EOY List Aggregate: 2019 New Music: Country/Americana/Folk


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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. The Highwomen: The Highwomen (Elektra) {111}: AS:+, BB:8, BP:26, BS:12, CP:60, CS:33+, E:+, EW:4, Gg_c:38, GMA:38, HV:10, Mg:15, Mx:18, Ne:44+, NoD:2, NoD_r:2, P:22+, PM:68, Rf:2, RS:10+, RS_c:4, So:18, Spk:27, UpC:19, USP:8, VMP:+, XJS:5, YF:26; am:+, am_c:+, atl:+, b:1, ex_c:2, ih:+, ipr:+, ljs:+, mpr:4, npr_st:1, ns:2, owh:2, p_c:1, pm_c:1, scm:+, sg_c:1, sln:+, spt:1, tl:3, usw:5, v_cw:1, vcm:8, vti:5, vu:8, yjl:4 -- PJ:31-179-18, TH:B
  2. Miranda Lambert: Wildcard (RCA Nashville) {86}: AS:+, BB:44, BS:21, CP:46, DW:10, G:+, Gg_c:6, HV:15, Mj:+, P:+, PCr:2, PO:+, RS:8+, RS_c:2, Rx:32, Sg:49, U:+, UpC:32, USP:35, XJS:3; am:+, am_c:+, b:3, bg_b:2, gq:+, ljs:+, npr_jg:2, ns:6, p_c:3, pm_c:2, ptr:8, scm:+, sg_c:2, sl:++, sln:+, tbt:1, tc:1, tl:2, v_ab:6, v_cw:+, vcwi:9, vse:8, xjl:3, xscw:6, xwb:10, yjb:10, yjl:5 -- PJ:51-118-13, RC:A-, TH:A-
  3. Sturgill Simpson: Sound & Fury (Elektra) {78}: AS:+, BB:35, BS:7, Ch:16, CS:37, E:+, Ex:+, FWg:3, G:40+, GMA:13, I:34+, Mj:34+, Mx:45, N:69, NoD:5, NoD_r:3, PM:49, Q:+, RS:16, RS_c:40, RT:39, Spk:+, Thr:23, U:35, Up_sh:5, Up_i:25, UpC:37, USP:10, VMP:+; clt_g:4, clt_l:7, ct:7, do:+, gq:+, ljs:3, npr_jg:9, ns:4, owh:4, p_c:12, pi:8, so_d:2, so_k:7, vcm:2, vu:9, yh:6, yjl:6 -- PJ:33-157-15, TH:***
  4. Orville Peck: Pony (Sub Pop) {58}: 405:+, Am_s:1, AV:+, BB:+, BP:14, Ch:20, Cl:10+, Gg_c:14, LBF:+, LQ:+, Mj:+, MM:46, N:40, NME:39, Noj:13, NPR:+, PB:17, PM:69, Ps:32, Rf_k:1, RM:18, RS_c:30, RT:24, Thr:26, UpC:42, VMP:+; am_i:+, dbu:+, ex_c:1, fa:+, gcn:8, ipr:+, lv_v:4, nt:+, p_c:4, pm_c:8 -- PJ:140-59-7, TH:B-
  5. Tanya Tucker: While I'm Livin' (Fantasy) {55}: Al:13, BS:9, Ex:+, Gg_c:4, NoD:14, NoD_r:26, NPR:24, PO:40, RS:24+, RS_c:1, Trk:+, UpC:46, USP:14; am:+, am_c:+, b:2, ex_c:8, gl:+, ljs:+, npr_jh:3, p_c:5, pm_c:4, scm:+, sg_c:4, sl:+, sln:+, tc:4, tl:8, v_cw:+, vrj:8, vrjs:8, vse:4 -- PJ:82-90-8, TH:**
  6. Tyler Childers: Country Squire (Hickman Holler/RCA) {53}: DW:54, Gg_c:7, NoD:9, NoD_r:1, PM:+, PO:+, RS_c:9, RT:80, Rx:24, VMP:+, XJS:31; am_c:+, b:10, clt_g:7, cp:3, ljs:+, mg_o:3, npr_rd:8, p_c:8, pm_c:7, scm:++, sg_c:6, sln:+, tl:6, vse:7, vzy:1, yjl:1 -- PJ:102-75-6, RC:A-, TH:A-
  7. Faye Webster: Atlanta Millionaires Club (Secretly Canadian) {44}: Am_s:43, Bc:+, BS:10, Cl:+, CS:16+, DJ:29, GB:14, Got:11, LBF:21, Mj:+, MM:63, N:95, NME:+, NR:43, O:+, P:10+, Pf:49, PM:+, Q:+, RS:+, Sb:19, Tr:+, UR:91, VMP:+, WHP:10; bw:+, gl:+++, npr_ct:2 -- PJ:105-73-6, TH:B
  8. The Delines: The Imperial (El Cortez) {42}: CM:72, CP:32, GTV:48+, LBF:+, Mj:+, Q:+, RT:15, Rx:19, Trk:5, U:65+, XJS:27; am:+, am_f:+, bg_u:1, gl:+++, pi:9, vew:7, xde:3, xgm:7, xmb:2, yjl:31 -- PJ:105-73-7, RC:A-, TH:***
