Metacritic Aggregate: 2020 New Music: Classical/New Age


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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Max Richter: Voices (Decca) {8}: AAJ:*, GTV:*, I:*, Mj:*, MO:*, PM:*, Qt:*, U:* -- A:79/7, M:84/7
  2. Darragh Morgan/John Tilbury: Morton Feldman: For John Cage (Diatribe) {2}: FJ:*, PO:*
  3. Atom String Quartet: Penderecki (Universal Music Poland -19) {1}: AAJ:*
  4. Constantinople/Marco Beasley/Kiya Tabassian: La Porta d'Oriente (Glossa) {1}: AM:*
  5. Melaine Dalibert: Anastassis Philippakopoulos: Piano Works (Elsewhere) {1}: AAJ:*
  6. Stuart Duncan/Yo-Yo Ma/Edgar Meyer/Chris Thile: Not Our First Goat Rodeo (Sony Classical) {1}: AM:*
  7. Gloriae Dei Cantores: Arvo Part: Stabat Mater (Paraclete) {1}: AAJ:*
  8. Graindelavoix/Bjorn Schmelze: Gesualdo: Tenebrae (Glossa) {1}: AAJ:*
  9. Robert Haigh: Black Sarabande (Unseen Worlds) {1}: U:* -- A:73/2, M:71/4
  10. Anne-Sophie Mutter/Yo-Yo Ma/Daniel Barenboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra: Ludwig Van Beethoven: Symphoy No. 7 Triple Concerto (Deutsche Grammophon) {1}: AM:* -- A:90/1
  11. Vikingur Olafsson: Debussy/Rameau (Deutsche Grammophon) {1}: AAJ:*
  12. Branka Parlic: Erik Satie: Inities 2017 (Triston Master -19) {1}: AAJ:*
  13. Lara St John: Key of A/Beethoven Sonata 9/Franck Sonata (Ancalagon) {1}: AAJ:*