent: Stevie Bonneville Wallace (Intelligent Muzik Group) {1}: HG:+
  204. Yo Gotti: The Art of Hustle (Epic) {1}: RS_r:40


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