  9. Maren Morris: Girl (Columbia Nashville) {34}: BB:26, BP:19, EW:+, Gg_c:1, Gg_p:39, N:38, Ps:25, Q:+, RS:+, RS_c:15, Sg:+, Up:+, Up_p:20, USP:16, VMP:+; am_c:+, b:6, em:+, gq:+, npr_kt:7, p:7, p_c:7, sg_c:7, sln:+, tc:9, v:+, v_cw:7 -- TH:B
  10. Hayes Carll: What It Is (Dualtone) {25}: BS:30, Cpu:15, Ex:+, Gg_c:40, Mj:+, NoD_r:5, NPR:+, PM:+, RS:+, RS_c:27; gl:+, mg_s:9, p_c:13, scm:+ -- RC:B+, TH:A-
  11. Kalie Shorr: Open Book (self-released) {22}: BS:14, Rx:9; b:9, npr_jh:4, ny_c:7, scm:+, sg_c:10, tc:8, v_cw:+ -- RC:A, TH:A-
  12. Kelsey Waldon: White Noise/White Lines (Oh Boy) {22}: Al:42, AS:+, BS:28, Gg_c:21, NoD:20, RS_c:7, YW:41; am_c:+, fa:+, gl:+, ns:8, p_c:11, scm:+, sg_c:5 -- TH:A-
  13. William Tyler: Goes West (Merge) {21}: Dr:68, LBF:+, LQ:38+, Mj:+, O:+, Q:+, Sg:43, Thr:3, U:+; acl_r:10, am:+, am_f:+, aqd:+, pm_a:20 -- PJ:192-43-5, TH:**
  14. Willie Nelson: Ride Me Back Home (Legacy) {19}: E:+, Ex:+, Gg_c:26, Mj:+, NoD_r:7, O:+, PM:+, U:+, UR:+; ljs:+, pm_c:3, sp:+ -- TH:A-
  15. Mike & the Moonpies: Cheap Silver & Solid Country Gold (Prairie Rose) {18}: Gg_c:43, RS_c:5; am:++, am_c:+, do:+, pm_c:5, scm:+++, vse:1 -- TH:*
  16. Caroline Spence: Mint Condition (Rounder) {18}: AS:++, Ex:+, RS_c:23; am_f:+, p_c:10, scm:++, vrj:5 -- MT:A-, TH:A-
  17. Reba McEntire: Stronger Than the Truth (Big Machine) {16}: AS:+, Gg_c:2, HV:35, RS_c:26; am_c:+, b:8, scm:+, sln:+, spt:5, tc:10, xbl:8 -- TH:*
  18. Buddy & Julie Miller: Breakdown on 20th Ave South (New West) {16}: AS:+, Mj:+, NoD:18, NoD_r:9, U:+, YW:38; am_f:+, gl:+, p_c:17, vrj:2 -- TH:**
  19. Luke Combs: What You See Is What You Get (River House) {14}: BB:38, Ex:+, Gg_c:3, USP:24; am_c:+, b:5, scm:+, sln:+ -- TH:**
  20. Randy Houser: Magnolia (Stoney Creek) {14}: Gg_c:20, RS_c:6; am_c:+, b:+, npr_jh:5, scm:+, tc:2 -- TH:**
  21. Allison Moorer: Blood (Autotelic) {14}: AS:+, BS:22, NoD_r:22; am_f:+, jrw:19, mg_o:4, p_c:9, scm:+, v_cw:+ -- TH:A-
  22. Ian Noe: Between the Country (National Treasury) {14}: Gg_c:50, NoD_r:11, RS_c:19; bg_u:7, mg_o:2, scm:+++ -- TH:***
  23. Molly Tuttle: When You're Ready (Compass) {14}: AS:+, Mj:+, NoD:4, NoD_r:23, Trk:+, TS:+; b:+, p_f:9, scm:+ -- TH:**
  24. Michaela Anne: Desert Dove (Yep Roc) {13}: Al:45, AS:+, Gg_c:27, NoD:17, RS_c:10; am_c:+, scm:++, sg_c:9 -- TH:*
  25. Steve Earle & the Dukes: Guy (New West) {13}: Mj:+, NoD_r:12, PO:+, Q:+; cp_f:9, gl:+, sl:+ -- RC:**, TH:***
  26. Robert Ellis: Texas Piano Man (New West) {13}: Mj:+, Ms:39, PM:+, RS_c:22, SC:+; am:++, am_f:+, gl:+, p_c:6, pm_a:3, vse:10 -- TH:B
  27. Chris Knight: Almost Daylight (Drifters Church) {13}: AS:+, NoD_r:24; bg_u:4, do:+, scm:+++, yjl:11 -- TH:A-
  28. Mercury Rev: Bobbie Gentry's the Delta Sweete Revisited (Partisan) {13}: AS:+, Ec:15, GTV:+, LQ:+, Mj:+, MO:+, Noj:17, O:+, PM:+, RM:23, SC:+ -- MT:C, TH:B
  29. Jon Pardi: Heartache Medication (Capitol/Snakefarm) {13}: Gg_c:5, RS_c:18; am_c:+, b:4, la_w:4, scm:+, sln:+
  30. Jason Ringenberg: Stand Tall (Courageous Chicken) {11}: YW:3 -- RC:B+, TH:A-
  31. Rodney Crowell: Texas (RC1) {10}: AS:+, NoD_r:18, U:+; am_c:+, pm_c:9, v_cw:+ -- TH:***
  32. Cody Jinks: After the Fire (Late August) {10}: NoD_r:26, am_c:+, scm:+++, spt:3 -- TH:***
  33. Midland: Let It Roll (Big Machine) {10}: Gg_c:23, RS_c:13; am_c:+, b:7, bg_u:6, pm_c:10, scm:+, sln:+, v_cw:+
  34. Emily Scott Robinson: Traveling Mercies (Tone Tree Music) {10}: Gg_c:41, RS_c:21; scm:+++, sg_c:8, yjl:8 -- TH:***
  35. Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real: Turn Off the News (Build a Garden) (Fantasy) {9}: NoD_r:10, Q:+; am_k:+, gl:+, pm_a:9, scm:+ -- TH:*
  36. Erin Enderlin: Faulkner County (Black Crow Productions) {8}: Gg_c:46, RS_c:17; npr_ap:9, npr_jh:9, scm:++ -- TH:*
  37. Patty Griffin: Patty Griffin (PGM) {8}: AS:+, NoD_r:39, PM:+; am:+, am_f:+, gl:+, p_f:15, pm_a:13
  38. Cody Jinks: The Wanting (Late August) {8}: am_c:+, scm:+++, spt:3 -- TH:**
  39. Mandolin Orange: Tides of a Teardrop (Yep Roc) {8}: NoD_r:17, PM:+, Sb:43, Trk:+; am_f:+, gl:+, jfkz:+
  40. George Strait: Honky Tonk Time Machine (MCA Nashville) {8}: Ex:+, Gg_c:8; am_c:+, scm:+, sln:+, tc:6 -- TH:B
  41. Dee White: Southern Gentleman (Easy Eye Sound/Warner Music Nashville -18) {8}: BS:27, RS_c:31; am:+, am_c:+, b:+, scm:+ -- TH:**
  42. Dori Freeman: Every Single Star (Blue Hens Music) {7}: AS:+; pm_a:15, pm_f:13, scm:+ -- TH:***
  43. Billy Strings: Home (Rounder) {7}: NoD_r:8, Rf:37; clt_g:10, scm:++
  44. Brooks & Dunn: Reboot (Arista Nashville) {6}: BB:+, Gg_c:18, HV:34, RS_c:34; b:+ -- TH:B
  45. Vince Gill: Okie (MCA Nashville) {6}: am_c:+, bg_u:2, scm:+, tc:3
  46. Dylan Leblanc: Renegade (ATO) {6}: AS:++, Mj:+, RS_c:32, Sk:+; jfkz:+
  47. Kim Lenz: Slowly Speeding (Blue Star) {6}: YW:100; am:++, am_f:+ -- TH:**
  48. Lillie Mae: Other Girls (Third Man) {6}: Pc:66, PM:+; am_f:+, gl:+, mg_i:9, p_c:16
  49. Thomas Rhett: Center Point Road (Valory) {6}: Gg_c:9, RS_c:39; am_c:+, sln:+
  50. Runaway June: Blue Roses (Wheelhouse) {6}: Gg_c:11, RS_c:14; p_c:18, sln:+
  51. Aaron Watson: Red Bandana (BIG Label) {6}: Gg_c:19; am_c:+, scm:++, sln:+
  52. Joy Williams: Front Porch (Sensibility) {6}: Gg_c:28, Mx:34, RS_c:28; p_c:15, pm_f:20, v_cw:+
  53. Daughter of Swords: Dawnbreaker (Nonesuch) {5}: Mj:+, Sb:40; p_f:10, pm_f:17, wil:+
  54. Weldon Henson: Texas Made Honky Tonk (Hillbilly Renegade) {5}: scm:+ -- TH:A-
  55. Lauren Jenkins: No Saint (Big Machine) {5}: RS_c:37; am:+, am_c:+ -- TH:**
  56. Cody Johnson: Ain't Nothin to It (CoJo Music/Warner) {5}: Gg_c:24; am_c:+, b:+, scm:+, sln:+
  57. Charlie Marie: Charlie Marie (self-released -EP) {5}: scm:+++ -- TH:**
  58. Kendell Marvel: Solid Gold Sounds (Easy Eye Sound) {5}: Gg_c:44, RS_c:11; bg_u:5
  59. Justin Moore: Late Nights and Longnecks (Big Machine) {5}: Ex:+, Gg_c:13, RS_c:36; scm:+
  60. Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis: Beautiful Lie (Next Waltz) {5}: PM:+; scm:++ -- TH:**
  61. The Cactus Blossoms: Easy Way (Walkie Talkie) {4}: AS:+, GTV:+; am_f:+, scm:+
  62. Croy and the Boys: Howdy High-Rise (Spaceflight) {4}: scm:++ -- TH:**
  63. Charles Wesley Godwin: Seneca (self-released) {4}: scm:+++ -- TH:*
  64. Jason Hawk Harris: Love & the Dark (Bloodshot) {4}: GTV:+; pm_a:14, scm:++ -- TH:C+
  65. Georgette Jones: Skin (self-released) {4}: scm:++ -- TH:**
  66. Aaron Lewis: State I'm In (Valory Music) {4}: Gg_c:16; scm:+, spt:8
  67. The Mavericks: Play the Hits (Mono Mundo) {4}: AS:+, NoD_r:41; am_c:+, scm:+
  68. Chuck Mead: Close to Home (Plowboy) {4}: PM:+; am_f:+, pm_p:4
  69. Whiskey Myers: Whiskey Myers (Wiggy Thump) {4}: NoD_r:6; scm:+
  70. The Randy Rogers Band: Hellbent (Tommy Jackson) {4}: Gg_c:45; am_c:+, do:+, scm:+
  71. Steel Blossoms: Steel Blossoms (Billy Jam) {4}: scm:++, spt:10, yjl:13
  72. The Steel Woods: Old News (Woods Music) {4}: SC:+; scm:+++ -- TH:B-
  73. Jason Aldean: 9 (Broken Bow) {3}: GTV:+; sln:+, spt:9
  74. Bonnie Bishop: The Walk (Thirty Tigers) {3}: AS:+ -- TH:**
  75. Matt Carson: No Regrets (Bunba) {3}: scm:+ -- TH:**
  76. Paul Cauthen: Room 41 (Lightning Rod) {3}: Gg_c:42, RS_c:29; am_c:+
  77. Charley Crockett: The Valley (Son of Davy) {3}: am_c:+, scm:++
  78. Florida Georgia Line: Can't Say I Ain't Country (Big Machine) {3}: Gg_c:12; am_c:+ -- MT:C
  79. Jeremy Ivey: The Dream and the Dreamer (Anti-) {3}: RS_c:12; am_f:+
  80. Jason James: Seems Like Tears Ago (Melodyville) {3}: YW:42; am_c:+, scm:+
  81. Lady Antebellum: Ocean (Big Machine) {3}: Gg_c:35, RS_c:35; sln:+
  82. The Long Ryders: Psychedelic Country Soul (Omnivore) {3}: AS:+, Mj:+; am_k:+
  83. Sarah Louise: Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars (Thrill Jockey) {3}: aqd:+, bc_e:+, ex_u:+
  84. Gurf Morlix: Impossible Blue (Rootball) {3}: -- RC:*, TH:**
  85. Peter Stampfel and the Atomic Meta Pagans: The Ordovician Era (Don Giovanni) {3}: -- RC:**, TH:*
  86. Jenny Tolman: There Goes the Neighborhood (self-released) {3}: RS_c:24; spt:4
  87. Lula Wiles: What Will We Do (Smithsonian Folkways) {3}: am_f:+, mg_i:6, p_f:12
  88. Jeremie Albino: Hard Time (Sleepless) {2}: Ex:+; em:+
  89. Taylor Alexander: Good Old Fashioned Pain (Hail Mary) {2}: scm:++
  90. Cleverlys: Blue (Mountain Home Music) {2}: spt:2
  91. Ags Connolly: Wrong Again (Finstock Music) {2}: Trk:24; scm:+
  92. Vincent Neil Emerson: Fried Chicken & Evil Women (La Honda) {2}: scm:++
  93. Rosie Flores: Simple Case of the Blues (The Last Music Company) {2}: -- TH:**
  94. Ben Jarrell: Troubled Times (Country Roots) {2}: scm:++
  95. Gethen Jenkins: Western Gold (5 Music) {2}: scm:++
  96. Old Dominion: Old Dominion (RCA) {2}: am_c:+, sln:+
  97. Charlie Parr: Charlie Parr (Red House) {2}: pm_a:2
  98. The Quebe Sisters: The Quebe Sisters (self-released) {2}: scm:++
  99. Blake Shelton: Fully Loaded: God's Country (Warner Music Nashville) {2}: Gg_c:15
  100. Nick Shoulders: Okay, Crawdad (self-released) {2}: scm:++
  101. Shane Smith & the Saints: Hail Mary (Geronimo West) {2}: scm:++
  102. Jonah Tolchin: Fires for the Cold (Yep Roc) {2}: Mj:+ -- TH:*
  103. Tui: Pretty Little Mister (self-released) {2}: pm_f:2
  104. Foy Vance: To Memphis (Atlantic UK) {2}: tc:5
  105. Vandoliers: Forever (Bloodshot) {2}: gl:++
  106. Joshua Ray Walker: Wish You Were Here (State Fair) {2}: b:+, scm:+
  107. Alice Wallace: Into the Blue (Rebelle Road) {2}: scm:+ -- TH:*
  108. Dale Watson: Call Me Lucky (Red House) {2}: am_c:+, scm:+
  109. The Accidentals: The Accidentals Live (Savage Kittens) {1}: pm_f:11
  110. Rodney Atkins: Caught Up in the Country (Curb) {1}: Gg_c:47
  111. Tim Baker: Forever Overhead (Arts & Crafts) {1}: ex_c:10
  112. Kelleigh Bannen: Favorite Colors (Whiskey Rain) {1}: sln:+
  113. The Beaumonts: This Is Austin: Recorded Live at the White Horse (Saustex) {1}: YW:113
  114. Aaron Beckum: Obsolete (Swamp Moth Missionary Society) {1}: aqd:+
  115. Tim Bluhm: Sorta Surviving (Blue Rose) {1}: scm:+
  116. Dale Ann Bradley: The Hard Way (Pinecastle) {1}: spt:6
  117. Blanco Brown: Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs (BBR Music Group) {1}: Gg_c:51
  118. Zach Bryan: DeAnn (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  119. Dillon Carmichael: I Do for You (Riser House -EP) {1}: scm:+
  120. Andrew Combs: Ideal Man (New West) {1}: npr_th:9
  121. The Country Side of Harmonica Sam: Broken Bottle, Broken Heart (El Toro) {1}: scm:+
  122. Billy Ray Cyrus: The SnakeDoctor Circus (BBR Music Group) {1}: Gg_c:49
  123. Damn Tall Buildings: Don't Look Down (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  124. Jesse Dayton: Mixtape Vol 1 (Blue Elan) {1}: gl:+
  125. Digawolf: Yellowstone (self-released) {1}: Ex:+
  126. Dive Bar Saints: Home Free (Home Free) {1}: Gg_c:33
  127. Dalton Domino: Songs From the Exile (Lightning Rod) {1}: scm:+
  128. Andre Ethier: Croak in the Weeds (Telephone Explosion) {1}: ex_c:9
  129. Flatland Cavalry: Homeland Insecurity (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  130. The Franklin County Trucking Company: The Further Aventures of the Franklin County Trucking Company (Tri-Nut) {1}: scm:+
  131. Willard Gayheart: At Home in Blue Ridge (Blue Hens Music) {1}: pm_f:19
  132. Brantley Gilbert: Fire & Brimstone (Valory) {1}: Gg_c:22
  133. Riley Green: Different 'Round Here (BMLG) {1}: Gg_c:25
  134. Chuck Hawthorne: Fire Out of Stone (3 Notches Music) {1}: scm:+
  135. Joseph Huber: Moondog (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  136. Kelly Hunt: Even the Sparrow (Rarebird) {1}: pm_f:16
  137. Karen & the Sorrows: Guaranteed Broken Heart (Ocean Born Mary Music) {1}: fa:+
  138. Stoney LaRue: Onward (One Chord Song) {1}: scm:+
  139. Tracy Lawrence: Made in America (Lawrence Music Group) {1}: scm:+
  140. Gabe Lee: Farmland (Torrez Music Group) {1}: scm:+
  141. Maddie & Tae: Everywhere I'm Goin' (Mercury Nashville) {1}: sln:+
  142. Maddie & Tae: One Heart to Another (Mercury Nashville) {1}: sln:+
  143. Rod Melancon: Pinkville (Blue Elan) {1}: scm:+
  144. Ronnie Milsap: The Duets (G-Force) {1}: Gg_c:32
  145. Dallas Moore: Tryin' to Be a Blessing (Sol) {1}: scm:+
  146. Tim O'Brien: Tim O'Brien Band (Howdy Skies) {1}: p_f:11
  147. Elijah Ocean: Back to the Lander (New Wheel Music) {1}: scm:+
  148. Jake Owen: Greetings From Jake Owen (Big Loud) {1}: Gg_c:36
  149. The Po' Ramblin' Boys: Toil, Tears & Trouble (Rounder) {1}: pm_c:6
  150. Sarah Potenza: Road to Rome (self-released) {1}: RS_c:38
  151. David Quinn: Wanderin' Fool (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  152. Roseanne Reid: Trails (Last Man Music) {1}: TS:+
  153. The Revelers: At the End of the River (Revelers) {1}: scm:+
  154. Graham Reynolds: Marfa: A Country & Western Big Band Suite (Golden Hornet) {1}: scm:+
  155. Rowan Rheingans: The Lines We Draw Together (Red Dress) {1}: pm_f:9
  156. The Rhyolite Sound: Mojave Gold (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  157. Rising Sun Daughter: I See Jane (Modern Works -EP) {1}: pm_f:10
  158. Leo Rondeau: Right on Time (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  159. Esther Rose: You Made It This Far (Father/Daughter) {1}: P:+
  160. Tom Russell: October in the Railroad Earth (Proper) {1}: scm:+
  161. Anna Tivel: The Question (Fluff & Gravy) {1}: p_f:14
  162. Tylor & the Train Robbers: Best of the Worst Kind (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  163. Villages: Villages (self-released) {1}: Ex:+
  164. Roger Alan Wade: Simmering Rage (Johnny Knoxville) {1}: scm:+
  165. Madisen Ward & the Mama Bear: Started With a Family (Starts With Music) {1}: pm_a:18
  166. Koe Wetzel: Harold Saul High (YellaBush) {1}: scm:+
  167. Matt Woods: Natural Disasters (Lonely Ones) {1}: scm:+
  168. Trisha Yearwood: Every Girl (Gwendolyn) {1}: Gg_c:29